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  1. It was a great risk for Camuel and his team but he did not have a choice. He had to make a move now. Taking a deep breath, he pressed the trigger. The superior officer's arrival sealed the deal in capturing Derolz. It did not take long for Decant to finally apprehend the enemy VIP and ultimately cuffing the woman with military handcuffs. "Everyone on your guard. We'll circle around and crush them from the sides. After that we split again and flank the reinforcements. Oversight hold them off for an estimated ten to fifteen minutes while we deal with the inhouse tangos." As Hawk ordered, Decant lead his team away from Hawk's men. Putting his faith on Emile, Delta team took the right path intending to circle around their enemies. Settling into positions, Decant prepared himself for another round of action. "Delta team in position, sir."
  2. Holly responded with a brief nod. "Very well. I guess, I should take my reward now." She paused to point at wyvern Nikki. "This thing. It needs a home and a new purpose. I think House Karradeen could make use of a mythical creature every once in a while." :"You can go ahead, Duchess." Then she gestured to her servants. "We have one last task to do in this cave. I'll see you again. Soon."
  3. Hearing her Taylor's voice, June's body sprang into overdrive. For a moment, she did forget that she's still suffering from wetness and cold. The only thing in her mind right now was her concern for her friend's safety. Another surge of strength filled her body as she rushed towards the general direction of where the shout came from. Her poor running form and hastiness ensured that she would be met with a couple of obstructions. A bruise on her arm for bumping into one of the shelves, scrapes on her ankles from tripping at some unknown litter on the floor and almost running into a wall. At the very end of this debacle, June did reach her friend, Taylor. Taking the last few steps towards her friend, concern spread through Taylor's face. Breathing ragged and body aching from that pointless effort, her cold hands grasped both Taylor's arms. June could feel the severity of Taylor's shivers. But June understood what her friend is going through. She too had her share of dead bodies but that was only during funerals but those were peaceful iterations of death. Whatever Taylor had scene, it was definitely something else. "Hey," June softly breathed at her friend as she drew her face near Taylor. "It's gonna be okay. I'm here now." Then she released the girl from her clutches. "I don't think it's safe for either of us to be alone. We should stick with the larger group from now on."
  4. Asid from her recent interaction with the foxy vixen, 'Diri' was once more silent once more. One might mistake her for being timid, but she clearly just lack the necessary energy to waste by interacting with strangers who were most likely commoners. Still, she found it prudent to keep on listening and observing. "They've got their names painted on the sides of the buildings. There. 32A's the warehouse we're looking for." A warehouse? Interesting. While 'Diri' knew the purpose of some of these warehouses, it was actually enlightening to see one in real life. The most she could get while working with Mal were brief just brief descriptions. Small volumes of exposition delivered through words or the papers. Still, even if such events happen within the city, Diri doubt that she was the proper authority to take action. On the other hand, she technically never existed within these lands so whatever option she chose, nothing reall matters. "We could...attempt to get their sympathy? I can pull off the innocent girl look pretty well? We just need a mud puddle and maybe a small knife." "It would be amusing to see you try," Diri replied. "I could prolly make a mud puddle if I concentrate hard enough-" Diri tried to lift her skirt. "Where do you need the puddle?"
  5. Zashiii

