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  1. The haziness in her mind was deteriorating like a fog in the morn of a new day. Her memories of recollecting the events of yesterday are starting to become more and more solidified in those details. Laying her head back onto the softness of white pillows behind her as she stared at the ceiling above as her eyes glazed over the patterns that seem rather ornate. Hesitating to speak for a moment before she replied. "I was several meters away by quite a margin. I could see a faint outline of the gates just barely by the thick of the trees as only that confirmed my suspicion was dim lights which shone brightly within the evenfall of night." She paused before sitting up. The aching pains not as intense as the day prior but a tinge of it still came to a surprise, its only been a few hours. "It was a gamble as it could have been my desired destination or something else entirely. I'm grateful for your help, truly." She bellowed with clear sincerity in her voice. "Now, what do I owe you?" She said, assuming she clearly would need some form of compensation for services as dire as treating potentially fatal wounds. @Shaylayy
  2. "Asteria, Asteria Florance." She replied. Giving a warm smile to them as she would turn her gaze towards those near her. Followed by a few words. "I've like to give thanks to you, as well as the doctor that had helped me. Clearly, I'm a stranger around here and you didn't have to. You have my sincerest of gratitude." She followed. Her voice much more welcoming compared to the day prior. The guards being more attentive before one of them spoke again. "Well then, Miss Asteria. We'd like to know what happened to put you in such grave danger." Asteria would nod and adjust her glasses as she would recall the events of last night. "Well then, I'm a traveler you see. I've been wandering these isles and this country in hopes to find a city called Mageside. I was told there was a font of knowledge about the likes of magic there. I know nothing about the majority of wildlife nor its dangers. And that was my first mistake... I was too careless." She said, gripping the sheets of her bed in frustration. "Something that looked like an abomination of flesh and machine was hidden within the ground as I was traveling in the midst of the forest, I thought I'd have fallen into a trap but as it turns out, it wasn't the case as I saw red eyes staring back at me." She bellowed. One of the guards immediately spoke at the end of her description of such a creature. "Was there a glyph anywhere on it or a dreadful stench nearby by any chance...?" She nodded as one of the faces of the guard twisted into an expression of distraught and worry. "A damned gnasher..." He cursed under his breath. Asteria was barely able to catch what was said. "A gnasher? That's what attacked, huh?" If things like that exist, and potentially other dangers lurking about, I need to be careful, more on guard. This wouldn't have happened if I was more aware. She had thought to herself. She followed suit to another question. "It seems like there's more to them than I'd realize. My spells had an ill effect on it until I realized that it has a magic shield. Thankfully I was able to disjoin it and create a temporary diversion. Is there any way to kill those things?" @Shaylayy
  3. As the morning sun started to rise, brightness followed as the light leaked beyond the curtains, There lay Asteria, her face looking more full of life thanks to the aid of the healer that had graciously helped her in such a time of need. She was a young woman in her 20's. Pale skin showed more clearly as freckles can be seen on her face with a dim blush of a pinkish hue, likely recovering from the temporary fever from sustaining her injuries. Her glasses equipped onto her face as she would adjust them slightly with her middle finger. She just looked outside, taking in the surroundings in the world around her before she then her chatter outside the door. "Yes, I'm fine now." She said, raising her voice loud enough for those out to hear. She'd imagine she has quite a bit of explaining to do, and for good reason. She's an honest individual, she has no reason to hide her reasonings. She took a deep breath before speaking again. "You can come in." She followed. @Shaylayy
