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    The Reverie Ball (Open Hub)

    HOLLY SHEATHE "Pleased to meet you too Holy Sheathe!" That was rather curt. The brief attention Sir Issac gave Holly was enough for the young woman and in fact, made this evening way merrier than she expected. Oh to see someone of such high status and even acknowledge her own existence. Holly was so thrilled that she immediately forgave Linda Linda's earlier teasing. Her hand. Sir Graham had touched her hand. As soon as the two turned their backs on Holly, the young woman brought that particular palm to her cheeks and breathed rather disturbingly. Oh, she's never washing these hands ever again, Head still in the clouds, Holly absent-mindedly follow the Issac and the Madame. THE MADAME LINDA LINDA "Hi, Prince Knight! Good to see you! I wanted to introduce you to my girlfriend, Linda Linda." Was that Lord Grant? From afar, the Madame was not quite sure but now that she's gotten a better look, the man was indeed Lord Grant. Now when did she last see the man? The Madame Linda Linda knew the man and she was sure of that. The only thing was when..and where? Shrugging her stray thoughts aside, the Madame mimicked Issac and wave at Grant's group too. "Hullooooo! I'm Linda Linda. A pleasure to meet you-" then paused as realization struck her just when the two were nearing Grant's group. "Oho! Now I remember! Lord Grant from Senaria. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Let's do another cleaning work sometime in the future." @danzilla3
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    For the Madame's desires (Artifact Quest/Compass of Desire)

    ANGELETTE "ANGIE" EVENINGSTAR Well, that went well. Angie did not expect the Madame to be rather lenient to someone with a different race as her but the woman also accepted Angie into the subjugation team. Angie was of the angel race after all and she did not want to make the others uncomfortable with her holy presence. A divine being like her was way above these commoners. But Angie had a job to do and that is to cleanse this place of the evil spirit that haunted it. Angie remembered how this place was but an abandoned stronghold, a fortress that would face foreigners intending to harm the Veluriyam empire. She was connected with the empire's royal family, after all, but not that close. One can say she was more of a fan of the emperor and they just happen to be similar in some ways no mere mortal can ever comprehend. A foot soldier. That's what her status as of the moment. And Angie intends to keep it that way. But what she was most wary of is the Madame and this girl who called herself Khakina. They both share a familiar scent but the Madame had the aromatic fragrance of a god's blessing while Khakina was more of a monster. On closer inspection, Angie was wrong. Khakina wasn't just any monster, she was an amalgamation of monsters. The little girl was, in fact, a devourer, a being whose purpose is to consume until it can satiate itself. How this little girl become infected with such disease was beyond Angie's comprehension. For now, Angie would need to watch. Carefully.
  3. A local tavern within Stronghold City... The woman waited at the far end of the tavern the rather large hood of her coat covering most of her visage under the shadows. Patience was one of her many virtues. It was evident from thw way she had been sitting on that corner table, with couple of empty cups splayed before her. It had been an hour or two and still she waited for someone to appear. A fish that would be hooked to her promise of coin. The woman has needs. Assistance mostly. There were reports of ghostly sighting at an abondoned building at Stronghold and she wanted to take a crack at it. She had bought that building at a cheap price and she will make full use of it. She was never one to believe in ghosts and even if that thing is true, the woman will find a way to exorcise it. And that is why she needed all the help she can get. Mercenaries at most and some local guide. Also a meatshield to protect her from harm. This was why she sent out this request throughout every tavern hole- All it says was a good pay and the location of the meeting point. Details will be discussed once there are enough people. Find a woman named the Madame. @Bureku -The Madame's lips curled upward into a smile. It won't be long now. @Ataraxy @Csl
  4. SERRAIDA "SERA" MAVAJO "To hell with your feelings, Sera. Do what needs to be done." Prompted by Middy's words, Sera slowly edged out of her seat and made her move. It was by luck that Khaki managed bumble her way towards the woman and her Esben and Sera will make sure not to waste that opportunity. Sometimes that little girl can be quite random and still remain effective. Thanking the gods for this rather brief window of opportunity, Sera followed her target- the lovely lady named Esben. With a smile she slid into the seat across the woman, her cheeks already turning red. She needed to keep Esban moving farther and farther away from her the other woman. Sera can't do anything serious now in public, too many eyes watching. Starting a commotion would only garner the attention of that other bitch. She should play it smoothly for now. Actually, she was rather graceful the sudden surge of her emotions and feelings. It adds more sincerity to what she is about to do. "Soooo...." Sera started, "I don't know how to say this. But it seems I have fallen for you." MIDIAN "MIDDY" OCHRE "No need. Just be more careful. Now excuse me, I need to find my companion. She's carrying something important." It seems it was Middy's time to act. After giving Sera her orders, the young man headed towards Cassandra and Khaki's direction. There was haste in his steps and he seemed to be stomping in his way. His face was now furious, mouth curling downwards, his eyebrow furrowing, his cheeks flaming. Ignoring the pain caused by Sera's pointless punch to his eye, Middy confronted Cassandra. "I'm sorry but this is my companion that you just assaulted. Tell me? How will you pay for our spilled drinks?" @Rin He moved then to pick-up Khaki. "Goddammit child! Have you drunk too much again?"
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    Leying a Foundation

