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  1. Adrian Skyspear was a proud Avian, the journey into the Badlands wasn't easy for his people but he managed to get them here and settled. They were thriving as much as anyone could living in such a harsh place but the Badlands gave them open space to fly and no outsiders to bother them. However, while he was meeting with some of the other elders about the plans for the coming rainy season (not as rainy as you would think but still it was a break from the constant heat and provided a valuable time for farming and gathering) there was a commotion out in the village center. "Focus please," he had said to the other Avians at the gathering. "It's probably just some of the children getting into a fight." He hoped it wasn't his children. Adrian worked hard to become the chief of the village and his family's actions reflected on him. Truth be told he wished he wasn't the chief, he would rather be out hunting with the warriors and not sitting around and planning out where to put a new root patch. But this was his job now since the previous chief stayed with the few Avians who stayed in their homeland and he was going to make sure that nothing was going to threaten his people. Once the meeting was over, he emerged from the tent to a slightly calmed people. He stopped by the cooking station and asked one of the women what all the commotion was about. "Well, your sister took it upon herself to bring back a live one from her hunting trip," the woman said. "What are you talking about? Some sort of new pet for her to keep?" He hated when people talked in riddles. "Go see for yourself, she is over guarding Angela's tent," she replied nodding over in the direction of the healer's tent. Fawkes what have you gotten yourself into he thought to him self, he turned and saw that the woman was correct, Fawkes was standing guard outside Angela's decorative tent. Walking over to her he saw her grip tighten slightly on her spear she is nervous. "Well little sister, it looks as though you brought back more than a meal from your time in the Badlands." Fawkes shifted and looked back at him. "He needed help Adrian, I wasn't going to leave him out there in the desert half dead." Adrian pushed past her, though Angela could be formidable he was still the chief and he would know what new thing had been brought into his village. He lifted the flap and walked in and saw the man laying on Angela's operating table. "What in the name of the Skyfather is that?" Adrian said, a look of surprise crossing his otherwise hard face.
  2. As Fawkes stood guard outside the medical tent she watched her flock go about their day. She spotted the women sitting around the mortars and pestles grinding up some of the tubers that grew under the sun baked rocks and dirt. They weren't especially tasty on their own but they were plentiful this time of year and the women of the flock (who usually managed the cooking) mixed it with the blood of the fresh kills and fried it up to make delicious snacks. Fawkes hailed one of the kids who were playing chase in the street, most were attempting to use their wings to get an advantage on their friends but since the Avians didn't gain much power behind their wings until they were about 15, it wasn't much help. She handed the kid her bag of kills and told him to take it over to the cooking station so the women could prepare it for dinner. Once the boy ran off she leaned against her spear and resumed her guard duty. But her time alone was interrupted as a male Avian approached. He cut an imposing figure with his large dark brown wings, broad chest, and his large, ornate spear that he carried across his back. Fawkes gripped her spear tighter as her brother approached the tent, the look on his face meant that he had heard that a stranger had been brought into the village. "Well little sister, it looks as though you brought back more than a meal from your time in the Badlands."
  3. "As you wish, sir," Cariella replied with a nod of her head. "I can escort the Doctor back to her chambers if you like, unless you have something else you wish for me to do." She had seen the hurt look pass over Quin's face when she suggested killing her former-lover, and she felt a pang of guilt that she didn't know she could still feel, but she her job now was to collect souls from anyone that the Choisel vampires killed and if Ira died some other way his soul might not end up with the Keeper. The lord of the house hadn't spoken with her much since her arrival so she still felt like an outsider, lurking in the shadows and waiting for the right time. But she was growing impatient. Sitting and waiting, even for an assassin grew tiresome after a while but she did want to learn more about this project creature that the Doctor was working on. It wasn't quite an undead but it also didn't have much of a soul so she didn't have to worry about the Keeper being mad about losing one of his precious collection. Cariella had seen the destruction the creature caused but still wasn't sure what the Doctor's endgame was. She pondered this while she waited for Master Leinhart's answer. He was the one calling the shots now that he was out here.