  4. Sounds every now and then became what could be best described as hazing white noise as she fades to black in and out of consciousness. Bearing witness and at ease to the gratefulness of the guards that rushed in to help her. They could have easily finished her off, being an intruder of land when she's not familiar to. Resting at ease once she'd saw the face of the white-haired woman, the gentle aura around her left Asteria with the impression not to be on guard despite being in such a state of peril. Not long, her strength finally left her. She'd had drifted off to a deep sleep before instances of pain could finally recognize as she'd been trying to resist for so long. She'd fallen unconscious, she would mutter a phrase with a simpering smile. "Thank... You." Was all she could manage. Darkness covered glazed over her eyes, trusting her being to the woman near her, hoping things turn out okay. The passing of time felt longing, before the next day, the shine of morning could come and the result of what treatment was performed hoping that left her in a state vastly better than yesterday as she was almost thinking her death bed came far closer than what was anticipated in life. The turn of events from the day last and now onto the marrow had come to a shock but left nothing but more than likely left feelings of frustration. @Shaylayy
  5. With heavy footfalls dead in the night as the moon glared its light, casting it down onto the scene before the illuminating celestial body. Surrounded by a deep forest in the midst of a clearing in which a tall, pale-skinned woman lay kneeled with a sword stuck into the dirt, her. Barely able to hold her composure, her face covered in a cold sweat as she was panting heavily, attempting to catch her breath. Her clothing tattered and torn with various wounds that look to be fairly serious. A gash on her right thigh and cuts along her arms and a deeper on her left shoulder. A gloved hand would grip the hilt of the sword tightly, attempting to stand and support herself the best of her own efforts barely having the vitality to do so. Her eyes would peer forward, meters away she could see the faint outline of what could be described as gates to a city of some sort with the remainder of her peripheral vision glaring. Asteria had a will that was flaring with ignition, she couldn't die here, not before she could even start. Looking back at the distance to what caused her injuries. She would shield a look of disdain. She could only mutter a few words, however powerful. "An absolute abomination..." Her words were filled with venom. Focusing her attention to what's in front of her, slowly flowing traces of magic throughout her body in attempts to keep her from losing too much blood. She doesn't specialize in healing magic per-say but she can at least ward the bleeding. As she trudged along the forest with her sword that's also taken quite a beating. She could faintly see light nearing, she must be near. Could it be security, watching through the night? If so, she would only plea for good graces in some aid, adrenaline was keeping her conscious, but not for long. As the injured woman drew near, all she could plead was "Please... Help me." As best she could, hoping her voice could be heard. @Shaylayy
  6. @supernal Can you reply as the client for the quest? We're about done with it in terms of the objective.
  7. A force of relief came over him after the bear had finally fallen, their task was initially complete for the most part without any casualties and quite swiftly performed as well he had figured. As she approached him and mentioned about his initial carving skills, while not a master but he should be able to without a major problem. "Yeah, I think I can just fine for this one, rather huge he is." He added as he would then drop down to a knee beside the bear's still warm corpse. Fetching a tapered rondel dagger he had kept at his hip, unsheathing it from its leather scabbard and he would begin to collect their game. While the bear's pelt was rather thick, it would result in plentiful amounts of what could be made from it. As it wasn't damaged by any burning or something to tarnish the surface, the material was still fine. Just needing to be washed and properly cared for as well as getting access from the pelt during the maintenance process. After minutes pass, the time of day gradually shifting while the sun's rays still pierce through the clouds, he had finally was able to get the large bear's fur and skin only leaving its corpse in which is flesh and viscera as internal bleeding from the chains and Loara's arrows were evident on its body, or least what's left of it. Bagging up the bear pelt and cleaning any access blood on his hands, he would stand back up, sheathing his weaponry and the dagger so he can carry their game. "Alright, sorry to keep you waiting but that should do it. We can head back to the tavern and report back." He said as he would sling the thick cloth and leathery bag over his shoulder. @Shaylayy OOC: Someone named Vaddock in the Tavern, it should say in the TOL quest bulletin.
