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  1. Valuce: Breaking the Fourth Wall

    Ellie sniffed and looked up, some kind of 'I'm-a-hard-ass" retort on her lips, but her eyes narrowed as she took in Kodiak's injuries, and the blood he'd coughed up all over his chest. "Jesus, you look like my cat after she got clipped by a truck." "Zappy's right, guys. We need to get Kodiak some help here." Ellie bit her lip, and waited for a response. Birds chirped. Leaves rustled. Ellie waited some more. While it was only a few moments, in her mind it felt like the silence lasted four or five whole days. Nobody else was moving. Nobody had any suggestions. Clearly, nobody had "Lay On Hands" as a superpower. Well hell, as Jamie would say. Ellie choked down the lump in her throat and climbed to her feet. It was, as usual, all on her. New crisis; stupid girly emotions go back into their box. One day, she hoped, someone else would take charge in a high-stakes situation and she could just cry for a second. Not today, tho. "Ok, folks, listen up! This is not a dream. This is a real magic crazy Narnia forest and we have real crazy abilities and Kodi might be really dying. So we need to stop sitting on our thumbs and get something done, kay kay? Kay." She trotted back to the clearing and gathered up her stuff in her arms. Coming back to the group, she dropped it in a pile. "So since I don't know shit about shit when it comes to blood and guts and stuff, and I guess none of you do either, here's the plan. We split into three teams. Team 'Awesome Adventurers', which includes me, will be going out to try and get help. Team 'Cool Carers' will either stay behind and take care of Kodiak, or else make a stretcher or a sled or something and drag him along behind Team 'Awesome Adventurers', who will be marking the trail. Whichever you guys decide, I don't care, I won't be there. Use all this junk however you want," Ellie gestured vaugly at her coveralls and work equipment. "Finally, Team 'Stupid Spectators' can go fuck right off." The tiny woman wore an expression of authority that made her seem at least a little taller as she looked at each person individually. "So, sort yourselves into whatever team you want. I'm leaving in ten minutes." Why ten minutes? Because she just remembered that she did in fact have some idea how to turn sticks into fire; there was still a three-quarter pack of cigarettes in her pocket, and a tiny pink Bic was buried inside. She leaned against a tree, fished the pack out of her jeans and lit a smoke.
  2. "'How is that possible'-- Truth?? You find yourself presented with an eons-old wrong and your first thought is to wonder how I make my shackles rattle??" The dark skull was incapable of facial expression, but there was a distinct sense of frustration and impatience all the same. "Very well, I shall conduct a brief magic lesson, if it should win you to my side of things. These pillars and this chamber were constructed to bind together those meant to watch over and control us prisoners; if not the most skilled, than certainly the most valiant shamen -- and sha-women, I'd presume, though I'll drop my garters for you if you can show me a civilized being capable of differentiating -- these people had to offer. They laid their heads down and welcomed the blade upon their necks for the glory of guarding the innocent and the guilty alike." "Wait, the trolls imprisoned you??" Tyrell's voice echoed loudly in the wide chamber, causing Brand to wince. "How by Gaia's green earth do you know how to comprehend that language?" the older soldier whispered harshly. "What do you mean? It's speaking high common, just like you and me!" "It's speaking tonal gibberish!" Brand insisted. "It?" the skull's voice was somewhere between amused and offended. "Have we changed topics already?" Brand just stared at it, cold and uncomprehending. Tyrell was confused, and more than a little afraid, but he also wanted to hear the answer to Kian's question. "No, I'm sorry, go on." "Thank you. If you call the people those heads belong to 'Trolls', then yes. Moving on, you removed a head and shattered it, releasing that one's old, frayed spirit from it's duty, then into the resulting gap shoved a new head. Much more virile than those that remain, or else they would have rejected it, and still capable of transmitting speech." "But how are you speaking through it?" Tyrell pressed. "Do you have a decade for this lecture? I doubt you do, if you seek the powerful ones who are even now under assault in my very cell. The short answer is that my conscious is linked to theirs; in this way I, their accused creator, experience a dim shade of all their sensations, including their torment. But the spirit of the beast lay in its heart, not its head; the only spirit in the head is that of the former child so corrupted into it's current shape, which, as it turns out, could not withstand the linking process. In other words, you have created a loophole in the ancient magics of the Velveteen Darkness that I am now fully exploiting." Tyrell thought for a second, then startled "Hold on, you said others are under attack? Where?" "Out that way, past the big stone and around the bend to the left. Right in front of me. They fare poorly, though the yellow robed one has shielded them solidly for the moment. If you wish to kill their assaulters for good, you must destroy their hearts, lest they reform in time from whatever damage you do." bite them bite them bite them "Or," the skull continued reluctantly, "you can pierce them with the teeth of these fiends, carefully modified in their ingenious bigotry to disincorporate any being that has touched the Velveteen Darkness. It's a bit like deciding that every forest creature is equally dangerous, and thusly making a weapon to kill all the world's bears, and elves, and arborists." "How do we know you're not lying?" Tyrell asked, suddenly hostile. "My people do not lie," she scoffed, definitely offended, "any more than we ride through the town square with our hands up our skirts. Now are you going to stand here all day or are you going to go do something heroic?"
  3. The factions are coming OOC