  4. Cariella's walk through the gardens had been peaceful enough, even with the trampled hedges. She admired the mansion's beautiful black and dark red roses that grew thick along the pathways. Flowers were one of her more respectable hobbies and she always kept fresh ones around her castle (their aroma masked the occasional scent of blood and cleaning agents). Her stroll took her deep into the garden almost to the labyrinth when she began to hear an ungodly screaming coming from the house. The occasional scream was expected, she assumed, seeing as this was the home of a vampire coven but this was different. A scream of terror and pain from deep in the soul, not merely of the flesh. She couldn't sense quite where it was coming from but decided she should head back to the house to see if anything could be done. Cariella also wondered if she would ever meet the master or one of his twisted family of vampires. If she was going to join them she would need to know what was going on in this house. She pulled out a small mirror and admired her face with it. Even in death she was stunning, it helped her when getting close to her prey. She fixed her lipstick and pinched her cheeks to try and give them some color before closing the mirror. If she was to meet a vampire lord she would make sure to look her best. The large doors of the house stood before her as she approached. A footman opened the door with a bow and welcomed her in. "Do you know where your master is?" She asked the footman. He replied with an unhelpful shrug saying "Master Leinhart could be anywhere this time of day. But a good place to start looking is within the Bloody Mary." Cariella was unsure what this meant but the footman pointed in the direction she should go and she headed off.
  5. Well it looks like things are getting interesting again, Cariella said from her hiding place in the spirit realm. She had felt the need to recharge and since Quin and the strange new human seemed to need some sort of catch-up time but with the appearance of Alistair and Master Choisel, it was probably time to show herself. Cariella sliced the air with her scythe creating a rift near Leinhart and stepped out, this time clad in her assassin's gear. Sometimes a girl just needs some tight leather pants to make her feel alive. "Master Leinhart," Cariella purred. "I didn't think you would deem this situation worthy enough to drop by. I took care of his fallen comrades, they left a bit of a mess over by the mausoleum. What is to be done with this one? Shall i dispatch him or do you wish to keep him?" Cariella floated in place with legs crossed and took out one of her knives to give it a quick polish as she waited to see how this situation would unfold.
  6. Cariella was strolling through the garden admiring the lady of the house's beautiful flowers when she heard the screams and felt two souls leave their bodies. "Duty calls." She pulled out her fan and snapped it open. Shadows whirled around her as her human form melted away and she stood in her Reaper form. It was a resplendent form with her long black robe and hood that covered her skeletal face. Two gloved hands gripped the handle of her long scythe. Cariella flew into the air and into the labyrinth to collect the souls. While she was flying she sensed the familiar soul of Dr. Quinn, along with two men and something undead. That will have to be dealt with. Cariella came upon the souls floating near the mausoleum, they floated near the bodies of their fallen selves. "Grave robbers by the looks of them," Cariella muttered. There were also some skeletons and other undead creatures that turned towards her when she materialized. Luckily these didn't seem to have any actual souls, just some magic that brought them back for security. With a wave of her hand, Cariella muttered an incantation, "Return to your rests my friends. You may serve the Master another day." She then turned toward the sell swords. "Now you two." They floated toward her. "It's time for you to cross over." Cariella gripped her scythe and cut a long slice in the air. A rift opened up and she could see the swirling darkness of the Spirit Realm. "You will be much happier here," she told the souls and motioned them into the rift. Once they crossed over she waved her hand again and closed up the rift. "I wonder if Quinn is alright. I might need to talk with her about that creature she has. It has a soul, if only a partial one and that will need to be dealt with." Cariella took off again and flew back to where she saw the doc. Before she reappeared she wanted to see what she could learn.
  7. @DarkHorse so where are you and your undead friend heading. Also where is this maze/labyrinth in relation to the house. That way I know where @Greenmntman is at.
