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  1. The Blackspear skillset: Domination(Active/Sustained): All ex-cartel members are capable of manipulating any non-PC object around them. Emulation(Active/Sutained): Another skill open to all cartel members. This allows the user to replicate any natural or supernatural phenomena in exchange for expending energy. The scale and intensity of the emulation are proportional to the energy consumed. Communion(Passive/Active/Sustained): all members are capable of accessing the Archive and all the knowledge which reside in it. This allows them to use a wide variety skill, abilities and spells. Amplification/Reduction(Active/Sustained): Another cartel skill. A two-part ability that allows any cartel member to amplify/reduce a certain trait, quality, skill, ability, feature, or technique they own, of any other non-PC object or of their surrounding. Blackspear's taint(Passive): Purely cosmetic effect. C´╗┐´╗┐artel members' projectile attacks are primarily in the form of a spear unless they specify the exact shape. Blackspear Constitution(passive/active) - all upper echelon and the Blackhead have bodies beyond the limits of any human even if they look mundane. Ehanced physical abilities, regeneration and senses.
  2. Sera's words were more or less true as Khaki seemed to be challenging the god herself. When Som was charging at the god, so too did Khakina. Unfortunately for Som, the little girl was still few steps behind him so she was unable to help the man when the god blasted him away. But she has no time to worry about the man as it would soon be her turn to face the god. Drawing in more power from Cialo's essence, the little girl took her stand. She needed to treat this seriously now or she might die. This means she has to access the cartel's armory. Summoning the Black Heart Mirror robe for protection and the Black Heart Mirror sword (which turned into a pair of double-ended blade staff), Khaki leaped at the god delivering a flurry of blows. She could not keep this up forever but she hopes Som and Sera would come and help her.
  3. Bandits. Mostly goons. Naherin frowned. She knew she could take them but she's more worried about that coat. The cartel's insignia is something only other members could notice now that the organization is mostly dead. The members still do their work even if the group has been dissolved. For Naherin, seeing that article of clothing without its owner means something must have happened. We don't take off our coats. Ever. Either she met a strong opponent or something else must have happened. Should she attack now? There's four of them, clearly armed but Naherin is no slouch either. A cartel member should always be prepared in a fight. For now, however, she need to get closer. "I'm looking for someone," Naherin spoke, her voice neutral. "But its been days and I ran out of food and drink. Is there a nearby source of water here?"
  4. "Well, would you look at that." While Som lay motionless on the floor, the missing person finally makes her reappearance. She's back, the woman known as Sera. The earlier attack had caught her by surprise and flung her a bit harder than she had expected. Unfortunately for the god, her friend Sagittarius got her back. The deceased deity, or at least a memory of it had manifested itself in its weakened spirit version and protected Sera. But now she's back with a vengeance. "Stay there for a while," Sera spoke as she laid a scarred hand atop Som's chest. "Sometimes, even I forget that Sagittarius was also a god of healing." True enough, Som would start to feel his body mending and his fatigue slowly disappearing. "Khaki should be buying us some time."
  5. "Protect the kid!" Saki yelled as she moved to assist Eiji. Even if its hard, Saki had no choice but to trust the guide. She can't fight the enemies and protect the girl at the same time. "Eiji," Saki spoke as her hands began throwing explosion spells at the approaching projectiles. There is nothing better than blasting projectiles with your own projectiles. "Any ideas?" Meanwhile, the guide had covered the girl with her own body while she whispered comforting words into the kid's ears. She knew what must be done but this path is for Saki and Eiji alone. As must as she want to help them, she can only observe.
  6. "Not necessarily," Linda replied, "The child is strong. Stronger than most. Even now I can feel it steadily devouring my energy." The woman chuckled bitterly. I would keep have brought it with me but I fear that this venture would be dangerous if I were to do it at a quarter of my strength. It might be fatal to me and to this child as well." She paused then, her eyes downcast. "I'm sorry, Issac. I know this is a selfish request but there are some things in this world that I cannot miss." "This child, however, is merely a fragment of myself. A clone if you will. It will grow up to be a shadow of me who in turn is merely a shadow of the woman who bore me." Then she raised her head to look Issac in the eye. "An artificial womb, however, is a good idea. And it's not picky as well. As long as you can feed it with some form of energy, it will continue to grow."
