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  1. Zashiii

    [GS] Pisces

    Summmary: After a few days of reconaissance, the Mistress hatches a plan to take down Pisces who was turning the beach and coastal village into a . Using the same anti-god magical array they used on Sagittarius, she placed Khaki, Sera, Natalya and Shishi on seperate points around Pisces to simulate a massive spell configuration while she herself acts as the center and focus. Once everyone is in place, she casts the spell and throught the interaction of the god essences, manages to ground Pisces and shackling the god from floating to a higher alititude which would have been be harder for the godslayers to deal with. Som happened to be in the area and inadevertantly helped in fighting Pisces. The god retaliated by throwing chunks of ice at them, summoning ice/water/steam/cloud elementals, and even brought massive tsunamis. It was all futile as the Mistress managed to reach Pisces. Once within close proximity, the Mistress reasoned with the god and Pisces finally relented. Once more, the Mistress performed the rite of removing a god's essence by driving a fist through their chest and pulling the core out. Being a sore loser, Pisces gifted the remains of her body to Natalya instead. It was also at this moment that the remnants of Cialo's body makes an appearance and latches into Shishi as its new vessel. With Pisces' god essence in tow, the group departs from the site of battle leaving behind a grave for the slain god. A grave that sits in the middle of a recurring storm of snow and hail, and within a land of cold and ice that is occasionally visited by tsunamis. Minor Summary: The Mistress and her companions hunts down Pisces. Through careful planning, extensive studies in arcane lore and a bloody battle; the group manages to slay Pisces and obtains its core. Notable Consequences: 1. The Mistress and her group 'slays' Pisces and obtains its essence, powers, knowlege and experiences. Pisces's corpse merges with Natalya (while Cialo's corpse reappears and merges with Shishi) granting them abilities similar to said god but at a smaller scale. Som is given a blessing from Pisces which gives him knowledge on the use of Pisces' domain and abilites. 2. The coastal village is wiped out and the backlash from killing a god is plunging the region in a recurring winter and occasional tidal waves. Opportunities: 1. With the recent changes in the land, be the first to discover the cold region and its recurring winter and tsunami plagued coasts. 2. Within the center of the frigid tundra lies the grave of the god Pisces. Visit the grave and perhaps gain insight on how the god met its demise. @Aleksei
  2. Zashiii

    [GS] Pisces

    The white-haired woman known as the Mistress chuckled at her friend, Sera, who was dragging Som by the scruff of his upper garments only to vanish within another portal. Whatever the two were planning to do, it was no longer her business. Some things should be left alone especially for personal and private reasons. She was sitting on the ground now, her eyes shifting to the unconscious figure of Natalya. It seemed that Pisces wanted to give her a big fat 'fuck you' by giving Natalya the last remaining energy the god holds within its divine corpse. While the body alone was not enough to make one ascend to godhand if given a place within a pantheon but at the very least, it should give Natalya some interesting tools to play with. Even the white-haired woman, was still struggling with the changes of her body, with big thanks to Libra. Cialo's remains choosing Shishi as a host was a mistake that not even the Mistress could have prepared for. Sagittarius was faily obvious because Sera was the closest thing to it. And poor Khaki. No god would ever take her now. A sad sigh escaped the Mistress' lips. "At least I got a few of them now." Her eyes lit up as six divine cores floated in front of her. Cialo. Libra. Rifornire. Montis Maximus. Sagittarius. Pisces. There are six of them now. Perhaps she could have one more. However, it would have to wait. There's another test she needed to try. Pulling out a chunk of black metal from her pocket dimension inventory, she held it atop her open palm. It was the Heaven's armor, that alien armament she found way back in the mountain regions of Taen. "What happens if I bathe the metal in the essences of different god?" she chuckled while the divine cores all shot into the metal ore. Returning it to her pocket dimension inventory, she stood and collected the still sleeping Natalya. Her work here is almost over. The final funeral rites, mourning and erection of Pisces tomb was all carried out a few moments earlier by everyone. It was time to leave. "Well," she gestured at Khakina and Shishi, "Shall we?" WIth that, the group managed to 'slay' another god and left behind only a memory and a grave that says. HERE LIES THE GOD PISCES. Following their departure was the bitter cold brought about by their battle. The beach was turned into a tundra, mayhaps a frigid desert wasteland. If one does visit it, one would have to contend with the recurring snow and hail, the massive tides that crashes past the shoreline and swallowing the beach. A glacier formed around the grave, as if protecting it from outsiders. In time, someone else would be able to reach it and perhaps find out the events that lead to the deity's final moments.
  3. "Why would anyone attack your place?" Holly asked Da Villa after a while, "And rather poorly at it." Meanwhile, Sera tried to roll around but only got a lot of scrapes from breaking down walls and other structures. Ball Khaki on the other hand, was bouncing to and fro until she reached a curve, rebounded through a couple more walls and posts until she hit Mister Da Villa. "Oooops," came her cute squeaky voice.
  4. Ataraxy is awesome no joke....