  8. "Um we don't really sleep in cots but let me see what I can do," Fawkes said. She gently set his head down on the mat, stood up and went to Angela's extra supplies. After rummaging around she found what she was looking for, and she walked back over to the injured man. "Give me a minute to set this up." And she began putting up the pole frame and hanging the cloth hammock. "Cots aren't exactly comfortable with our wings so this is what we have. Ok I am going to move you so try and stay still." Fawkes still wasn't sure what to make of this man and really wanted answers as to why he was out in the wasteland but she figured that he would tell her if he wanted. She grabbed a bucked and set it next to the hammock. "Here, if you need to throw up at least do it in here. Angela was kind enough to help you out so maybe don't vomit on her home." "I am going to wait outside while you rest. And I do hope you rest and not try anything funny, the rest of the flock may not take as kindly to you as I did." Fawkes pushed the flap aside and walked outside and stood guard at the door, she was sure that sooner or later someone was going to come asking around and they weren't going to be happy about it.
  9. Angela shook her head and set down the cup. "Fine," she said shortly. "But I won't have you disrupting the entire village so you are going to have to bite down on this." As she spoke she pulled out a thick braided leather cord and passed it to the man. "Bite down on this. Fawkes you are still going to need to hold him still. This is going to hurt." The medicine woman began her examination. The man showed definite signs of wasp poison and looked like he may have landed too close to a snakehunter bird's nest. They are extremely territorial when their young are around and their wicked claws and beaks can lead to some nasty cuts. Angela and Fawkes both grew up hearing stories about men who had a little too much to drink and stumbled upon a group of them, most of those men didn't make it back to the village. Angela ran her hands over the man's rib cage and confirmed he had several broken ribs and felt that one had puncture a lung. This was going to be difficult. The puncture didn't feel too large but it was still going to be a long recovery process. "Alright, here goes nothing." She began moving the ribs back in place before getting to the puncture and carefully tending to it. Angela wrapped a bandage around the man's chest and abdomen then went to her medicine chest. "You are not out of the woods yet mister. That poison is going to take a while to work its way out of your system but I have an antidote that might help you recover faster. I will also give you something to try and keep any other infections from setting in. You are going to have to try and relax since you will be here a few days. So I hope you aren't planning on going anywhere." She produced two vials and came back over to the man. "These may make you a little drowsy but you are going to take them and I won't take no back talk. If you won't take these willingly I will have Fawkes force them down your throat. She will watch over you and make sure that no harm comes to you." Fawkes nodded in agreement. "I will watch you while Angela works and then she can deal with you. I am past my years as a babysitter."
  10. Angela and Fawkes managed to get the strange man into Angela's tent as he coughed up some blood onto the medicine woman's robes. "Don't worry about it hun, it's not the first time I have had blood on me," Angela said in her soothing voice. "There is no knife in your back, though I do wish your injuries were as simple as that. How long have you been out in the badlands? It's not really a spot for tourists. Don't answer that, let's just lay you down and I will get to work. The Goddess willing you will pull through this just fine but I am not going to sugar coat this as you are a grown man, you are going to have to fight." They got the man down onto the woven mat that Angela used to treat her patients. "Alright Fawkes, you are going to have to hold him for a moment," Angela said. "I am not going to be able to work with him conscious and it will probably ease his pain if he is out." Fawkes nodded and went over to the man, put his head in her lap and held him steady as Angela came over with a cup of something. "Now I know you have been vomiting but this should stay down as it is going to knock you clean out," Angela said as she moved the cup to his lips. "It's one of our strongest liquors and it works as well as anything."
  11. "Why the hell would I eat you?" Fawkes said confused. "You are probably full of poisons and people aren't really my dish of choice." She felt the man vomit over her shoulder and shuddered, the thought of being covered in vomit did not thrill her. The man seemed to be hallucinating which was a bad sign, just how many creatures had he run into and how long had he been out here. Fawkes beat her wings faster and tried to catch some of the updrafts, they were nearing the Avian camp and he could get help. Fawkes could see the smoke from the fires and took out her horn to signal her return. "Help! Help! Someone get Angela!" Fawkes shouted as she swooped down. Everyone had poured out of their tents to see what all the fuss was about. Angela was the medicine woman and she knew how to combat every animal's poison and other Badlands specialty. Most of the time her patients were kids who weren't paying attention or old timers who stayed out in the sun too long. Fawkes saw the small, young woman running toward her. Angela was probably the youngest medicine woman the flock ever had, she was the apprentice of the one before but an outbreak of bone-break fever wrought havoc on her fragile frame, but she had a knack for healing and had learned quickly the best remedies. Her like brown robes and white head scarf off-set her white wings making her look like a messenger of the goddess. Angela took one look at the man and beckoned for Fawkes to bring the man to her tent. Fawkes shifted the man on her back and took off running, who knew how much time he had left.
