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  1. I don't mind if you conclude it for now, I find it very interesting
  2. Javier watched everyone, unsure of whether to follow Kodiak or not. He had to admit the man was like a big tree man whose mastered and lived in the forest his entire life. At least he and javier had that in common, they both liked the woods. It was safe to assume that following Kodiak would prove to help himself and the others around get to a safer spot and possibly find a town or something. Thus javier quietly and a little shyly followed the path that kodiak made, looking back every so often to make sure everyone behind was doing fine. He'd might help the strangers if they're not forest goers like Kodiak and himself, he just hope they didnt need it....especially the girls. In the back of his head he could already hear their giggles and laughter at him, making a bit anxious looking as he walked. However the laughter and giggles began to sound less like it was in his head and more...real. He couldn't put his finger on it but Javier felt as though he were being watched and there were voices around him but they were too small sounding to make out what was being said. "Huh....weird." Javier utter to himself
  3. Ferris sensed the specter's movement for a few moments but then...the entity's trail was becoming cold. Could it have maybe find out that ferris was hot on it's trail, it doesn't matter if in ferris's mind if the entity knows or escapes this time, afterall ferris was in it's territory, it's home turf and as such ferris was at the disadvantage in figuring out where the specter could have gone if not through this gatehouse. Ferris growled to himself and decided to go back and retrace the scent of the specter, to the guard on the route that ferris was taking now it would look like he's starring at the ground as if there were was an ant crawling by, but of course with the mask on they wouldn't be able to tell that ferris's eyes are actually closed. He was focusing on sensing the lingering magic of the entity, locking onto it as he walked. Under a bridge.... An open sewer hatch.... "Damn thing went into the sewer..." ferris looked at the sewer entrance but he would not enter for now, he would let the specter escape for tonight, ferris learned plenty of it. He reached into his back pouch and poured an orange liquid drop on his finger to write out a rune along the edge of the hatch, a smell that mimicked salt and ginger, the symbols themselves glowed before fading away. Won't get through this spot again, ferris remarked in his head as he then went back to walking around the town wondering if the other man from before was making progress.
  4. Ferris, in combination of using the rope and his claws, climbed out of that hellscape mucked with burns and soot on his armor. He coughed as he came out of the hole, hitting his chest and growling at the annoyance of having the feeling of brimstone in his lungs. The voices of the entity echoes in his mind, what did that thing mean by we'll meet again? That strange feeling of the entity's hand still would linger slightly. Ferris put those words amd feelings in the back of his head, better to meditate on what that means later than now. "*cough cough* I'm getting...too old for this sh#t..." ferris gruffed while kneeling on one knee taking in the surroundings around himself, the wolf seemed to have die in a show of lava, Gorgerron walker the druids and even nikki were all alive. "Hmph looks like we did something right at least." Ferris said with a small chuckle.
  5. Yonx felt uneasy and didn't like the fact that the ship seemed to be going more and more downward ever so slightly. As to the man in front of him with a bloodied Arzada on his shoulders, yonx just didn't have time to judge whether or not he was telling the truth. What was important was that he would protect Michelee and Arzada. "I'll find a way to get her to better health, if you are not a pirate then hand her over to me and find some safety." Yonx said inching towards the man, one hand out stretched for the man to give arzada to him and the other hand was where the hilt of his sword met the edge of its sheathe. Should this man try anything Yonx would be able to react, espeically since yonx can sense the electrical impulses inside this man's body, with his own speed and magic Yonx could hit the man's pressure points to stun him. A side note in Yonx's mind was Arzada's pulses, well if one could call it that, surely there was truth in what the man said. Arzada made ever so slight movements to the tips of her fingers and other parts of her body that yonx could sense and "see". "Just be easy friend, I mean no harm til harm comes to my friends." Yonx said trying to give reassurance to the man and walking towards him a little more.
  6. Ferris was right on this thing's tail, he almost lost it once due to one guard getting in his way mistaking ferris for a moment that he was the specter. Ferris pushed the guard out of the way and was luckily able to keep track of the energies of this entity he pursued. "Hmm the gatehouse...i see. If it gets passed there then it can lose everyone in the wilderness." ferris thought to himself, a chuckle escaped his breathe. The wilderness is where ferris was most comfortable, its where he did most of his hunts, where he was raised and where he learned everything about hunting monsters. Ferris wouldn't let such a challenge go to waste, and it's not like this entity could true escape from Ferris's supernatural senses, but he had his job to do. Thus ferris would sneak through the gatehouse himself and attempt to get ahead of the entity, he would have to get past the guards by either knocking out the ones in front of him that tried to stop him or sneak through the shadows and leap with his werewolf speed helping him into the wilderness, the guards in either case proved to be annoying to him but he got through most of them without a large hindrance to his swiftness. Once ferris reached the other side of the wall he kept focus on the entity and continued to follow it, focusing on every move it made, every hint of magic or otherworldly energy it trailed, ferris would be there to stalk it, and learn about its movement pattern.
