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  1. THE BEST GIRL (MISTRESS BLACKHEAD) Seeing the kid almost made me step back. Not out of fear nor disgust nor repulsion but simply out of care for the child's well-being. Human spawns are weak, feeble and most notably helpless. They are unable to fend for themselves or even hunt for their own sustenance. Such pitiful creatures and yet they are the most populous among the sapient living things that reside within this realm. Personally, I see them as rabbits. Almost, always, forever stuck in a rut and procreating wherever and whenever it pleases them. Such shameless and disgraceful creatures. I steeled myself for the encounter as the boy made his way towards my nubile figure. Rambunctious thoughts filled my mind. My mental faculties working twice as hard just to process such a highly questionable creature and its dubious attempts at communication.
  2. THE BEST GIRL (MISTRESS BLACKHEAD) The faint sound of footsteps shook me from my reverie. Too much pondering and baseless thoughts could easily dull one's senses. Every so often, I need to chide myself into alertness. Laxness brought about by confidence. And yet overconfidence is a slow and insiduous killer. Whoever coined that quote should be commended for it bears the greatest of truths. A truth that will always be relevant no matter the time or the setting. My gaze turned to the source of the sound. Despite the dim atmosphere, I had no trouble seeing the approaching figure. My eyes and my sight have gone beyond what any mortal can hope to achieve. What I have seen, what I have gazed upon, could easily turn even the most sane man into insanity and morbid degeneracy. Perhaps it was for the best that my inhuman sight should gaze upon the figure of this young boy amidst darkness' shadow.
  3. CAL ETERIS Amidst the peaceful atmosphere of the city of Cal Etris, a ghostship galleon made its ghastly way towards the city. The chill of death and decay wafted from its wake perhaps even scaring even the bravest of aquatic life that neared this haunted monstrosity. And yet this otherworldly apparition seemed to have stopped just a few knots before the docks. The ship's captain seemed to have harbored some deep respect and patience for the city's still living denizens. There was of course no reason to deliver terror and mayhem at every bastion of civilization the undying galleon could encounter. A small boat was then launched with a few passengers aboard. The most prominent was a woman whose hair was black as night yet her face was scarred as the full moon's marred visage. The other passangers of the small rowing vessel wore the woman's symbols and colors. Black and green and the insiginia of a dying family from Ursa Madeum. The woman- no the head of House Sheathe, has arrived in Cal Eteris.
  4. Prisoner 069 was silent as he returned to face his benefactor. He had enough time to ponder about the futility of his dilemma. What else is there to worry about? “Now...I’ve freed all of you from your shackles. I’ve described what type of life I can offer you. All I need now is your acquiescence to a life under Gaia." Yes.This one is an easy question. There was nothing left for him back there. It was either the prison or working for this new 'god.' He had many doubts and apprehension but the fear of returning back to that cold and lonely place was the final push that lead to this decision. "Shethid Fakir. Professional locksmith and traveler from a distant world. I'll tae Gaia's offer and walk the path she has laid out for me."
  5. THE BEST GIRL (MISTRESS BLACKHEAD/MIDDY OCHRE) Another day, another errand from the gods. What do they think of me? Some kind of errand girl they can order around? An annoyed sigh escaped my lips as I stepped into the Nehalen once again. A world devoid of gods where the will of men reign supreme. It would have been a nice description if not for the blasphemy and sacrilege that had been wrought against the land's very gods. She too was one of those so called sacrilegious and blasphemous murderers. In fact, she was the best of them all. Leading a ragtag group of six, she had disposed of nine gods. Ruthless as it may be, she knew that it was the right path for her to take. This is simply a burden she had to take to the end or until her very life ceases to exist.
  6. "Yes," Holly replied. "Take care is such a hard work." Then she turned towards Nikki. "This is more than enough of a reward for me. I think that would be the right thing to do. A second chance in life. Every person should get have that opportunity." With that, Holly grew silent and faced Abby as she awaits the woman's reply.
  7. Zashiii

