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    Wisegem School of Magical Arts V2

    Zamarca slammed herself against the wall when Trevor left. As far she could understand it was only her that would understand the capabilties of her draconic magic. She stared off into the darkness and thought for a bit. Her brain was wrecking with thoughts on how to progress further. All these thoughts led to one conclusion. ''It seems the key lies not only with me but also with the dragon who died long ago. If I can find a way to communicate with the dragon spirit then maybe I can find the way to balance mind with body. '' It seems only logical to her to go to the source of the magic to understand the magic. She looked at the hand that bore the magical mark. ''It seems maybe the mark is the key to all of this.'' With that she stood up and left the room to join the others. When she entered the garden again she ignored any glares towards her and just sat in her old position again. She had an path marked out for her now it was finding the tools to achieve it. With her body language not giving off anything she took a deep breath and focused again on the lessons. ''When this is over I will start my own journey.'' She thought. She glanced at the others. It seemed the strange boy who she felt something off about earlier was not really interested in speaking with her as he was in attending lessons. William however seemed to eye her up and trying to understand her. She didnt know what interested him about her but there had to be something there. Still she would keep secret about her dragon magic. She figured it was not something for them to know. She focused on the natural energy around her as she did when she lived in the forest with her family. It always calmed her and cleared her mind. With an clear mind she waited for the next lesson.
  2. Slatheok

    I am here to burn your world

    Alright well then I will bring her in then though I do work on the redesign more in the background though I do know the limits in my head. Just having a busy time ahead so I cannot do much on it aside weekends. Either way is there some specific thread I must start?
  3. Slatheok

    I am here to burn your world

    Reading this really peaked my interest and do have the perfect well you can say hero for this who can really provide an good challenge if you are interested though it is still in the stages of redesign so if you are interested for that. Though I am curious how encounters would go down with heroes. I dont intent it would be something like that since I do have clear boundaries for my character though not all is yet set up in the profile database. Anyway would heroes be able to eventually overthrow all the evil or at least have the freedom to move about without being attacked all the time?
  4. Gonna rework my first character. No big changes just some things to make her better.  

  5. Slatheok

    Wisegem School of Magical Arts V2

    Zamarca heard someone sitting next to her but she didnt look up. She was still not used to what was happening. She dried her eyes but looked into the distance, not making eye contact. ''I just dont know what is happening. It seems in my mind I still cannot handle what is happening but physically I can handle it towards some extent. It feels like my head and body are to far apart on this whole matter and I dont even know how to bring it together as one entity.'' She complicated what happened earlier. ''It seems an side effect of trying new things is throwing me into confusion and makes my mind conflict in order to handle it all..'' Zamarca just closed her eyes and sighed. ''I really dont know if I can handle the magic that the dragon bestowed upon me as it showed in the vision. I however do believe that dragon was the dragon to give it to my family but also still seems to act as its seperate entity acting inside. I dont know if this conflict of thoughts is thanks to the dragon or just my own war.'' She felt ashamed. She knew it would be though to become stronger in the magic but she didnt know it would be this hard with these side effect. There was only so much others had write down but still not enough to really know it all. ''I really dont understand how dragon magic works.'' Zamarca admitted. ''What is the difference between normal magic and the magic of a dragon that has been thanks to the soul of such beasts?'' With that she looked at Trevor. Maybe understanding the workings and basics in theory could help her understand some things and maybe help her better to adjust. Practical learning was great and all but for her it felt the theory was also important. ''I think it I can understand the differences between normal and dragon magic in theory I can do adjustments and take one step at an time. I think before I go further with practicing spells itself I need to adjust my mind and body as one. I know practical practice is great but I think the theory would also be as important. I always valued the theory behind the practical. That is how I practice my self taught spells by studying and then practicing. I really want to understand the difference between normal and dragon magic.'' She looked at Trevor with a hopeful look that an answer would come. She was not ashamed of what happened but mentally she needs to be stronger,
  6. Slatheok

