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  1. Vansin

    Valucre Wars

    When I was originally under the mistaken assumption that you were interested in compiling a list I was of the opinion that care should be taken to separate colloquial war from real war. Now that you've informed me that isn't the objective of this thread, I think it's not my place to encourage any real guideline. However if someone does end up compiling such a list, I would certainly argue that only a state can foment war against another entity, with the sole exception of a civil war in which a state foments war against itself.
  2. Vansin

    Valucre Wars

    I think you should reconsider that. War is a political and legal term which rightly ought to derive from state powers. A mob, religion (unless that religion is the theocratic government), movement, race, or company shouldn't be able to claim the term "war" under its purview. However, if your thread really is just to list "conflicts" that have the scent of war, then I wish you luck and hope you find the right one for your character.
  3. Vansin

    Valucre Wars

    So a war, to make it to your list, must be declared by a formal state and possess all the trappings of a state war? Sensible, though I think that disqualifies some examples put forward in this thread. I'm glad it does! I think you opening up this question was like an irresistible lure that was about to attract every user who wants to brag about their "war" without having the real qualifications to do so. Good luck with your list. I look forward to adding a real war of my own to it in due time.
  4. Vansin

    Valucre Wars

    I see. Obviously while for practical purposes it's far easier to write a single battle and call it a war than actually write a war, I don't think that's really how it ought to be defined. I had a battle of 30 raiders attacking the small town of Coth once and while I could have called it a war it would have been pretty disingenuous if I'd done so. So obviously the factors to consider are scale, duration, and ramifications when declaring something a war worthy of your list. Specifically what should not count is someone saying "I called it a war so its a war"
  5. Vansin

    Valucre Wars

    My question would concern whether or not there have been "wars" as compared to "battles" Has anyone roleplayed a long term conflict over multiple threads, with moments of aggression, moments of reprieve, territory gained, territory lost, diplomacy in between? A plot that spans IC months? Takes long term tolls on infrastructure and population...etc? Or, as I more suspect, are most "war" roleplays on Valucre in fact just set piece battles?
  6. Thank you again for coming up with my character name! Quite happy with it. And you have an awesome profil pic, too!

    love you GIF by Sky

    1. Vansin


      No you’re breathtaking!

  7. We're going to write together one of these days. On The Last Samurai, I swear it.

    1. Vansin


      I don't view oaths taken on The Last Samurai lightly, however I've begun what may be a lengthy hiatus as I work on a time-consuming project with the exceedingly talented @KittyvonCupcake. My time on Valucre these days is dedicated to growing the region of Terrenus over which I am chairperson. 

      When I return to active status, and if you're still game to write, I'll gladly accept. 

    2. King


      Keep me updated, friend.

  8. Certainly, my offer is mostly to let any newcomers know that interaction with Coth is welcomed in whatever form. Also, as chairman of the region which surrounds both Coth and Temple City, I consider it my responsibility to welcome anyone who takes up the mantle. If anyone decides to take over the city proper, my line is always open when it comes to collaboration!
  9. Anyone interested in this should also contact me, as Coth hosts dozens of Temple City knights as part of its military force. Before the creator became inactive, Temple City was approaching an alliance with Coth.
  10. Vansin

    Their Voice

    I imagine Roen sounds southern genteel
  11. Well, I wrote the vast majority of Coth's lore, so if you have any questions you can find my discord on my profile, or you can message me here! Lore and caracter-built history are a pretty important facet of Coth roleplaying so I encourage you to keep reading.
  12. Hey, you'll do great in Coth! Your character seems like the perfect fit!
  13. Would thou like to live deliciously?
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