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  1. Thotification

    The first rise of Javerion inc. (Amalia)

    "I've been here before," Suzy spoke, his eyes staring longingly into the island. When one has reached his age, it can be hard to trust his memory. Perhaps he did visit this place in the past but it has changed so much from what he's used to. Granted he's been alive for so long that he could have jumbled his memories. Still, he did sense some kind of familiarity with this island. Or he could be wrong and mistook this place for another one. In his defense, he's seen so many of this islands that he could hardly tell one from the other. "It was different back in my days," he continued, "There was a time when I thought this island disappeared so suddenly. A few more centuries and now I could see it again." Beside him, Linda Linda was silent as if musing on his words. Suzy can never comprehend what goes inside the lass' head nor did he want to know. Linda might be ridiculous but she was never one to disappoint him. Unlike her mother of course. Or her sister. Linda Linda gasped, "Oh, is this where you got the idea of our penguins?" Suzy merely responded with a shrug. True he was inspired by those parasitic slime molds he found in this island but that was thousands of years ago, surely those slimes cannot evolve into something similar to his penguins. Or did they? Whatever the answer is, Suzy was sure that Linda Linda would be thrilled with the discovery.
  2. Thotification

    Lemme draw your character!

    Moar! We give you moar! You can have the Pretty Paragon Khaki 1. Blonde white hair, medium length, 2. Eye color - yellow or 3. Wears an edgy hooded long coat. Has her paragon mark on the corner of one of her eyes. In her normal form she wears glasses. 4. 4. The top one is her paragon form and the lower one is her normal cute girl form. 5. Female (boob size is probably 34 B or around average...not too big or too small. Also she's short.
  3. Thotification

    The Bad Doctor

    PRETTY KHAKI "So how do we do it?" Khaki asked after awhile. She had already ditched her kimono to her hooded coat. The previous costume was rather hard to move in and their next task would require more effort than necessary. They are only here as support though. Sera is too dumb and noisy to actually do stealth missions while Khaki is just Khaki. A cute and pretty girl. One cannot deny Khaki's cuteness and it has saved her more times than she could count. She had been rather compacent through the whole trip, letting her eyes and ear do the work instead of her mouth. She fancied herself a professional agent, a status that was leagues above her partner Sera who was simply a mad brute. Khaki was always the calmer one. Her only flaw in the past was her lack of confidence. Now that she had gone through a whole character arc, that flaw was no more. She waited patiently for the woman's answer. Meanwhile her hands moved to her belts on instinct. The hilts of her plasma blades are still there. Their weight were a great comfort to her, especially during missions. These pair were a gift from an old friend. One she lost at the cold lands of Shawnee. Still, Khaki carried that friend's legacy together with these two weapons. And she will keep on living till she accomplishes them.
  4. Thotification

    To make an omlet... [IC]

    'SHISHI' THE MAIDEN RAVENBUSH It was quite interesting that Shishi Ravenbush was also thinking the same thing. Of course she was not thinking of killing Huxbert but was rather thinking on whipping out her own junk like the other patrons who pulled their guns out. What bastards! And cowards too for ganging up on this poor minotaur. It was quite exciting actually. What these fucktards failed to realize was that Shishi was behind all of these mooks, together with the other personas interested with this minotaur's survival. Hands still in her pockets, the maiden Ravenbush sashayed into the fray, her warm yellow eyes regarding one goon after another. Clearly these assailants were all trash mobs and anyone worth their salt would have no trouble dealing with them one on one. The problem is, they are in a fucking group and there's no way the minotaur could deal with all of them on his own. He's a monster alright, but surely not monstrously powerful. Perhaps. Perhaps not. The minotaur is not that dumb to walk into a trap after all. Or is he? Shishi will never know. As the firefight started, she was already leaping through the first trash mob, her lithe slender leg bearing down on the poor man's neck in a roundhouse kick. There was a sickening crunch and the man was flung to the side, his neck probably broken beyond repair. The man would hit another mook, sending them both crashing into the nearby wall. The maiden whistled at her rather uncouth behavior but she cannot pass the moment to show off her well-muscled lower limbs. Without a pause she was already on another target, tripping the man from behind with a low sweep then delivering a wicked axe kick on his back after the man fell down. So exciting. But all things have an end as the other goons soon took notice of the maiden's presence. A pair of them trained their sights on her and Ravenbush has no choice but to kick over a nearby table and huddle down, hoping its top could block the incoming hail of bullets long enough for Ravenbush to pull her hands out of her pockets. But the situation isn't that dire yet, so she'll just lay low for the moment.
  5. Thotification

