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  1. By class, Holly is a healer. Her presence makes plants grow. She has a natural affinity with nature and living things. Unfortunately, she prefers using her fire blade thingy which makes her a human torch. Other than that, Holly is very athletic and prioritizes her survival over everything else. Oh and she's very blunt and straightforward if that helps.
  2. Semi-AFV till the end of the month..I'm around but I might not have enough free time to post due to auditors coming to my office πŸ˜…Β 

    Must wash my hands before the auditing team reaches me....πŸ˜‰

    Be back on May...

  3. Zatch bell is pretty dope. And yes Zatch bell is rather similar to Black Clover as both have books and both gain new powers or abilities either through training or char dev. Oh and its a bit similar to both HxH and Jojo where the powers aren't uniform or everyone has their personal set of skills that matches their character. Plus points to Zatch Bell because in some fights you can straight up steal the enemy's spell book and burn it for the win. 🀣🀣 Similar to Jojo Stands where you can circumvent the Stand and go straight for the Stand users.😏 Zatch bell is underrated. 😭 The show needs more love.
  4. πŸ˜… So Palmer's crimes will be tried in Umbra's courts or the Gaian church's? Let's hope Umbra doesnt have child protection services or Palmer will be sent to the juvie. πŸ€”
  5. Seeing that Leo is helping a criminal escape should that boy be captured as well? πŸ€”
  6. Jojo system is well...around parts 3 onwards..characters have these ghostly apparitions which fight for them called Stands. Each stand has its own special ability, whicj gets weirder the more the series progresses. The one good thing about this system though is that some Stands might have broken abilities like stopping time but the users themselves are still human so most fights between Stand users is more about finding out your enemy's weakness or how to circumvent their Stand's ability.
  7. Well clover is alright I guess...I do like that they get their power-ups from character developmentπŸ˜… If you really want diverse..try Jojo..definitely weirdest system. Not sure if the system exists there πŸ˜… Also Hisoka is hax and Chrollo should have lost that match. 😏
  8. Well electricity is fun an all but Khakina had seen all it can do and her opponenet barely knew anything about it except shock people. It was a sad day for lightning-themed powers but Khakina still needed to dodge. Khakina's slowed descent meant that her position was higher than Arashi. If so, then the lightning blast was approaching at Khaki in a upward angle something she had expected. Her solution was to drop her flotation devices and let gravity save her. With no more wind to maintain her altitude, Khakina's bodly plummeted at breakneck speed thus allowing her to dodge Arashi's attack. However, there's no time to debate if the fall will kill her first or Arashi does, because she needed to make her own attack before gravity does its shit and squashed her like pancakes. Only problem she can already see the undead dragon looming at Arashi's back. In frantic hurry, Khaki instead unsheathes one of her bastard swords. Perhaps it is time to unleash her new skill- Wave Manipulation. With a grunt, her plumetting figure faced Arashi and made a vertical slash. Through the use of wave manipulation, Khakin was able to propel her slash forward until it reached Arashi's figure.
  9. 😏 I would comment on Hisoka's abilities being hax but spoilers...also I'm not sure but I think HxH nen is best anime power system atmπŸ€” probably
  10. THE MADAME LINDA LINDA She could feel it. Immense power flowed into her mortal body, All the power generated by the tower coursing to her every vein, into the insides of her body. It was just on moment but it felt like an eternity. This is not something a normal human can handle but it seems the Madame Linda Linda had gone beyond what it means to be a normal human. Her body screamed for rest, for release from this eternity of suffering. What is the point of gaining power if one were to die just from the act of acquiring it? If there is one thing the Madame Linda Linda excelled at it was determination. Even back when she was the vigilante Middy Ochre or the Mistress Black Head, all she ever had was her indomitable will, a simple trait that had kept her alive even against the most unbeatable odds. (WIP)
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