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  1. Ira grinned a bit as he enjoyed his soup. He always had enjoyed more company, and he liked this faun. Ten years of traveling with Aidan had only increased the desire for someone else to hold conversation with. He watched her tie the bear trap - it was a bit rudimentary but it was well done. “She’ll do” he thought. ”Nicely done” he told her when it was finished, “Now just a bit of something to wash down dinner”. He heard someone speak up from behind him, and turned to see ... Quinn? That wasn’t possible. Frankly he didn’t have time for this. He had left her in another bad situation, but he had more important things to deal with now than to think her. Besides, he thought, she had a slave collar around her neck before he had even met her, and this person did not. Yet, as she walked slowly closer, she was unmistakable for anyone else - Ira would never forget the woman whom others might consider his first love. Her dark hair, curvy figure ... pale skin that shinned in the moonlight. Ira reaches down and drew his sword. His shield was a few feet away, and he slowly shuffled toward it. He dare not reach for it and take his eyes off of her; even as a young vampire she would be extraordinarily fast. “Hi darling” he said to her, “I am really not sure if you look better than the last time I saw you or not.” He thought about that for a second - it was only a few weeks ago after all. The vampire den where she told him that she had been addicted for years, that she was dying. About their child. He felt everything about him surge - he would kill everyone of those fuckers for doing this to her. He would personally stake himself, and he would make it a slow final rest. Then again, Quinn would have had the pain stop, the suffering end. Lord knows that she had more than her share of that in her life. Finally after a few seconds of absolute mayhem inside of him, Ira just said, “Hi Quinn. What the fuck are you doing here?”
  2. Ira watched the vampires walk back up the stairs, their outlines fading into the blackness of the dungeon. When he heard the door slam above them, he thought he was free to talk openly. He had watched the vamps bring her down only hours after he had arrived. If he was being honest with himself, it had felt like days. “Cowards”he thought in disgust. That half a dozen vampires were needed to escort a woman who was in visibly terrible health. He despised anyone who would only be brave when the odds were stacked in their favor. “Well, I’d say a we are at least in a better situation than the first time I left you.” He strained to find a joke, “Definitely worse off than the thing with the ghouls though.” He didn’t get a chance to look at her reaction, but instead gave her a hug before she could sit down. It had been too long, and he closed his eyes and tried to enjoy it. He turned his head and said slowly into her ear, “Do you want to tell me how long you’ve been using?”
  3. Ira eyes chunks of the fish he had added after the vegetables, and thought it smelled reasonably good. It looked boiling still, and he blew the stew off and looked at the faun after she finished. ”Smart lass. Husbands are nothing but smelly creatures that get in your way. The sea is nice but not for my taste. Either way, your welcome to come along with us and help us earn some coin.” As he started to scoop out the stew for the others, Aidan took over. ”Long story short, our country was invaded a long time ago. We both fought for years in the war, but lost in the end. After the final battle right outside the capital city, our entire army was beat bad, and while fleeing, the two of us met. We’ve been together ever since, cracking skulls. Ira still sits pissed off, keeping himself awake at night thinking of leading ten thousand armed men back to a nation of Lydon that longer exists. Myself? I dream of the last red head I money on, and the next time I’ll see her again.” Aidan eyed the pigs in the sack. “That should work there. What do you think, sling one over a tree and wait for a gingery bear to come for a meal?”
  4. Ira was fishing a pot and some utensils out of his bag when he heard the comment about the claw marks. He grabbed the pot and walked over to the tree. “That’s no trick of the light” he thought to himself. “Yup, that’s a bear alright.” He said out loud, “Looks like a big one too. Going to have to be careful with how we dispose of our food after dinner for sure.” He threw some husks of corn and onions into the pot and watched as they quickly came to a boil. The little faun actually had a nice little fire going quickly, but nobody could make one start roaring like he could. Aidan sat back as he watched Ira work. He turned to Aster and said, “Well, we’ve told you a bit about us, what’s your story?”
