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  1. Just pinging you for the Tavern quest. It's your turn, but I don't think you saw the message. soooo PING! haha

  2. Once they had gather, the party of two -- was then greeted by the youth. She would clear her throat once the secretary had finished his offer. Reaching into her coat she would pull out a scrolled parchment that was sealed with a faint blue ribbon. "Excuse me, sir. We're the adventurers here to take on this quest to gather amber within the Wetlands. We came for the details and perhaps any aid on general direction of our mission." Her voice was polite and sound, she gave a smile as she carefully opened the document. The contents mention about the possible dangers within the mission as well as details on the objective with mention of a reward as an undertone of the quest document after all was explained, The secretary hurriedly collected the document to confirm its contents. Giving a nod after a moment as his eyes peered over the page and rolling the parchment back into its scrolled form. "Oh yes! This is indeed an issued request and it all checks out. Thank you for accepting this task. Now, if you'll follow me, I shall guide you two where we can discuss the details and give equipment for the voyage ahead." His hands making a guiding motion forward through large reflecting glass doors and walking forward issuing us to follow. The vast facilities halls revealed the efforts of Taen's civilization and the revolution of technology advancing. How things worked at first glance along was astonishing and filled with wonder, Yeul wouldn't mind sticking around longer to look into the technological advances within as she has only had limited exposure to the workings of steel and mechanics. Moments later of walking through dynamic halls they were lead to a large room that had shelves of various equipment for different purposes. Mining, botany, fishing, researching different forms of fauna and flora and everything in between. The room was decently large as a large rectangular table remained in the center that withheld various other documents along with a map. @Shaylayy
  3. As a researcher from things within the esoteric and odds and ends of the supernatural evens that could take place within any given time and location, the realms we wander in are shrouded in mystery. Yeul, still new to the lands of Valucre needed a place to start her journey. When it comes to venture and discovery, knowledge in its own merit is worth a considerable amount in what you could come across and learn with even the most mundane of occurrences. She saw the opportunity to start small -- to introduce herself to things to come. She decided to take on a quest within the region of Taen. She was of course unfamiliar with the land but what's discovery within a little adventure? After getting some direction on traveling to Taen from the local more familiar with how things worked, slowly but surely it made things slightly easier. She of course wasn't sure she should go it alone. Going into territory that's largely unfamiliar besides word spoken of the city the quest resides in, Arcturon. She decided to hire an adventurer who would accompany her during the voyage and partake in the quest, of course they would be given compensation from rewards after the quest is finished. Sometime has passed during their venture towards Arcturon. Not long once they make view past the city outskirts, they're met with skyscrapers of glistening glass, steel, and stone towers. Arcturon was said to be a rather technological advanced city, the most advanced within the Taen region. Their route was safely guided as there was significant warning of a toxic miasma within the Wetlands that resided in the outskirts of the city. Things were already looking to be dangerous just from the environment alone but Yeul had confidence that things will piece together. Since structured glass enclosed most of the city they could safely make their way towards their destination. The quest was originally given by the Taen Exploration Committee as they were tasked next to meet for a briefing as well as get a slew of equipment for the task at hand. Yeul wandered in awe as she peered eagerly, taking in her surroundings. Her mind was lost in thought and wonder at the foundation of what such a place could have came together. She was a researcher herself but the technological advances within a civilization is astounding and she was excited to see what the journey lies ahead. First thing's first, getting prepared. She had ceased her gawking before she came across a sector that was known as Site Coeus, the main Research Facility. @Shaylayy
  4. The skirmishing rapidly began to dwindle as the numbers of their attackers suffered by the moments that passed. Yeul never once doubted her companion's combat capability but she could only assume this was but a taste of what endeavors they will eventually encounter. The snow steady as the ground beneath them tinted a slight red with streaks of blood from combat. She would exhale before she would look around. She could hear the crunch of the snow behind her where she once had her own bout. The armored harrier was still breathing, at a crawl to what appears to be an ally way between two buildings short yards away from her. With a click of her tongue she would briskly walk towards the critically injured man with her weapon in hand, still in its staved form. She raised it forward by the shaft as the mana crystal shone with a dull brilliance once more, ethereal azure chains would creep and constrict along the body of the armored bandit. She stood several feet from him, letting go of her sword as it would dissipate into a blue mist from the drop of her palm. Crossing her arms over her chest as she stared daggers into the poor man's gaze. The bandit couldn't help but feel a shivering fright crawl up his spine. The fear of death is something that's cold and unwavering, in this scenario his death would have been in nothing but vain. That realization was devilish on its own. "Wh-what do you want with me? I was just doin' what I was told!" The man spat in frustration. Sure, Yeul could have killed him, her previous hatred for human's ate at her so that it would deem it a passable act on her conscious.. She would sigh before shifting her gaze towards her two other companions. "We got a live one! Hopefully could answer some questions for us. Don't worry, he's binded." She exclaimed. She would narrow her eyes towards her captive. "I hope you're aware the consequences of foolish acts, eh?" She said, her words cold as the snow around them.
