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  1. Something Lurks in the Forest [IC]

    With rapid action as the King came to Ferris with such speed, Walker would immediately act -- lending Ferris his support. Calm and serene. Those words rang and manifested into his magicks. Pulsating sensations of calmness dulling the sounds of chaos and the perverse words of temptation. A healing gale weft in rapid successions around them. A boon to ease the mind and give the mind and body a resonating swelling of serenity. This spell was inspired by the Dwarven artifact that was gifted to him the last time he went on such an excavation and had to dwell into ruins. At such a time as this, Ferris seems the most on edge and could benefit greatly from a sound mind and body. Plus who knows what could happen if he gave into the wrong kind of temptation. "Let's stay vigilant and move with haste. Work one thing at a time." He said within the confines of the spell. At the same time the Aegis bangle that illuminated it's magicked brilliance only bolstered further. Increasing their defenses with a secondary shield. The orb from his stave pulsating dense wavelengths of magick, Walker would swing in the direction of Ragnar as he released a concentrated bolt of thaugmatic force, as swift as an arrow with hulking strength; in hopes of causing any form of damage while at the same time dividing the King's attention. Wisps of azure fire circled the stave, burning without control. Manifesting his elemental prowess to be at the ready to unleash a rage of magical zenith fury.
  2. Something Lurks in the Forest [IC]

    The foreboding presence of the rising situation growing more intense; this made Walker slightly more excited with the rise of events while at the same time worried -- anything can happen at this point. Not like they Gods' among men or of some divine pantheon granting great strength. As a knowledgeable spell-caster he had the power to bolster their abilities and to support them however too much unknown is present. A deep pit of anguished riled inside of him as a rising sensation of dread and just a plethora of thoughts raced across his mind; thousand words a minute. Taking a second to just breathe he thought of the situation in the sense of how things work. Nothing is truly unbeatable, no challenge is too great to overcome without putting forth the effort first. Any amount of progress we make today is sure that it can be done. His mind now clear and serene he would beckon to the both of them, Nikki and Ferris. " Aye, I agree. Take out the additional enemies and target one foe at once. We gotta work fast though before anything else can spawn. I'm sure myself and Nikki are capable of that. However; if the situation becomes too much we should retreat like Nikki suggested, I agree with that idea. I'll support the retreat as well with a teleportation spell, however that'll take a few moments so I'd need cover." To any given man this was insane; to take on a powerful foe with some form of surge gung-ho. Not quite the case; he believed in giving challenges an attempt before trying again, trial and error. Plus he was worried of what would happen if this...Monster spread his corruption among the innocent and feeble. That doesn't quite sit well with him.
  3. What are you playing?

    Final Fantasy XIV, Warframe and Final Fantasy XIII (Apart of the 1% that likes it)
  4. Something Lurks in the Forest [IC]

    "Guessing there's no time to lose then huh? Let's do this thing." His voice erected as a pristine arcane brilliance ignited as both his magical artifacts glowed more intensely, filled with arcane energy more potent than before. Raising his arm upwards as a fixed number of magick circles formed into a circular array. Walker would call down his arch-magi's stave. The many runes inscribed on the shaft and the prismatic orb filled with many colors that rested at the seat of the shaft, the orb had a pulsating flow of pure mana and vermilion energy ran down from the orb to the shaft. Resonating with Ferris' sword as the flames grew more potent, the embers themselves bolstered by the vermilion flames so naturally -- burning brighter shifting to a scorching white. Walker intended to buff his sword even further, calling all the stops to his magical potential. His free hand would touch onto barrel of Nikki's gun, blessing the weapon with increased projectile speed, as well as the same elemental boon of fire onto her weapon. Shown by the flaming runes that would inscribe on the weapon. A radiate aura unleashed from his enchantments that was without rest, unyielding. He would then finalize his enchanting by granting Greater Haste on each of them. Causing natural actions to increase exponentially, their reaction speed and executions would be much sharper and more swift. "I'll do my best to support you two." He added as he gripped the shaft of his stave at the ready.
  5. Something Lurks in the Forest [OOC]

    I've been sick the past few days, haven't had a good moment to make a lengthy post yet, sorry for the wait. I'll try and push something out.
  6. Something Lurks in the Forest [IC]

