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  1. Marshland Breakout

    As Wisp entered the clearing she gazed upon the ship that was to become her new home. The ship was not as elegant as she imagined. More of a freighter than a streamlined vessel, the Aria was still imposing and awesome to look at. Wisp had only ever seen the famous air ships from the ground and seeing one on her level made her feel extremely small. But the crew swarming out of the ship and welcoming back their captain made her feel like they could become her friends after a time. She bid farewell to the deer and hoisted her pack as she walked towards the ship.
  2. Down With the Sickness (faction thread)

    "Yes that is the arrogance I remember," Lady Cariella said to herself as she watched Leinhart descend from the top of the cathedral. He would not even acknowledge her presence, that pretentious ass. She would not take that slight lightly. If he wanted her help he would have to ask her for it. Otherwise, she would watch as his minions were killed one after the other and their souls collected and sent to the Spirit World with her. Leinhart had some close followers with him at the front of the ranks, young vampires who seemed to be still growing into their powers. The forces of darkness were beginning to move to where this legendary hydra was supposed to be. Cariella decided that there was no way in hell she would be caught marching with the rabble. Her body melded and disappeared into the surrounding shadows as she traveled up to the head of the pack with the vampire coven. Once she emerged from the shadows she began to walk with the vampires, unfurling her fan and waving it in front of her face. "Well Master Leinhart, it seems as though your army has grown quite a lot. Hopefully you manage to keep them after your battle with the hydra. Why must you hunt this beast any way, it doesn't seem like your normal quarry?"
  3. @Prestississimo is that other event thread done or is this in addition to?
  4. Marshland Breakout

    Wisp thought about Cecil's question for a minute before replying. "I don't want much, but if you are willing I would love to join your crew. I merely want to see more of this world, there are places I have yet to visit and plants I have yet to experiment with. I am better at healing wounds than causing them but I can handle myself in a fight if need be." She motioned to her walking stick that she had made specifically for when she ran into bandits or the odd bear on a rampage. She looked eagerly at the Captain while thinking to herself that she was out of her mind for wanting to go back into civilization, but she was determined and excited at the thought of adventure. Even if it was with pirates.
  5. Down With the Sickness (faction thread)

    As she walked into town, Cariella noticed a large crowd gathered around an old, dilapidated cathedral. The crowd was made up of all manner of dark beings from wendigos to vampires and even some banshees. All had gathered to hear the Lord of the Vampires, Lord Leinhart Choisel, announce his plan. Cariella walked through the crowd and as she did so the creatures around her parted, partly because she was a lady and partly because if she had wanted she could kill any of them without even breaking a sweat. The skirt of her black and red dress brushed the ground as she neared the cathedral and any of the creatures who looked at her closely would notice that she had no shadow and seemed to glide over the broken cobblestones. Cariella looked up as Lord Choisel was finishing his speech and she was interested to hear him mention an 11-headed hydra. She wasn't sure quite what his goal was with the beast but the thought of a deadly creature made her giddy with excitement. She snapped open her fan and fanned herself off, even though there was no need of this and subtly checked that all of her knives were in their proper places. Just in case she needed them.
  6. The factions are coming OOC

    All good! I have a butt ton of homework too so I am slow. Just wanted to make sure that the thread hadn't died.
  7. The factions are coming OOC

    if any of y'all are in the Down With The Sickness thread can you post? I don't know where anyone's characters are to interact with them.
  8. Down With the Sickness (faction thread)

    In a patch of deep shadows in an alleyway near the center of the town, a rift split open. It appeared as if by magic, a slice cut into the open air, and created a portal from the Spirit World into the mortal realm. From out of the rift stepped a tall woman with jet black hair. Anyone watching this happen would see the woman wielding a giant scythe, and with one deft swing she closed the portal and the scythe turned into a small hand fan. Cariella stepped from the alleyway and looked around. This was the town that she was called to, it was a run-down, dirty victorian town that reeked of death. Just her kind of place. She wasn't sure where she should go so she headed to where the action usually took place, which was to say she headed towards the town square. The people she passed gave her a quick glance but then looked away, as was proper for when peasants gazed upon their betters. She was still a lady even in death and just because she was now a reaper did not mean that she had given up her title. In fact she had become more powerful. And now with the growing tension in Terrenus she had been called to this town because there would soon be deaths (and hopefully many of them) and death was her business. She could tell from the types of people she saw that this town was home to vampires, and purebloods at that. She could sense it, their black souls and tainted blood. Now all she had to do was try and find the one in charge.
  9. Marshland Breakout