    MADAME LINDA LINDA " That would be what the incinerators are for. But if you are asking if you can use some kind of ability or skill you have, my answer would be yes; so long as you can control it. We don't need to set off a firestorm. Dismissed." Linda Linda frowned as she headed outside as well. She expected more from the prince but it seems he is as curt as he came. Perhaps the man was just all business and less talky-talky. Well, it does make him more appealing that way. He was a rare catch actually. Too bad Linda was already enamored with her lover back at Ursa Madeum. She even felt a little lonely knowing the man would be missing her presence lounging about on his couch. That couch, after all, has seen way too much. Lord Suzy followed the Madame Linda Linda as she headed for her side of the field. The Madame rolled up her sleeves, face set with grim determination. She will make do with this field one way or another. And Lord Suzy might have to do all the work given the Madame's lack of physical prowess. No matter how much resolution she pours out, her body might not handle the stress at all.
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    For the Madame's desires (Artifact Quest/Compass of Desire)

    "Thank you.. um ...Khakina Khatun for that wonderful introduction," the Madame spoke, her sultry lips curling downwards into a frown. What a peculiar child. The Madame was not one to make use of children but this little girl in front of her seemed capable enough. If this kid survives, maybe the Madame could take her in. She looked so cute right now. The Madames attention moved to a few more peole. Some introduced themselves as soldier escapees of Tia. One called herself an angel which the Madame believed to be one bug fat lie. Another referred to himself as an exorcist. There were priests, spiritualists, mages, wizards, sorcerers. All in there were around twenty of them. Quite the large group actually. Should she cull them now? Or later? It was at this moment when her eyes flitted to the last person. He looked like the suspicious sort but the Madame was not one to judge. "Your turn, boy. Now hurry up and tell me your name and anything about yourself. Quickly before I lose my temper." @Bureku
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    For the Madame's desires (Artifact Quest/Compass of Desire)

    KHAKINA KHATUN The little girl eyed the other members of this meager troupe. Everyone in this party seemed suspicious and she was more or less uninterested with their respective agendas. She was only here for one thing and one thing alone. She was looking for her friend. It has been months when Khakina escaped the frigid lands of Shawnee leaving behind the dead Mistress and her cyborg friend, Break. It was a dangerous even and she being weak and all, was only able to ran away with her tails between her legs. The Legion's advance was inevitable and Khaki no longer wanted to do anything with them . With Break and the Mistress gone, there was nothing left for her there. She was all alone. Well there was the ghost of the late Mistress that kept haunting. The apparition did appear after the recent dissolution of the Black Spear cartel. Without the Mistress, the other members just kind of gave up. Everyone went on their seperate ways. Sometimes Khaki would meet up with Sera for a job but that's it. Perhaps the story of the cartel is over. As everyone turned their attention to Khaki, she fidgeted. They must have been waiting for quite a while and here she was lost in her thoughts. Oh well, there's nothing for her to do but get on with it. "Khakina Khatun. Marksman. Rear guard."
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    For the Madame's desires (Artifact Quest/Compass of Desire)

