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  1. Ira sat down first then Aidan as the two reached out for some ale. It seemed like they had drawn a bit of a crowd around the table, the tavern was packed full of people again. He raised his glass to the strange looking creature that was talking to the faun. He shrugged his shoulders at Aidan and could tell he had been thinking the same thought - the creature didn't bother him. "Bear was making some people angry around here. Raiding food, attacking camps. The tavern said they'd make us some bear fur coats if we got rid of it. It's what we do. You pay us, we'll do a job." Ira was exhausted. He thought about the last time that he slept, and found it was far too distant of a memory. He went over to the bartender and paid him some money for a room. He returned to the faun and said, "I think I speak for both of us when I say that we need to sleep. Wake us up when you find something interesting." @Asphodel
  2. Ira had wandered the castle, exploring the ins and outs of the residence for over a day and a half. He had grown restless, partially due to a growing lack of things to do, but also to a real worry about Quinn. Despite the vampires insistence that she was needing sleep and relaxation to get better, nobody was in bed this long without being very sick. His body might have been still considered in rough shape by others, still bearing the trademark aches and pains of recent battle, but they had at least mostly faded. Ira knew that two days was more than enough time to heal bruised ribs an minor cuts when he had done nothing more strenuous than walking. The castle grounds were enormous, and he must have seen all of it by now. Now he had only needed to find Alistair. Prick bastard had been clearly dodging him. Ira wanted his arms and armor back, and if he was going to forced to be here, he wanted to make himself useful.
  3. We just got done a quest that was laid out by the tavern (Can't bear it any longer). Your welcome to join with whatever we decide to do next.
  4. @Asphodel @DarkHorse @jaistlyn @Twitterpated Ira tried to get the bear into the tavern, but it was quickly obvious that it just wasn't going to work. He had seen the faun go in and told the tavern keeper that she'd be waiting for him. He saw her walk back towards the group and gave a bit of a shrug. "No big deal" he tried to say. He pulled out his coin wallet and shoved some into the fauns hand, "Do me a favor, and go grab a table for four. Order us all something hot, and something to drink. It's on me". He looked over to Quinn and said, "Would you grab that thing and carry it away from the entrance, I'd hate to see it get in anyone's way as the come into the tavern." Aidan and himself helped in the effort until they were around the corner, and out of sight of anyone. Ira quickly started carving large chunks of fur out of the bear's pelt, more than enough to cover a person. "Aidan give me a hand here, and do it quick, carve off enough fur to make coat for yourself.". Ira concentrated on skinning the beast as he gave instructions to the others. "Quinn, when we are done, you are going to take this beast, and get it and yourself the fuck out of here. When that happens, we are going to be even again since your death. Take this thing wherever you'd like to bring it, and do what you'd like. And while your master and I have unfinished business, I don't want to see you again, unless you are going to help me drive a stake through where his heart used to be. This thing could feed a hundred meals to the locals, and even if your a vampire, they will still be heavily armed and unhappy." Aidan was done. He was done two pelts. "There." He said. "Good bye Quinn, now get out of here." Ira took the pelts and walked back towards the entrance of the tavern where he proclaimed loudly: "Never trust a fucking vampire, damn her for taking the bear and running off with it! Just as we were almost starting to carve the meat!"
  5. Aidan saw the fight breaking out before most of the others, and backed himself out of the crowd in the tavern. He didn't want any piece of it, not due to him being scared of a fight, but just not seeing any favor in getting in a brawl around a village mob. Instead he sat back and waited. Soon enough, everyone in the area was fighting each other without care as to who they were hitting. He had learned years ago that when this happened, people went flying - and so did they money bags. When someone got hit and was sent back a few feet, the odds were they were going to be separated from their coin. At this point, Aidan would make sure they were thoroughly reengaged in the fight, grab the loot, and then move on to the next man. At one point one of the townspeople noticed, and through a punch afterwards, but that was dodged easily enough, and then a quick blow from his shield left the villager unable to ask more questions until he was woken up. While Aidan wasn't a thief by trade, who was he to bring back a distraction to someone in the middle of a fist fight? He helped himself to a few bags of coin that had flung toward his direction, and figured that he had at least a few more nights stay in the tavern with his earnings. He chuckled to himself - the singer had skillfully done in a few minutes time what he would have worked several days for. After the rabble finally cleared, Aidan was sitting in the back, trying to order some food with his ill gotten gains. He saw the two men that he had exchanged words with earlier walking by and seemingly drawing their attention. Despite the harsh words of earlier, he found himself in quite a better mood than when they were previously encountered. Aidan smiled back at them, and raised his glass. "No hard feelings friends." A bit of coin went a long way to lifting his spirits. "I am just a simple mercenary in search of a honest days work. If you are seeking to hire that kind of person, I could certainly be of service."