    Hold Your Vines

    As soon as the knight closed the distance between them, Shishi Ravenbush sprang into action. Her physical body was the source of her pride and confidence. Unlike her older sibling, she was gifted with higher parameters with regards to physical prowess. A fallen knight would have been easy. The only problem here is that she had to deal with two. When dealing with more than one enemy, one only needed to be in motion. She looked like a whirling mass of blade and human limbs as she pushed back against both her enemies. Just as she was about to deal a decisive blow, someone else screamed at her. Then the sound of an arrow reached her ears and Ravenbush rolled out of the way. Just in time for the explosion to commence. Even as her body was struck back by the force of the blast, her mind was clear. Spears made of purifying light shot out of her body and homed in on the remaining knight and its chittens. The poor knight, who had been knocked off balance by the blast, did not see the barrage of projectiles that impaled him and his chittens. Meanwhile, Shishi's back would slam at the trunk of Will's tree due to the force of the blast. Groaning, she picked herself up and glared daggers at her companion who clearly had no intention of ever helping.
  8. Brief: A sinister criminal approaches you and asks that they free the stolen letter. Item: Gemini Necklace A silver necklace with a medallion in the shape of the Roman numeral for two. This enchanted necklace allows the user to cast the spell Mirror Image twice a day. The user is never alone. Class: B Pages: 2+
  9. Shishi had been silent as she inconspicuously watched her target. However, she did not expect the man to approach her. The sudden appearance of her quarry only made her somewhat blush. She found it very hard to look the man in the eyes. Oh no! He's hot. Somehow, she did not expect him to be this attractive up close. She was flustered so much that she stammered on her replies. "Ra-ravenbush. Pleased to me-meet you!" Then she covered her embarassment by taking a sip from her coffee and turning her attention to her cakes.
  10. THE BEST GIRL (MISTRESS BLACKHEAD) Despite my reluctance and apprehensions, I was still forced into this task. Libra, one of the recently ousted god of Renovatio, had forced me to return to Nehalen in search of a necklace that symbolized her worth her faith here in Renovatio. At first, I had to decline her request. No matter how she despised it, the so-called god had to face the harshness of reality. Renovatio had kicked her out and she is no longer welcome in this land. There is literally nothing left for here in these ungrateful lands. Yet here I am, under Libra's bidding. Just me. One lonely lady. Delicate and dainty. Alone and vulnerable. Patiently waiting for someone, anyone.
  11. THE BEST GIRL (MISTRESS BLACKHEAD) I can no longer remember when was the last time I’ve been to Nehalen without being subjected to any form of danger or persecution. Ever since that debacle with the gods happened, I have greatly struggled with keeping my public identity a secret. There is a threat to my life. People whisper my name everywhere. Rumors and gossips. Myths and fables. The whole province fears the person that I have become. The infamous persona known as ‘The Best Girl.’ My absence from the general public had not dwindled the people's interest. The same whispers, the same concerns. What then should one do when faces with such infamy? I fear that my image as a kind, generous and magnanimous lady would have been greatly stained with all these misinformation the public learned from the grapevine. These development scares me.
  12. Brief: An insane urchin approaches you and asks that you counterfeit the prophesied bird before they all die.Item: Libra Necklace A silver necklace with a medallion in the shape of a balanced set of scales. The enchanted necklace keeps balance. Twice per day, the wearer can use the necklace to spend half an attack's damage back to the attacker. The user keeps the balance.Class: BPages: 2+ @Aleksei
  13. Summary: The Mistress Blackhead, together with the Blackspear cartel contacts the overjoyed criminal regarding the Sagittarius necklace. It was found out that the criminal stole the relic from the otherworldly cultist. However, the relic contains a curse which affected the criminal. In exchange for taking the relic and the curse away from the criminal, the Mistress Blackhead acts as the intermediary between the two parties. After a thorough search of the city, they managed to conduct a meeting with the cultist. Once the meeting was over, both parties parted ways. The cultist, having been paid generously both for the theft of his treasure and for removing the curse. The overjoyed criminal was full of gratitude as his cure is removed and even got the money for selling away the relic. Lastly, the Mistress Blackhead and her cartel moves on to their next target having finally acquired their second relic. Minor Summary: The Mistress Blackhead together with the Blackspear cartel intervenes between the dispute of an overjoyed criminal and an otherworldly cultist. Acting as the intermediary between the two parties, the Mistress convinces both parties to an accord. As per agreement, the Mistress buys the relic from the criminal's possession. Then she pays the cultist for the theft and also for the removal of the criminal's curse which the cultist placed on the relic. Having fulfilled all parts of the agreement, all parties part ways. @Aleksei
  14. THE MISTRESS BLACKHEAD The blow was strong enough to crunch bones and send most enemies flying but not the vampire. At most it only made the monster stagger. Somehow it mate the Mistress pause. Did she hold back out of pity Or her hand just slipped? Whatever it was, she decided to let it go and backed away for her ally to do his work. @Vaudevillian SHISHI RAVENBUSH As the woman continued to monologue, Shishi would try to help Peldun. Another brilliant flash of light exuded form her body and then her guardian angel was summoned. The summoned unit was a hulking mass clad in heavy armor. The astral projection would then move to assist the golem, aiding it in lifting the heavy stones. The only problem is that Shishi had to go close to Peldun because her summon can only move as far as five meter away from her. "So what say you?" "I call bullshit!" Shishi Ravenbush replied, "I have no qualms against Zenghi but your master has been gone for quite a while now. Even if you try to bring him back, other individuals are already moving to resurrect him for their own purposes. The moon witch, the organization wearing skull masks, and many more. All of them vying to be the first to bring back the witch king." Then she paused for a bit to clear her thoughts. "Fracture is just a fraction of this world. There are more lands to conquer, more people to enslave. The witch king might match Odin but what then?"
  15. Zashiii

