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  1. There seemed to be no end to the extent to which the branches of the writhing abomination could extend as meter after meter poured from the base that connected them all. The evasive maneuvers displayed by one of the morsels, though impressive, served only to excite his immediate attackers and attract the attention of several others who lacked worthy enough prey. Their assault continued in this fashion while increasing in speed and accuracy with each passing second. It had been some time since this much effort had to be poured into a singular task, so several muscles, both cemented in form and newly produced, required a bit of movement to get the juices flowing. This warm up, akin to certain unorthodox yogi practices, served to achieve just that. The initial vessel which spawned these hellish extremities also burst into sporadic convulsions, appearing to be exaggerated symptoms of seizures before devolving into the domain of possession and exorcism. These fits continued for several seconds until the body too fell to the affliction of chimerical transformation, literally bursting with an overflow of writhing flesh that utterly consumed anything recognizable, leaving only a rapidly expanding translucent bulb in it's place with contorted depictions of lamenting apparitions squirming among the tourbillion of primordial ooze encapsulated within. "SKRYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!" It was then that massive resonance expounded throughout the area, beneath the veil of perception and meaning which left archaic man fumbling about existence blind, triggering within the descending amalgamation an explosion of reactive signals and chemical reactions. It was difficult even for his complex receptors finely attuned to the slightest changes in external stimuli to process exactly what was transpiring in the vicinity, but the lack of an autonomous response prompted something greater: Evolution. “Ides!” After darkness receded and their new enclosure had revealed itself as a graveyard of sorts, the monstrous amalgamation would have achieved a considerable size before coming to an abrupt halt, it's contents sloshing about in powerful swirls. As the muck beneath ascended, taking shape as a massive hand meant to grasp and crush, the malevolent waters would wound about the fleshy cocoon but find great resistance against it's clutches. The force did have an effect though as the space between fingers bulged, threatening to burst and vomit forth it's vile contents. An eruption ensues just as the blasphemous creature relinquishes one final roar, it's viscera surprisingly empty despite the visuals one would have witnessed when standing outside of it. The force of it's detonation would have been more than enough to level the structures that moments ago existed beneath it, along with a few dozen meters around them. Having been airborne restricted much of the force of the blast around the immediate area. Strips of flesh and the now inanimate arms were strewn about, falling haphazardly all about the area to add to the ghastly decoration. It would take only those with the keenest perception to be able to immediately perceive the new and improved typhoon careening across the battlefield like a rocket. If one of the aforementioned exists here, they would watch as from the prior eruption of form and flesh burst a juggernaut of a figure. Were it standing, a titanic 5 meter stature would tower over those foolish enough to stand around it. The thing was clad from head to toe in a refined ivory armor, presumably form fitting to wound about the mountain of musculature contained within. Six arms lined it's torso though no weapon were held in any of the brutal gauntlets. Instead, six vectors trailed behind it, protruding from sockets on the armored monstrosity's back obscured by a mane of golden silk, each holding identical amethyst claymores in hand. If this titan could be seen as it was launched across the battlefield, onlookers would watch as an armory of destruction cleared meters to approach Rin's 4 o'clock, it's landing creating great impact but slowing it down none. Through the shower of debris it came, piercing through the veil of smoke like a mad demon, it's heavy footfalls like the endless volley of cannons. For something so large and bulky, it's speed was nothing to sleep on. Like a freight train it charged, a single violet glimmer visible beneath the otherwise all consuming darkness that the abomination's helm provided. Talk about a growth spurt. Was this even still sweet little Ides? Time would tell. At present, it proved to not outright express itself as an enemy to Hanyusha, only to those who threatened it.
