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    Looking for Mercenaries, Killers, and Operators.

    Well if anyone wants to be DM...
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    Steeped in Moonlight (Artifact)

    THE MISTRESS BLACKHEAD "IT SEEMS WE ARE FATED TO MEET AGAIN, NECROMANCER." Despite its booming cadence, the voice was only loud enough to be heard by Lilith and the other person. If the pair turned around they would find three women with matching black long coats and varying height. On the lead was the voice's speaker, a woman of average height and average build. Her face was simple, bland even. It was neither beautiful nor ugly, simply unremarkable. One that is easily lost in a crowd amidst a sea of faces, one that would hardly cling to a person's memory. That dull brown eyes, that long murky brown hair, those soft features. Her features were barely recognizable and yet as a being's senses grows stronger the more one can perceive through the woman's physical attribute. Beyond it was her aura, a sickening mixture of dark corruption, and blinding light, two foreign powers locked in a deadly struggle within her and in the midst of that struggle was the miniscule stalwart grey, the woman's own strength, relentlessly resisting its oppressors. The struggle is incessant, her body was the battlefield and with their struggle was the intense pain that plagued her, pain resulting from the oppressors. That woman was the Mistress, the Mistress Blackhead. The current boss of the Blackspear Cartel and an ally of the necromancer Lilith. On the Mistress' left was the taller woman. She was beautiful, once beautiful, could have been beautiful. But her head was littered with scars and burns concentrating on the left portion down to her neck. The trail of disfiguration would continue to every part of her body. One could say she was unfortunate. Such damages can be easily removed through powerful magic if one has the necessary coin but she was proud of her scars and found no need to hide it from anyone. But what is more striking was the corruption emanating from her chest. Underneath her clothing was a mark, a symbol, one the necromancer Lilith was intimately familiar with. Afterall, Lilth was the one who gave the woman that blessing, a blessing that was both a gift and a curse. She was Sera, a member of the cartel and a member of Lilith's cult Lastly, on the Mistress' right, was the diminutive woman, the shortest of the three. Possibly the cutest of the three with her round facial features, her bright green eyes, those plushy cheeks. One could easily mistake her for a child, one nearing puberty. Despite her size, one could feel the sickening power fluctuating from the woman's thighs. Underneath that skirt and stockings was a pair of symbols, and these too were born from Lilith's grace. She was Khaki and yes, this woman too was part of Lilith's cult and a member of the cartel. As the three closed the distance, the Mistress' two underling kneel before Lilith, their head bowed low as they acknowledged their benefactor. "Master, we came to aid you."
  3. Break vs Sera @Bureku
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    Cult of Power OOC

    Baby Sammy!
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    Looking for Mercenaries, Killers, and Operators.

    Actually maybe you can provide a brief summary of the expected outcome?
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    The Cult of Power [Open]

    Another child! Mama Lilith would love this. The Mistress as well๐Ÿคฃ
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    The Cult of Power [Open]

    Oh boy, hammy Sammy is here
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    [OOC] Night of Terror - Knoles

    Sera is too far away to attack Zombies, so she stays in her spot and heals Sigrid for 4. Can she still roll for item?
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    Dice Rolling Thread

    Sera vs Zombies!
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    The Wild Hunt (Semi-Closed)

    BLACK SERA SERA Cross bullets? Is that like crossing swords? She knew Khaki was capable of it but, Sera was never that comfortable with guns, especially ones that use gunpoweder. Her aim is rather good but she was more accustomed to punching stuff so hard, they become projectile nukes. Exaggeration aside, Sera could cross projectiles with the man if he wanted to. Sure its not a bullet, but a flying sword would do fine as well. Scowling at Isaac, Sera got up to follow Khaki and Break exit their ride. As she stepped down their vehicle, she turned her head to face the man, her cold eyes meeting Isaac's own pair. "Later. We can continue this discussion later. Show me your mettle on our hunt and maybe, just maybe, I might be interested in sampling that our swordplay of yours, afterwards." It didn't take long for Sera to get a hold of the pamphlet. A quick scan gave enough details for Sera to understand how dangerous this hunt will be. She was not afraid nor nervous, in fact she was excited. Confronting powerful foes always brought pleasure to Sera and this Kirin creature would give her such ecstasy that she could hardly wait. Ever since seeing the Fire King back in Last Chance, she has gained insight in how to further her abilities. Their possible target would be a good chance to test her newly created skills. With this chance, she will surely take pleasure in hunting this beast and become a better fighter at the same time. @Bureku KHAKINA KHATUN Their ride had to stop and Khaki was getting on the good part. She was so close to getting some kind of development with Break but even their own ride seemed to oppose the pair's supposed union. Break was interesting for sure, and a cyborg as well. Maybe someday she and Break might be able to make a robot baby. That would be interesting. As they got off the train, Khaki made sure to throw back to her Mistress the pair of clothing she had enchanted. She felt disappointed she missed the chance to impart a few magical teachings to Break. The Mistress Blackhead and her predecessor saw potential in Break with regards to sorcery and they found his situation interesting. Will a being like Break be able to use magic as well? Khaki was not interested with finding out, she was just interested in Break that's all. But ever since the events of Last Chance, the boy was kind of sad, lonely even. It was probably the loss of his dragon partner. As she recalled the pair were supposedly inseparable but after their last battle, she never saw the dragon ever again. Maybe she should raise this concern with the Mistress. If possible they could muster all the cartel's connections and resources to finding that dragon. @Fierach THE MISTRESS BLACKHEAD Catching her thrown garments, the Mistress's eyes narrowed at the man's words. It seemed he was asking for more than just verbal conversation. If she understands what the man was implying then the Mistress will not back down no matter what. Unlike her predecessor, Middy was never the one to suggest such suggestive action but like her predecessor, they will never say no if asked despite having different reasons. The Mistress has already accepted that the previous Blackhead was thot. The queen of thots, as the woman liked to call herself. As for Middy, she simply has no need to reject such offers, but she preferred to do such stuff in the open where everyone can see because she has nothing to hide. "I did visit Taen, a few month's past. It was somewhere in the dessert," the Mistress spoke nonchalantly, as she began to undo the buttons on her dress shirt, "It was the first time I met the necromancer Lilith. Tell me John, do you know anything about her?" @danzilla3
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    The Cult of Power [Open]

    Lilith's cult and her allies should have a fleet of ghost ships!!!!
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    The Cult of Power [Open]

    The moonlight thread really was far into the future. And did Lilith win the ghostship? So excited to meet a fellow Ghost ship owner. Oh, for the moonlight, is it alright to assume that my other chars are already part of Lilith's cult? As they were expected to pledge allegiance to her during the dessert thread. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
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    The Cult of Power [Open]

    Great! So Lilith's newer recruits would come back to help their benefactor.
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    The Cult of Power [Open]

    In the timeline, would the moonlight one be after the one in Taen dessert?
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    The Cult of Power [Open]

    @Ataraxy Can Mistress and co. jump into the other artifact thread? The moonlight one? ๐Ÿ˜