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  1. They are coming. Khaki frowned as she finished her meal. Whatever the eldritch parasite within her had sensed was clearly less important than her enjoyment of this meager dish. She's not fighting with an empty stomach. Despite her rather petite stature, Khaki requires excessive amounts of sustenance in order to satisfy her ravenous hunger. This, however, is mostly due to the eldritch abominations insatiable desire to devour. Coming closer. Partially satisfied with her meal, Khakina stood up and began packing and rechecking her gear before the fight. She had a feeling that mundane weaponry might not be enough to protect her but she'll have to work with what she has. From the memories of the eldritch abomination's previous host, she can more or less deduce their current enemy's form. You won't survive this. Run. Shrugging off the parasite's plea, the little girl left her room in search of Miss Blonde. It did not take her long to find her and the other members of their little party. Climbing atop the assault skiff, she waited for her employer's instructions. Reference art credited to FGO MHX Alter
  2. I see that you are still declining my offer to fix your problem. Especially when I understand your condition the most. Holly Sheathe ignored the voices speaking inside her mind. Ever since she returned the Oathblade Sunscar to its rightful place, this new voice keeps popping up at the most inopportune of moments. At times it can be comforting to know that someone out there was looking after her but in other times, these voices can be quite the nuisance. Especially when the voice mentions her current affliction. While the stairs may have posed quite the problem for her, the crippled Sheathe managed to push herself up through the lavish steps and finally reaching the balcony after such an ordeal. A few months back, she thoroughly enjoyed the feeling of going up and down a flight of stairs but now, all she has is an unrequited distaste for such an oppressive fixture. She could even hear the voice's mocking laughter ringing inside her head, most likely in the enjoyment of her suffering. Stand fast, sweetie. You'll be meeting Primera soon. The crippled woman swerved her head to the side to find a familiar face. Perhaps familiarity is not an apt term because she had never met the woman but her predecessor Decant did. It was an odd feeling to treat someone else's experience as your own but that is another burden that Holly must carry. Another sweeping glance of the place showed that there are already a few more notable individuals that arrived before her. Lady Ilyana, the Gaian fanatic from the Mistress' memories. The Hildebrands, minus the Lady Varda, ones she had once sworn fealty to, or at least her family did in the past. Lastly, there were the twins as well, these two she knew all too well, especially after that cordial visit. Grunting, she rolled towards a good spot where she might have a clear view of the assembly below. And without having to make use of her already useless lower limbs. Just tell me if you need assistance, dearie. As your mentor, I could never stand the thought of seeing you so...incapable.
  3. THE DEAD MISTRESS Alterion's Lessertown. I've always wondered what it feels like to live here. The white-haired woman mused as she brought the cup of tea to her parched lips. She sat at a lone table, far away from the dregs that populate this place. Despite the inquisitive glances coming from the local patrons, the woman was mostly unperturbed. Just another stranger passing through their town, one they would never see again. Sadly for them, the woman, or perhaps her name will stay in this place. One can say that she truly did not fit within such a setting, as she looked better dressed than most of the local patrons. Oddly enough, most of her garments are under her long coat, a habit she always had even before her resurrection. Was it actually worth investing in this shoddy place? Sooner or later she might regret it but she knew that she cannot build her economic empire alone. This is why she needed the help of a certain ginger boy. She pursed her lips then, as her eyes drifted towards the entrance for the nth time now. Somehow she's both excited and nervous of her incoming visitor. They may have met a couple of times but there is always this feeling of fear and begrudging respect for her ginger visitor. However, she did have to wonder if he will actually appear in person or maybe send a representative. @amenities
  4. As soon as she was done rolling, the white-haired woman was already preparing for her next move. She can sense it, the brewing battle and she's concerned that she would be unable to hold back. Sebastian was always a competent combatant and she felt bad that they are targetting him. Unfortunately, orders are order. She figured there's nothing personal, just business. If the man survives, she would mostly bring tea on her next visit while he's recuperating. A small token of apology. Then came the magical snake attack. She could sense the intense power coming from the powerful sword. Can it match her blade? Perhaps not. This means she can handle this attack. However there's no point in fighting something so stupidly unbeatable. Hydra lore dictates killing it will make many more and hitting it is pointless because it's in spectral form. So she should just cower under her supernatural barrier that is supported by Baeoi's blessing while releasing Baeoi's Unblessing which weakens the supernatural snake outside it. Anti-supernatural Barrier. Satisfied with her work, she then raised her free hand and formed a finger pistol with it. Aiming at the last remaining guard, she let loose six bullets made of magical light from her index finger. Of course, her barrier stops supernatural things from going in, not going out. Each of this bullets would explode upon impact and all of them homing in on the poor man. My apologies. Nothing personal, just business.
