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  1. [BASICS]First name: JurianneSurname: AllebethNicknames: JuriAlignment: Chaotic NeutralRace: HumanMarital Status: SingleGender: FemaleAge: 18Role: n/a[PHYSICAL]Voice: Average young womanEyes: HazelComplexion: OliveHeight: 5'5Weight: 115 lbs.Build: ThinHair: Very dark brown, almost blackTattoos/markings:[MENTAL]Demeanor:Hopes:Fears:Likes: Animals, nature, fighting, exploring, pastriesDislikes: Alchohol, liars, tight spaces, scientists[GEAR] [WEAPONS] short sword[STRENGTHS] [WEAKNESSES][SKILLS] transforming into three different animals, using swords, archery, using blades, sailing ships, horse-riding[FAMILY] Father: Alik Allebeth Mother: Maryberri Allebeth Sisters: Astria Allebeth, Hannai Allebeth, Rosea Allebeth Brothers: Janus Allebeth - -
  2. Juri frowned and stretched her wings. She flew in a circle, barely dodging the spears thrown by the monsters. Why are they even trying, she thought. Complete idiots. She dropped a few feet and caught the eye of one of the dragonkin, who sent a blast up her way. "Ha, ha," she cawed, but of course he didn't understand. She flew over to a clearer area and transformed as fast as she could into a human. Something messed up, though, because she still had a lot of black feathers covering her arms. She shivered at the feeling, like her brain was split in two, but was slammed to the right. She bared her teeth and kicked the kobold away. It slashed her with its dagger, causing a large red line to appear on her forehead. She shrieked, going chaotic. She turned into a panther, biting and clawing with her paws everywhere; she was a blur of fangs and claws. A few moments later after killing two kobolds and a kapak, she stood panting and glaring around at any possible enemies. She saw a man fighting and lept over to him. She attempted to change her vocal cords into a human one and growled, "Need any help? They're not as bad as they seem, heh."
  3. Juri briskly headed away from the commotion, dragging a body bag behind her. Inside was something too gruesome for her to want to look at but she had to once she was done anyway. Her muscles strained against her skin and her dark hair waved in the wind. Once she turned the corner, she slung the bag away and leaned against the wall, wiping sweat from her face. "Sheesh, do I have to do all the hard labor?" She waited for herself to catch her breath before summoning will from her body and forcing a change to go through. In half a minute she turned from a young lady into a sleek black panther. She snatched the bag up and jogged over to an open doorway, disappearing inside. Before she could try to climb up the stairs, though, something lashed out at her in the darkness. She let out a growl and flinched away, dropping the bag. The creature grabbed it, shuffling back into the darkness. Juri sat hunched to the ground, eyes staring unblinkingly into the darkness. She heard rustling and eventually smacking noises like something was eating loudly. It took her only a few seconds to react. Eyes lit up, Juri lept forward, claws out and slashing the air. The creature roared in anguish, hissing and batting her away, but she managed to snatch the bag and bound up the stairs. She felt heavy footsteps follow her, and also realized that the bag was leaving a trail of blood. Crap, she thought. She quickly turned back into human form and slammed the door shut, locking herself in with a freshly dead body. Sitting on her ankles, Juri pulled the bag off the body, turning away from the rotting stench of the corpse. She grimaced and kicked the body away, sulking. There was a bang on the door. Juri barred her teeth. Now she recognized the creature; it was a kapak. She carefully put the body back in the bag and forced it into a closet nearby. The kapak was going wild, screaming and roaring like she had killed its entire family without mercy. Juri ran over to the balcony and stood on the ledge. Turning backward, she watched as the kapak burst open the door and just as it reached halfway over to her, she stepped backward. Down, down, down she went but a few feet before she hit the ground, she turned into a crow and flew into the sky. She knew three transformations, besides human, but she couldn't figure out what the last one was. Hopefully, it was a sea animal, since she already had air and land creatures. Juri flew high and scanned the area. A lot of fighting was going on but her eye caught on someone down below. There stood a lot of fighters, warriors, whatever they called themselves, but she saw someone who was fighting with a little more ambition than the others she looked at. She flew close down and sat on the roof of a building close by, staring down at him. After watching him fight for a moment, and seeing him come a little closer to her without even noticing her, she let out a loud, "CAW-CAW!"
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