    In the heavens

    "Use this. It'll help you get to the tome and lessen any chance of you all getting lost up there." She offered the compass over and then looked at the group one final time. "Get in and get out. Whatever you do within the asteroid, I leave that up to you all. I just care you get me the tome." Shishi Ravenbush nodded at their client. Depositing the compass inside her coat's pocket. her eyes trailed after the retreating figure of the woman. What mysteries does this woman keep? While Shishi was inclined to explore every inch, every nook and cranny of that female, she did not have the leisure to do just that. There was more work that needed to be done. Turning her attention to her companion, she decided to start a conversation. "I guess that's that. I already got the compass. But first we should find a place to camp and rest. We still have a few days of travel left till we reach our destination." The she motioned to leave. "Oh and tell me about yourself on the way." @The North Wind
  16. All the events that had transpired after climbing up that obstruction were hazy for Blackbush. Her thoughts since then had gone awry ever since she stepped inside this place. It felt like she no longer had any idea what was real and what was an illusion. Was it all a dream? Or a nightmare? Even as her mind spun here and there, her body did not betray its master. Blackbush might be mumbling some sort of unintelligible gibberish yet her body seemed to have a mind of its own. It followed the others while making sure to take the least dangerous path as possible. Such shenanigans was only achievable because of this organic vessel which her mother fashioned for Blackbush. An organic vessel that would always ensure the daughter's safety. This of course resulted to her clearing all the obstacles without ever getting left behind and thus she found herself within the building with barely memories of how she ever got there. As the fog in her mind cleared, Blackbush groggily assessed her surrounding and her current situation. It was a good thing that she still had her mask on so no one could see her disgruntled and lost face. Thanking the anti-facial recognition device which doubled as a face protector, she turned her attention to her other companions hoping to gleam any information from ther conversations. "Ye-yes..." Blackbush replied with her voice coming out as hoarse and weak. "Let's finish this quickly then leave,"
  17. It seemed that exhaustion was a slow and insidious killer. His recent escapade with the roiling waves and the lack of sustenance had mostly depleted the energy reserves of the poor young man. He might not die of starvation but that does not mean he was not vulnerable to its effects. Thus it was also not that surprsing that he would simply pass out within a few hours of broken consciousness. When he awoke, he was surprised to find himself in another place, at another time. He could clearly tell that he was no longer on the beach or the nearby forest. He seemed to be in some else's abode but he can't seem to figure out what this structure was. Was he still weak and groggy from his recent ailment? Most likely. He struggled to get up and soon found himself shakily walking out of the place. Someone greeted him and told him how they had found his sleeping figure near the coast then brought to this location and nursed back to healh. Dymid could not thank his benefactors enough. Upon seeing the state of this camp, something massive could be going on. With no other options, he simply offered his assistance. Somehow he knew that he would be regretting this decision for the rest of his life.
  18. While Dymid obediently kept her silence, Shishi on the other hand was rather intrusive. Drawing in closer, Shishi could finally see who the mysterious stranger is. "Hello, stranger?" she asked the recently awakened Nilan. "What brings you to this land?" Then she turned to Aya, "I would talk to your sister but her attitude alone reminds me so much of my own older sisbling. I don't think I could stomach another person like that."
  19. Zashiii

    [GS] Virgo.

    The white-haired woman pulled herself off the ground. The backlash of such a massive magical array would be enough to kill most casters but not her. Baeoi, the High Lord's blade, had always ensured that she would survive no matter the problem. Zusammen . One of Baeoi's abilities, granted her superhuman levels of durability, perhaps even bordering on nigh invulnerability. As long as she has this blade, she could be a bit more reckless. The only downside was pain. Somehow, pain was still a large factor and experiencing a shit ton of it made the woman wince. Pushing through the pain, she willed herself up and admired her handiwork. The fallen god, struggling to escape the binds that shackled her divine being. However, there is still more work needed to be done. Beannachdan. Another one of Baeoi's abilities which seemed to be conveniently tailor-made for the woman. The ability was manifested soft pink bubble of energy that filled around five meters of space with her in the center. Trusting the high lord's blade, she charged at the rampaging god with nary a care for the world. "I'll keep her distracted!" she bellowed at her companions. "Keep on attacking from a distance." As she closed the distance, her personal skill would activate. The same ability she used to defeat Cialo would be manifested to protect herself against the dust and debris that was sent her way. Physical objects passing through her barrier would be quickly disintegrated, the bonds their particles shared would be severely broken beyond repair. Anything magical would simply suffer the massively weakening and debilitating effect of the pink aura. Whatever is left that defied both her protection would be unceremoniously cut down by the shimmering grey metal which had proven to cut through almost anything except for the living.
  20. Very well.. .I'll just assume that Blackbush had silently moving with the group the whole time.. 😊
  21. I would like to pull out my characters and all their involvement in this thread since most of my later actions were predetermined by my agreement with amenities. That said, since there's minor interactions between my pcs and the other, I don't think there's that much difference if I pull them out at this time. @The North Wind Is this okay with you since I've interacted with Noc the most. 😅
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