  6. Ira got himself onto one knee, and brought himself up and out of the mud. Two of his ribs were on fire, definitely bruised, possibly cracked. He saw the bear was dead - this was an improvement, because he was banged up enough that he was sick of fighting for the day. He walked over to the others, and saw that Quinn was stuck inside the bear carcass. As the former doctor emerged, Ira felt the ax in his hand. He gripped it slightly tighter, and raised it a little bit. He could end it here. Remove the abomination that she had become from the earth for good. He lowered the ax and instead looked at Aidan who wore quite the grin. Aster looked exhausted as well, and funnily enough still worried after the bear was dead. Ira stepped out from around the bear as Quinn popped out of the bear. He looked at her and said, "That is going to be quite the teddy bear for Otto. Let's get this thing carved up and get the hell back to town. I could use a stiff drink".
  7. Aidan felt his ass hit the floor behind him, shield flying a few feet away. He got hit with a fist that wasn't fully clenched - a sucker punch, but he recognized a warning shot when he felt one. He took a moment to think about his actions, and admitted to himself that he did threaten to kill the man. Between that fact, and that he was starting to draw a crowd, he decided not to get pissed of and kill either of them. He got back up to his feet and eyed the smaller of the two - he believed the name was Mud. He was still resting his arm on the table, smirking in amusement. He took a step closer, reaching his left arm under the sleeve of his shirt. He grabbed the knife and closed the remaining distance between the two men, slamming it down on the table, Mud's shirt caught underneath. At the same time, he drew his sword and gave the now trapped man a smack on the side of the ass. "Too bad for me I've always been a slow learner." He let loose a loud chuckle as he pulled the knife out of the table and put it away, "But perhaps I might impart a lesson on you and your friend. If your going to hit a man, prepare for a fight, even if it doesn't come." He picked up his shield again and sat back down at the table opposite from Mud, keeping his sword drawn and by his side. "Lets talk, you gentlemen look like you are gainfully employed, and I haven't killed anything for money in weeks. What's the gig?"
  8. Ira was thoroughly clean, more so than he had been in weeks actually. He had thought about the situation he was in, and found he was content with the deal he struck. He wasn't elated at either killing or stealing, but it would have been false to say he was greatly bothered by it. For him to do so, in the hopes that he might save the life of the mother of his child would come easier than when had done it for money and glory. He had thought out his prospects and the full measure of his situation until the skin on his toes wrinkled in the warm bathwater. He had always hoped to achieve it, but he knew that the idea of leading a successful invasion of his home land was slim at best. On the other hand, if Quinn could eventually be cured, he could buy a large piece of land or a fine city house. He could hire some men to accompany him to find their child, and retire a rich man from his travels. He might eventually learn to love Quinn ... or he might not. But he had decided that either way, he would likely be happy with Quinn by his side. He got out of the tub, pulling the drain and dried himself. He pilled his dirty clothes into the corner, and walked out into the hallway, looking around to admire the castle once more. He reached out to turn the knob, and found that it was locked. "Only in a towel, my ass" he said, knowing the sure sign of being hazed. He tried again to make sure, this time giving the door a shovel to see if he could drive his way in. No luck. "Look pal, I'm going to get my clothes back on and explore the castle." He yelled at the thick wooden door, hoping that Alistair was listening. "If you wanted to have a private conversation with Quinn, you could have just asked".
