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  1. πŸ˜‚ Only two are of the organization...while Saki-san works for one of Genisaris' empires.
  2. πŸ€” I think I forgot to update the Blackspear page on the link in my signature....πŸ˜‚ You can check them now although they haven't been updated yet... @squid peanut
  3. Sitting atop the flying airship, the trio are witness to the gruesome scene below. It seems that they are too late but at least they could catch a glimpse of the raiders. The first one to stand up was Saki-san. There was concern on her face as she was the only one within the group who still had any compassion left for human beings. "Sera, Khaki. I'll be going first. Can you try to summon Middy? She's the only one we know that can fix dead people," Saki spoke before taking the dive down towards the people and the wraiths. Well more like launched herself into the air as she guided her fall with a succession explosions from her hands. As her feet reached the ground, the momentum of her fall forced her to roll for a bit before settling a few yards off her landing point. Such a massive fail was well received by the two ladies atop the airship which resulted to them rolling laughter. Ignoring the two idiots, Saki turned to face the wraiths. Power blossomed on both her hands in response to the immediate threat. In case shit happens, she's gonna throw these magical sunlight bombs at these wraiths. Which she did. One bomb from either hand, one for each wraith she can sense. Then she ran away for safety like the little bitch she is.
  4. While her people are out there clearing the land, the Lady Sheathe and her secretary Vinny are enjoying a rather simple breakfast. The two are found sitting atop a large rock, each holding a loaf of bread on one hand and a drink on the other. "So what now, my lady?" the secretary asked after a while. The Lady sheathe nibbled on the leaf for a bit before answering. "We wait. I do have a lot planned for the next few weeks after all." "Planned? I did not expect that you were that type of person, my lady." "For starters, the main idea is to expand our arable land. Then we move on to infrastructures. After that, we need more for training."
  5. So much had happened since Sera and Khaki were dragged away from danger by Aslom. True, the duo would have died trying to fight back but only Aslom understood the true terror of their current predicament. In fact, Aslom would school the two morons on the horrors of the realm that they had stumbled in. "We're dead, I tell you! Dead!" Aslom screamedd as more and more of these mechanical things appeared out of nowhere. What else can a normal person like her do against such monsters. As if to protect her, Khaki and Sera stood between Aslom and the chipmunks but the howling woman would not relent. "It's pointless! Khaki! Sera! We cannot defeat them!' "But why?!" the duo barked at the same time. "Because we are not the fucking protagonists!" Aslom screamed but the duo only scratched their heads in confusion. "Trust me on this. As long as we are in this realm, there is nothing we can do. Our true enemy right now are these chipmunks but the Narrative itself. Don't you two feel it? Our power! Our strength! Our skills! All of them waning at the whims of the Plot! There is no winning this now. No escape at all!" "What is this Narrative you are talking about?? What the fuck is this Plot? Are they monsters we can't kill?" Sera screamed back in frustration. "I should have known better," Aslom spoke, her voice now soft and tainted with sadness. "You two are too stupid to understand. You have much to learn." Facing the doctor, Aslom shouted her question. "Doctor! You are nothing more than a plot device! Please leave this story before you become a final boss!" Then she paused as she realized something. "If the writers keep bringing you back, then you might be of some importance to the story! At least hear out my request! Could we skip to the next arc?"
  6. The fat woman was silent as she listened to the other people on the table talking. She was content to gorge her self on the free meal that Silver Ticket man so graciously offered to her. Right now, she would have eaten a full course meant for six people and she had no intention of stopping. Well, until the whole group is finished talking. Then she paused in her eating as she remembered something. Using the front of her sweat-stained shirt, she wiped the crumbs and grease off her pudgy mouth. "I only have one request. Can you assure me that your organization will not die?" Yes, perhaps that would be the only thing left for her to ask. Would the Silver Ticket follow the likes of the Dead? Or the Legion? Or the Cult? Groups with such potential but ultimately disappeared, unable to bear the burden brought about by harsh reality.
  7. Khakina tried her best but somehow she keeps on failing. Even then, she kept on drinking to calm her nerves. It is not her fault that the fate or whatever metaphysical forces at work here had deemed her to fail at the moment she needed it at most. It was only when she had her third bottle of spirits that she had managed to calm herself. However, she did not notice that she had taken damage just by failing to calm her nerves. Such misfortune. With Khaki doing nothing useful this round, everything is now up to Sera. Trying her hardest to be as friendly as possible, the mad woman awkwardly hugged the child in an attempt to protect the poor thing from the horrors of this horrifying reality. Little did she know that such an act would ultimately lead to her downfall sometime in the far future. For now, all she should be worried about is protecting the child that Khakina once protected. "Fucking cunts! Get away from this fucking child!" Truly, such a miracle to see Sera's maternal instincts finally blossoming at the face of such dire adversity. When all hope is lost, the true heroine appears. With Sera finally completing a character development arc, it is now time for the Mistress to take action. Giving the mad woman a friendly pat on the shoulder, the Mistress herself takes action and sashays towards the mother where she would give that mother a good bitch slap. Seeing that one isn't enough, she delivered two more for good measure. "Sorry, dear. I got so excited my hand slipped."
