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  1. The Motley Crew

    Ira sat down on the log next to Aidan who had already cleaned and sharpened his sword. No matter the type of blade, if it was smashed into heavy armor it would need sharpening and his axe had done so twice. "Where's Shane?" he heard Lorelei say after the sound of music coming out of the bent base and strained strings faded. Neither of them were ever much of singers - sure either before or after a battle if you had gotten enough ale into him he would do just about anything but they had no where near enough of a supply at the camp to break into a song. Ira thought about it and grumbled a little bit. "I'm not sure, but I wish he would hurry up and get here. We told him were we were going, and having another person with a sword around here might turn out to be handy. We still have quite the hike to get to anywhere that is going to give a ride to Hell's Gate. If that escaped fighter was of anyone of importance I really would like to not fight him again. Hell's Gate sound better and better just to put some distance between us." He finished cleaning his weapons and started to take off his armor. It was quite a lengthy process and looked over to see that Aidan had beaten him to it. Aidan was always organize and methodical to putting his gear away. He still shaved every morning and his hair neat and trimmed surely a product of his days in the army. Ira threw his gear wherever it would land and would have looked down right shaggy with the infantry. He grabbed his sack because he realized that he was still quite hungry. They enjoyed the beer at the tavern, but they had more than enough food for the two of them. They had intended to save their coin and cook some outside afterwards before they met up with the new companions. "Check this out guys, I haven't show you this bit of gear yet" The sack was small, and was easily slung over his shoulder for easy traveling. It was also the one magical item he had ever owned, and when he grabbed it, it expanded to it's full size. He pulled out his tent and iron skillet setting it the side. He grabbed the cutlery and half a duck that he had remaining. The true beauty of the sack was not only it's ability to expand, but also that nothing in it could ever spoil, so he could buy all of the fresh deer, duck and fish that he had coin for. He look over his supplies and saw that he had enough left for at least a week to feed two men. He reached in and grabbed the jug of firewater pulled that out and passed it to Aidan who look a large pull. He looked up at the two women who and come to look at his things and asked, "Could one of you do me a favor and cook this? I am lousy with Duck."
  2. The Motley Crew

    Ira found a small amount of coins in the belt of the dead man. Everything else in his possession they considered junk as the two victors searched him over. "They said to bury the body, what do you actually want to do with it" Ira asked as he picked up the wrists of the corpse. "I was just going to go as far as the ditch on the side of the road and leave him their. Something hungrier than we are will eat him like a bear, or wolf or some other nasty beast." Aidan was annoyed at the work that they had to put into dealing with someone they had to kill. Then again thought Ira, Aidan was always annoyed. "He could have at least had the decency to die in a more convenient spot. Then again, we haven't had a whole lot of practice since the war, and that was what, 10 years ago? It doesn't hurt to get some practice in before we get as rusty as this heavy ass wanna-be soldier's stuff." Aidan paused a second, Ira could tell he was going over the fight again in his mind. "Your guy, the silent one. He looked like he was doing more than mine who wasn't very good at this. Was he trained?" Ira let out a grunt and they heaved the corpse as far as they could - about 2 feet into the ditch. He caught his breath and paused before grabbing his weapons and traveling sack. "It was a different style than I've seen before, but he had some sort of training with a sword. He was clearly slow, hadn't needed to use a blade in a while, but had a nice weapon and what looked like good armor. Lucky for us because of it - he was rustier than I was and made the small mistake of lowering his shield which allowed me to come over the top. So what kind of person gets sword training but forgets most of it because he never uses it? Someone who clearly doesn't need to use the training on a frequent basis. Someone who doesn't want to speak probably because we may recognize who he is" Aidan groaned loudly and started bitching about how they always seem to end up in these situations - he was right they did. But they both knew the conclusion before they walked into the encampment where the women were sitting and enjoying tea. Ira spoke up first as he walked up to the fire, "We have a problem" he said suddenly getting the complete attention of the two women, "the man whose arm I smashed, the man who ran away. He was some sort of noble."