  8. Standing in awe as his ally had shown a display of mercilessness towards their foe, whom in which is trapped, only moments before the embers of life is vanquished by the cold chill of death's breeze. However, with Loara's final strike within her ruthless combination; the bear was slumped and unyielding as the bright flash of light would glaze its being. No sooner was the bear to live, it was unmoving as if it had given it. Finally, its will was broken and taken over by superior strength. The eerie aura that surrounded the chains began to seep into the magicked circle that projected along the ground underneath the bear, slowly the chains would unhinge from the bear's nigh-lifeless body, retracting into the circle as the duration of the spell would come to an end, perfect moment for her to unleash her shot at the end was rapidly forboding. A thought came to him the moment the spell ended. "Careful now. We still need to skin the beast and bring the pelt to our client." He then added as he would slide his sword into its scabbard. if the bear was as vital as they had figured, he would be able to quickly act on the offense as he had still would have his staff on hand, however, he had deemed the fight to have come to a close, only mere moments away. @Shaylayy
  9. As he witnessed Loara's timely attempt at disabling their foe, the effectiveness was quite a welcome surprise. He could help but grin and give praise. "Good shot!" He bellowed as he stepped forth, darting towards the fallen bear to deliver a stab towards the bear's neck. He would extend his sword arm and thrust with pronounced speed, and strength. With his proficiency with the sword, his precision was true, a swift strike delivered with the opportunity that was laid out before him. As he rapidly approached the bear, he reeled back his arm, the sword tip pointed directly at the bear's neck. With a quick thrust as he extended his arm, the blade would pierce its hide and would tear its flesh asunder. The moment the blade incised into the bear, it released a cry of pain, whimpering as well as roars of fury left its maw as its teeth would gnash and grit, its body would wrangle against the ghostly chains to break free. Using its size and hulking strength, the chains quickly began to break and loosen. He would lunge backward several feet as he held his stave in front of him to cast another spell. Willing magical energy into the stave he would begin to cast another spell: Iron Maidens Cage. Evoking the spell would summon ebony chains to forcibly hold down the bear, the chains retained thick spikes to dig into its foes and drain their vitality. However, these would only pierce the bear's hide and hold it in place for a few more good moments. As long as Leon would retain concentration, he can hold for Loara to get in a good shot. Unleashing the magic sequence, a magic circle formation would appear underneath the bear's flailing body. The circle retained colors of a blood moon surrounded by ashen clouds in midnight. Radiating an aura of necrotic hunger for the living. The bear was the chain's meal as they whipped, and thrashed around its body. The raddling of the chains rather eerie as a blood red aura seeped around them. The bear would unleash another strong roar, its struggling attempts becoming even more unsettling and erratic. Leon just looking at the bear, he sees pain. Borderline torture as the bear would look at them with bloodshot eyes of teething daggers and frustration, perhaps, helplessness? @Shaylayy
  10. On a mental count, he would then begin his assault. '3...2...1'. The numbers echoed in his head clear as he then swiftly moved. His strides swift as he extended his right arm, holding out his stave as it teemed with arcane energies. A magical sequence activated with that motion, various black and grey symbols would orbit the head of the staff between actualizing into a spell: Ruin. It is a spell that deals unaspected magic damage with an expanding radius explosion of 6 meters. It is a rather weaker version but should hopefully stun the bear in hopes for leeway for a follow-up attack. The sphere of magic energy would travel with immense speed, with a flash the spell would attempt to strike at its stomach region while it was still on its hind legs. If his attack was made successful, he would follow in for a wide sword slash in which to pierce its hide. Pressing his right foot down to accelerate further, brandishing his sword arm. The bear would stumble backward as the attack was made successful in which encouraged Leon to follow-up with this opportunity. He was faced with another strong roar before he arced his sword slash forth and swung, the blade would pierce the bears hide and flesh into a deep wound, leaving a gash as blood would fly from the flesh wound as well as coating the true edge of his weapon. He would rebound and jump back, gaining some distance. The bear would get back on all fours, recovering from the first blow and roar once again. This time, fury can be heard in its cry. It was ready to attack, not before it reared and came rushing toward's Leon's direction. He would then prepare himself in a defensive stance by crossing his blade in front of him diagonally with his stave. @Shaylayy
  11. Had a hard time adding a picture as a reference, apologies. x.x
