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  1. Venepot sat on his chair at the top of the podium which over looked the class. He sat reading scrolls from a different classes assignment on potions, as his advanced magic students trickled into the candle lit room. It was a few minutes before class started, and it was good to keep the mind busy. He always wondered why some students wandered around the chambers so much, some of them seeming to act like they were here to get their afternoon walks in instead of preparing for a lecture. He stared aimlessly at one of the scrolls until the writing faded in and out. Venepot took off his glasses, placed them on his desk and rubbed his eyes hardily. I am getting too old for this, he thought to himself. Maybe he should finally retire and enjoy his third millennia of life. He looked up sharply after several seconds of light massage, as the high pitched whine of a mosquito buzzing attacked his ear. The wizard jerked his body around to swat at the flying intruder and after few seconds, he was satisfied that there was nothing about to make a meal out of him. Now the problem was to try and find where he put his glasses so he could look at the scrolls again. All of a sudden, Venepot heard the sound of startle and shock from some of the students down below, and the professor picked his head up to figure out what was going on. "Snakes" he mouthed. Looking closer, he could barely make out that it was an illusion, one of the students having a bit of fun before the class started for sure. He quickly grabbed his staff before walking down the stairs and towards the desks. "[Extergimus]" he said, holding the staff high to cast the spell throughout the chamber. With a crash, the spell blew up in his face with an explosion of sound, deafening his ears and cindering parts of his beard. The he hoped that none of his students realized the worst part of it, that he had soiled himself in the process. He paused a moment to try and figure out what the hell had gone wrong when he looked closer, and realized that he wasn't carrying his own staff. This one had a large pink bow on it.
  2. Aidan started sipping more water as the others tried to figure their shit out. It was hot as hell in this place before I started running around he thought to himself, barely resisting the urge to openly start panting like a dog. The girl started speaking in odd tongues, some sort of gibberish that he did not understand. She's clearly pissed at the suggestion - that much he did not need any help translating. A guide they could use though he wasn't sure how much help a corpse would help. Maybe from studying it, she figured out where they needed to go? Aidan for one welcomed that thought. This whole expedition was a shit show from the start, and any help they could enjoy to make it smoother would be much appreciated. Aidan shrugged his shoulders at the ... whatever he was. "Or not, I don't care." Wasn't his body parts that needed fixing after all. He looked at the group now that they all had a moment to catch their breathe, "Well. I'm ready when you are. If we have someone who figured out where we are going, I don't mind bringing up the rear".
  3. It looked like Aidan was about to be given a cold beverage in replacement when he was grabbed by a tall thin woman who quickly led him in a dance. The boss. “She has a head hanging from her belt … you get?” The thought did occur to Aidan that he should let it go, but it was a fleeting idea at best. Still he was making quite a bit of money on her payroll, and to top it off, she was pretty. He decided to keep dancing, and try to be nice. He smiled at Phoebe and with a laugh told her, “Sure I saw, but to be fair, it’s only one orc head. It's not like 4 or 5 of ‘em, you-know what-I-mean?” Besides, I don’t have my armor on, but I still have my sword hanging off of me. He could tell that she was a bit surprised as he went along dipping her, that he could dance. And while he was not going to be mistaken for the head dancer of any town or city, when he had a drink or two in him, he was at least capable. To make it even more enjoyable, he had been paid enough since he started working for the new employers, that the beer, the girls, and the lodgings were actually good. A man could get used to this, and if dancing with the boss helps, I’m all for it. Unlike Ira, his thought as his mind carried away to his now dead companion, he could have been the worst dancer in a one man dance contest. And he would have found a way to fuck it up, would have talked her ear off about how beautiful Lydon is for 3 hours. That or he’d nail her, and only he could shit where he ate. Aidan didn’t consider himself much of an expert when it came to women, but even he could tell when the mood had changed. He decided to lean back against the bar, and rest for a bit, being able to have a closer hand on his sword was a decided bonus. He saw the blood soaked woman’s eyes seemingly glow green as tree moss, as she threatened the boss. If nothing else, she has some stones to do that, he decided. Not bad. Aidan thought, he knew he would have had quite the challenge doing the same. She's quite the warrior assuming she didn't make it up. As Cade sat down, and started to eat her entire weight in pork knuckle, Aidan decided to help. “Well Cade, I for one, think you look pretty good for having orc guts and whosoever's blood splattered all over you”.
