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  1. The Motley Crew

    Ira looked over Lorelei as she tried to patch up Aidan. He thought to himself that through all the fighting over the years, he had seen many people who called themselves doctors or healers, but this girl was talented. Ira didn’t think Aidan was going to die as he saw the wound, but he did think that it was going to take an entire process to patch him up. Lorelei had the bleeding stopped in under half an hour. Aidan yelled a third of the time, and was bitching and moaning another third– Ira thought that this was drastic improvement over the expectations he had of his traveling companion. When it was all done, Aidan was lying against a wooden beam in the middle of the room propping himself slightly upward against it. He looked up at everyone and let out a dramatic wince, “It hurts pretty badly. I think I am going to be OK though. I suppose that some whiskey is out of the question?” Ira nodded that he was correct and looked down at him, examing the wound. Aidan would not be in fighting shape for a couple of weeks at least. “Well, we can sleep somewhere in the town for the night. Or if we want we can see if we can catch the airship that will be arriving in a few hours. What do you think, would you be able to move?” Aidan closed his eyes and thought about it. He shook his head. “I can’t walk around today. Tomorrow after some rest tonight, I might be able to go somewhere real slow. Lorelei, Zafira, do either of you have something to help me sleep?” He asked. Ira looked around as they tried to figure that out, and walked over to the man whose arm was still bleeding everywhere. The man was in a lot of pain, and was clearly terrified of Ira after watching the rest of the party suffer a worse fate than himself. Ira had thought that one of the others said his name was Dave. “Dave, I need to know everything about why this happened, and what is going on in Hell’s Gate. And I need you to tell me the truth.” Ira stood over him with his axe, trying to make it sound like there was no choice in the matter. Dave tried to retreat as much as he could, but he obviously did not have a way to escape. “Why should I tell you? What will you do with me afterwards?” Ira was tired, it had been a very long, bloody day and quite frankly he wasn’t worried about a barely trained solider who was missing his dominant arm. He was willing to make a deal to get the information he needed. “There are two options, if you tell me everything I need to know, I am going to have my friend there patch your arm up. Then we will take all your coins and tell you that if we ever see you again, you will lose the other arm. And of course you will leave town tonight.” Dave nodded and seemed to relax a little bit. He liked that option. Ira continued, “The other option is you don’t tell me everything and you don’ make it until tomorrow.” Dave didn’t mind making the easy choice. They did not pay him nearly enough to take option 2. “All of Terrenus is about to erupt into civil war. There are at least half a dozen factions that are vying for control of the continent, and you ran into the guy who leads one of them. He is based out of the black market in Hell’s Gate and has a few dozen people in groups of 5 roaming the countryside, looking for you.” Ira groaned, this was the last thing he needed. “So what’s his role in the civil war?” “He wants to take control over Hell’s Gate because he knows it’s on the very edge of several factions territory. He knows how much money there is to be made in the black market for the person who runs it. And with all of the other factions declaring war on each other, he is happy to sit back and see if he can solidify his spot.” Ira looked down at Dave and didn’t doubt what he was saying was true. He still looked like he was in a great deal of pain. Ira turned to Lorelei who he thought had overheard most of the conversation, “Can you please patch him up so he can get out of here?” He looked down at Dave again, who looked like he had just been told that he had been pardoned from the executioner. “If I were you, I would find a forgotten part of the world and settle down far away from here. If I ever see you again, I am going to take the other arm, and say it was in self-defense.” Ira looked around at Lorelei and Zafira who he was pretty sure overheard the conversation. “Well, I am not sure we have any good options here. But it seems to me like we can continue on to Hells Gate and after Aidan heals, we can see if we can deal with it there. If people are searching for us in the countryside, they probably won’t look for us in Hells Gate. We can try and run off to some other part of Terrenus or the world and see if we can avoid most of the fighting. But it sounds like staying here is not the best idea. Quite frankly, Ulf still owes us some money and part of me is thinking that if we can put Sir Sidney’s head on a pike, someone else will appreciate the effort and maybe pay us for the trouble."
  2. The Fates that Bind

    Ira had gotten up to see what the man who had buried the bodies was doing, he didn’t get to have much fun in the fight earlier that day, and he felt like sticking his nose where it didn’t belong. When he got up out of his seat, the earth started shaking. “Shit, I didn’t think I was that drunk.” Ira thought, as he tried to steady himself, “That crap beer must have been a lot stronger than I thought”. After a few seconds of standing and watching the inside of the tavern, Ira realized it wasn’t him that was off balance, the whole entire ground was shaking! He looked around to find that Quinn had run outside the bar and started shooting her pistols off at someone who was outside. The man he intended to bother raced off after her, and Ira decided to do the same after grabbing his axe. It looked like Quinn was being attacked by one of these … what the hell were these things anyway? Ira decided to do what came naturally to him as one went past him toward Quinn. He swung his axe with great force – using two hands on a one handed weapon and cut in half whatever it used to be. Ira looked at the thing that he had attacked in horror. Whatever it was, its body had no meat attached to it, just a trail of smoke where his axe went through. Even more shocking to Ira was that it reattached itself, and continued on like nothing had happened. He didn’t even bother turning around and seeing what hit him – like it either didn’t know or care. Ira got scared for the first time in many years, as it had been made clear that his weapon of choice would have no effect on whatever these things were. It seemed like an entirety but couldn’t have been more than a few seconds after he had left the tavern that he jolted back inside. The other two rushed back in and the one Ira was going to bother started giving a speech about ghosts and greed. What caught Ira’s attention however was the shotgun he pulled out from somewhere. “We are fighting ghosts now?” he wondered to himself with a laugh. Talk about sticking your nose where it didn’t belong. “Huh. I think the two of us are going to get along alright” he thought as he started to grin. Some idiot in the tavern started complaining about why the 19 was the one leading this fight, but Ira had no complaints. “Well Julius, my name is Ira, this axe is solid steel, really good quality. This is Aidan, he’s good with steel bolts and a steel sword. How can we help?”
  3. The Motley Crew

