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    [OOC] Night of Terror - Knoles

    Black Sera to N1, hitting M1 zombies for 3 damage. Oh and she's going melee.
  2. Zashiii

    Night of Terror [Knoles]

    With heavy rain pouring all over her in torrents, Sera calmly assessed her situation. Stuck in Knoles for a week with scant amount of resources and no still no contact with the local agents. A few weeks back, the Cartel had heard of disturbing reports regarding the Anima Imperium built by a certain Dr. Marigold. The cartel's Black Head, having taken keen interest in the Doctor, have sent Sera to investigate, observe and if possible force the Doctor to be indebted to the cartel. As always, the Black Head's sources are extremely questionable but in all the years she had been working for the cartel's boss, the Black Head's order have always been right and Sera has learned to trust in her boss. When the storm hit, Sera was on her way towards the Doctor's laboratory, a part of her daily routine. Trained in the arts of voyeurism surveillance, trespassing infiltration and stalking tracking, she had been all around the place taking note of Knole's existing status quo. Judging by the townspeople's reactions the Doctor is supposedly connected to this drastic change in weather. However, there seems to be a commotion in town as the storm, and judging by screams of terror and pain she had been hearing, something terrible must have happened. Taking pity on the poor townspeople, Sera decided that she should prioritize the safety of the locals before confronting the Doctor. Gloved hands pulled up the collars of her long coat, her shoulder hunching as she marched through the downpour with an ever present scowl on her face. Her hair, which should have been the long glossy and silky black kind she inherited from her mother's blood, no longer existed, burned right to the scalp years ago. Instead of finding a healer to grow it back for her, Sera opted for a more special replacement. Thousands of thin iron wires replaced every strand of hair on her scalp, sustained by her magic and each can act as a separate limb. As of now, those wire hairs have meshed into something of a mix between an umbrella and a hat, it's wide brim keeping the worst of the rainfall off her. On her way to the nearest house, Sere was greeted by a congregation of creatures. Something of a mix between the undead and insects, their horribly disgusting visage sent shiver down Sera's spine. Cracking her knuckles, power coursed through her hands forming a thin layer of crackling lightning around her hands, and feet. With her spell on the ready, she preceded to smack and stomp on the zombie creatures, hitting hard and fast but despite her efforts there seemed to be more coming. Surrounded on all side, Sera's face scowled even further as her longest night in Knoles began.
  3. Zashiii

    Dice Rolling Thread

    Rolling for Sera vs creepy zombie bugs...please work
  4. Zashiii

    MOBS tournament v2 [1 spots remain]

    Hi! Count me in as well
  5. Zashiii

    Cleaning Up the Mess

    With the members of the strike team finally settled, Middy nodded his head in satisfaction. It seems that Lord Lothlorian had indeed taken a liking to his idea and the cogs in Middy's mind are already turning, working out how to turn the success of this operation to his and the Back Head's advantage. If he could make House Aetherion indebted to the Black Head then he'd surely get extra incentives form his Aunt Frigga. The thought brought a creepy smile on his face. It appears that he can be quite capable when it comes to matters like this. "My deepest gratitude, Lord Lothlorian. I'll take things from here." Middy stepped forward, long black coat swaying in time with his steps. "Now that I have all your attention please follow me towards the barrier." Leading the way, Middy headed for the Keep only to stop a feet or two away from the barrier. His trained eyes began to analyze this formidable obstruction before him. Rough calloused hands were placed upon the barrier as, he begin his discussion in the use of the basic spells in creating a hole. "Before we start, I would like to remind everyone that there will only be a small window of opportunity after I tore a hole in this place. I believe that I can at least make it last a minute or so before the barrier repairs itself. On that note, I would like to apologize to...Lhoth. I believe you are called Lhoth, right? My sources do tell me that is your name and you are quite the capable individual. But please direct your power to the others using it on me would only be a waste. Due to my special disposition, anything magic I do or cast will always have the same average output with perfect consistency. A the very least, please accept my gratitude for the thought. "Moving on, I would like everyone to prepare the strongest spell they can create, once my hands let go of this barrier, the magical array I set on it will activate, thereby creating a door-shaped area where the barriers strength is greatly reduce. Once that happens I hope everyone present here will pour their utmost strength into attacking the weakened part of the barrier. This is the best I can do with my disappointing lack of talent and ability. Now, Lhoth this is where you come in. I'd like you to enhance everyone's powers in assaulting the weakened area. When the hole is torn open, please enter quickly I can only keep it open for a short while. I'm afraid I would need the strength of everyone present here just to create this small window of opportunity for us." Beads of sweat formed on Middy's face, as he pooled all his power into his arms. He briefly mouthed the words of power 'soft on' and the door-shaped area he spoke of earlier appeared on the barrier. The weakened area darkened rapidly as if it's power has suddenly been cut off. Now that his spell is in effect, Middy stepped away from the barrier and screamed. "Now! Attack!"
  6. Zashiii