  2. Snap. Crackle. Gulp. Any remnants of the aforementioned savory appendage vanished within the nigh bottomless pit that comprised much of Ides' internal physiology, shredded and mangled before autonomous processes began assimilating and repurposing flesh and muscle into the collective. Contrary to predisposed presumptions, there existed no actual bones within the deceitful anomaly; instead, a mock substitute is produced throughout the vessel to emulate a variety of functions on an as needed basis. It was for this reason that the amputated arm resembled more a decapitated snake as it eerily curled inward toward Ides' torso. He was hiding it. Oftentimes did He allow his voracious appetite and complete lack of self restraint to get the better of him, resulting in collateral damage based around the boy biting off more than he should be able to chew. Today, that sacrifice manifested simply as a hand... And forearm. Blood flow was simply redirected as pinched veins were rewired amongst new sinews, preparing for the development of a replacement and keeping this mess rather tidy in comparison to past instances of similar situations. Since the consumed limb was exactly what the collective called for in terms of missing mass, the meat was pulled from digestion and redirected to the wound where flesh bubbled in anticipation, accelerating the process by opting not to pull from internal reservoirs. "Um! Hand... flee! Where go?" Always the quick thinker, Ides cleverly devised a fast retort in effort to throw Rin off his trail. She would have to believe his hand ran away. The idea was almost devilishly genius. As he spoke, the anfractuous limp slithered slowly behind his back to further dissuade any claim to guilt, allowing the young nin to build a case. Pleading eyes were quickly cast toward Kaede in search of... assistance? Maybe the man had something to offer to help clear his name. Or maybe Ides would have to get more reprimanding.
  3. Remember when the distinction between Gods and Ants was muddled? Too soon did the veil of ignorance that contaminated the vicinity come crashing down, severed entirely with the exclamation of dominance and presentation of force exhibited to those who dared trespass upon these Holy grounds. These savage declarations were produced by the true monsters here, the real invaders in these lands, drunk with a lust for blood only Phlegethon could sate. What else could be expected? Everything. Anything. Any conceivable terror one could concoct would pale miserably in comparison to the full manifestation of Hanyusha's wrath. Woe To Ye Who Enter Here Ides yet dangled in the firmament above the perpetuating panorama of mayhem with attention darting from familiar visages to alien intruders. It was immediately made apparent that several offenses were being committed in a home he was sworn to protect. This he would not allow. But there existed not the slightest hint of aggression within the airborne maniac; on the contrary, tainted pearls were exposed in a twisted smile that the anomaly presented during his most favorite of occasion- Feeding Time. Little consideration was given to the forming tundra beneath him. Instead, the delectable aromas which Ides hallucinated screamed in wonderful agony, scraping against exotic receptors and sending the already crazed abomination into a frenzy. Excessive amounts of flesh swelled within the boy's neck and face, with abnormal growths bulging throughout the rest of his upper torso. In seconds recognizable features began to vanished in a display of nightmarish transformation, consumed in an deluge of chthonian descent. Ides' head and upper right torso, including his arm, vanished within the formless nebula which now rested atop the twitching "human element" which remained. The mass writhed incessantly, unsettling appendages struggling against the thin curtain of dermis- literally wrestling against their enclosure with wild abandon. As Angels of Destruction plummeted into the fray, wielding the searing flames of the inferno and dismissing the entirety of the battlefield into oblivion, Ides' monstrous metamorphosis continued with the amorphous blob erupting into a five foot wide column sent heavenward. The protrusion continued up 6 meters before bursting from foundation to apex with a dozen or so similar "branches" that extended in wide arcs outward in all directions. All along the length of the extending extremities existed ferocious mandibles, each alone adorning a twisted orchestra of savage blades. At the ends the hands of giants lay open, eager to grasp and crunch any unfortunate victim who failed to escape. Their remains would be consumed by the orifice which lay centered in each palm. As far as discernment, the 'flavor' of those present directed the trajectory of the descending branches, each drawn toward foreign hors d'oeuvres with a certain intensity and brutality that betrayed a beast's starvation, and it's resolve to sacrifice all in pursuit of sustenance. With the battlegrounds consumed and a badass baleful cyclone of chaos flaring in the air, the arms attempted to zero in on anyone who did not carry the aura formed in the amalgamation of essences produced by Hanyusha.
