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  1. Collect samples of undocumented plant life and send your findings to HERB

    Zyphren smirked as Jadis spoke. "You are wise not to trust me." he responded. As Jadis began casting, Zyphren attempted to make eye contact with Jadis. "You must be Jadis" he addressed. If eye contact is made, Zyphren will attempt a memory syphon. "I would like to learn more about you."
  2. Collect samples of undocumented plant life and send your findings to HERB

    Worufu gritted his teeth, and winced at the appearance of his old "teacher". He looked exactly the same as he did 15 years ago. Zyphrin's face made his blood boil. "Zyphren, you know full well I had no choice. You took advantage of me after you killed my family!" Worufu turned to Nathan and Jadis "He's a master manipulater, don't get sucked in to his web of lies like I did." Worufu brandished his staff and jumped between Zyphren and the others, running at full speed towards the well dressed man. Worufu swung his staff at full strength, aiming for his head. Zyphren lifted his hand nonchalantly and caught the staff in his hand. "Your rage is clouding your judgement" He said as he leaned in closed to his face, breathing his pungent burnt flesh cigarette smoke in his face. Just then a loud crash filled the air as a shockwave warped the area, and Worufu went flying into the nearest tree, toppling it. "Does anybody else want to make a stupid decision?"
  3. Collect samples of undocumented plant life and send your findings to HERB

    Zyphren began speaking again, addressing Nathan and Jadis. "You may call me Zyphren...and I am surprised you would defend someone you met not more than a couple of hours ago." The shadow in the fog dissipated and reappeared at the edge of the pond. "Although I am in the mood for some fun." A ball of fire appeared and burned away the surrounding fog around the figure to reveal a very tall slim man. He was dressed in a black suit and tie, with black pants and shoes that have been polished to a shine. His face was slightly sunken in and very pale. His lips were just as pale as the rest of him. He had a rolled up cigarette in his mouth. His black hair was parted to the side. A playful grin was stretched across his face, and his red eyed gleamed with malice. "I'm a bounty hunter, and I don't have a quarrel with any of you" he said as he straightened his tie. "But the work I do becomes so un-challenging. I want to see how the only life I spared is doing." Zyphren smiled wryly. "Did you tell your friends you were once the apprentice of a half-demon?"
  4. Collect samples of undocumented plant life and send your findings to HERB

    Worufu listened silently while he traveled above the other two. The trip through the jungle was uneventful. It wasn't until Worufu could hear the rushing water that he sensed a dark presence. The vegetation around the pool vibrated with a deep sense of foreboding. Worufu stopped at the edge, still in a tree overlooking the waterfall pond. "Guys, something isn't right." Worufu warned. The strong pungent odor of burnt flesh filled the air. "Zyphren!" Worufu growled with clenched teeth. Seemingly without a source, a smooth baritone voice began to speak. "I was wondering what you have been up to Worufu." A shadowy figure outline appeared in the mist at the top of the waterfall. The source of the voice shifted towards Jadis and Nathan. "Worufu is a coward. You can not trust him. He will betray you like he did his own family." "Don't listen to him!" Worufu screamed "He's the one who burned down my village!" Worufu quickly waved his hand, causing the bark from a nearby tree to break off and sharpen into long spears. Worufu thrust an open palm towards the shadow and the spears rocketed towards the shadow. The spears whistled as they flew through the air, cutting through the fog. There was nothing there. Worufu breathed heavily. The air filled with maniacal laughter. "You're so adorable when you're angry." The shadow appeared again just above the pool.
  5. Collect samples of undocumented plant life and send your findings to HERB

    Worufu blushed at Jadis' response. He didn't really know how react to kindness. Perhaps he could trust these people. Worufu politely declined the ride. "I will follow above in the trees in case there is any danger" Worufu replied. He was thinking about what Jadis said about his skin. Worufu took to the trees and followed the two on the ground. Worufu called out "Whenever you're ready!" The trip was very straightforward. Five miles north through the jungle would lead them to the waterfall. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The forest noises slowly grew quiet as the trio approached the source of the mist. The noise of heavy water splashing against rocks as it cascaded down could be heard. A heavy fog blanketed the area, obscuring vision. the waterfall itself was a 60 foot drop from the precipice above. A slight rainbow could be seen from the obscuring mist. The pool below was turbulent with the rushing water, and a small river formed, with the water flowing significantly slower. The vegetation around the pool was soaked with condensation. Most notably was the absence of wildlife around the waterfall. The normal squeaks and chirps had died out and it was eerily silent save for the rushing water. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As the trio approach the waterfall, they would not be able to shake the feeling that they were being watched.
  6. Collect samples of undocumented plant life and send your findings to HERB