  5. Looking around them seeing their numbers dwindle only to have more swarm around them. Yeul clicked her tongue in annoyance as Hain was swiftly dealing with such daring harriers, his strength is definitely genuine. The azure radiance that filled her eyes morphed into a wisp of flame as aggression filled her person. The enemies before her drew near. An archer that was several yards away had her in his sights. The swordsman only several feet away from her sword brandished his own ready to strike at a moment's notice, Yeul knew to keep herself on her toes for any surprises. Lastly, a hulking man stood on the left side next to the swordsman, jarring metal plates covered most sections of his body as he wielded a sword and shield. Yeul would sneer at the foes in front of her as she readied her sword. The archer began to take aim as the swordsman and hulking harrier inched forth. Azure blue mist spiraled along her body before releasing a stream of a faint illuminating brilliance of magical power. Flipping her sword downwards as the held it in reverse as she brought the mana crystal medium with the sword, she would conjoin them at the pommel as the crystal slotted into the sword's hilt to create one item, it represented a stave as the crystal now shone with intense magical power. The air would warp around the stave as the air began to heat up as wisps of white fire would gather in front of Yeul in a large sphere as the center burned viciously causing the ground beneath her to sear as snow and ice rapidly melted. The temperature is rising as the center of the orb shone a cobalt blue. The orb was almost two feet in diameter as it was separating herself and the foes before her. The archer took no time firing 3 arrows in her general direction as the swordsman and the large warrior sprinted forth. Assuming they would attack simultaneously to prevent her from finishing her casting, she could help but smirk. "Foolish!" She yelled. She swiftly released the inferno before her. with a wide flick of her arm. Level 4 spell: Infernal Verflare. The orb of fire would split into 5 smaller orbs each 9 inches in diameter in a line formation several feet in front of her. Each orb would explode outward into a large plume of white flame. The acceleration of the two melee attackers hardly would have enough time to stop before the flame would consume them. The shielded harrier would brace for impact as the other wasn't as unfortunate as trickles of white flame consumed him, perishing screams as his own armor was melding and burning into his own flesh. The sword he wielded ignited red from the intensity of the heat. The arrows were consumed in the flames rendering them useless. Yeul wasted no time in sprinting towards the archer's right flank as the shielded warrior was still recovering from her first spell. Brandishing her sword she would grasp at the hilt and thrust the tip of the blade at the archer's left abdominal area before he would have a moment to draw another arrow. Grunts of pain resounded due to the wound. Before he could recover she would spin on her heel to land a swift kick to the side of the head around the temple in hopes to stun the archer. She proved to be successful as the archer would stumble backwards dropping his bow. Yeul would exhale before she would catch notice of the shielded foe. She decided to end them both before they had a chance to regroup. Streaks of incarnum would surround her stave. With another swipe of her arm she would send forth two grey-white orbs that would fly towards the two men with great speed before colliding. Upon impact they orbs would enlarge into sphere's of ethereal blades of a furious gale that engulfed the two men into a storm of wind and arcane might as blood and snow would mix and flurry till the two men dropped, gashes covered their bodies and dented their armor. "Level 4 Spell: Further Ruin - Wind's Bite." She muttered as she would turn her attention to her companions.