    She wasn't up in her tree house long before deciding to take Cecil up on his offer. Wisp wasn't sure what she would get out of the deal but she was hoping that a crew of pirates would be able to take her to the places she wasn't able to get to and she could find new plants to discover. She finished packing up the last few remaining items in their boxes and satchels she stepped out of the hut and onto a nearby tree branch. With a wave of her hand, Wisp said "Time to go." There was a pause for a moment and suddenly a gust of wind blew through the forest around the hut. As she watched, the hut grew smaller and smaller until finally it was small enough to fit in her hand. Wisp placed the pocket hut into her bag and climbed down the rope ladder. Wisp had seen Cecil and Talia head west and she could see the trail they had left. A man trying to carry an injured woman left quite a trail. "I better hurry before they get eaten or something," she thought to herself. She hoisted her bag onto her shoulders and grabbed her walking stick (a knotted piece of a branch with a medium-sized stone embedded into the wood) and headed off in their direction. As she approached she could hear them walking and as she was about to appear before them she heard the cocking of a pistol. "Hold your fire! It's just me." Wisp shouted as she broke through the cover with her hands up. "Figured I would take you up on that favor now. Also it looks like you need some help. Hold on I can help with that." She had noticed that Talia looked like she was not going to make it for much longer and she was sure that if they needed to stop they would miss whatever friends were waiting for them.She dug into her pockets, tossing out a few loose leaves and feathers, until she found a small clay whistle. Upon the whistle was a rune that she had carved herself, it would call to them any friendly animal in the vicinity. Wisp blew into the whistle and pictured in her mind the deer who lived in the marsh. Eventually, Wisp could hear some of the bushes rustling nearby and she turned to face the noise. Out of the brush emerged a large deer with a set of small antlers. Wisp walked over to the animal with one hand outstretched, she patted the deer on the nose. "Thank you for coming my friend do you think you could help us out? The woman isn't quite strong enough to hike through the marsh." Wisp waited and listened to the deer answer her in her mind before turning back to Cecil and Talia. "He says he will carry Talia to the edge of the marsh but no further, he does not like the people on the outside. But for now he shall help."
  10. The factions are coming OOC

    Yeah I will do an entrance post. Mostly just what is up with the red moon if that is important. Otherwise I will post and figure it out as we go. Hope that makes sense...
  11. The factions are coming OOC

    @Etched in Stone i will jump into your thread when I can. What should I know about your canon before I start?
  12. The factions are coming OOC

    @EpicRome23 can't wait to read your thread! I am torn over to ally with you or house choisel
  13. Sorry about that. Didn't know there was one!
  14. I am so torn right now. I want to do the house choisel faction but @EpicRome23s sounds so perfect for lady cariella
  15. [Skyship Aria] [Event 7] [Cutpurse Cove] Next Day's Morning

    Wisp woke up surrounded by bodies. And once the initial shock of this wore off she managed to take stock of her surroundings. The bodies weren't dead, all of the ones she could see at least were breathing, though they were in various states of undress. This was not exactly something that happened often to her. Though she had been with the crew of the Aria for some time as the assistant to their doctor, she was still an introvert at heart and dealing with crowds of people was not usually her jam. But going off her appearance, hair bedraggled more than usual (at any time she could have any number of leaves, sticks, fur, braids and dreads in her auburn hair), eyes still a little blurry; and to her horror she was without her outer clothes. "Welp. This is new." She thought to herself. Wisp looked around again in attempt to find the rest of her clothes and any clues that might help her determine what exactly happened last night. She vaguely remembered going to a tavern with the crew but when most of the crew got drunker than skunks she remembered being lead by someone out of the tavern and into the night. That is where it all went black. The room she was in now was, without a doubt, a brothel. Though it did look fairly high-end (a fact that helped ease Wisp's mind), it had the trademark red walls and beading, the lighting was dim even for this time of day and most of the people had only started waking up. The other thing she noticed was the hookah sitting next to her in the middle of the room. Going over to it she examined the contents, and upon investigation was not surprised that she couldn't remember anything about last night. Apparently, she had been smoking the spores of the Daydream Mushroom, one of the most hallucinogenic (but non-lethal) mushrooms that could be found. With that in mind, Wisp decided it was probably time to leave and find the crew, no use staying here and getting pulled into any other bad decisions. Wisp never really drank but she was prone to nibbling (and smoking) some of the more "fun" plants she found on her journeys but why in the name of Pan had she smoked THOSE. Daydreams were extremely potent and though non-lethal in small doses, in large quantities users could lose hours or even days without any way of knowing what they had done. There were rumors of people being killed, and killing, all while in a state of dreamlike slumber. She managed to find her clothes (which she immediately put on), her coin purse (which was only slightly lighter than she remembered) and her walking staff before heading out the door and tried not to be blinded by the sunlight as she made her way into the street. Wisp couldn't tell where exactly in the city she was, all around her were buildings and alleyways and she could quite make out where the Aria was. But she figured her best course of action was to find the rest of the crew. Suddenly she heard the sound of several gunshots. "Guessing they are over there." She adjusted her clothes and headed in the direction of the shots.