  3. The Motley Crew

    He was slow to pick up his sack and equipment, as he watched the two women and large dog speed out of the tavern. Ira laughed to himself and thought that they weren't kidding around when it came to his warning about this not being a place to linger. He looked over the young man @Letherius again and told him, "I see you already have a short sword with you, and fighting with a battle axe is very different. Sword play is reliant on skill and practice. Axes essentially rely on brute strength. Lets teach you the sword. Join us, you will learn over time." He made sure that his party was paid up with the bar tab and waited for Aidan to walk out of the tavern with him. The air was crisp and slightly chilly - fall was nearly in full hold and the air was changing accordingly. The two women had already marched quite a ways down the road in their eagerness to get out - but they had failed to notice the two men stalking them from a distance just inside the wood line. "Always can tell which ones are the easy marks" he said, and Aidan grunted in agreement as they picked up their pace. The man in the rusted chainmail and his companion had looped around so he was walking down the road back toward the tavern when his chainmail managed to bump into both of the women at the same time. "Excuse me miss" he said nonchalantly, as even then, he was trying to hide the bag of coin he had lifted. A few seconds later Aidan beat him to the response, "Don't take this the wrong way or anything, but you aren't the best pick pocket I have ever seen. And if I saw that from back here, you might want to try a new profession you know what I mean?" The man in the chainmail feigned shock that he would be accused of such thing, The chainmail was old, rusty and not well taken care of. He held a very small shield, and a one handed sword that looked like it needed to be taken to a blacksmith to be effective. His silent friend was more direct - his brown eyes scowled as he adjusted his sword and shield like he thought he was invincible. He at least had respectable equipment and wore steel plate that must have been heavy - and would probably stop Ira's axe from cutting off a body part. The silent man smiled an arrogant grin - like he couldn't be touched. Ira was going to see about that - all four men knew what was coming. "Look, drop the bag and whatever else you took, go back to the tavern and go in peace. There's no reason for this to happen" called out Aidan as he was raising his weapon. He didn't really believe it even as he said it. Ira saw the man with the rusty chain mail charge wildly swinging at Aidan, crashing his sword down on the shield to start the battle. Ira wasn't worried - the more experienced fighter was already out of the way and looking to counter with a strike on his own. It would take more than that for either of them. He focused and instead turned his attention to his own dance partner who tried for an immediate kill by slashing the sword across his head. Ira easily raised his shield in reply blocking the blow. His own shield covered the majority of his body, and was much larger on the top and then narrow on the bottom. In was surprisingly light for a piece of metal its size, as was the axe that he carried - products of fine blacksmiths from his home country. The shield took a few more glancing blows before he rained down some of his own on the swordsman who even while under attack didn't let out so much as a sound from his narrow jaw. They spaced a few feet apart looking at each other before the silent man tried a sweeping upward cut with his sword, it almost caught him off guard but ended up glancing off the side of his shield as Ira shifted his body toward a now exposed side. He immediately saw his silent foes mistake - as he lowered his sword arm to try the attack at a different level, he dropped his shield arm as well. Ira sent a thunderous axe volley down on his assailants shoulder - not cutting him in half as he had hopped, but clearly separating the bones from the rest of the body. His arm was clearly broken, possibly shattered. He watched him scream in pain and decided that the threat no longer existed. He turned to where Aidan was laying on the attack thick, the man in the chainmail was barely keeping up in time to parry the brilliant sword play. It wouldn't be long now, but Ira decided to hasten the decision. He walked behind the man and lifted his axe with all the strength he could muster, slamming it into the thick of the man's back, right above the waist. The armor as it turned out, did not work nearly as well as the silent partners did, and Ira saw that his axe was several inches deep into the now deceased mans flesh. "I had him" grumbled Aidan, "That still counts as mine". Ira turned around to see that the silent swordsman had disappeared, he had run off when he wasn't looking. He looked up at Aidan with blood still racing threw his veins, "I never doubted you for a second, but why leave it to chance?" He turned around and saw the two women staring at him and the dog in front of both of them still barring his teeth at the contestants. "Are either of you two hurt? Do you have any idea who these two were?"