    One down Ira thought as the now one armed bearded man screamed. Unfortunately the other 4 that were accompanying him were actually quite quick on the draw and had their swords raised before he or Aidan could get to the second in line. That or of course, the alcohol had slowed him down, but that was a crazy thought. Toothless had his sword up, but looked shocked to be in this position. "What the fuck was that for!" he screamed at the two of them trying to decide whether to be enraged or cry. "We are having a nice talk at the bar, and then you chop Dave's arm off, what the fuck is your problem?" Ira and Aidan were about to step forward and get it started when the girl walked threw the door. "Oh fuck" said Aidan, as Lorelei announced she was a healer and got to work tying up the man's arm. The two of them continued to glare at the other four for less than a minute before Zafira walked in as well. "Two men, Two women.....and a really large dog." Said the man farthest from Ira who hadn't spoken to this point. He had a giant scar running from his right ear to the right side of his lip and didn't seem to understand that he had been insulted. All he understood was that the young man, who seemed to be the leader of the group told him to attack. Ira saw toothless lunge at Lorelei, and thought that she was going to have to take care of herself, with the drunkard for a moment, his three friends were heading toward himself and Aidan. The first one was the man who hadn't talked threw the whole ordeal and he came forward swinging his sword wildly at Aidan not wanting to wait for the others. "Stupid" Ira thought to himself, as he saw Aidan stumble a bit but then nearly cleve him in half. Ira saw scarface literally fall over himself as he came his way, but considering that he was still 15 feet away, decided that he was not the immediate threat. The young one however had come at Aidan right after his friend had died, and Ira turned around as Aidan let out a scream of pain. Aidan had fallen to the floor, and the armor on his chest under his right arm had been opened like a can of red beans, his body clearly lacerated. The young one was clearly the leader, and had clearly been trained. He stood over Aidan as turned around to face Ira. He raised his weapon, and to Ira's surprise it was a broadsword, a giant two handed weapon that had at least a foot of reach on his own. The leader raised it over his head ready to strike downward when Ira came within reach. Ira knew better than to come straight at him, his shield would absorb the blow, but his arm more than likely would be broken by the impact, and there were still 2 others that had to be killed. Never mind the fact that despite himself not being as drunk as Aidan, this opponent was sober, and more than likely quicker than himself. There was a chair between Ira and Aidan, far too small to be used as a barrier or shield. Yet. "You fellows have a nice price on your head from Sir Sydney" the young man sneered as they circled each other, chaos unfolding around them. Ira looked down at the floor, and the distance between the two of them. "I hope you got an advance". He took two steps, and with his right foot kicked the chair upwards, so it crashed gently into the young man, who took his right arm off his sword and swatted it away. "Now you have a one handed broad sword" thought Ira, as the broadsword came down on his shield raised high, not with a hammer, but barely with a crash. Ira did not need both hands to get enough force behind his weapon, and removed his opponents head. Ira looked around, a dozen feet away Zafira had beaten a man in a particularly bad area and he was hunched over the floor. Ira walked over, and silently ended his attachment to pain. It was scarface, and next to him lay toothless who Ira couldn't tell if he was dead, passed out or unconscious. He cut off his head to be sure. That was everybody, except beard face who was still screaming after being patched up by Lorelei. Ira turned to Lorelei and Zafira, "Are you two OK? These bastards won't be blowing up and airships anytime soon that's for sure." A different kind of shouting overtook Ira's attention as he walked over to Aidan who was clearly in pain. "AHHH, wow, this would be a wonderful time to have a healer in the group!" he yelled at all of them.
  4. The Fates that Bind

    Ira laughed heartily as he saw the look of shock on his old friend after 10 long years. Finally reunited, he slapped Aidan across the chest and told him, "If you stopped being so cranky for just one second, you would have recognized her." He turned his attention to far more pressing matters as the bartender walked over to him. "Ah, now here's a well earned beer." He turned to Quin, "Well, to answer your last question, we came to this ... umm lovely town here, looking for the four now dead corpses outside of this place. They escaped from the Reyer prison complex after not wanting to spend half of a lifetime there after the four of them robbed a few different banks. Of course, the good people at Reyer put a rather large bounty on all of their heads, which gave us enough incentive to track them down. Once we figured out that they came here, it was just a matter of how we take them when its only 2 of us against 4 of them. But that was easy enough. So, either tomorrow or the next day we will head back and collect that bounty." He took a long swig of the beer - mediocre at best. Aidan didn't seem to care, he was already near the bottom of his second pint. "But in a more general sense, we've been bounty hunting, we've hired help to protect caravans, we even were hired as customs workers for little while based on nothing but we were large, and had armor. It's safe to say, anything that can pay, we've done it. I have a nice pile of coin saved up, and Aidan here has whored and drank his way throughout most of the known world." Ira laughed as Aidan raised his beer and grunted in approval. "It's amazing his dick hasn't fallen off yet. By the way, what the hell are you doing around here yourself?" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ An hour or so later, Ira had polished off his fifth drink and Aidan looked like he was trying not to drool on himself. Quin had been drinking whiskey before any of them had gotten their, and remained significantly ahead of them. The bar had emptied out, but the man who had dragged the bodies away remained, he had been looking over something nearly the entire time. He had drawn Aidans attention most of all and at this point, and Ira was nearing staring at him. Aidan was the first to speak, "What the heck do you think that guy is up to?" Ira stumbled up from the bar and struggled slightly to gain his balance. "I don't know, but lets have some fun and find out."
  5. Invasion of Lydon

