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  1. This was about the reaction that Wisp expected from the boy but what she didn't expect was to see Samuel come up from behind her and talk about werewolf experiments. She only new about those men (and women) who let the wolf take over and stalked through forests. Since Wisp was so small, these wild werewolves posed an even bigger challenge so when she caught wind of one wherever she was living she stuck to the trees. But she wasn't so fortunate once. A miscalculation of whether there was one living in her area led her to nearly being killed. The wolf had her pinned and only a huge use of magic managed to save her. She had to sleep for days after that encounter but managed to get away without any serious injury. "You showed a lot of control over what should be an out of control power. I don't think that makes you a monster," she said to the door. Then she turned to Samuel, "would you mind telling me about these experiments? I want to help if I can or at least know a little more."
  2. After catching her breath she looked up at the woman who rescued her. "My name is Wisp," she said."I was a part of the original party to slay the wyrm. I am sorry if I offended the boy, my manners are not exactly the best. I am better at reading animals rather than people. I suppose I should go and apologize to the boy." Wisp slowly stood up and nodded to Brannigan before looking for the boy. She didn't think he would want to talk with her after her comment about werewolves and she was even worse at apologizing than she was at casual conversation. But she had to at least try. She saw the boy head down the stairs to what looked like the engine room and made to follow him. "Excuse me," she said carefully. "I know I am probably not who you want to talk to right now. But I wanted to say I am sorry for my comment. It was out of line and I didn't mean to cause you so much panic."
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    Chateau De Choisel | ENTER AT RISK

    The Lady Cariella was not used to being addressed in such a manner but this was of course his home and she did show up uninvited. Looking around she noticed that Dr. Quin had left her alone, not that she blamed her, formal gatherings were not for everyone. But she loved every second of dressing up and having the attention on her. She gave her most dignified curtsy and looked up at Master Leinhart's striking goldenrod eyes. Cariella could sense the power emanating from him, a power that rivaled her own. "My name is Lady Cariella Hightower," she said. "And I am a simple Reaper assigned to watch over the Choisel house and collect any wayward souls. I managed to find my way thanks to Dr. Quin." With a very un-ladylike jolt she stood up and sent out a quick burst of energy. She sensed that something was horribly wrong. "My Lord, I am sorry to interrupt but I do believe your doctor is in some sort of distress." Cariella had the ability to sense souls and if she created a bond with someone she had a stronger sense of their states. And she could feel that the good doctor was in trouble.
  4. Wisp came to right as Brannigan managed to catch her. "Thank you for saving me madam," She said looking up at her pirate savior. Wisp looked down at the deck and noticed the slight chaos beneath her. Taking a deep breath she waved her hand in the direction of the vines. As soon as she waved her hand, the vines began to shrivel up and die. She also noticed that the boy looked very scared of her vines. "I am sorry if I caused you any harm. I have not had very good experiences with werewolves and didn't think it would be good to have one roaming the ship. And you can just set me down against the rail of the ship and I can catch my breath."
  5. From her spot dangling from the ropes Wisp saw the fight between the large man and the deckhand break out. It looked as though the man was holding back some but that didn't stop the boy. Wisp watched the boy grab the mans wrist and saw as he started to transform. "This isn't going to end well," she said allowed. Wisp pulled out a small segment of vine out of her pocket, what she was planning needed help. She was sure the man could handle himself but she didn't want to risk anyone else getting harmed on this journey, they were going to need all of the help they could get. Wisp also hated anything remotely related to lycanthropes (even more than she disliked people) and anyone who had those tendencies was not to be trusted in her mind. Wisp held the vine close to her chest with one hand and stretched the other out to the boy. Channeling as much energy as she could (it was very hard to summon plants with none around) she cast out her spell. Within moments the deck of the ship came alive. A mass of writhing green vines as large as a man's arm sprouted and began wrapping themselves around the boy's legs, soon he would be completely ensnared. But that amount of effort was draining on Wisp, conjuring plants on the ground cost her nothing but in the air.....? Her energy was gone and so was the strength in her legs keeping her on the rope. Wisp felt her legs go to jelly as her vision went dark and she fell from the rigging.
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    Open for business

    Sounds good to me. The new character I have in mind is Maximum Ride inspired (human with bird wings)
  7. Just to let you know I hid your post in alam airfield. It's an IC thread so OOC questions should go to the user via profile post or PM. Also the thread is tagged open which means anyone can post RP there