    [Antigone Isle] Raid: Into the De-Magicked Zone

    Apparently, Middy is stuck in a dilemma. One option is to join the larger group into the underground sewer and the other is turn into a bird and follow the fae. His first thought was to try to transform into a bird. After a couple failed attempts and slight bruises from falling hard on the deck, he finally realized that going with the larger group would be a slightly better idea. However, getting wet and going through the sewers reminded him of fishes. Shrugging those idiotic ideas aside, Middy assessed the current situation. Going through the sewers is a classic idea, a bit disgusting but nonetheless always a good idea. Problem is that, we are not the only ones who would have thought of the idea. This path could possibly be full of twists and turns, leaning on the more lethal side. If only he had not rejected assistance from the Black Head, this would have been easier, even if he only had Little Sans for backup. Seeing the thumbs up from Isaac, Middy put on the mask he received from Isaac earlier and tried to strip before jumping, only to remember Little San's 'advice' in the ship's holdings hours ago. Making sure his clothes are firmly attached to his body covering all that needs to be covered, Middy jumped into the water in following in Riley and Isaac's wake.
  7. Zashiii

    Home of the brave [closed]

    A couple of hours into the night, Middy was on his way towards the narcotics and liquor store. Black coat swaying in time with his soundless steps, he approached the establishment as casually as possible. Having done his fair share of breaking into someone else's property, Middy knew that snooping and sneaking about would only draw more attention to him. Even in his younger thieving days, he could easily enter through any place especially through the front door and even in broad daylight with guards for days. A simple night raid is mere child's play for him. But even the simplest of tasks must be given one's undivided focus and attention. Even now, despite that the obvious lack of any locale lurking about, Middy is still vigilant. While his head is leisurely facing the store's direction, his eyes are roving all around on the look-out for any potential danger. Finally clearing the last few steps towards the store, Middy produced a slip of paper. The little sheet is littered with runes for unlocking physical locks. In the old days he would have used lockpicks but the current him preferred cheap spell papers, mainly for the ease of its use and also for the style. Easy to manufacture, acts instantaneously and the effects are hardly traceable unless scutinized by any practitioner worth his or her salt, these little slips of paper are one of his answers to his lack of talent. Pouring scant amount of power into the sheet, Middy briefly mouthed a short chant and placed the paper on the door handle. A few moments later, he hear a soft clink from the door. Having done its job, the piece of paper turned into ash and littered on the floor where it will be carried away by the cool evening breeze. Nodding in satisfaction, Middy entered the establishment, making sure that the door was completely locked behind him. Just because he is going to heavily damage one of the store's walls, does not mean that he will let other thieves take advantsge of this unguarded place. Turning around, he was greeted with the welcoming array of cigars and alcoholic spirits all lined up on the shelves and display cases. As he made his way towards the back portion of the store, his calloused hands took advantage of the situation, grabbing the most expensive drink from the shelves and the largest box of the most extravagant cigar this place has to offer. With both treasures in tow, Middy assessed the current situation. By this time, Bossman and Willy have probably been ushered into the brothel by the guards. As he recalls it, the plan from earlier have Willy lobbing he other timed explosives at its entrance. This should build an illusion of having assailant from two opposing sides. A two-pronged attack, the building taking both strikes from the front as well as from behind. Middy clenched his right hand. This fist of his shall be the beginning of these slavers' downfall. A couple more steps and now Middy stood face to face, before his first foe for the night. The wall. Pocketing the box of cigars into his coat, Middy once more pulled out sheets of paper from his inside pockets. This time, there's a thick wad of them, each with a different symbol of power. Eyebrows furrowed in concentration, Middy began the painstaking process of aligning the proper symbol to another. The array should be a simple one. The strength amplifier in the centermost and then the power multiplers equally placed around it in concentric circles. The whole process took longer than Middy expected. Wiping the pooling sweat from his face, he lifted his gaze and admired his handiwork. The array set perfectly to a tee. A masterpiece truly symbolizing....how disappointing he is a practitioner of the magical arts. A true practitioner should be able to reduce this obstacle to rubble with a single spell and a light jab. A light sigh escaped his lips. No matter what he does he will always be mediocre. At last, Middy raised his arm, fist clenched in preparation. A single punch. Then- -boom.
  8. Zashiii