    Four hours after telling Quin that they should have plenty of tools at the farm to help, the sorry looking group finally arrived. It took some time for Ira’s parents to get over the shock that the major city a few miles to their south was under attack, that their sons had been in a battle, and tonight what seemed like an entire army was going to be sleeping in their hay stacks. What really threw his rather conservative parents over the edge though, was when it turned out a handful of brothel workers had followed them figuring that it would be safer to travel with soldiers, who had certainly ended noticing them on their hike. Eventually Ira’s parents quietly conceded to the evening’s events, and with help from Samuel and his eldest brother Thomas, made a giant kettle of corn soup to feed the masses. After everyone was fed, Ira and his father Edgar took Quin out to the barn where all the tools and farm equipment were and started to work on cutting off her chains. “Oh, I see, so you were not an actual prostitute, you were just a doctor who took care of them”, Ira winced as his father finally got it. It took at least 5 minutes and repeating that multiple times from him to finally catch on what her job title was. “Yup,” Ira replied, “thankfully she was there too, because she was the one who patched up Samuel and half of the people sleeping in our barn. Now hand me that hammer.” Ira worked on the chains, heavy suckers that took a pounding to break, even when heated. After what seemed like forever of silently trying to break the chains as his forearms groaned at the effort, they snapped. Ira’s father took the hammer for his turn on the second one. Edgar had been a farmer his whole life and was built like a man who had been accustom to hard work since before puberty. Ira was of the same mold – except he gave up a few inches of height to his father who had also starting showing the clear signs of not being as young as he once was. Edgar looked at his son as he raised the hammer, “Well, the family will have to figure out what to do once your friends head somewhere else tomorrow.” Edgar smashed the hammer repeatedly into the chain, causing it to bend drastically quicker than Ira was able to. “We can talk about it all tonight.” He turned to look at Quin a minute later when he had her free of the chain. “Now, let’s start on that collar.” Ira looked at him as he began prying and trying to manhandle the collar away from its captive. “Dad, I am going with them tomorrow”. His father let go of the collar, closed his eyes and held them shut for several seconds as he tried to find the right words to try and dissuade him. “Your brother was nearly killed today. I don’t need to worry about you as well. People die in war. We have an army, I am sure they are ready to get rid of the invaders. Besides, I need you around the farm. It’s damn near time to plant the corn and I need you three boys. “ Ira tried burning the collar off, as he thought of his argument to his dad. Finally, after he concluded burning would not work, he explained what really happened today. “Today I killed 7 men. I wounded one more. Samuel killed at least a few. I can’t stop seeing the first ones face, a fat bald man with no armor or shield and a stupid little mustache. The rest happened too fast, it was a blur. There were thousands of them all charging at the city, the dead fell in waves. But damn it, we are at war. Who is going to fight this, men your age? Guys who are 25 who are married and have kids? It might as well be me. Besides, I could be training for weeks before I next see someone from Namur, and the entire army will be passing right through this farm before too long, the city maybe has another full day before it is overrun. Damn it. Cutting this collar off isn’t going to work either.” Ira’s father came up with an idea, taking the axe that Ira was still lugging around, placing that very, very carefully on the edge of the collar and pounding the top of the axe. “I don’t like it. I don’t want my sons heading off to war. Because I also know that as soon as you do, Samuel will be right behind you in this. But I suppose your right. Your grandfathers, grandfather fought in the last war, and he told me a few stories about it that were told to him. About the raids that his men would conduct, and how the slaughter would last for days. It sounded horrible, and I hope you know what you are signing up for. But your brother is 19. He’s been a man for 3 years now. Yourself for two.” He slammed the anvil down onto the axe, which had absolutely no effect on the collar. Sweating profusely, he finally turned back to his son. “Just promise me one thing, if things ever get too crazy, if the odds get too bad, don’t try and be doing something heroic, just turn and run, and live to fight another day.” Ira nodded his head. “I can do that.” He turned to look at Quin who had let them work in peace. “This thing is not coming off today. Your stuck with it for a while”.
  6. The Fates that Bind