    You actually solved a problem for me. I couldn't figure out how to get those three into a position where a conversation could take place with how I had everyone arranged in the tomb; this person was in danger of just getting smoked like a random monster which would have made the stuff that (possibly) happens later seem weird and ad-libbed. So, I knew what the troll skulls were for, and how they worked, and when you stuck that head on the post I was all like "Huh. What would happen if you popped another head up there? Oh! Got it!'
  4. The head sat on the pedestal, looking like an absurd, disturbing satire of the ancient skulls surrounding it. Nothing happened for a moment, then a low rumble worked its way through the ground. A screech erupted from the fresh head, sounding exactly as child-like as the face looked. It was a heart-wrenching, soul-tearing sound, exceeded in its terribleness only by the rapid decomposition it simultaneously began to undergo. In seconds, the charred hair fell away, and the burnt skin sloughed off one gruesome chunk at a time, until only the unlidded eyeballs remained in a bare skull. The shriek faded into panicked whimpers: “Mama! Mama where are you?? I can’t see you mama! Mama!!!” Then the eyes, too, melted, pouring out of the skull as black ooze, and all sound from it ceased. All was quiet, and just as Tyrell’s heart started to regain something akin to a regular rhythm, the skull spoke again, in a new voice. A calm, adult voice with feminine tones and a hint of amused irreverence. “Who would ever have thought that such an idea would have so interesting a result? Tell me, free ones, do you always so casually roam about, experimenting with ancient magics without fear? You and I would be friends!” A dry, intermittent squeaking, soft and irritating, filled the room; the other skulls, those of the trolls, were trying to move their seized-up, broken jaws. Some kind of faint growling came from them, possibly words, but too quiet to hear. Tyrell and Kian, however, could hear the words in their minds; softly, like the brushing of leaves on a windy day. Beware Corruptor Beware No listen Intentions are currency Beware Corruptor Begone foul one Belong not Corruptor Corruptor Corruptor “Oh, hush you.” At the command from the child’s skull, the growling slowed, then ceased, though the faint words continued to echo in the explorers’ heads. “They used to be terrifying, now they’re so old, and weak, and… brittle.” A tinkling giggle rolled out of its mouth. “So long I’ve been trapped here, no voice, no sight, but thanks to you, I can see, and I can speak! Tell me, travellers, how long has it been? When they finished their evil, their mock-trial of me, sentenced me to this place and surrounded me with monstrous faux-children, those big heads were fresh off their necks!” Corruptor Her children Her creations Her crimes Her abominations Corruptor
  5. Sorry for the spoilers, but you're about to have a conversation with a new race in my faction thread! Do you wanna blurb on them here, or would you rather wait and be surprised?
  6. Valuce: Breaking the Fourth Wall