  9. Aidan woke up, face firmly implanted on the drool covered wood of the bar. He could hear the sounds of the city already awakened, worrying about breakfast which was being served around him. He summoned the effort to pick his head up, and start his day. "Coffee", he thought. His head and stomach hurt so badly that it seemed like it was actually spreading to the other parts of his body. The spinning that his eyes showed slowed to a crawl and then stopped after a minute or two. He motioned to the bartender who brought him back his sword and shield - the rest of his supplies and armor were in his room upstairs. "Coffee" he said, "and keep the change for the hassle". He was proud of himself, he only slurred slightly. He looked into the coin purse and threw more than enough to cover the bill on the counter. He had officially spent everything he had earned on his last adventure, and he'd have to find work soon. He heard the sound of annoyance coming from across the bar, and figured this might be an opportunity. He made sure he wasn't going to vomit and then looked across to see what was happening. He saw a large man who he assumed was the one yelling at a tiny woman starting to warm up her instruments. If he wasn't in a mood for making money, he would have taken a pass at her, but first things first. He grabbed his gear, and got off his bar stool, stumbling only slightly. He walked over to the musician and said, "I'll throw you a discount, if you'd like I'll kill them for you for a cheap price." She looked up at him in what he took for utter disgust. "Fine", he said, "I'll deal with them myself". He walked over to the large man doing the yelling, and was slightly surprised how loud the floorboards sounded this morning. He walked straight up to the two men, still looking annoyed. He tried not to slur anymore as he told them, "She won't listen to reason and is going to ruin everyone's day." he tried to think of a price as he said it, "I'll throw you a discount on killing her so we all can enjoy breakfast".
  10. Ira already felt dirty. He tried to think of anytime he had actively bent the knee to anyone, or anything else. This would be a first. Instead, he reacted with a snarl. "You find yourself outnumbered 500 to 1, with getting caught meaning certain death for both you and your friends. When that day comes, playing it smart means running away." Ira listened to the rest of the vamps speech. He hated himself for it already, if it had been literally anyone else in the world still living, he probably would have just made a run for it. He would agree to the terms, humbleness however did not come naturally to him. "We've got a deal. I'll be your bitch as long as you keep Quinn unharmed, taken care of, and breathing. Any of those things change, and I am gone." He shook the creatures hand, and gave Quinn a kiss on the forehead. "Feel better, it's going to be alright." he said, before walking out the door. Truth be told, he pretty drastically could use a bath. It had been quite the hike getting to the castle, and then fighting what seemed like the entire day before had left him smelling ripe. Ira had a feeling that this wasn't the true purpose of it, but he would take the chance to relax. He found the bathroom, and poured himself out a nice, steaming bath. He sunk into it, looking over his body for the first time in decent lighting for quite sometime. Two of his ribs were bruised for sure. His left thigh was turning purple it hurt so badly. But thankfully he didn't see anything that wasn't going to join the collection of numerous wounds, scars, and old memories that all eventually healed. "Maybe this will work out after all" he allowed himself to think as he started to relax in the tub. After all, Quinn seemed safe for the moment. He clearly wasn't dead yet. And who knows, maybe he might even make a profit. Vampires after all, probably have very little use for gold.
  11. Aidan stared at the suds still bubbling in the glass in front of him. The ale was getting low again, and he was debating whether or not he needed another. He had been holed up in the bar for a bit over a week now, paying a small fortune for room and food. "Fucking vampires" he said aloud to nobody. At the other end of the bar, he heard the bartender saying something about last call. He looked around and saw that there was nobody else in the place. "Probably too late" he thought to himself, "Sun will start to rise in just a few hours". He managed to pick up his head a few inches and say, "Fuck off, and pour me another drink". There. That will show him. He had managed to nick the coin purse off the sell swords he had last traveled with, and they had paid for everything up until this point. They wouldn't be needing it, they were long dead. Also slaughtered in his last quest was his friend who he had traveled with for the last decade. He hadn't actually seen him die, but he saw a 20 foot freak of nature grab him, and carry him off to be eaten by whatever horrors were in the labyrinth. Poor Ira, the man acted like his shit didn't stink sometimes, but he deserved better. He looked up to see that the ale had been refilled, grabbed it, and downed half of the glass again. Perhaps that was the worst part, he didn't know what he was going to do from now on. For as long as he could think of, he had followed Ira everywhere. And it had been good, usually resulting in plenty of gold and silver to spend on kegs of beer, and loose women. He hadn't even picked up his sword or shield in three days. He looked up, drank the rest of his glass and leaned forward, resting his forehead against the wood of the bar. He was just going to rest his head like this for a minute, with his eyes closed. He'd be up and go back to his room any second now.