    Wisegem School of Magical Arts V2

    Zamarca was lost at how to manifest something else into this. It already took all her focus to do something as the basis of the Nature Flesh. The other thing she knew well she was less versed in that and there weren't any steps to follow. All she could do was form a little ball but that was not really something that could be seen good enough. She was struggling to get an good thing. She shook off the Nature Flesh and took a deep breath. She decided to meditate to see if that would help her. She closed her eyes and focused on the energy. Zamarca had no idea what she would be searching for and what it could do. Suddenly she stood in the place where her dream took place but without the chanting and the people. All she saw in front of her was an dragon made from the same energy that was her magic. It didn't talk to her but kept staring at her before placing a claw upon her forehead. The dragon however kept eye contact with her. It was telling her something through this interaction but she understood what it was saying through the silent communication. She didn't feel afraid but felt as if she knew the dragon for an long time and it knew her. Before she knew it the vision was gone yet she felt something and knew what she could do. The only downside was it would weaken her since she was not really adapted. But Zamarca had to do something to show the others she was able to form something. She felt how she brought her right hand in position with the palm and fingernails pointing in the direction of Trevor. Zamarca felt she wasn't exactly doing that herself yet she made the concious movement. She opened her eyes but she was facing towards the plant in front of her while other movements didn't distract her as if she was in her own world. The magic that formed an shield began to appear again but took hold of the hand. Soon enough her hand was covered in the energy. The magical energy began to form an humanoid dragon like clawed hand that was made of this energy. Suddenly she was brought back into the world again to be shocked by what happened. "I-i..." Zamarca felt silent. She didn't know what words to use to explain what this even was. This was something entirely new for her. She was both confused and in shock. She somehow managed to return her hand to normal but it began to feel to much to her and what she could handle so she did what was her usual thing to do. She stood up and just ran. Zamarca didn't know where she would run to but as long it was something where she was alone. When she ended up in an empty room Zamarca just sat against the wall. She didn't know why she ran but she did. She felt drained but the conflicting thoughts remained. She brought her knees to her chin and wrapped her arms around them as some form of protection. It began to be to much for her and she just began to cry. It didn't bother her if it made her weak. It was all she could do to let go of these emotions.
  7. Slatheok

    Wisegem School of Magical Arts V2

    Zamarca closed her eyes and took a deep breath to relax her mind. She never considered to use meditation to get more in touch with her magical energy but she was happy to try it since it did sound as an good helping device. She didn't think about anything and let her energy just flow and interact with the world around her. When nothing happened as usual she opened her eyes and redid all the steps again. Eventually she began to feel the forces of nature around her. She felt their power but also their defensive energies. Something in her mind began to click. "This must be something what my ancestors also felt." She decided to focus more in the flow of the magic. It wasn't long before she could visualize the energy and how it was around her body. She decided to do the Nature Flesh spell again and stretched her arm out and made an fist of her right hand. Zamarca visualized how it gathered around her arm and it started to form an shield around her arm though she knew the strongest form was how it would act as an shield around her whole body. But she wasn't there yet. She opened her eyes to see that her arm was protected by the green energy she visualized around her arm. "I finally did it." Zamarca thought happily. Maybe it wasn't the Nature Flesh spell from stories of old but it was an good start. She relaxed her hand but kept gazing at her arm. This was the first time the magic had appeared in the real world and this was her first big step. She felt the energy was very strong but ancient. It also felt alive yet fully under her control. "This must be what it feels like to have something of an dragon." She brought her arm closer but her face had the biggest smile plastered over her face. She just formed silent "I did it." with her mouth before gazing at Trevor and the others. She didn't notice the embers since she was a bit to absorbed in what she just did.
  8. Slatheok