  7. Thotification

    A Lost World

    "Interesting," Holly mused as her sight drifted towards where the creature supposedly pass. They did say something about reptilian creatures but if this creature is a carnivorous predator then she did not go wrong in hiring strong bodyguards. I can't believe that a day would come where a cripple would be protected by an amputee and a little girl. Times sure have changed. "Say, Sera," Holly started, "Have you some semblance to the creatures that you and the others have hunted?" The woman called Sera shook her head, "Similar but not quite. Back then, the only reptiles I have faced are those overgrown winged lizards-" "-dragons." Khakina interjected before Sera could finish talking, "They are called dragons." "Shut up bitch! They are lizards before my eyes." While the two bickered at each other, Holly can't help but shake her head. Now she's starting to regret bringing these two.
  8. The Blackspear cartel's mechanics: The Blackspear contract - a contract between the Blackhead and its members. It states that any one ordained into the Blackspear collective must give up their privacy, individuality, free will and even their very lives. This also stops the time of most members at a state where they are at their peak rendering them ageless. This even breaks the cycle of life and death as the contract turns the bodies of all members into organic vessels. This leaves all members merely shadows of their former selves, just puppets of the collective consciousness that is the Blackspear. The Blackspear Archive - the true purpose of the cartel. The collection, compilation, segregation, and transcription of knowledge, history and experiences which is all done within the massive collective consciousness which spans from the Blackhead to all members. The Blackspear Communion - all members are capable of accessing the Archive and all the knowledge which reside in it. This allows them to use a wide variety skill, abilities and spells. The Blackspear Armory - a pocket dimension where the organization stores all the artifact, relics and other powerful items that the members have gathered throughout the years. Can be accessed by the upper echelon and the Blackhead. The Blackspear Constitution - all upper echelon and the Blackhead have bodies beyond the limits of any human even if they look mundane. Ehanced physical abilities, regeneration and senses.
  9. "So noisy," the elder sister mumbled as she yawned. Shishi on the other hand was already holding tight to whatever her dainty hands can latch onto. It was a rocky ride at best and their final moments at worst. The elder sister however seemed to have more pressing concerns, more pressing than the imminent crash. Shishi scowled at her uncaring sister. "I would rather we don't die this early. I'm still in my teens! I still want to get married! Have kids!" Poor little girl, holding on for her dear life while her sibling is just casually peering at the storm and the chaos beyond. Shishi's arms should be trembling from the strain and yet she hold on. Meanwhile, the older sister was just yawning with nary a care for the world. "Eh? This is only normal, Shishi. We can't go on a dangerous venture without dealing with a few bumps here and there," the mad woman chuckled as their ride rocked her body back and forth. "Why are you worried anyway? We can both fly." "There's a bloody storm! I'm not crazy nor stupid enough to go out there." "This is why you lack training." "Training my ass! I just wanna live another day." "Oh dear, we might crash sometime soon..." And the two continued to bicker even when their ride is about to crash.
  10. KHAKINA KHATUN Rifornire might be a god but the Komandant's will has severely weakened him. Khakina, on the other hand, had earlier consumed two god essences', the titan god Cialo's core and the core of the nameless goddess. It should be enough to keep her alive even for a few moments. Khakina's pair of swords glowed red as she imbued it with her own energy. She did not only obtain Cialo's earth manipulation skills but also the god's immense strength and speed. She was a flurry of blades as she went toe to toe with an actual god. The little has now reached a higher realm even among her peers. Not everyone can survive fighting an actual god, even in its weakened state. But anyone can see that the little girl is being slowly pushed back, bit by bit. Even if she tried hard enough, she was unable to push the god back. This is the most she can do to keep the god contained. She will persevere because she trusted Sera to deal a massive blow once they find even the tiniest opening, that sole weak point. For now, she must survive.
  11. Nah...I reread it...you did mention it... But you must use Santa's sack sometime...
  12. Psssshhh its just coal.. Bruh you have to go deeper...use his sack! Santa's "sack" holds billions of presents at once...
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