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  1. I guess I can bring my girl Ravenbush. She always wanted to be a hero... like her elder sister. 😊
  2. THE BEST GIRL (MISTRESS BLACKHEAD) Gregori Riolan or commonly known as Criminal Greg around these parts. If there's anyone who would know about shady stuff, this guy would be the one of the first. Even if the cartel is dissolved, they still had their assets open and would always try to recruit more to increase their information network. "Finally," I exclaimed when Greg's burly figure appeared within the establishment. "Took you long enough." "Hello, lady!" Greg called out, "Been a while since you visited these parts. Must have been missing the fun stuff, eh?" "Oh! Please stop flattering me, boy. Now, onto business." "Yes, lady. Or should I call you as the 'Best girl'?"
  3. Zashiii

    Hold Your Vines

    The knights were easier than expected. Shishi was prepared to fight a long and bloody battle but the outcome greatly disappointed her. At the very least, their task would be accomplished way earlier than expected. Picking herself up from her prone position after hitting the tree, she moved to assess her recently murdered adversaries. They seemed dead enough. Or at least vanquished. Vanishing without a trace. Too convenient. Shishi turned towards the boy. "Oh, you still alive, boy? I am more concerned about the tree. It was thrown pretty hard back there. My back might have knocked it over."
  4. Shshi frowned. "Wait, Sir Tenkai. I just had an idea." This might be her first and last chance. Just one shot. She only needed this moment. "Since we are already in this training are. Perhaps I could have a test go at you?" 'I've never had the chance to succumb to my weaknesses in fear of losing myself. I have great trust that you are more than capable of stopping me before things go out of hand." "Is it okay if we have a little spar?"
  5. She blushed at Issac's gentle display of affection. "The other things could wait, you know. Unless you are bold enough to do it in the ship?" Chuckling, she allowed Issac to drag her inside his home. "Now this is the place I miss! And there's that couch where I used to live!" So much stuff had happened now. She was once known as the Mistress but she goes by Linda now. "Where's my baby girl? I missed her so much!" With that, more words spilled out of her mouth. She talked about her clash with the old gods of Renovatio, her quest to claim the Aezer's Howl ship and even her inter-dimensional travels in search of a new home for her old gods. Her return was rather unprecedented but she can't help herself anymore. After creating her proxy bodies, she jumped the gun and rushed back here to Issac's arms.
  6. THE BEST GIRL (MISTRESS BLACKHEAD) While waiting for his answer, I studied the man. Jayrus is his late forties. Tall and lanky yet still fit. Unlike most occultists who are either scrawny or lacking in exercise, the man was built like a whip. Lean and strong. Perhaps under that suit of his, there might be a lot more muscle than I could ever imagine. It's not that hard to take a peek but I had to control myself. I must learn to respect the privacy of my agents. Taking another sip of tea from my cup, I decided to wait patiently for the man's reply. He seemed to mulling and pondering over his next set of words. Take your time Jay. I'm not rushing or anything.
  7. Pohtahtoh Dalin nodded at Shikai. "Simplicity is best after all." A basic smash and grab might prove easier to execute than complex plans especially with a rather large target. Although, she was very reluctant regarding this mission. It was just a hat after all. "Can you not just buy a hat without attracting attention?" came her query. "Anyway, I can more or less work with either the distractions or the escape routes. Having an expendable body makes me the prime bait more often than not." Yes. As much as she hate to admit it, her body is nothing more than a fake imitation of the original. It cannot even function at an optimal state. The only blessing here is that Dalin could ease the stress in her mistress' life. The less work her mistress' has, the easier her life will be.
  8. The temptation might be strong but Ravevnbush was no stranger to such developments. There had been many more instances in her life that she had quelled even greater allures and temptations. This star seed is nothing more than a minor inconvenience. And yet the wise man's words still echoed in her ears. Remind yourself that overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer. Shaking off her weary thoughts, she turned her attention to her saviors. It's true that the elf had eluded them but he was confident enough that Ravenbush and her group are incapable of ever capturing him. That fact might not hold true in the near future. She vowed to herself that she would capture that man or die trying. "Yes," came her weak reply. "Let's end this once and for all." Still, the elf's words plagued her thoughts. It seems to get worse by the minute. I'm sorry Esben but we have different ideas of justice. I only want to clear the crimes that my family has made, my dealings with you are nothing more but a minor side quest.
  9. 🤔 Might be a good place to build another Silverbush bank
  10. Posts will be delayed until the internet guys fix our connection. Apologies. 🙏

  11. THE BEST GIRL (MISTRESS BLACKHEAD) "That would most likely be your reward," I replied to the man. My eyes shifted to the cup of tea before returning back to Jayrus. "Would that be enough?" Jayrus grinned. "That would be most acceptable, my lady. As an exquisite item connoisseur such as myself, to gaze upon the vast collection of an infamous individual is quite the reward. I may no acquire any of it but I could at least view such treasures with my own two eyes." I nodded at the man. "Now onto business. I need information." "Go on...." Jayrus urged. "A came into contact with a street urchin. He was asking for my help in exchange for Libra's necklace. Now tell me, my friend. Have you heard about a 'prophesied bird'?"
  12. THE BEST GIRL (MISTRESS BLACKHEAD) It took a while but the man did come. Jayrus Bayle the Otherworldy Occultist or simply Occultist Jay. He is a tall lanky man but surprisingly fit. While he did have his problems what with hoarding and all, he can still be pleasant when necessary. "A pleasure to meet you again, my lady." The man's nod was curt but respectful. He settled himself across her and ordered the regular beer paired with a healthy chunk of meat. While we waited for his meal. I decided to strike some random conversation. "It has been a long time, Jay. I hope you are doing well." "Yes, my lady. Although, I truly was hoping for a glimpse of your collections."
  13. Ravenbush was stuck in a daze. Even after the man left, she was simply silent and unresponding to outside stimulus. Inside her mind, queer thoughts had formed. Thoughts about the handsome criminal and his sweet offer. And yet, that was the extent of her fascination. Tried as he might, there was no swaying Ravenbush against her own sense of justice and ideals. Perhaps if she was still her naive younger self, she would have been easily tempted by the offer. But not now. Not today. It took a while but Ravenbush got her bearings back. Shaking her self out of her reverie, she finally turned to her newfound acquaintances. She fished through her pocket and produced the note and seed star. "He gave me this."
  14. After the success of their previous operation, it seemed that Aphelion was on a roll. While it helps boost the group's moral, Teddy hoped that the success did not get too much in their heads. After all, overconfidence is a slow and insidious killer. When the discussion was concluded, Teddy headed back to her quarters. She needed time to prepare. While she was confident enough that she could force her way through the organization and claim it as her own but there must be a more peaceful way. For now she must do some scouting and reconnaisance. In her defense, the gang's name 'Day Walker' sounded pretty cringe and childishly edgy. The next day, she set out in search of this 'Day Walker' gang. Not exactly search as she had no leads in finding this edgy gang. However, she did have a trick up her sleeve. Before her previous organization was dissolved, Tedimius was a very important figure to its structure and creation. That was mostly due her ablity to 'connect' two or more entities together even at a distance. There was this psionic virus that she developed which infects people through physical contact and airborne droplets. Once infected, they were now her sleeper agents for a short period of time. Having spread the virus to a few individuals yesterday, now she only needed to watch and wait.
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