    Worufu became pensive momentarily. Could he trust these strangers he just met? He would have to keep his guard up just in case. He took a furtive glance at both of them, his eyes lingering only momentarily. The one who called her-self Jadis. She had blue skin and horns. She was very pretty...in a mysterious way. He blushed a little bit. Having different colored skin always made him stick out from others making him feel isolated. "I'm guessing you're not human either?" He asked with genuine curiosity. Worufu shook his head "I'm sorry, I'm usually the only one with different colored skin." Worufu's cheeks were a very dark shade of crimson. He needed to stay focused. "A waterfall? Let me get a good look from the top of this tree." Worufu then jumped right into the tree, disapearing into the bark and reapearing on the branch above like a portal. Worufu continued to do this until he reached the canopy. He took a better look at the surrounding area. To the north he saw a thicker collection of mist rising slightly higher then the rest of the slight fog. Worufu yelled down. "I think I see something!" Worufu used vines to get back down. "There's some mist rising high into the air from that direction" He pointed north.
  7. Collect samples of undocumented plant life and send your findings to HERB

    Worufu bowed in response to Jadis. "Baizo Isles" Worufu mused. "The Tree of Worlds sent me here." Worufu explained. "That flash of green was me. I Travel to different worlds to help forests in need. The forest here is in despair." Worufu showed a slight sadness in his voice. "I never get any direction when I'm sent to assist. So is it okay if I accompany you? I love discovering new plants!"
  8. Collect samples of undocumented plant life and send your findings to HERB

    Worufu watched as the other figure approached with curiosity. He listened, and it was clear to him that there was no danger. Worufu lowered himself a little more, but still out of reach. "Excuse me" he piped up, still hanging upside down. "I can help! I like to say I know a thing or two about plants....if you're looking for help" he added nervously. "I just need to know exactly where I am..." he trailed off. Worufu dropped to the ground gracefully. "I'm Worufu" he half smiled "Most people call me "The spirit of the Forest."
  9. Collect samples of undocumented plant life and send your findings to HERB

    At the top of the tree, Worufu could see the tops of all the trees and not much else. He did notice he was on an island - being surrounded by water. There was what looked like ruins to the north, and some temples to the west. A few mountains dotted the landscape. Worufu's attention was directed towards the sense that someone...or something was coming. The plants around him echoed with "Someone's coming". Worufu took a vine and slowly descended on it so he could see the forest floor. There were two disturbances. One coming from the north, and the other coming from the west. Worufu inched himself lower, hanging upside down like a spider. Worufu knew better than to immediately jump into action. He waited, watching for whoever/whatever was coming. The forest around him did not indicate any danger, but he could never be too careful. He watched as a figure slowly approached the tree from the west. He cocked his head to the side, more curious than anything else. If Worufu was going to get anywhere, he would have to figure out exactly where he was...and this person didn't seem too threatening. He was about to say something when he remembered there was something coming from the north. He watched wearily towards the north.
  10. Fetching Herb [Quest]: Baizo - Antagonist Needed!

    Thank you for your interest! Doesn't have to necessarily be evil. If you want to play a specific character that just wants to get in the way or Either some type of bandit group or thugs, or an environmental challenge. If you're interested let me know!
  11. Fetching Herb [Quest]: Baizo - Antagonist Needed!

    Anyone interested in playing antagonist or third party narrator?
  12. Collect samples of undocumented plant life and send your findings to HERB

    The tropical rain-forest of the Biazo Isles were alive with the cacophony of wildlife. The hum of insects could be heard through the chirps and whistles of the birds. There was a slight mist hanging in the air, and the moisture from the most recent rainstorm weighed heavily on the leaves of the forest. The forest was thick with vibrant green flora and the movement of leaves from the critters scurrying on the forest floor could be heard. In the heart of the rainforest grew the oldest jakota tree. It's sheer size dwarfed the trees around it, and hundred year old vines clung to the tree. Moss was growing for almost every inch of the tree and the branches creaked in the slight wind. A green flash filled the area, and Worufu stepped out of the base of the tree. Worufu doubled over on the ground. Interdimentional travel is exhausting he thought. Worufu kneeled on ground, waiting for his mind to catch up with his body. The "Forest in-between" brought him here for a reason. The tree of worlds always sends Worufu where he is needed, and will not let him come back until he has completed whatever arbitrary mission the "tree of Worlds" has for him. The problem is, I never have any Idea what exactly needs to be done. Worufu thought. Worufu was already overwhelmed by the plant-life around him without even opening his eyes. This forest was old...and in despair. There was a lingering sense of dread coming from the forest. Worufu finally opened his eyes. It was dark, with little beams of light filtering down from the thick canopy above. The soil beneath was moist under his bare feet. The leaves were a vivid green, a sign of good health. At least there is enough water here he thought as he had a flashback from when he spent two months in the Hadarak desert. Worufu took a few steps forward, trying to filter his sense through all the noise. His hair rustled as it twisted into mossy vines, giving him the appearance of dreadlocks. Worufu needed a better view. He hopped into the nearest tree and used it to climb to the canopy to get an idea of where he was. If anyone was looking, they would just see a green blur jumping in and out of the tree. Worufu stopped when he reached the canopy and surveyed the area.
  13. New To Valucre

