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  1. Journey of the Three

    Slatheok struck and struck the dummy over and over. Something still didnt feel right but she couldnt figure out what it could be. The frustration of a past without memories was something no other being should have but what was her story then? What did she mean to those who were her real family? Are they looking for her or have they given up on ever finding her? So many questions plagued her mind with the bad memories of death over and over. She really hoped there was someone out there who could help her find the answers
  2. Journey of the Three

    Slatheok had made her way back to the inn but didnt see them yet. She figured they might still investigate the area so she decided to wander around the town for a bit till they would return. She was sure what they talked about were not things she had to know so Slatheok wrote a letter in case they would return to the inn while she was out in town. She described what she had learned of this magical school from the locals but since she hadnt see them yet at the time she was in the inn she also wrote she decided to go into town for a bit trying to do some thinking for herself and just would look around for a bit. If they needed her she would be at her favorite place which was the local training field to practice her sword arm again. Describing the location so they could find her otherwise telling they needed to ask the locals she left it in a very visible spot and told the innkeeper that only they could read it before she left for the training field. Training was for her the way to be alone and beat out any frustrations.
  3. Magic and Mystery at Graysfield Acadmey

    @Trevor Wisegem I sure can do that but where should I post the character what will not end up to different from my original one?
  4. Journey of the Three

    @Trevor Wisegem @Rolynight Slatheok thought about how to ask the people of the town and where the biggest chances lay for a clue. She then remembered mages as far she knew were interested in knowledge so the archives would be a good place to ask around. She entered the archives which werent far from the gate and greeted the old man who she assumed was the owner of the building or the caretaker. She decided to ask about a male in green robes accompanied by someone else. She saw the old man thinking for a bit before he answered they were here but already left town mentioning some kind of school. She thanked the man and after more asking around with some people who all said the same Slatheok was sure that was their destination. She hurried back towards the others at the inn with the news.
  5. Magic and Mystery at Graysfield Acadmey

    Can do. Curious though when you will start this. Waiting for more people to join?
  6. Journey of the Three

    Slatheok shaded her sword. ''I think that is the best idea. Meet me back at the inn at sunset. This will take a while I suppose.'' With that she made her way back to the city. At the city gate she stopped and groaned. The strange man were surely in the area but most citizen wont leave the city towards that part she knew that for sure. Walking slowly towards the city centre and thought. Mages were seekers of wisdom and new spells that she knew so maybe there was something in those parts that was filled with wisdom or gave of something magical. Then she remembered that the green wearing citizen was the local hunter who often hunted in that area. He must at least know of something that would attract the mage and his companion. With no time to lose she mounted Icera and rode towards his house outside the city gate. He was the only lead she could go by who had knowledge of the area. She stopped before the house and dismounted before walking towards the door. She knocked on the door before the hunter opened up. Luckily he was friendly towards her and stepped outside. Slatheok wasted no time and started to ask her questions.
  7. Journey of the Three

    Well what the other mage looked like? Well truth to be told my vision was kinda blurry and only went normal again when I woke up at the inn. I could vaguely see the colors but unfortunaly the mage in the green robe was standing over me like that I couldnt see him very well and I dont remember really any clear features. I only heard 2 voices but not I think of it the second person could have been anyone but clearly someone the mage in green knew at least. I could hear their voices better but the second person never really made it clear what his name was. I only can guess who this second person is. The person in green however was casting some light and somehow deep down I knew it was a mage. Not sure why but his name is something I heard clearly: Trevor. He was the one who found be beneath the oaken tree but seemed very interested in me. Something about seeing a bright green light in the night sky. Not sure what he meant by it. Could have been anything. Anyway yeah lets check the tree. Its on a short walking distance. Let's go.'' With that Slatheok walked past in front of them to lead them towards the tree. When she arrived at the tree she felt something stronger but familiar. Shrugging it off as something not worth noting she decided to have a look around the camp. ''Well seems this fire..'' With that she held her hand over the make shift campfire. ''Was used recently. Seeing it wasnt lighted through normal means I think it was a magical fire that kept them warm.'' She tilted her head up and looked at the provisions. ''They must be still here. Would be a big waste to leave it like this and wander off to who knows where. They are certainly in the area seeing this fire wasnt used to long ago.'' She looked around the area. The forested area was not really visible from the city gate and also not from the road yet those things werent to far away. She walked and kneeled by some tracks what appeared to be foot prints. ''Hmm recently made so this camp is still being used by them.'' Suddenly she heard voices and noise coming out of the woods. She drew her sword while keeping her gaze fixed at the wood. She signaled towards her companions that there are people coming back. ''Be ready for anything.'' She whispered. Suddenly she saw something wearing green appearing from the woods with someone in tow.
  8. Journey of the Three