    The Andelusian High Tea Society [Hub]

    The Mistress' lips curled into a rather coy grin as she regarded this lady before her. The lady looks as tasty as the tea the Mistress held in her dainty hands, leaving the Mistress' rather flustered and at a loss for words. It was but a moment, her emotions flickered for a bit before returning to that playful demeanor she was rather infamous of. Oh she was quite the character, this Mistress. The lonely woman who laughs at the face of adversary. "Oh dear me," the Mistress gasped, "Ravenbush was my sister. I would have brought her here but our sibling relationship have been a tad strained this past few montha." She paused to take a sip of the wonderful tea. "But by all means, feel free to call me, the Mistress. It's what people call me in the mainlands especially to those in criminal underworld." She shrugged then as if her words aren't that big of a deal. "I am a connoiseur my lady and a hedonist at that. My interests are plenty, my wants are endless. I've been to almost every place in this continent and the lands beyond." The Mistress gazed deep into the lady's eyes. "But my beginnings are a mystery even to me. My late mother was rather vague in that regard. My whole life I spent on a ship. My family were merchants." "But where are my manners. My appearance here was merely to partake of your delectable merchandise and perhaps also partake with the company of this establishment's owner."
  6. Thotification

    Visiting Hours

    Linda did not miss his queer choking noises but she was too dense to realize what it meant. Years of insecurity has left her unable to comprehend the subtle signals of a man. She'll only understand things if someone would outright tell her in her face. Yes, for someone who takes pride in her sense and perception in combat, she was denser than a rock when it comes to matters like this. All she perceived from Isaac was that he must have choked on a rather dry throat and only gave him a worried look. As the man scuttled towards his table in search of a drink, Linda Linda was done with her other boot where the footwear dropped on the floor with a resounding thud. Finally both her pristine feet were free from the oppression of fashion and she seemed to have finally reached nirvana. Chuckling she shifted once more, opting stretch her back for a bit before reclining on the soft, her eyes fixed on the ceiling. "Isaac," she spoke, "I'll be drinking tea. And when you're done, could you sit on the far end of the couch? My legs need a good lap to lie on."
  7. Thotification

    Pagans in the Night (Closed)

    Take your time...we'll wait for you
  8. Thotification

    Destruction des morts

    Oh, this night is so wonderful! Now that she's on the bad side of her only potential allies in this drug-crazed town, the nanny was filled to the brim with excitement. Oh the orc was such a poor sod. Just a few words and he's already ready to force himself upon the nanny, gorging her with a plethora of pointy things which magically extended out of her body. Oh temper, temper! The nanny has seen orcs more impressive than the one before her. Oh such laughable bravado! But the nanny was convinced that the orc, like most men she has the misfortune to tango with, would be unable to give her satisfaction. A pity, and he was quite the magnificent specimen. "Oho! Your quite the intense orc. Surely you wouldn't be so bold as to start assaulting a poor defenseless lady?" she snickered back at the orc, the obnoxious grin still plastered on her face. The nanny uncoiled herself from 'Bel to give the woman some space. These two really are that mad to loot through all this town's drug fiends. She can already hear the shrieks and despair wrapped within the flames and chaos of this night. This city was a goner and the only sane denizens were doing their best make the most out of this commotion. Whatever Bel was talking about fell on the nanny's deaf ears as of this moment, mostly because she seemed to have stopped caring. She was more concerned on the ramifications of this destruction, the loss of this city and the rise of this mysterious organization. Is she going to be entangled with another criminal group? She's had a lot of those recently. Blonde. Wilder. Dredge. The Legion. Lilith. The woman in that opera house. These are but few of the names she had the misfortune to meet, personas she would rather forget. Would this mysterious organization add to the list as well? It's getting longer by the minute, perhaps a adding another line wouldn't be so bad. It would be part of her resume after all. She chuckled then as her thoughts returned to the present. She gave way to the orc so her and Bel could lead the way towards their sidequest which the nanny considered utterly pointless but was magnanimous enough to humor their worthless task with her esteemed presence. She'll just stay at the back while sipping tea. In the off chance that these two would hilariously fail then she would be there with a well-prepped witty remark. "Carry along you two!" she snickered, barely hiding the haughtiness in her voice, "In the off chance that either of you fail, I''ll have a good view here at the rear and a good laugh as well. Who knows, I might have to cover up for your stupidity!" But there's no point in hiding her identity any longer. With a snap of her fingers, a black edgy long coat would materialize out of thin air to drape all over her figure. It's just isn't right that she would make more enemies if she wasn't wearing the correct uniform. With her coat, came the imposing aura that seemed to emanate from her being. The Mistress Blackhead has arrived. @Dolor Aeternum @vielle @Alexithymia
  9. Thotification