  4. First they're sweet. Then, they're Life. Ides held the Piece of Eden in his palm, his eyes never averting from the glazed marble that rested before him. Whatever manner of innocence or childlike demeanor that had was retained within this lone vessel slowly began to diminish and fade away into something visceral, cued first by the sudden stillness and further absence of even the most minute of movements. Not even the disturbance of breath rocked this statuesque frame as if the burden of consuming the breath of life was far too much a hindrance at present. Dual basins of amethyst succumbed to a heavy glaze while the slits in their centers thinned into razor edges, betraying the convergence of the entirety of the savage's consciousness into this singular moment. What transpired next was nothing short of insanity, as in a moment's span the tasty treat, along with Ides' hand, wrist, and half of his forearm were gone in a flurry of flesh, blood, and teeth. If attention had been given to the boy prior- if the jade of experience had smothered the sting of shock and disgust- if one could release at will their false convictions to dogmatic principals- then maybe, just maybe, they would be able to process the play-by-play of blasphemy which eventuated in this hallowed halls. Fractions of a second before, Ides' fixed position was altered by the formation of a massive crevice from the unseen space umbilical remnants would have been, upward to the pinnacle of his crown, seemingly spawning for no aforementioned reason. Revelations would soon ensue, for this division of anatomy continued with the fissure of flesh spreading in violent eruption, revealing therein not the internal systems of human biology that was to be expected; instead, if for the sake of analogy you could imagine the blossoming of a rose, with it's many petals flamboyantly bursting from it's bud, you would begin to grasp at the very edges of the picture. And instead of the entrancing display that would present itself as the final product, the petals would be completely enveloped in vicious fangs of varying degrees, upturned and contorted haphazardly in tumultuous display. What little space was visible amidst the conglomeration of iniquitous ivories was slathered with a black and slimy bile produced from a myriad of puncture wounds created by the barbaric design in physiology- the teeth it seemed, when not exposed as such, stabbed themselves in place wherever they fit. From further within, several tendrils launch forth, wounding about outstretched digits before yanking back from the viscera that spewed them. The 'underside'(outside?) of the 'petals' retained the 'fragmented pieces' of Ides' outward visage, although the curvature of flesh and bending of muscle distorted much of his original features. All this in a span of a heartbeat, and then with a brutal CRUNCH, the display snapped tight around the appendage unfortunate enough to be grasping the reason behind this... transformation? Or revelation? The gnawing and gnashing of teeth resonated about the facility, though Ides simply stood as still as he had been, his 'insides' writhing and squirming while blending the contents that had just been ensnared within. He seemed without pain and content, allowing his 'torso' to finish 'chewing' before turning toward Rin with an expression that simply screamed 'More'. Though he knew better than to demand. He would never bite the hand that fed him... or rather, the hand that puts food in the hand that fed him- the hand doing the actual feeding is SOL.
  5. "You amuse me, Boy. You and this troupe of yours..." Venomous articulation birthed in the voids and outer limits of the fragmented psyche that housed Ides' active consciousness, projecting it's malignant monologue outward in all directions to perpetuate in an incessant echo that would carry to the dreamers of R'lyeh. Ides was no stranger to this disembodied voice and referred to it as En-asni- a moniker mistakenly granted to himself in lieu of his inability to properly explain who, or what, it is. Though, were the two not one and the same? Two halves of a shattered mirror vying to reflect a crumbling creation; or is the mirror whole, yet being reduced to naught, with creation splintered by duality? "But it's not the hypocritical presumptions that serves as the foundation for you to build your empire of debris and rubble upon that I find to be amusing." It continued unabated in languid fashion, elongating the speech with lavish enunciation as if to speak in and of itself was to perform, to express, to be. Ides didn't care really. There was so little to be done, and yet so much time to decide how to do it all. The young man was alone, standing in a small clearing among an ocean of dynamic flora beside the corpse of Ursus Izralus. In the moonlight, one could clearly make out the smears and stains of blood that decorated the youth's bare, porcelain flesh. "Nor the false aesthetic of adoration that is shared between you, so easily manipulated and repurposed into poison to be pumped throughout the whole of this disgusting cadaver you call