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  1. I actually took a minute to peruse this entire thread and I still can't figure out how what I said pertains to you. But here's that tag you wanted!
  2. Good luck on your roleplay refresh @supernal I haven’t checked out the new site yet but I intend to do so in the next few days. In fact, I may even write there to support the new endeavor! I hope you sincerely ignore all the complaints here and push ever forward with your new vision. After over a decade of service to this community you owe them nothing, in fact quite the opposite! It’s a safe and comfortable thing to lob judgement at those who have done that most unsung and tedious work of maintaining something good. Not only do so few maintainers of good things receive their due praise, but most bafflingly they are often scorned when they try to switch from maintaining to improving! I know you’re experienced enough to know all this supernal, and my talking to you is just a roundabout way of criticizing your criticizers so I’ll just talk to them now: If you are mad about switching your story from one forum to another, and complain that you have lost “the setting” then you are intellectually lazy. Come over to the new site anyway and remind yourselves that every great setting is just constructed by people like you who are invested in making the sort of place where they are happy and free to tell their stories. Do some creative work and make a better place than this legacy holdover from our teenage years. Make something more nuanced and contemplative, something to ease the sting as we watch the entire global community of play-by-post roleplayers continue to ever-dwindle. Speaking of, supernal, I think you should leave Valucre to Roen. I can think of no surer way to guarantee it is completely dead and abandoned within the next few months. See you all on the other side!
  3. I encourage people to look upon this with a measure of leniency, considering that this is a good-faith attempt to make something creative and competitive. Attaching money changes literally nothing about the basic assumptions you should have going into anything like this. Remind yourself: -You will probably not win, even if you think you deserve to win. -You will find the subjective nature of the judgement calls offensive (when they don't favor you) -You will likely have to interact with someone you don't want to, for the purpose of competing and being judged. Account for these things in your mind now, so that when they happen you can not whine and complain about them. If you go into an experience like this intending to have fun and determine not to worry about what results you get, you can have a fantastic time writing competitively and fostering the communal feeling of this site. If you join this with a chip on your shoulder about the sanctity of your impressive roleplaying or the dicey moral dilemma of a prize purse which, depending on participation levels, might pay for an entire take-out meal, you're gonna have a bad time.
  4. i see you point GIF by Shalita Grant

    Bish, I see you lookin’

  5. "I'm going ashore!" Harelia yelled back, throwing her vine-engraved staff over her shoulder and a parting wave of her hand to whoever was watching her walk down the gangplank. A few crewmen and women hollered distant goodbyes as they sealed up the ship and prepared to disembark themselves. Their magnanimous captain had bought them all tickets to a theater performance on the fancy Silkflair Lane but Harelia, ever the wanderer, sought to explore the town on her own before the night-time show. As she exited the docks, she spied the dejected figures of her crewmates Bruno and Jessibel returning from their abridged shore leave. Though she greeted them cheerfully they had little cheer to return. "Can't you speak to the captain for us?" they asked mournfully. Harelia frowned sympathetically. "I already have, but she wouldn't hear of it. And frankly, I agree with her." The pair were flabbergasted and made scoffing noises but Harelia waved their protests aside. "Come on. If your lovers' quarrels keep interrupting crew dinner then this is what you have to expect." "It wasn't so bad, was it?" Jessibel sighed. Harelia frowned. "Do you know how long it took to get the prune stains out of my white pants? You threw our table at him Jessibel!" "I did?" she looked stricken by what she'd done. It was even more impressive when you remembered that the tables were bolted to the floor. Bruno shook his head. "But I caught it!" he said, omitting that he had then broken the table in half in fury. The two of them had been born in barbarian tribes, stolen, and raised in a traveling circus before serving on the Prosperina. Their fury was as useful in battle as it was inconvenient at dinner. Now it was Hariela's turn to shake her head. "Not good enough, Bruno. It's better that you stay on the ship. Imagine what would happen if you had one of your rows at the theater? In front of all the captain's noble friends? Think of how ashamed she would be! Are you even thinking of her, or just of yourselves?" Harelia didn't like scolding the crew, least of all innocent Bruno and Jessibel. They hadn't gotten the chance to grow up like normal people, and they were forever childlike because of it. When she thought of how two sweet people could be so mistreated, she felt like breaking a table herself. "No!" they both shouted at once. The thought of betraying the trust of their captain was painful to their pure souls, as Harelia knew it would be. At once she could see they understood, and she smiled at them. They soon parted, with Bruno and Jessibel headed for their dull night guarding the Prosperina, and Harelia entering Cal Eternis. The sheer magnitude of the city always astounded her. It was the sort of city that made you believe you were living in a golden age. The streets were clean, the people good and cheerful with pockets full of coins, and there was food everywhere. She liked to walk through the streets and smell all the cooking meat until she couldn't take it anymore and bought some. Today she bought spiced ribs and got her hands shamelessly greasy eating them. She tried to find a fountain, but the streets were so crowded she could barely see five feet from herself. With a start, she dodged a column of soldiers, whose first rank officer tipped his hat at her in apology and smiled. She smiled back, but he wasn't allowed to slow his march and she turned with a laugh into the crowd of shoppers pouring in and out of the market. The market was somehow even more colorful and lively than the rest of the city, with bright banners flapping in the warm mid-day wind and everybody talking all at once, all the time. Once in the market Harelia did what she usually did: she spent all her money. She bought: -A cape -Two pairs of white pants -Four apple tarts (two for her, two for the captain) -Six boxes of Vanoran tea (not nearly enough, just all the guy had) -Ten apples (for her pet, Apollon) -Three adventure books (to read to Bruno and Jessibel) -A fancy customized scimitar (to hang on her wall) After arranging the delivery of all these items her last purchase was a colorful foreign bird, who she released at once and, with her magic, convinced to sit on the end of her staff so she could chat with him as she continued to sight-see. She learned about his homeland and taught him about human cities. The bird found that he liked statues, though Harelia wasn't quite sure he'd understood what they were for. Nonetheless, he was a good companion. Though glad to be free, the bird confessed that he had fallen in love with another of the birds in the market, and so as the afternoon waned Harelia bought the foreign bird's lover, and freed them both. The female bird flew away at once without a chirp in the male's direction. "Go get her!" Harelia encouraged, as the male bird squawked in dismay. She stood in the market, watching and laughing as the birds darted away. @KittyvonCupcake @vielle
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