    Wisegem School of Magical Arts V2

    Zamarca put her glove back on her hand to hide away the marking. Upon hearing the question of Trevor she knew what she had to do. He was experienced with this type of magic and dragon mages in general so for her it was not hard to find the answer. ''Well seeing you have knowledge towards...'' She stopped before looking at the others. She decided for now not to tell them the source of her magic and what she really was. ''Well I like to learn more about my type of magic. I really need some starting point and hopefully learn more about what made my ancestors so feared and praised. For now however I want to see what my magic can do in the beginner stages and work from there.'' She was proud of herself. She didnt quite know how to embrace the idea of the dragon but she would learn soon enough but that wouldnt stop her from mastering her magic or well at least the basics. She knew it would be a rather rocky road since she didnt know how dragon magic was different from the normal type of magic seen in normal situations. If what Trevor said was true about the dragon finding her worthy of giving its magic to her then she would live up to that idea and learn what her limits would be. Zamarca looked at the others before she got a slight headache and hearing the same voice from her dream. She couldnt make out the words but something told her it was warning her for something. Suddenly a another voice began to be louder and she couldnt hear any other voice. ""Can you excuse me for a bit. I need some fresh air.'' She managed to blur out before stumbling outside and leaned against the wall. When the sudden voices were gone she could take a deep breath. She was wondering what was going on before she remembered reading about this in a journal from one of her ancestors that had survived the test of time. It was generally seen as a guide line for those who would come after. Zamarca remembered this was refered as the Awakening. An process every mage would go through to be more attuned with the magical energy where the dragon and human would become one completing the process to fully use the magical energy to what it is capable of. Though no one mentioned a strange voice that would warn someone, the loud voice was the mark that the process was complete. Zamarca gathered herself and went back inside. ''Sorry for earlier. Didnt feel well so needed some fresh air.'' She apologized and retook her old place. ''If the loud voice was the mark that the process is complete then what is the meaning of a warning voice and sudden headache?'' She thought. Zamarca guessed this would be one more puzzle in the already complex puzzle of her family and the magic.
  9. Slatheok

    Wisegem School of Magical Arts V2

    Zamarca looked up at Trevor. She didnt know how to react. ''Well there are to many stories all giving different details but it is believed that when my ancestors stumbled across the dragon it was dying from deep wounds. None of the stories really mention that they were pursuing a dragon and ancient accounts seemed to back up the idea they were stumbling around into the woods to investigate an unknow sound of a crash and a roar. But all in all every story despite the differences seem to have in common that the dragon gave its soul or magical energy freely towards my ancestors as if it was afraid for something or falling into evil hands. From there on the magic began to manifest itself in the common line of the magic in my family meaning the healing side. But also a rarer form was beginning to manifest itself in the form if battlemagic what created the line of battlemages I am apart of. Every account of the battles my ancestors took part in described their power as something powerful to that of a dragon and also believed they had the soul of a dragon in them. While the power was certainly strong the downside was since either the healing side or the battle side could inherit both elements only the line they are part of would be the strongest leaving them unable to master the other side. So in my case I do have the affinity towards healing magic but I can only master the battlemagic but not the healing magic. But nevertheless it is strongly believed that the magic the dragon gave was in fact its soul. In fact as other accounts of mages who derived their magic from a dragon soul said they were marked in various ways. In my case well.'' Zamarca took her armored glove off and showed her hand. ''In my family case it is a dragon mark said to contain forms of magic only those with the soul of a dragon would able to control though I only have stories that tell me it was the soul of a dragon that is responsible since before that my family wasnt magical at all. It was only after the encounter with that dragon accounts began to pop up describing the magic. I did look for confirmation of a dragon in the area at the time when I was busy conducting my own research at home and it did seem indeed after my ancestors encounter with the dragon well the beast was dead. They described how it felt as its soul had left the body and began to notice the strange things in them what seemed to confirm the idea that the dragon gave its soul willingly though the true reason behind it is not clear.'' She looked at the tattoo. ''I suppose this is a rather rare thing to occur in one person but my whole family has this. From my ancestors to my father. It is believed while the healing magic is part of the magical energy only the battlemages have the accounts of having the soul of the dragon. Interestingly it only ocurred in one person every generation when the previous died of old age. Yet after 600 years the line of the battlemages stopped so it was assumed the line had died out. I am only the first person in 600 years to continue the line. No one knows why that is. I cant still understand that if the soul is 'living' why it didnt appear in the next generation as it did before. Why wait 600 years before it reappear again in me.'' She continued to stare at the tattoo in the shape of a dragon that marked her. ''I really dont know what the secrets behind my magic is and even if it is thanks to a soul of a dragon. Yet everything that I know points towards that direction. I really dont know what I am capable of in terms of destruction. All I know it has been in the family for a long time.'' With that she sighed. Thinking about it just gave her headaches.
  10. Slatheok

