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    Moving, always moving. Kiyoko was gliding from rooftop to rooftop, nearing closer to her prey, and her friends. The darkness swirled around her and she was one with it, as she slipped closer largely unnoticed. Her tiny reconnaissance spiders fed her information about the enemy - there were 4 weaker ones, and one - the leader - who was particularly strong...and ancient. The spiders had begun to tell her what they knew of the demon in the middle of the street, when abruptly, half of them disappeared. Kiyoko felt the heat from the blast as the buildings to her left completely disintegrated in the wake of the black fire Rin and Kaede had unleashed. Immediately, she sensed the air change; a deathly shriek pierced the air, and she couldn’t help but notice it sounded a little angry.

    Farther away from the action, Kiyoko had more time to process the events of what was happening, even though it was mere seconds. Kiyoko had been unmatched in her analytical ability, and it was a honed skill that allowed her to predict with an uncanny accuracy of what would happen next. Her hands were already moving, each set forming different hand seals 1,2. Perhaps the other members of Hanyusha wondered where she had gone, and what she had been doing all of this time while she was away. Chakra flowed through her body, allocated to each set of seals separately - forming multiple jutsus at once. She would show them, and this demon, exactly what she had learned on her journeys: unparalleled chakra control.

    As the black wall of the preternatural void swept toward her, Kiyoko’s skin would take on a golden hue as her natural sweat would begin to harden like a second skin; a skin that would also serve as a weapon.3 As the void enveloped her, she found herself in a whole new world - one that smelled like the inside of a vulture’s stomach. If death had a tangible form, it had manifested as this world.

    Instead of sinking into the muck and muddied water below her, Kiyoko’s feet were firmly planted on the fuzzy back of OdoriGumo - her jumping spider, who appeared at her summons just as the new world materialized around her. Smaller than her other troops, but still 3 times bigger than Kiyoko, OdoriGumo could jump 50 times its own body length, making it the ultimate escape artist. Her top pair of hands were still moving; still forming seals - this time preparing a jutsu for the demon in front of her.4 Her bottom hands were holding a golden lump; a couple of more seconds, and the weapon would be fully formed.The demon was speaking, but Kiyoko did not care to listen; she was methodically planning its death.

    As expected, Kiyoko had entered this new world behind the demon, which was at least 60 feet in front of her. Kiyoko immediately took in her companions, who were even farther from her, in front of the white monstrosity. She was pleasantly surprised to see Ides; not in a form she had ever seen him in, and equally as grotesque in his own right. Kiyoko did not dwell on these pleasant feelings though; while her companions responded to the demon with rage and fury, Kiyoko was calm. It was no longer just fun now; the real game had begun, and she would enjoy it thoroughly as she won. Each move was calculated, and the sequence of moves would fall together like pieces of the puzzle. The demon was about to experience Hanyusha in rare form - they never got to let loose together...not like this.

    Delicate red lips parted into a smile, revealing tiny venomous fangs that glinted in the moonlight. The ground immediately behind the demon would erupt as 5 tall pillars of stone sprang up behind it, like the bars of a half - formed cage. With the black vortexes of water around them actively seeking their death, it seemed that the demon had not found it pertinent to move from his position. The rock pillars, while thick, could probably be snapped by a well aimed attack - the demon seemed godlike, afterall, and Kiyoko doubted he could break them without much effort.

    The secret to the pillars was not their strength, though. The true meaning of the pillars, standing almost 20 feet tall, became clear as Kiyoko leveled her now fully-formed crossbow at the demon’s back. In conjunction with her teammates' attacks, an arrow was shot, and was on track to pierce through the demon’s chest. If it even scratched him, the demon would suffer dire consequences.

    Death will come tonight - but it will not be for the members of Hanyusha.



    1. OdoriGumo summons

    2. Golden Spider Armor

    3. Golden Spider Armor - Weapon formation

    4. Earth Pillars


  2. Kiyoko moved silently through the night, away from Yoshi, and toward where she perceived Rin to be. A few blocks away from where she had spoken with the odd man, she stopped. Like a spider, Kiyoko could sense vibrations in the earth and tell the nature of what was happening, and could discern what was creating the vibrations. It was not the same sort of sensory technique that nin typically use; when manipulated, these vibrations were used as a form of communication between spiders in different areas. Through her training with the spider elder Shintogumo, she learned that the ability could also be used to track people and creatures alike - even those that do not give off a chakra signal.

    She could feel several people - well, perhaps not people - not too far ahead. She could tell there were five creatures in total; what they were, she did not know. The vibrations their forms emitted through their feet were unknown to her, and they were unlike anything she had felt before. She also felt two familiar patterns - one from Akuma Hyuga, a member of Hanyusha, and the other from...the previous Hokage from Konohakagure.

