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    Chateau De Choisel | ENTER AT RISK

    Cariella's walk had taken her from the Great Hall, through the twisting hallways of the manor. As she passed through them she admired the beautiful architecture of the high ceilings and woodwork along the walls, the thick decorative drapes and gothic paintings created an environment of luxury that reminded her of when she was alive. Her home while not quite as old was nearly as large, her family money mixed with the money she got from her peculiar hobby meant that she wanted for nothing. Cariella had a full staff who asked few questions and a lover who doted upon her even though she was far from delicate. She felt a pang in her chest (odd for someone without a true heart) as she remembered the last night she spent in the arms of her lover, talking idly about their future plans. Cariella wiped tears from her eyes as she thought about how the following night she had fallen ill and three days later was gone. Now there was no one left to remember her. She was unable to have children thanks to an unlucky stab wound that had become infected. It was somewhat lucky, Cariella wouldn't have wanted her kids to find out what she did in her spare time. As she mused she found herself standing at the doors of the chapel, an odd thing to have in this house of death but Cariella guessed that even the soulless ones needed some comfort now and then. She gazed upon the humble trappings of the mezzanine floor. There was an alter and a few wooden pews, upon the alter was a single gilded relic surrounded by about 100 candles a few had flames flickering but most were unlit. Turning around, Cariella saw the upper balcony and she figured that was for the master of the house because it looked a lot nicer. Cariella walked up to the alter and conjured a small flame. She began lighting the unlit candles. There were a few servants in the chapel worshiping but no one paid her any mind. She knelt down in front of the alter, took out a flat smooth stone and laid it on the ground. Cariella drew her finger across the stone and waited, hoping she would get an answer. "Yesss...?" A voice called from the stone. The surface of the mirrored stone rippled and the cloaked form of the Keeper of Souls appeared on its surface. "Master, I am within House Choisel. But I am unsure of my mission." "Cariella, your job is not to question my orders. I have tasked you with growing close to to the Choisel family and learning what their plans are for the world." "But sir their plans could mean the death of hundreds of people..." "You are a killer. When did you start caring for the lives of mortals?" "I am a killer, there's no doubt. But innocent people?" "No one is truly innocent. But those who take the blood willingly and do not make it are only hurting themselves. Make sure that you continue to grow close to who you can and bring me more souls, especially those who have escaped from me, you know how I feel about that. Can you do that?" "Yes sir. And sir?" "Yes?" "Can I see him?" "Cariella..." The Keeper said. "This will only cause you pain." "I know but please....." "I will do this for you one last time. But his soul belongs to me and until I say you have finished working you will not be together," The Keeper's image swirled and faded and was replaced with an image of a man. The man was tall and slender, with muscles still firm even in death. His curly close-cropped hair still an untidy mess that Cariella longed to run her fingers through it again. The man was sitting on a familiar hill under the shade of a large oak tree. That was part of the deal that Cariella made with the Keeper, his soul would be spared from the endless pool of souls. The image began to fade as Cariella's tears fell onto the stone. As the image faded completely, Cariella felt her spirit rage and she began to lose composure. Cariella yelled, no words just her anger and frustration, before slumping back to the ground.
  2. To any normal-sized person, pieces of airship falling from the sky would have been pretty scary but for the halfling, it was down right terrifying. The young dragonling had been stitched up and fixed but it still looked anxious, Wisp thought it was probably just worried about its master. She looked around and saw that some of the larger pieces had already hit the ground along with some members of the crew. "You can't fly but maybe you can help me rescue some folks," Wisp said looking at the dragonling. She motioned with her hands in a follow me gesture and while keeping an eye on the sky, carefully made her way to some of the ship pieces. One of the sections of cabins had just landed. Wisp carefully picked her way through the wreckage and felt a surge of hope as she recognized where she had been sleeping. Quickly she moved around some broken bits of furniture and let out a grateful sigh when she found her beat-up knapsack. It looked a little worse-for-wear and there were a few leaves that had managed to fly out of the pack. Wisp opened the pack and saw that one of her bottles managed to come loose from its packing and spill, she checked the label. "Crap," she said. "This is going to be a pain to get out." What had spilled was a bottle of swamp toad slime that she collected on one of her trips to study. This particular specimen had extremely sticky properties and Wisp was thinking of using it as a climbing aide. But now it covered a good portion of her pack and its contents. No time to worry about that, she had to help who she could. "Anyone out there in need of assistance?" She yelled out to the forest.
  3. HumanBean03