    Ira put the last of his armor back on, grunting and feeling far more at ease. “By far the worst part about this armor” he thought, “if you have to pee, it takes an entire process.” Considering he had waited in the shack across the road for over an hour – and that was after the time it took to make sure Aidan was in place and ready to steal the small sack of coins from their camp thereby creating a ruckus and being able to bait them into a position. Ira thought correctly as it turned out, that between Aidan’s large shield, and the sturdy door frame, it would be a one on one fight, not four on one. The crossbow could do the rest, even if he had the worlds hardest time loading it for that first bolt. Ira walked back from around the alley where he thought he didn’t have to worry about people stealing his stuff. He had spent the last several days scouting the village, seeing every tavern door and side alleyway he could find – just in case things went south. He found that people here seemed to keep for themselves, not bother strangers, and mind their own business. He figured that was what would draw four escaped prisoners to a shanty town in the middle of nowhere like this anyway. That or they were stupid enough to go after the legendary magical stuff buried away somewhere. When he came within sight of the tavern again, he noticed that there were considerably less corpses in front of it then when he had left. He looked around and saw man with a cane dragging all four bodies down the road toward the cemetery. Ira rested outside by the door and watched this strange sight from a-far. He clearly wasn’t a member of the bar staff, and clearly wasn’t blind as the cane would suggest. Young and clearly strong, Ira watched as the man burned the bodies. “Good enough for me.” Thought Ira as he walked in and surveyed the tavern. Shockingly enough it seemed like Aidan was still in a cranky mood. “That makes every day for ten years.” Ira muttered to himself. As he walked up behind the two of them, he couldn’t help look at the woman he was snarling at, and know that he had seen her before. Aidan apparently took offense to some small slight, and had been telling her all about it. “Look, I am saying is don’t be eye balling someone after they get into a fight without saying why, it seems suspicious.” Aidan reached down and his hand touched the hilt of his sword, with the woman glaring at him from the next seat over. “Oh shit.” Ira exclaimed to himself. He walked over to the two of them and announced loudly, “Would you relax and get your hand off of that thing before she hurts you with it?” He turned to the woman, who he recognized from the glare as his very old friend. “Hi, Quin, good to see you”.
  7. The Fates that Bind

    Aidan burst threw the door of the tavern, it was a large narrow wooden door, barely big enough for him to squeeze through without turning his battle armor. It was perfect he thought, couldn't have asked for anything better. The place was a dump along with everything else in the town, but it was big enough it could hold a large number of unwanted company. He took a very quick look around at the people who were now staring at him, there was a bartender, a woman who was drinking shots of something or another, a blind man, and a couple other groups of people who all seemed to be engrossed in their own conversations. None of them seemed to be the sort who were looking for a fight. Perfect. Aidan turned toward the door again stepping just inside the entrance so he was covered on both sides by the walls, and drew his sword, and raised his shield. He looked over to the shacks on the other side of the street and saw a lantern swaying inside and nothing else on the street. He took a deep breathe so the men following him could hear him across the town. "All right you assholes, if you think you can take me, here I am! All I ask for is a good fair, honest fight!" Ira got ready, and within ten seconds four men came sprinting down the street, swords in hand. They were not nearly as well armored as Aidan was, but three of them did have shields. The first one came charging threw the door, out of breath and disoriented from sprinting. His shield bounced off the doorway knocking him off balance before he even actually entered the building. Aidan took a step aside, thrust his sword, and there were only three left. The other three decided they were not nearly going to be as foolish, taking a moment and pointing out who was going where. This wasn't part of the plan, he liked people remaining stupid if they were trying to kill him. Aidan raised his voice again, "Now would be a really good time if we are going to do this!" As he finished the sentence, he saw all three men rush at him. The first one made it to the door where they exchanged swords, as the second man tried to figure out how to get involved. The third seemed content in letting the other two do the dirty work when Aidan saw the bolt go threw his chest and let out a dying scream. This gave pause to the other two, who paused to look where it came from. Aidan didn't miss his chance, the other man in the doorway completely lowered his arms from defending himself. As a result, he lost his arm up to his shoulder blade, and as he set about screaming, the second bolt came from the last man. "There" thought Aidan, "Nice and quick. Perfect". He saw his partner Ira walking toward him, crossbow in hand. "Funny thing about that, I heard you say you'd prefer a good honest fight, but I never heard you say that you were going to fight fair yourself." Aidan looked down at the bodies, half of them still writhing in the dirt. The sight didn't give him pleasure, but still these men were escaped prisoners. Fugitives from the law, and had quite the bounty on their heads - or more precisely their ankles, where they were branded. Aidan put them out of their misery, and Ira cut off their ankles, throwing them in his magical sack where they would remain, unspoiled until they were to be turned over to the authorities. They threw the bodies on the side of the road. Ira looked excited, he was grinning from ear to ear, but Aidan was still not pleased that he had been so slow with the crossbow. "Took you long enough. I'm just sayin' I thought it was going to be my scalp there for a while. What was the hold up anyway?" Ira looked over at him after rummaging threw the last man's pockets with no results other than a few small coins. "Would you relax even just one second. Four dead bodies, 5 gold hawks per body. That's a lot of money we just made, and I am sorry I didn't move fast enough and you broke a nail. Go in there, order two drinks, and I will be in with you in just a second." Aidan walked into the bar, and sat next to the girl who looked like she had been drinking hard for sometime now. He threw some coins up on the bar and motioned to the bartender. "Here is the coin for two beers, and he is the coin for when you clean up the 4 corpses outside."
  8. Invasion of Lydon

