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  1. Thotification

    The Bad Doctor OOC

    I'll try if I can put out a post tomorrow night...
  2. THE MADAME LINDA LINDA A village somewhere in the Great North of Whispernight... There was a woman, who fancied calling herself the Madame. Recent events led her to the possession of a powerful artifact, the legendary blade known as Baeoi. She was rather distressed with the blade's lack of redeeming qualities as she expected its full might to be fully unleashed once it was claimed by her. Sadly this never came to be as the legendary blade was but the shadow of her former glory. This prompted her to somewhat work on the blade itself, learning its secrets and perhaps unlock its full potential. The blade, however, would have to wait as the Madame was made to wait as well. Waiting for perhaps some assistance? She was in Whispernight after all, and the eldritch hordes that plague this land were too much for a weak and defenseless lady like herself. This is why she needed some assistance. This is why she is at the local tavern, sitting at a lonely corner while sipping tea. Sitting on her lap was the legendary blade, Baeoi itself, sheathed and sealed. She will learn more of its secrets once she started doing what she does best, vanquishing beasts. In this case, however, the Madame was about to eliminate as many of those eldritch abominations lying in those hills as much as possible. She might even get an Exalta crystal or two but she would not count on it. For now, she must be patient for the arrival of her helpers. She did send out a request after all. @Flame Hero: Endeavor
  3. Thotification

    More Lands till Sheathe Happens

    THE SHEATHES The man and his family may be mortal, but the Lady was one to see past a person's appearances. There was something else, something the man was hiding but she did not know what. She will find out soon though once this Jasper fellow is subjected to more daunting and highly taxing physical endeavors. Prompted by the man's acceptance of her meager request, the Lady of Hosue Sheathe turns to lead the way, but not before replying to the one-handed gentleman. "Eh? My uncle and cousin? Are you sure? Both of them are almost the same as me, barbaric and uncivilized. I hope we won't disappoint you, Jasper." Whatever the man's reply is the Lady of House sheathe would instead cock her head in curiosity. Should they go by foot? It's a long way off, perhaps Jasper was not a walking man and would clearly have trouble covering such long distances with those pampered feet of his. Perhaps he has a carriage? Or a mount, maybe? A fine man like him could surely find a comfortable ride anywhere. Jokes aside, the Lady only needed to ask the man after all. "Before we go, Jasper. Would you prefer we walk all the way there or do you have horses?" Meanwhile, far from the Lady of the House and the one-handed man, there was an uncle and his only sone, working on the fields. Armed with shovels, and long knives and axes and whatnots, this duo led a group of men and women, denizens of the nearby humble village in a physically taxing tax that was sure to benefit everyone that was kind enough to help. This was the land expansion that the Lady of the House was talking about, and one that she was rather late. Her inability to understand the concept of punctuality is quite unbecoming of her esteemed status. One can say this certain Lady is quite uncouth and suffering from a severe lack of propriety or noblesse oblige. What a pity!
  4. Thotification

    The Crematory

    Of Business and Banking Thots The illusive Madame Linda Linda, the founder of the Silverbush group, establishes a new Silverbush Bank and trading Center in Lunaris. Through this, the Madame aims to spread hers and the Dead's presence and influence in Lunaris, primarily in its economy by dictating the flow of money. Given time, most establishments and markets within the city would be indebted to the Madame and her financial company.
  5. Thotification