    Things were happening so fast, Ellie couldn't keep track of it all. There were rocks flying, wolves (utterly unafraid of her stick) pouncing and growling, Kodiak roaring so loudly that her ears rang, lightning bolts zapping through the air... It was all too much. Ellie felt helpless and powerless and small. When that set of emotions combined with a sense of danger and a drop or two of adrenaline, lately, it tended to make Ellie really, unreasonably, angry. Ellie's new therapist suggested she might have just a touch of PTSD. Which was absolutely silly. People got PTSD from being in a war, or a tornado, or being kidnapped or raped or something. Nobody got PTSD from stupid shit like being yelled at or called names or followed around occasionally, or having their shit broken into once... or twice... or getting threatening voicemails or whatever shit, that's just weaksauce day-to-day life bullshit. It's not like any of those blowholes had pulled a knife on her or anything. And you know what, it probably would have been so much better if they had. If some dumb inbred shitbrained chucklefuck had pulled a knife on her, or kidnapped Jamie or something, it would be over, 'cause Ellie would have straight fucked a bitch up, broken her arms or tore her face off with her teeth or some shit, and the problem woulda been solved forever, and she wouldn't have had to move and she could have kept her nice job and her cute little house and her relationship wouldn't have fallen into the deep end of the shitcan and she wouldn't feel so alone and miserable and be putting on this stupid pretend happy face to fake being fine while scraping at the bottom of the emotional barrel with her fingernails for even the thinnest scum of ok-ness... When the dryad stopped twitching and stood up, Ellie matched the creature's murderous gaze with one of her own; she wasn't seeing the dryad, she was seeing a different implacable, hostile, potentially lethal female in it's place. "Stop trying to hurt my friends!!" The stick in Ellie's hand lashed out and broke cleanly in half on the dryad's bark-like hide. Ellie felt heat rising in her gut as her anger flared even higher. If she was in a cartoon, steam would be coming out of her ears. In point if fact, steam was coming out of her ears. "STAY DOWN, YOU GRIMY OLD CUNT!" She took a step forward and shoved at the dryad; when she did so, scalding steam erupted from her palms. The creature let out a tortured scream as it was enveloped by the superheated cloud. Ellie wasn't shocked, or surprised, or anything but emboldened by this development. She focused harder, shoving again, driving more steam at the beast in front of her which still looked like a creepy, dangerous redhead to her rage-twisted vision. "FUCKING DIE ALREADY!!" The steam seemed to channel all of Ellie's pent-up fury, and as it sprayed from her hands it ebbed from her body. Eventually, she was empty. The steam stopped, and Ellie dropped to her knees, not caring if the beast in front of her was still a threat. She let out a wretched sob, and commenced crying in the grass.
  7. OOC Quest of Babdol

    Skip me, guys; I won't have a chance to post until probably monday. Internet has been funny and I have to have a tech out.
  8. The factions are coming OOC

    @Jotnotes Been having internet problems all week; company says they'll have a man out today but I'll have a lot to catch up on. Expect something from me sunday/monday region?
  9. Open 4now: Wait, what? I'm in Valucre? WTF?

    Having internet issues, folks; unless I get lucky, won't be able to post until Sunday.
  10. Custom user title raffle

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  11. Valuce: Breaking the Fourth Wall

    "Yes! That's an excellent idea!" Or at least it was in theory. In practice, Ellie had no more of an idea how to turn sticks into fire than she did how to turn a cow into top sirloin. But she had a lot of spunk and a lot of try, and plus, Kodi was all kinds of a woodsman and he'd probably know seven different ways to coax the best cuts of fire out of those sticks. And where was Kodi, anyway? He'd wandered off. That wasn't good. They couldn't have their only savvy wilderness guide wandering off! Ellie made a mental note that, in the future, only the people who didn't know anything should be wandering off. She'd volunteer, if it came to that, for wandering-off duties. Birds scattered from the trees as a roar echoed through the forest, and Kodiak's voice, full of pain and rage, followed quickly behind it. Ellie couldn't make out what he was saying, but it probably wasn't "Why yes, I would love some Girl Scout cookies. I'll take two boxes of Do-Si-Dos and a box of Thin Mints." When it comes to immediate, ardrenaline-filled crisis situations, there are essentially two types of people. The first is the people who instinctively run away from a fire. They stand on the edges of the catastrophe with blankets and hot tea ready to comfort the survivors who escape from the blaze. Those are the "Smart People". Then there are the people who, without thinking twice, instinctively run towards the fire, diving straight into the flames and hoping to find a bucket of water somewhere along the way. Those are the "Dumb People". Ellie, Goddess bless her confused little soul, had always been a very, very dumb person. "Oh my god! Kodi's in trouble! WE'RE COMING KODI!!" WIthout waiting to see if anyone else in the group objected to being volunteered, the tiny woman took off at a sprint, pausing only to pick up the large branch Kodiak had thrown back their way. The big man's trail wasn't hard to follow, and he hadn't gone too terribly far; Ellie burst onto the scene, stick in hand, voice raised in challenge, her faced scrunched into an intimidating scowl. "I GOTCHU FAM!" She wasn't sure exactly what she was seeing. There was a super hot but super not-human chick lying on the ground, there were growling wolves all over the place, and Kodiak was standing in the middle of it all, roaring and swearing and there was blood! Oh, shit, that's blood! Ellie jumped in front of Kodiak and shook her stick at the Dryad. "Stay away from my friend!" Then she spun and shook her stick at the wolves. "Get back! Get away from him!" Then she looked at Kodiak, and saw the look in his eyes, and wondered if she should maybe be shaking her stick at him too.
  12. Open 4now: Wait, what? I'm in Valucre? WTF?