  5. What happened with Nu Martyr was one of the biggest clusterfucks she has ever seen. Shishi did not even know how the bloody thing had ended. So many conflicts left unresolved, so many paths unfinished. Still, she was now back in Dawn Komturie and left all that Nu Marty shit behind her. Those memories were best buried deep and hope they never resurface again. Walking down the halls, she found a familiar face. One of them Knights. She thought that Tenkai was his name but she was unsure. It was howver, best for her to greet her seniors. She closed the distance between them hoping he would notice. Other than greeting him, she also had another thing in mind. "Hello, Tenkai.." she started but then remembered something. "..Sir. I head that you know a thing or two about cursed swords. I found one so I was gonna ask for some advice."
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  6. Zashiii

    [GS] Virgo.

    "I need some time," said the white-haired woman as she splayed her hand before her, palm facing the heavens. "And concentration." Shishi nodded her assent while wiping the snot and tears off her face. No point in crying for a lost arm. Knowing Capria, the woman could easily find a replacement. In fact, Shishi turned to to the heavens to face Virgo. "A divine arm would be very interesting," she whispered under her breath. “Hang in there Capria.” Something stirred within her clothes making metallic grinding and churning sounds. Then it crept up her arm and to her hands, black links made from an unknown metal. A portion of the Heaven’s armor, split form the original, cultivated and bathed within the essences of various Renovatian gods till it matured as a replica. It took the form of a gauntlet which Shishi used to punch away one of the incoming holy light shots from Virgo. It was still not perfect given that it took some damage with flecks of that black metal chipping away but it slowly grows back. Summoning her own sword of light, she braced herself for Virgo’s incoming barrage.
  7. Zashiii

    [GS] Pisces

    Finally, the frigid barrier receded back into its owner which was also decreasing in size. After a while, Pisces would be as large as twice the size of a regular human. The ritual in forming a covenant with a god and attaining its essence could be quite gruesome at times. "Please forgive," whispered the white-haired woman as she drove her fist into the floating god's chest. When she pulled out, she opened her palm to show the shining essence of Pisces. The orb was a swirling mass of swirling clouds, water and snow. The god's body however had other ideas as it slowly dissipated into fleck of snow which all wafted into the unsuspecting figure of Natalya. While Pisces relented to the white-haired woman, it was petty enough not to give the woman the power left within her corpse. "It is done," said the woman as she moved to join her companions only to notice Som. "Oh is that General Som? Sera told me a lot about you." Closing the distance between them, the woman once known as the Mistress peered into the general's face. "I see. This my thank for your help." From the divine essence shot two tiny motes of light. "The blessing of Pisces," the woman continued. "With these, you now have knowledge of Pisces' divine abilities with water and ice. Practice well." @danzilla3
  8. Zashiii

    [GS] Pisces

    Back within the confines of that frigid barrier, the Mistress slowly closed the distance betwen her and Pisces. Bested by mere mortals, the god no longer has the will to struggle. Pisces seemed to have understood the limits of her new condition. If the Grand Kommandant haven't cut off their divine will, such shackles could barely hold the god down. Now, however, was a differetn situation. "Come, mortal. Claim my body as your prize! My people shall avenge my death!" Within Baeoi's glimmering radiance (that small aura of unblessing which hampers any ability that isn't the will of its owner), the white-haired woman once known as the Mistress began the same speech she gave the other gods. After a while, the god finally spoke. "Very well. While it pains me to serve under you, I have no other choice. There is no assurance that other mortals will be as forgiving as you."
  9. Zashiii

    [GS] Pisces

    INTERLUDE- SHISHI RAVENBUSH A few moment ago, just as the waves hit, Shishi was surprised to see that a numerous flecks of soil gathered around her very body. She tried to shake them off but the damned things were very persistent in clinging to her body. That brief moment of distratction only lead to her facing the succession of waves with almost zero protection. Shishi could only scream in protest as the waves assaulted her body. Allow me to bless you mortal. These is the last bit of my consciousness outside of my essence. The remains of my body has lingered into the earth for too long looking for a suitable vessel. My name is Cialo, one of the titan gods of Renovatio. You, mortal, are worthy of possessing my body. Soil gathered around Shishi encasing her and protecting her from all enemies. When she regains consciousness, she would find her body enclosed in some sort of earthen clay mixed with rock. The clay and rock that covered her body would slowly fall off and she would notice that her body has greatly changed. While it was not on the level of a god, she could feel the dregs of Cialo's body mingled with her own. His strength, speed and endurance were all part of her now. She does not even need his essence to perform the same. "Thank you, Cialo," she whispered to her benefactor. "Let's meet again someday."
  10. "Gooood!" exclaimed Ravenbush. She had briefly me these two way back in Dawn Komturie but only as mere acquaintances. They came with Addy the Master Knight to this realm and she knew too little about them. She gestured for them to come closer. "Are we going to stand in line? Or shall we walk side by side?" Ravenbush would then wait for the two to catch up with her. Once they are set in a comfortable walking pace, she would start her inquiry. "I heard that you guys came from another world. Tell me about that place?" While she waited for their reply, she would peer into the darkness of the woods hoping her eyes would notice something strange or peculiar. Unfortunately, there was nothing of note. For now that is.
  11. Zashiii