    The woman known as the Madame eyed the group of mercenaries before her. They were a ragtag bunch filled with mismatched individuals. She knew that most of them are just expendables, mostly interested in getting some quick cash. After all, it was a rather handsome reward that the Madame had offered. Somehow the Madame was startig to regret her decision. She could have just hired professional soldiers and specialists back in her homeland than babysitting these hired hands. Oh well, there's not much she can do about it. Still, before the group could depart, the Madame needed to build some kind of camaraderie between these strangers. Perhaps an introduction phase would suffice. That and she had no fucking clue whoever she is talking to. Trust is a big issue afterall and right now she's all alone in this endeavor. She stood then to address everyone. "Thank you all for coming. I am your employer and you will adress me as 'The Madame'. We will be departing tomorrow morning in search of the ghost that haunted that building. We will exorcise and once the job is done you will be rewarded. Before that I would prefer if everyone introduced themselves first."
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    Casper's Plague - Pocket Full of Posies

    Would you like to have the ghost of the Mistress hanging around?
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    Casper's Plague - Pocket Full of Posies

    Can my Shishi Ravenbush help Glassman here? 😊
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    Pagans in the Night [S-Class Artifact]

    That's right, there's no fucking beast that can ignore Sera's might. That flying beast is going down right here and right now. Sera narrowed her eyes as the stupid winged-beast reared and prepared for its assault. Muscles bunched within Sera's limbs as her body tensed for the incoming collision. As soon as it starts swooping down, Sera will leap into its face and scream profanities at it. Oh this fucking beast's gonna get it alright. She'll get it harder than the hippogriff I pummeled back in Hell's gate. Harder than the dragon's I pummeled during the hunt with that blonde chick. I'm gonna fucking kill that piece of shit bird. No one. I say no one gets to be the beast around here except me, Serraida Mavajo. Then the beast made its move. It wailed then before spiraling downwards towards Sera, a plummeting feathery death armed with a lethal beak and killer talons. Sere can feel the animosity and murderous intent emanating from the creature. It thrilled her to no end. It was only at these moment's that Sera is truly alive. In response to the creature, Sera bent her knees, pumping strength into her legs as she prepared for the leap. With a grunt, she launched herself upward, propelling her lithe body high into the sky. She braced herself for the imminent collision but her mouth never stopped moving. "FUCKING BITCH ASS BIRD THINKS SHE'S BETTER THAN ME? COME ON YOU FUCKER! TASTE THE POWER OF SERRAIDA MAVAJO!"
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    Spurs for the Burro

    “0800 is when the next caravan comes by. Tomorrow at 2000 is the one after. Scuzzballs haven’t sent any reinforcements yet, so it’s safe to say they won’t send anybody until a new deployment of soldiers comes to Aspyn next month.” The woman watched Dervish address his group of gangster Halfmen from the sides of the Den. Clad in a three-piece suit and face covered with a cheap skull mask, which only covered the upper portion of her face. she sat languidly atop a bunch of crates. What she cannot hide however was her unnaturally platinum blonde har. Or the ever-present stick of cigar between her painted lips, one she was wont to breathe its smoke rather deeply. While her presence was noted by most of the half-men, but the woman was ultimately unwelcome within their territory. She was unlike the Half-men and was possibly one of the species these disfigured humans had hated. But she did not care. She had introduced herself as these gangs benefactor but has yet to make a move. The woman and her so-called "mysterious organization" had met with Dervish, the day after their first caravan. What was she after? None of the Half-men knew but at Dervish seemed to favor the woman greatly that these gangsters dare not cross her. Why is it always 0800? "At 0800, the commandos will breach the compound. At 0800, the terrorists blew up the airship. At 0800, my grandmother pissed herself in her rocking chair. "Sorry, droll fellow that I am, my musings escape me sometimes. In any case, this would be our number-what caravan now? Soldiers or no, my friends, isn't it safe to say that this time they may send a cruel boy with a slingshot...at the very least?" Before Dervish could respond to the lad's queries, the woman chuckled. She took a short puff off her cigar before voicing her opinion. "At 8:00 I could have you killed, boy. For the fun of it mostly. And at 8:00 that caravan might be more than ready for all of you." @Die Shize The woman blew a sultry cloud of smoke towards the Half-men. "You had your little fun my darlings. I commend you for your recent success especially-," she paused as her eyes shifted from one poorly equipped half-man to another, "-with your lacking armaments. Still, I give praise to those who need it and this would be your reward." She knocked on the crates she was sitting on. "It won't be long now before Aspyn starts pooling whatever meager forces it has to better defend its caravans." Following the woman's lead, Dervish pointed at the noisy half-man, "What are you waiting for? You heard the lady. Start opening those crates and let's see our presents." @Die Shize As the other half-men scuttled about in accordance with Dervish's command, they would be surprised to find what was inside those "presents" of the woman. There were arms and loads of them. Not like what these half-men were using but proper armor, serviceable firearms and lastly blade that haven't been touched by rust. How the woman came to be with such gear was still a mystery. A mystery everyone present would be better off not knowing.
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    When Snow Falls