  7. It seems patience and keen awareness was all that ferris needed, he heard the bottles, the doors opening, the man that shouted. All of it leading ferris to the Specter whom run and jumped the roof tops. A mistake for the specter since now ferris could see and lock onto its energy and give chase to his prey, however when ferris would chase the specter he would do so in the best interests of being stealthy and quiet. True he wanted to capture the specter but he also wanted to learn about it how it moves, what it looks like, where does it run off to, how does it interact with objects around itself? Ferris would gather as much information on this entity as possible by observing it with both his heighten senses and his supernatural ones. Ferris at this point was less of chasing but more of following, and thanks to his control over his werewolf abilities he is able to keep up with the specter. "A horrid thing, some kind of demon maybe? No that can't be it, the demons i've faced so far had more purpose and malice in their hearts, this thing has yet to kill anyone or steal something with intention behind it...at least this is all i have to work with damn it." would be the thought in Ferris's mind.
  8. Thieves and like minded individuals always worked in the cover of darkness, shadows provide good hidding places for those adept to them such as Ferris himself. He was no thief but as he's made clear to those authorities he is a hunter, a hunter of many things supernatual beasts and men. Tonight would be no different, a ghost nor demon could not escape his senses, and this the blood red Spector could be something related. Ferris overlooked the streets of Hyperion from the roofs of buildings and sneaking in the alleyways. Though he may look big and broad his expert hunter skills made him silent and swift through the dark. This Spector probably used some kind of magic to enhance its sneaking prowess, how else could it have sturred up such talk among the people and the authorities, so ferris decided as he would move around the shadows of the city he would focus his senses on picking up magical energies. As such, his senses indeed picked up something, an spell or some magic had been just used not too far from where ferris was walking, he carefully snuck around the block. He saw a woman, a normal one for sure, but she had the lingering scent of magic on her as if a spell was just used. "The Spector must be close by..." thought ferris in his head. He returned to hopping up on the roof, looking over the area and did what hunters do. Wait for any disturbance. Wait for the prey.
  9. Just to give a heads up the thread is already made and the link is in the previous page of this convo, so post up whenever y'all got the time~
  10. Ferris looked at both of the investigators as the doctor looking guy walked away. "I am a hunter, as such I need details. All of them, if you don't want to waste mine or your time then I expect to get the info I need from you." he said straight to them, referring a bit more to the female that seemed tired, however ferris didn't care for that, its their job to provide every bit of info they can to him if they want ferris to help them catch this blood red Spector. Ferris in fact wondered if the namesake had meaning to it, hes faced wraiths, ghosts and astral beings before so he'd prepare for that for sure.
  11. "I um...." javier was terribly shy to speak, and worse yet not only was it that there were a strange couple of guys but also girls...and boy did he have trouble talking to cute girls, in fact he has alot of memories where girls mostly teased at him. But being honest in general everyone teased him like he was some cute little animal. Javier stood up and looked around the woods he was in, he kinda wanted to sneak away from everyone....in fact thats exactly what he was going to do. He'd quietly walk backwards into the shadows of the trees hoping no one would see him and crawl away from everyone. Problem was the fact that HE HAD NO FREAKING IDEA WHERE TO GO, he kinda stood there under a tree trying to think about his options. The Russian/Alaskan guy named Kodiak made a fair point in the fact that working as a group we could find some better shelter and such, but thought of being with these people only made javier nervous, plus some of them showed to have freaking superpowers or magic of sorts! Javier wished he had magic or powers but he doubted he'd have any. I mean life isn't THAT generous to him.
  12. Ferris walked the streets leading to the central plaza, he had heard rumors and stories of thief that moved like a shadow while wearing blood red robes. The police around these were frustrated and near desperate to catch this criminal putting up notices and even laying one wanted poster in a bar. He had the poster in his hand squinting at it, people that passed by ferris would take one look at him and begin to walk quickly away. Ferris was a tall dark old man, a scar to his left eye, wearing a black long coat with fur covering the collar, overall dark clothing such as his boots and what not. But under all that one could tell by a glance of him that even though he looked to be in his 40s he was quite muscular and strong looking, intimidatingly so, after all he is a hunter of monsters, horrors, men, and anything that is worthy to him. And tonight he deemed this specter worthy. He looked around the plaza seeing only one other man here waiting for information like he was.
  13. Yonx was relieved to feel michelee's return, means he must've made the right choice, she did return alive and well. However yonx could sense a disturbance within her and a little bit of...cat hair? "Achoo~" yonx rubbed his nose slightly "Michelee, a pleasure to have you back." he tapped michelee's hand with care as he slowly got up and cracked his neck thinking of 2 things in his head. The first was the safety of the rest of the gang he had tagged along with, for the most part Priscilla and Arzada came to his mind. Second was the state of the ship and the pirates having their way with this little raid they are doing. Internally Yonx felt like he didn't help everyone enough, he had his abilities and training as a samurai but he swore to use them for good on his journey, not to start killing people like in the wars and battlefields he was in. A sigh left his breathe, "Alright, with all that is going on here, we should search for Arzada and the others. Helping whoever we can along the way, and if these pirates get in the way...well michelee I'll need a favor from you, in the case that I have to pull out this blade against anyone's flesh, I would like you to heal them for me. At least enough to where they can't harm us back but survive it." he put a hand to michelee's shoulder, though he eyes were blind he gave her a look of kindness, trust, and gentle sincerity. A very brotherly vibe coming off of yonx, even so that he kinda felt like michelee was like a younger version of his own brother Ferris...aside from the fact that michelee was a girl of course.
  14. Yeah ataraxy made the link already on page 1 of this.
  15. Whats the played cap gonna be for this @Ataraxy
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