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  1. Hunting the Shadow Stone (1x1 closed)

    Slatheok watched from the shadows and observed the entire situation. She saw in Icera's body language she felt uncomfortable around the stranger but was good enough to hide it to strangers since they didnt know her like Slatheok did. She saw however he didnt steal her horse what wouldnt work anyway since she refused to let anyone else on her back then herself. She saw Icera moving back to the entrance of the cave but standing with her hoof on her blade to protect it against the stranger. She then noticed that she had left it behind and forgot to take it with her. Shrugging she moved again closer from the shadows towards the entrance still not knowing what to expect. The rain made her vision less sharp but she still saw enough to judge the situation. Stopping before the clearing of the bush she had 2 options. Facing the stranger in lion form or in human form. Deciding she still didnt know what to expect she kept her distance noticing the stranger had set up something up when she was lost in her thoughts. ''Most likely to keep the wildlife at bay whatever it is.'' Deciding the time for stealth was over she roared for Icera to step aside. Knowing this has alerted the stranger by now she made herself ready in the bushes for an eventual confrontation though she decided to let him speak his story.
  2. Hunting the Shadow Stone (1x1 closed)

    Slatheok had closed her eyes for an bit when she heard Icera make some noise. She opened her eyes to see her horse when she saw she was looking into the distance. She motioned for her horse to go inside and stay put. She looked into the distance and saw something lying on the ground. Not knowing what to expect she thought what to do. ''Should I approach whatever it is as I am now or should I take on the form of one of my forms to be safe.'' She said to herself. Knowing not what to expect she closed her eyes and focused her energy till she felt the energy of her lion like form. She jumped into the air, quickly taking on the form of the lion with the spikes on the back and landed on all fours. She felt some pride and looked again at the figure on the ground and approached the figure slowly but surely. She however took towards the bushes before being seen and moved around in the bushes looking for a spot to see it up close while being hidden.
  3. The hooves of her horse galloped against the few stones laying on the road. It has been a few days since Slatheok left civilized society for the wilderness. It was raining hard and the wind made it feel colder then it should. She stopped Icera on top of the hill where she squinted her eyes. She was seeking shelter from the rainy weather. She kept hearing rumours that somewhere a stone could be found that could defense those who hold it against dark powers but it was guarded by some ancient beast. Of course she didnt know how much of these rumours were true and what was really false but the idea of such an stone was something that raised her interest. She sighed when she finally found some rock formations what seemed to give her some shelter from the rain and wind. ''Well hopefully things will be better soon enough.'' She murmered towards Icera while petting her. She spurred her onwards towards the rock formation in hopes to finally be out of the rain. Her hopes were high when she was indeed seeing it was giving her shelter. She dismounted Icera and took her sword in hand. Carefully she took steps towards the dry place ready if anything would jump out. When it seemed the area was safe she wistled for Icera to come forward. When she saw Icera made her place and took the time to rest Slatheok sat down and rested against the rock waiting for the rain to stop. She took her food out of her satchel and began to eat and relax thinking about what to do next.
  4. Memorable Quotes

    “It is not the strength of the body that counts, but the strength of the spirit.” - J.R.R. Tolkien
  5. Why that profile picture?

    Mine profile was my own commision towards an artist thanks to an friend. He eventually gifted it to me but the talent regardless is very talented since she also created his own profile picture he uses on some other sites. I just really love the style of it and how she managed to bring the most important elements together in it. Though what now is visible in the pic is just an small part of the full pic.
  6. Wulfyl Rhovanes

