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  1. Thotification (Zashiii)

    Index of org services

    @ourlachesism Call it a transportation company. You transport the person to the next life.
  2. Thotification (Zashiii)

    Index of org services

    Burning Bushes for Peace Foundation as led by the Madame Ravenbush Service: Transportation Company
  3. Thotification (Zashiii)

    Index of org services

    Oopps, my bad. Changed it to protection company. Cause whoever the employer is, the cartel will always serve as the meatshields 😂😂
  4. Thotification (Zashiii)

    Index of org services

    The "Blackspear Cartel" lead by the Mistress Black Head Service: Protection company
  5. Thotification (Zashiii)

    The Plague: Weland (Open)

    😂😂Yeah, I was making an anime joke...😏
  6. Thotification (Zashiii)

    The Plague: Weland (Open)

    Obligatory hot spring moment 😂😂
  7. Thotification (Zashiii)

    Sumthing Sumthing in the Mountains / Quest for the Chainmail Bikini Armor[S-Class Artifact]

    [Five minutes after their meeting] The Mistress breathed laboriously as she hid behind a large boulder. She may havd under estimated the stupid ape. Earlier she had this funny idea that the primate was too slow for its own good and boy did she suffer for that. Now, she's cradling her left side as one of her broken ribs managed to pierce her lung. The injurt won't kill but it hurts like fucking hell. Still she managed to ward off its empty attacks by kiting it but the tremors each impact makes threatened to destroy her balance. In fact she almost trpped last leading to the gigantic primate to miss the Mistress with its stomp by half an inch. The resulting shockwave sent the Mistress flying to this boulder, her sides taking the full brunt of her collision. Sighing, she readied herself once more to facd the primate. It would be hard but she was sure she can run up its back and head straight to its brain. Perhaps losing one of its eyes would calm it. Taking a deep breath the Mistress jumped out of the boulder and shouted. "Oi! You blasted monkey! Why don't you face me like a man? But you can't because you're a bloody dumb ape." Then she would charge straight into its underbelly, her bastard sword flashing as it cut through the apes muscular flesh. Blood splattered out drenching the Mistress but the wound is too shallow. She would have tried once again for a deeper cut but the primate was rampaging again.
  8. Thotification (Zashiii)

    Highway to Hell

    Then there was the ever present lovable gaggle of thugs known as the Blackspear. Lead by the woman known as the Mistress Blackhead (gods that name is so awful), she and merry band of ladies had travelled far and wide to reach this place. They had braved the perils that plague many travellers, the never ending dust, the incessant pests, and the inability to wash ones clothing or one's self while on the road. Truly these beauties are the paragons of theie time. And ultimately in the end of their journey, they have found their destined grounds. What the prophecy foretold in that scrap of paper that cost them a few bucks, they have fulfilled it. The Mistress and her ladies have come to help pave the road. "Hello and welcome. As most of you know, my name is Sebastian Heiliger, and I'm the governor of this city. We have a long day ahead of us, so I'm going to keep this short. Lunaris isn't the only settlement in Taen, but trade between them is virtually nonexistent due to how dangerous it is to traverse the Jungle Quadrant. Our aim is to build a highway that will connect all the major settlements, and foster trade and growth in all of them. You've all been given your assignments, so report to your team leaders and prepare to move out!" Sera groaned as she listened to the governer. The fuck is this stuck up bitch talkin? Sera came here to build a road, not to listen to some bastard talk her to death. Why can't people do something worthwhile instead of talking all the time? If this fucker doesn't shut up soon, the she'll stick her fist so far up his throat just so she won't hear another word from his flappy lips. Beside Sera was the Mistress who regarded the governer coolly. She understood the need of a road and where there are roadwork then there are those wanting to stop it. That's where she and the ladies come to play. Mercenaries for hire. Willing to do the dirty work while their employers wiped their asses clean of the blame. Truly, a highly esteemed profession.
  9. Thotification (Zashiii)

    [Artifact] Give me Something

    It was quite the interesting walk the Mistress had. Seeing such realistic images was something but she somehow deduced it was the retelling of someones memoeries. Whether it was the residents of the cave's memories or of the person that was ahead of her, the Mistress could care less. This won't be the first artifact hunt she had joined and it won't be the last. One can say that the Mistress is a veteran when it comes to dealing with artifacts and the places they inhabit. She had been there to help the necromancer Lilith obtained the Heartbane. She came to the aid of Ankou in the search of his scythe. She helped House Uldwar obtain the true crown of Ursa Madeum. She assisted Ms Blonde to forging her special ring artifact. Even Cerik was unable to turn down the help of the Mistress in his search for the Dead eye monocle. Even the Atenthan Artifacts did not escape the Mistress' eye. Not to mention the Chainmail Bikini Armor. Yes, the Mistress is an artifact specialist. "You there slave! Who do you belong to? I asked you a question!" Finally reaching the person ahead of her, the Mistress was surprised to find that the woman she was following was called a slave and even more surprised that the woman was Shanti, Michael's lover. Oh dear, it seems the Mistress got the jackpot this time. Time to be the hero. Slender dainty hands grabbed hold of the man lifting Shanti. The Mistress' grip was too strong that the man's hand seemed to creak, the bulging veins threatening to burst. With a malicious grin the Mistress spoke, "Oi! Bugger off ye twat. Dis' tasty lassie is mine. Me slave. Bought 'er off the market. Fresh like a wee kitty. Now take yer filthy hands off 'er" Outside, the face off between the guards and the terrorists are starting to heat up. One corner is Sera, the mad champion of Hell's gate and on the other is nameless NPC guard one. Who would take the initiative in this long awaited match? "So here's what we do. We play the basic poker but we bet with our clothes," Sera started as she took her seat. One of the ladies handed her a mug of ale which she chugged down in one long gulp. Wiping off the foams from her lips she continued explaining. "You." She pointed to one of the nameless guards. "You deal! Try to make if fair now." "Now you might be wonderjng why, but you military boys need to learn that not everything can be solved by violence. Now sit down you cowards and show us the resolve of your manhood."
  10. Thotification (Zashiii)