    I had a big post to make in another thread, so I kind of fell behind with Easter and all. I plan to have a post up today!
  13. [City] Magistrate Karaga ran through the crowd at the wall, headed for the gate. It was incomplete; the portcullis hadn’t been installed yet and only one half of the large door hung on its monstrous hinges. Knights from the Grand Order, with tower shields and long pikes, clustered tightly together across the gap, in a formation that made them look like a cross between a porcupine and an armadillo. He shoved the man at the far edge to the side so he could step into the void himself, bringing his spyglass to his eye. The Fraternal Order had broken through the throng of trolls, creating a hole that the refugees had used to full effect. A large mass of them had escaped the Cauda and were tearing across the field towards the wall. More trickled through behind them, but as the edges of the Fraternal column frayed, they became scattered, forced to leave their beeline pursuit of safety as enemy combatants broke away from the main fray to chase them down. Biaru turned to his apprentices, who had followed him from the Temple. A boy and a girl, both in their late teens and wearing expressions of terror and resolve, common in those getting ready to taste their first battle. The girl held the Magistrate’s massive two-handed sword, and the boy had a sheaf of papers and a sharp pencil. “Garret, I need you to get a messenger to the Knight-Commander, tell him I’m signalling the Fraternals to retreat. Anyone lagging behind will have to fend for themselves for a moment; we can’t keep the path open so long that these bastards sneak in on us. Then I want you to find the artillery commander and tell them to get ready to fire as soon as the Hearthfather gains ten yards. It’s close, I know, but we’re out of time here.” He really wasn’t suited for this kind of command; this was Jessa’s territory, large forces clashing in an open field. But the Knight-General wasn’t around yet, and they couldn’t sit here sucking their thumbs until she showed up. Someone had to be in charge. He pulled his large horn from his belt and inhaled a deep breath. A signal issued forth, loud enough to cause the men around him to wince. A long wail that faded off at the end. He repeated it twice more, then turned to his remaining apprentice. “Abagail, my sword please.” -- [Top of the Pass] The horn blast echoed off the mountains, and the embattled Perfected scouts reacted as one, shifting from attack to defensive retreat, fading back into the rocky passes, using their knowledge of the crags to slip through routes too narrow and twisty for the trolls to effectively follow. They would scatter, hide, and regroup, waiting for the next signal from their leader to guide their further actions. -- [Bottom of the Pass] Hearthfather Elijah heard the horn blast, and this time did not need his fellows to translate it for him. “Group up and move out! Towards the gate, full gallop! Nobody fall behind; I won’t leave you, but I don’t want to die today either!” The cavalry unit made a wide circle in the field, turning into a charging formation pointed at the gate, and cued their horses to speed. The mass of trolls closed in around them, taking swipes at the passing horses, some losing hands for the effort, and then were quickly running to catch up, the long guard-hairs around their eyes shedding the dust kicked up by the fleeing riders. Two yards became five, became seven, and then the unmistakable sound of a trebuchet dropping its counterweight met their ears. Scattershot -- a multitude of boulders ranging in size from grapefruit to basketball -- passed over their heads and slammed into the ground in the middle of the troll pursuit. Screams and growls echoed in the canyon, but still the enemy pressed forwards. More artillery filled the sky; giant metal balls, flaming pots of oil, massive ballista bolts, and more. Their lead increased substantially, and the Hearthfather was grateful for the skill of the siege commanders that none of the projectiles misfired onto his head. The trolls routed, turning back to the Cauda, as the Fraternal column reached the gate. The soldiers parted, and they entered the city, slowing their horses and circling out of the way of those coming in behind. Elijah dismounted, handing the reins to the first person he saw, and jogged up to Biaru, panting and laughing. The two men clasped forearms, which turned into a hearty hug. “Ah, you’re a sight for sore eyes, you old coot,” Elijah laughed, relief flooding into him as the adrenaline drained out. “You too, ya silver-haired deviant. You want command of this mess? I’ve had just about enough.” -- The dismayed trolls fled back to the edge of the cliff, and the city cheered. The attack was over, safety was renewed… except not. More trolls scaled down the cliffside, gathering at the bottom just out of range of the siege engines. More and more poured off the Cauda until it was clear that this was not just a raid; this was an army. A war party. Growls and roars floated through the air as the furry contingent continued to grow. They were massing for a full-scale assault. -- [Tomb] In the tunnels, Brand led the pair through wide, winding tunnels. Burial alcoves lines the walls on each side, most containing some kind of decorated mummy festooned with baubles of varying degrees of value. He stuck his head through an archway and shined his light around a large central chamber, carefully surveying all the dark corners and shadowed alcoves. Unlit crystals were scattered around the room, left behind by the surveying team from their first encounter with this space. Where once they had given off bright, warm yellow light, they were dark, dull, and several were cracked. Twenty-one columns of stone were aligned in three perfect rows down the center of the room, with perhaps six feet of space between them. Each one was topped with a troll skull, painted and engraved and leering with huge teeth, and each one was cracked. One column was empty; it’s skull laid on the floor, broken into three pieces. “When this one shattered, the rest cracked with the sound of a snapping tree,” Brand whispered. “It was about then we had the first idea that we might be in for some difficulty.” Charting a careful path around the edge of the room, as if the situation could get worse if more skulls broke (and who knows, maybe it could he thought), he led them to the far side. Another dark archway beckoned them, like an open mouth waiting for its next meal to traipse through of its own accord. “Just past that arch, then, will be our subject.” And so it was. Laying atop the silt was a body, heavily charred and unmoving. Wisps of smoke still gasped off its surface. Its head was small and human, through the burnt flesh its face could still be reconstructed to be that of a young child of perhaps six or seven, this one a boy with blonde hair in a bowl cut. Its mouth was hanging open, and two hollow fangs jutted from the place that canines would be. The neck was human too, but there the resemblance ended. The creature’s torso was short and oblong, a perfect oval spheroid. From the top half, long thin arms, almost as long as the beast was tall and comprised of at least five different joints, ended in hands that were indistinguishable from human but for the middle two fingers, which were topped by five-inch-long claws; black, shiny and hard like obsidian. They were positioned such that, if the beast was facing forward, the palms of its hands would be facing forward as well. Its legs were short, powerful versions of human legs. The ended in feet that also sported claws on the inner two digits, as well as a single large claw on the rear coming from the ankle joint. Like the hands, they were backwards; heels facing the front of the creature, toes to the rear. Tyrell made a holy sign with his fingers, and looked like he was about to lose his lunch. “What in the name of the divine…” he gasped, his mouth agape. “Put your shock away soldier, and learn what you can. This is the only time we’ll get to see one still. They move like the wind.” He turned his attention to the grave robber. “Any thoughts?” @Ellipsis @Jotnotes
  14. Open 4now: Wait, what? I'm in Valucre? WTF?