    [BASICS] First name: Wulfyl Surname: Rhovanes Nicknames: Wolf Alignment: Neutral Race: Human/wolf shapeshifter Profession: Adventurer Religion: None Hometown: An nomadic tribe Marital Status: Single Gender: Female Age: 21 [PHYSICAL] Voice: Medium Eyes: Blue grey Complexion: Fair and light of color Height: 1.71 meters Build: Slim Hair: Blond straight hair Scars: Scar marks on her right shoulder from an fight with an bear Tattoos: None [MENTAL] Demeanor: Friendly and shy, a bit introverted Hopes: Seeing the world Fears: Dying to young Likes: Making friends, stories and animals Dislikes: Liars, gossip and being misunderstood [GEAR] Her armor is made of light weight but sturdy leather what allows her to move swiftly without being to overcumbered. [WEAPONS] WeaponNameHere: Sword [SKILLS] SkillNameHere: Archery Swordmanship Shapeshifting She can take on the form of an wolf. In both her forms her strength and speed is enhanced. The only difference is that her wolf form can take more beatings and fight longer then the human form before going down. She was blessed by the Wolf Totem. Such things only happens one in the few hundred years. It is unknown wether she is the only one in this age with this power. Her shapeshifting nature also allows her to have an much longer lifespan then the average person with an few hundred years but she can still can catch diseases and other stuff normal humans also catch since it doesnt grant immunity from such things, Her wolf form Her wolf form does have access to some spiritual abilities sinc she was blessed by an Animal Totem. Wolf's shield This ability is summoned when she howls creating an shield that either surrounds her or her allies. While not the strongest shield it can absorb an fair amount of damage but can only be up for an limited amount of time. Spirit push This spiritual ability allows her to push enemies out of the way though armored enemies can withstand this ability. Healing of the Wolf Her wolf form exels more in healing then offense. While stronger in combat without using her other abilities her spiritual abilities are better suited for healing. Her healing ability cannot however be used all the time since it drains so much energy while her others require less but are also weaker in defense and offense. She saves this ability when in dire situations. Though it cannot bring people back from the dead it can heal deadly wounds and diseases. However since this limitation she cannot use it as much as she likes so she cannot heal every single thing. Companion Ever since she was exiled from her home she wandered for a few years around the wilderness alone. In these years she felt to just give up. One day she came across an wounded tiger who was hunted down by poachers. Saving the tiger from certain doom she nursed him back to health. When it was time to move on she noticed he started to follow her. It was clear the tiger began to trust her. They began to build an unbreakable bond over the years. She named her new found friend Sahual. Origins and character Sahual is an tiger born from the shadows what explains his black coat. His blue eyes and markings are an result of his magical energy. He was subjected towards many experiments before escaping into the wilderness where he met Wulfyl. They are now completely insperable. He is willing to risk his life to fight for his companion. Unlike her Sahual is completely wary of strangers and wont allow them to come closer then he feels is an respectable distance. Regardless when he finds an stranger he can trust he becomes an loyal friend to those though he remains strongly bonded towards Wulfyl. Skills He is capable of appearing and disappearing into the shadows and walk around them without making sounds. This is his most important ability. He doesnt have any defensive abilities and a few abilities that while not suited for combat can be used to distract enemies. He can create shadows to lure enemies away though that is less effective in places with much light. If he is attacked he can create an doppelganger identical to him what can allow him to escape when an fight proves to dangerous but is very energy demanding and most of the time useless since he is capable of standing his ground. If an companion is in danger he uses distracting shadows to turn their attention to him allowing the person to regroup and attack again. Sahual is more effective in physical combat. His body has impressive strenght that allows him to fight back against various enemies and knock over light and medium armored foes. His claws are depending on the armor capable of dealing serious damage with light armor but against heavy armor the claws dont do much damage. His jaws are therefor capable of dealing some damage towards heavy armored enemies though not enough to take them out completely. Since he isnt very agile or fast Sahual has trained his stamina to last longer in battle and trained his body to take some serious beatings. Background Wulfyl was born into an nomadic tribe deep in the wilds of Terranus. She was named Wulfyl after they heard wolf howling in the mountains on the exact moment she was born. As an baby her parents noticed she was very different when she was very angry. Her face grew white hair and her ears became pointed during full moons or when wolves were heared howling from the mountains. When growing up these tedencies seemed to go away for an long time so she had no idea of what happened as an baby since her parents never talked about it. While having an brother and an sister Wulfyl always dreamed of going into the wide world and explore the many things Terranus could offer. Her wish however was not shared with her family and her fellow people. When she turned 16 she noticed changes in her face when she became either very angry, full moon or when wolves could be heard. She always escaped into the woods at this stage since she felt trapped by an society she felt was keeping her trapped. While other animals just behaved as normal Wulfyl discovered wolves were not afraid of her. Instead she felt they were family despite her being human. She began to feel trapped in her own skin but always returned home. One day after an huge argument she transformed into her wolf form and nearly killed her own family in anger but was calmed down by her brother who she always had an special bond with. Sensing she didnt belong in the tribe anymore after this discovery she was exiled since shapeshifters were seen as an omen of bad luck. Their ancestors however believed shapeshifters were blessed by the Animal Totems. Feeling left behind by her family and her home was not her home anymore she left. She became an adventurer and kept honing her sword skill over the years, becoming an very talented sword fighter. She noticed she felt stronger and faster after her transformation what also served her well in battle. She is open to do any kind of work wether that means working for the law or breaking the law. She doesnt really care about that since she is only concerned for her own survival and controlling her inner wolf.
  7. Looking for RP

    Yeah noticed that. Good to hear it anyway.
  8. Looking for RP

    Are you not added? I really made an new personal message with everyone involved...
  9. Looking for RP

    Well I am more better at participating rather then narrating but all in good order. I will create a conversation with all people for now to discuss ideas and stuff so we can be on the same page. But I agree with what is said since @Grubbistch volunteered Edit Created an convo with all involved so ideas and suggestions can be placed there.
  10. Looking for RP

    Alright. Shall I go ahead and create an GM?
  11. Looking for RP

    Alright then. I am currently writing some things down for ideas though maybe we should make a GM to discuss ideas for possible things?
  12. Looking for RP

    Well the more the better and if @Ichi also agrees then sure.
  13. Looking for RP

    Sure if that is also alright with @Ichi
  14. Pictures of Us

    Greetings from the Netherlands Yeah I didnt really have pics of me without animals since my study really is about animals. The first one is from my current school, the green iguana is from my old school and the scorpion is from a 3 day school trip with my old school towards a centre filled with all kind of animals.
  15. Looking for RP

    You can GM me if you want. I am not really difficult about that. But good to see I am not the only one that have returned here.