    [GS] Pisces

    Outside the barrier, Khakina sighed as she sat atop an uprooted tree. The incessant waves and that sudden sun wrecked great havoc at the poor landscape. Droplets of cold water dripped down her clothes as she at her fellow companions. She can see Sera crawling out of a mass of trunks and what seemed to be dead sea creatures. She can see Natalya still floating at what seemed like a very big puddle of water. Shishi was nowhere to be seen. As for the Middy, Khakina's eyes followed the woman's back as it disappeared within that freezing black barrier. Khakina was sure that this would be the final match. Jumping down her perch, she landed on a mix of corpses. Dead sea creatures and some of the coastal village's people. It was a feast for her eyes and her mouth as well. With much gusto, she began devouring as much as she could stuff into her mouth.
  12. Zashiii

    [GS] Pisces

    There wasn't only one wave. A succession of waves. Even when the sun appeared, it's heat never reached Pisces. The absolute coldness couldn't even be pierced by the miniature sun. Even at its weakened form, Pisces is still a god of Renovatio. However, Som's actions did help distract pisces as the Mistress finally reached the Pisces' final barrier. Once the sun was gone, the whole area is plugned back into the snowy weather it once had. The intense coldness assaulted her body but she kept on going. The barrier stops attacks from getting inside but beings like the godslayers could force their bodies. This can only happen when someon carries a portion of a god's essence which lets anyone slip into the protective barrier. As to how one can survive the bitter coldness, it was up that intruder's own abilties. It was at this moment that Baeoi shone with a dull grey light.
  13. "Noc's gone insane!" Khaki cried as she saw her friend and her last remaining link to Break. It was a matter of priority. There will be more opportunities for the Cult but right now, she must follow her friend ensure Noctorna's safety. "I got to go!" she called back as she leaped out of the ship and headed towards the enraged dragon. Sera, being the closest person to Khaki, was forced to choose between the cult or her bestfriend. Of course, she chose Khaki as well and ran after her friend. "Come back!" Sera screamed at her friend. "Nocturna will be fine on her own." The woman that was once known as the Mistress could only facepalm at this horrible situation. "I feel so ashamed." Then she turned to Natalya. "Go with Lilith! We'll catch up after this." Without waiting for the little girl to answer, she unceremoniously booted Natalya off the ship with a well placed kick. "Plus I have a score to settle." Natalya would then be caught by her undead dragons who gathered around her and protected her until she could step on Nede. Seeing that Natalya's safety would be secured with Lilith, the Mistress turned towards the enemy forces. "Lilith," she whispered to herself. "You've played around way too much. Stepping on everyone's toes will only bring yout downfall." With that, she willed the ship to heads towards the paragon's main forces to join the ensuing battle. Meanwhile, Sera was still screaming at Khaki while the she soared in the sky hoping to catch up with the flying petite woman. She kept telling her friend to stop but her concern only fell on deaf ears. It seems that Khaki was determined to reach her dragon friend. Even against the brewing thunderstorm, Khaki and Sera both weaved and dodged through the lighting strikes. They had practice when they fought and defeated the Renovatian god Sagittarius and this level of thunderstom was child's play to what they had to contend with. It took them a while but Khaki finally landed atop Nocturna only to be followed by a furious Sera. The mad woman tackled the little girl down and they began hitting each other atop Nocturna. "Stand down you fucker! The Cult needs you!" "No! I need Noc! She's the only one who can lead me to Break!" "Fucking cunt!" "Stupid brute!" And the pair would keep on squabbling atop the dragon while the massive battle ensued in the background.
  14. Zashiii

    Hold Your Vines

    More Knights and Chittens? The two women briefly looked at each other before moving in to flank Will's tree. If the boy plans to keep his distance, then the two girls would keep any enemy from getting too close to WIll. "Gotta protect the princess in his tree house," Shishi chuckled as she pulled out her sword again. "Just stay back there baby boy," the female companion hollered at will , "You two mommas her will keep you safe from the monsters." The two giggled for a moment then their faces grew serious. Their eyes peered at the cloying mists but they have trouble seeing through. All they have is fog. Lots and lots of it. Like a cloudy blanket which gives zero visiblity. "Soon," the companion whispered under her breath as her hands began tracing magical sigils in the air. "It will begin soon."
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