    Wisegem School of Magical Arts V2

    Zamarca sighed before leaning against the wall with her shoulder. ''Well not really.'' She thought were to begin but decided to be honest. ''Well after you said we should go to bed well I couldnt sleep. So I did what I did at home and began to search for a place where I could do nightly training without breaking anything. Well after my nightly training in the garden and placing the items back into their original place well I fell asleep feeling to tired to walk back. Well after my mind drifted off I shook away but didnt realize at first why but I rushed back to my quarters. When I laid in bed my mind had settled and well I had the strangest dream. I...'' She stopped for a second before she eventually continued. ''Well I saw in my dream a vague creature I could only describe as a dragon. Around that creature stood figures what only looked human. They were chanting in a strange language I didnt know but I did hear my name. I never had anything like this before and my biggest fear is that it is a sign of bad stuff. I did write it off as a bad dream but I never had anything like this so I am wary that my mind would just come up with this. There are already so much fantasy stories surrounding my family but I dont know if this is a sign of something. I....'' She stopped. This time words left her and she didnt know what else to say. ''I-I am just afraid of this. Maybe it is all in my head but it didnt feel like it. It didnt feel like a dream at all but what it is I have no idea. My father would attribute this to the stories a dying nature dragon...''' Zamarca slapped her hand on her mouth. She had just slipped that the most believed story was that a dragon was the source of her magic and that of her family. ''Eh of course I dont believe in those stories. I mean...''' She knew she couldnt take the words back. She didnt dare to meet Trevor's eyes. She really thought she would be a freak thanks to the fantasy stories surrounding her family. ''Well lets just say that it is believed the source of my families magic is that it was from a dying nature dragon but I cannot help but wonder if this dream might have some coonection to those stories. Its just the first thing I think about but still I have no idea what this dreams means and its impotance.'' She said but still looking away from Trevor.
  11. Slatheok

    Our Duty is Eternal

    Wulfyl had left the altar again and wandered around in the dark. She stopped sometimes to catch her breath again. She knew it would come now. ''Time for the ugliest part.'' She noticed her eyes had changed and her ears were already pointy. She looked into her own reflection to see the wolf was coming more appearant. She let go of the wall and stared in front of her. She felt the wolf was now at its strongest. Her legs became more wolf like while her hands began to take on the shape of the front claws. Her head was already shaping into that of a wolf and a tail began to form. While her body grew bigger white fur was covering her body. She thought how it was strange it didnt hurt unlike the werewolf transformations she heard so much about. The transformation was fast and where a human once stood, was now a big white wolf. She opened her eyes but couldnt think as a human anymore. From now on her wolf side had taken over. With that she let out a loud howl what certainly could be heard if someone was in the right place. With that she took one more glance around before disappearing into the dark crypt. Sahual however missed his master. He just followed where he thought was her scent was leading before stopping before a locked door. Normally he was at her side even in times like this but this was the first time he was seperated from her. He scratched against the door but the door was sealed tightly. He dropped his ears in his neck as a expression of sadness and decided to sit in front of the door. He wouldnt move before he saw his friend and master again. He was always at her side. This time was not different for Sahual. If he couldnt be with his master now then he would wait for her when she was back to normal and the door would open again. He layed against the door and closed his eyes before drifting off to sleep. He would wait. It was already morning when Wulfyl woke up and staggered dazed around but managed to get her bearings again. She quickly found her clothes and got herself dressed. Studying the door she managed to push it open without making to much sound since it was still early and she figured people were still either sleeping or just waking up. She found Sahual in front of the door and gave him a big hug before she made her way through the house trying to find someone to fill her in on the details of last night after she was in the crypt. She quickly found a servant who informed her that she would go to a party. She froze inside. Wulfyl was never gone to a party before but she would try her best to behave and do what was expected of her. She asked for some cleaning supplies so she could wash her hair and face. When she was done she began to think how she could prepare the best for the party. Her attire would certainly not really fit but she didnt have any clothes of herself that would fit. She didnt have much when she was exiled. She let out a sigh of frustration. She could only hope that was something she could borrow for the party. She looked at herself in a nearby mirror and began to experiment with her hair. ''What would be suitable...'' She thought to herself. She wasnt very fond of dressing up but since this was a party she decided for once to just make herself look different so she could enjoy herself. She tried some styles but didnt find one that would suit. Then she remembered a hairstyle what was worn typically by the women of her tribe. She was lucky her mother had taught her. She took some of her hair and began to make a braid that started from the left side of her hair and what eventually would intertwine with the hair behind her ear. When she managed to reach a comfortable but tight braid she looked back into the mirror. It was not much she admitted but it was not something that would stand out to much and looked tidy with her washed hair. As it was typical she left the right side alone and loose. ''This is better for a party then my usual style.'' She thought and smiled back into the mirror. She was not a fan of wearing any make up since she prefered her natural looks she made sure her face was presentable and her teeth were clean. When she looked once again in the mirror she was happy with what she could work with and something she would feel comfortable enough with in a uncomfortable enviroment. ''Now I have to take care of the clothing.'' She said. With the physical appearance taken care of she began her search for suitable attire. ''There must be something around.'' She mumbeled. After a while she saw a dress that would fit her. She stepped closer to see a dress that was orange and black. It felt good enough to wear but she was stuck. ''Am I allowed to try this on?'' She thought while staring at the dress in front of her. She didnt want to try it on without permission. ''Well I can just try it on right?'' She eventually looked around but it didnt seem that someone was missing it so she took of her top and put the dress on. She looked in the mirror and gazed at herself. This was the first time she felt beautiful. All she could do was giving off a big smile.
  12. Slatheok

