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  1. Zashiii

    [GS] Aquarius.

    "Now I'm fucking wet!" the madwoman grumbled as the sea water showered and sprayed at the duo. They might be capable of flight but the tall waves are almost like tsunamis which could almost reach them. They would prefer to have flown higher but that would also alert the sea monster that her prey are gone thus allowing it to harass some other poor folk. In a sense, these might actually be doing something good here. "Eh?" the shorter woman replied, "I'm still cute and adorable even when wet. I think the wetness even adds more to it." Sera had to roll her eyes at that. "The fucking god is literally trying to kill us and you are more concerned about you fucking appearance?" "But you are more concerned about your wetness as well!" chirped the other girl, a bit too strongly this time. The two bickering lead to them fighting mid-flight. Their incessant fighting lead them to forgetting that both of them are flying, thus leading to a rather hilarious crash landing straight into the lady pirate's ship.
  2. Zashiii

    [GS] Aquarius.

    Finally deciding on set course of action, the party split into two groups. Khakina Khatun and Serraida Mavajo headed for the giant serpent monster, the same location where Lady Blaze's ship is, while the two siblings went ahead to confront the singing little girl. Soaring through the angry skies, the little sister had to ask a question. "Why do we keep hunting the gods? Haven't they had enough? The older sister mused for a bit before responding. "Well, they are gonna die sooner or later. The least we can do is give them an honorable death." "But you aren't really killing them. Just making a show of it." The Mistress flashed a mischievous smile. "Oh my, you get smarter everyday." Then the two fell silent as they neared their target's location.
  3. Zashiii

    [GS] Aquarius.

    "So what do you think?" the white-haired woman known as the Mistress asked while they floated in the sky. The sea below is a mass of death and destruction, the rage of an angry god. Perhaps they are taking way more than they can bite. However, such trivial problems are nothing compared to the challenge of fighting the god of the sea. Such a grand opportunity should not go to waste. "Well, we can fucking split," Sera replied. "Let's hit the wet bitch at both sides at once. Me and Khaki's gonna take the fucking sea. I'll leave the creepy little bitch to you and your little sis." Sera paused to spit to the side. "Better not disappoint is Order girl." The Mistress merely shrug in response. "Sounds interesting. Let's try that route."
  4. Kuratel. The once glorious city that once leader in innovation regarding airships. If there is a place where airships can be found then Kuratel is the most likely suspect. Exiting the portal, the God's Hand airship appeared into the skies of Kuratel. It seems, however, that their presence is too invasive that the guardians of this city had quickly taken notice of their ship. A pair of dragons, one crimson red an the other midnight black. These are the rumored Lich Lords which called Kuratel their home. Both monsters charged at the airship intending to take it down. The Mistress was mostly unconcerned and only turned to Ankou. "How would you like to have a pair of Lich Lord dragons as pets?" @danzilla3
  5. INTERLUDE Such was the fate of those that stand in the way of the Mistress and her crew. Only death awaits those who are brave enough. Joined by the mighty necromancer known as Ankou, it seems there is nothing left that can hinder or at the very least slow down the party's advance. Cobran was just the start. There will be more to come. Kuratel. Ballard Bay. Kaurilia. Testerosa. The Cold Mountains. Moonwood. The Velhetian Desert. Geneserian Forests. So much many places to search. Not enough leads. But there is nothing that can avert the Mistress from her path. She will do what she must.
  6. The Mistress only shrugged. As soon as Arashi's attention was diverted from her, the woman finally showed her true colors. Before anyone could react, Baeoi was unsheathed and its glory was unleashed. Her body moved then, with such grace and form, and unceremoniously delivered a vertical strike at Arashi's back. Her blade cut from the top of Arashi's head and down her foot. A clean slash, the sword cutting through flesh like butter. When the deed is done, she sheathed her blade and motioned to leave. "We'll meet again once you find the other High Lord's blade. You can give me a proper 'thank you' by then."
  7. Zashiii