    The Prometheus Initiative

    The Black Head would like to invest in this venture.
  9. Zashiii

    Evil Lurks in the Darkest Corners

    If you like, Lady Frigga can accompany him. She's in a lot of stress lately so a little bit of town destruction sounds really therapeutic for her.
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    [OOC] Night of Terror - Knoles

    On top? No prob. I'm fine with that position as well.
  11. @supernal Should I blow the bombs now?
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    Shadow Grimoire OOC

    I prefer them loose as well
  13. Zashiii

    [OOC] Night of Terror - Knoles

    Is there space available? My Little Sera would like to join as well.
  14. Zashiii

    Cleaning Up the Mess

    Middy contemplated as he followed the Stone Warrior towards the base camp near Lghtstone Keep. House Aetherion's Lord Lothlorian is probably feeling the pressure of the other houses seeing as he is seeking the aid of other mercenaries. It appears that this situation is worse than he thought. If House Aetherion is unable to wrap this up then there could be trouble. A lot of it. Even if the Black Head is assisting the refugees she will not be planting agents inside the Keep to assist Middy in assaulting. This is also a test for him on taking action on his own, as her representative in the matters of diplomacy. Finally after a grueling trek, for him at least, the pair are now entering the camp. As the Stone Warrior gestured the direction of Lord Lothlorian, Middy uttered his thanks before shooing the man away then proceeded to admire the Lightstone Keep. The structure's barrier is a wonderful thing, able to block off the combined assault of Lothlorian's wizards and the sudden attack of Lhoth. Probably another mercenary like Middy, the man unleashed his powerful spell just in time as Middy was in awe of the barrier's strength. But it did prove that perhaps not brute force but a finer touch would be more effective in destroying this seemingly impregnable defense. Right now, there, an idea was forming in his head but he must give respects to his current employer first. Relaxing his whole body, Middy headed towards his employer, making sure that the tenseness in every muscle and joint is gone. Hopefully it should show an effect of him being as harmless as possible to the lord himself and his retainers. The cogs in his head began to turn, as he decided on the best approach for this man, to be respectful and yet not submissive as he must also uphold the reputation of his auntie as well. He stopped a few feet away before the lord, pulling out the formal form of greeting of the Atra Terra culture from his memories. Bowing deeply, Middy opened his mouth to speak,. "Lord Lothlorian of House Aetherion, the Black Head sends her regards. She has taken keen interests in the current state of House Aetherion and sent me, Black Middy, one of her closest aide to represent her in assisting you on your current predicament. She is hoping that in doing so, House Aetherion and the Black Spear company might be able to start a kindred relationship. In this regard, out of all the houses, you are the first she has approached and would likely prefer to be the only one she will ever approach. As for her first offer of assistance, I would like to propose a gathering of your strongest wizards and mercenaries. While not powerful on its own, I have a spell that will weaken the barrier at a certain point and with the combined firepower of your strongest, we might be able to make a hole big enough for a few of the best individuals this camp has that can infiltrate and try to dismantle the barrier from the inside. But, of course, this request will be under your permission Lord Lothlorian."