    Wisegem School of Magical Arts V2

    Zamarca woke up to the sound of Trevor's voice and managed with some effort to open her eyes up and rubbed the sleep from her eyes before getting out of bed to stretch her body. She glanced outside the window to see today was promising to be a good day. Zamarca however realised her nightly training had left her rather a bit tired but she still could function. She got her clothes on before tidying her hair and putting it into an ponutail. She glanced in the reflection she saw in the window and her mind wandered off again to the strange deam she had. Never before she had a dream like this but something told her it wasnt just a dream. ''Maybe I should ask Trevor about it.'' She said to herself. She didnt know how to handle it and she felt the lack of sleep she got when she was fully awake. ''Guess it wasnt the nightly training session that left me tired after all.'' Zamarca thought. She didnt know if this dream was a just a bad dream or something else. She just didnt had that experience to tell what was real and what wasnt. She understood the mind was powerful and capable of coming up with things but she was wary that this was just something her mind would come up with. Sighing she quickly grabbed her staff and put her knife in its place before opening the door to see William and Trevor were already up. ''Good morning.'' She said while letting go of a yawn. Zamarca fumbled a bit with a piece of her robe before looking at Trevor. In her eyes shone fear. She was afraid for this dream. She didnt know what this meant and in her fear she thought it was a sign of something bad. ''Uhm, Trevor....'' She stopped but a quick glance told her that she could trust Trevor with this. He was more experienced. ''C-can I speak you privatly?'' The fear was really in her voice. ''I-I mean if you have the time now.'' Zamarca struggled to find her words and sounding confident. She didnt understand why she felt like this but she did and she needed to get it out of her system as soon as possible. She also felt something wet on her face. She touched her face with her fingers to feel it was a tear. ''Guess this strange dream really messed me up.'' She thought. She quickly wiped her tears away but looked at the floor. She never felt this confused and lost and needed someone that would understand her.
  13. Slatheok

