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Status Updates posted by Zashiii

  1. 😅 Due to recent developments.. posting resumes this weekend

    1. Heroshima


      Hope you’re doing alright! Take your time! 😄

    2. Ganu_Candali


      Never any rush yo!

      Just do the best you can!

  2. Ataraxy is awesome no joke....

  3. Posts will be slow this week due to sudden increase in work load. Please accept my apologies. 

    1. princeben07


      Its cool Zashii-G!!! everyone has work/school or other duties to handle in real life, so W understand completely. See ya when ya get back!!!



  4. 😔 Posts will be delayed due to bad weather and loss of power. Apologies for the inconvenience...

    1. Tyler


      *forwards all the complaints to your power company*

    2. Malintzin
  5. Will be catching up on all owed posts this weekend...apologies for the delay

    1. supernal


      That was quite the bonanza!

  6. Apologies for the delay....some family matters came up that needed priority..Will start catching up on owed posts this week ?

  7. Apologies for the delay...posting will resume this weekend..

    1. vielle


      Looking forward to your posts! ??

    2. Zashiii


      Sent you a pm...?

  8. Semi-afv for thr next two weeks...might no be able to post but I can stilll check ooc stuff once in a while ??

  9. Back from a weekend trip...Will be posting replies within the next 48 hours...

    1. Roen


      Stronghold of Stooooorms.

    2. Zashiii


      Bruh...I've already posted there....lol

      It's going down my rotation posting priority list.....☺️

  10. Will be disappearing for a few days. Be back next Tuesday..??

  11. Finally....The services are almost over and I'm back...mostly....

    Posts will be coming out in the next 72 hours ?

    1. jaistlyn


      Will you be posting to Child’s Play in 72 hours? If so I’ll wait for you! 

    2. Zashiii


      ? Yay! I can still catch up...

  12. Will be semi-AFV till next weekend ?  I may check once in a while but I'll be far away from civilization so I can't guarantee a post...

  13. No posts for tonight...apologies ...posting resumes tomorrow..

  14. Posts coming out starting tonight ? In case I may have missed anything feel free to tag me...

  15. Will be going Semi-afv until next Tuesday. I'm still around but might not have the time to make more posts. And also cause no internet. ??

  16. AFV-ish till next week...the wifi needs to be fixed. I don't know when tho..?

  17. Semi-AFV till the end of the month..I'm around but I might not have enough free time to post due to auditors coming to my office ? 

    Must wash my hands before the auditing team reaches me....?

    Be back on May...

  18. AFV until next week. Apologies. ???

  19. Afv-ish till the weekend comes up. Too much vacation no time for work and backlogs are killing me. ???

  20. Back...will be catching up with my owed posts within 48 hours ?

  21. Be back on Wednesday ?

  22. ? Gonna be AFV for awhile starting today till the 11th...

    Feel free to skip me in the thread ??


    1. EpicRome23


      Awwwww. Alright, thanks for letting me know. 

  23. Sudden loss of internet conmection is killing me ?? 

    AFV till the local ISP fixes this...???

  24. Owed posts will be out tonight or tomorrow night...apologies for the delay ???

  25. Due to the recent increase in my workload, there will be irregular posting till the 25th...

    feel free to tag/pm me in case I missed my turn..

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