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  1. The woman was shy, timid even. She stood there just outside Esben's place waiting patiently for the man to notice her presence. If he ever appear before the woman, he would be surprised to find that the woman had a very familiar face. A face he had seen rather recently. Her existence was already a miracle unto itself. Born from that brief amalgamation of the saintess and a demon, a questionable existence. One can say she was the accumulation of the impurities that the living saintess had. At one point she did consider herself a regect and yet here she was, still alive and continue to exist. I should give myself a new name. Shishi won't like it if I there's two of us running around. "Delan," she whispered to herself. "A bad name but should be passable enough."
  2. Summary: The Mistress Blackhead comes into contact with an insane urchin in her search for Libra's necklace. The urchin promises to give her the necklace if she can counterfeit the prophesied bird. The Mistress then asks advice from her local agent. After knowing the circumstances of the urchin and the cult behind the prophesied bird. Later on, she notices that someone else is behind the cult and provokes the mastermind into coming out. It was ana archdemon aiming to create a religion to restores its lost powers. She defeats the demon and enslaves it with a contract thus ending the curse of the prophesied bird and saves the kids from certain death. Later on, she gives the kids a chance at a new life and boards them all in her airship. Meanwhile, she collects the Minor Summary: The Mistress Blackhead comes into contact with an insane urchin in her search for Libra's necklace. She defeats the demon behind the cult of the prophesied bird thus saving the kids from certain deaths. In the end she gives the kids a new purpose in life while claiming Libra's necklaces for her own. @Aleksei @Ataraxy
  3. THE BEST GIRL (MISTRESS BLACKHEAD) Once again, I'm all alone. The acquisition is a success and I've got what I wanted. Libra's necklace which the damned goddess kept pestering me about. It is not like this piece of crap will ever be of great use to me. I guess it does look as a decor for my neckline. Still, that was way more work than I expected. I met Jayrus Bayle earlier this day. We had a lot to talk about and I even returned to him the prophesied bird idol in perfect condition. Repairing and fixing broken stuff are one of my many many specialties. Although that one is more like restoring the broken object to its former whole state. Having accomplished everything I set out to do, I boarded my other ship - Aezer's Howl. It's about time I returned home. -Fin-
  4. THE BEST GIRL (MISTRESS BLACKHEAD) A few days later... Outside the city, I wave good bye at the kids. Most of them are already boarding the larger of my airships The God Hand had been useful as a transport vessel. As to how this came to be means going back a bit more to the past. A few days back after saving the kids, I had to face another problem. The children are lost now that they the cult is gone and the prophecy fulfilled. They all 'died', in a sense. Because I'm a very benevolent person, I offered to give them a new life. That was how they end up in my airship. I'll be depositing them to different places. The kids seem to be interested in exploring the world.
  5. THE BEST GIRL (MISTRESS BLACKHEAD) I sat alone on on the window sill. The warm rays of the rising sun bathed my tired body. Well not that tired anymore. I only needed a few minutes of rest until my body is back to optimal functionability. The archdemon was nowhere to be found. The prophesied bird idol is on the ground, broken and powerless. The curse afflicting the children finally broken. Now I wait for these kiddos to wake up. They had been through a lot. The least I can do is ease their burdens. Looking back, Lilit left after the contract was established. Demons are such sticklers for rules and contracts. The fine print is everything after all. A sad sigh escaped my lips. I can feel movement behind me and I find the kids starting to stir. A relieved grin formed on my face. "Rise and shine, kiddos. We have a long journey ahead of us."