    Wisegem School of Magical Arts V2

    Zamarca found that the place was better from the inside with the different area's to train and practice her magic. When Trevor had shown her to her room she sighed and went in looking at the new place that would become her home for the time being. It looked clean enough and did look homely. She placed her staff and dagger on her bed and walked towards the window to see the view. ''Guess I have to make the best for it.'' She said before returning her gaze back towards the room. She placed her staff in a secure place and sat down on the bed with the dagger in her hands. While she loved the idea of venturing she missed her father and mother and her sister. She could always return but something told her that her destiny was somewhere else. Still she felt lonely but she was adjusting since it was just a month after she left home. She believed the longer she stayed away the more she would adjust herself to her new life. She hoped one day to know the secrets of the past and wondered how that would influence the magic in the future. She placed the dagger on the nightstand and laid on her bed to just enjoy the quiet that was around her. After a few minutes she became bored. ''It wouldnt hurt to try and visit the practice area and continue to practice the spells I do know right?'' She thought. Zamarca picked up her dagger and strapped it again to her waist and picked up the staff but stared at it. ''I have to start somewhere like my ancestors.'' She mumbled before gripping the staff tighter. She knew she had to rest but couldnt sleep at all. Her mind was just to filled with things that she decided to do some nightly training. She always did that to tire her mind so she could sleep better. She glanced outside and decided to find a suitable place where her practicing of her magic wouldnt cause to much damage. Some seemed to be filled with expensive things and she didnt know how well she could control the magic. She instead decided to try an large empty room to practice before moving on to the real training area. It was something she used to do back home to gain an better sense of how her magic worked without hurting anyone or causing damage. She knew she would get in trouble maybe but she would accept that. She found that nightly training helped her to get rid of frustrations. ''Well I guess if I do it quietly and for an hour it would suffice.'' She whispered to herself. Seeing no room would suffice she leaned against the wall. She got to thinking. ''Hmm, if inside wouldnt suffice then outside is maybe better.''' She thought. Zamarca glanced at a garden she saw from the corner of her eye. She walked closer and saw it was not to far from the quarters but also far away that the noise would not wake anyone up. She put the items in a safe place for the time being and took a deep breath. She loved to practice outside. The garden was large enough to practice without causing damage. ''This is a perfect spot. Alright just lets do this for a hour, put the things back in their place and return to the quarters before Trevor finds out.'' She said. With that she put her staff on a beam near the entrance of the garden and sat on her knees. ''Alright, how was it that my father said like in the book? Put one hand forward and imagine the magic surrounding your arm? Yeah I remember it is the Nature Flesh defense spell.'' She said and putted her right arm forward and made an fist of her outstrechted hand. ''Alright, now I have to imagine it as an second shield that surrounds my arm.'' She closed her eyes and tried to concentrate on it. When Zamarca felt it was good enough she opened her eyes. ''Now I have to visualize that the energy gathers in my arm and will form a shield.'' She concentrated for a few minutes but nothing happened. ''Alright, its not a worse thing to fail. Just do it over. Its called trial and error.'' She reasoned with herself. Zamarca took a deep breath and settled down to try it again. ''If it happens at least for a bit I am happy.'' She thought before concentrating again. Unfortunaly Zamarca found that an hour was a bit to much and felt that sleep overcame her quicker then she thought. Sighing she stood up and placed the items back in their original place and grabbed her staff. ''Well talk about cutting it short.'' She thought when she sat down again in the middle of the garden. She leant against the beam her staff was resting on. She grabbed her staff and layed it down over her legs. Zamarca felt to tired to walk back. ''Well the weather is nice enough.'' She thought before her eyes closed. She drifted to sleep fairly quickly while grasping her staff tightly. She however began to have strange dreams. She shot awake. Quickly she stood up and raced to her quarter and closed the door behind her and looked into the reflection of herself in the window. ''What was that?'' She put her staff back in the old place and placed the dagger into a safe hiding spot and layed down upon her bed when she shook off her robe and boots. She crawled under the blankets and putted her head back into the pillow. She stared up at the ceiling while she recalled her dream. Zamarca recalled seeing a vague creature what resembled something of a dragon but spoke in an language she didnt understand while vague people what surrounded the crature spoke in the same language but she could hear her name from their lips. She chucked it up to just having a bad dream and closed her eyes again and drifted off to sleep. She hoped this time she would have a better time of sleeping. As soon her eyes closed she drifted off to sleep.
  14. Slatheok

    Character in need for magical teachings

    For some unknown reason I didnt receive any notification on new replies but I do on my other threads I participate in. Really strange.
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    Wisegem School of Magical Arts V2

    Zamarca looked around and saw an new person had joined them. ''Hi there.'' She said. ''Well yes i am indeed here to learn the magic. Well the magic of my family but still.''' She kept one hand close to her staff. It was to valueble to lose since it was passed down from generation to generation and she felt she would dishonor her ancestors when she would lose him. She looked back at Trevor who seemed to be studying her. She just putted on a weak smile before tearing her ice blue eyes away from his gaze. She didnt like it to much if people stared at her for a long time to study her. She felt awkward in this situation but she wanted to learn. Maybe this place could also help her to overcome her fears and discover the real truth of her magic. She became excited again but managed to keep herself from jumping up and down. She would make her ancestors proud but even more important she would make her father proud. She made a mental promise to not slip up and learn from her mistakes. She could trust that Trevor could help her. He seemed wise and experienced enough.