  5. Great, I am assuming that we can't be in the tavern and on the quest at the same time? @jaistlyn@Asphodel
  6. Ira thought this was pretty good advice. It was getting a little late in the day, with the sun threatening to start its descent over the distant mountains. When they finally reached the edge of the woods, he found a small cascade of a brook running nearby. "Perfect" he thought, "the water should be clean enough, and we won't have any problem with wood tonight." He could tell Ira could tell that Aidan had the same idea, he was scouting the area around him as his stomach grumbled. Ira was the first to announce it. "This looks like a perfect camp site. Carver, if you and Aster want to grab some of that dry wood by the brook there, Aidan and I can start hauling out some dinner." Aidan looked positively relieved to hear the day called over. He kept looking at the small bag slung over Ira's shoulder, and said, "We are down to only a little bit of food though. What do we have left, salmon, duck and a few pigs? Getting pretty low." Ira began the process of expanding the magical bag, and soon it was a circular cloth in the dirt, five feet wide in every direction with piles of meat, and ample stores of fruits and vegetables flowing over it. Buried on the side was a few small skins of whiskey, and three small canteens of rum. Ira looked at the two travelling companions he had acquired for the bear hunt. "Seriously though, what do you want to eat?"
  7. Aidan was the first to break into a hearty laugh. Ira thought it was funny, seeing the world in such black and white, but his partner beat him to the punch. ”Friend, I think you might have a slightly more complex idea of it than we do.” Said Aidan with a smile. “I suppose you could call us mercenaries, but I generally say sell sword. If you need a head bashed in, we aren’t picky about the head, only the amount of trouble it will cause compared to amount of gold in our sacks.” Ira agreed, “Sell swords thinking about good or bad end up dying very poor and alone. We’ve been paid handsomely to guarded wagon trains full of gold for bad men which ended up being nothing more than a walk in the woods. We’ve been paid to save what I’d say was a traditional damsel in distress. The key word in all this here, is that we get paid.”
  8. Ira's head was aching when he heard the thud. He had enough fighting for one day until that was fixed - unless it was bear. Bear with a bit of pepper was delicious. And bears didn't have arrows. Aidan did. Simple enough. Vaddock had just brought him and Aidan another when everyone in the tavern started racing outside. The two of them walked casually behind the first wave - if it was something threatening, the sound of dying and steel would tell them. If it wasn't this way they wouldn't spill their drinks. Everyone was beginning to relax when they caught up to the crowd. "Good" Ira thought to himself as he observed the situation. "I actually think I like this faun." Aidan spoke up for the two of them. "Hello their Shad. This here's Ira. I'm Aidan. Wish we could give you answers, but we just got back from a job ourselves. If you need something to have a bad case of deadness fast, we provide a valuable service to the community that can pay us the right amount of money, you-know-what-I-mean? I'm sure you've met folks like us before." Ira gave a hard look at the man. He had some incredibly fine looking armor and equipment, and while his was some of the best that money could buy, he thought that this stranger outclassed him. He decided to speak up, "Say pal, why don't we go in and buy you a round. I'm very curious where to get my hands on some of that apparel."
  9. When Ira woke up, his head was throbbing and had an egg on it the size of an actual egg. He walked over to Aiden who was listening in to a conversation at the bar. “Not a fucking word” he warned his friend. “At least until I get a beer in me”. Ira started listening in as well before telling the new faces in the tavern, “Big bear hunt? Count us in. I just need some ale first.”