    [GS] Libra

    Running away truly hurt her pride but the woman known as the Mistress cannot fight a losing battle. For now she reminded herself that this was more of a tactical retreat. Libra can't keep itself alive for long anyway. It will lose all its energy eventually. Upon entering the village and seeing the poor woman, the Mistress could not help but grunt. These so-called gods have done nothing but bring death and destruction wherever they appear. But that is also why she exists. To undo the damage that these gods have done. Before anyone could react, the Mistress had pulled out Baeoi from its scabbard. In one quick stroke, the blade flashed and delivered a good clean vertical cut which ran through both the woman and the sick boy in one fell swoop. "We don't have time for this. Let's go."
  8. “I was merely making sure Miss Sheathe isn’t bored to death by the lack of any action around here.” "Lack of action?" Holly the farmer cocked her head at that. "Boring is fine. No action means everything is safe." For someone who lived a life of constant danger and fighting, serene moments like these which evokes boredom for most people, are what the kind Lady of House Sheathe value the most. Boring...boring is nice. “What do you make of this, then? Animals? Horses or some other sort of creature? What do you all think?” "I can sense them but I cannot identify them," Holly replied after a while. "They don't seem that hostile. Yet. We can leave them be for now."
  9. Name: Tedimius Caederii Nickname: Teddy Title: The Black Teddy Visual Age: Late twenties Birth Place: Hyperion Race: Human? Alignment: Neutral Gender: Female Class: Aphelion Agent *credits to Csl for the art 😘 PHYSIOLOGY Hair: Between black and brown Eyes: Dark Green Height: 6 ft Weight: 80 lbs Voice: Low, stern Build: Slender Condition: clothing • Mostly black or grey clothing with emphasis on looking prim and proper skills • Access to the Blackspear cartel skills and armory. Personality: Serious, strict, ruthless, puts emphasis a lot of emphasis on social status Brief History: Born from a poor family in Hyperion decades ago, she was taken away from poverty by old man Suzy who introduced her to the Blackspear oganization. She joined the cartel until the day the last Blackhead, "The Mistress;" dissolved the organization. With no purpose left for her, she returns to Hyperion and was thus scouted by Aphelion. Oh and she used to be a member of the Legion of Doom and the Cult of Lilith.
  10. Not yet...still working on her...
  11. With their pets safely stored away, the Mistress used Baeoi to revive one of the dead alpha wolves in exchange for its undying loyalty to the cartel thus becoming one of their personal summonable minions. The other one was devoured by Khakina herself letting the wolf's body become part of her own. The last one would the one they skinned to make a special coat. There are many more alpha wolves in Cobran but time is of the essence. With the portal active, the Mistress and her ladies boarded the ship and soon they are on their merry way to Kuratel.
  12. Zashiii

    [GS] Rifornire.

    Seeing that the dragon is resistant to his own element and physical attacks, Rifornire warped away from battle and appeared atop his dragon again. The god mused at this sudden turn of events. It knew that its strength is waning with each passing moment but the god chose to die fighting. Under the Rifornire's command, the lava dragon spewed another round of flame but this time its divine fire.A strong stream of lava which was directed at poor Arashi. Meanwhile, Khaki and Sera have settled for a round of beer while cheering at the fight between half-breed and the dying god. As for the lava elemental minions, they simply unleashed both Cialo and Sagittarius to deal with those weaklings.
  13. The woman named Linda sighed. It seems that whatever minuscule modicum of peace she may have found in this venture, the Xers will always find a way to destroy. The place is crawling with these critters. Maybe she should have brought her crew again to dispose of these overgrown bugs and made sure none of them will ever resurface back into the surface. A bit annoyed, the white-haired woman spat on the cold hard ground. From that small puddle of saliva, the earth itself began to rise and soon it formed into an earthen golem. Barely minding the incoming insects, she lighted a fresh stick of cigar and resumed her smoking. Meanwhile, the golem would place itself between the woman and the Xers. It would scoop some rocks form the ground and began pitching them at the rushing horde, each rock hitting like a sledgehammer.
  14. It has been a rather long while but Tedimius has returned to her birthplace, Hyperion. Her venture with the cartel had been almost pleasant despite the unpleasant events she had to endure. Still, she was fortunate enough to be given a second chance at living and now she's putting that blessing to good use. Now that she has found a new purpose of life here in Hyperion, she will do her utmost to keep it that way. So this brings her to this random store at this random part of the day. Her recent job here in Hyperion do have a lot of downtime between runs and she was happy for that. The nature of her work is too stressful for the common Hyperian but at least she can get by. Still, the enjoying the life of a common folk and indulging in commoner culture can be entertaining, at least for a short period of time. Just as she was about to leave the shop, this plebeian named Eryel tried to catch her attention. Oddly enough, the girl did catch it. Turning back to the speaker, Tedimius addressed the girl's concerns. "Tell more, peasant. What happened to your supplies?"
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