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    Open for business

    Hey everyone!!! I am unemployed for the time being and need something to do with my life. If you have any open quests or brilliant ideas you are wanting to share with the world? Well reply here and let me join you!!!!
  9. Though being in the air wasn't her preferred state of being, there was a feeling of freedom that came from feeling the mist from clouds on your face and wind in your hair. Her own wild reddish-brown hair was tied in a mix of braids and dreadlocks and was held back with a white scarf. She even found some discarded gull feathers which she carefully braided into her hair. Gone were her heavy fur clothes, instead she opted for an outfit she made for her time working on an airship. She bought a large dark red scarf to tie around her chest and made some pants that were loose around the legs and tight around her ankles (optimal for climbing through the rigging). "I could get used to this," Wisp thought to herself. "But I miss my beloved trees." From her perch in the rigging, Wisp had a clear view of the deck and the fight happening between two giant sailors. Well, everyone over 6ft looked giant to the small halfling. She saw the fight finish and the winner walk to the railing of the ship. Wisp began climbing nimbly down the ropes tightrope style when she saw the large man speak with one of the deckhands. She quickly hooked her legs around the rope and hung there watching the conversation. The boy looked like he was trying to hide something but Wisp couldn't tell what he might want to keep secret. And she didn't recognize the man but anyone that big and that good of a fighter could be a valuable ally.
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    From the Ashes — The Hand of Valjer

    Wisp has nothing better to do so i guess she will help out still
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    Chateau De Choisel | ENTER AT RISK

    Cariella grinned her cat-like grin, the dress was gorgeous and very unexpected. "I think you look magnificent," she purred. "I suppose I should get ready as well, can't have a little feline at a fancy party." A thin wisp of smoke swirled around the tiny black cat as her figure began to change. She stood revealing her human form, her black hair done up in an elaborate, twisting knot of braids and curls -- almost as if she had snakes nestled in her hair -- her nearly black eyes flashed and her dress brushed the floor. Cariella decided it was probably best to go with something a little more formal than her usual outfit so she was wearing a blood red mermaid-style dress with black lace trailing down the length of the dress. Around her neck was placed one of her favorite pieces of jewelry, something she pinched on one of her assignments, which was known as the Devil's Tears. It was a necklace made with intricately crafted black metal and rubies ranging from tiny to the size of a grape. It was worth a pretty penny so Cariella had decided to take it as a Christmas bonus after dispatching the unfortunate owner of the piece who made the unfortunate choice of double-crossing some very bad people. The look was finished by her ornate black fan covered with lace and small crystals that she carried with her at all times. "I hope that my transformation did not startle you my dear, it has been so long since I have had the chance to dress up," Cariella turned to Quin. "I hope the master of the house won't mind another guest. Would you mind terribly to being my escort around the mansion?"
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    House of Choisel, BEWARE OOC

    Not me! But I am excited to see what happens!
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    Down With the Sickness (faction thread)

    She brushed Damien's snide comment aside as she would with a fly that pestered her. Cariella had noticed the souls swirling within him which surprised her, such a young creature had a lot of power but it was unfocused and in turn, dangerous. This child posed no threat to her but she did want to find out more about him. That could wait though, until after the dust settled from the upcoming battle. Cariella turned from Damien to look at Master Leinhart and she let out a small chuckle. "Indeed, but what kind of assassin would I be if I didn't inquire into my employer." Truth be told, Cariella didn't care so much about where his army came from as she did making sure that any undead abominations within the legion made it back to the Spirit Realm. Part of her job as a Reaper meant that she needed to keep an eye on any souls that may have escaped and made it back to the realm of the living. She liked the idea of working with Choisel House but her loyalties would always remain with the Keeper. Even though she was dead, the Keeper granted her back her soul when she entered into his employment, but he could rip it out of her if she disobeyed his wishes. Crossing the Keeper meant she would spend eternity swimming in the well of souls, aimlessly swimming around and around with no end in sight. Or, more likely, she would end up in the cold, dark prison where the souls of the worst criminals were tortured for their crimes. The screams of those souls echo through the Spirit Realm and provided an odd comfort. Cariella made a note to discuss Leinhart's offer when she made it back to the Spirit Realm. Cariella pulled out her small pocket watch and glanced at it, unlike a normal watch, this one showed how much longer she had in her corporeal form. She had about 2 days. As she was musing she watched the Skeletal Reapers cut through the forest, they were quite useful even if their scythe work wasn't as graceful as a real Reaper. No sooner had they cut through the trees then Cariella felt the ground rumble as if some large creature was awaking in its den. Then she heard the roaring voice echo through over the land. "Well it sounds as though we are approaching our destination. Do you have a plan for taking this creature down? Or would you prefer taking it alive?"
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    House of Choisel, BEWARE OOC

    Real quick, what do you mean by "blood into one of my contacts" I am still getting used to the lingo and I wanted to double check before posting anything.