    Chateau De Choisel | ENTER AT RISK

    The party was dying which was a bummer. Lady Cariella looked down at her dress and sighed, she conjured this magnificent outfit hoping for a night of revelry instead it seemed as though she got all dressed up for a mere announcement. "Oh well," she sighed to herself. "At least I turned a few heads. Maybe I will take a walk in the gardens before I leave." She sent out a quick check to make sure that Quinn was alright. There was one who had quite a roller coaster of a night but it seemed as though she was fine now, albeit she was in the company of far too many vampires but Cariella guessed that was normal. Cariella opened her fan to cover her face as she turned and headed out of the Great Hall.
  4. Hey y'all sorry for being absent! Got caught up in work! 

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    The Blasted Badlands

    Fawkes was almost home, her wings beat hard and the wind blew through her messy hair. She adjusted her pack and looked down to survey the ground. It wasn't surprising this time of day to see some of the Badlands' native fauna roaming about even some of the Mahjran warriors out hunting. But what was surprising was seeing a man by himself stumbling through the sand. Fawkes looked ahead and saw something that made the situation worse: one of the Badlands' sentient cacti heading towards him. While the cacti didn't mess too much with the Avians, the children were taught that if they saw one coming towards them they were to fly as high as they could to avoid being caught. She flew over the man and let her shadow fall over him and then the cactus. Fawkes landed down on the sand between the two and held her spear in front of her. "Come any closer and I will add you to my kills of the day," she growled. The cactus waved its arms and shook its spines at her but it didn't move any closer. "Go find someone else to prey on." The cactus turned slowly and began to shuffle away. Fawkes turned back to the man who had collapsed onto the sand. She knelt down and looked at him. His face and body was covered in bites and stings, and his lips were cracked. Fawkes held up his head and pulled the cork from her water skin. She put it up to his lips and poured a little water into his mouth. "We need to get you out of this heat my friend," Wisp said to the man. "My brother is not going to be happy that I am bringing you home but I am not going to let you die." She took the man's hands and helped him up. It wasn't going to be easy getting him home, he was pretty heavy. She put him over her shoulders and stretched her wings out. Fawkes jumped and began beating her wings, soon she was airborne and heading home. "Just don't wake up and freak out," Fawkes said as she pushed her wings further.
  6. Hands outstretched, Wisp walked towards the dragonlet and saw that one of its wings was bent at a horrible angle. "You poor thing," she said soothingly. She very carefully ran her hands along the main joint where the wing met the dragonlet's body. The wing was popped out of its socket. Luckily, the bone did not break through the skin otherwise the dragonlet would be out of commission for a while. Wisp moved up to the dragonlet's head, it was still looking intently at the sky, probably trying to find its master. She put a hand on its muzzle and look in its eyes. "Sweetheart this is going to hurt. Try not to shoot the messenger," Wisp said. She went back to the wing and felt for where the socket was on the dragonlet's back. Wisp took a deep breath, and with her exile she maneuvered the bone back in. She knew that the dragonlet would be in pain but the wing would recover if it wasn't strained. "OK, let me help the others then I will fix up the rest of your injuries," Wisp said. Wisp turned and looked up to the sky. It was hard to really see any figures so it would be hard to pinpoint everyone's landing. She stuck her hand into her other pouch where she kept some of her herbs and plants, after rummaging a bit she found what she needed. Wisp pulled out a small dried mushroom that she picked from one of the swamps. This was only a baby mushroom, the full-grown ones were nearly 5 feet tall and 6 feet wide. She walked out into the clearing and found a spot that would be the easiest for people to see. She dug a small hole in the ground and placed the mushroom inside. Wisp put her hands on the ground and whispered a spell. At first nothing happened, but then like on the ship, something changed. The ground started shaking and within a few minutes the first mushroom heads began to sprout. The heads spread wide and covered nearly half the clearing. "That's going to have to be enough," Wisp said as she walked back over to the dragonlet. Her pack would hopefully be down soon.
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    The Blasted Badlands