  10. Ira laughed in smug amusement as the creatures gave the entrances to the tavern a wide birth. This was kind of fun he thought. "Aidan, you alright?" He yelled to the folks behind him as he kept watch on the window and doors. He heard the familiar voice behind him shouting loud enough to be heard through the metal helm, "She's hurt pretty bad. Quit fucking around up there and come back and help if you've got the chance." "Shit." He thought to himself. That took the fun out of it. He turned around and saw that Aidan and a gaggle of others were tending to the young woman who had been cut. He thought he had heard her being called Aria. He looked around and found the fight was mostly over, and the makeshift band of warriors had won. The young faun had fought well with several small blades, the one called Markus had killed many and looked worse for wear because of it, and a man he thought was called Solomon impressively had killed a few with a metal broomstick. "So let me get this straight" Ira told him with great annoyance, "your a fugitive and yet you surrounded yourself with all of these people." He wasn't sure that cussing out the young man would help him feel better given the situation. Then again, he knew it couldn't hurt. "Anything else we need to know about?" All of a sudden a shadow swept over the outside of the tavern and a high pitched roar flew out from above. "Like that for instance?" What could only be described as a raven damn near the size of a dinosaur crashed through the main door and flooded the entrance way. Nearly twice as tall as Ira, it looked down on everyone and roared anew. It was black as night, and looked like it had talons half a foot long and sharp as steel. It's beak was as long as Ira's axe, and looked just as deadly. Ira had enough. It had been a long day. He was sick of the fucking birds for sure. He called out to his friend as he tightened his grip on his shield and weapon. "Don't worry old buddy, I've got this". He raised his axe and charged at the beast, who was prepared for the attack. The monster raised its talons and backhanded Ira with full force across the chest. Ira found himself flung across the room landing like a rag doll on the other side. He was unconscious before he came to a stop. (OOC: Hello folks, my brothers getting married this weekend so I am going to be off for several days. Good luck!)
  11. Ira laughed at Aidan as he stood proudly, protecting the two civilians. If they only knew that he had dealt with the clap so many times that it would more accurate to call it “the applause”. Still, he thought, this is just what I needed. “Protect these two, I got this”. Said Ira as he put on his helm. As he lowered it, he grabbed his axe and headed toward the window where several more winged creatures were trying to break in. “Let me assist you” he told the bird, as he swung his axe down, shattering the window and killing the first creature outside of it. The second creature flew in shortly behind his friend, and began scratching and clawing at the metal surrounding Iras body. ”It’s called armor plating bitch”. He said as he decapitated the second bird. The next one tried a different tact,’ trying to zoom in through the window and avoid Ira altogether. The creature avoided the axe blade successfully, but was struck on the wing with the handle on the follow though, and crashed into the nearest table. It snarled at Ira as he walked over to it, with the axe raised. “Three down. Looks like poultry’s on the menu tomorrow after all.” He looked out the window and saw that there were still several more of them, but it looked like they were going to try a different route.
  12. Ira grunted and took the beer. He had no particular reason to take anything out on the woman who had bought them a round of ale, aside from the fact that she was being nosy. Both Aidan and himself snorted into the suds as they were questioned about being a mighty warrior. "Very mighty." Aidan said laughing. Ira took a different tact. "Aidan here took off from the outset, and I was thrown in a dungeon for a week before escaping." Ira thought for a bit about if there was any good way to describe himself. Remembering how they arrived on this continent seemed like a lifetime ago. "Look man, we aren't anything of legend. Aidan is really good with a sword. I'm good with an axe … and I can cook. We are both just veterans of a war far away from here. The fact that we are here drinking in this bar instead of my hometown means we lost. We've been chopping off the heads of anyone unlucky enough to piss off anyone who'd pay us since. Olaf is next". Ira thought he had been slightly gruffer than he had intended. At least he should put the woman's mind at ease. "The castles a 10 day ride from here. Thanks for the drink." He muttered out. Ira heard the sound of hooves walk behind him and sat down, but he didn't need a 6th sense to realize that the young fawn was listening to the conversation. He supposed it wouldn't actually kill him to be nice. "Come on and join us for a beer if your going to listen it. Nobody likes someone being halfway in the conversation." At that moment he heard a crash an absolutely giant raven had flown into the tavern. It went directly at the woman who had bought them the round, and began slashing at her arm with its talons. Even with the grey hairs starting to appear in his bear, Ira couldn't believe how quick Aidan was when he needed to be. Before Ira had even risen from his seat, Aidan had bounded across the room with his sword unsheathed in full stride. It took one hard slash to cleave the bird in to - and it turned out that it wasn't actually a raven. Ira arrived a second later, in time to hear Aidan trying not to laugh as he said, "You alright? What in the hell did you piss off?"