  12. I've been playing a lot of Monster Hunter World lately and one of my passions when it comes to roleplaying concepts go, its creating weapons and various items. So I made a conceptual weapon from one of my favorite weapon types just for fun. I hope you guys like it.~ " Sword mode boasts mobility and high guard capabilities, while axe mode boasts more powerful attacks. Store up energy while in sword mode, and then use it to deal high damage in axe mode. " Forged from the scales and essences of fabled Elder Dragon, Kushala Daora. Masters of the skies and the very furious mistrals that beckon to his every whim. Bathed in the elder dragon blood, his essence was used to bring forth a charge blade of devastating amplitude, as his power not only resonated to be an exemplar in comparison to the living, and, breathing wyrm, but also with potential to bring havoc amongst a plethora of foes with a hunter skilled enough to wield this relic of winds fury manifested. A charge blade is a technical weapon with the ability to transform. The base is a sword & shield mode. Allowing for swift attacks as well as the ability to serve as a rampart against incoming attacks albeit physical, projectiles, and so forth. The weapon in of itself has features and mechanics that enhance the weapons performance and allow for the wielder to dish out more cogent attacks. The charge blade is able to equip phials which are items that act as rechargeable containers that can store various forms of energy. This charge blade, in particular, is built to contain two phial types: Impact & Power Elemental with various levels of energy capacity between them. Impact phials store kinetic energy through its standard physical attacks as well as blocking attacks with the shield. By either discharging a percentage of the phials energy capacity into the sword or shield, you'll be granted with options that allow you to enhance your standard capabilities. If you choose to discharge the phials into the shield you'll be granted with heightened defenses, making your shield a bulwark that can stand against even the most fierce attacks. If the phials are charged to their maximum capacity, this unlocks the RG System. (Radial General Purpose) While the shield is charged, the sword unlocks the ability to go into its Amped state. Within the amped state, the sword surges with energy, raging on, the blade is able to implement the energy stored within the phial, into its attacks. Enabling more robust strikes, however, this will drain the phial periodically with each strike landed depending on the strength and gauges before the phial needs to be recharged once more. While the sword is in its amped state, the wielder would be able to discharge all of the energy built up at once into a more formidable strike that has a shockwave range. With this particular charge blade, the shockwave range is 8 feet in a frontal cone in front of the wielder with a diameter of a meter and a half. When the sword is then merged with the shield, the weapon will morph into an elongated battle-axe like weapon, allowing for stronger attacks with more range but also slower compared to its previous form. The axe form also is key to one of the charge blade's most powerful attacks. When charged phials are gauged into the shield, this allows for an Amped Elemental Discharge. The amped elemental discharge is an attack that releases the charged phials stored energy, into a concentrated, traveling shockwave within axe mode, allowing devastating attack power as well as range. When the phial is charged to its maximum, shown by the vibrancy of the phial gauge and the sword, once merged with the shield and going into an elemental discharge, this further increases the amped elemental discharge in power and range. The amped elemental discharge can be accessed mid-combo and in the sword & shield mode, or axe, when an opportunity presents itself to do supreme damage. RG System: Within this amped state of power, the RG System is when the charge blade is at peak performance, its prowess and proficiency are multiplied. Upon releasing the stored and concentrated powers of Kushala Daora, the Hunter is able to unleash the elder dragon's powers in paramount, resulting in the catastrophic endowment that's blessed. The charge blade will saturate the phial energy and the dragon's force internally as well as externally to increase its performance drastically. The wielder can concentrate levels of this esoteric force with the Elderseal Phial that will be slotted into the sword's gauge. The Elder Seal Phial is an enhanced phial that holds the link between Kushala's power and the charge blade. Once combined, delivers a power resonance state between the weapon and the Hunter. The sword and shield are engulfed in ferocious gales and phial energy. This, signifying that the RG System is activated. Within this state, the sword and shield amped state is taken leaps and bounds further to their regular forms potential. The sword's attacks are swifter with the ability to have increased range to its attacks by enlarging the blade, into a blade of wind with a kinetic field created by the discharged phial energy. Given its new properties, the sword has increased attack range, speed, cutting capacity, as well as increased penetration strength has given that the winds are going to be in a continuous, raging spiral. The shield gains a further amped state that enables the Hunter to harness Kushala's power to create a subdermal field on the shield that gives the effect of repulsion mimicry. Allowing various strikes and projectiles to be reflected. This can be used offensively to further increase the amped elemental discharge shockwave power or through techniques that involve a shield bash. The Elder Seal Phial can release all of its stored energy into a Super Elemental Amped Discharge, in which would unleash cataclysmic levels of power to reign upon their foe. The charge blade is able to withstand that amount of shock and stress due to its overall material design. Using the strength of Kushala's scales as the catalyst, paired with tempered adamantine with a compound made with mythril. Able to withstand category F5 tornadoes and microburst storm with relative ease. The very edge of the sword & shield seems to hum with an iridescent, white energy constantly that flows in prismatic waves. Once the wrath of Mistral's Grace is liberated, the very foundation of Kushala Daora's roar can be said to be divulged.