Family." You see, it was explained to Ides that there was a very special event going on this evening, one in which most all of The Holy Sky would be in attendance. Partly to mourn the loss of the past, but also to celebrate the grasping of the future. There would be delicious buffets, extravagant fireworks, grand performances. Today was a day to 'Be Nice', 'Play Nice', and 'Dress Proper.' "Dur-Ress... Pwoppah..." The words escaped with a certain curiosity through dried, parted lips as Ides eyed the broken form of his prey. Ides remembered a similar situation (they're all the same to him) in which everyone needed to dress 'fancy'. Fur appeared to be the flavor of choice for the creme de le manure of that jubilant occasion and he wondered if this was fitting. This is how the world works. People go out and slaughter living creatures and then wear their skin to celebrations. The stronger the beast, the greater you appear... Right? "Not even the shameful simulacrum of divinity you herald as Champion and King is what entertains me so!" Ides was not privy to the passage of time and so it is uncertain exactly how long it took him to rend the elegant garb from it's place attached to pound after pound of layered muscle. It wasn't so much an arduous process as it was a tedious one. With it free however, Ides would begin to wound the fur around his midsection and nether region in a manner Rin had taught him in effort to conserve some ounce of civility and decent etiquette in the savage. Being wholly naked in public was frowned upon in most 'civilized' society. Go figure. "What amuses me most Ides... Is that you believe there is some place in the great abyss for your precious family. When you devour the earth, where will they stand? When you devour the air, what will they breathe? When you devour their ponds, lakes, oceans, what will they drink? When you devour their God, what will they believe in? What do you believe in, Ides? Anything? The power you all hold to seize this world? The faith in each other to forego betrayal? The belief that you will attain the things you seek? Or your foolish arrogance that you can save any of them from the damnation they, and the rest of this diseased world so rightfully deserve?" After brushing a bit of remnant gore free from his garb for the evening, Ides reclaimed what initially brought him out tonight. A present to be presented to Kaede. It was his birthday. Or anniversary. Or baby shower. He couldn't remember exactly but gifts were necessary. Maybe. Probably. Atop a nearby rock sat the bloody organ- The bear's heart. "All illusions. In time, after you have devoured all the lights in the night sky, either you will consume the void or it will consume you..." It took all of Ides' self restraint to keep himself from eating his 'gift' right there on the spot. Juicy. Mostly fresh. It was the perfect morsel, save one of Rin's little tastes of Eden, which is what would make it the perfect offering. Clenching it in his maw, the boy would explode into action, erupting from his position into a typhoon of chaos; A wicked man through the wild woods. Hands and feet snatched the earth beneath them, gripped the wood and branches they collided with, propelled and launched the youth towards the sounds of jubilation. But something seemed off. Weird. Nothing sensible that Ides could ever process, but more of instinctual grip of his viscera. Maybe it was gas. With one final burst, Ides would be sent soaring overhead, seeing a gorgeous display of the spirit of Kitashiobara. It was captivating. Awe-inspiring. It was distracting. And with a short attention span it would have been likely that the boy would never reach his destination. Only the festivities had already been soured and the boy was beyond fashionably late to the party. Maybe they should get him a leash... or at least a bell. Violet oculars, though potent, couldn't discern between Gods and Ants. It was instead his keen smell, catching a whiff of familiarity, that guided the direction of his descent. Not Rin. Not Kaede. Definitely Hanyusha. Like 'I'm about to break my foot off' mixed with 'the audacity of this piece of'. For a split second, the savage could make out in the shapes beneath him the visage of Akuma... and then he was gone. Was he a ghost? Or was he even there to begin with? "Wooooooooooow~"
  6. ...And there she was, standing there a few feet away from the two with that bewildered expression upon her face. Obviously. Anyway would be confused as to why someone, or something, would come crashing into their abode unannounced, and with so much dismay in tow. Ides however, lacked these normal reasoning skills which allowed many of these deductions to escape him. The boy was a living, breathing typhoon that left his mark where ever his raging impulses carried him. Those passionate emotions brought him here. “Ides…” The soft tone in which his name was spoken seemed to quell a bit of the energy brimming within Ides, as witnessed by his now relaxed and tranquil demeanor. Those savage mandibles loosened just slightly, letting the cloth trapped therein freedom, though