    Ira looked around the swollen crowd of people that had spread out after exiting the cities sewers. It looked like there had to be a couple thousand in the area, most of which didn't seem to be in any hurry to leave anytime soon. Ira thought that these people must be utter morons - did they not realize that there a war going on a mile from them? Did they realize that the invaders were not going to be content merely surrounding the city forever? Ira saw a couple who seemed to be making a small tent and preparing to camp for the night, and decided to get their input. They were older, in their early 60's and were tying a tarp to several trees. "Hello." Ira said, trying to hide his disdain. "Are you folks really staying here for the night? Do you have nowhere to go?" The couple looked at each other, both seemed exceedingly confused. The older of the two was the man, he looked at Ira. "Hi, yeah we figured we would sleep here tonight. I mean, we have a nice tarp to sleep under, and people were saying it might be a warm, clear night." The woman chimed in, "We figured we might be able to make it to our cousins tonight, but its a long walk, and would be a lot less hassle in the morning". Ira shook his head slightly, he couldn't believe his ears. "You realize there are 50,000 Numarian invaders less than a mile from here right? And that they will probably kill you onsite?" The old couple shrugged. It was clear they didn't think it was a big deal. "You people are fucking morons." Ira walked off, he was not going to make their mistake. James and Quin were standing next to each other looking out over the crowd when Ira walked over to them. "It might be prudent to but as many miles between us and here as possible. My families farm is a few hours walk from here through we will have to cut through the forest so we won't be seen by the Namur. We will walk you there and everyone can sleep on the hay in the barn. You can leave tomorrow morning." James nodded and said, "Thank you, let me get everybody first." He started telling his men to get ready to move out. Ira turned to Quin and said, "I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself back there, my name is Ira, this is my brother Samuel. We volunteered to fight this morning on a day we were just trying to sell corn and hay into the city." He smiled at Samuel who looked like he wanted to sleep for a full month straight and said, "clearly I am better at this war business than my brother, but if you and your friends wanted to join us at the farm for the night you are more than welcome." In the process of organizing his own men, James had other soldiers join his group bringing his total up to 53 men after they had counted off. There were others scattered around, but nobody was demanding that they do anything, and many of them seemed content to hide in place for a while. James was the highest ranking man there - and he wasn't even an officer. Ira guessed that made him one by default. James came up to him and Quin, interrupting the two of them. "One day at your farm. Then we will be out of your hair." Ira looked back at him and started walking. "Lets get going then, it's this way. But I am afraid you mistook my meaning. Tomorrow morning when you leave, I am coming with you."
  9. Invasion of Lydon

    Ira had smelled the sewers before he had actually seen them. Designed at the bottom of a slight hill in the brothel district, they had been designed to be able to get rid of an entire cities worth of rain fall all at once, even when the rest of the city was flooding. Fortunately for them, it had been dry the last several days, though the weather did not help with the smell. It had seemed like the idea of escape threw the sewer had become a popular one, as there was nearly a line to start using the tunnel. It was a giant structure with the look of something that had been made from sheet metal. Large enough that it could comfortably have four people walking down it at one time, most of the people in it were the city’s residents, but it seemed like a great deal of them were military personnel as well. The line moved not quite at a walk, closer to a slow shuffle. Nobody was quite in a great rush to exit, though Ira thought that might change a few hours from now. Ira had noticed that the filth was about ankle deep at the start of the tunnel, which disgusted him as he joined everyone else wrinkling his nose and looking repulsed. Thankfully most people had more sense than his group did, as it seemed like every other person had a torch or lantern. This wasn’t all they carried, most of them looked like they trying to carry an entire lifetime of possessions in assorted sacks, baskets and bags. Between them and the wounded soldiers that seemed to be everywhere, it did explain why the line moved slowly instead of people trying to exit as quickly as possible. Ira caught up to one of the soldiers he did not recognize and asked him, “Where were you fighting?” He was about Ira’s age, maybe a year or two older, but no more than 20. He had a cloth bandage wrapped around his head that had blood soaking threw. He looked at Ira and winced, “At the wall, not the initial attack, where they tried to scale it with ladders.” Ira looked fascinated. He had to know. “What happened?” The wounded young man looked winced again, “We were left with a skeleton force on that side. Only a couple hundred men defending nearly a mile of wall. We sounded the horn as brought up their ladders as fast as they could. Of course they were charging the other side of the city, and the breach at the same time, so there was nobody left to reinforce us. Our archers did what they could, but with another hundred they could have wiped out scores of them. They had dozens of ladders coming up all at once, we knocked them down, and seemed like we slaughtered the first man who came up each time, but eventually they had men on the wall itself. Then the real fighting began. Some made it into the city, while others kept up the fight with us as our reinforcements began to arrive. It took them forever to realize the breach was just a fake. I got cut at some point during the fighting, thankfully my helmet took most of it. The word got out for any wounded to use the sewer system to escape, so here I am.” Ira for once was speechless. Quin was listening intently buta didn’t say anything. Samuel was behind him though, and he decided to pipe in. “Will the wall hold?” “No. Not for long at least. We’ve killed scores of their soldiers but they keep coming. It sounded from the officers like as soon as we were moving our strength to one part of the wall, they would come over the top of another. We can’t hold out with that forever, and already the fighting has been fierce on both sides.” Ira remained silent until he finally got to the end of the tunnel. The sewer pipe was a short drop into the river and they walked over to the bank where Ira looked around the forest surrounding them. “The people, he said to Samuel, there are thousands of them.”
  10. The Motley Crew