    Sumthing Sumthing in the Mountains / Quest for the Chainmail Bikini Armor[S-Class Artifact]

    "OI Sammy!" Sera called for the little boy that seemed to keep following their group. She did not know how or where the fuck did this lost kid come from but she heard his name was Sammy. "Go check on the Mistress will ya?" Sers asked as she draped one arm over the poor child's shoulders. "I know your embarrassed to check on a lady pissing her golden shower out, but you have to remember that the Mistress was a guy once." She drew close to the boy and whisoered into his young, innocent ears, "Why don't you check if she still has her willy? If you have doubts you can check your own to be sure. If they look the same then you got things right." Releasing the poor boy, Sera gave his back a good slap to prompt him forward. Laughing boisterously, she chided the boy, "Go forth child! Go and search for you destiny in the Mistress' arms!" @ourlachesism
  11. Thotification (Zashiii)

    Sumthing Sumthing in the Mountains / Quest for the Chainmail Bikini Armor[S-Class Artifact]

    Bloodied and tired, the cartel ladies lied on the ground to catch their breaths. The Mistress on the other hand was on high alert. The party is in a rather dangerous situation. With most of their fighters down, once another pack attacks them they would be defenseless. The Mistress was no monster and she might not die from the next wave of beasts but she would have trouble protecting the wounded all by herself. But the Mistress could sense it coming. A beast larger than she had ever fought before. It was not close enough to notice their party and the Mistress was thankful for that. Once more she brought a lighted cigar to her full lips as she stood up motioning to the other that she needs to take a leak. They all answered her with jeers and boos laughing despie their heavy injuries. Soon the Mistress disappeared into the thick cover of trees. It was not far as she decided to ran towards the beasts direction. She chose to jump from tree to tree, from one branch to another. It was not long before she reached the end of the forest and come face to face with a thirty foot primate. The behemoth was fucking huge and its beefy muscles was more than the Mistress could deal with. Still, she needs to steer her away from her injured allies. Blowing a lungful of air towards the girantah, the Mistress strode towards the towering clump of hair and muscle. Facing this hulking monstrosity, the Mistress looked down on the beast. Or tired to. It can be quite hard as stupid primate is fucking thirty feet tall. "EVEN MONKEYS WILL BOW DOWN TO MY WILL!"
  12. Thotification (Zashiii)

    Dice Rolling Thread

    Will the Mistress detect the garanyah before its too late? D2 1-yes 2-no
  13. Thotification (Zashiii)

    Sumthing Sumthing in the Mountains / Quest for the Chainmail Bikini Armor[S-Class Artifact]

    And so the Mistress' final actions had turned the tide. Her indiscriminate mental assault has affected both wolves and humans alike sending all living things into a weakened state. While it pained the Mistress to hurt her subordinates it did not stop her to do what is needed. Amidst the litter of prone and struggling bodies, the Mistress relished in her strength. It felt like an eternity for the others but for the Mistress it was but a moment. Then her will was gone. Whimpering the wolves scampered away from the demon 'two legs', with tails between their legs. There was only fear in their eyes. As soon as the demon has unleashed her spell, the wolves lost their will to fight. They were too frightened. They did not even drag their unconscious allies. Those poor wolves. And then there are also the poor humans who were knocked unconscious. The mental strain was too much even for the seasoned cartel member. There's not much to do anymore other than to set camp. The Mistress sat on a dead wolf's carcass, her yellow eyes assessing the field of carnage. She felt no pity for the wolves, only deep respect. Respect for the canines who tried to protect the artifact and its power. But this was not the end of the cartel's trials and tribulations. Unbeknownst to anyone a silent monster was heading towards them. It was one of Taen's local beasts, a stray garantah. Drawn by the sounds of fighting this gentle beast has set its sights on the Mistress and her crew.
  14. "BEGONE THOT!"

    ~Ravenbush to the Mistress

  15. Thotification (Zashiii)

    Nothing Funny About Veluriyam (Interest Check)

    Wait, Imma make a post in a bit 😂 aplogies for the delay