  13. Taking a good glimpse at the beast near them as he would peek behind the tree. It was definitely their target without a doubt. The size and weight of it are like what their client described, even so, the scar on its snout confirming it. "That's the one for sure. I think I have a plan while we still have the element of surprise." He muttered. He knew a variety of spells at his disposal, mostly ones that involve direct combat with utility and destructive capabilities. Give the composition between the both of them and the abilities they had, they might have a chance for it to go smoothly. Only variable being the bear's strength and intellect. Underestimating the enemy would be a dire mistake, on both fronts. He continued to speak after gauging their surroundings and the bear. "I'll draw aggro from the bear and try a surprise attack to gain its attention, and then engage at close range. Using your archery skills to aim at vitals and various points on the bear such as the eyes and the general facial region to disable it further." The plan being simple yet effective. Their performance to work as a team would be tested however he had confidence in their abilities. He waited for a response before he would move in for the attack. They were a good distance from a crowd, given their location they are able to use what means necessary to disable their target without overly prying eyes. @Shaylayy
  14. Making his way through the large crowd of people and passerby's he would eventually make his way to the other end in which is near the entrance to the forest. Rearing his left hand down to slightly grasp at the scabbard of his sword while his stave was in hand, he would quickly enter the thick of the forest. The sun's rays were dimly illuminating around them due to the tree's being so vast in size taking in most of the light. While it was still daytime, for the both of them, their ability to find their way should be okay for the most part. Not too soon after entering the forest he's met with markings on the tree. Several digits of long gashes plastered on the trunk of several trees nearby. Due to the size of the claw marks as well as surrounding damage, denting and tearing at the bark, that specific bear was around here at some point in time, as if they entered its marked territory. Fingertips examining the depth of the claw marks and counting the number of trees marked: 6. Six trees around them, only growing further deeper into the forest and becoming more robust in environmental damage. Only mere moments had passed and by the time he had finished, a loud, ferocious roar sounded deep within the forest around them. The bears cry echoed clearly, the strength of it by no means weak. Almost filled with venom and anger. As the both of them entered the territory of the creature's hunting grounds. "It looks like we're getting close to the target. Are you ready, Loara?" He asked, turning to her as he unsheathed his sword. The sword shimmers and resonates with magical energy as a strong breeze of wind wafted the moment the blade exited the sheath. He held the sword at his left and stave on his right. Both weapons at the ready. @Shaylayy
  15. Using his height to peer over the crowd as much as he could to look for a way out despite such a bustling town in this time of day, Lorara's words rang to him, signaling a response as he got a general idea of the events that will be occurring next: The hunt. With a sly grin, he would respond in kind. "Yes! Let's go." He said with gung-ho in his voice. The bartender said that the bear attacked places with people but especially shops and stands in the place of food. Off into the distance, he could spot a small marketplace that sold various dishes and treats that are openly vendoring to the masses. Looking a little past, the forest was in the thick of the background and trees were bunched with gaps between the bark. Perfect for when the bear wanted to plan out its attack, he figured. Motioning over to gain her attention, he would point towards that specific area. "I think we should enter through there. Just in case the bear tries to attack for food, we can quicken our response and lessen the likelihood of casualties. Agreed?" He muttered. Not wanting to sprout a panic amongst the crowd he tried to limit the loudness of that statement in particular. @Shaylayy
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