the man remained grasped close. Couldn't let him disappear again. “Ides!” The second call convinced Ides into action, he half jogging the short distance between himself and Rin before bringing himself, and Kaede, in for the classic group-tackle hug. Ides remembered a time when he hurt Rin in his violent affections. Since that day, she would always be regarded with a lighter, more graceful touch. The current sensations had all but dissolved any regards for the journey thus far. In lieu of it all, this made it all worth while. “I thought you were gone forever…” - “I missed you.” It was true the Boy missed Rin terribly, and a few tears squeezed their way through swollen lids to be absorbed into layers of filth. It was his duty to protect the Angel, one who decided to champion himself, but his absence had left her to the whims of whatever this world had to offer. To see her unharmed, in her natural environment, pleased the lamenting beast. “Are you hungry?” Obnoxiously sniffing up any mucus that may have trailed down his nostrils, Ides finally relinquished his brother before catching onto what these words meant to him. A malicious and maniacal grin spread eerily across the boy's face. It revealed not only the normal, savage first set, but two additional rows of vicious razors eager for the flesh, thirsty for the blood. There was no sating this glutton. Though Rin provided delicacies of another sort, one that Ides loved dearly. Those confectioneries, the literal manifestations of Heaven, were beyond comprehension. Submitting to the maternal affections the Beauty offered, Ides simply succumbed to a childlike state, following close behind where ever his Fallen Angel ventured.
  7. Although words stand as a medium to convey the meaning behind them, they like so much of the superficial contrivance of so-called "civilization", allow the distraction of representation to rob them of that meaning. Ides, a primal individual void the burden of civility, could only understand actions and behaviors which granted him reprieve from much of the manure and defecation many were so eager produce and consume. Kaede was a man of action and carried himself as one who willed his vision into the world. Were he just another peon who wished to abuse and exploit the boy, Enasni would have devoured him. Instead, his brother provided for and protected him. He never cultivated falsehoods between himself and his feral sibling so far as the latter could tell. In all their time together, or apart, Ides could only recollect gestures of honor and integrity from him, as if the man he idolized was comprised of the absolute truth of the world. It was for this very reason that Ides acknowledged his Brother's position as Alpha- that he respected his title as King- that he would ascend him into the divine throne of Godhood. “There's someone else who wanh wanh wanh, wanh-wanh wanh wanh wanh wanh wanh-" The Kitakokou's words would begin to trail off into a stream of babble as the faintest hint of a certain scent emanated from his tailored attire, dragging his aggressive companion into a pseudo-trance that brought the cuddle session to an abrupt close. Ides turned cheek to bury his grimy face into pristine threads, searching, scavenging for more. The smell of flowers that don't exist, of a wingless angel who found sanctuary in the viscera of the inferno, of the Beauty whom cared for this Beast. "RIIIIIIIIIIIIIN~" The air seemed to charge with intent and energy as the name escaped parted lips. All other smells dismissed; all the convoluted sounds resonating about silence; even the mural of Kitashiobara seemed to fade into a haze of murky blackness leaving a serpentine trail that beckoned Enasni forward. Again his form clenched, muscles tightening, his toes digging into the cement beneath him. It wasn't his intention to attempt to lock Kaede into a death grip but a combination of feeling and instinct and taken over. If his brother allowed the boy to maintain his vice like hold on around him, the two would burst into violent motion. In a flurry of shrapnel and smoke, a trail could be seen careening toward the edge of one of the adjacent structures before ricocheting off of it's polished surface with great force, creating another chaotic display in it's wake as it was sent plummeting down a vertical corridor of pipes and miscellaneous infrastructure. Escaping the smokey veil, it took little for Ides to maneuver during his descent into the underbelly of the Holy Sky. Using unorthodox spastic movements to avoid incoming obstructions, the boy consumed by the call of this aroma acted reflexively to navigate these hallowed catacombs, drawing near to a wall of steel and concrete. If Kaede had remained throughout this journey, a mouthful his garments would be clenched in Ides' maw as his epic mount drew back his right arm. The might of the ensuing blow would bring a slight tremor to the vicinity, the smoke produced obscuring from view the product of the preceding mayhem. A silhouette would stand, slits atop amethyst orbs scanning about like a demon, searching for the presence of innocence.