  6. Hey hey! Recently, well several days ago. I decided that I would try and learn how to draw. It wasn't a spur of the moment thing, it's something I always wanted to learn in conjunction with being a writer. I love the fantasy genre and so I always wanted to bring my characters and ideas to life with what I write. For starters I want to learn how to do traditional art and character portraits. I have zero guidance or direction of where to start, how and sumsuch aside from youtube tutorials. I figured I'd learn some tips and ideas on how to start and what I could keep in mind during this journey from artists that reside in Valucre. There are some awesome writers and I imagine just as phenomenal artists as well. if you have any advice for a beginnier, I'm all ears!
  7. It all seemed to have occurred in a flash. Taking in every word of Hain's tale as well as Liam's words, partial but they were meaningful. She didn't have any hatred for Liam, as opposed to previous toxic views of human's she too can learn to forgive. It was the past and so there allows for change. Once she had caught wind of the flying object within their general direction she couldn't help but instinctively pivot backwards the moment the lamp was struck. "By the Fury-" She exclaimed, jumping several feet backwards in hopes of limiting the contact with the explosion. She tail swished violently to the side as she swiftly turned her head in inspection of surroundings. "Who goes there!" She yelled in frustration. The last thing she would expect is to be attacked outright in the midst of the dark in such a place. She would swiftly draw upon her weapon. By counting the tenth of her heart beat and extending her right hand, a. object in the shape of a sword would begin to materialize encased in a transmuting, deep blue, radiating mist. She was shaping her Incarnum to bring forth her soulmeld within the chakra in her hand. The blue mist would swiftly dissipate revealing a broad bladed and glyphed rapier that illuminates crimson upon its edges. Along side the rapier a sizable mana crystal encased in ornate metal frames would beat like a heart of magical continuity as it pulsated magical power. Yeul would swiftly morph into a battle-ready stance. Brandishing her sword in one hand as she would shift backwards her other hand that's raised upward as the mana crystal seemed to harmonize with her every moment as it would float aimlessly above her hand. Her eyes would gleam a faint blue radiance as enmity filled her person.
  8. Pondering Hain's curiosity only to be met with a long pause as she continued to tread behind him. Reaching a hand across her chest and resting on her shoulder, rolling her head slightly loosening her form. The chill made her feel stiff. She could only exhale into a sigh before she spoke a flurry of words. "You could say a tainted soul from birth only to be given a second chance." She answered. The answer itself was quite vague but at the same time, literal. She continued in a diplomatic tone that rang in her speech. "Us Tiefling's aren't always responsible for how we are, our looks and mannerisms. Our past almost defines us outright. My family branches from a line of sorcerers of all sort, gifted with magic prowess. Some sought to power and that desire only brought corruption to generations to come. Playing the strings of fate like a God, taking and creating life. It wasn't our purpose." Her words filled with brittle detachment. She's not proud of her ancestors, the brief it caused. She kept speaking but more disdain in her flow. "My ancestors caused an ancient sin and striking a deal with Mephistopheles, The Cold Lord. My bloodline has been tainted for generations. Riddled with but a stain that is eternal." When Yeul was but a babe her tail would curl around her body whenever she had to recall the feeling of her blood boiling. The memories, the backlash, the hatred. They were distant memories now, a new change has been set in motion. After a pause she would say the last of her piece. Her arms cross over her chest as she would look at the dusk filled eyes as snow trickled down onto her blue skin and coat. "Since birth myself and my mother was nothing but monsters in human's eyes. All we wanted was to live an honest life, but we were tossed aside at almost every turn. After my mother's death I swore I would change our fate. Make it a symbol to all creatures alike... We can live in peace and live in the present. Ever since I was adopted into a family of Mage's and honed my talent for the arcane. The powers of my tainted bloodline began to surface but I suppressed them ever since. Became a researcher, a scholar to learn what drives those within the arcane to seek power upon heinous means. Also to understand more about myself as well, I always found the aspect of magic to be interesting, ever since I was a little girl." She ended with a light playful chuckle and a stretch of her arms. Yeul always had the interest of magic even before her powers began to flourish. She read tales and codecs of sorcerers and wizard's adventurous and journal entries and always wanted to understand it herself only to be met with a font of knowledge with each new discovery to her. Her gaze peered over to Hain. "You too seem to have quite the story to tell. An interesting fellow you are I daresay." She could feel a peculiar presence around Hain that sparked her interest ever since she sat at the Tavern, she wouldn't be herself if she wouldn't prod a little bit.