  4. Venepot stared up in horror as his fire monster raged out of control. Half of the students had figured out his trick and now looked uncomfortable, the other half were on the verge of soiling themselves. He stared blankly at the ceiling as the faux flames spread, until he was interrupted by a voice. "Vene" she said, a sound he hadn't heard in years, "Concentrate". He closed his eyes in sadness, he knew that she wasn't going to be there when they opened again, but after two thousand years of marriage, the hurt never faded, even after all these years. "[Extergimus]" the cleansing spell wiped away everything he had cast, until the bare stone walls loomed over nothing but teacher and students. Venepot took a moment to laugh at both himself, and the class. First time for everything he thought, as he was looking at his new students. He decided to wing it. "Now I hope you can all see that none of this was real." Thank goodness or the entire city would be burning by now. "The purpose of this, aside from a old man getting quite the hardy laugh, was to hopefully show you something important. The first rule of advanced magic, and really all magic is, concentration must be paramount. The spells of advanced magic that you will cast either will not work or can be extremely dangerous unless you are putting all of your focus into them." He paused to catch his breathe, and decided to take a trip down memory lane. "A long time ago, a few friends of mine and I decided to try and help a kingdom that was under the rule of a very dark wizard called Zeddicus the Flayer." It saddened Venepot to recall the battle, his families greatest victory over one the darkest wizards of the generation came at the cost of a family member. "I would say the battle was won because of superior magic, but in truth, it was due to Zeddicus being distracted." He thought it over for a moment, and decided how to make the connection so everything so far could come together. An odd little spell that was unusually difficult to cast. "So here is this weeks assignment. The spell is, [Zalizo]" he shouted while raising his staff, which led to the sound of crashing in the far corner of the room. "Its a distraction spell, which is ironic because it takes immense concentration to cast it. Its simple, but powerful. The bad news is, like the fire monster, the crashing or any other physical change wasn't real. The good news is, once you get the hang of it, someone can be made to hear anything from the sound of an army marching up the street, to the volume of a large explosion. Your assignment is, use this spell at least once in Mageside, and tell me what happened, and how you did it. And don't worry, if you screw it up, I will know, because if the concentration isn't there, is literally will blow up in your face. The burnt off eyebrows will be as plain as day next week. Class dismissed." @evil @Nina @500bees @Velindrel
  5. Aidan rested his hand on the wall as he leaned over the toilet, out of necessity to stabilize himself rather than calibration. If the previous patrons of the Monopole had done so, the entire place would have a different smell, and who would want that? He needed a rest after his last adventure, which, although not as bad as his time in the jungle, was a doozy. Had to do damn near everything once again, he thought to himself, at least he had been paid handsomely for the last few jobs. As he looked around, making his way though the crowd, he started to think that this might be a good place to chase some tail as any. What a dive bar! he decided. As the band blared in the background, he wondered how he didn't know about this place years before. Good beer, good food, good band, add in what seemed to be a brothel a street or two down, and it seemed like paradise. Finally getting back to his table, Aidan grabbed the still cold beverage, and as he was raising it up to drink, someone ripped it out of his hand, and drank the entire mug of beer in front of him. "What the fuck!" he shouted out, noticeably loud even with the background noise. Of course it was luck that his beer would be stolen! One of the locals backed away, and pointed pointed towards the bar at the sound of his commotion, while Aidan took up the hunt of the beer thief. He found a tall, blood-soaked woman in full battle armor, crying out for the bartender. What Aidan recognized as an orc head still was leaking onto the floor as it hung off of her belt. Considering the fluids I'd imagine that usually cover this place, its probably an improvement, he thought to himself. She wasn't wrong - he had killed more than a few over the years, and while they weren't the best fighters he'd ever face, they weren't powder-puffs either. She must be quite the warrior. Looking her over, Aidan saw that underneath the dirt, grime and orc blood, she likely was quite pretty. And that was enough to catch his interest. Maybe the whorehouse doesn't need my money tonight, he thought as he walked closer. "Normally I would buy you a drink, but it seems like you have had one of mine."