  5. Alone? The Dead Mistress frowned. She can't be alone with all these male strangers. Now she's scared of what these men will do to her. After all, she's just a poor, defenseless woman who could barely climb the stairs. "Wait," the Mistress called out, "I can't go on alone. I need my adviser-" points to Cain, "-to confirm the authenticity of the statue. While I respect the auction's credibility, I fear that I would be easily tricked if I have no one I trust at my side. Please, sir. At least grant me this selfish request." There was no need for her to put up a mask to make herself more believable. The Mistress' always had this plain innocent face that's borderline delicate and lady-like. She's more worried that she'd burst out laughing anytime soon. She can only hope that Keli will say yes. While she waited for his reply, her mind began recalling all the information from the auction catalogue. If they are going to finesse this place, she'd better steal all she needs. Exalta weapons. Black Exalta Prisms. A shield of healing. Cobran alpha wolf furs. Ballard Bay shield of healing. The elusive Vintel berries. A half-dead monster from Moonwood, ready for binding. And a baby phoenix, ready for bonding. Then the rare materials. Bloodstones. Elemental Stones. Celuro. Stryderian scales. Runestones. And more.
  6. Saki-san nodded at Eiji-san's words. She had expected as much from the man. She would have been disappointed if he acted differently. Jiji-chan was always quite the intense man. Oddly, enough the thought made her snicker. It would have been a good opportunity to mock and make fun of her former lover but Saki was not that low of a person. Or is she? Her attention soon drifted towards Shi, the rather outspoken youth. At least, he is capable of showing respect. She would have like him too? But his words of chaos in the clan did not amuse Saki. "I would hope that no revolt would happen soon. I don't want blood on my hands anytime soon." Shrugging, Saki returned once more to her smoking while she waited for Eiji to speak.
  7. SHISHI RAVENBUSH The woman pursed her lips as she watched the poor elemental take one powerful attack after another. Of course, she had already sent her own assault earlier before she started observing the aftermath. To be fair, she did send six of her magical lances of light which was more than enough from her. She already knew the poor elemental had no chance against all these monsters ganging up on it. She was more concerned with her friend, Holly. Ravenbush had been silent all throughout this ordeal because she was worried about Holly. Her friend had always been this careless individual that kept on jumping into more dangerous situations. Sometimes, Ravenbush had to wonder if Holly ever valued her life, perhaps even valued random strangers' lives more than hers. Now she's concerned that Holly might be suffering from survivor's guil- Her wayward thoughts were cut off as she noticed the other woman (Ingrid) moving away from the battle. Something seems off. Brows furrowing, it took her a few more moments before realizing the rising heat within the area. Now she knows why she's sweating so much. Sooner or later, this might get dangerous. Alarmed, she began extending her energy outward. It was a soft bubble of energy that maintained the temperature within a normal degree. HOLLY SHEATHE “Give me the blade." Holly turned towards the speaker. It was an unfamiliar person and yet Holly can sense this strange bond between. It took her a moment before realizing it was another oathblade wielder. And yet she can sense that this man is beyond any oathblade wielder she has met. There's this essence of mastery and experience with the blade that seemed to exude from the man. "Mmm...Crowley." Sunscar's words tore Holly from her thoughts. She blinked twice in an attempt to regain her focus. If this man was the famed Crowley, then everything else is clear. It is time for her to let go of a friend. "Yes," she spoke softly, closing the distance between her and the man. "I think I've held on to Sunscar longer than I should." She paused to hand him the blade. "To the end, I am still an unworthy partner" Once she let go of the blade, Holly would suddenly a sudden weakness on her legs. It was a strange crippling feeling. Somehow there was something else wrong inside her. Something very wrong. My cells are multiplying at an abnormal rate. They...they are eating my magical energy. The more magical energy I manifest, the faster they multiply. Is this why Sunscar keeps burning me? With Sunscar's energy gone within her, Holly realized it too late. Somehow the Oathblade was more caring than she had expected. Was Sunscar burning these mutated cells all this time? She did not notice it but there were already tears streaming down her eyes. She could feel her knees buckling. Her physical body is more damaged than she actually thought. Her legs would be the first one to go. Yes. I was always in the wrong. Forgive me, old friend. "I see," she spoke, her voice croaking, "I hope Sunscar finds someone better someday. Someone worthy." Having said her final words, she tried to turn her back on Crowley but somehow her legs found it amusing to betray her at this moment. With nothing to keep the mutated cells at bay, they did not waste time in claiming her lower limbs. Poor Holly, she stumbled on to the ground, the volcanic ash mixed dirt staining her tear-streaked face. The price of my hubris. @Wade
  8. SERA AND KHAKI - GROUP 1 "Well that sucked ass," Sera grumbled as the last bit of zombie was decimated before her very eyes. She was more wary about what's coming next for their little group than actually worrying about her potential allies especially those two dudes that somehow got stunned. Shrugging, she pulled Khaki and together the two tried their best to reach their downed allies. Unfortunately for them, they could only go so far. THE MISTRESS BLACKHEAD - GROUP 1 "Interesting," the Mistress spoke, her eyes glinting with amusement. If there is one thing she thoroughly enjoyed, it is the sense of wonder in experiencing something new. The orange glow on her feet clearly indicated a sense of danger and she would have liked to stay longer just to see how dangerous it is but time is of the essence. Sighing rather dejectedly but not before she gave Vlad a kind smile, she moved away from her spot and towards one of her allies (Hensch men). Once she reached the individual, she pulled him by the collar and shook him awake in hopes of removing his stun. She would have helped the others but certain unknown factors prevented her from making more actions.
