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  1. Something Lurks in the Forest [OOC]

    Hopefully nothing horrid happened. May be on a hiatus or something.
  2. Something Lurks in the Forest [IC]

    The past events still fresh in his mind. How much time has passed? Hours to mere days? Time felt that it was flowing slower as the events would occur, more intense than before. Wonder how things could have been if they were just simple sell swords. Get in, get out and get paid, not aware of the greater threat that had loomed over them and devoured without remorse of the consequences. Listening the centaur's words, it was a practical breath of fresh air they made it. "I'd say this was a good experience for us. As adventurers, new or veteran. We made a difference this day." Walker added with pride in his voice, an achievement for them all.
  3. Something Lurks in the Forest [OOC]

    Oof. Sorry! Been dealing with food poisoning and nonsense for a while. I wish I said something sooner, really sorry about the wait! I'll post today.
  4. Something Lurks in the Forest [IC]

    Finally releasing a breathe of anticipation. Something he's been holding in since the start he'd figured. It's over he thought over and over again. After exhausting his arcane abilities he was glad he was able to do something right with them. Its been a long and gratuitous adventure with its own twists and turns. The mage finally collapsing to the round after finally able to rest. "Hoo..It's been such a long ride." he said, his voice raspy and modulated. A slew of emotions risen through him. "Feels like we done saved the world or something. The scale of it is pretty amazin'." Gathering himself he would pick up his staff and using it as a walking cane to heft himself over to the two, Nikki and Ferris. "Is he okay? How ya holding up there friend?" Worried as much as Nikki would be, he's been through a lot. Too much he would say, Walker knew Ferris was strong and would pull through. He hoped for the best that they all can walk back in good health. it was a long, fought battle and he wouldn't hope for something good to have came from their efforts.
  5. Something Lurks in the Forest [OOC]

    This feels like a boss battle. I love it. It's like the Kingdom hearts: Birth by Sleep Rage Awakening scenario. (That's what I was going for)
  6. Something Lurks in the Forest [IC]

    "By the twelve..." Walker had muttered under his breath to what he had witnessed. As is calling out the great council of the divine pantheon would be of any use. A grin was written on his face as such a monstrous creature pin pointed his blood lust towards him. The best he could do is buy them time. 'Life or death situation, huh? Well I minds well go out with a bang.' He thought was he managed to shield himself from the blast at the cost of his Mage Armor shattering as the cascading embers rolled off his skin, gritting his teeth in agitation. He mentally reassured himself. He felt no fear in his waking heart, may it be the adrenaline that washed over him or the odds stacked against him. losing hope was one thing he couldn't let go of. If he can do something; it better be now. Brandishing his stave and focusing all of his magical prowess within his Aetheric body. Drawing forth mana from the astral plane and connecting that mana to the ley-lines within the environment giving his spell power more potency than what any normal man can handle. This was the secrets of the Overmind. A state of quasi-transcendence phenomena that only have only been regaled in legends. Only some have unlocked its secrets. Walker would enter a transcendental state of mind and soul where Walker's powers rest at its peak and exceed preternatural levels of magick. At the cost of destroying his body from the inside as too much raw mana is not being filtered quickly enough to be refined. Acting as a catalyst and a coffin. Walker surrounded by fonts of pure mana a plethora of magick circles surrounded the ground beneath him by several meters. The flames becoming thick and heavy. His stave now adorned with runes of high caliber equipped in hand, gripping the shaft Walker would tap the ground beneath him causing the magick circles to react. The circles glow a shining ivory as they took the form of chains, their formation being a vast cubic perimeter, a cage. Hardlight constructs of the chains trapped all three of them inside, Ragnar, Walker and Gorgorron. A ward that shield weaken Ragnar's influence temporarily in hopes Nikki can aid Ferris in time. Walker was racing against the clock, hoping his efforts brought them enough time. His eyes filled with determination as he brandished his staff once more, channeling waves of mana into a spell ready to continue this battle. This cage will only last a few minutes, now or never.
  7. Something Lurks in the Forest [OOC]

    Hah! Sounds good to me, I like these odds.
  8. What are you playing?

    Yakuza 0. One of the games that has phenomenal storytelling and so diverse in it's creativity with side stories and nice combat. Easily one of my top favorite games. Excited to play the rest of the series.
  9. Something Lurks in the Forest [OOC]

    After reading back and forth; can someone summarize what's going on currently? Kind of lost on what to write or progress. Sorry about this.
  10. Something Lurks in the Forest [OOC]

    Just got back from a family situation today, I'll post soon.
  11. Something Lurks in the Forest [IC]

    Stunned by the sudden growth of the radiating energies on causing much more of an foreboding evolution to take place. At a stop Walker could only stare in awh at what was happening. Ragnar becoming much more what what he could have imagined. Lost in his thoughts...' What was going on?' That kept racing in his mind after his strikes landed true. With giving Gorgerron the opening he needed, he struck a blow that has left Ragnar seemingly incapacitated. He intended to deal a final blow as he readied his weapon. Brandishing his arcane fury as it flowed like a howling gale without rest. That moment his attention was drawn with the events occurring with Ferris, he lost sight of him as his gaze shifted to Nikki and then back to Gorgerron. "What should we do? Sealing him away may may give ample opportunity for this to happen again, or do we end it here for his soul to be taken by the void." He added, uncertain what should come next. He was more worried about his comrades but while at the front, he needs to figure out something at least, the next objective.
  12. Barriers to entry

    I've peaked here and there among the world building area's and quests (Which is one of the things I'm excited about engaging in) as well as seeing interactions between and ample opportunities for character building. However I sort of struggle on where to start my journey. I don't really have a roleplay partner here but I have a big interest and anticipation to jump in. Just kind of lost on how to execute it. It's only my personal issue though, others may relate as well but I wouldn't think so too much.
  13. Self Improvement

    @KittyvonCupcake I checked out the website and it's pretty darn stellar. Something I really needed and plan to make full use of. Thank you so much!
  14. Self Improvement

    Whoa, those are immensely helpful. Thanks, the both of you!
  15. Self Improvement

    During my time on Valucre I've been astonished with the plethora of amazing writers I've witnessed. Kind of made me realize I want to improve as well. In so many aspects of character detailing from actions to a painted imagery, wording that flies off the tongue smooth as can be and I say it has triggered some inspiration so I can further express my self and my characters. If I can make roleplaying even more enjoyable for myself and my partners I'd love to take the opportunity. I know reading is important, got that down but these days not much time to sit down and read heavily. But I take inspiration from Xianxia and Wuxia novels I do tend to read often these days. I wanna try writing something I can do everyday as practice outside of roleplaying; haven't figured that out yet but I'm open to any ideas and or to hear stories as to how you have improved in your roleplaying journey.