  12. "Fuck off" was his first reaction, the thought was nearly escaping his lips when he stopped himself. Right now was probably not the time to be less than diplomatic. He looked down at Quinn who seemed to be lost in thought, sick than a dog, she looked to be barely holding on. Run or go back to the cell and away from Quinn. Those where the two options being spelled out before him. And quite frankly neither of them were appealing. He had tried to be polite and cheerful, but this was a rather rude step back in human - vampire relations. "No." he said, his eyes narrowing and smile disappearing into a tight glare. "No, I don't believe I will be doing either of those. You see, I am not leaving Quinn." he was angry that this monster was even making him say the words. "I understand that you can have your friends, come up here and tear me limb from limb - or you could do it yourself of course - but remember you would have to deal with the consequences as well. I know that you like her, that you enjoy her as your plaything. How well do you think that would continue if she saw a life long friend, and the father of her child slaughtered right in front of her." Ira wasn't hoping that these things had any sort of conscious or emotion left, but he was counting on greed and logic. That was the stick, it was time for the carrot. "On the other hand, think of what I could do for you, for your master. Having a human around who can go anywhere, blend in to any city or society. Who can kill anyone who needs killing at all times of the day. Who can bring back anyone to eat for a tasty human snack. Who can buy anything that is needed, or steal anything that you want to be stolen. I would be in your debt as you would be doing me a great favor, and would remain so as long as you help keep Quinn alive." He looked down and saw Quinn was stirring, trying to say something. Finally, she said, Hearing her so weak pained him. The idea of leaving her here, even more so. "But I'd be leaving you here." He looked down, and saw her staring at him, asking him to do it. "Damn it." he thought to himself, "I never was good at saying no to her." he looked up at the window, an old stained glass relic that had to be half a millennia old he had noticed when he had come in that there was a large abutment of roof overhanging the court yard underneath the window. He grabbed the ax that he had walked in with and stood up, measuring how to best put his shoulder into the pane and started moving toward his exit.
  13. "I would if you got out of the fucking way" he said to himself, being careful not to stumble off the log he was going across. "I hit a one foot wide target, in the wind from 45 yards. Once again, nobody loves the archer". He jumped off, and splashed into the water, trying to not trip on debris in the water as he went. "Archers are too far away to be noticed, yet when they hit something they aren't glamorous like a catapult or trebuchet, so they aren't loved." he found a large rock in the middle of the river bank, 3-4 feet in the air at least. He got on top of it, drew the bow and aimed. It was a long shot again, and the bear was moving too quickly to aim accurately, so he aimed at it's center and let one go. It barely hit the beast, skimming the top of its shoulder blade. "There needs to be someone with a bow in every outfit, yet the truth is, I am the best damn swordsman here!" he grumbled as he notched another. "And if Ira could hit a barn door at just 15 yards, then by all rights, he would be using the bow, and I would be fighting the bear." The next arrow landed almost exactly where the previous one had, this time sticking in the bear just to the right of the neck. Considering that the arm had already been severed, it was not going to have any effect. The problem was that he was simply too far away for an accurate shot. He hopped off of the rock and started to try and figure out a path closer. The reason he had stayed back on higher ground was that a tangled mess of downed forest mixed with giant skeletons made for a terrible landscape. He knew the others wouldn't appreciate that fact, all they would ask if why he didn't kill the monstrosity with a single arrow from 50 yards away. He looked up and saw the fawn putting up a hell of a fight, tearing bear chunks out of the beast as it tried to drag her closer to finish her off. They were in an area where the river turned into a small pond, and he saw a log in the middle of the river some 15 meters away from where they were. "Perfect", it would give him a good shot for the entire area. Aidan hurried toward the log, but had to make his way past some dense bushes in the way. He pushed his way through the sticks as he kept getting jabbed,. "Fucking Ira, so typical to get us involved in something like this." He saw both Ira and what used to be Quinn hurrying toward it, with Quinn getting their first. He climbed onto the slimy log, and made sure to keep his balance as he moved across. He drew an arrow and aimed to see Quinn holding the bear nearly straight up, and being beaten in the head for her effort. "Simple enough" he said, as he loosed it. "Beat you to it" he said as he watched the arrow go into the bear in the center of its chest. He had already notched a second arrow when he saw Quinn get smacked by an entire arm for the second time. He loosed it, and saw it was embedded just to the right of the first one. The bear took two steps toward Aidan, and let out one last mighty roar as the third arrow hit him straight in the heart, before it fell for good. Aidan walked closer to the beast and drove an arrow through it's skull for good measure. As the others started to come closer to him, he looked up from the corpse and said, "Your welcome for that by the way, I mean, that is one tight grouping."
