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  1. Ban the user above you! [GAME]

    Banned for not using a simile, like this one.

    Hey, hope you feel better sensei!
  3. Tavern of Legend Season 3

    Carol looked back at Tsidia, the new dragons that she met. She waved her over, wishing that as many people could join the quest. "Hey, come over here! We are forming a party." Carol could not help grinning, as the quest party started to grow. @Tsidia, the mind player @Dizzy00 @Ellipsis
  4. The Village in the Sky

    The man went aboard a ship known as the "Odyssey," named after an ancient tale from several eons ago. The "Odyssey" was a medium airship, suited with one large gun that could pierce through most metals. It was composed of a special alloy that was extremely light, shining a bright gunmetal. The underbelly of the airship was a dark wood, expertly crafted and fit perfectly with the large upper deck. Big sails were stuck on masts which rose high, with ropes and cord going every way. Portholes were poked in two decks, displaying screen of a glass-like material. Large propellers one both sides made sure the thing stayed in the air. The "Odyssey" had a bold captain, one Natalie Ulysses. She was a descendant of one of the villagers, and knew her way around. Captain Ulysses was the chosen pilot for the journey, as the village wanted the best they had to guide the man. They had a short meeting of where they wanted to go. "I know of a place in which one can get what your village requires," said he, smirking at the statement. "It has many power cores that harvest the sun, which would be suitable for this grouping of islands." The man directed Captain Ulysses on which wind to take, the southwest wind, to the small island in which they were headed. "This journey should only take a few days."
  5. Ban the user above you! [GAME]

    Banned for not having a reason.
  6. Ban the user above you! [GAME]

    Banned for improper punctuation.
  7. Ban the user above you! [GAME]

    Banned for not expressing emotions the natural way.
  8. Tavern of Legend Season 3

    Carol smiled, and knew what must happen. With everything back in her bag and her cup of tea, she gestured Nat to stand up and walked over to the dead woman. "Perhaps maybe there is a quest we can go on?" she asked, looking at the woman and then back at Nat. Carol's itch for adventure was suddenly back, and bigger than before. @Ellipsis @Dizzy00
  9. Ban the user above you! [GAME]

    Banned for making a face using text.
  10. Tavern of Legend OOC

    A new thread might be interesting.
  11. Tavern of Legend Season 3

    Carol grins, thinking of the moments of the past. All of those times she had to wrap herself up, give herself some terrible tasting concoction, or even kill a dragon. "I have enough experience to say I have." She looked at her pistol again after sipping her tea. Carol found it when she was on her first scouting mission, just lying on the ground. Back then she had no idea of what it truly was. She picked it up and dismantled it quickly, giving Nat a crash course on how it worked. "It's made of metal and wood, and is quite easy to use." She reassembled it just as quickly, and slipped it back into her bag. It is considered barbaric in someplaces, but it is pretty useful." Carol thought of her first time hunting a dragon, and how easily the bullet flew through its skull. She remembered firing the last shot at the battle, finishing off the general for good. "What about you? What do you do for a living?" @Ellipsis
  12. Tavern of Legend Season 3

    Carol sipped her tea again, glancing back at Natheniel. She was quite surprised that he mistook her healing as magic. "Of course I don't have a magical talent. I use what I can around me, whether it is the leaves of plants or the chemicals made from factories." She sighed and took out yet another medicinal product. It was some sulfa powder, her last tube. "I put this on open wounds, so they aren't infected. I may not heal as quick as magicians, but I still can do my job just as well." She put the tube back in her bag, and found her pistol. Carol decided it would be a good idea to show him it, to not hide anything. She took it out and put it on the leaf. "This is how I defend myself. It is an original .45 Luger, back from where I came from." Carol decided she would save the story of her homeworld for another day. @Ellipsis
  13. Tavern of Legend Season 3

    "Well I come and go, but I have been here for awhile. There was a battle about a week or so ago, fought in that." Carol paused, thinking of what else to say. The battle let her feel better, but she needed to be in constant battle. She looked through her bag and found a single leaf. Carol laid the leaf on the bar, showing Nat. "I was the medic. I healed the wounded. At least 10 people were lost." She glared at the new tavern worker, one that was the same species of the ones that fought. Carol had nothing against him, but looking at him reminded her of the experience. @Ellipsis
  14. Tavern of Legend Season 3

    "Miss Gershwick, Carol Gershwick. I am not too fond of titles however." Carol tapped the table and asked for some black rose tea, her favorite drink there. It reminded her of the sorrow of the world, but also the small hint of hope that it contains. She looks back at the man after taking a sip. "I'm am quite fine, really. Your name, if I may ask?" @Ellipsis
  15. Tavern of Legend Season 3

    The new fellow that arrived seemed a little lost, seemingly not knowing what to do. Carol got up from her seat and approached the new comer. She sat next to him and began a conversation. "How are you liking that lard and dragon blood?" @Ellipsis