  12. Cariella looked around and saw that she had disturbed the few worshipers in the chapel. "I am very sorry for my outburst. Please excuse me," she said with a small curtsy as she stood to leave. She walked through the doors of the chapel and back into the halls. As she walked through the halls she heard a commotion coming from the kitchen and a woman flee across the hall. "Wonder what got her all worked up," Cariella thought to herself. She walked towards the garden. "Maybe some fresh air will help clear my head." Cariella stepped out onto the cobbled path and beheld a curious sight. The garden, which she saw when she came in, used to be gorgeous, but now the rose bushes were trampled and some of the hedges were torn apart. "What in the world could have done this?"
  13. Cariella's walk had taken her from the Great Hall, through the twisting hallways of the manor. As she passed through them she admired the beautiful architecture of the high ceilings and woodwork along the walls, the thick decorative drapes and gothic paintings created an environment of luxury that reminded her of when she was alive. Her home while not quite as old was nearly as large, her family money mixed with the money she got from her peculiar hobby meant that she wanted for nothing. Cariella had a full staff who asked few questions and a lover who doted upon her even though she was far from delicate. She felt a pang in her chest (odd for someone without a true heart) as she remembered the last night she spent in the arms of her lover, talking idly about their future plans. Cariella wiped tears from her eyes as she thought about how the following night she had fallen ill and three days later was gone. Now there was no one left to remember her. She was unable to have children thanks to an unlucky stab wound that had become infected. It was somewhat lucky, Cariella wouldn't have wanted her kids to find out what she did in her spare time. As she mused she found herself standing at the doors of the chapel, an odd thing to have in this house of death but Cariella guessed that even the soulless ones needed some comfort now and then. She gazed upon the humble trappings of the mezzanine floor. There was an alter and a few wooden pews, upon the alter was a single gilded relic surrounded by about 100 candles a few had flames flickering but most were unlit. Turning around, Cariella saw the upper balcony and she figured that was for the master of the house because it looked a lot nicer. Cariella walked up to the alter and conjured a small flame. She began lighting the unlit candles. There were a few servants in the chapel worshiping but no one paid her any mind. She knelt down in front of the alter, took out a flat smooth stone and laid it on the ground. Cariella drew her finger across the stone and waited, hoping she would get an answer. "Yesss...?" A voice called from the stone. The surface of the mirrored stone rippled and the cloaked form of the Keeper of Souls appeared on its surface. "Master, I am within House Choisel. But I am unsure of my mission." "Cariella, your job is not to question my orders. I have tasked you with growing close to to the Choisel family and learning what their plans are for the world." "But sir their plans could mean the death of hundreds of people..." "You are a killer. When did you start caring for the lives of mortals?" "I am a killer, there's no doubt. But innocent people?" "No one is truly innocent. But those who take the blood willingly and do not make it are only hurting themselves. Make sure that you continue to grow close to who you can and bring me more souls, especially those who have escaped from me, you know how I feel about that. Can you do that?" "Yes sir. And sir?" "Yes?" "Can I see him?" "Cariella..." The Keeper said. "This will only cause you pain." "I know but please....." "I will do this for you one last time. But his soul belongs to me and until I say you have finished working you will not be together," The Keeper's image swirled and faded and was replaced with an image of a man. The man was tall and slender, with muscles still firm even in death. His curly close-cropped hair still an untidy mess that Cariella longed to run her fingers through again. The man was sitting on a familiar hill under the shade of a large oak tree. That was part of the deal that Cariella made with the Keeper, his soul would be spared from the endless pool of souls. The image began to fade as Cariella's tears fell onto the stone. As the image faded completely, Cariella felt her spirit rage and she began to lose composure. Cariella yelled, no words just her anger and frustration, before slumping back to the ground.
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