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    Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    He quietly listened to the other with an interested gaze, carefully placing the skull down on the table and his unoccupied hands on his knees, leaning forward and using them as leverage. He could see that the other was certainly passionate about learning new things and he could somehow relate to that. Being a vessel, he used to know absolutely nothing about the surface. But as he traveled he slowly adapted to the different things and even learned how to properly sing despite being a bit tone deaf when he had first started out. His attention was taken by the movement on the other's hand, tilting his head in wonder as he examined the book. Unconsciously, he started to examine the book, eyes glowing as he searched for an aura or something. He had encountered a live book once that held an aura, and it actually talked to him. He had even became friends with the book, but sadly he had to leave since his purpose needed to be fulfilled. "Draconic..?" He tilted his head in curiosity. He had heard of that language before, having listened to a soul of a dragon before. "It's... Pretty." And truth to be told, the book was certainly appealing to the eyes. Speaking of eyes, he gazed up at the man and blinked at the burst of colors that surrounded him. Closing his eyes for a few moments, the glow in them faded as soon as he opened them once again. @Walker Imrune
  2. Karismatic

    Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Shaking his head, he pulled the skull back to his chest and cradled it in his arms. "It's okay." He didn't have anything to hide anyway, and it didn't seem like the other wanted to do something bad. "It's mine." He gave the head a gentle pat before turning his attention back up to the other, tilting his head curiously. He could see that the other was more awake now and wondered if something he said sparked the other's interest. Though, then again the other looked a lot more awake by the time he stood up and walked over. He wasn't usually so curious about someone; actually, he wasn't usually curious at all. Though the other seemed to be more than what he let out, and the piqued the vessel's interest. "..What about you?" @Walker Imrune
  3. Karismatic

    Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    He took a moment to analyze the other up and down. He didn't look particularly threatening, and he wasn't sensing anything bad coming from the other. After a thorough deliberation in his head, he slowly started to relax, loosening his hold on the skull in his arms. At the other's question, he took a moment to actually answer; not really being much of a talker he took longer to form words. "I was... led here." He briefly answered, looking down at the skull in his arms. Hesitantly, he raised it up a bit to show to the male, the empty eye sockets briefly glowing before appearing to be a typical skull. "By him." @Walker Imrune
  4. Karismatic

    Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    His attention was once again caught by the motion at the corner of his eyes, blinking as he tilted his head. He didn't expect to be caught, nor did he expect to actually be noticed. He wasn't sure what to do, since he wasn't the social type. He stared curiously at the man as he approached, needing to look up due to his height. A few moments of silence passed before he spoke up in a quiet and barely audible tone. A soft voice that only the people listening would be able to hear. "I'm Div... Pleased to meet you as well, Walker." He averted his gaze almost shyly. He had gone through enough introductions to know what to do, so he was saved the awkward staring that would usually ensue when the other did something he didn't know. @Walker Imrune
  5. Karismatic

    Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Despite having placed the skull on the table with an intention of letting his hands rest and get some fresh air, they immediately found it once again, pulling it back down on his lap and cradling it in his arms. His eyes flickered over to the tavern door that opened and in came a man that had eyes that were still heavy with sleep, slowly trailing down to the book that certainly caught eyes by the way it shimmered under the light. Unconsciously he pulled the skull closer to him as he watched the man take a seat nearby before quickly averting his gaze. He had learned that staring at humans weren't the best course of actions and had gotten him in trouble before. He did understand why though, people staring at him made him squirm uncomfortably; he hated being the center of attention.
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    Greetings To Everyone

    Thank you for the generous offer! I'll take you up on that when I need it. I'll make sure to keep it in mind! Thank you for the warm welcome. I can already see myself enjoying this site~
  7. Karismatic

    Greetings To Everyone

    I just realized I went ahead without introducing myself-- Greetings everyone! I'm Karismatic, someone new to this site. Though I've done enough reading to get the idea of how to RP on this site, I'm still inexperienced so I hope I'd be able to meet new people that can help me get through this, as well as to find some people to RP and get along with~!
  8. Karismatic

    Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Silent footsteps walked down the dirt path through the village, empty but curious eyes gazing at the ruined houses that littered the empty streets. Despite the obvious despair that hung in the atmosphere, the young boy didn't seem the least bothered. Though other than what seemed to be curiosity the boy didn't seem to feel anything at all. As he passed, small wisps that bore different shades of colors suddenly appeared and danced around him, close enough to illuminate the pastel blue, almost silver hue of his hair as well as the his pale skin. Though despite their joyous dance, they seemed cautious as they didn't dare go a feet near him. He blinked as the wisps seemed to jump and immediately fly back to their original place as soon as faint lights drew near, his gaze catching sight of a small tavern. It was probably the only building that was the most presentable from what he saw, and it seemed like a good amount of people were inside. Deciding this was his destination for the night, he went ahead and entered without another thought. Though as soon as he entered he instinctively made himself a bit smaller, the sound of loud chattering reaching his ears and catching him off guard. It was far larger than what he had seen and expected just a few seconds ago, and this was definitely not his crowd. Being a bit overwhelmed, he quickly moved to a less rowdier part of the area, taking a seat on one of the chairs and neatly placing the skull he held in his hands on his lap. He decided that it was time to relax for a moment before he went on his way, doing his duty to keep an eye on the area for a few days before he was once again on the move. As he took his sweet time he gazed around the area, spotting a lot of interesting people.
  9. Karismatic

    The Eye Of the Void

    The Eye Of the Void "The eye of the void is peaceful when calm, but dangerous when disturbed." || GENERAL INFORMATION || { N A M E } N/A { A L I A S } Dviari Akhoki ; Div { A P P A R E N T A G E / A C T U A L A G E } AP : 14 ACT : N/A { D . O . B } N/A { G E N D E R } Male { R A C E } Spirit ; Entity || PHYSICAL APPEARANCE || || CAPABILITIES || { M A I N E L E M E N T } Aura ; Spirit Energy { A B I L I T I E S } Self-Aura Manipulation : The user has control over their own aura Aura Attacks : The user can use aura for different attacks Aura Constructs : The user can create weapons and other materials made of aura Expended Presence : The user can expand their own aura. Physical Augmentation : (Available Only When Disturbed) The user can channel their aura to increase their physical aspects. Portal Construction : The user can make a portal to a certain place. ( Which in his case is the Void. ) { W E A P O N } Main : Magic Secondary : Spear || MENTALITY || Div is someone that cannot feel the basic emotions; Happiness, Sadness, Anger, Fear, Surprise, and Disgust. That includes the other emotions that are a different form of these. Basically, he cannot feel anything, thus relies on other's emotions to process a certain situation. This also means that he does not have any certain likes or dislikes as of the moment until further character development is made, which also includes his personality. || ABOUT || Div wasn't born, he was created with pure ether energy from the void and used to not have any physical form. But a certain event had him waking up on the surface with a skull that represented his life; his heart. Though he was created in the likeness of a young human boy, he never gained the emotions that one might posses, but he possessed the wisdom of an old man. His purpose was to keep an eye on the spirits that roamed the surface, making sure they didn't cause any ruckus while their souls were being judged. A grim reaper of some sorts, but he wasn't there to escort, only to guard. If one spirit were to step out of line, he had the authority to send them straight to the void, a place of eternal nothingness. Though he had been known to send live humans and creatures alike early to their judgement when he was disturbed, but the reason was always because they had touched the precious skull he keeps close. When he roamed, he never had a name. Though, one kind spirit had given him a name that stuck, Dviari Akhoki, Spirit Guide. Though some failed to pronounce it properly, so it was shortened to Div.