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    The Wolf Masquerade

    It's just isn't Lady Khaki's night. It was way darker than it should be and the snow just blankets everything in white. With the furry pups lurking around she has no idea where she might a place to hole up till morning and to give her pet penguin enough time to heal the wounded man. With only half of her pet working on the patient, as the other half protecting her, Khaki had no choice but to personally guard the man. "Specky change of plans. Strap that thing to my back and we'll head back to where the others are. I can no longer ensure that my sleeping quarters is a safe place. With no form of communication I might accidentally deliver the man to a wolf's dinnner." Heeding her master's word, the pet flew back to her master and transformed into a back carrier with the wounded man already strapped inside like a baby. However, the man's legs kept dangling behind Khaki, as her rather short stature made it harder for her to carry him. Shaking the man roughly, Khaki tried to wake him up. "Oi! Open your eyes! Unfortunately, I forgot to add eyes to my behind so you have to look out for my back, alright?" The Lady could only hope that she won't meet with another furry tonight. It could get ugly especially since she has a rather large deadweight on her back. If worse comes to worst, she would just have to throw the wounded man as decoy and hightail her way out of danger. Yes, this man would be her last line of defense for the night.
  2. Zashiii

    The Red Festival (Open)

    ”WE ARE UNDER ATTACK!! THE HUMANS!! THE OPPRESSORS SEND THEIR KILLERS TO DISPATCH YOU!! THEY SEND THIER ASSASSINS TO SILENCE US!!! BAND TOGETHER MY BRETHREN!! TOGETHER WE ARE STRONG!! TOGETHER WE ARE UNSTOPPABLE!!! FOLLOW ME AND FIGHT BACK!!!” At Dredge's words, Sera and Khaki looked up, their performance abruptly cut off. They just managed to join the playing zombies when the sudden assault of human happened. While they had remained undetected and mostly ignored, the pair kept playing through all of it until Dredge screamed that the humans are attacking. With perfect timing the pair exclaimed in unison, "We are humans!" "Shit, Khaki! I knew this was gonna be awful!" Sera screamed as the pair slowly edged towards the nearest wall, the villains and monsters are already encircling around them, cutting off any of their avenues of escape. "If I knew we'd end up getting swarmed by our goddamned audience I would have brought my bloody rod instead!" "But sissy, this just shows how good you are with your guitar. In more ways than one," Khaki replied nonchalantly as if in mocking awe of Sera's ability to bash monster heads with a musical instrument. She on the other hand was having a hard time keeping the villainous mob away, treating her drum sticks as eskrima sticks. Right now she is just thankful that she brought her prized pair, especially since these are made of the cartels' mourning hardwood, the cartel's enchanted tree watered with blood, fertilized with souls and grown with the mourning wails of the dead, to produce a hard yet flexible wood that is flexible but won't break easily. Sadly, the tree only grows at night and is more than likely to shrivel up hours after sunrise which makes the production only more tedious. Made with the same material as Khaki's sticks, Sera's guitar came whacking hard on the mobs the same way she would have whacked them if she had her personalized black rod with her. Screaming obscenities, the pair slowly and violently the pair made their way towards Dredge. "Khaki, it seems we'd have to make use of our last line of protection!" "But Sissy! You never use protection." "Shutty!" Turning back to Dredge, Sera bellowed, "F*cking Dredge! The Lady Black He-" and suddenly choked on that word, "-Lady Blackbush says she forgives you! So for f*ck's sake grant us your protection. Get your c*cksucking mooks off our goddamned backs!" @Dredge
  3. Zashiii

    [OOC] Night of Terror - Knoles

    It pleases me to see my characters suffer 😀 It's her fault for rolling badly in the previous rounds.
  4. Zashiii

    The Red Festival (Open)

    "Damn it, Khaki! This party is trash!" Sera sneered in disgust. "When you said party, I thought it was gonna be wild and lively but this-" she paused to gesture at the revolting scene before her, "this is just disgusting!" The other woman, the one named Khaki laughed lifelessly. "Oh Sera, sissy. Calm down, we are only here to perform. Nevermind the guests, but I heard the Black Head might be lurking about." Sera hissed at her loudly, "Shush! She's supposed to be undercover. And she goes by the name Lady Blackbush nowadays. I say we do our shit and go home early. The earlier we are done, the safer our life would be." "Lady Blackbush...pffft." "I know, the name sucks ass. But this the Black Head we are talkig about. She has eyes and ears everywhere. So shut your piehole." "Oh alright, sissy. There's just no pleasing you, is there?" Khaki ceded as she fished her pockets looking for something. "Aha! Emergency bottle!," she exclaimed tonelessly lifting the flask of alcohol to her lip, taking dangerously large gulps. "And the piss ass drunk is at it again. Sometime I thin our family has trouble controlling their vices. The mother is a nympho and drug addict, Middy is a chain smoker, little Sans has a sweet tooth and you are drunk every hour of the day-" "And you sissy, have the foulest mouth," Khaki finished Sera's sentence for her. Once more Khaki took another swill, the booze dripping down the corners of her pale lips down her chin, towards her childish chest, staining the front of her pristine white dress. Sera could only nod in defeat. Silence soon surrounded the pair as they both fixed their costumes for the night, a habit they had developed during their earlier tours. Sera in her scoolgirl punk outfit, with her ever present boots and fingerless gloves, and Khaki in her best frilly white sunday dress and boots. Strapped to Sera's back was her guitar, replacing her black rod as her weapon for later's performance. Khaki on the other hand was twirling her pair of drumsticks in one hand, while chugging on spirits with the other. As the pair headed for the party, one would easily notice their pair of black leather coats, and would notice even more the sigil of the Black Spear cartel. The Black Head seems to be part of this part but who knows what the Black Head or her slave- er- subordinates are planning for this event. Soon.
  5. Zashiii