    below and beneath [outpost grey]

    "Wake me up when there's food." The Madam was mumbling nonsense in her sleep. The physical strain and her grave injuries has reduced this poor woman to a limp version of herself, almost like a vegetable, her subconscious figure being carried by the other woman named Capria. Being held like this, in the arms of another woman was very comforting to the suffering Ravenbush. She would have preferred the cute little Hawke but as the young man was rather indisposed, she'll enjoy what she can get. Queer jokes aside, this was a rather annoying situation that has befallen Ravenbush. Oh it was a brand new world of pain. Her wounds were deep and infected, the poison and corruption seeping deep into her body. There's no question that she will survive this ordeal, but the question is, at what cost? She was numb from everything else, only the stinging sensation of pain and the unbridled flood of itchiness assaulted her senses. Only Capria's loving embrace was her solace to this vile torture. Oh the tragedy! The magnanimous Ravenbush reduced to such a sorry state, Even in this prone situation, she still fought. Her spiritual energy was working double-time to keep her from actually dying but until her allies can find something to cure her. She could barely stand, much less stand up for herself. If something comes for them, then Jack would be left to fend for both her and Capria. She never liked that Jack but she for now she has no choice but to pin her trust in that man. If only he could quit his bitching, then Ravenbush might even start to like him. Probably. Then Hawke's voice came into her, a welcome invasion into her private thoughts. She was just thinking about him and there he was speaking into her mind. While his words were very reassuring, their group's current status isn't. Who knew that a pack of zombie monkeys are that annoying to deal with. Next time, she's never joining any trips that involves foggy forests and getting assaulted by zombie monkeys. Once was enough. Never again.
  10. Thotification

    Bring me a Dream

    “Wonderful! I’m glad we’re looking cohesive already. I shall head to Mortimer’s progenitors and the three of you to the goodliest pharmaceutical distributors of Lunaris. Within each bag is a three-month’s supply of medicine courtesy our contributor, Catalyst. Catalyst is a researcher of the night life in Terrenus, which commonly results in greater levels of sickness which Catalyst is known for trying to combat. Catalyst medicine is cheaper because we, the mixers of the medicine, also transport it without the same royalties as a synthesis-distribution company merger would. Catalyst medicine is healthier because it’s backed by greater resources and its compounds are totally organic. Lastly, you’ll find a comm crystal that fits in your ear in case you need to contact anyone else on the team should anything go wrong.” Trees. Linda Linda never liked these flora stuff. It only reminds her of all the times she was strung up upside down on a branch, the rope tied to both her ankles. Not the best experience, but still a memorable one, albeit a horrifying one. Still, Linda can't help but be overwhelmed by the abundance of trees. There are like trees everywhere. Or perhaps she's just missing the fact that this place was built on trees. It was quite the peculiar setting but she was not one to complain. She'd been in a lot of strange situation and peculiar events that a clump of sprawling treehouses was not enought to faze her. In fact she was in awe of how strong those trees are. Quite Fascinating. In her coat pocket was Amantis' package, it's weight reminding her of her daunting task. It has been so long since she had to work out an agreement in the legal and peaceful way. In the past she always got her way by either smear campaign or grave threats and she reveled in it. Now she had to haggle with this plebeian of a pharmacist and Linda was worried she might botch the negotiations. How she wished she could just summon Wilder to her side, at least with a few words from the man, surely no one would say no to her kind requests. She was a kind woman after all. her kindness truly knows no bounds. The climb was uneventful and Linda can be seen frowning as she sashayed through the walkways. This wasn't first time she was Lunaris, nor it will be the last. In her previous visit, she was always accompanied by Wilder and now that she's going solo, she's starting to miss the man. Just a bit. She might pa him a visit later once this job is done. She still needed his assistance for her plans in building her dream burlesque house. Finally the pharmacy is well within her sights. In a couple of steps she would be upon its entrance''s threshold and soon her task will begin. Shaking anxiety off her system, Linda Linda strode into the establishment. Her first step into a brand new life. And was greeted with, "And who the fuck are you?!"
  11. Thotification