    Ira looked up at the giant mirror behind the bar through the bottom of his empty pint glass. It was mediocre stuff at best, probably brewed right at the tavern itself. Barely worth paying for really. “Still” Ira thought, as he set the glass next to the other two that he had drank. He caught the bartender’s attention, “I’ll have another”. Ira looked up at Aidan, who nodded in agreement, downing his fourth. “Better cheap, tasteless swill than none at all” said Aidan, nearly reading his mind. It was the first words said in the bar since they had walked in a little over half an hour ago. Still hadn't seen the dog since he left the makeshift medical tent, he had thought that the dog would be joining them at the bar. The other five had kept to themselves and silently putting money on the counter. From the thick line of pint glasses lining their area of the bar, it seemed like the bartender didn’t need to take a hint on what to do when the glasses were empty. Ira looked over at the strangers in the quite room, “Any idea when the next airship is getting here?” A few eyes glanced his way, one of them with a long grey beard full of beer suds. “2-3 hours I think, though I am not sure I’d want to get on it. Friggin people might try and blow that one up as well.” One of them laughed slightly, he was by far the youngest of the five of them looking to be only in his early 30's. He seemed to be the most sober of everyone at the bar. He looked at soaked beard and said, "No way, they will do that again. They had one chance, after that they can't make it look like an accident." Aidan kept staring across the bar toward the beer taps like he wasn’t even aware than anyone started talking. His entire focus was on the new beer being poured. Ira was closer to the others, and figured it couldn’t hurt to see if he could get it out of them. “Did they ever figure out what caused the explosion?” One of the drunks looked like he had about 6 teeth in his entire mouth. He glanced upwards as he frowned, and lifted his head off the bar long enough to respond. “Yeah, bunch of friggin idiots that’s what. Set the fuse way too short didn’t they? That thing was supposed to go off 6 hours from now. Morons didn’t get it when they said it was meant to go off as the airship was taking off, not landing” At that Aidan put down his beer, and started becoming interested in the conversation. He looked at toothless and slurred, “Soo what purpose does bombing that big, large flying ship do?” Toothless looked annoyed at thought of it, “A bunch of folks pissed off sir something or another. 2 knights, 2 women and a giant dog they said. They said that the ship would blow up on takeoff, and all we have to do is make sure there weren’t any survivors. That’s all we had to do, and then we get a big fat payday. Easy. If the thing blows up on takeoff, not landing.” Ira casually slid his hand onto the hilt of his battle axe which was on the floor right next to him, and saw that Aidan had his hands on his sword hilt as well. He saw that the youngest of the five was watching them as they did that, and moved slightly toward his own sword. "Bummer about the money guys, so ahh ... what's the name of this noble who got all butt hurt?" Ira heard the door slam behind him as something with four legs bounded into the bar behind him. Ira closed his eyes and squeezed them for a full second, talking under his breath "You've got to be fucking kidding me". The young man looked at Ira, Aidan and then the dog. Then he did it again. He took a couple big breaths before saying, "Sir Sydney. Sir Sydney was the one who made the arrangements." He talked slowly, like he was trying to focus every part of himself on the moment. "Say, that is a really big dog. What did you say your name was?" Toothless looked up, as well as one of the other ones. Ira had seen enough - he surveyed the room and saw that soaked beard was the only one within arms reach. "Fuck this" Ira said, taking his axe and with a whirling motion slammed it down on soaked beard's left arm just above the elbow. It landed with with a deafening crash, and simultaneously removed the mans arm, and sobered up everyone in the bar.
  11. Ira

    First Name: IraSurname: WinooskiNickname: None YetRace: HumanMarital Status: SingleGender: MaleAge: 30Job Class: Warrior[Physical]Voice: Gruff, usually annoyedEyes: Dark brownComplexion: PaleHeight: 6' 0"Weight: 200 lbsBuild: Muscular, broadHair: Black, relatively shortDefining Features: Full coat of metal armor[Mental]Nature: Cynical, sarcastic, blunt, loyal to friendsHopes: Make lots of money, figure out what to do nextFears: Spiders, snakes, heights Likes: Beer, women, a good fightDislikes: Magic, people slow to pick up an idea [Gear] Magic sack that expands to the size needed by carrier. Contents of sack never spoil, rot, or add weight to the sack. Full suit of plate armor Perfectly crafted battle axe[Weapons] Axe Small dagger [Magic] None [Abilities] Seasoned fighter Can drink most men under the table [Family] Dead [Friends] Generally travels with Aidan, a master of one handed sword and fellow countrymen. Was friends with Quinn Nash. Zafira, and Lorelei from "The Motley Crew" Ira was a farm boy from the country of Lydon a small nation across the narrow sea, south of Genesaris. Ira volunteered in the army when the neighboring nation of Namur declared a war of conquest on Lydon. Ira joined the fighting from the opening battle to the final defeat of his people. His entire family was wiped out during the invasion and resulting fighting. After the war, he has traveled the world making money as a mercenary, and whatever odd jobs he can find. He generally travels with Aidan, a not-too-bright fellow former soldier and countryman of his, who Ira met during the final battle of the fall of Lydon.
  12. Invasion of Lydon