  14. Ira expected the answer to the question even before he asked it. He didn't expect undead servants to have overly adventurous desires, but it did throw him a little off balance as he continued to think about it for more time than needed to answer such a simple question: What did he want? He had been exploring, adventuring, fighting for so long that he really didn't care to think about the end goal after everything was accomplished. "Kill all Namurians" he thought to himself, something he had said about the invaders of his country at least twice a day since he was 18. "Deeper than that though?" he thought, "if every last Namurian solider is dead, what do you do the next day?" Go home. Not someplace in Terrenus that he bought - he could have purchased a comfortable home long ago, but one like he had left to fight the war, where his parents had farmed and raised a family, living happily in their homeland. That's what he wanted. He wasn't settled on the specifics of the wife or location, but he wanted to go back to his real home. He looked up and saw Quinn start coughing again. "Could do a lot worse than that image, helping me farm, raising kids." he thought to himself, settling the matter. He didn't love her, but he supposed it would be possible. He thought he'd be happy though. Ira looked over at Alister and frowned, "Kill all the Namurians", he said definitively, putting the subject to rest. "I propose we let Quinn here enjoy her delightful looking bath, instead of having the two of us here to give her all kinds of distress. lets go somewhere else in the castle."
  15. Ira saw that the fawn cut the bear with one her blades and then get flung half a field away for her trouble. It was a bit of an uncoordinated, rushed attack and it made him smile from ear to ear. He had done something like that dozens of times. The bear stood bleeding above him a few feet out of reach, with a large gash around the waist of his left side. As they each stood their ground, it roared in furry because of the pain and the fact that these invaders were in his territory. Ira tightened his grip on his shield, and never breaking eye contact with the beast, he shouted "Aidan! Anytime now!". He lowered his helm and saw the arrow strike the bear on the left, not quite in the wound, but close enough that the bear reared to the left. It was the open Ira was waiting for and he lunged forward swinging his ax at the giants right shoulder. He missed the target and the ax tore into the bears right forearm, it sprayed blood as the beast roared and swiped at Ira who was already out of his range again. Ira and the bear again stood eye to eye, out of range of each others blows. Ira saw the next arrow only graze the bear, causing more annoyance than pain or damage. All of a sudden, the situation complete changed. Ira had been prepared to come forward again, and found himself with his shield raised, his shield arm aching under the pressure of the bears body weight as he struck out in attack. Ira desperately swatted off the bears attacking paws with his ax and prayed that his left arm, his shield arm didn't actually break like it felt like it was on the verge of doing. The bear was far to fast and long for Ira to get close, and he was about 3 feet of reach of actually hurting the beat. "Come on Aidan, kill something!" he swore as he was being driven down the river bank. Suddenly he saw Quinn emerge from the tree line, tackling the bear from the side, and throwing both of them into the river itself. They both stayed under the water from what seemed like entire minutes, as Ira watched a wretched struggle unfold under the water. Ira watched as the splashing and hissing finally stopped, all of a sudden, the giant creature finally reemerged on the river bank, struggling heavily to breathe after being underwater after such a long time. He was bent over on all fours, a few feet from Ira. Ira wasn't going to miss his chance, he took two steps forward, and raised his ax as he yelled, driving it right between the left shoulder blade and the neck, sinking the blade deep into the bears flesh. The bear roared in pain as he instantly spun and hit Ira with his other paw sending him several yards up the river. "Fuck me" Ira thought to himself as his ribs burned in anger from the blow. He slowly got back to one knee as he turned his head and saw the bear slowly rising as well - except with his right arm hanging low, clearly severed and unusable.
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