  13. Ira thirstily grabbed the bottle and took a long drink. Running out of food was rarely a problem with someone who had been in possession of a magical bag whose contents never spoil, but ale? Ale was far more finite. Aidan had the same thought, and had nearly drained the bottle before he managed to stop and speak. "Ira here paid a small fortune for the location of an abandoned castle, not a single living soul inside we were told." Ira could still hear the bitterness in his voice, and thought about says that in his defense, a small fortune was a bit of an overstatement. He decided that it was close enough, and that he was going to drink more ale instead of protest. Aidan continued, "We heard that there was possibly vast amounts of gold and treasure to be had if we could find the castle and carry it back. It turned out that everything the bastard said was technically true. There was plenty of gold, and not a living soul around it. But we lost several good men we hired just getting through the maze and to the castle gates. When we did arrive at them, we found an annoyed vampire coven waiting for us. And while they thankfully had already eaten, they didn't enjoy our company. We got lucky, you know what I mean? Ira picked his head up slightly. "Close enough" he thought. He decided to chime in a bit, "The only thing that's exhausted me recently is thinking of ways I am going to drive my axe through the Olaf's skull." "He's earned it" Ira thought to himself. He picked up his empty bottle of ale and waved. "Again!"
  14. Ira pushed open the too familiar door and stepped inside the tavern. He was not happy to be back here, lacking any increase of either fame or fortune since the last time he left these walls. He trudged over to the nearest spot at the bar and waved down the nearest bartender. He was tired and needed a rest, even on horseback it had been an exhausting journey. His armor plate was the finest that could be bought, but it wasn't weightless, and he wasn't getting any younger being on the wrong side of 30. "Fucking vampires" he said, letting his mind drift off into the glow of the fire. "Just be glad your ass and your head are still connected" said Aidan as he sat down next to him. "We got lucky on this one, and we need a pulse to repay debts". They had traveled the world together for over a decade, and while Ira had never considered Aidan a delightful personality, he was a 35 year old sellsword. His skill in battle was evident by the description itself and that was more important than a good conversationalist. "Crowded today" he thought as he tried to put his worries aside, "I can worry about earning more gold and silver tomorrow, as for today, what has to be done for someone to fetch me some ale?"
  15. "Escort him to the dungeons". This was probably the only situation that Ira could possibly hear those words, and breathe a sigh of relief. Being in a vampire dungeon wouldn't have been an appealing option when he woke up that morning, but it certainly was better than being ripped apart where he stood. He had seen the two heavily armed blood suckers wait by the door for orders. "Soldiers, or goons?" thought Ira, who felt foolish for thinking that the vampire king would get his hands dirty himself. At the masters decision, they both walked up to Ira, each flanking him. Ira stared over at Quinn who looked like she was on the verge of a break down. "I'll be fine. You take care of yourself until I'm out again." Ira looked over each shoulder at his escorts. "Let's go." They led him threw the ancient castle doors into an entrance room that would have been on par with the largest cathedrals he had seen. The building seemed to be made largely of stone, with magnificent dark stairwells leading to different levels of the castle. However, Ira was led somewhere else. One of the guards led him to what seemed like massive sewer grate which had to weigh several tons. The vampire threw it open like Ira would toss open a cabinet door. The castle was well lit for a vampire den, the stairway under the grate however, was not. Lit by candlelight aside from the torch he was given, Ira descended into darkness along a narrow staircase. Ira didn't want to look down to see what was below him, the occasional mangled body part or half eaten corpse ensured any desire to explore the place left him. He was afraid to question what the liquid dripping slowly from the stone above consisted of. Finally they came to several dark cells consisting of crossed bars with metal doors in the middle. Ira saw a skeleton with its hands still clutching the steel in the nearest, and gladly took up residence in the second. Ira walked in and sat down on the bench that would have to serve as a bed. He leaned his head against the stone wall and heard the door slam behind him. "Oh, fuck me" he said into the darkness as he saw the light of the two vampires walking back up the stairs.
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