    KHAKINA "KHAKI" KHATUN "Good to see you. I hope you have lived well since last we met" The little girl smiled at Isaac's response. It's always a good thing to find a familiar face once in a while. Khaki can never forget the man's prowess at handling his rather long weapon. The way he lovingly carries it, the way he holds it every time he shoots, such were Khaki's memories of this man. But Khaki understood the man too well. He is more preoccupied with the handling and polishing of his beloved instrument than to engage with and entertain a lovely and nubile girl such as Khakina. The ghost that haunted Khaki seemed to pop up at the most inopportune moments. Like right now. "Is that Isaac I see?" the queer ghost exclaimed, "Isaac from the hunt? I've missed that man dearly. Seeing him now only makes me nostalgic. I've always wondered if he was married to his gun but seeing him now, I think I found my answer. See how meticulous he is in polishing that lengthy armament. Watch how he cleans the thing from inside out. Admire how he pumps those barrels, how he runs that rag through the thing's full length only to finish with that knobby end. What else could any woman expect from a man like him." Khakina shuddered at the apparition's words and slowly inch away from Isaac. "Well..um..it seems you have you're own thing going. I'll just stay here on a rather healthy distance from you and you're...er...weapon."
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    Destruction des morts

    THE MISTRESS BLACKHEAD (MIDDY OCHRE) Sometimes shit happens. The saying held true as the Peacekeeper bored down on her with complete disregard to the hostages she had at her disposal. Was he rushing to keep her attention focused on him while his fellow soldiers try to extract the hostages away? This man must be mad. The Mistress sighed. Her gamble with a hostage situation seemed to have failed. She had expected to bluff her way out of this mess but by then, shit happened. Still, would not go down without trying. That said the Mistress was ready for the Peacekeeper. She had drawn him out by exposing herself but her expendable meat shields are just a few feet away from, all within her reach. As the man moved, so too did the Mistress, jumping back into the safety of her meatshields. She ordered her puppets to gather around her, but the Peacekeeper had them all tied down with some kind of weird ability. She could sense it was a blood thing and could only deduce that this Peacekeeper was rather kinky for having blood as his fetish. With nothing to hide behind, the Mistress was in peril. When her mind control failed she tried to move one with telekinesis, in hopes of obstructing the rushing Peacekeeper, but then some random arrow suddenly hit her innocent civilian, pinning the poor thing to the ground. This was another shit that happened. Now, the Mistress had no time to check on her injured hostage as her male assailant sent some kind of electrical discharge. She could have easily dodged it but then she realized her position, she was between two other hostages and when that lighting hits her, these two poor blokes would be electrocuted too. It seems she did not have much of a choice in this matter. She'll have to grin and bear it. With another round of telekinesis, she pushed the two hostages out of the electrical attack's path and then raised a well-manicured pinky to act meet the lightning attack. Like a lightning rod, it took the full brunt of the shock and by blocking the electricity's path to her hand, the pinky exploded, splattering bits of pink flesh and gore everywhere. Then came the remaining electricity which she had no option but to tank it. It shocked her senses almost paralyzing her but she managed to move her busted arm in time to block the peacekeeper's oncoming punch. With her body's crippled state, the Mistress was sent flying backward where she collided with another hostage. The Mistress mentally thanked the random man for his help when- "You there! What do you think your doing trying to kill people! You must be the person behind these odd events! Now you show yourself...I think Michael will be pleased if I find the one responsible for this."  Oh dear That all too familiar voice and that rash judgment was enough for the Mistress to deduce who this newcomer was. Was it Arashi? Marigold's supposed child? And by Mike, did the armored woman mean Michael as in Michael Commager? Oh, this is gold. This was the golden opportunity for the Mistress was waiting for. Still, atop the mind-controlled hostage, the Mistress clutched her broken arm and groveled in pain. With a shaky voice she cried, "Someone please help us, This man is assaulting a poor defenseless woman such as myself! Someone, please help us! This man must have been affected by the crazies that suddenly plagued this town. Soldier of Peacekeeper Michael Commager, please help the poor citizens of Tia from this mad man!" @vielle @Dolor Aeternum @Ataraxy @Flame Hero: Endeavor
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    Leying a Foundation