    “Ah, you can’t find freedom like this anywhere,” Fawkes thought to herself. She was soaring over the windswept sands of the Badlands and the thermal updrafts were perfect this time of day. The wind rustled in the brown, black and white feathers of her 6-foot wingspan. Though the Badlands were extremely inhospitable to outsiders, it was home to Fawkes. She was one of the few Avians left in Valucre, as most of them thought that the world had become too populated with cities and settlements for them to be able to fly free. Her small tribe, consisting now of her brother and his family and a few of the other young Avians, moved to the Badlands after Odin Haze’s attack on Blaurg Mountain where they had been living for nearly four generations. But the move was not easy, they left Blaurg Mountain with 15 and now there were only 10. Some abandoned the group and flew back to the mountains and the flight out of Valucre and some were lost to the harshness of the Badlands. They created their own sort of nomadic tribe and even managed to befriend the Mahrjan tribe and setup a loose trade network with them. The Shai-leuth elders believed that the Avians were warriors of Gaia because their wings allowed them to be closer to the light of her glory. But today she was out enjoying one of the cooler parts of the day and seeing if she could spot anything worth trying to hunt. Fawkes was the best hunter in the flock, her keen Avian eyes were like those of a hawk and could pick out even the smallest prey, she almost always managed to bring something back for the flock even during the most extreme parts of the year. Out of the corner of her eye she saw something glint from the sand, she banked her wings and wiped the dust from her goggles. Beneath her she saw a sand-rat foraging through the sunbaked earth. Unlike normal rats, sand-rats were as big as wolves and had even worse tempers. Fawkes grabbed the Vakar spear from her back, flew up higher and then dove. She tucked her wings close to her back and felt the wind blow through her hair and sand sting her face. As she neared the ground, she snapped open her wings and threw her spear. The rat let out a long shriek and bared its teeth as the long double-sided blade buried itself in its side. She flew toward the sand-rat and pulled her spear from its side. In one swift motion she pirouetted in the air and slashed upward with her spear. The sand-rat let out a gargled scream and toppled over. “Not a bad catch. This will be great for tonight,” Fawkes said as she began cutting up her prize. The sun was beginning to set, and Fawkes knew that she would need to get back to the camp before even more rats came above ground. Stuffing the last of the meat and useful parts into her bag Fawkes took off and flew back to camp.
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    The Blasted Badlands

    Hey everyone! I am starting my very first topic RP and it will take place in the Badlands of Terrenus. There isn't really a story right now so if you have any ideas of where you want it to go, go for it. @supernal if you want to join as a storyteller it would be appreciated. Here is the character that I am playing. Her name is Fawkes and she is a rare species of human variant known as Avian. Her physiology is that of a human, but her bones are full of air pockets like a bird, with a large set of wings attached to her back. She is a part of a small group of Avians living in the Badlands. That's all I have right now but if you have any thoughts on where story could go or just want to join let me know!!! Here is the link to the first post!!!!
  9. Thinking about starting my own thread! Wish me luck!

