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  1. Something Lurks in the Forest [IC]

    Ragnar call him out, he could feel the wolf inside ferris, those powerful claws dug deep and ripped at ferris's armor thus some blood oozed out and ferris snarled in pain and gasped for his breathe. But he held down his wolf and used the strength and rage from within of the wolf to actually lift Ragnar up, despite this beast lord's size, and throwed him as hard as he could into a tree. He grit his teeth, huffed and growled as he to fell to his knees only to catch himself by his greatsword, he huffed heavily and stared at Ragnar, ferris's eyes pulsing a teal color and his muscles tensed up and grew a little, the pain of Ragnar's claw gashes fueling the anger in his deep voice, "Careful what you wish for mutt-" ferris's voice had that harsh low booming sound, a serious tone that could strikes fear like the sound of a coming storm "-you just might get what you ask for." He grips his greatsword letting the flames flicker more intensely, Walker and Nikki may even feel the dark vides coming off of ferris growing as if he was a large beast himself, however ferris kept his control as to not go wolf yet he reminded himself constantly in the back of his head that he could not let it go while walker and Nikki were around lest the wolf goes wild and tries to kill them too.
  2. Something Lurks in the Forest [OOC]

    Haha we just hav to get creative on this is all, the story is awesome so far and the challenge is welcomed to me. Keep up the good work penguin 👍
  3. Something Lurks in the Forest [IC]

    Ferris examined this beast named Lord Ragnar whose power and presence was so intense and firece that it called deep into ferris's wolf within. He would growl, maybe snarl, at this "Lord" who irritated ferris for his essence trying to call out his to obey. But ferris would dare not allow such a thing to happen, esspecially when he fully understood that giving in total to his inner wolf meant people around him that he cared for would get hurt. However the bigger problem was figuring out a way to beat this Lord Ragnar, his features such scars and spiked fur body gave off the obvious notion that this lord was no stranger to battle and warfare, kinda reminded ferris of himself, and his now flaming dire wolves also bulked up with muscle and power. Ferris wasn't prepared to fight more than one big monster, he could handle fighting a big red dragon or a lazer eye Cyclops or any monster like that, but a beast on lord Ragnar's level with other wolves backing him up, he wasn't prepared for that. "Fighting this thing head on is unwise, we need to at least fight some of the wolves as we retreat back a bit and see if the dwarves will back us up. Worst case senerio, I go wolf to hold them off and you 2 will get the dwarves."
  4. A Wandering Star

    Jophiel laughed on the inside and a bit on the outside, is canine face grinned and made a hyena like chuckle. He then to the door with his tail poking at Ella's monster form's nose as if the tip was a hand. "Come along this way Ella, I made a fun little obstacle course in the woods for us to fluant inside like the animals or monsters that we are." jophiel's canine face smiled naturalily mischievous looking but with innocent intent did he want to lead ella into the night of the woods. His purple features smooth and white fur so silky soft as if it were a dreamy cloud.
  5. More Important is the Journey OOC

    Hope everyone's still alive and well after Valucre was down for a day haha
  6. A Wandering Star

    jophiel rested his body on the floor, as ella petted him he would nuzzle her face a bit per instinct, then ella turned to her own mask. Jophiel chuckled on the inside at her reaction of the creation she made herself. "Haha silly ellanorce, you will LOOK like a monster but you will still be ellanorce." he clarified to reassure ella that she wouldn't just go on rampage on everything. As she put the mask on jophiel came up behind her to comfort, "Just relax as you put it on, let the mask transform your body into that which you wanted to become, it'll feel like you're dreaming through the eyes of the beast but you will not be the beast itself. Course that doesn't you can't have fun scaring the unsuspecting fairies or animals. The whole point of creating these magical masks was to get you out of your comfort and look at the world through the eyes of something you'd enjoy having the body of." jophiel licked ella's cheek to show his happiness to her like how a wolf creature would, "Remember this is a safe place and i'll be here with you every step of the way, especially on that scaring the fairies part."
  7. A Wandering Star