  6. I can not believe that worked, Aidan thought to himself as he fled the mega-spider. It was of course slow going as he had a young woman grabbing him around his neck, with her legs wrapped around him, and the straps of his pack pressed so tight that they were cutting into him. Some guys actually pay for this kind of thing, he grinned with success as he came across the others. He supposed that if they were going to get lucky just once on this mission, luck when it mattered most, was most welcome. Aidan thought it was a bit weird when Riha started examining a corpse that clearly was not on the receiving end of fates blessing with the natives. She had needed to escape death on more than one occasion already, and Aidan had gotten the sense that there was something more to her that he was just not seeing. Thinking of this, he let her be and left her alone aside from pulling out the spare dagger from his pack, and handing it over. Shikai on the other hand, seemed to be missing a few things. Hobbling around with his arm stitched on his knee to make a functioning leg ... it was gruesome. Aidan had seen and even received some fairly horrid injuries in battle before, but he had never seen anything this. For once, he was truly rendered speechless, other than staring in awe of what must be an unmatched pain tolerance. Aidan couldn't do anything more than try not to stare at him and hold out the last of his whiskey. "I'd think it's probably fine" he managed to stammer out.
  7. Venepot looked down at his scroll, and slowly unrolled it, watching the names expand vertically across the dark wooden lectern. Only at the end did he finally look up, matching the names to the faces staring up at him from the tables below. The stone walls were lit by the candles around the room, but the center of the room was a bit too dim for his eyes to make out at the people he was looking at. Venepot reached out beside him, and grabbed his staff, helding it up just a whisker as he said, "[Lux]". Immediately the flames jumped up, illuminating everything inside including his new crop of students. Much better. Venepot stepped down from his chair to the familiar groan from his knees and back, and looked over the class. He took a moment for his body to recover, got a tighter grip on his staff, and thought about just what to say. Smaller class than usual he thought to himself before he started. The first day is always fun. "My name is Venepot Desterra, and I will be teaching you "Offensive and defensive magic for the modern world" or, as I know it is called outside of these classroom walls, "Duel lessons". I know that some of you are capable at the basics of the magical arts already, and that will be a good foundation. But instead of summoning circles, potions or simple incantations, by the end of this semester, you will be able to cast hexes, curses, spells, and enchantments at will." Venepot started walking slowly down the stairs as he talked, balancing his weight on his staff as he moved to come closer to the fresh new faces. "How you do it, will be different for everyone. Some creatures can propel powerful magic just from their hands and their force of will. Some need to shout what they will do from the top of their lungs. I myself, am useless without my trusty branch here." he said, lifting the twisted wooden staff as high as his short, older frame would allow it. As he lowered it back down, he allowed the far end to point to the empty space between the front row and the stairs. [Hyacinthum daemonium ignis]! He thought, exerting his energy to bring forth the illusion of flaming twisted metal cast by giant shadows which once formed, filled up half the room. As Venepots voice made the monster roar, and the pretend waves of flame engulfed the stone walls of the ceiling, Venepot had to hold both tears and cries of laughter as he watched the reaction of the students. Finally he decided that it was enough, and lifted up the staff for the counter spell. [...] It didn't come to him. Even as he paused to think about it, he drew a blank. Damn it, this had never happened before. Venepot stood frozen, trying to figure out what was wrong, why it felt like everything about him had been paused. What the hell was the counter spell?