  10. Wisp watched in horror as the young black dragon plummeted to the ground, she sat up quickly as she watched the dragon land and look up toward the wreckage. The dragon's wing looked badly mangled and she was struggling to move around. Wisp didn't have her pack, she hoped it would survive the wreckage, but she did have a few things in her belt pouch. Carefully she approached the dragonling with her hands held out in a gesture of kindness. 'You look like you could use some help,' she said gently. "I am not sure who you belong to but if you allow me, I think I can fix up that wing of yours." Wisp slowly reached to her pouch and rummaged around. Luckily, she had some bone needles and some thread along with some basic healing salves. "It isn't much but you will want that looked at before it gets infected." @roboblu
  11. Wisp looked hopefully at Samuel, waiting for him to tell her more when she felt the ship give a sudden lurch. Suddenly, Samuel was pulled violently from the ship and Wisp cried out in panic as the ship was torn apart. She grabbed onto the door handle and called to the boy inside. "Listen, I am sure you are upset right now but you need to save yourself. I am not strong enough to carry you out of here," she shouted over the sound of the roaring wind and grinding metal. Wisp hoped that the boy wouldn't try and put an end to his problem by going down with the ship. She didn't want that on her conscious and she desperately wished that she could learn more about him and help him. The ship was going down fast and Wisp couldn't wait for the boy she couldn't save, he was going to have to decide to save himself. "I will see you on the ground and I hope then I can make things right by you," she yelled. Wisp looked around and saw one of the large masts falling past her. She took a deep breath and leapt from the ship. Wisp landed on the mast and took a few running steps, this was going to take a bit of magic to do and she hoped she had rested enough to make it work. Wisp got to the end of the mast and dove off the end with her arms spread out. She began falling but after a few minutes she felt her body change, her body shrank and got lighter, feathers grew and her arms turned into wings. A sparrow was an easy switch but it wasn't going to last long. Wisp flapped her wings but she wasn't out of the woods yet. Parts of the ship were falling around her and being such a tiny bird, one wrong move and this adventure would be over. She swerved around the falling debris avoiding as much as she could. Wisp looked down and saw that the ground was getting closer and that there was at least one person on the ground that she could see. Wisp folded up her wings and dove toward the ground, right as she neared the ground she unfurled her little wings and back flapped to slow herself down. She landed on the ground and looked for any other survivors. Her breathing was too fast, she needed to calm down before her little bird heart gave out. Wisp took another deep breath and focused. Suddenly, she felt her body changing back. She laid down on the ground and rested for a bit to wait and see what would happen.
  12. This was about the reaction that Wisp expected from the boy but what she didn't expect was to see Samuel come up from behind her and talk about werewolf experiments. She only new about those men (and women) who let the wolf take over and stalked through forests. Since Wisp was so small, these wild werewolves posed an even bigger challenge so when she caught wind of one wherever she was living she stuck to the trees. But she wasn't so fortunate once. A miscalculation of whether there was one living in her area led her to nearly being killed. The wolf had her pinned and only a huge use of magic managed to save her. She had to sleep for days after that encounter but managed to get away without any serious injury. "You showed a lot of control over what should be an out of control power. I don't think that makes you a monster," she said to the door. Then she turned to Samuel, "would you mind telling me about these experiments? I want to help if I can or at least know a little more."
  13. After catching her breath she looked up at the woman who rescued her. "My name is Wisp," she said."I was a part of the original party to slay the wyrm. I am sorry if I offended the boy, my manners are not exactly the best. I am better at reading animals rather than people. I suppose I should go and apologize to the boy." Wisp slowly stood up and nodded to Brannigan before looking for the boy. She didn't think he would want to talk with her after her comment about werewolves and she was even worse at apologizing than she was at casual conversation. But she had to at least try. She saw the boy head down the stairs to what looked like the engine room and made to follow him. "Excuse me," she said carefully. "I know I am probably not who you want to talk to right now. But I wanted to say I am sorry for my comment. It was out of line and I didn't mean to cause you so much panic."
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    Chateau De Choisel | ENTER AT RISK

    The Lady Cariella was not used to being addressed in such a manner but this was of course his home and she did show up uninvited. Looking around she noticed that Dr. Quin had left her alone, not that she blamed her, formal gatherings were not for everyone. But she loved every second of dressing up and having the attention on her. She gave her most dignified curtsy and looked up at Master Leinhart's striking goldenrod eyes. Cariella could sense the power emanating from him, a power that rivaled her own. "My name is Lady Cariella Hightower," she said. "And I am a simple Reaper assigned to watch over the Choisel house and collect any wayward souls. I managed to find my way thanks to Dr. Quin." With a very un-ladylike jolt she stood up and sent out a quick burst of energy. She sensed that something was horribly wrong. "My Lord, I am sorry to interrupt but I do believe your doctor is in some sort of distress." Cariella had the ability to sense souls and if she created a bond with someone she had a stronger sense of their states. And she could feel that the good doctor was in trouble.
  15. Wisp came to right as Brannigan managed to catch her. "Thank you for saving me madam," She said looking up at her pirate savior. Wisp looked down at the deck and noticed the slight chaos beneath her. Taking a deep breath she waved her hand in the direction of the vines. As soon as she waved her hand, the vines began to shrivel up and die. She also noticed that the boy looked very scared of her vines. "I am sorry if I caused you any harm. I have not had very good experiences with werewolves and didn't think it would be good to have one roaming the ship. And you can just set me down against the rail of the ship and I can catch my breath."