    "Glad to hear it. And yes of course I finish what I wanted to do out there, all that's left is for us to go out there a put our masks on." jophiel said happily getting his and Ella's mask out. The fairies somewhat didn't like Ella's mask for how scary it was but the braver ones had to brace themselves. "Now before we do this and all I should probably demonstrate what's gonna happen so that you don't panic or anything." jophiel then let down Ella's mask to the side, he stepped a few feet back and breathed before putting on his own mask on. The fur of the mask sudden overgrew covering jophiel's body, magically morphing him and growing him into a large wolf shape creature with all the features that the mask would imply. Most of his body is the white fur which gave off a slight magenta glow but his 4 slender tall legs were purple with the tribal symbols like the mask itself, which now was less of a mask but a moving breathing head of the creature jophiel made it be. His bright purple eyes turned to Ella in his new form, his long fluffy tail waving smoothly as he walked over to her and sat down. "Hehe isn't this cool!" Ella would hear but Jophiels mouth did not move to make those words, yet his mouth was open panting slightly. "When you put on your mask you'll transform too, but of course like how I am you'll have full control of your body. Hell you could continue to eat pie if you wanted as the monster you created haha." the fairies, and many fairies at that, climbed all over jophiel enjoying the fluffy of his fur, and jophiel enjoyed their petting.
  8. A Wandering Star

    Jophiel looked back to Ella, he stared at her for a bit, she was so precious and cute with the stuffed toy to boot. He snapped back to reality when he realized he was starring a bit, "Pie oh yes pie! I have some still here yup!" he searched for the pie tray all flustered and such. Once he spotted it he went to go get it but tripped comically face first over a pencil that was on the ground, "No worries Im ok!" he said springing back up and getting the pie for Ella. He felt utterly stupid for tripping over a pencil of all things so he would attempt to deter her attention by cutting a slice for Ella and putting it on the table for her. "T-there hahaha, so ellanorce did you have a good sleep?"
  9. Wait, what? I'm in Valucre? WTF?

    I like that suggestion Tyler made, what do you think @Ataraxy
  10. A Wandering Star

    Jophiel looked around the woods of the area he was in, plenty of forest and trees sure but for what jophiel had in stored he needed the help of his fairies and spirits around him again. "Alright little sparkle butts of wonder, lets make this interesting." jophiel said as magic absorbed into his body he left into the woods, the trees and stone changing shape and bending to the will of the fairies jophiel took with him. By nightfall the flowers inisde the forest would glow a soft yellow and pink under the blue night sky, jophiel hung multiple lantern like objects that attracted fireflies and such, he chant and sing softly throughout the woods with magical words that filled the air with minty smells of fern and fresh grass, make other fairies awaken and fly around that weren't necessarily part of jophiel's group of fairies. His magical voice may even have softly snuck into Ella's dreams while she was asleep. The night was lit beautifully lit, jophiel came back to the tree home feeling a little bit tired from all the magic that he was using, however the fairies helped rejuvenate him and kept him up with energy. "Thanks sparkle butts. *sighs* ok its almost time ellanorce woke up." jophiel said as he quietly returned inside the home, feeling his heart warm up upon viewing Ella sleep. Then he got a strange paintbrush and wiggled its brush end in the air, gathering a magic that was the same color of his bright purple eyes and magenta red hair, he proceeded to paint on the inside of Ella's mask. Paint that would disappear as if it were sinking into the mask itself. He chuckled to himself, "This will be interesting to see."
  11. A Wandering Star

    "Oh you'll see, itll be great experience for you and i think it'll make you just a little bit stronger on the inside. That or you may just fun, either of those is good to me, i love seeing your smile." he says while giving ella a small poke to her nose and getting up to fix the bed so that she could rest easy, he sees the little stuffed toy he had given ella before on there and placed it near the edge of the grassy cotton bed so that ella could pick it up if she wanted to cuddle with it. Some fairies were already there on the bed asleep, lazy little things sometimes in jophiel mind. "For now just take a load off here and dream in peace while i do some minor adjustments outside. Don't worry about me im not going anywhere so if you need to talk to me about anything, like a nightmare or if you can't sleep well, you can count on me to be here." jophiel patted ella's head, she was so soft and cute that he blushed a bit thinking about how much he would enjoy just hugging her while sleeping himself. But he had a job to do, one that ella is sure to enjoy the results of later tonight. With that he got his staff and the door opened up for him, "Sleep tight ellanorce."
  12. A Wandering Star