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  9. "...for the second time since we have known each other, I must ask for your forgiveness.” As the fires finally licked at the cloth wound about Ides' mangy cranium, the headband would release the boy and fall free to the ground, revealing to those violet eyes the refined and poised facade of his Brother and Leader. For all the ceaseless pain and warped sensations; for the confusion of wandering throughout a broken dimension; for the absence of those he claimed as his own pack, Ides simple betrayed a softened expression of relief. He was not alone. He wouldn't have to wander this strange place by himself. That was enough. If the boy could even understand the sentiment of forgiveness, Kaede would already have it in piles and mounds, out of respect, gratitude, honor, integrity. For any reason a warrior goes into battle for their king; For any reason a man would sacrifice for his family; For any reason a dog fearlessly defends it's owner. It didn't matter. All that was needed was that Ides decided to- That in the deepest recesses of that twisted and shattered psyche, Enasni willed it. Elation. The monstrosity's form lurched over, balanced only on the balls of his bare feet, arms lifelessly dangling forward as his head drooped ever so slightly. Over the course of what seemed an instant, Ides' figure would clench entirely. What seemed at first to be a lithe and slender frame gave way to several aesthetic layers of muscle, forged in the crucible of a hellish inferno and baptized in the blood of saints and sinners alike. Thighs and calves hardened, veins bulging beneath worn flesh. And when his head had leveled with his chest, Ides' exploded forward from his stationary position, his feet crushing the space beneath them from heel to toe leaving two footprint indentations behind in the reinforced material which supported them. Without the boulder, without the restraints, the boy felt unhindered and weightless, as if at any second the sky would snatch him into the voids of space if calloused hands and feet did not literally grip the ground with each consecutive impact. This would result in a trail of these indentations racing toward leader of kitoshiobara. This approach was not aggressive, however; it's purpose was one born from the overwhelming relief and memories of compassion which were the only guides during the darkest of times for the boy. Whether Kaede reacted or not, Ides continued. With arms extended and outstretched, Ides' intended to crash headfirst into the chest of his family and clench him tight as to never let him go again. He was home.
  10. “...how the hell is this possible Ides?” Was it worse to be a Man that became a Monster, or a Monster that became a Man? And within which of the two did the darker of hearts reside? In the fury of the preceding events, those of haphazard travel through complex and convoluted phantasms, as well as the initial welcome into yet another savage and unforgiving world, had placed Ensani in a rather sour mood as betrayed by his deep, guttural groans which seeped ominously from his lowered form. The weight of the massive slice of cobblestone coupled with the extensively weighted restraints which bound Ides' shins and forearms restricted the boy's movements to that of the trademark of beasts. On all fours did he trample forth, absent any intention of retreat. Whatever for? In this distant and foreign land, surrounded by the strange and abstract, the unknown served more to set the wandering monstrosity off than anything else. No, familiarity was the silver lining in this alien world, and in the vast ocean of darkness that consumed Ides' sight and mind the aurora of hope flickered enticingly just before him. It was this feeling that motivated him, compelling a shattered husk of a frame into the innate action of kill or be killed. Bloodline, Nobility, Stature. Wasted preconceptions of a fool race, convinced that they stand separate from the rest of the denizens of the Jungle as Elites. Funny how the contrivance of civility crumbles at the slightest behest of ego. Such is why the will of the wilds was all that Ides knew. It was the reason for his survival up to this point. It was all that could be acknowledged in a world consumed in superficial simulation, and why the Beast stood with Hanyusha at all. Continuing forward, it would be the slightest of hints carried along the dancing winds that signaled him of the approach of a piece of that familiarity that he so earnestly and incessantly sought for. The Alpha: Kaede. "How are you here, brother?” Strands and rags remain of his once all white ensemble, slathered in several shades of blood, grime, and dirt. Layers of filth cling to the flesh beyond that, so much so as to allow bits of foliage and the remains of prior battles, or meals, to adhere to his being. The weighted restraints around his shins and forearms which remained to subdue Ides had begun to clamp down on his bulging flesh. Much time wandering in them has caused Ides to acclimate to their weight, and the muscle gained was