  9. During the dead of night, the shivering cold and the blackened skies occupied by shimmering stars throughout the dark. As Yeul listened on to Beat's tale she utterly felt a tinge of anger and sadness. A mage herself who sought to using arcane magic for the good of others, not suffering. She wasn't naive enough to think convictions of evil didn't exist but the first being related to magic? She felt like she had to step up, furthered her resolve. "I hear and sympathize with you, Beat. I'll give it my all to make sure these mages won't cause anymore malice, this I swear." She said with determination filling her words. She had taken the map handed to her and pocketed within the inside of her coat. "They will pay for taken advantage of others with the use of the arcane art...!" She followed by, this time, her words filled with venom. Her hands clenched into fists and her tail thrashed against the snow for a brief moment. By the Gods it filled her with an unholy fury. Turning to Hain, fully prepared for what likely danger lies ahead of them. " Aye, I'm ready. More lives we can save, the better." She replied with gung-ho. She couldn't help but wonder, what reason would this leader Vryn have for sacrificing so many people? Did anyone notice before or any effort to stop them? The more questions, the more grave the thought becomes of what is the end-goal of this cult.
  10. “ The heart of the world beats with a continuity of good and evil. A light where darkness resigns, twilight is born. The veil of life is ever changing, time itself is fleeting. “ Name - Yeul Magia Fullbring Race - Mephistopheles Tiefling Age - 23 Years Old (Present) Date of Birth - September, 23rd. Class - Incarnate - Bladesinger Occupation - Culinarian, Librarian, aspiring Blacksmith/Transmuter, Adventurer. Backstory & History The second daughter of the Fullbring family. After living as an urchin on the streets, hardly was able to care for herself, she was weak from malnourishment and was a dreamer. A victim of racial profiling as a tiefling, as it wasn't her choice, her fate was sealed at her birth. Her birth mother had faced similar discord as Yeul always wondered what befallen her when she came home with bruises and less coin despite their savings. Yeul worked low paying jobs to afford food for herself. The rare occasion she would purchase books or visit libraries and read tales of sword and sorcery, tales of past adventurers achievements. What had caught her interest the most was magic. She was always born with innate magical abilities, similar to her mother. She was gifted in controlling the font of energy from within. She came across a girl near the adventurers guild who had defended her against pinned assaulters, she was feeble and exhausted from overworking herself and could hardly fight back. The girl showed proficiency in both sword and magic. She couldn't help but feel at awe. She could hardly keep her consciousness before her heroine took her back to their family residence. Since that day she was joyous in finding others who wouldn't glare daggers in her direction or spit venom to her name. She was skeptical for months on end and quite private. The family was patient with her, even had an edge when the eldest daughter and her savior, Nora discovered Yeul's keen interest in magic. She began learning under them, as the family was a line of mages, wizards and sorcerers. Despite living a modest life, compared to back then, it was a paradise she only had within dreams. She figured not all humans were horrid, not everyone is a monster. Appearances vary, just like the many books she read. She still misses her birth mother. She wonders to this day where she disappeared to. Only leaving behind a series of letters and a rune bound ring she wears around her horns. The ring shows no signs of magical effects only victory runes engraved on the outside. A memento to never forget her origins. Never forget where she came from and the story that forged on. Since her refuge and care within the Fullbring family, Yeul has been able to gradually explore her quite piqued curiosity in arcane magic. Slowly learning what magic is, the ideas, philosophy, and esoteric and mundane application from everyday life or tales told in stories and past events of grand wizardry. The house itself had its own history, many of them being enchanters, potion alchemists or mage’s of many ranges of skill to a novice to a higher tier almost equate to a warmage. Around the ages of 11~14 she mostly studied the fundamentals and read applicable feats of arcane magic, only learning basic spells such as Mage-light whenever she wanted to read at night or Magehand, mostly when she was too small to reach. As she matured, she had gained more sensory and affinity to the forces of magic around her, enabling Yeul to control her magic and flow of magic more efficiently as well as allowing her to learn more potent and advanced