    @Trevor Wisegem @Rolynight It had been a long and difficult ride but finally she and her companions finally reached Blairville. Aside a few bandits on the road she found the road not that hard to travel. She stopped Icera on the top of a hill that looked over the village and signed towards the other 2 to also stop. ''Well this is Blairville, our destination. If I am correct..''' Slatheok looked very careful to the area around the city and saw the oak tree where she met the mages. She saw their supplies where still there meaning they either were still here or werent to far away. Judging from the amount of provisions they had she said: ''Well there is the tree where I met the mages and where I first woke up with them standing over me before the innkeeper found me. For some reason they were very interesed in me as if I was something or giving off something they never saw before. Anyway seeing the supplies are still here they cant have gone to far into the area surrounding Blairville.'' With that she signaled the others to follow and spurred Icera on towards the village. People were looking at her with her strange companions but she didnt pay any attention towards them. With that she stopped Icera before the inn and signed for Rachel to also stop her horse. ''Our mounts can rest here and I will make the arragements for the rooms. Until then I suggest to take a look around town. I will stow Icera and your horse away in the stables. Meet me then at the inn around dinner time. There are plenty of things to do in town. So both of you enjoy the village and please cause no trouble. I already had to prove hard that I meant no harm. They dont really trust strangers so be cautious.''
  9. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    @Trevor Wisegem @Rolynight Slatheok nodded at the commen of the demon. ''Well if it fits you I make no comment.'' With that she spurred on Icera and followed the demon on his horse. ''Well onwards to Blairville it is then.''
  10. Slatheok (work in progress)

    Forms: Having inherited the shapeshifting ability from her mother she has the ability to transform into what is a mix of extinct earth animals mixed with alien features and some mythical creatures. The only thing these forms does is enchanging current stats but still doesnt give her any extra power meaning she still can be defeated only the enchanced give her an extra edge. Due her father not being a shapeshifter she only has the ability to transform into 7 different forms. Basilisk Dragon Werewolf American Cave Lion like creature Oxalaia Quilombonesis like creature (Spinosaur like creature) Haast Eagle like creature Quetzalcoatle like creature (Not the serpent god but the Pterosaur like being) But the only 3 forms she has access to as a mortal are Oxalaia Quilombonesis like creature American Cave Lion like creature Haast Eagle like creature
  11. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    @Rolynight @Trevor Wisegem She nodded at Rachel before turning her head towards the demon. ''You really dont like the green color do you? May I ask why that is if it is not a personal question? You dont need to answer it now just on your own terms but I am just curious.'' Slatheok sighed. ''All I hope is to recover the lost memories. The only clue I have are these bad memories of being stabbed to death by a demon in what seems a another realm.... Well no point in thinking of it to much. We have a long and hard journey ahead.'' With that she mounted Icera and waited for the others.
  12. Magic and Mystery at Graysfield Acadmey

    Altough would it be bad to make the character similiar to the one I am using now. Well more as same in origin and magic but without the sword and divine beast? It is always easier for me to keep some things the same so for me the roleplaying is easier. It is in the end a character that can easily be written so many ways and no need to bring big changes. Just some things in the power departement with other little things and it is good to go. Just wondering
  13. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    @Rolynight @Trevor Wisegem Slatheok checker her own belongings she had: Her sword of unknown origin and some left over foods she managed to sneak out from Blairville. ''Not much but should keep me going for the entire ride.'' She sighed and put them in the small saddlebag. Slatheok felt a bit uncertain about the demon accompying them but she knew it was better to let him go with them as long he wouldnt harm them. She looked at the Friesian horse who shined beautiful in the moonlight. ''At least you know your own past and your memories.'' Slatheok whispered to Icera before petting her head. She knew Icera understood her in some ways but it was clear enough the horse wouldnt abandon her and would do anything to find her master again. ''Well lets get your mane and tail in presentable condition shall we?'' With that Slatheok grabbed the groom and started to groom the mane and tail. She was busy focusing on that she didnt hear the door towards the stable opened. Icera however looked in the direction of the doors and saw a strange woman with an red cloak appearing with a unknown horse. For the sake of her master she remained calm but her eyes showed clearly mistrust into the strange woman and tried to make it clear to not mount her.
  14. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    @Rolynight @Trevor Wisegem Slatheok looked at the demon and had listened to his change in tone. ''Well you are free to help us all you want and you are lucky I am more a person who let their actions speak then their appearance. Since we have a journey ahead and we dont like eachother that much I offer this. We bury our distate for eachother and find common ground so we are not at each other throats for the long way. I am not saying we must like eachother and when we have dealt with all our bussiness there we can go back and hate on eachother or not depending on the outcome.'' Slatheok looked at Rachel. ''I know you dont like him very much but we need each other help to succeed so lets just bury the war axe for now. Also we keep no secrets for each other since the situation now is very fragile. '' With that she looked at the other two and awaited their response.
  15. Magic and Mystery at Graysfield Acadmey

    Kinda with some adjustments. Just thinking of giving only wildeness magic since for me offers some more diversity well with some shapeshifting but those dont really add anything to the magic. Inspired by a game I didnt play long ago where one attuned with nature and through magic could take on the form of a fericous predator without really big advantages just slighty more resistance to illusions and mind spells. Wilderness magic is yes more inspired by Slatheok.