    The first rise of Javerion inc. (Amalia)

    "Oh how wonderful," the white-haired woman giggled as her yellow eyes peered out the airship's window. It was quite thrilling travel especially for a homebody like her. Unfortunately her excitement did not carry over to the old man beside her, the one she jokingly calls her butler. The man was looked aged with his white hair and wrinkled skin, but one cannot deny the rippling muscles hidden underneath his suit. The way he held himself with authority and confidence was a stark contrast to the giggling woman beside him. The young woman looked more like his granddaughter especially with their similar hair color. "Madame Linda Linda," the old 'butler' started. We'll be landing soon so it is advised that you pay a visit to the crew of this ship and show your gratitude as they were kind enough to let you join as a guest in this expedition." The white-haired woman named Linda Linda merely smirked. "Oh dear, I did not know that." "You would have if you were listening to the people around you and not be so horribly obsessed with your own thoughts." "Oho! My butler is lecturing is giving me, her master, a stern lecture. How cute!" "Madame, one more word and I'll throw you out the airlock." .......
  12. Thotification

    The Bad Doctor

    "Hijacked a ship?" Sera chuckled. Following this queer woman was a new experience for her. She would have loved to correct the woman about the cartel, but Sera found it funnier if people did not know about the cartel's dissolution. Gotta keep the cartel's stort alive, even when it's already dead But highjacking a ship? Sera mulled over that notion. She had done a lot of crazy stuff in the past, so surely she must have hijacked a ship as well. Yeah, she must have. Probably. Despite her lacking mental faculties, Sera was always a good agent, especially at taking orders. She was never one to plan though as thinking too much can make her brain explode. Poor Sera. So she simlply nodded in affirmation. "Where's the ship? Let's do this."
  13. Thotification

    Getting Ley'd

    Sorry for the confusion...what I meant was my Amalia expeditions should have been at a time before the cartel was disbanded... and Linda waa not part of the Amalia storyline 😖
  14. Thotification

    Of Thots on Burlesques

    "Oh my, how wonderful!" The old man looked back to the giggling white-haired woman beside her. The ride to Taen had been rather uneventful and the old man was thankful for it. It was a request for assistance from his former students and the old man having nothing better to do was dragged from his wanderlust and plunged back into civilization. And that is why he is stuck here in this damnable city babysitting this white-haired woman beside him. Oh how fortunate he is for being so helpful to his prodigies. Still he figured it would be best to humor this woman-child. "Madame, is there something amiss?" he asked, his voice barely hiding his annoyance. Oh if only he can ditch this girl then his life would be easier. "Why so grumpy, Lord Suzy?" the woman retorted, the coy smile never leaving her face. The old man named Lord Suzy could only sigh. His role was to be the butler of this failure of a "madame" and he's not enjoying it one bit. He would have left but the Madame would punish him for it. Dealing with this kid was easier when the Madame was a wee little boy. Now that she's a real woman, Suzy is powerless against her eternal bitchiness. Yes, the Madame and her mother had more in common than Suzy had thought. "I gather you already have plans on the construction?" Suzy spoke after a while. The lull in their earlier conversation only made him more conscious of this city's changes from the last time he had been here. He still remembered this as a small settlement and back then he was already old. He hoped engaging this Madame in conversation would brighten his mood. Hopefully. "Actually, nope. But I'll have one soon. I'll have to visit a few people first," the Madame chuckled, her yellow eyes transfixed on the path ahead. The streets here were better than the old man expected but he was sure the Madame had been her before especially with how confident she was in leading him to somewhere important. Well, somewhere that the old man expected to be important. He'd been with the Madame for a long time and she wasn't one to joke about her objectives even when she is making fun of everything in her vicinity. "So old man, have you ever heard of Wilder?"
  15. Thotification

    Getting Ley'd

    Can Linda Linda help? 😊