  4. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    He looked down at the young woman and thought about his words - no need to frighten her more without a clear need for it. "Well, while the bar staff at the tavern are pleasant and honest enough - as long as you have the coin to pay for food and drink of course - the average patron is of a different sort. While I haven't seen any of the customers currently in here behind bars at the local jailers, I wouldn't be surprised if a few of them have had their entire family in chains at some point." He looked around the dimly lit old wooden room. There were some interesting characters in the lobby - a blacksmith, a mage, some kind of tree-person. They all looked fine. There were two in the corner in rusted chain mail who had been looking their way for a minute now, and he thought they had the look of petty criminals written all over them. He decided they were on the other side of the large room still, and it was best not to worry. "While I have seen some eyes come upon us as we have been together here, I haven't seen anything particularly threatening yet. I also don't want to give anyone that chance while my head is turned." He pointed over to a man in a corner behind the bar with a crossbow in his lap, and two giant hunks of beef in steel plate armor looking around as they rested their hands on broadswords. "Those three try and keep out of sight as much as possible, but they are strictly for the protection of the establishment. Good staff is hard to come by I suppose, I am sure the owner would find a rather large financial loss if they got hurt because someone tried to rip off the profits of the night."
  5. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    He thought the lady must have already had too much to drink tumbling back into him like that. She caught him off guard and she fell into him and took him out at the knees. He saw a smile cross his friends face as he let out a chuckle. Good, he thought, maybe that will stop the bitching for a while. As he got up off the floor he thought about his friend, and how he was in fact, only mediocre company. Aidan liked to bitch about anything from the food being too hot to the beer being too cold. It could not honestly be said that he was the smartest man he had ever met, nor that he had an especially clever wit. Conversations with him revolved around bitching about something that was happening around them with depressing regularity. That being said, he was a good man to have around. He couldn't say that he had never seen somebody wield a one handed sword better than Aidan - but he would have had to think for sometime before he would be able to name one. Aidan's largest virtue was that he was honest and loyal. He never had to worry about his partner taking a bribe and as a result getting stabbed in the back or being left behind. The fact that he was from a town a short days journey from his home village only helped even more. He looked around the circle that had formed around him and thought that they looked like decent company. He looked at the young man who introduced himself as Shane, "If you want to join us, your more than welcome. I can teach you how to swing an axe, but Aidan here is good with a short sword. You are more than welcome to join us if you'd like, just don't blame either of us if you get yourself killed." He turned to the small young woman named Lorelei, who looked more frightened than dealing with a drunk dog and owner called for. "A healer huh? Are we talking sore backs or someone just got in the way of a dragons flame? Either way that sounds like someone who would be good to have around if you still wanted to join." Finally he turned to the woman who had previously knocked him over, Zafira. "You are strange. But it sounds like you can cook at least tolerably, and I like dogs. Try and sober up, and not too annoy me too badly in the future. My name is Ira, this is Aidan, I am assuming this is good with you?" He looked up at Aidan who nodded but mainly seemed amused, like his friend still found it funny that he had hit the floor. He looked up at the group and said with all seriousness "Let's not linger too much longer, this is not the place to be while unarmed."
  6. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    He sat back in his chair at his usual table drinking his usual beer. He thought about the weight of his axe and shield and that it was nice to finally be able to let it lay against the wall instead of being carried all day. His traveling companion Aidan looked tired. He always looked tired in the way that only young men who have seen too much for their years do. He tipped back his entire cup of ale only to be disappointed and found nothing but a ring of foam suds. He looked up and found that his friend of many years had done the same and was staring out across the bar. He shifted slightly in his plate armor and felt his body tense as his eyes quickly darted across the room looking for possible dangers only to find what his friend was looking at - two young women sitting down at the bar with a giant grey dog lapping beer out of a bowl. "Spot the two out of place in here, you know what I mean?" his friend said with about as much sarcasm as he could muster. "Well my beer is finished, why don't get another one and help them out before they get themselves killed in a place like this?" They gathered their equipment and walked across the tavern. He drew the barmaids attention and threw some coins on the counter. By the time he finished walking over to the two women, Aidan had almost finished his ale. Aidan was slightly taller than him, and slightly broader even though neither of them would be considered small men. He didn't mind interrupting the women's conversation when he spoke up loudly behind them saying, "Didn't your parents warn you to avoid certain places? This probably should have been one of them. What exactly are you two doing here? I am not saying that you have to leave, but you already have drawn the glances of some who see you as easy marks". The dog started licking his battle axe. Aidan said, "I am not sure that's the best idea, you know what I mean?"