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  1. "My, my! This quite the experience," the Dead Mistress exclaimed as the jungle sort of swallowed their group. How this was possible was beyond her but the development was amusing enough that she decided to just sit through all of it. Well the lack of sound was rather distressing though. Losing one of her limited senses might prove dangerous later on. Not that she would ever be in danger. The sealed sword on her side would always guarantee her safety but only if she ever made use of it. As a thrill seeking adventurer, she lives for danger or else life would be too boring for her. She mused for a bit then a loud scream escaped her lips. Unfortunately, there truly was a lack of sound around these parts. But it was a good thing no one else could hear her or that would have been rather embarrassing. Well, it's not like that was the first time she had done that. The last time was probably when she leaped into that temporal-spatial rift way back in Ceyena. When the forces of space and time were ripping through someone's body, a rather embarrassing scream would be an apt response. The Dead Mistress blinked at the sight of these queer looking creatures. It was fascinating to see such strange things. Whatever these things were, she hoped she could bring some of them home for research purposes. Knowledge is power after all. The more she knows, the more prepared she would be. However, a modicum of caution would be best appreaciated at the moment so she decided to give these beings a wide berth by moving a bit to the side in a half circle. "I'll come back later for you, my dears," she whispered under her breath.
  2. "Good," Delan replied but her words came out slurred and weak. The corruption had greatly taken a toll on her body and it won't be long before she ceased to exist. Not that she had ever existed in the first place anyway. Just a figment of imagination given form, an unwated portion expelled from the source. At the very least through this path, Delan would become her own person. That was until the corruption completely takes over and Delan would no longer exist again. The dark veins were now filling every inch of her visible skin. Blood dripped down her orifices, and soon even through her skin's pores Yet she kept her shaking body upright. If this would be her final moment, she would prefer to remain standing with her head held high to the very end. She whispered then to the voices inside her mind. "Be done with it."
  3. I'll send someone from the Silverbush Hasturian Branch.
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    Out On The Town

    Linda blushed, "Yes." Then she took a large bite off her crepe, her eyes closing as she chewed relishing in the flavor. A few more seconds and the whole thing went down the drain that was her stomach. It was a brand new experience for her. She presumed that the ingredients should be endemic only to this region. Just like her other memories, this experience would be recorded and kept within the large archive she and her predecessors had been slowly building up over time from generation to generation. "It's a different kind of fun. Unlike most of my thrilling and dangerous adventures, I greatly enjoy the comfort and security in this kind of events." Then she chuckled as she poked Issac's cheelk. "Now let me throw back your question. I hope you're enjoying this as well."
  5. 'Just do it," Delan muttered, "Let's get this over with. Whether we prolong this or not, the end path is still the same." She eyed the pleading Rin. If only this woman understand. Delan was only taking the path that fate had given to her whether it was good or bad for her. Just like those before her, the fated course was the only path they could take. For better or for worse. A logical retort but Delan was already beyond logic. There was no escaping the life of a pawn for her. She was the contradiction that Shishi had cast off and being a random pawn was a part that Shishi never needed in her life. This was another instance that fate had decided for Delan. I'm sorry, Rin. If only there was another way. "Very well," Delan replied with heavy resignation in her heart. "Let your will be done." Then she moved forward to meet the charging Rin. Her body rolled to the other side of the oar to dodge it. Without missing a beat, Delan was back on her feet while delivering a roundhouse kick to Rin's head.
  6. The Dead Mistress sighed as she saw her own doppelganger. At this point, she should just assume it's one of the other versions of hers. Not that it mattered but it was rather worrying to find out there's multitudes of her out there running around unsupervised. While she could stomach the existence of this questionable doppelgangers, she could not let this copycat's sloppy appearance pass. For one thing, no alternate version of hers would let have something glowing in their ear. This one was a definite fail. Well, she did not look that bad on closer inspection. Her eyes narrowed at that thought. The darker aspects of this counterfeit was quite nostalgic for some reason. A stark resemblance to an older appearance of hers in the very distant past, features that have made an appalling resurgence everytime she would make more use of her ill-gotten powers and abilities. Yes, this creatures should definitely not exist beyond this realm. Monkeys? The word brought a smile to her lips. Just like the old saying Aslom brought from another world. Monkey see, monkey do. But a riddle at this was not the climactic confrontation she envisioned upon entering this realm. However, an encounter was an encounter, the least she could do was to humor it. Ah! Another old saying from Aslom. Somehow, that bloody oracle felt so useful nowadays. If she remembers it right, then the next part should be- "Hear no evil?" she hesitantly spoke pointing at the uglier version of her.
  7. Decant sighed as his eyes tracked the appraching airborne amalgamations. Given that he was the more plausible choice at engaging in some form of anti-air combat, Decant steeled his resolve. His hands reached under his coat and to his belt holsters to pull out a pair of handguns. Taking up the rear, Decant tracked the movements of the flying quartet of demonic amalgamations. His lips formed a grin at that thought. Both pistols raised, he took a shot at one of the flying amalgamations only to hit the smaller accompanying demons. A hiss escaped Decant's lips as he leaped sideways into a roll just in time to evade the surprise swoop from one of the smaller demons. His next shot rang as he blew the head off his most recent assailant. Explosive rounds always do the trick. However, there's still more enemies to deal with. The third and fourth shot was aimed at the nearest of the flying quartet. However, only one was a direct hit, the other merely grazed the demon's thick skin. Decant's brows furrowed at that. It seemed that this specie of demons were tougher than usual. This only means he would need to apply more force to his attacks. Taking down two more weaker demons that obstructed both his path and vision, Decant returned his attention to the quartet. He'd been keeping pace with his companions while trying to evade and possible fend off the enemy cheap shots but he can't run forver. This was why he got his guns trained on the first one again on the wounded flying amalgamation and on a different one nearby. Sparks of electricity manifestd around the barrels of his pistols as he channeled lightning into both his shots. His held his breath as he took careful aim then fired. The projectiles streaked through the air for a moment before hitting the weaker demons. They tore holes through the lesser demons and hit the flying amalgamations behind them. The shots hit them square in their chests, their bodies flying for a moment as sparks of electiricity were seen around them then exploded into a mass of demonice blood and gore. Decant breathed a sigh of relief at that. Two down, two more to go. "Speak of the devil!" Decant hissed as he rolled to the side, narrowly dodging the attack from the third of the quartet demons. Even as his body was evading, his hand let the pistol go and pulled a magical grenade from his coat pockets which he promptly threw in that narrow window of time before his body hit the ground. The magical explosion tore a huge chunk of the demon. One last demon left and Decant knew where to would find it. As he stood up to his feet, he turned around with his pistols out on the ready. Sure enough, the last demon was there for a surprise attack. With another round of lightning charged shots, the last of the quartet demons finally lost its life. Satisfied with his work. he picked up his pace to rejoin his companions.
  8. I might not be able to finish a post within these three days, I'll call skip instead. I'll coordinate with @Tyler for my pc action with his next post.
  9. The Dead Mistress frowned as she took the lead. Pressing forward despite the obstructions, the woman enjoyed the feel of the leaves and branches against her flesh. The act was not as hard or uncomfortable as she expected. She'd been through worse after all. Diving into the mouth of an erupting volcano in Taen, trudging through the chilling cold of Shawnee, and even braved the old gods in a different continent. Not even death can hold her down. Something as trivial as this- "Oh," she gasped as her face rammed into the trunk before her. While it barely faze her, she still felt pain emotionally. Face flushed in embarassment, she turned around to make sure no one has notice yet. It seems she's lost in her thoughts or there was something else amiss. She stood still then, sensing the world around her. That was when she noticed it. The deafening silence. Like a heave blanket draped all over their surroundings to stifle any and all sources of sound. "Oh my," she breathed softly, "This seems to be quite the predicament." At this point, she had no choice but to turn to her companions for guidance. And turn she did only to find her fellow companions dealing with their own troubles. A frown formed on her full lips but she figured that they could handle the problem themselves. She gestured forward instead and adressed her companions. "We should pick up the pace. The faster we finish our task, the faster we can leave this place."
  10. Due to holidays.. Post will be delayed until the 26th. Feel free to skip me if I take too long. Thanks.
  11. "Yes. Business," the Dead Mistress nodded. "As you can see, I've reached quite the predicament." She frowned as she pulled out her blade, Baeoi, from its sealed scabbard. "Although it pains me to ask too much from you, I'm a bit of a lost at the moment." The blade glowed as she held before her while channeling power from it. Her eyes flashed black for a brief moment before returning to that striking yellow color. "My many attempts at scrying and divination have miserably failed. Long story short, I am in need of assistance at locating the stolen letter from the local merchant's guild. All I have are whispers and gossips at the moment, and I fear that we may have to resort to uh.. more mundane methods." Putting the sword away, she faced Shikai once more. "Once this is done, it would be my turn to owe you a favor."
  12. Zashiii