  8. Don't forget to put up the link to the character that is going to be in the thread: Venepot's link:
  9. I didn’t mean the kid cry, Ira thought to himself over and over again as the wooden barrier to the mine was ripped open and they started descending. The thing on his head did produce some light, just not nearly as much as he hoped for. Still, it was a lot better than nothing and before long his eyes adjusted so the vision on the hike became passible. Other than the occasional falling rocks and dirt, the sound of footsteps and breathing against the mask were the only sound audible over the thoughts in his head. If the kid started crying and left, that would have been one thing he thought as he kicked a rock across down the path, but the stubborn child is still here with his pet playing adventurer. It’s why he didn’t offer him any water, he wasn’t trying to be an asshole, he was trying to get him to go away. When the other guy had given him a water pouch, he had at least enough sense to follow it up with a sword. Ira turned around and looked over the boy once again, and with a heavy sigh accepted that there was additional, unwanted cargo. The thought did inevitably dawn on him, You were younger than he looks to be when you killed your first man in battle. It had also been duly noted that the one thing he could control was the fate of the two jackals at the entrance. He wasn’t sure yet what they were hiding, but he had made a point not long before going into the cave that if the kid was harmed down here, the two men only had to be alive for him to receive payment. Bankers generally had little concerns of how many limbs still had to be attached when payment was delivered. As they came into a large circular cavern the boy's pet yelled out, “A body!” and rushed over to see what it was. At least it's reasonably well lit down here Ira thought as he let the two of them go inspect the corpse. Meanwhile, he did decades of experience dictated - ensuring there was nothing in the shadows waiting to add to the collection in the center of the room. Satisfied they were alone, he decided that he had seen enough. Ira unhooked his magic sack and expanded it until he could reach his set of light armor inside. It was made of tough leather, but left the arms past the elbow, and the legs below the knees exposed. It wasn’t perfect, but it would certainly be better than nothing, and the kid had nothing. Ira walked over to him and dropped the set of armor down in the dirt just to his side. He knelt down beside the pair, one living, one dead and looked at the one worth being concerned about. “There’s probably going to be a lot more of these. They wouldn’t be paying us to kill something that’s only eaten a person or two.” Ira looked at him and thought he might cry again - but he also saw a certain amount of stupid determination that had to be commended. “If you still want to come with us, would you wear this at least? It will stop any stabbing or slicing that is coming your way. Slashing or arrows will go right through it unfortunately, so avoid that. Put it on, let me know how it fits.” He paused and took a moment to decide how rough he wanted to be. Looking down, he decided, The boy's life is at stake, it’s likely time for some tough love. “When we run into trouble, take care of yourself first, and then your neat pet. My name is Ira by the way.” Looking over at the other one in the long black coat, he said, “How about you, what are you called? Anything you can glean from looking at this?”
  10. Great! I am likely to do the first post Wednesday or Thursday to see if anyone else wants to join. Certainly not going to write on Super Bowl Sunday, and I’m working the next two days. Feel free to DM me with ideas.
  11. Looking for students at the Mageside Academy who want to be taught advanced classes in self-defense and offensive magic. Class will be taught by famed dark wizard hunter Venepot Desterra, who is now on the very far end of the downslope in his career. Would also take writers interested in the daily life at the academy.