    THE MADAME LINDA LINDA "Thank you all for coming here. We've got a lot of work to do today, so I'll make this quick so that we can get on with it. As you probably saw on your way here, the land here has been neglected and abused to the point of turning the countryside into a veritable wasteland. My mother, Empress Raveena, has struck a deal to rejuvenate the soil, but nothing new can be planted until the old, dead vegetation has been cleared out. That's what we're here to do." Lord Grant's words were more than enough to motivate the Madame. With her help, this cleaning duty would be over rather quickly. While it did irk her that someone as sophisticated and esteemed as herself would be ordered to do something as lowly as cleaning, the Madam still did not refuse the task. She was no quitter and even her personal concerns will not stop her from actually accomplishing what she was meant to do. She did pity the land though. Such abuse and neglect would never have happened on her watch. Not that she is undermining whoever was taking care of this region but the least the owners could do was care for their own soil. Even her lands back at Sheathey farms were better maintained than this molested land. "We'll be starting here, around the farm, and circling outward, gather up the dead vegetation, and feed it into a mobile incinerator. As for your reward, as promised, you will all be given a plot of land for your personal use. Your land will remain a part of Senaria, and will be subject to all laws and taxes applicable." The Madame's eyes and ears seem to follow Grant's every word and action but her mind was somewhere else. The thought of owning land in Senaria was more than enough for her to accept this cleaning duty. While the subject of laws and taxes were a bummer, Linda was satisfied with Grant's terms. As the man asked if she was ready, Linda merely nodded in affirmation. Soon that plot of land will be hers for the taking. Soon
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    Highway to Hell