    Hello Valucre! I'm new to this site, but a veteran roleplayer. I used to host my own site but work and family got in the way. I can't wait to start role playing again!
  14. Worufu Fororu

    Name: Worufu Fororu Title: The last Florin Visual Age: 18 Ethnicity: Florin (forest Dweller) Race: Florin / Shapeshifter Alignment: Neutral Good Gender: Male Class: Druid physiology: Worufu is a Florin. A florin is a humanoid plant hybrid. His body is completely composed of plant matter. Skin is normally a vibrant dark green color Hair is normally composed of grass at shoulder length Hair and skin changes depending on his environment: ie If in a desert, skin becomes cactus texture and hair becomes needles ect... Florins gain nutrients from water and sunlight. They do not need to eat. They still have to breath, but like other plants, he breathes carbon dioxide and exhales oxygen Florins have regenerative properties as long as there is enough sunlight Worufu is a shapeshifter and can take the form of a wolf Hair: Hair is normally grass at shoulder length, but changes depending on the environment. Eyes: Jade Height: 5' 3" Weight: 80 lb Voice: Higher pitched, childlike Build: Slender clothing: leaf tunic Vine sash bark gauntlets burlap trousers skills: Staff training Basic combat skills Floral Manipulation shapeshifting (wolf only) Floral Manipulation: All florins have the ability to manipulate plant matter. Plant Bending: Worufu can bend, change the shape of, and manipulate plant matter at will. Plant matter must be within 50 feet. Plant bending requires sustained mental effort and energy. Plant matter can not be created or erased. Any matter being manipulated must be purely organic. Tree Jumping: Worufu can use trees as short range portals. Tree jumping has a short range of 15 ft. Plant Sense: Worufu can sense the flora around him Regeneration: Worufu can regenerate lost limbs with enough sunlight absorption Worufu can not manipulate his own form other than regeneration Camouflage: Worufu can change the color/texture of his skin. This requires constant mental effort and focus. inventory Willow wood staff wooden birch pellets The Forest In-between: The Forest In-Between is a realm of it's own. It is on a neutral plane of existence outside of the time-space. It is a small forest around a large tree called "The Tree of Worlds". This realm is only available to the Florin race. Access to the Forest in-between is gained by an ancient Florin technique where one has to merge their mind with the spirit of all trees. Worufu uses the forest in-between as a safe-haven. The tree of worlds offers interdementional travel to planes of existence that are in need of help. History Worufu's birth was the product of an unfortunate tragedy. His mother was assaulted by a shapeshifter, and shortly after he was born. Because of this, Worufu was raised as an outcast. He struggled with his plant bending and had a very rocky relationship with his mother. When Worufu was 16 his shape-shifting awoke during the night. The pain was unimaginable and he awoke with a start as his body felt like it was on fire. When he opened his eyes, he saw the world in a different light. Being in the form of a wolf, he ran from his village in the hopes of avoiding ridicule. He spent days in the outer forest, trying to figure out what happened. What was troubling was he had no idea how to turn back. After a week of surviving on his own, he returned to his village to see if anyone noticed he was missing. What he saw was frightening. His village had burned burned down and their was not a trace of anyone left. Sitting at the base of a tree in the form of a wolf, he wept. The smell of burning flesh filled the air. Worufu lifted his head on saw a very pale man in a black trenchcoat smoking what appeared to be a cigarrette...but smelled of flesh. "Hello little one" The man said with a puff of smoke. His voice was dark and brooding, and he had a half-smile that made Worufu's blood turn cold. "I'ts a shame what happened to your village." He said as he put his cigarette out under his boot. "It seems they didn't like the fire." Worufu looked at the man. He wanted to ask him questions, but his new body could only utter a whimper. "My name is Zyphren" The man said. "I am a bounty hunter of sorts, and someone paid a hefty sum to rid the world of your village." Zyphren smiled coldly "Consider yourself lucky, I normally am not in the business of sparring lives." and with that he dissipated in a black cloud. Worufu spent the next few months of his life stuck in the body of a wolf. In his new body he suffered from hunger, a new feeling to him. He learned hot to hunt to survive and avoided contact from others. He was starting to feel he would never return to his Florin Form. His village was burned down, his family was gone, and he was stuck in a body that was not his. Credits: • Dan: Profile Layout.