    Destruction des morts

    THE MISTRESS BLACKHEAD (MIDDY OCHRE) How uninteresting! The Mistress was rather bored with the recent turn of even. Her valiant efforts for gaining attention and sympathy poorly received by her the peacekeeper and her self-proclaimed audience. Any more round of attention seeking shenanigans in her part will cheapen her already cheap status as a terrorist wannabe and the misrepresented boss of a criminal organization. Well, we can't win them all after all. Dejected that the whole scene did not go her way, the Mistress shrug as the Peacekeeper turned his attention to the unappealing orc and that cheap cigar woman. What else can the Mistress do now that the spotlight has been forcibly taken from her but to wallow in self-inflicted misery and misguided pity? Perhaps the time for her to exit the stage has come, the exact moment for her to escape from this wretched scene. Woe the poor grieving Mistress so enraptured with her sorrow that she almost missed the imminent danger that was about to befall on her. When the peacekeepers lightning blast reached the Madame's personal space, she threw something metallic in its path. It was the gauntlet of Heaven's armor artifact, one that she was hiding underneath her clothing as another layer of protection. Held in mid-air by telekinesis, the gauntlet took the full force of the attack but was durable enough to withstand it. Once it was over, the dejected Mistress merely reclaimed her used-up gauntlet and began rolling away from the battlefield in a graceless and prideless manner. Why do I even bother gracing such unwelcome guest with my esteemed presence? I should find a more fitting audience one that will be more receiving of my worldly appeals.
  6. Thotification

    Leying a Foundation

    THE MADAME LINDA LINDA Fire. There are flames everywhere. When faced with an overwhelming number of plant monsters, the Madame was forced to act appropriately. In response to such an unfair battle, she began unleashing one fire spell after another, turning this dirty, unclean land into an inferno. Plant creatures seemed to screech and scream in agony as their bodies slowly burned away. Amidst this chaos and carnage was the Madame, arms crossed across her chest, that ever-present smug look plastered on her face as she looked down on all the dying plant monster kin. She was not the one at fault here for using excessive force. One can say it was an act of self-defense but knowing the Madame, she must have been enjoying the show. Like a lot. Jokes aside, the tables turned against her once more as another larger plant monster appeared, this time twice as large as the Madame. She merely gave the behemoth one languid glance bore another bout of fiery hell engulfed the monster but the blasted thing was unaffected. Well, this certainly complicates things.
  7. MIDIAN "MIDDY" OCHRE Middy nodded to the man before he left. His hand reached for the pouch to inspect his reward. Interesting. The coins are here but where are the enchanted items he promised? The young man gritted his teeth in frustration. He cannot believe that the other Esben would turn back on his word. What a bastard. In anger, he unconsciously kicked the table's leg but his foot hit something different. Something harder than the wooden table. Hm? What's this? The young man inspected the bottom of the table and was surprised to find three different parcels hidden underneath. It took him just a moment to check the contents of each parcel. A mischievous smile crept up in his lips. Good. Good. All the items he promised are here. Black Heart Mirror Sword. Black Heart Mirror Spear. Black Heart Mirror Robes. All here. Items Acquired: [Black Heart Mirror Greatsword (relic): -Passive: Swordshift (can shift into other sword shapes/takes time) -Active: Amplification (can boost one of the user's traits, skills, spells, or ability for a limited amount of time) -Sustained: Equal Ground (negates supernatural phenomenon/ability around the user. Also affects the user.)] Black Heart Mirror Spear (relic): -Passive: Drain (Drains the energy of anything it comes into contact and gives it to the user) -Active: Amplification (can boost one of the user's traits, skills, spells, or ability for a limited amount of time) -Sustained: Equal Ground (negates supernatural phenomenon/ability around the user. Also affects the user.)] Black Heart Mirror Robes(relic): -Passive: Styleshift (can shift into other styles of coats) / Can weakly resist magical/supernatural/physical damage -Active: Amplification (can boost one of the user's traits, skills, spells, or ability for a limited amount of time) -Sustained: Equal Ground (negates supernatural phenomenon/ability around the user. Also affects the user.)] *All Black Heart Mirror relics corrupt the users and their surrounding with the Black Heart Mirror ore plague every time the active ability is used* *These relics are bonded with their owners and will materialize from thin-air when summoned. If it loses physical contact with the user, it de-materializes and can be summoned again after a while*
  8. Thotification