  13. Invasion of Lydon

    There was about 150 soldiers and volunteers who made there way into the brothel district. They were slow, deliberate in their approach up the streets, always fearing an ambush. They had sent a dozen men ahead as scouts, but they were not sure if any of them saw anything or if they were even alive anymore. Ira and Samuel crept up near the back of the pack, twitching at every gust of wind and every creek of wood in a house. They both could feel their hearts pounding like it was trying to break free of their rib cage as they walked, shields raised, past yet another square of brothels. Finally the call came out, apparently a Namurian officer was beating a whore tied to a post in an alleyway. If there were officers, around there were foot soldiers near. Ira readied himself and looked around, wondering why someone would bother beating a whore. He did notice smoke coming out of several buildings all around him. All of a sudden Namurian soldiers were rushing out of the smoking structures as well, and immediately Ira could tell these weren't cannon fodder like he had seen at the gap in the wall, but trained soldiers. They all had some sort of shield, and looked like they knew how to handle a sword. They came on a handful at a time, which made it easy to pick them off. They had split up into 3 groups so there were roughly 50 men walking down the street when the Namur started to attack, and by the time they got to the next square, there was at least 5 times that many Namurian soldiers waiting for them. Ira looked around, and the entire district was on fire from what seemed to be blazes set inside the buildings themselves. He had followed James' squad who all formed a line across the street so buildings were on each side. They maybe in for a hell of a fight, but they couldn't be surrounded. Ira and his brother were part of the second line when the enemy charged at them. The Namurians crashed into their ranks, and after an initial culling of men who charged toward Ira, the fighting became chaotic and terrible. The ranks of men buckled as the chaos of individual battles occurred everywhere and any sense of organization ceased to exist. There was a young solider about Ira's age who rushed up to him, smashing his sword against Ira's shield. Ira swung his axe, glancing it off the boys shield, himself having been to slow. His opponent had quickly dodged out of the way, and was already getting ready to counter. "He is a lot faster than me" thought Ira, as he was being backed up by several quick strikes that had to be blocked in a hurry. That gave him an idea, as Ira was certain he was stronger. When his foe tried to swipe at him again, Ira slammed his shield into his sword arm, knocking him off balance. Ira didn't miss his chance, and with as quick of a blow as he could muster, his axe landed with a splat. Ira was immediately attacked by another man, this one very short and past his prime. Ira tried the same thing - his shield smashed into the little mans face - and his axe followed soon afterwards. Ira could tell that this battle was going very poorly, it seemed like all around him soldiers of Lydon were being overwhelmed by being attacked from all sides. Samuel was crying out as he was being attacked by two different men, holding one off with his sword, and one with his shield. Ira charged at the two of them, killing both quickly. Ira saw his brother was bleeding, and stood in front of him to try and provide some cover. Three more men attacked the two brothers, and it looked like Samuel could barely defend himself as Ira went wild trying to defend fight off the other two. Ira saw another man of Lydon go down, when he heard the cry coming from the top of the square. He heard the fight being redoubled as the rest of soldiers of Lydon caught up to them, taking the enemy in the rear with a bloody effect. "We've got them!" Thought Ira, and he watched the remaining enemy flee. "Fucking A that was a close one" he muttered as he went back to his brother who was bleeding profusely from gash on his collarbone. "Shit man, how bad is it?" Ira blurted out, helping Samuel take off his shirt. Ira looked around, there had to be over a hundred dead Namurian soldiers in the street, but of the original 50 men that had accompanied Ira, at least 30 were dead or dying as well. James had gathered a few dozen more who had surrendered, and thank god it wasn't reversed thought Ira. There were many women in street now as well - how had they all arrived so quickly after the fighting? "Hurts like hell, need to get stitched up, find some way to stop the bleeding" Samuel managed to say in-between screams of pain. Ira looked up at one of the women, she looked like she had the tar beaten out of her before they arrived. "Do you have anything to stop the bleeding? Do you have anything to heal him with?"
  14. Invasion of Lydon

    Throughout the army the calls began to go forth. Form up and prepare to move out. Small units were organized back into their bigger groups with startling efficiency and speed as older men started barking orders. Those must be the generals thought Ira, their uniforms were perfect, and they looked like they were in absolutely no shape for hand to hand fighting. Ira and Samuel saw James quietly giving commands to about a dozen men, who then formed up in a larger group of about one-hundred. "I didn't realize James was a squad leader. That's got to be his company." thought Ira. He heard one of the generals screaming instructions at them, "Take any volunteers would will fight and get your asses to the whore district. Drive those bastards out of the city." There were about one hundred volunteers gathered around the opening in the wall where the fighting had taken place. James and two other soldiers came to us with a grim look on his face. "As you probably heard, there are Namurian men in the city. I don't know how they got in, but we know they are some in the brothel district. On the other side of the city, there is fierce fighting for control of the walls, and to be blunt, I don't know who is going to hold them. A skeleton force is being assigned to make sure none of them get through this breach in the wall. A different one is going to go into the brothel district and drive them out. The rest of the men are going to the walls. If you men want to volunteer, we could use the help. Any questions?" Someone in the back cleared his throat and then hurled the comment, "Yeah, how the hell do we get out of here if they start pouring in by the thousand?" James looked down and said that he did not have a good answer. Samuel looked around and saw his chance to speak. "Excuse me." He shouted, looking around the gathering. "You can get out by the sewers. It would be a long, miserable walk, but you can fit probably half a dozen people across walking threw the main sewer pipe in the city. It will lead everyone behind their lines, and we can hide in the hills and mountains, make life miserable for their supply chain later on." He stared at James, "Send out a half dozen people to start getting as many out by the sewer as you can. The rest of us will fight with you." James brightened up, and nodded with agreement. He pointed to six men and the women in attendance, all of which scattered in separate directions to warn as many as they could. He came over and shook Samuels hand. "Thank you, that's a brilliant idea. Quite frankly I am going to tell my company and the others around us that the sewers are our fall back position. I think I heard that there were about ten thousand people in this city before it was surrounded, and with a little luck we can get a couple thousand people out by holding them off long enough. Once we are through the sewer, they won't be able to chase after us, we'd be able to slaughter them one by one as they come out the other end." Another officer came over, this one was middle aged, someone who once had a powerful build but as his hair greyed, age had taken his toll. He was clearly James' superior. When he walked near, James stood up straight, and told him that the volunteers were ready and would fight. "Good." Said the older man and he looked at all of the newest members of the army. "I agree. Get as many of the cities people out while we can, until we can no longer fight, lets give our citizens a chance. We move out in one minute."
  15. Invasion of Lydon