    That bit at the end of my post was legit the steps I went through trying to remember how to find water.
  15. Valuce: Breaking the Fourth Wall

    Ellie took a deep breath, trying to center herself, and took Abigail's proffered hand. She smiled up at the taller woman gratefully. "I've got this. I think. No, really, I've got this. It's going to be ok. Right? Of course it will. I've got this." A largish stick landed a few feet in front of her and she looked up, seeing "Kodiak" ('nickname checks out' she thought) getting to the business of scavanging up supplies. That would be handy. "Hey, uh.. Kodi.. can I call you Kodi? I've got some stuff over here... Uh..." She reluctantly let go of Abigail's hand and walked back to the pile of neon Refriga-Ware she'd discarded. "I've got a hoodie, and these coveralls... there's a box cutter in the pocket, and a big Sharpie, and... uh... a little laser-temperature-gun-thing... some shipping labels..." She stared helplessly at the pile. "Jamie could make a backpack outta this, and probably a fire and a tent and a short-wave radio and a spaceship with an ion reactor or something crazy. All that camping farm country stuff that I never thought I'd ever ever need to learn... but it's totally useless in my hands. If you have any ideas, it's all yours." Water.... Ellie shook her head. Some odd shiver went through her at Sho'ho's perfectly reasonable suggestion. "Yeah. And... uh.. we find water by..." Her little face scrunched up as she tried to remember even the most basic thing her partner had tried to teach her about wilderness survival. "Rubbing sticks together? No.. uh... getting a pig to sniff it out? No, that's mushrooms, and duh, where would we get a pig anyway? So stupid. Uh... Shit! Wait! Going to the north side of a tree! No, almost... Going downhill! That's it! We have to find downhill!" Ellie clapped her hands together and bounced on her toes. She remembered! Yay! @P.N.See @Abigail666 @Fennis Ursai