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  1. Aidan's peace offering was certainly looking like it as in vain as the sick girl didn't even bother looking at the rice. He was certainly a little annoyed at that, he had been saving it for when they were done their task, but even Aidan couldn't be that annoyed considering the bigger concerns. When the the shinobi offered Riha something as well, Aidan couldn't understand the faintest bit of what he was trying to say, even though they were merely a few feet apart. From the look on her face, it was plain to see Riha was having the same problem. Aidan and Riha both paused to try and figure out what was going on, and she responded to this by spazzing out. She jumped up and grabbed his arm, yelling something not even registerable as she grabbed at his axe again. Aidan wondered was what the point considering she clearly could tell he couldn't hear anything either. "Was that really necessary?" he said, but not even to himself. Finally Riha gave a signal that he interpreted as move forward, Finally, lets go. Of course, a beautiful stroll in the jungle and the first thing that happens is it all starts going to hell he thought to himself, again remembering that he had to be the unluckiest person in the world. He stepped back, and arched himself backwards, stretching out as he looked into the jungle and saw, Eyes. Big Fucking EYES. And not just one set of them. He was lowering the axe until he saw those, and then found it a good time to have a sharp defensive weapon at the ready. Now he found that after he gathered the attention of the others, it was his turn to pantomime. He pointed at his eyes with two of his fingers and then pointed at where he had seen whatever creatures lay ahead. Just in case they missed the hint, he squatted down in the mud underneath them and simply wrote, Danger Ahead
  2. It had been 3 weeks since Ira had arrived at Last Chance, and every single one of them had turned out to be a disappointment. He ate and drank in the part of town which had to be described as the upper crust looking to find caravans of gold to be protected, or banks to be guarded with no luck. That was the first week. By the second he had moved over to the slums where he was sure he could find men who were in deep with loan sharks that needed fingers broken or he could find ex-husbands whose faces needed to be hit. By the third week, Ira was in dire straits, rapidly running out of money while not finding anything in the way of income. Arriving back at the tavern he had several miles of dust sticking to his plate armor which was reasonably clean when he left the tavern that morning to look for work. Ira stood in the doorway with his axe hanging down by his knee, as his shield took a rest on his foot as he inspected the current residents of the dinner rush. Nobody I don’t recognize. Nobody with weapons drawn. Only then did he hear the creak of his own weight on the floorboards and slowly moved towards the bar. With some coins on the wooden counter, he allowed himself to rest on the closest stool to the fire. Resting his back against the wall allowed him a reasonably comfortable spot while whoever might wander through the door was still visible. . “Ale, cheap please.” he told the maid as he relaxed and took off his helm, resting it beside the metal tankard that quickly appeared. He was feeling polite, and even got off, a “Thank you” before taking a long pull. As he put the container down and looked over the room, his eyes found their way to the bulletin board where a large sheet of paper was recently pinned to the top of the notices. That wasn’t there this morning he told himself before walking over to it. WANTED: Sell swords, adventures and warriors for expedition to kill all creatures infesting Valiras Mines in Hasturia. Gold is rewarded upon completion as well as half the treasure that can be looted from the mines to be split among crew. Your own equipment is needed and your safety is not guaranteed. Ira’s eyes grew wide and nearly leaped out of his plate armor. Damn thing could give me enough gold for a year. As he raced back to the bar and drained the contents of his tankard the thought that he had tried to repress from the front of his mind had taken shape again. I can make enough money in this one score to hire a full company. I could finally go home. As he pulled out his magical sack, he tossed it from one hand to the next and was thankful that it remained weightless as it expanded to its maximum size. Thank goodness I got the bigger of the two rooms, he thought as the pile steadily grew. Standing back up, he began to assess his gear. Empty canteens need to be filled. The bow needs to be oiled and the arrows need to be taken care of. He shifted himself towards the middle, where he kept all of his food sorted in thin metal bins. The one containing fruits and vegetables was full. One thing I don’t need to worry about, I should still have enough for another couple months until the next harvest season. Beautiful thing about a magical sack where nothing ever spoils. When he looked over the bins of meat, it revealed a different situation. No beef at all. Running low on fish, could use another chicken or two. There was a butcher a few blocks away, he will need a visit tomorrow morning. Other than that, everything looked in place. Armor for warm weather, clothing of all shapes and sizes, various weapons that were razor sharp and equipment to eat and camp. And a dwindling bag of money. Ira shrunk the bag back it’s original size and groaned as he left the room, excited to finally leave the next morning. If only horses could be kept in one of these so he could feed himself.