spells, only growing as she continued to practice her art. Birthplace Yeul was born in a small and fair town just on the outskirts of the main kingdom’s city. Maplefall was but a humble town within the continent of Eternal Spring of the Aerukai Kingdom. Autumn dwelled there beautifully just as the weather was. The townsfolk was lively, filled with honest work and teachings of sword and sorcery as well as decent education for a nice life. Maplefall was known for its alchemic tonics and potions that was brewed there. The town of Maplefall wasn’t without its share of grime and curs that acted out of malice and spite. Yeul and her birth mother was victim of such treatment. Character Description The young woman bares sharp, ashen grey eyes. Void of any visible scalaria or pupils. Short raven black hair styled to have bangs gently and partially cover her left eye. The Tiefling’s fair skin of a lighter toned midnight blue, a body that is slender, toned, and defined that bares hosts of large spiral ram like horns, obsidian in color and a long tail 4 feet in length similar in color to her skin, broad and slightly thins towards the tip, strong and lively and natural claws. Her horns contain silvery metal plating near the tip. At the height of 5’7 and weight of 195 lbs, Yeul is a proud Mephistopheles Tiefling despite her Infernal blood, she is a being of magic and the accursed. Clothing & Armor A made set of clothing tailor made specifically to fit Yeul, her purpose and ideas on and crafted into a manifestation of clothed armor of magical and a weaver’s swift and precise hand. The Shire Philosopher’s set consists of six pieces. The Philosopher's coat is a take on the design of a trench coat giving it the motif of a refined Caster glamoured within the whole set. The trench coat is woven and colored a lightened ashen grey with the frill and collar of it black. The coat itself contains intricate design aspects such as six golden buttons aligned in rows of three diagonally on the left side of the coat, upon closer inspection these buttons have text imprinted on them, glyphs in particular. Ornate metal plating, the crest of the Fullbring family woven into the fabric on the bicep area of the coat. Loose, long sleeves that are folded over and cuffed. The coat is brought together by black hooks and fastened around the body as one side overlaps slightly as three silvery metallic belt buckles rest on the breast of the coat in a diagonal fashion. The interior of the coat is a velvet crimson shade brought together by black rimming of the coat. On her hands rests the gloves that go up her arm, several inches from her elbow, black in color. A belt wrapped and fastened along the end of the gloves as attached to them is the same styled ornate crest as the coat, however the design is erratic and woven into an almost fluid pattern as the middle bears shares of lilac crystal socketed inside each glove. Around her waist is a dual banded belt with an ornate buckle in the middle. The buckle is fashioned to contain a series of glyphs in a circular formation in three rows. The buckle contains a circular slot in the middle occupied by a cyan gem resting at its center. She wears similarly styled breeches with a belt wrapped around each thigh and share similar colors to the coat, mostly dark grey in color. The metallic plating on the belts are a similar silvery coloration. As for footwear she has black leather thighboots, flattened at the soles with cuffs and metal bands folded over the boot’s rim at the top. Inside the boot is padded with a heat insulation material and constructed for maneuverability and comfort over long periods. She usually donnes a pair of wire, square lens reading glasses with a dark blue frame, a signature piece to even her everyday ensemble. The material composition of her clothing is elven and mithril weave in conjunction with the threads of fabric entwined with her mana to produce a projective and adaptive set of protective, and light clothing. The elven weave being similar to a form of treated leather used for her boots, gloves, and twinbelt as her coat is mostly made of mithril weave. Having the benefit of carrying enchantments more easily with increased potency, it also has a natural form of fire resistance. Aiding for the longevity of the ensemble. This set was constructed with the mind of a spellcaster, given protection against magic forces with wards against magic and spells alike woven into the fabric with glyphs. A minor Mage Armor spell is bestowed onto the coat when upon contact via force trauma or the piercing of ranged attacks, would reduce the damage by half as it would spread that force throughout the ward and expel it outward. The spell in turn has three changes ergo three times in which its activation can occur. Within a matter of five seconds does the next change enable itself to function. This aids in Yeul -- as a primary Spellcaster to have a