    Out On The Town

    "Yes please," Linda replied with a shy smile. After returning the gun, Linda latched onto Issac's arm as if she's afraid that if she let go he would suddenly disappear. Linda dragged Issac out of the establishment and onto the streets outside. While she may not know where the library is at the moment, she decided on a little side trip, Pulling him into another street, Linda tugged at Issac's arm. "Hey, before we head to the library. What do you think of a little snack?" She gestured towards a series of food establishments along the road side. "Your pick. My treat. I might be homeless but I still have a bit of money saved up for times like this."
  13. "The cold might be a problem," Decant mused as he heard Ashton's words. While he's pretty confident when it comes to other environmental factors, the cold might be his greatest adversary. Thankfully, technology and common sense was his greatest ally against such a great foe. The conclusion he had reached was to wear warm clothing. Sporting a hooded coat, his blue eyes trailed after his companions. One by one, they left the airship leaving him the last one to go. Possibly. With a sigh, he leaped off vessel and into the streets below. His thoughts on the other hand seemed to travel back in the past. A few weeks back, he had the unfortunate chance to meet a certain woman, one he hoped to never encounter again. A lot of fighting ensued which resulted to his tasteless defeat. A loss was a loss after all, and Decant the loser could only accept the woman's wishes which lead to him taking on this task despite his reluctance. Still, it was not that bad of a job and he was getting rusty ever since he left the cartel. Coat flapping with the cold air, his quick descent went uncontested. As usual, his body slowed down a few moments before his feet reached the ground. Although he did stick the silent landing, Decant could not help but lament how visible he was on the way down. Shrugging the thought away, he took a moment to check his gear hoping he did not left anything behind. Satisfied with all the equipment he brought, Decant turned his attention towards the employer as he waited for new orders.
  14. Delan weakly nodded. "I am not sure if you could call this rebirth. I feel like I am being replaced. Replaced. Overwritten." Just as she had expected, she was still being used, still a pawn. It seemed that this would always be her fate to the end. However. there was no despair in her nor sorrow only relief. At the very least, she could try another path once the original creates a new version of Delan. "Yes," Delan whispered softly. Not that she had any choice in the matter either way. Even if she used her foresight to peer into the narrative's unseen hands of fate, she would get the same result. This was the path she had to walk on. "I'm sorry," Delan mumbled as her arm reached up and grabbed the oar. "I don't like this either but this is the path fate has decided for me."
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