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  1. Thotification

    Mr Stark I don't feel so good [Relic Quest]

    THE MISTRESS BLACKHEAD As Khakina and the other ex-cartel paragons joined the necromancer Lilith in jumping into the chasm, they would all fall headfirst into the cold water. Now that the worst part is over they would all swim for shore. What they did not nor expect was that someone was already waiting for them at the shore. There was a woman on the shore. One can say she was waiting- had been waiting for a long time now. Her smooth fair skin was now showing the effects of prolonged exposure to the sun. Her snow white hair has long lost its original luster after being subjected to the sun's unapologizing rays. There was a thin sheet of perspiration all over her but she was not one to care for such trivialities. She merely maintained her militant pose, while she rested both arms on the hilt of the sword propped before her. Her eyes were still trained on the far waters, watching and waiting. She knew the time has come for her to return what she owed. The Heaven's armor was a thing of the past. She could have kept the artifact but the blade in her hands, Baeoi, was not one to share. Even now, she can still feel the blade tugging at her, reminding her to set the armor free. Soon. She kept telling the blade. Soon.
  2. Thotification

    bewitched; unceasing [artifact, s-class]

    Another quest, another chance to slip away from the duties of governing her territory. Holly Sheathe, the reluctant head of House Sheathe was once again running away from her responsibilities to join an expedition headed by the pampered ninnies of House Hildebrand. She did leave all the annoying work to the Sheathey council. Holly had alway found it prudent to leave all the general matters for those best suited for it. She was a farmer and occasional warrior and being stuck inside the council hall and listening to the prattling of pencil pushers had been grossly tiring. All these only lead her to once again making the magical excuse of visiting the noble house Hildebrand in some sort of diplomatic business. Of course no one was stupid enough to question her decisions. The council simply sighed at her declaration and the next topic was raised. So she made her way towards the imposing figure Sir Caerdonel in hopes of finding work. “Me,” she spoke in response Cecily’s query, “Holy Sheathe, a local farmer, here to help.”
  3. Thotification

    Genesaris AMA.

    @King Regarding the Whispernight quests. Are the item rewards equal to a personal weapon, a relic or a canon item?
  4. Thotification

    Looking for a fight?

    Nope...I'll add a support for Khaki 🤣 If @HollowCipher is okay with it 🤣
  5. Thotification

    Looking for a fight?

    You'll be fighting Khaki and PK Mike 🤣🤣 @Metty I'll add the Madame for fun🤣
  6. Thotification

    Looking for a fight?

    Would make her character a criminal for helping Palmer escape 🤣🤣
  7. Thotification

    Looking for a fight?

    Well if Metty would be helping Palmer instead
  8. Thotification

    Looking for a fight?

    Lol...Khaki was just joking...However, since PK Mike appeared in person I may have to step up my game 🤣
  9. Thotification


    NARRATIVE Both Holly and the Mistress smirked as the poor occultist came into view. Of course, neither of them are willing to negotiate with the man. Instead, they left it to poor old Teddy, the pampered ninny of a woman sitting near the counter and enjoying some fine wine. The Mistress cocked her head in concern. "Well, good luck to Teddy then." "I'm sure she'll do fine. Although what did you instruct her to do anyway?" Holly mused as she eyed the Mistress. "Oh, nothing of worth. Just pay for the relic with thrice the amount." Holly narrowed her eyes. "You were always such a show-off. It's not even your own money."
  10. Thotification

    [Dead] Is it because of the name?

    THE DEAD MISTRESS Her yellow eyes met the man's, a brief exchange between two contrasting individuals. He was the First Officer of the mysterious organization and she was but a shadow of the illusive woman once known as the Mistress. Whatever happened in her undesirable past, she had already buried it with her recent demise. Now, she's just enjoying her newfound freedom. Still, this mission the First Officer had for them was quite a sad one. For her at least. Unlike the other members of the organization, the woman was a public figure, one who's visible to the naked eyes of the public. Their current target was the governor of Lunaris, Sebastian Hellinger, a man she had once considered a friend. They had a few run-ins in the past but her recent venture into the Lunaris economy only brought them closer. If not through friendship then at least through money, as signified by the recent increase in the contents of their figurative wallets. It was unfortunate that the mysterious organization had set their eyes on Sebastian yet the woman was unfazed. Whatever is the outcome, as long as tonight's crew manage to injure the man or at least break the illusion that the governor cannot be reached then it would be worth it. Poor Sebastian. Don't blame me if anything bad happens to you and your body. Such a waste of a good man. She would have chuckled at that notion, but she needed to keep up appearances. Crossing her supple legs, the woman crossed her arms across her ample chests. The prospect of a new recruit was rather exciting and seeing the man in person only made the woman eager to see this newcomer in action. But we had our own tasks to do, given the First Officer's order. It would be a dick move to let the newbie take on Sebastian. Not to belittle the newcomer but Sebastian is a different sort of monster especially here in his own land. The woman mused her chances in taking on the governor, inhaling a lungful of cigar smoke from the stick placed firmly between her full lips. Such a lucrative taste as always. Leaning back on her seat, her eyes shifted towards the wrapped package propped beside her lithe figure. It was a slender thing and inside was her assurance for this battle. Anyone in this carriage, barring the First Officer would hardly be any match for her once she whips out the weapon hidden inside the package. With Baeoi in her possession, it is only prudent that she take the harder task. So she mentally sent her decision. "I'll give the other's a chance. I'll be taking on Sebastian himself. Although, I wouldn't mind if the First Officer joins me in this task."
  11. Thotification

    The Reverie Maze [Accepted Participants Only]

    RIGHT TURN So much for my well-deserved solitude. These shit fucks popping out of nowhere and making shit more complicated. Cursing the bastards that seemed to invade her personal space, Sera slowly scuttled away from prying eyes. Using the cover of the scattered mutilated branches and twigs and leaves, sidled towards the nearest exit she can find. Now am I getting myself sucked into talking with these shits. I just can't give them my trust. Who knows if they'd would shank me from behind given the chance. She's so close to the fork now, just a few more meters. She just needed to lie low and move as slowly and as quietly as possible. Soon, she won't have to deal with these fucktards who are out there to mess with her chances at surviving this stinking shit of a maze. Fuck the bastards who designed this thing. I will beat this maze. I will beat those bastard maze makers. I will win this shit. I will survive! It took a while but Sera finally reached the end of the path, stopping just a step before the divisive fork. She was at a loss on where to choose. The right or the left? The last time she made a wrong choice, she had to fight against a whole shitload of fucking trees. Still, she needed to make a choice and sitting around while twiddling her thumbs won't get her nearer to the exit of this goddamned maze- What the actual fuc- Sera never finished whatever curse she wanted to spat as something else happened to her body. Her bumbling advances must have sprung some sort of hidden trap on the ground under her. The trap seemed to be some kind of pressure-plate thingy and once triggered, Sera's body was sent flying forward towards the unknown. Thinking that this sudden development was to her favor, the soaring idiot turned to look at those she left behind and lifted both of her fists upwards before flipping everyone off. "FUCKERS! SEE YOU AT THE FUCKING EXIT! IT'S MY WIN! IT'S MY FUCKING WIN-" Then once again another friendly coincidentally appear out of nowhere and the idiot never saw it coming. The back of her head hit the trunk and her words were cut off as she just bit her tongue from the impact. In fact, it may have been a bit too strong as her consciousness began to fade out. Soon, her unconscious figure slid down the trunk's upright figure. Oh, how the mighty has fallen! @jaistlyn @Ataraxy @vielle