form of defense in regard to plated mail. The ensemble also acts as a refinement tool for her latent magical abilities. Equipment Forged from the sword of her sister Nora, known as the Crimson Duelist who had fallen in the means to prevent bloodshed only to be slain before her. Yeul gained the resolve to take on Nora’s legacy and so, she crafted the Death Brand, “ Murgleis “. As a personal symbol to refine herself in both swordplay and magic, an arcane blacksmith had gotten her aid in forging a weapon that can specialize in both aspects. Using the design of Sharyllan who once were the epitome of the arcane arts, the weapon is constructed in two. The sword -- which is a glyphed rapier and a mana crystal. The weapon itself is a Soulmeld made by Yeul so she can call upon it whenever she desires. The weapon itself resides either at her left hip but primarily within the lesser chakra within her right hand that it is binded. The rapier itself is made of an incarnum tempered mythril alloy, the overall length being 47 ¼” and the blade length 39 ½”. Given some emphasis on the handle’s design and length to allow considerably more control of the weapon itself during moments of swordplay. Taking on a favored blade design of the rapier which is more broad than narrow allowing for more surface area and greater cutting potential. The cross-section being that of a diamond. The blade is a dulled onyx black shade when sheathed as ornate grey patterns that can be represented as glyph s go from the ricasso and all the way to the tip. The sword reacts when wielded by someone with considerable magical abilities, the blade then contains a crimson radiance and the black tapering and the glyph s also glow the same shade. However, towards the end it stays the dull black color. When incarnum is infused into the sword, that black is filled with an azure brilliance. The hilt of the weapon is considerably longer allowing more handling proficiency, it’s studded black metallic material on the grip as well as the ornate hand-guard that seems to resemble half of a basket hilt that goes upwards to the length of the ricasso and contains a red gem socketed that is surrounded by flora patterns made of steel. Accompanied with the rapier is a mana crystal. The crystal itself is outfitted with weave metallic bands to hold it as a catalyst for the rapier to work as one. The crystal can join with the rapier to create a more powerful somatic weapon of an arcane focus representing a stave. The crystal acts as an accelerator and conductor to magical energy and the rapier is the host and enables the use of these forces. Without expending the material resource within the body its able to cultivate and refine and store incarnum or mana for the use of spells similar to that of spell preparation. Abilities & Traits Yeul was born with innate latent magical abilities enabling her to wield arcane magic with considerable talents which lead to her study of the arcane, despite it being an unnecessary step of her growth. Within her time in the Mages Guild she had an interesting encounter with a strange elven woman. She was wielding powers that resembled magic but it felt much deeper, much richer, and ancient. She woman revealed the force she wields is called: Incarnum. Incarnum is an amorphous magical substance made up of the soul energies of all sentient creatures—living, dead, and, it is theorized, those not yet born. In its pure form, incarnum resembles a radiant mist, deep blue in color. Those trained or gifted in manipulating incarnum can shape it into physical objects called Soulmelds or simply use it to imbue themselves with power. Shaping incarnum has no ill effect on the soul energy used. Incarnum is not consumed when it is manipulated by a meldshaper or other—it is merely “borrowed” from the nigh-infinite supply in the multiverse. That said, the wielders of incarnum recognize that the substance is more than mere magic. It is, very literally, the essence of all creatures. Talented wielders of incarnum learn to harness specific qualities of incarnum (and by extension, properties of the souls tapped for this power), including particular alignments, insights, experiences, and the like. In fact, most wielders of incarnum have strong moral and ethical outlooks inextricably linked to their use of the substance. Yeul in particular is a soul of good conviction despite the stigma her kind gets of supposedly being wretched evil or chaotic. She wants to show a difference in her kind, not give into the carnal desires of hatred and malice despite it conflicting with others beliefs. She's learned to live with both her mortal soul and infernal bloodline. She's able to call upon the soul energies of beings of good and neutral with more proficiency. While still being an apprentice of smithing armor and armaments, her training as a Meldshaper allowed her to create Soulmelds. A soulmeld is a semipermanent magical