    How interesting. What business does Akuma have with the Hokage?

    Kiyoko and Akuma had been on missions together, and while they may have never considered each other friends, he was still an ally. But the Hokage? She had once kept Kiyoko against her will, and even though the Hokage had chosen to let her live as a captive, she and Kiyoko had not necessarily parted on good terms.

    She pricked her thumb with her teeth, and her fingers danced to form the seals necessary to summon a multitude of tiny black spiders. Slamming her hand down in the dirt in front of her, she watched as hundreds of her infinitesimal allies poured out of the summoning portal. These were her sensory spiders; while they did no damage on their own, they were adept at reconnaissance and relaying information to Kiyoko from long ranges. When acting together and in great numbers, they could form webbing nearly as strong as Kiyoko’s own.

    As they entered this world, Kiyoko gave them their instructions: feed her information on the situation ahead, and be prepared to seal off exits at her command. Tiny as they were, the spiders would be nearly imperceptible, however, in amounts this large, they would be noticeable to those who were paying attention - but probably not to those who were already locked in battle. She watched as they quickly scattered, and took different paths to surround the area she indicated. Their black bodies were nearly invisible in the darkness.

    Turning, Kiyoko made her way to the roof of the building next to her, hoping to get a better vantage point. Moving from rooftop to rooftop, she paused as she suddenly felt the unmistakable vibrations of the earth being torn asunder. She slowly licked her lips as she smiled, revealing slightly elongated canines.

    This is going to be fun.



    Kiyoko began to walk around the man, who seemed genuinely startled that she wasn’t interested in him or what he had to offer. She had seen this reaction before, and it usually culminated in anger on the part of the man who felt he had been scorned. And, typically, if they decided to get just a little too close, she’d slit their throat and be done with it.

    Kiyoko was not surprised by the man’s movement, or that, in the blink of an eye, he was on the other side of her. What caught her off guard was that in a single instant, the man’s aura swelled into something far more immense and sinister than it had been when they were simply conversing; it was significantly more malevolent than when she felt his initial approach. A tingling sensation flooded through Kiyoko as time slowed and darkness crept in.

    Is this fear? How could someone’s mere aura be so formidable and menacing that it's affecting me this way?

    The feeling was overwhelming, but it only lasted for a brief moment before it receded.

    His voice washed over her like water in a gentle-moving river, and she was brought back into reality, away from the darkness of her thoughts. She noticed a faint, acrid scent, one that struck her as being familiar but she couldn’t quite put her finger on what it was.

    The force of his aura alone had been enough to rekindle her initial curiosity. Glancing down at the card in front of her, she plucked it out of his hand in a swift movement. It was blank on the side that she could see, so she flipped it over - only to find that the reverse side was blank too.

    Still recovering from the effect his aura had on her, she asked slowly, “Hey, wait...this is blank”. Her confusion was evident; obviously there was a trick to this, but at the moment, she had no idea what that was. She turned her head to the side to look at him directly, but he was already walking away from her.

    In the moments that she waited for his answer, she realized what the scent had been. Poison. One that she knew could cause irreversible damage to the body if it was breathed in large amounts...and she could tell it had been coming from his breath. That interested her more than anything else; at least, she was curious as to how he was doing it. She tucked that nugget of information away for later thought.

    It dawned on her that from the moment his aura shifted, and from that point on, the vibrations he emitted had changed too. It wasn’t anything she had experienced before, and to her knowledge, it wasn’t something anyone should be able to do. It was as if he was an entirely different person.

    "There are those who weave the web of destiny, and there are those who get trapped in it."

  4. Kiyoko maintained her position as the man walked toward her. As he got closer, she was able to get a better look at his features, and she realized that he was not unattractive. However, he did not look particularly well, like he hadn't slept properly in a long time. He stopped a few yards from her, and it looked like he was trying to contain his excitement about...something.

    "How rude of me. My name is Yoshimitsu. You may call me Yoshi, and I have quite the opportunity of a lifetime for you! "

    Kiyoko raised an eyebrow, somewhat surprised at the direction this conversation was going.

    " How would you like to become powerful? "

    In most respects, Kiyoko could be considered beautiful. She had large blood-red eyes, lips that formed a natural pout, and long, raven’s wing black hair that hung down to her knees. She had a doll-like appearance that often attracted older men, and so she was used to creepy men approaching her for unsavory reasons. However, this question caught her completely off guard.

    A frown flashed across her face for a brief second, and then she barked out a laugh.