  6. Oh, can I still add my Gaian disciple for this? Shethid Fakir (disciple) motive: Working under Michael Commager to help in the City's defense. (Scene 1 unless directed by Michael to move to other scenes) Shishi Ravenbush motive: supposed to visit her uncle Shethid after hearing him recent reappearance outside the prison only to be swept up in the upcoming fight. (Fighting on Scene 2)
  7. THE BEST GIRL (MISTRESS BLACKHEAD) Time flows differently in the mindscape. WE may have been there for months but in the real world, we were gone for like minutes. A bright light filled the room and then I am back together with the archdemon. Both of us fell to the floor, rolling in pain. "Such a waste," I mumbled. "All that effort and I could barely hurt you." The bitch had the gall to chuckle. "You did better than your mother. Although, I never expected you consort with gods as well. Are they from this land?" I gave off a weak shrug between pants. Battered and bloody, I rolled on the flor till I can face the archdemon. "What the hell was that anyway? Countering even divine skills with a corrupted anathema framework? I call bullshit." "That was the foundation of your mother's 'emulation' and 'anathema.' You think was a genius who learned stuff on the fly? We taught her all we know." I was silent after that. Waiting. Finally, the demon sighed and spoke the necessary words. "Very well, I submit to you." That was the moment I smiled.
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    "Aha!" Linda exclaimed as she clung to Issac's arm. "I'm the great corruptor." She frowned as she looked at the brochure. "Eh..I thought we were going to the library first?" Then her face lit up. "But a shooting range is nice too." Her hand formed what seemed like finger guns which she aimed at the space before them. "Bang! Bang!" This made her chuckle a bit. "Have I ever told you that one time me and my girls hunted a kirin with pistols?"
  9. "To you as well. Your work in Last Chance has paid intriguing dividends. Maybe someday I'll even be able to tell you about it." Wry commentary on the necessity of least privilege, or 'need to know', for maintaining operational security." It was actually refreshing to be commended for your work. Something he'd have to get used to in the service. While it made him pause, he recovered himself quickly enough to shake Carbon's hand. A curt and polite handshake. Then he "Yes, sir. Thank you, sir." Then he felt more uncomfortable with the sudden surge of attention brough about by the SO's appearance. Still, he kept his composure "How's the air taste up there?" Decant smiled back. "Not as bad as I expected." "I'd imagine you're probably more used to these types of thing than I am." "Probably not. Still needs getting used to. I'm more comfortable in the field." Then Decant turned his gaze to the onlookers. "I've heard something about a raffle. Any ideas about it, sir?"
  10. THE BEST GIRL (MISTRESS BLACKHEAD) "Yes. Why don't we move to my own realm," the archdemoness slurred. Her voice enchanting and alluring. "Not interested," I replied. "That's unfair to you. Instead, let's fight at the same place my mother challenged." The demoness merely chuckled then nodded. Taking that as an affirmation of my request, a bright light swallows us both and then we were transported to a different realm. Just a place of never ending void against the shining backdrop. As I suspected, challenging my mother's demons make them more compliant to my requests. Why must everything be resolved through fighting. Two figures on a stand off, sizing each other up. Then the battle started.
  11. THE BEST GIRL (MISTRESS BLACKHEAD) It seems my suspicions were correct. Something was clearly off and after that rather boastful display of provocation, the actual suspect appeared. At first it appeared as a spirit shaped like a bird. Perhaps that was the idol figure that the street urchins were talking about. It did match the descriptions. Then it suddenly change its appearance into what seemed like a demon. A very familiar demon. Now that I've had a good look at the demon, she does look like a regular human female if you ignore the demon horns and the tales. Also why can't demons wear normal clothes? Perhaps at least covers more skin than necessary. I feel uncomfortable now. "Lilit," I spat out. "Your contractor, my mother, is dead. Why aren't you back at Gamaliel? Your own realm?"
  12. THE BEST GIRL (MISTRESS BLACKHEAD) "Smells something eldritch," I spat. Brandishing my legendary blade, I started to cut through the supernatural 'threads' which linked these children to the curse. I could have done this way earlier but I feel like something else is at work here. A hidden agenda. It only took seconds for her to save the kids. That was mostly due to her supernatural senses, a skill she had developed to the fullest after experiencing. Not many people have experienced what she had gone through. Surviving a rift between time and space, slaying gods, stopping alien hiveminds and many more. I've lived a hard and dangerous life so I am very sensitive to questionable stuff. And the format of this curse and the power behind is utterly suspicious... ...and vaguely familiar.
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