    Nodding Walker agreed with the plan. Sheathing his exalted blade in one swift motion at his hip and focused his magical prowess into the Aegis Bangle that was located on his right wrist. The magical artifact containing excellent defensive prowess -- especially in his spell-casting ability. Arcane brilliance gathering into the core of the wristband, the shield core manifesting a pattern of magical arrays that would soon conjoin into a matrix of the initial affect. A sharp blue shroud would project itself around each of them -- only lasting for a second before fading. This being a standard mana shield however protecting against high magic and physical blows -- easily able to tank the blunt of several war-hammers with ease as the shield would erect within the persons 2 foot vicinity. Walker would then chain another magical shield that would bolster their physical abilities and defenses; figured that nothing is wrong with being too careful. Manifesting the blessings of the earth and forces that associates with it, spectral stone walls would erect around them as amber- earthen energy would radiate from them like an aura. This being the spell Stone Skin II. A greater version of the original that deflect and resists 75% of physical impact including falling damage this also increasing physical attributes such as strength and natural defenses -- just like having actual stone skin. They would feel the spell coursing through them. "Alright. We should be good now. I'll focus on support and keep our shields up." He assured them as he loosened his neck in preparation for the events ahead.
  7. Something Lurks in the Forest [IC]

    His eyes darting across from the wolves and his allies as they were in the midst of combat. He wanted to support them but needing to wrap up things on his end first. He could only grin. For being more or less a pacifist in nature -- the heat of battle always gotten to him. Taking a deep breathe he would slowly exhale; beginning a state of focus and clearing unnecessary thoughts. Clenching his right hand, his ring of blades began to glow with an unearthly, pale cerulean brilliance. Leaning forward on his toes; Walker would begin his assault. As a war-mage he was proficient in magick and martial combat; erecting an exalted blade of unaspected magick energy from his ringed hand, a bastard sword with 3 black runes on each side of the blade flats. His acceleration closing the gap as he would come to a sudden halt, his sword arm submerged in a dance of fire and ice radiance as he would give a upwards diagonal swing at the first wolf, a storm of molten flames and blades of ice would dig into creature as his strike was swift with minimal hesitation. The beast would ignite in a cold flame. The blue fire would flicker and spread around the area while at the same time causing the flora to freeze; crackling with each step. With agility Walker would hurriedly depose of the remaining foes on his side with a fighting pattern of attack, parry and riposte; using the flat side of the blade to defend against the weight of the claws surely able cause fatal harm. His gaze burning with aspiring focus, before he knew it the second foe had fell before him, his magicked blade stuck inside it's frosted over remains as the wounds would emit smoke. Re-assuming his stance and jumping backwards to gain some footing, a bit of distance from himself and the enemy. He would look back at his team mates. he knew both of them were capable and quite skilled. "Is everyone alright? Time to finalize the attack." He said, aloud enough for them to hear. Wrapping up things on his end as he swung the spectral sword once more, releasing an arc of magick energy, as swift as an arrow, to cut down the remaining foe in hopes to regroup with his comrades. If the situation came down to it he would drop the offense and go on full support drive such as healing or defense. Walker knew he wasn't overwhelmingly powerful in offense, or defense but his versatility makes up for it.
  8. What are you playing?

    If Valucre has a unique class system I'm all in!
  9. Something Lurks in the Forest [IC]

    Taking a deep breathe Walker could only give a simper grin, breaking into a small fit of laughter. Placing a hand on his hip he would stare off into the forest. Today proved nature can be a beautiful however rotten when the time came. Looking back to Nikki with a beaming smile of confidence. However simple Walker was. Experience was important to him, throwing away doubt and with a head held high to the possibilities was a dogmatic practice. Or you could say he was overly optimistic. "Shall we finish what we started you two?" His voice clear in hopes to raise their spirits, a sound mind and heart. The odds were all over the place, the possibility of what we could face was a gamble all on its own. Not to say no silver linings weren't drawn from this adventure but it's a nearing curtain call of what could happen. The wheels of fate are turning.
  10. Something Lurks in the Forest [IC]

    With a sigh escaping his lips. Scratching his head at the unfolding situation. At this point rash decisions is likely to get someone killed. Hopefully none of his teammates become the targets of such an event. Unsure if this was fated to happen among the will of ever spinning thread of fate. It was a drag true enough, said the elven mage. "I wonder who are our enemies in this situation. The dwarves... Or the Dryads and the avatar that stands before us. I'm honestly lost here." Do we help save Ragelager or let him to his fate. It was an unsightly situation. More or less of a sound mind at this point
  11. Ayyyye Code Lyoko! Man does that bring back childhood memories. You've rocked my nostalgia lmfao 

  12. Something Lurks in the Forest [OOC]

    Stay safe everybody, keep warm and wash your hands! Quite expressively if you must.
  13. What are you playing?

    Currently playing Guild Wars 2 and Waframe (PC) actively.
  14. Something Lurks in the Forest [OOC]

    Alright sweet. Looks like we may be able to finish this. It would have been shame if we had to take a more unpleasant turn. You guys are excellent roleplayers, in sheer sincerity. @Tyler @JaviD'Arcana
  15. Something Lurks in the Forest [OOC]

    I wouldn't mind continuing personally. I agree with such a decision.