    [GS] Taurus

    Just like her idol, the famed James Eredas, Shishi too placed such a high value in preparation.The chain lightning would have been threatening if only Shishi did not have the blessings of the gods. These blessings were the Renovatio gods' gifts to Shishi and her party for giving the beaten gods a new realm to rule and restoring them back to full godhood. The most important part here perehaps was the blessing of the titan god Cialo. The titan god always looked out for Shishi especially during the godslayer arc. Even now, the titan god still looked out for his chosen champion. A wall of earth rose to meet the Taurus lightning. Both divine abilities somehow cancelled out each other but the resulting explosion threw Shishi off her bike. Picking herself up, she internally mourned for the vehicle and hoped that her mechanic would be forgiving since this was not the first time that her bike was destroyed. There was the space stone arc, Dougon, and now during the Taurus hunt arc. She only hoped that Sera won't skin her alive once she asks for another motorcycle. Shaking off her wary thought, Shishi turned her attention to Taurus. Without the necessary precautions that she and her group were used to, the god hunt almost looked impossible. It seemed that she had realized a newfound respect for her sister's organization and their efficiency in dealing with the gods. However, she cannot rely on them forever. This was the path she had chosen. Cialo. Sagittarius. Rifornire. Libra. Montis Maximus. Aquarius. Pisces. Lend me your strength. Once more, Shishi pleaded with the indebted gods to help her subdue their brethren. It did not take long for her to feel their presence within the lands of Renovatio. Divine energy filled her body as wings of light formed on her back. Soaring through the sky, she made her way towards Taurus. If the god was still sane, perhaps he could feel the presence of her brethren. Cialo's booming laughter echoed within Shishi's mind as she drew in more energy from her patrons. A spear of divine light formed on her right hand. Magical runes appeared around it, the very same ones her sister used in subjugating the other gods. The first time the spell's concept was used, it allowed them to disintegrate Cialo's defenses ultimately beating him. The second time this was used, it was a massive spell array which trapped Sagittarius and drained the god of her strength thus leading to her defeat. The third time this was used, it grounded Pisces from the air and shackled it into the ground and slowly sapped away the god's strength resulting to her death. The fourth time it was used was on the goddess where it brought the god down from the heavens and into mortal soil. Each and every time this spell was used, a god 'died.' This time won't be any different. With each iteration of the spell, the casting time and preparation needed became less. Just like mundane technology, application, innovation and development would lead to a newer and better version of the product. "Perhaps we can do all the fucking later! Let's deal with Taurus first!" Shishi cried as she flanked the flying Addison. Her friend seemed to be wearing some sort of winged contraption and glowing rather abnormally. Is this what Aslom used to refer as 'cosplaying' or would this be 'larping?' Whatever it was, Shishi ultimately decided to ignore it in favor of her friendship with Addison. Hefting the enchanted spear of light, Shishi aimed at Taurus. Despite the increasing temperature, Shishi's concentration remains unfazed. Channeling the energy of the seraphim Rifornire and the titan god Montis Maximus, Shishi's resistance to heat and fire should be enough to contend with Taurus' efforts. Taking a deep breath, she threw the spear with unerring accuracy and extreme force. Ever since Cialo's body merged with hers, Shishi had grown accustomed to the sudden rise of her physical prowess. The spear of light flew true and soon it reached the god's body. Just as Hinoka's ritual slowly sapped away the god's energy or Lexa's attack reached the god within moments, Shishi spear too would embed itself into the god's flesh. Upon contact, the enchantment on the spear would unravel and contaminate that portion of the god's flesh. The magical runes would slowly cover more ground and weakening or incapacitating the areas affected. Just like the other iterations of the spell, it would take energy from the god's own to sustain itself and continued growth. But would they be able to survive before Taurus succumbed to their efforts? @Phoebe @Fierach
  6. πŸ€” Organizations could require qt least 50% more RP points for everything... Although that would depend on the number of rpers in one org... cause it would be unfair to those solo rpers against a group.
  7. Yes! Finally... I can now changd my character card into an org card ☺️ and the title 'True Best Girls'
  8. Oh... I'll edit it... Just wait till she becomes internationally accepted as 'Best Girl' 😏
  9. Yeah.. I understand now.. just edited my character card @Ataraxy
  10. Question regarding title claims. Do we have to spend money each title as we go up in our infamy levels?
  11. @Ataraxy How do Athentha artifacts and relics count? Since they work the same way as oathblades or cornerstones?
  12. Oh.... That's sad... Can I just have Shishi's card deleted?
  13. Light theme is da wae, my friend..
  14. @Ataraxy ^this. Is Nede eligible? I do recall joining a thread or two about conquering the Nede Demon towers.
  15. Character The Mistress Blackhead Title Common - ''Best Girl" Infamy Level 4 - The Provisionally Acknowledged Recognition Threads [GS] Cialo = 50 RP [GS] Pisces = 50 RP [GS] Libra = 50 RP [GS] Aquarius = 50 RP [GS] Sagittarius = 50 RP Assassins of Kings (Nede) = 40 RP Total RP Remaining 290- 20 RP (Level 1 Infamy) = 270 RP 270 RP - 50 RP (Level 2 Infamy) = 220 RP 220 RP - 70 RP (Level 3 Infamy) = 150 RP 150 RP - 100 RP (Level 4 Infamy) = 50 RP 50 RP -10 RP (Common Title) = 40 RP
  16. 😊 I second this. A nice to show that my pcs' actions affect Reno and are finally recognized for their efforts. But how much involvement should a pc have in a thread to be recognized?
  17. πŸ˜… Due to recent developments.. posting resumes this weekend

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  18. THE SILVERBUSH GROUP "Money makes the world go round" Designation: Name: The Silverbush Group Etymology: Named after the its founder, the illusive Madame SIlverbush Heraldry: Hierarchy: Founder: The illusive Madame SIlverbush Current Leader: The Madame Silverbush Members: NPCs General: Location: WIP Affiliations: β€” Allies: WIP β€” Enemies: WIP β€” Neutral Parties: WIP Establishment: Agenda: WIP Operations: β€” Ongoing: β€” Completed: β€” Abandoned: Historical: Background: WIP Recent Events: WIP Source and credits: https://www.valucre.com/topic/3006-organization-templates/
  19. Serving someone else was never a problem for Teddy. Despite her prediliction towards nobility or aristocracy, Tedimius was a woman bound by reason and duty. Even if it was against her own ideals and prejudice, she would not hesistate to take action if only it would accomplish the task dedicated to her. This brought us Teddy brewing some coffee with a rather disgusted look on her face which she tried to hide as much as possible by keeping her facing away from everyone else. It did not take long for Teddy to finish preparing her coffee. As the kind and caring intern, Tedimius tried her best to go around and interact with everyone while serving them quality instant coffee. It was easy enough for her to accomplish her task but she did struggle a bit with the interactions. Thankfully, she managed to survive and even learn most of the names of everyone she interacted with.
  20. Zashiii