    "Trouble's over," Sera spoke after a while. She and the other cartel ladies are already lounging about on the side, tired from all that digging. Well more like bored because they'd been doing the same thing over and over again for hours now. Nothing can be more boring than repetitive monotonous manual labor. In fact, this was even worse than working out. "Here, Sera. Your turn to drink." A flask of alcohol was thrust into Sera's face. It was Khaki, the resident loli of the cartel who had more alcohol in her blood than actual water. Sera mumbled her thanks and took the flask from the little girl. Can this be classified as drinking on the job? If so, Sera still didn't care. Not that she cared much anyway. "I'm sure that Singlance dude will finish the road for us," Sera spoke after a while. Taking on long gulp from the flask, she handed it back to Khaki once she had her fill. "Now this reminds me of the fun time we had back at Athentha with Esben and that chick. What's her name again?" "I think she called Cass. It had been a long time. I could barely remember it." "But I do. I even remember you blushing as Esben was crawling into your lap." "I did not!" "I know what I saw Sera. And that moment will forever be burned into my memory." "FUCKING BITCH!" And so once more, the friendly conversation between these two ladies devolved into another catfight, much to the Mistress' dismay.
  17. SERRAIDA "SERA" MAVAJO “Excuse me miss, but could you refrain from this young lady. You can see she is drunk and your advances aren't good. Kindly walk away from my friend.” Sera was dumbfounded. Why is she at fault now? She hadn't done anything yet, nor was she interested in this slutty Esben chick in the first place. Who was this other bitch anyway? Eben's nanny? Surely a grown man like Esben would have no need for someone to help her change her diapers. True, Sera was smitten by the rather aggressive advances of this Esben but that was all it amounted to because some stuck-up bitch had to ruin all the fun. Now Sera is mad. “You need to leave. You can see she cannot make good decisions at the moment. You preying on the girl isn't going to help. And you can tell that snot-nosed bastard Esben that he can choke on his own spit. When you go back to him and report your failure. Now get out and leave--” Preying on her? On Esben? Surely this bitch can jest. There's no way in hell Sera would be preying when this Esben chick was the one taking advantage of her. Is this woman daft or just drunk? Probably got a stick up her ass, that's for sure. Angry thoughts aside, Sera decided it would be best for her to just stay still and watch the show. Sometimes silence is the best option. “No need to be rude Cass. She ain't hurting no one. Plus you don't know she's with my brother. He doesn't send women to capture and obtain artifacts from me. He sends men I think, can't recall.” Now that's more like it. Esben's words made Sera smile. She was innocent after all. Was it even possible for Sera to be falsely accused with taking advantage of a woman while intoxicated? They are both girls, both consenting adults. Surely there's nothing wrong. And no, Sera was not seducing anyone at all. MIDIAN "MIDDY" OCHRE Middy sighed as he watched the other woman take away his intended target. Should they act now or wait for the night? Will they even get the chance later? Maybe he should follow them just in case. He downed his whole mug of alcohol in one gulp and motioned to follow the two but was stopped by a blushing Sera who would not let go of his hand. "Don't Middy." Sera mumbled, "I can't let you go after the love of my life." The young man groaned. Seriously? What the fuck is wrong with Sera now? Middy pulled his hand away from Sera's gasp and spoke, "Sera, please. I need to go to the little boy's room." As realization set in on Sera she quickly looked away, face going red in embarrassment. "Oh, I thought you were planning to do something else." "Bathroom first. Oh, and where the hell is Khaki anyways?" While everyone is busy with their own concerns, there was this little girl with a mug in each hand heading towards Middy and Sera. There's a certain sway in her steps, probably with all that alcohol, In fact, one can deduce that she is even more wasted then Esben with the way she is moving. Too bad for Esben and her escort though as the little girl accidentally stumbled towards the two, her body colliding with Esben's while the mugs of alcohol she accidentellay let go, flew towards the other woman's face, splattering alcohol all over her. The little girl was mostly too drunk to even care, she did try to apologize though. "Oh -hic- apologies. I'll buy you a -hic- a drink later."
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    Hungry Like The Wolf - Questing for an artifact

    Hmm...the Dead Mistress will be coming...along with the Pretty Paragon and Paragon Mavajo...3
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    M3:4 (Finals) Gamesly vs Sera

    Devoured he did...or that is what he thought, but Sera managed to step back a bit out of his grasp, leaving her neck and her face safe from whatever kinky fetish this man had. Oh what a day. It seems luck was not with Sera today as the metaphysical forces that was controlled her fate had turned to the other side. It seems her regin has ended and this man's was just beginning. Smiling, Sera eyed the man-beast with admiration and pride. "Gamesly was it? You have done well. I admit defeat for today. I am no match for your perseverance and admiration." "I HEREBY DECLARE SIR MARSHALL GAMESLY THE FINAL VICTOR OF THIS TOURNAMENT." "Raise your head proudly, our new champion.You have earned this title. It is your turn now to defend the mantle of the champion. May you fare well in this endeavor." And with that Sera's body slowly dissipated, mistly from overexhaustion with all that running. Perhaps. But onw this is for sure. Sera will have to fight another battle outside as the security tries to apprehend the wanted criminal know as Black Sera-sera of the Black Spear Cartel.
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    M3:4 (Finals) Gamesly vs Sera

    So it has finally come to this. All the lead uo just for this final confrontation. It was a rather uneventful fight for Sera. The man-beast barely reached her and she hadn't even attacked him yet. Maybe he's just warming up. Shrugging, Sera faced the pouncing man-beast with nonchalance and disappointment. Maybe she should have tried harder. Oh well at least the man beast had fun. Probably. Power blossomed within Sera and the scraps of metal gathered in front of her forming a metallic clump that she thought was a shield. Held in mid-air through electro magnetism, the blockade would block the man-beast's flight path pitting his furry flesh against the scrapmetal hindrance. As all this happened Sera lifted both her arms and raide a particular finger in both hands, flipping the man off. "FUCKER! YOU FORGOT TO INTRODUCE YOURSELF BEFORE FIGHTING! HOW UNCIVILIZED!"
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    The Reverie Ball (Open Hub)