    KHAKINA KHATUN Ah yes, the wolves. It seems her time has come. The little girl known as Khaki was once more subjected to the harsh reception of this frigid land. This was perhaps nostalgia. There was once a time of course, way back in the past when she stood upon this very land itself, surrounded by these carnivorous predators. This was a similar situation except for this time, their team is more than prepared. Well, as prepared as they'll ever be. This mission was no walk in a park after all and the little girl was confident that the upcoming battle will be bloody. That is for both sides of this fight. Was this the right course of action? Perhaps. Perhaps not. What Khaki was sure of is that she will leave a bloody trail upon this snowy lands once she is done with these wolves. Gone was the ditzy and innocent Khakina that was once ambushed by these pests. That version of her was not competent enough to handle that kind of problem. That fateful night where that one wolf almost took her life. It had haunted all her dreams ever since. Since then she had gone through a whole character development arc and know here she is again, ready to return a grudge she was unwilling to go. She will taste wolf meat tonight. She moved to the rear then, a sword in each hand, their blades seeming to glow in anticipation. Gone was her childish clothing, she had stripped them beforehand to reveal the darker armor underneath. She had hopes that Heaven's armor that the Mistress was once so proud of would be enough protection against her furry foes. The hoodie coat was the altered version of the Black Heart Mirror robe, the blades were originally a the singular Black Hear Mirro greatsword reforged into two smaller bastard swords. She could smell them now. Dozens of wolves gathering around their location. She could sense them the same way they could sense her. One can say they could be somewhat related. Ever since she devoured the previous wolf that took most of her neck and tore through her stomach, Khaki was never the same again. She was perhaps more feral than these predators as she had attained the same qualities these furry carnivores were so proud of. The mark of the wolf, they called. The little girl merely bared her pearly whites in expectation of the imminent bloodbath. She waited then, patiently for the foe that was to come.
  9. Thotification

    Naughty or Nice?

    THE MAIDEN SHISHI-RAVENBUSH The Maiden was satisfied as her concentrated beam of light energy managed to wipe away that joke of a reindeer from existence. That was her first accomplished task for the day and it seems there are two left. Her eyes shifted from the sickening figure of a dirty old obese bastard wearing robes and garments the color of blood. If she was not familiar with this man's history the Maiden would have considered that fat man a monster. Now that they are on opposing sides of the field the Maiden But she must pass through the second reindeer first before facing the final boss. The rustling metal underneath her clothes have finally done their preparations soon the Maiden is now wearing some kind of armor[1]. WIth her body protected, the ground beneath the Maiden begins to dimly glow, like a magic circle[2]. It was an area that allows the Maiden to unleash a portion of her holy strength. Lifting one of her hands, palm up, the Maiden casts a spell forming a ball of light which she throws at the other reindeer (Vixen).
  10. Thotification

    Pagans in the Night [S-Class Artifact]

    THE MISTRESS BLACK HEAD "Oho!" the woman called to the two men as she quickened her pace to catch up to them. She was in a rather joyous mood after seeing such wonderful heroics from one of her less reasonable subordinates. Still, the Mistress did send Khakina to catch the idiot Sera in the off-chance that that woman's stupidity has reached a point where failure to plan for that lethal descent would have become a somewhat plausible conclusion. Oddly enough, her fears came true and Sera did fail to think ahead thus prompting Khaki to deal with the consequences. She only hoped that Sera would keep most of her limbs intact. This was not the first time, that blasted woman lost a limb or two during a mission but the Mistress would be against such a phenomenon becoming a rather usual thing. Once she reached the other's the Mistress would address the two other men in their party, "Quite the spectacle wasn't it? I assure that won't happen again, judging by Sera's fall but to be safe I suggest we go on ahead." What was the Mistress thinking? To leave her people behind? Well, whatever cunning plan she has would be better unveiled sometime in the far future. Such surprises after are best served when one did not see such developments coming. "No need to concern yourself," the Mistress continued, "Those two fools will just catch up later once Khaki manages to fix Sera properly."
  11. Thotification

    Pagans in the Night [S-Class Artifact]