  12. Ira's eyes narrowed as they bore through the back of the mans head. He clearly was full of shit, Ira decided that he would have wagered that the man couldn't read nor write, and was confident about it he would have wagered going into the mine for free. But at least it seemed like they wouldn't run out of light. "I've got the sticks and some pitch. Just in case, it would make a handy torch," he thought to himself, weighing his options. He wasn't claustrophobic, or afraid of being underground, but it was safe to say he would have preferred to fight under the sunshine, or at worst, the stars. Ira was handed over a promissory note, with the official seal stamped firmly on the top. It wouldn't have been the first time he had been paid by such method - he found it increasingly common actually, as it prevented someone who desired the money from simply killing the bearer and taking the cash or coin. In almost every case, the payment was made after the bearer presented it and only after the issuer was found alive and unharmed. Such an idea would have been on the current forefront of his mind if Ira would have been presented with a different kind of currency. Looking closer at the note, he noted the value of it. "As always, its missing a zero" he grumbled, not knowing what else to think to himself. Rough totals for the cost of men to recruit, food and water to feed them, swords and shields to arm them, and ships to transport his company to the shores of his homeland were always in the back of Ira's mind. Ira sighed deeply as he held the piece of paper, "Someday". In the meantime, the currency the paper would bring would allow him to live very comfortably for a year or two. Which was obviously good, he found the living expenses were only growing as he grew older - he both needed medicine for his aching back, and the whores were charging more than they did when he was a rugged and handsome 25 year old. Ira had been lost in his own thought for long enough to not even realize someone else had joined them. He looked down on a scrawny teenage boy, who looked exhausted and half parched. Ira raised the visor on his helm to make sure that his vision was working properly, and to see if the youngster soiled his britches before giving a response. "Kid, I've got water to spare, but please tell me you are not goin down into that cave." Ira looked him over, and decided that just standing in front of boy in the plate mail was scaring the lad. "I can give you some food and water so you can make it back, but there are real, no shit monsters down there, and we are going to kill them. I am really good at that line of work, but not having people around who I have to focus on saving". Ira looked over to the quiet companion that followed him to the cave and nodded in his direction, "And I am at least pretty sure that he can hold his own too. Do you even have a weapon?" Ira finally noticed the little demon and gave up at the absurdity of it all. "And what the hell is that thing!" That caused Ira to turn with a raised eyebrow and start paying close attention to the rest of the conversation. Looking at the research scholar, he told him, "You know what, I will take one of those masks after all."
  13. Aidan paused to enjoy some water before things got real interesting like he was certain they shortly would. It remained hot as hell, and he was rapidly getting tired of both his company and his present location. He turned away from his companions to see how much further the trek was, and found that the jungle ahead of him looked like even thicker, denser forest. Groaning, and wondering why it was taking everyone so long to figure out that they needed to move, he turned to see what could possibly be taking them. Danger ahead I wrote. Danger ahead means fucking move! The dead mistress seemed to be studying the creatures crawling toward them. "This is annoying" he thought to himself. "I am going to have to carry the whole squad on my back." Glancing again, he found that was studying the least of his worries. Riha slammed into Shikah and then started to be dragged away for supper by the largest spider imaginable. Everyone of its 8 legs were like tree trunks and the hair on its body looked like blades rising off a smooth boulder. Aidan started running towards the spider, and as he did he wondered, How the hell am I going to kill this thing? Sure the girl was annoying, but he had never gotten to the point of even wishing her dead. Aidan had the briefest of flash back to his training, standing in a row of hundreds of young men, learning to be warriors for the first time. He heard the drill instructor shouting it in his ear, having just been enticed by the promise of glory in the nations army rather than commit himself to a lifetime of taking up his fathers trade. High in the safety of the mountains, they were screamed at, pushed, and molded by the instructors shouting the simple motto that became their creed "What's important now?" Little did he know that a few short months later his kingdom would be invaded. "What's important now?" As he got closer, he saw that the spider wasn't dragging Riha directly, she was being pulled by a thin strand of web that the spider had a hold of. It hit Aidan quickly what he had to do, "Thank goodness for my light armor" he said to himself as he reached into the leather pant pocket. Out came a knife, not terribly big, but one that had been sharpened into such a lethal object that he would have bet it could have cut a crystal in half with the appropriate force. Aidan realized that even if he wanted to kill the Spider, he didn't have to, all he had to do was stop the spider from taking Riha. He could figure out the rest when the others caught up. As he lined up his throw, he aimed far closer to the spider than Riha, the last thing he wanted to do was hit her by mistake. "The whole fucking squad on my back", he thought to himself as he let it fly.
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