grinding against the rusted and worn metals causing lacerations in both areas. Ides mane whipped wild in every direction, blonde strands saturated in the same filth which consumed him, partially covering the boys mangled face. The 'crown' he painstakingly carved and carried with him everywhere lay trapped between feral fangs, it's jagged protrusions stabbing through the boys cheek and tongue. And his headband with the Hidden Rain's symbol crossed out wound about his eyes prevented Ides from making the majority of this venture without his vision. The presences of the others whom resided about the vicinity, though noted, would overall be disregarded unless one would have closed the distance and entered a certain range. In his darkness Ides could see clearly a column of fire expanding all throughout the labyrinth that stretched further above, as if peering behind the veil and gazing upon the physical manifestation of Alpha's influence across all his territory, like the wings of a phoenix forever extending across the firmament. Ides, on the other hand, was in bad shape. After the flames willed into being by his Brother began dissolving the chains and shackles which bound him, the boulder which had been balancing on his spine gave way and toppled over, the gravity of it's weight made clear with vehement convulsions made upon impact with the ground. Free from his burden, Ides slowly begins to bring himself to his feet, revealing his current state in it's entirety. "K-Ka-....Kae-!? Kaeda?!" exclaimed the younger brother, searching in futile effort for sight of his kin. How long had it been for Kaede? Could he fathom the countless eternities wasted in the dark seas of the void? Why did he leave? Only questions, and none able to be formed coherently.
  11. "Endless lifetimes have we descended the stairway toward purgatory's end, finding only the chilling embrace of destitution plunging mad claws into the profanity of our existences, rending this blasphemous deception of thought and mind, of self-generated mental obstructions, free from faculty and function. Paradisaical perception reveals with pristine clarity the definite nature of this abstraction of physicality and intangible matter, the contrivance of sensation and comprehension, the illusions of flesh and form..." --These words echoed somewhere distantly in the void, reverberating across silent dimensions and birthing therein a cacophony of dread and chaos. In recollection, there is only the piercing light which the heavens betrayed unto the world, and with it's radiance a wrath also being delivered unto the world. There was the winding maelstrom of what was and what is no longer, as well as what was yet to be that had become already. Dancing through a kaleidoscopic prism of cosmic waters; washing in the variegated spectrum of the ether of time immemorial; cast headlong into the a tumultuous tempest and then scattered as if the sparks and embers of some jubilant and terrible conflagration. Infernal fires swept round about in all directions. An ocean extended skyward with a maw of terror, it's currents that of galvanic plasma and raw celestial. Every atom wails- their cries the roar of the universe, deafening and indifferent. -- "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!" Ensani's lamentations echoed throughout the vast labyrinth of Kitashiobara's viscera, sounding more like the wailing of some terrible beast, distraught and in mourning. This was not far from the truth. Adhered to the central pillar supporting the Holy Wind was an odd sight. A large boulder bound in chains strapped to the back of a humanoid creature whose features were too obscured by the collective of carnage and filth which clung to it's abnormal frame. The smell of death and decay preceded it; a thick, abhorrent bile trailed behind. Every so often the creature's encumbrance would scrape against the pillar, betraying a foreboding grinding that drew ever closer with each passing second. Ides Wren Sow, abandoned but unafraid. Life had never been easy for the Amegakure exile, having had a natural handicap since his birth which took the form of "cerebral complications" as the quacks use to say. Mental deficiencies make you an easy target for those who would impose their will on the weak and defenseless, a fact that the boy reluctantly learned in his earlier years. It was Adapt or Die, and after growing tired of feeling the soles of his oppressors grinding into the back of his head, Ides finally snapped. Savagery became his native tongue, Death his handle. The omens of his coming were seen in the environment as merely his presence seemed to disturb the ecosystem, sending local fauna into state of paranoia and frenzy. Despite this, there were those who had welcomed Ides, protected him, perhaps even loved him... And in a world that seems to hate your existence, and yet denies you release, that's something special. Something worth holding onto. Something worth fighting for. Something worth defying the Gods and tearing your way through Heaven for.
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