    Night of Terror [Knoles]

    Zombug sounds echoed left and right, their loud noises alerting Sera whenever one got close to her. Still crawling down the tall grasses, she inched slowly, careful not to make any noise. Its close now. The buiding. She can already see it. The nearest building. Clutching the magical rock in her right hand for luck, Sera took the chance. Like an bullet fired from a pistol, she launched herself forward, sprinting as fast as she could. Lightning surged around her legs, accelerating her. But unfortunately, her foot stumbled on a rock, the action sending the rock flying high into her forehead where it got stuck. Thankfully it was overflowing with vital energy that if she wills it Sera can now heal herself or any allow close to her. Sadly the rock is still stuck on her forehead at a painful angle.
  6. Zashiii

    [OOC] Night of Terror - Knoles

    Working on it...😀
  7. Zashiii

    Fright Night (town raid) (open)

    At Dredge's harsh words, the woman was silent. Her slender fingers curled softly around her pipe. Even when the monster left her hanging, not even waiting for her reply nor witty retort, she was silent. Save for the puffing noise she makes while smoking, she was just standing there, unmoving. Afrer a moment the Lady's lips peeled back, showing off her pearly whites. A laughter, no more like a cackle bubbled from her lips, this time shrill and hoarse, a stark contrast to the earlier ones. "Oh Dredge sweetie. You are so wrong," she said to herself, "Why do boys always think they are the reason for a woman's life? Chauvinist pigs! The lot of them. This us why I should just burn all men! Thinking women revolve around them. Egotistical pricks." Shrill screams pierced through Tormo's skies as the Lady vented her frustration, "I have never been this humiliated in my entire life! You bastard Dredge! I will not stand down with this disgusting mysogyny!" With that, the clump of darkness swallowed the lady and itself as well, eatig itself from inside out until there's nothing left. All traces of the Lady and her procession were all gone. Even the gold. But the woman's words remain. "Dredge sweetie! We'll meet soon enough."
  8. Zashiii

    The Wolf Masquerade

    "Oh my! Just like a cute little puppy. Running away with its tail between its legs." As the wolf ran away after a single bullet wound, the Lady Khaki sneered, bluffing off with a false sense of bravado. She hoped it would deter the cute furry from attacking back. Of course, out of the many possibilities she formulated, this was the safest yet most satifying possible. To comemorate her flawless excution, the Lady's right hand crept towards her coats inner pocket when suddenly her left hand grabbed the other tightly. No. This is not the time for a drink. She had been too dependent on the unholy spirit to keep her insides warm. Right now, her mental processes are on overclock, sending more than enough heat to her frigid insides. "Specky! Take him back to my bedspace and then catch up. There's more furries out there and I might need a new coat soon."
  9. Zashiii

    [MT2:2] Torgal vs Sera

    Sera's attack connects, her vibrating lightning infused black rod piercing through her opponent. "Serves you right! Hah! Sucker!" she half squealed half cursed in delight. Without even waiting for her attack's effect, Sera turned her back on her opponent, clearly so full of herself. Now that she has shown her dominance she now has the right to boast. "The world will know the greatness of Black Sera!" she declared as explosions exploded behind her, bathing her background in colorful chunks of destruction. "Who's next?"
  10. Zashiii

    [OOC] Night of Terror - Knoles

    Oh hurray! Sera lives! Now we wont have to sacrifice her for the greater good. Rngesus has blessed her! Finally!
  11. Zashiii

    [Antigone Isle] Raid: Into the De-Magicked Zone

    Middy knew he was losing the exchange, his pathetic attacks were easily deflected by the purply assassin. He had lost the initiative. Soon he will lose his life. As each pointless thrust he makes, his foe casually parries it and deftly steps into his guard, slowly, methodically reduces Middy's chances at escaping. Middy barely able to defend himself tried to back away, giving ground to his opponent in an effort to give himself some breathing room. There. A poor thrust. Middy screamed internally at his mistake as his recent attack left him open, a blunder he would not have made if he was not concerned for the blood trickling off his wounds. Gritting his teeth he, he used his ability once more. Well, Lady Sera's ability to be precise. Right now he is simply copying her skills but he will never be able to matcg their ability. But for now, his survival come first. Electricity surged around him, creating a magnetic field. Through the use of repelling and atrracting forces, Middy pushed against whatever is metallic the woman carries while also pulling himself to the nearest building. As he flew through the air for the third time in this fight, Middy gave the assassin a rude gesture with both his hands. "I LIVE-" And his words were cut off as his back hit the car behind, knocking the breath out of him. @Frostbinder
  12. Zashiii

    [OOC] Night of Terror - Knoles

    I got 12 for item search...and Sera runs away to L7..that coward
  13. Zashiii

    Dice Rolling Thread

    Sera rolling for item. Hurrah!
  14. Zashiii

    [OOC] Night of Terror - Knoles

    Can Sera roll a search item again?