  8. Let's try this again...meditating Middy
  9. As Shane wallowed over her own misfortune, a white-haired woman would appear carrying a present. Whatever was inside that awkwardly crafted box would surely surprise even the saddest of most trannys. Not that Shane is an actual tranny as much as she is now an actual woman, perhaps not in spirit but at least in the physiological category. "So how is it?" the white-haired woman spoke as she poked the top of Shane's head. "Actually, you haven't thanked me yet so this might be your best opportunity....boy." Meanwhile, a woman in a wheelchair followed the other noblewoman into what seemed like a cabin. The Lady Sheathe was quite surprised that the Duchess herself would actual invite her. Of all people. Once inside the room, the crippled woman started speaking. "I would like to offer you some tea but given my circumstances....Please accept my apologies." "Although I am quite impressed that you would leave yourself open to someone like me."
  10. 🀣 I hope we dont Karadeen doesn't go Tankred or go Uldwar after this...
  11. "Silver Ticket is an organization that has recently expanded and is looking to recruit both combat hands as well as civic hands to help keep the site running with cooks, inn keepers, maids, and any other labor I can use on hand. We are mostly looking for combat hands to help pick up contracts and to fulfill the current list of jobs that have come into our possession as of late. This is, after all, the short handed version. The long winded version is simple. Silver Ticket is what one would call a 'communications' company at the core. We communicate with multiple merchants, multiple contractors, multiple branches, and multiple suppliers to fulfill the demands of our workers, our combat hands, our merchants, contractors, suppliers, and the other companies that we branch out to. That need comes in many different forms. Whether it be weapons to stock shelves, combat hands to take care of rising issues, materials to supply our multiple crafters so they can make their works, or it be as simple as information from scouting or from gathering tomes. Does that answer your question?" The fat woman puckered her lips. The man did give her a lot of stuff but is severely lacking. Gulping down a tankard of beer, the woman made her reply. "Yes, I can handle most of those. However, we still need something from you. Tell us more about the organization itself, its ideals and purpose. Not just your needs. My participation hinges on your answer to this question." While she waited for the man's reply, the obese woman would continue devouring meal after meal.
  12. While Sera would have been a likely candidate (and a very good one at that!) for bonking Shane out of his stupor, it was actually Teddy who did it. A mean bonk to the head was just the right amount of violence to jog someone's mental state and bring Shane back into reality. As the words spilled out of the tranny's lips, the kind Lady Sheathe pursed her lips in thought. "There's your answer," the Lady spoke as she addressed Dutch Abby. "We could take our chances now and go for broke. Let's meet with Copperbeard as quickly as possible."
  13. @Tyler This offends me greatly. Especially when you cannot differentiate between 'overpowerd' and 'highly capable with lots of utility" 🀣🀣🀣 That and my pcs only enemy here is the narrative..🀣
  14. "Aaaah! Ankou, my friend! Please take a seat." the white-haired woman exclaimed as she gestured to the empty chair before her. "Make yourself at home." Chuckling, the woman Ankou referred as 'the Mistress' poured the man a cup of tea which she set in front of him if her ever decided to take a seat. Done with the necessary hospitality services, the woman settled back in her chair and placed a lighted cigar on her full lips. "You have my gratitude for accepting my invitation." She paused to take a sip from her own cup of tea. "But business comes first. Now that you are here, I would like you to hear me out on my offer." "I am searching for a second airship. One of the lost ships of Genesaris. The Aezar's Howl. The only problem is that all I have are stories. Gossips. Legends. Myths. Fables. Whispers. I might need your help in verifying all of them. What all this means is that we will be having a cross-country trek all over Genesaris!" She paused as the working girls let out a loud cheer. When the cheer died down, she continued. "I would need of help, of course, especially from Mori. While I am confident of my skill in portal-making, I cannot make them as good as you do. So, will you help me?" @danzilla3
  15. "Ah..." the Mistress groaned. "I guess we'll never catch up to Ankou at this rate." "Bloody fucker keep getting stronger by the minute." Sera spat with a chuckle. Khaki on the other hand was giggling with excitement. "See? Grandaddy Ankou is so awesome!" But Khaki's joy only lasted a moment as she realized that Ankou had eliminated the Demon Lord completely. In fact, it almost made her cry. Still, she wiped away her tears and swallowed her loss. Rolling her eyes at both the Sera and Khaki, the Mistress turned towards Ankou and spoke. "Guess our job here is done." With that, she opened her own portal and waved the man goodbye and motioned to leave. "See you next time, Ankou." The two idiots also waved good bye to Ankou as they followed the Mistress into the portal.