effect crafted from raw incarnum. Soulmelds are “worn” much like magic items. Once shaped (a daily process much like preparing spells), a soulmeld lasts as long as its creator wants it to. A soulmeld somewhat resembles a magic item or a spell effect in physical form. It is the physical embodiment of incarnum, linked to the meldshaper’s body and worn almost like a physical item. Shaping incarnum into soulmelds requires time and effort, much like a wizard preparing spells. Unlike spells, though, soulmelds generally last until the meldshaper decides to unshape them, withdrawing the incarnum for future use. Those who wield Incarnum have their own pool of it known as Essentia. Essentia being the substance of personal soul energy. Not all beings are able to use it but it exists within all of us. Meldshapers are able to use this potent pool of incarnum to enhance their Soulmelds or empower their spells or feats to even greater heights and are particularly dynamic in how much can be invested. Chakras are the body’s ten centers of power: crown, feet, hands, arms, brow, shoulders, throat, waist, heart, and soul. A soulmeld can be bound to a particular chakra in order to gain a potent secondary effect but unable to wear magical items in that particular area which the soulmeld is bound to. As meldshapers become more profound they can gain additional powers from bound soulmelds as the item is supernaturally affixed within the location of the body. However, as a side effect, they no longer benefit of other magical items occupying that body part it would be equipped to. Chakras Least: Crown, feet, hands Lesser: Arms, brow, shoulders Greater: Throat and waist Powerful: Heart and soul WIP
  11. Yeah, there is. I've been working on it for a while. I was hoping to post some of it today but an emergency happened where I was without power for several hours. I'll try and have it up soon. @ticklefarte
  12. I think it would be good for a constructive narrative to take into account these scenarios, plus it'd be fun I'd say. If you want to, I'm okay with it. I think Yeul would have quite a time having to deal with Liam, even though all she wants is solace, can't always ignore that feeling of anger when it comes to human's considering the stigma Tiefling's get. @Blackguard @ticklefarte
  13. When the stranger approached the table and whispered, moments of contemplating and taking in their words, she would raise up turning her gaze towards Liam and Hain gathering herself, with a swift spin of her heel she faced the door way. "No rest for the wicked, eh? Well, glad things are proceeding. Let's see what's ahead of us." She insisted before stepping forth and exiting the tavern to wait outside for her newly found acquaintances and companions. Taking this still moment to close her eyes and assess the nature of Incarnum within her vicinity, she could feel a pulsation of magical force cultivating within her right hand, this was a good response she figured. Following a similar response to her chest and brow. Deep breathes followed before she opened her eyes once more to meet her surroundings, only taking moments to confirm her suspicions, her soulmelds are still intact within her body. Nodding she would lean against the building's walls, looking into the sky above her, pondering the task at hand and muttering to herself. "What sort of dangers are we to encounter on this excursion, Should be fun I daresay." She exclaimed before giving a toothy grin. Not one to be in over her head but the thought of exploration is exciting for a researcher such as herself. @Blackguard @ticklefarte
  14. Yeul could feel her blood almost burn with a subconscious fury that could be best described as tranquil anger. She's already suffered enough discrimination -- lead it not press further in unfamiliar lands. She'd take a deep breath before releasing the tension among her body, shifting her gaze toward Hain, ashen grey, pupil-less eyes narrowing to the one called Liam. She would follow by a nod to the question at hand, ignoring the previous remark. " Yes, I can. I'm willing to help those who are in need of me." She answered, giving a gentle smile. interlocking her fingers and resting on her chin leaning forth slightly. "What exactly are the details for this venture?" She asked, she saw this as a perfect opportunity to properly test her skills as an Incarnate. Ever since she was bestowed the ability to wield the force of Incarnum, the visions, the emotions, the fire burning in her soul that could compare to a rancor experience. It was all worth it, least she thought so. She was fully prepared to at least be helpful, hopefully able to get some information on where and find some honest work for her further... Research. Yeul would internally smirk at the thought of furthering her tests. @ticklefarte @Blackguard
  15. Sure, sounds pretty good. @ticklefarte
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