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  1. 🤔 I should prolly bring my twinsies
  2. The two women were silent as Aya hugged them in succession. The most they gave the woman was a couple of nods and then some shrugs. The meeting with Vito the captain helped ease the tension within Shishi but there was something else. As the two left the meeting room Shishi would drag her companion into the nearby lady's room. "You were awfully silent back there," the older sister blurted out. Shishi did not answer the question but instead moved to lock the door. Before the older sister could as what's up, Shishi swiftly grabbed the sister's neck, lifting her off her feet and slamming her back to the wall. "I've been noticing it for quite a while now," Shishi breathed into her sister's ear. "Whose body are you wearing now?" The older sister fell silent for a moment, her face not unfazed from the increasing pressure on her throat. Shishi wanted to ask more but she knew it was pointless. With a frustrated sigh, she released the woman from her clutches and unceremoniously dropping her sister's body. Unlocking the door, she left without even looking back. Left alone to her devices, the older sister lit another one of her cigars. At times like this, one needs a really good smoke. it did not take too long, however, as she soon stood up to catch up to Shishi. Despite their earlier argument, the two women can be seen walking side by side, with Shishi carrying a rather large luggage bag while the other woman carried the duffel bag that the mysterious individuals gave them earlier. It seemed that whatever transpired between them a couple of minutes ago were all swept under the rug and they are back to their usual attitude. They arrived at the warehouse and waited for the next instructions.
  3. Holly peered from down at the pirate ship below. There was no need for any spyglasses, her vision is more than enough. This was perhaps something Shane should first learn. One of the basics of is the augmented senses and probably the most important one. Her eyes alone let her see as far as any military-grade scope can see. "It seems that they outnumber us. I'll let you lead the attack," said Holly as she faced the Duchess. Then she barked to her servants. "Prepare for combat! We'll be aiding the Duchess. Shane summon our healer from the engine room. Khaki, Sera and Teddy. Please cover the Duchess' soldiers while they rappel down our ship." As the airship neared the pirate's vessel. A black sludge would slowly drip down her coat and would slither up to her legs coating. "I guess I'll be join the attack soon."
  4. I would say that it's anti-mana then since mana would be the power source...
  5. An umbrella term I used for stuff that is not natural. So it would cover the spiritual, psionic, magic, etc...or whatever special powers and stuff that is not natural... That said its a weird term since there are magical stuff that are inherently natural occurring to val's nature...
  6. 🤣 This is fun...I will definitely put in weird characters... I'll go with my Linda Linda...
  7. Just be careful of others that use anti-magic as anti-supernatural (*cough* Mistress an James *cough*)...
  8. "There is," Linda Linda replied. "We call it 'graduating.'" Then she shook her head at Shane. "No need to be alarmed, dear. Although I am more than capable of forcing you to do my bidding, I am a kind and gentle person." "Absurd as it might, I greatly value individuality." She tapped her temple. "Right now, millennia of information is stored within that brain of yours. It might be too much at the start but you'll get used to it after a while." "Even when everything there is available at your leisure, I would still advise you to take precaution. Learn the stuff you think aligns most with who you are and practice with it. I can only help you with the theories but no one can cheat mastery of a subject in a day. Even the prodigies within the organization still practice daily." "What I want to see the most out of you is your growth. Mediocrity is something I greatly frown upon and I expect you to be a better person once you leave the cartel." "Now be a dear and check if we have found that bloody pirate lord."
  9. Nah..🤣 I'm playing pokemon this time...
  10. The force from the collision of the impact had knocked the hoods of the two cloaked individuals. One would be surprised to see a pair of identical twins, except for their hair where one sports the white stuff while the other settled for the silky black. The black-haired one, Plushy, help up a delicate arm. Despite the dimissive look on her eyes, anyone could tell that her hand clearly took the brunt of Dauner's heat as it looked like a burned piece of meat. "Interesting," said Plushy as she examined the extent of her hand's damage. "I heard that human bodies break easily but this much from just that? My disappointment is immeasurable." "Pipe down, sis," said Minny, the white-hairer chick. "I think the boy's into you. Like going in so forceful and hot." Lowering her hand down which was already showing signs of healing, Plushy faced Dauner. "Sorry, kid but I prefer taking it slow from the top. At least, I can see why you two boys preferred each other's company." "These boys are so not my type," Minny giggled as her hand pointed at the ground before her. From that finger tip came crackling lightning which hovered in mid-air. It looked like a ball of electricity which started growing until it became turned into another creature, one that shares the same kind of aura the golem Cialo. "I think you boys are way over your heads," Plushy sneered at the two. "Like duh! It's time these two little boys to be given a lesson in proper manners." Minny giggled. "What do you think, sis?" "Spunk, yes."
  11. I think I might have a couple of jobs for the VCF 🤣 Imma pm you later...😊
  12. A long boisterous laugh erupted from Linda Linda's full lips. It took a minute or two before she finay settled down. Wiping the tears off her eyes, she finally addressed Shane. "Shane, sweetie. Calm down. No need to worry about such trivialities. You will learn all this in time. For now, I shall explain your new duties and responsibilities." There was a long pause aftee that as the woman had to loudly slurp a moutfhful of tea. "Reviving you is not a simple task and there are consequences for that. One, your personal death is forfeit. As long as you are under my organization's service, I cannot allow you to rest even in death. Even if you die, I will keep bringing you back." "Two, experience the world. Despite being a mercenary group, my organization's true purpose is the storage and collection of data, knowledge and information. The reason our group is made is because the Blackmaker, our founder, can no longer fit everything he knows in his own head and thus created a network of connected minds to share the burden of carrying such a vast amound of information. It is our duty then to continue his legacy. All I want you to do is go out there and explore. Enjoy and experience. After all, anything you learn will be stored in our mental archive." "Three, family. We treat our other members as our own family. We are all brothers and sisters here. Although, there are a lot of prodigal members so be careful if you meet one. They won't hesitste killing other members they dislike. Of course, you wont stay dead for long but it will still hurt like a bitch."
  13. The loud roar of the ride's engine can be heard even from afar. If the members of the Order were to ever turn to see who it was, they would find their newest recruit riding a big black bike over what seemed like open air. As ridiculous as it seemed the woman riding the bike paid no heed to such trivialities, she was more concerned catching up to the others. Earlier when they entered this realm, she was the last one to arrive and immediately got lost. Why and how that happened was beyond any sane person but it was a good thing that the woman managed to track the Eredas' trail. Filled with hope and relief, she rushed towards her newfound friends. It was at the end of her search that she saw her friends and their dangerous circumstance. She leapt off her bike as soon as she closed the distance between her and the knight commander. In mid-air, her body shone for a brief moment before a beam of magical light shot out of her chest and into the golem. When her feet reached the ground, she broke into a roll and raised a soot-stained arm to gesture a thumbs-up for the Knight Master. "Knight Apprentice Shishi, reporting for duty!"
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