    “And here I was, thinking that you knew me. But if you actually knew who I was, you'd know that I am already powerful,” she scoffed.

    The man was a charlatan, or perhaps an addict of some kind, judging from his appearance. There was nothing he could offer her that would make her more powerful than she already was, or at least nothing that Rin augment for her - and she said as much.

    “I don't need whatever magical solution you are offering, stranger. Now, I have somewhere to be,” she said with a fake sweetness to her tone, and she moved to walk around the man.

  5. Kiyoko stood completely still as a voice sang to her from the shadows, and called to her by name. The shadows parted to reveal a man in black attire similar to her own, and as the dim light fell upon his features, her red eyes scanned every line of his face. She felt an almost imperceptible clench of her fingers around her weapons as she realized that she did not know this man. She did not recognize him in the slightest. But he knew her by name, which was disconcerting.

    He walked closer to her, smiling, and she did not move, other than to raise her head ever so slightly in acknowledgement. Her eyes narrowed as he stopped, and she waited for him to either reveal who he was or make another move.

    " I've been looking for you for quite some time now, yes I have. "

    What an odd man. Had he been following her this whole time? Or even further back, prior to the crossing? And why - to kill her? Certainly not, not when he had plenty of chances to do so while she was on the road to Kitashiobara. And how did he know who she was to begin with? Did he know Satoshi, and that's why he's here? She had so many questions, but Kiyoko didn't have time for idle chatter.

    “You have 20 seconds to explain who you are and how you know me”, she said calmly, her voice laced with a thinly veiled threat.

    The divine wind tugged at her black pigtails, pulling the long strands of hair in front of her, egging her onward toward her friends, and toward the strange man who stood in her way. Her doll-like face gave away nothing; she was the picture of serene calm, despite the tension she held at bay in her body. Red eyes gleamed in the fading twilight as she stared at him, waiting. Darkness was falling quickly, and she had wanted to surprise Kaede and Rin while she still had the daylight to do so.

  6. The divine wind tugged at Kiyoko’s black hair as she made her way through the gates of Kitashiobara, and she tightened her cloak around her shoulders with deft fingers. She could smell delicious food on the wind, and she could see that the town's inhabitants were clearly celebrating, each of them at various levels of inebriation.

    A festival, really, is this what they had been up to? She knew she had been gone for a long time, but she didn’t realize it had been long enough for them to start throwing parties. She could perhaps see Kaede doing this as some sort of publicity stunt, but certainly not Rin - she knew the white-haired kunoichi never dabbled in this sort of thing. This was not at all how she had pictured her return to this place, but if they were celebrating, then her homecoming may as well be part of it. Hordes of drunken people danced and mingled around her as she navigated the town’s inner streets, her black cloak never once touching anyone.

    The crossing into this world had left its mark on each of them, but the effects it had on Kiyoko had been...lasting. There had been numerous mutations, some of which were just emerging, and others that she had spent time honing during her time in the village to the east. Most of these mutations had been advantageous to her, augmenting the unique abilities she already possessed, but others had been more difficult to master. With her bloodline, Kiyoko had always been able to communicate with her spider counterparts, but she had previously been unsuccessful at learning their language - the universal language of vibrations. Vibrations exist outside of the scope of one's chakra; they functioned as an indicator of one's very existence. No matter the object, inanimate or not, living or dead, if it exists in this plane, it gives off vibrations. Understanding those vibrations was the first step to understanding a language that no other shinobi had deciphered before. Doing so would solidify her claim as their Queen, and would lead to her ultimate success. Unfortunately, in large cities like this where everything had its own unique vibrations, the power gave her a fucking headache.

    She felt a dull pounding begin to build in her temples, and she quickly ducked to the side streets, where there were fewer people. Dusk had fallen and the shadows were lengthening; she felt more at peace here. There were fewer people, and she could begin to tell the difference between the vibrations that resonated through the ground they walked on. In an attempt to more quickly locate Kaede and Rin, she tuned into the grid beneath her feet, listening to the earth below her. She knew they were somewhere near the center of town, but she was not yet close enough to determine exactly what their position was.

    Her pace was brisk and focused, much like a predator honing in on its prey. She turned onto a street that would lead her into the depths of the city, and was pleased to find it completely empty. It was only after a minute of walking that she felt something...off. An odd presence, not necessarily threatening, but ominous nonetheless. How long had it been there, and how had she missed it to begin with? Who did it belong to? Somewhat irritated with herself, she stopped, each of her four hands already clasped around a weapon under her cloak. She didn't want trouble, as she had somewhere to be, but her curiosity had already been piqued.

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