  3. We went to York for 2-3 das, stopped in on Warrick castle, London for 4 days (including a quick trip to the Hastings battle site). Would love to go back someday.
  4. Ira groaned at the accurate yet entirely unhelpful advice. As he tried to will himself to not hurl all over the tavern, there was no doubt in his mind that he must look like shit. He certainly felt like shit. His throat burned, his head was splitting but most of all, there were vicious gurgles in his stomach making him feel bad enough that he ignored his miserly nature and dragged himself over to the barstool where he flagged Ora down. "Water. Breakfast. Please." was all he managed to get out. He dare not open his mouth longer than need be to get the words out just incase his body had involuntary ideas. Ora for her part had been serving him ale and lager for just short of a week, but seemed surprised that he was in this rough of shape. The only good news is that you don't literally smell like shit he thought to himself, thinking of the final result of friends past benders. When he was finally stabilized on something sturdier than his own two feet, Ira began looking around the bar to take tally, he noticed a fair amount of other patrons buzzing around. What surprised him a little bit is they seemed to still be closer to dawn than noon. Time. That's a good start. He heard the familiar sounds of a tavern going full tilt for meal time and deeply inhaled to see if there were any clues his sense of smell could uncover. He started hacking uncontrollably when the smell of cigar smoke entered his nostrils and let him know why his throat burned. He reached down and grabbed his sack containing the coin he carried on him. After several years of being a sword for hire, he had established bank accounts over Lagrimosa and Genesaris but didn't exactly have quick access to one in every city he landed in. Finding the key to a nightly hangover in the upscale neighborhood of Last Chance for the last several weeks had caused the sack to go from being a burden to pull out to feather-lite. You have been at this for decades you old fuck, he ached as he acknowledge bitterly to himself, over ten years makes it separate decades not several years. He never remembered hurting like this as a younger man. The two women settled at the bar nearby, and when Ira peered over, he thought that they could handle themselves. Another prospective client I can rule out. He thought as he heard footsteps come up behind him. BREAKFAST! He nearly shouted as a full plate arrived, and paused from his food only to trade some coins for the meal. Eggs! Bacon! Hash Browns! This place has got everything! It lasted 4 minutes as his fork swirled like a samurai's katana devouring everything in his path. He had to admit, as he pulled his plate armor off the ground and prepared to head back to his room, he felt a lot better. Time for a bath and to find a job.
  5. Where are you in the UK? I loved it there
  6. The dead weight was now at the back of the pack throwing up seemingly everything she had eaten over the last several days. He still wasn't sure how he could have caused her to be sick considering she was 50 yards behind him when she started to get ill, but everyone seemed to be blaming him. It wasn't fair, it's not his fault they portaled into a thousand degree jungle and she overheated. Still, it hadn't been that bad of a crew so far. Women and their hormones, he thought to himself, complicated stuff I am never going to understand. Aidan felt slightly bad for being a bit gruff - but he had a feeling that there was very limited time here for hurt feelings for wild plants. A peace treaty was needed, and once the young woman stopped spewing he walked over an offered some replacement contents for her stomach. "It's only rice, not ginger root" he said holding out a small bowl, "but rice will calm your stomach and give you some energy to keep going". As he held the food out, he looked around and noticed it had gone from eerily quite to absolute silence. I can't even hear myself talk, he thought to himself. From the reaction of the others he thought it was far to assume that he hadn't just spontaneously gone deaf. This fucking jungle. He raised his axe, over his head and tried to signal to move onward.