    "Oh is that all? Huh well i think i have something to help you during the daylight at least." jophiel moved over to his alchemy table, there he would take out a google set that was more or less in the shape of sunglasses but protected the eye area more than normal glasses would and it was for protecting against bright lights. When working with magical materials or chemistry in general that sometimes have unintended consequences its always good to have protection. He sat close to ella and carefully placed the googles on her face, they were a little big but fit enough to where they wont fall off, "With these the sunlight should bother you less. Looks cute on ya for sure so go ahead and keep it if you want, i know how to make another for myself." jophiel said with a smile and then took a look at ella's mask, He appreciated the detail and work that ella put into making this mask work and was excited to try out something that he knew most of his visitors enjoyed. "Hehehe this'll be fun for you i bet, though just to make things easier for ya, how about we let you rest today and wake you up at night to really get into the spirit of our activities that i got planned." Jophiel gave her a thumbs up while the fairies would sit on his head or lay around in various places of the home, one fairy was braiding jophiel's hair to the side.
  13. A Wandering Star

    Jophiel was quite intrigued by the mask ella was making, he was curious as he would have watched her creation from over her shoulder. If jophiel were a dog his tail would be wagging. But when ella was finished with her mask and showed it to jophiel a scary mask was the last thing he expected from her, he giggled to himself a bit after her response as to why she made such a mask. It was cute. "Hmhm very scary, i bet no monster will ever mess with ya. By the way Ellanorce i notice along the way that you seem to dislike the daytime?" he had seen her whence a bit everytime she went out in the day, looking at her crystal blue eyes he wondered if maybe ella was nocturnal by the nature of her species. All things considering when she bleed it was a dark blue color, and when frighten to a degree her body glowed with heat and she would cough so smoke. A very odd creature she was, an angel on the outside but jophiel wondered what was her biology on the inside.
  14. A Wandering Star

    "Thats fine no need rush or worry about it if nothing pops up yet, aside from that maybe a little silliness can help spark an idea." jophiel said as he had the fairies clean the table off, he went over to his arts and crafts table taking everything he could by shape shifting his staff into a shovel of sorts and scooped up enough supplies to put them on the table ella was sitting at. He then let the staff stand on its own to the side and showed ella a wooden board. "See this? We're gonna make some crazy cool masks for ya, design it anyway you want, but i highly recommend making an animal mask." jophiel pulls out his own mask, it was round and painted purple with red blue and yellow tribal designs, large amounts of white fluffy fur that would cover his head and neck and a little more over the shoulders, and 2 long almost bunny-wolf ears stick up at the top along with orange feathers to the sides, overall it was something like a wolf creature. "Just like this. Haha this thing i call a Noctlurker cause it looks its best at night."
  15. A Wandering Star

    "Hahaha yeah thats how healing potions work afterall." jophiel said while loving ella's reactions to the potions effects, he wanted to squeeze her, his heart absolutely fluttering and warmth all around his body flooding his head to ella's smile and soft giggles. He could cherish her for ages if he could, some of the fairies picked up on this one blue haired fairy floated atop ella without her noticing and hugged another red haired fairy both of them teasing jophiel making kissy faces and such. Jophiel simply laughed and waved for the fairies to stop since he had food in his mouth at that moment. After eating and such with ella, he presented the clipboard with paper and pencil to her once again. "Ok so this time, i want you to draw something you want to wish for. Something close to your heart that you really want, something that makes you feel better everytime you see it." jophiel said smiling to her. He wondered what she was going to try to portray, maybe since she ran away from home she would draw a pet she once had, or a toy, or maybe she visited a place often? jophiel so thought. He waited for her to doodle something, excited to work his magic. However he did feel a little pushy about it, he didn't want to force a wish out of her, thats not how this works but he was just so used to kids that came here who'd draw up the cutest or coolest of things for jophiel to conjure up. "O-of course if you don't want to thats fine too, if you need a little time or want to know anything? Im here to help afterall." he said crossing his legs and sitting up straight