    HOLLY SHEATHE "I don't believe we've met. My name is Issac Graham, a pleasure to meet you!" Holly almost cried out as she saw the man. Issac Graham? But isn't he...? How or why Linda Linda would know such an esteemed and mysterious person was way beyond Holly's comprehension. Maybe it's just someone with the same name. Perhaps. Disbelief began to set in deep within Holly but then Linda Linda happened. "Issac, dearie," the woman spoke as she sashayed to Issac's side, shamelessly clinging on to his arm. Now Holly is feeling lost. Surely there's something wrong here. Is this another one of Linda's pranks? Sometimes Holly had trouble discerning between the true and the false. She'll have to play safe tonight. Right now, all she needed is to be polite to Sir Issac while keeping her guard up against any tricks Linda Linda has under her scummy sleeves...or skirt. Probably. For now, introductions would do. "The pleasure is all mine, Sir Issac," Holly started offering her open hand to the man, "Holiness Sheathe. Or Holly for short. Holly the farmer." @danzilla3 THE MADAME LINDA LINDA "The pleasure is all mine, Sir Issac. Holiness Sheathe.Or Holly for short. Holly the farmer." Linda Linda growled under her breath while clinging on to her prized possession, Issac Graham's arm. She expected Holly to have an intense and pathetic reaction but once more the woman has exceeded Linda's expectations. Nevertheless, the Madame still has the position of power with Issac as her escort for this night. Poor little Holly Sheathe having no one to take her to the ball boo-hoo. Linda Linda was so ready to relish Holly's defeated look but was instead met with a rather mature response from a kid like Holly. My my, how her little child has grown. Turning her scowling frown upside down, the Madame waited for Issac to regard the other woman and after that, she would ask, "Come Issac darling. Introduce me to your peers. You've told me stories and now I'm excited to see them in person." @danzilla3
  22. Post incoming tonight

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    The Andelusian High Tea Society [Hub]

    November 24 | 29 AO “What sort of proposal is that?” The Mistress Black Head chuckled. "Oh darling, I'm sure you'll love it." She knew then of he newly arrived person noticed Dahlia's distraction with the other woman. Now that it has come to this, the Mistress would have to share with this stranger. Maybe she might find a new friend in this woman. Perhaps. Perhaps not. Three is a crowd they say, but then again, sometimes a threesome isn't so bad. Tearing her gaze away from the succulent Lady Chamelis, the Mistress glanced at the newcomer. It was a woman, eerily familiar but she cannot quite put where she last saw her. Was it the day before? Or months back? One thing for sure though, these woman must be a native to this land. And quite fashionable too. Well the Mistress does have her own sense of style. Despite this new addition Dahlia was still the most delectable treat in this establishment, well excluding the Mistress and her esteemed self of course. She returned her attention to the Lady and spoke, "Oh, just let your visitor join us. I wouldn't mind sharing you." @vielle @LikelyMissFortune
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  25. Thotification

    Of Business and Banking Thots (Silverbush Group Lunaris Branch)

    INAUGURATION OF THE FIRST SILVERBUSH BANK OF LUNARIS The final touches were done, the employees are all set. The time is nigh for the grand opening of the First Silverbush Bank of Lunaris. Yes, it was a grand celebration with all the ribbons and balloons and the gathering of VIPs. Despite being a nobody when they first entered Lunaris, the Silverbush Group managed to attract a rather large crowd. Everyone seemed to be more excited with free food the bank's employees are serving than the actual opening of the establishment. Whatever their reasoning is, the important part is that there are people present. That alone is enough to make the Madame Linda Linda blush. There was one large that spanned the front of the bank's entrance. Behind that ribbon were the bank's ranking employees with the big three on the middle. It was the Madame Linda Linda, tte founder and CEO of the Silverbush Group flanked by the posh gentleman elder and the Silverbush Group's consultant, Lord Suzy and the Lunaris branch manager, the Lady Holiness Sheathe of the vassal house of Sheathe. The Madame Linda Linda then took center stage as she started her speech. She told the story of how the group came to be, their wishes and dreams and ambitions, their morals and code of ethics. Despite the boring subject the Madame was charming enough to keep everyone engaged both on her words and on her alluring figure. With a nod she acknowledge the presence of the Lunaris' governor, Sebastian. "And now some words from an old acquaintance of mine and your governor, Sebastian ____." @danzilla3