  7. Venepot sipped his whiskey, and enjoyed listening to the impressively large young man talk to the now crowded room about channeling energy. That would be quite the bit of magic to learn, he thought to himself. If I were only a thousand years younger. "Most impressive magic young man" the old wizard rasped as he raised his glass in applause. "I am without a doubt that you must be quite the fighter". As he looked down at his glass and saw nothing but ice cubes grinding against each other the thought occurred to him for the thousandth time that he should have learned to do magic more whiskey . At the same time he heard the sound of horse hooves stop outside the front door of the noodle shop and knew it was time. Ah. Well it wasn't going to last forever I suppose, he concluded as his smile faded slightly. The glass down as Venepot stood up from his seat and addressed his host and the everyone else he had come to meet over the course of the afternoon and evening. "My new friends, I am afraid my tenure here must come to an end. Emilio, and everyone else, it was a pleasure to make your acquaintance." He turned to the lady sitting across from him and told her in a low voice, "If you would enjoy a ride on a faithful steed to the next town, I assure you, Branches has enough room for the both of us on his back." He bent down so he could whisper to Kimiko and gave her a wink as he did it, saying, "It took me forever to try and train the horse to come to wherever my current location is, but then I realized that after all, I am a wizard." He chuckled to himself, and it actually grew after he realized that he was winking at a blind woman.
  8. @Noko You going to post again, you want me to go since I was last to do it, or are we going back to regular order?
  9. Is @Honest still interested in this thread or should we move on without him?
  10. Aidan marched forward, hacking and chopping his way through the jungle undergrowth. It was hot and sweaty work, but removing a vine here, a tall thorny plant there, and the path behind him was almost as good as a hiking trail. Aidan found himself actually in a merry mood as he hacked and slashed his was up the mountain. He enjoyed working by himself, and while Shikai and Riha were taking their time hiking behind him, he completely lost track of where the dead mistress was. Aidan found himself singing a soft song to an audience of one. "Hacking away. Spending the day, just hacking away." Came the gravely tones, One more vine in the way. Grunt, hack downwards! "Not a bad way, to make a days pay. Just hacking away." These prickly plants are getting old. Grunt, a hefty swing! He felt the wind pick up, and paused to enjoy a long sip of water from a canteen. As he raised the bottle over his head, and threw his head back, he noticed there were several shapes jutting out from the top of the hill in front of them. At first glance he thought it might be the top of a ruined castle, but after taking a moment he wasn't sure. Either way, he saw that in front of him a longer, easier path, and a more direct way. As he was about to walk down the obvious choice, he heard something behind him. "One of the others, finally catching up" he thought. In the meantime, the jungle wasn't going to clear itself. He felt his arm being dragged down from behind, before he could be started on his work again. He saw the young woman nearly come off the ground as she dangled on his bicep when he tried to move it forward. "There it is" he thought, "This is what pisses me off from having a good day". He stared at Riha, not entirely sure what to say. Finally, he felt his face work it's way into a bit of a sneer and lowered his axe. "I do have to work with her after all. Play nice, get paid. The next generation is soft. Who cares about some plants". "Fine." he told her, lowering his axe. "But keep up then!" It was gruff, and she was still in his face, but it was nicer than he felt like being. He walked away and reached for his water. "Fucking tree huggers."
  11. Venepot had just finished his fish when his ears perked up slightly at the idea of noddle's and alcohol. The fish was quite good, and while he didn't really care for karaoke, he doubted he would be able to hear anyone's poor singing anyway. Eventually the dragon flew across, but almost everyone jumped into a boat, himself included. He could hear others talking as he waited to get across but didn't find himself in the middle of important as he watched the water slowly pass him. "It's had been a long day", he thought to himself. He could use a beer.
  12. Anyone mind if I post? I have plenty of time today!
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