  9. You can skip me for this round...I might not be able to make a post this weekend...apologies 😣😣
  10. THE MISTRESS BLACKHEAD The Mistress watched the tabaxi as he worked. As usual, she would take note of every single thing, of every ingredient used, of every step and processes made. She was, after all, a wellspring of knowledge. Her mind holds perhaps decades even centuries of data gathered together by all the Blackheads that came before her and passed down from generation to generation. She understands it too well that knowledge is power. Cerik's earlier words had already satisfied her curiosity and she had responded with an affirming nod. There was nothing more that need be said between them, only the anticipation for Iomhar to finish the spell. Her focus drifted then to the heavens above and finally spoke. "I can't blame you for that. I have lived my life chasing legends and rumors, much of it had been true. In my experience every story no matter how far-fetched has a grain of truth hidden in it. As for the cult, I'm not really bothered by them. I've dealt with a lot of cults in my time and this one would not be any different." When Iomhar was done with his business, the Mistress Blackhead would place a comforting palm on the tabaxi's shoulder. "Very handy. I wish I could take you home."
  11. I feel so tired. So weary. Poor Ravenbush could no longer keep on fighting...she was too exhausted, too fatigued to keep on going. Even her flight is already wavering as her body drooped haphazardly to the ground. Her eyes were closing and she no longer has the strength nor the will to keep them open. Her body sagged, falling dangerously on the cold ground. She was so tired that she could see two version of her older siblings. Two Middys. Why are there two... Those were her last thoughts as she lost consciousness. Unfortunately for her, fake Middy was not one to give chance to enemies as the copycat was already within Shishi's personal space and swinging that wicked bastard blade at the poor defenseless girl. There was a loud clang and the fake Middy would be surprised that her slash was deflected by something hard. It was the dark colored armor of a woman's arm, the arm of someone who should have been on the ground, unconscious. "My, my, what a cheap imitation you are," the person spoke. She had Shishi's body but the person inside was completely different. It was the ghost that haunted Shishi. The apparition must have possessed the poor unconscious woman after seeing her weakened state. Shishi's body was covered in glistening black armor, an ancient artifact known as the Heaven's Armor. "You should know when you are outmatched, copycat," the ghost in Shishi's body sneered, "Prepare to face the original Mistress Blackhead." As the ghost uttered her real name, Shishi's body closed the distance between them. Face to face, the ghost gave the copycat a smug look before her power blossomed around her. Together the two are wrapped in a faint sphere of purplish-black energy where anything inside would feel the effects of a gravitational field ten times the normal. "Bow before my greatness, you faker."
  12. The reward might be a gift from Gaia....and we know the relationship between Dan and the church,.....☺️
  13. 🤔 Can Taen's banker Madame Linda Pinda spectate?
  14. Folio Sheathe has always been a soft-hearted man. Despite his needlessly large bulk, he is easily swayed by the strings tugging in his chest much to his niece's annoyance. The simple farmer that was once the head of House Sheathe had been weeping since the start of the funeral and until the late emperor's coffin was lowered into its final resting place. The middle-aged man inaudibly murmured his final parting words and wishes for the emperor he had always looked up to. Perhaps this was the end of an era for Ursa Madeum but what he was more concerned at the moment was his niece's incessant tugging at his shirt's sleeves. Folio tore his eyes away from the Emperor's grave and turned to his niece, the horribly-burnt woman sitting uncomfortably on a wheelchair. "Uncle, let's go," her niece pleaded. Despite her appearance and demeanor, Folio knew that her niece was worried about his well-being. He was no longer the young man he once was and even the simple act of mourning is a great burden on his already weakening heart. Nodding his assent, Folio followed his niece into the drawing room. Inside, Folio helped himself to a cup of tea before sitting down. He would have asked a cup of coffee for her niece as well, but he's afraid the poor thing would get mad for being treated as a helpless individual. The aging man silently sipped his tea while waiting for his niece to return.
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