    SERRAIDA MAVAJO Madness. insanity. Rage. She was the terror incarnate. This meager offering of flesh barely managed to stifle her hunger, barely quenched her insatiable thirst for carnage and bloodshed. She was the Serraida Mavajo, the Paragon of Insanity. Not even this majestic beast can match her prowess. In fact, she barely lifted a finger. Modesty aside, the lunatic's shrill and cackling laughter filled the forest, her chilling inhuman scream spreading terror to all the fauna within her vicinity. She had emerged as the victor, the last woman standing within this battle of wills. Victor she maybe but her trials and tribulations have yet to end as there was one more enemy this mad woman has yet to defeat. That singular enemy is the ground. As the foul and vile best gasps its last grotesque breath, so too did the beast's capacity for maintaining altitude falter. There was nothing to slow down Sera's descent or anyone that might catch her as she fell downward, plummeting at breakneck speed to her imminent doom. Such was the fate of one who had acted a tad too rashly, of one who plowed half-mast into a stormy sea with nary a thought nor concern for her personal safety. Woe the poor mad woman who defied the beast's will only for her victory to be cut short through the machinations of destiny and oddly enough, through gravity and the laws of physics. And even as she fell, a savior appears in the form of one short woman, one petite warrior that was quite familiar to Sera's eyes. Such a little thing but with such surprising strength. Sera, noticing the appearance of her savior, felt her body quickly filling up with vigor. She took a leap of faith and took a literal leap as well toward's the petite woman's general direction. Quite unbecoming of the mad paragon but this is Sera, after all, logic does not apply to someone as ridiculous as her.
  12. Thotification

    Dice Rolling Thread

    Righ turn D2 Sera rolling...make this work
  13. Thotification

    Mr Stark I don't feel so good [Relic Quest]

    THE PRETTY PARAGON With the new orders form the Commander, the Pretty Paragon led her the ex-cartel Paragons to the left, bringing up the rear. They are unfazed even when facing such monstrosities. The Nightmares were but another hindrance for these veteran fighters, especially for the Pretty Paragon. They merely scoffed at such grotesque creatures. As the whole party began their retreat, so too did the Pretty Paragon led this unwinnable battle. She may be powerful but with the gradual waning of her powers, no one can tell when she or her allies will be overwhelmed by these monsters. Even so, her team will not break formation. They are the last ones standing between the cult members and their imminent demise. Unlike most of the cult members who relied on their own magical or supernatural abilities, the Pretty Paragon was never afraid to get physical. She had been an underdog all her life, fighting one uphill battle after another. Facing another overwhelming opponent was something she was used to. Even the lack of her power was something she sneered at. This land may bring her down to the level of a mundane person but the Pretty Paragon will never falter, will never succumb to her enemies. And so she fought like a graceful dancer twirling and swirling in the gore-filled battlefield that was the marsh. She was that solemn beauty that stood alone in the midst of a massacre and yet not even the horrors of battle can mar the beauty of her presence. But this did not last long as the last vestiges of her power finally run out, her glowing blades slowly winking out, returning to the mundane pair of blades they once were. Still, the Pretty Paragon was undaunted, unperturbed by this recent development. She merely took a different approach. This one was less showy, more methodical. She still remembered the old man's teachings- Against stronger foes, do not block but deflect. Let their strength flow through you. Against faster foes, do not mind their speed. Minimize your movements and react accordingly. Against enemies that have both power and speed above you. Compensate with experience and technique- She took all these teachings to heart and now she unfolds these unto this battlefield. The Nightmares may be a threat to the others, but not to the Pretty Paragon. After all, even without her magic, without her supernatural abilities, the Pretty Paragon is inherently strong. She may not kill these horrors outright, but she can keep them at bay long enough for Lilith and the cult reach the stone. No creatures can ever pass through the Pretty Paragon.
  14. Thotification

    Quenching the Madame's thirst (Artifact Quest)