  16. The fight had been quite uneventful and Shishi felt more disgust than exhaustion as she seemed to have taken the full brunt of all that chitten juices. If she knew this was going to happen, she should have taken a less physical approach during their combat. While she was busy fighting, her companion was busy staying in the sidelines and smoking that damned cigar. Shishi would have chastised the other woman but she knew that her companion is only here as support. With a heavy sigh, she instead turned her attention to the approaching boy. "Well met, William." Shishi regarded the young man who came to greet her. "No need to worry for my condition but do accept my apologies for our rather late arrival." While Shishi was busy conversing with the young man, her companion would scoot towards the nearest chitten remains and would produce a mass of amorphous black blob from under her long coat. The blob seemed to have a life of its own and pounced upon at the chitten parts with great gusto. Chuckling, the woman cheered at that blob which seemed like her pet. Ignoring the stupid antics of her companion, Shishi continued he conversation. "My name is Ravenbush. Shishi Ravenbush from the other Order. The non-white one..." She gestured at her companion. "...and that woman is called Linda Linda. She's supposed to be some kind of healer but mostly a nuisance. Don't mind her."
  17. Poor Shane. He was dragged around like a ssck by the white-haired woman and haphazardly thrown above-decks. He would be surrounded by Holly and the other Sheathe members. However, the white-haired woman motioned to leave and waved everyone farewell. Before anyone could ask why, Holly was there to provide sufficient reason. "We need to go fast and that bitch is the best energy source we have at the moment." With the white-haired bitch out of the way, it was Holly's turn to ask the poor tranny. "Speak, lass. Tell us all we need to know about Copperbeard and his whereabouts. Spill it or I'll throw you off the ship. A mile or two drop should be very suggestive."
  18. There were memories, scenes of a feast. Multitudes of names spilling into his aching mind. Elder Boldar. Forest Sprites. The Vechnyacht. Ancestral Lands. A different world. Elendaron. Such information were scattered here and there in the foggy places of his mind. But what he had feared the most is the fact that he had returned in a form he thought he had lost so long ago. There was no need for him to check a reflection of himself to ascertain his hypothesis. The severe lack of that pair of heavy globules of fat that weighed down and the sudden added presence of multiple appendages attached to his groin area was all that he needed to prove that he has returned to being a human male. While mostly unbeknownst to the major populace, the man knew his first persona was Middy Ochre. Then he killed his mother and became the woman known as Mistress Blackhead leader of the Blackspears. Then that woman died at the cold wastes of Shawnee. But his story never ended there as he was brought back again as another woman, the Madame Linda Linda and Shishi’s sister. Then there was that fateful meeting with Boldar and now he had returned to where he had started, as that young man known as Middy. Middy Ochre strolled through the streets of Los Angeles with heavy steps. There was only gratitude in his heart, gratitude for the fact that his female form was smart enough to wear unisexual clothing and skip on the underwear problems and just went commando everywhere. At the very least, he would have to worry about that awkward clothing women used to support that excess weight on their chests. His knowledge of this strange land wasn’t his own but of his friend Aslom who came from this world and of his master old man Suzy, who had once lived in this world or at least a similar world like this. As his eyes marveled at the strange structures and denizens before him, his mind did its best to fill-up the lack in information. The language was strange and yet he somehow understood. Speaking it fluently however, is another matter. His steps lead him to that small building, that place that seemed to beckon to him. Smoke from the ever present cigar on his thin lips trailed after his wake. Slim effeminate fingers knocked on the door with words written in what seemed to be Terran scribbles. There is still that ever persisting thought in his mind, a task given to the female version of him. I must find this Valencia chick.
  19. Moments before the yuuja delved into the deep, there came the older sister. Her figure shot from the ship and straight into the water to land on the yuuja. Unfazed by the enveloping seawater, the crazy sister waited for the creature's life to snuff out before finally unsheathing her blade, Baeoi. Eyes filled with madness and excitement, she plunged her blade deep and cut a man-sized piece of that thick armored plate that greatly protected the creature. A feat only possible with that damned blade of hers. Once she's satisfied with that cut of hers, she swam back to the surface with that armored plate in tow. Upon reaching the surface, she used the plate as a makeshift raft where she sat on the floating thing while enjoying a good smoke. Meanwhile, a black amorphous blob dribbled down her coat and slithered down the armored plate until it found of what seemed to be blood and small bits of yuuja flesh, leftovers from the older sister's previous act. The jelly-like mass pounced on the bits of blood and flesh and somehow absorbed it into its body. It did not take long before it returned to its owner where it slithered up the woman and rested on her shoulder. What's even more surprising now is that the little blob had taken the form of a miniature yuuja that;s fresh out of water. As the witness to all these ridiculous feats, Shishi could not help but sigh. Ignoring her sister and that damned pet of hers, she focused her attention to the chatty floppy bird. She wished they were all in Dougton now for their true battle. In time, she too will have the chance to face the hivemind itself and if she ever survives the encounter, she can only hope the Order would heed her warnings and take action against such invasive species.
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