    Ira was amazed at the destruction that had already been brought to the city. There seemed to be small fires burning everywhere, smoke filled the air and the whole city seemed to be covered in ash as he walked toward the front line. Well before he even saw the wall rising in the near distance, he began to see the dead and wounded. The dead seemed to be scattered randomly through the streets, not yet buried but too early to have started bloating. He was amazed to find the wounded everywhere, a man on porch steps with an arrow threw his shoulder, a woman whose arm seemed to have been shattered by the bolder that made a round hole in the side of her house. The passed a trebuchet in one of the town squares being loaded up by a team of half dozen men. They paused to watch as it was loaded with a tar soaked bolder, lit on fire and then flung over the wall and toward the enemy lines. They finally reached the outskirts of the city wall, a large but not quite massive structure made of stone. Ira saw that the tumbling they heard was one of the giant guard towers crashing to the ground, and taking out a large section with it. In its place was a 50 yard wide section where all that remained was fallen stone, rubble and ash piled high in a mound. Clearly the enemies artillery had knocked down almost all the building past the opening as well, which actually worked to the advantage of the defenders, because it meant they were not nearly as cluttered. Samuel and Ira looked around accessing the chaos of the situation, mouths gapping open as they took it in. Dozens of archers still manned the remaining sections of wall on either side, and around a hundred men guarded the gap in the wall, with many more clearly being held nearby in reserve. The two brothers saw a few dozen more men of city who seemed to have picked up arms and made it for the upcoming battle as well. Ira and Samuel both thought that they hoped they didn't look as scared as the other volunteers. The enemy bombardment seemed to have slowed down, though they still heard the whizzing sound of a projectile going overhead every few minutes. Finally they found James, who seemed to be with a dozen other men all hiding behind various bits of rubble looking out into the fields beyond the city. Most of them looked well armored, with at least chainmail armor and a few with helmets and metal greaves for their legs. Ira looked over the mound, there had to be ten thousand soldiers from Namur on the other side in the distance. James looked pleased, but never cracked a smile or broke his concentration. "Glad to see you joined us. Your right on time, they will be attacking soon." Ira was angry, and looked at Samuel before he replied. "Good, I am spoiling for a fight. They will try and come through this gap?" James nodded, "Our scouts have seen them with ladders, so they may try and scale the wall as well. But they will absolutely try and force an entrance here. When they do its going to be a free for all. Get ready to protect yourself, it's no longer fun and games." The two brothers nodded, not a minute later they heard the call come out from the archers above "Hear they come!" They took positions on the mound itself, just on the near side of the top of the gap, so they were overlooking the entire battlefield. There had to be a thousand soldiers running at them, all with a look of madness on their face. Ira didn't see any ladders among them men coming toward them though, this was just an infantry charge. When the archers let lose, the first soldier was still hundreds of yards away, and almost immediately they started going down in droves. Ira could see that the men charging at them were not well armed or armored. Most carried a simple short sword, and the lucky ones had what looked to be heavy wooden shields that probably wouldn't do much other than make sure their arms were only broken, not shattered if hit with a heavy blow. Less than half of the soldiers of Namur made it to the mound before starting to climb up it, most already out of breath. Ira and Samuel followed the instructions of the military officers nearby, holding the formation, and not following their instincts to bash the enemy heads in as they were climbing upwards. Finally the first swordsman reached Ira, a thin man in his fifties and bald, running upwards toward him with a scream, his sword raised. Ira's hand was shaking, but when he brought his axe down on the bald mans head, it splattered open the shouting stopped. That's when Ira's began. Keeping his body low behind his shield, Ira screamed as the next man bounced his sword harmlessly off the shield he found in the barracks. That man died with an axe to the ribs. The next man tried a different strategy, leaping into Ira's shield, trying to knock him off balance. That didn't work either, he died after stumbling as he tried to stand back up, and received an axe to the face for his trouble. Ira scanned the area for a new threat. There were none, all of the rest of the swordsmen were running away, still being pelted with arrows. He looked over at his brother who had a look of horror on his face. "We did it! We saved the city! We threw them back!" James looked around, confused. "That was not their army. That was a distraction, maybe close to a thousand men. I think they were testing us." Samuel looked up, "I think what they were doing was - " Two men came running up behind them out of breathe. "Enemy is pouring at the walls on the far side, scaling the walls with their ladders, heavy fighting on the rampart." A young woman appeared from a different street, "Namur soldiers in the pleasure district, expecting the army to gather their for a counter attack. They are in the city and seem to know what your next move would be." James look at the lot of them. "This was a distraction."