    [GS] Taurus

    Shishi could not help but sigh. Her senior's blatant display of courage and recklessness was both a welcome surprise and a questionable development. However, Jin's actions greatly narrowed her options. The only conclusion she can deduce was to follow her senior's lead and hope everything works. "I guess there's not much of a choice," She said out loud. "If there are any brave souls left, let us go forth and venture into our possible deaths. Overcome your limits and enter a realm far beyond you own." With that, she gave a solemn nod to everyone which was both an acceptance of their solemn fate and acknowledgement for those willing to pit themselves against an actual god. A weakened and vulnerable deity but nevertheless still a deity of his own right. Resolute, Shishi moved towards the god's general direction. Her steps were steady and determined. Placing to fingers between her lips, she gave a loud whistle. Nearby, an engine rumbled and wheels screeched as her motorcycle moved in response to its master's command. Within moments, the two-wheeled vehicle could bee seen closing in on Shishi. Without missing a beat, the woman took a leap of faith and perfectly landed atop the charging motorcycle. Another rumble of engines and the duo, mount and rider, were making a beeline for the rampaging monstrosity that was Taurus. There was a moment while she was driving that Shishi had to stand on her seat in order to perform the necessary ritual to cast her abilties. While it was a bit embarassing but she had no choice. The ancient texts required her to lift both her arms to the sides so they were going straight out of her shoulders. Then she had to tuck her head down to the right at the same time that right arm was bent over as if to simulate a sneezing action then banging her head on he shoulder. The next step would be to do it on the left side. The final part would return to the pose that resembles a "T". Only when the ancient ritual was wholly completed then she could return to mounting her motorcycle with the correct position. However, one would have to keep in mind that while Shishi was performing all these shenanigans, she was also steering her motorcycle.
  21. Sorry.. I dont think I can post today.. Feel free to skip me for now
  22. Summary: The Mistress Blackhead or recently known as the Madame Linda Silverbush enlists the assistance of the former members of the Blackspear cartel and the Paragon named Ankou Lethe.Through her clairvoyance and psychometry, she was able to find a lead from a piece of antique bolt was that she had found near the wreckage where she found the God's Hand airship. Said bolt was later discovered to have been part of Aezer's Howl ariship. The information gained from the bolt lead the group to Cobran where they clashed with a pack of wolves but there was no sign of the airship. It seemed that it simply passed through this place and had a different final destination in mind. Resolute, the Mistress once again decided to trust her visions from her psychometry and clairvoyance. The visions showed her the ship's next destination, Kuratel. Upon arrival, their group was instantly harassed by the lich dragons that guarded the dead city. After a bloody battle with great help from Ankou, the dragons were thorughly defeated. However, it seemed that the ship had also passed by Kuratel and was on its way to the Moonwood forest. It did not take long for their crew to follow the airship's final trail. Briefly passing by the forest, they were then directed to Ballard Bay where they had to fight the golems that guarded the land. When the last golem fell, the Mistress' hunch was finally proven true. Teleria was the airship's final destination and perhaps its graveyard. As soon as they entered the ancient airbase, they were challenged by a horde of dragons, drakes and wyverns. Using her group, Ankou Lethe and the God's Hand airship as a diversion; the Mistress set forth of her own to claim her prize. The Aezer's Howl airship final resting place was near one of the ancient Telerian towers. Upon reaching the tower, the Mistress was confronted by Namaah an archdemon that laid ownership of Aezer's Howl. After knowing that the archdemon was one of the escaped servants of her long dead mother, the Mistress renwed their contract. With the archdemon pleding loyalty to its new owner, the Mistress can now safely claim ownership of Aezer's Howl. Returning to her group that she left at Teleria with her airship, she was greeted with the victorious faces of her allies. Finally done with the quest, the group bade their farewells and moved on with their lives. Short Summary: The Mistress Blackhead/Madame Linda Linda, Ankou Lethe and former members of the Blackspear cartel search for the Aezer's Howl airship. Tracing the final route of the airship, the group passed through Cobran, Kuratel, Moonwood, Ballard Bay, and lastly Teleria where they confronted then enslaved an acrchdemon of a Telerian Tower, thus claiming the Aezer's Howl airship from the archdemon's former possession. @King
  23. The Mistress too bade Ankou farewell. The whole adventure had been too tiring even for someone like her. Riding atop her newly acquired airship, the white-haired woman basked in the revel of her accomplishment. It was a well fought battle. it was perhaps one of her greatest feat to date. Looking back, she had ventured to a lot of places. All these memories she would keep in her forever. Once she had acquired Aezer's Howl, she had to split the group into two. One group was lead by Khaki and Sera that would pilot God's Hand. The recenly receovered Aezer's Howl ariship would be manned by the remaining crew and shall be lead by the white-haired woman. Standing atop Aezer's Howl, the white-haired woman gave Teleria one last look then bade her farewells. The two airships departed from the cursed lands of Whispernight and into the wide world of Valucre.
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