    Summary: The Madame, formerly known as the Mistress, summons all her old acquaintances to subjects themselves to the many trials of the legendary blade, Baeoi. Deep within the Velhetian desert was where she waited for her companions. The first to arrive was Khakina. The two have such a loving reunion. Later Sera appears together with the living spear known as Esben. The group then began their travels towards the heart of this barren land. Their first obstruction was the sandstorm. The group was about to pick up their pace but then came a cultist member named Rami. Whoever this woman is, one thing is certain- she came to help them. So all five of them ran towards the nearby rock cluster to cower down when the sandstorm hit. Once the sandstorm has happened, the team would then be beset by another problem. Dozens of fire elementals appear out of nowhere attacking the whole group. The team tried to fend them off but they were getting overrun. Then came Holly Sheathe with a pillar of flames. She fought fire with fire and soon her blade Sunscar managed to consume most of them elementals. With the help of Rami and his summoned sand golems, the team manage to chase away the never-ending tide of elementals. But the troubles are not over as something else opposed them. It was a high elemental in the shape of a dragon. It came upon then, breathing fire into the part. Rami did not falter though, as he was the first to cast a sandy barrier. As the sand barrier was expended Khakina transformed into a giant monster and she duked it out with the high elemental. Holly then helped Khakina by using Sunscar and its ability to absorb fire. With these two distractions the other members of the party managed to get away. Meanwhile the Khaki and Holly combo managed to drain/devour the fire elemental until it no longer exists. Exhausted, the two fell unconscious after that grueling battle. Back to the main group, the team resumes their walk but they slowly fall prey to the land’s weakening curse. It even negated their powers and abilities. Soon they all fell asleep. Later they woke up to realize they were captured by bandits. At first they thought those were ghosts but the bandits turned out to be real and Rami tried to fight them back. She got stabbed in the process and the Madame had to plead for Rami’s life. Thankfully another ex-cartel member shows up in the form of Wolnought. The newcomer made short work of the bandits. Saved, the team follows Wolnought to the final destination where they would meet the old man, Lord Suzy. The oasis heals them of their wounds and rejuvenated them. The Madame and Suzy had a talk regarding the specifics of the artifact’s trial. They later realize that none of the myths were true but the Madame will not relent. She bids everyone goodbye and sets forth on her own. The Madame soon reunites with another ex-cartel member named Mana Nahi who back-stabs the Madame. Deranged, Mana escapes and the Madame slumps to the ground, slowly dying. Even in this sorry state, the Madame persevere and keeps on crawling in desperation. She will find that blade even if it kills her. As she breathes her lost, the blade itself appears within reach and the Madame grasps the blade. It rejuvenates the Madame and finally becomes the Madame’s possession. Once again the Madame loses consciousness, this time she is very much alive and satisfied with her recent success. Short summary: The Madame, joined by Rami, Esben and other ex-members of the Black Spear cartel join forces to cross the Vehetian desert and subject themselves to Baeoi’s Trial. After succeeding through all the trials the blade itself accepts the Madame’s tenacity and relinquishes itself to the Madame’s claim. @King
  15. Thotification

    The Reverie Maze [Accepted Participants Only]

    SERRAIDA MAVAJO [Right Turn] "Let the Maze Games, begin!" As soon as the Emperor let loose the signal, the Paragon named Serraida Mavajo was already on her feet, streaking through the maze at high speed. Well, she would have if only there wasn't a lot of bushy and rather leafy obstacles most of which entered her mouth and sort of blocked her vision. Enraged, the madwoman just kept on spouting curses and flinging it at the creators of this maze. Still, one has to give it to Sera as she was able to actually make the right turn this time. She was one lucky woman after all and even then she hoped her luck will hold true. Not that it mattered anyway since she intends to win this piece of shit kind of fucking maze. But the madwoman kept on running, pumping more and more energy into her legs, showing off her physical prowess. She will fall sooner than expected but even then she will persevere. In this maddened state, not setback nor misfortune can slow down the rampaging Sera.