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  1. Expressing interest. My pardner might also come with~!
  2. Did you beat the placenta baby?
  3. Shai acknowledged Morgan's appeal with a terse nod and grimaced as Morgan's bubbly graffiti muddled the clarity of the ether. As its motley motes condensed onto the murk, the spirits enslaved by the Whispernight wailed incessantly, dreading that Soulsearcher would bring their sins to light. The mist receded from the prismatic nectar of Morgan's flower; the discordant mass ripped itself apart, as each panicking soul clawed away hopelessly from the alchemist's conviction. Shai could not abide this farce any longer, her left hand folding into a trembling claw and betraying her inhuman indignation. Cull these cursed cowards; fucking fools! She took their failure as her own, in a sense. "Fucking die already, " Shai shrieked, swooping down from her perch into the nearest mass of mist. She slashed in a full semi-circle with her right claw, a violet thread cut through the air and she braced the landing with her left. The kaleidoscope concoction now bathed over both her spirit and body entirely. Now, a grisly truth crystallized upon the mortal tapestry. With Soulsearcher infused into ectoplasm, a spray of rainbow blood splattered ingloriously upon the Material, heralding the arrival of an netherworld circus. Stained glass skulls and confetti fell out of the scattered mist, sundered by Shai's assault. But the bird was the real exhibit, imprisoned by dread, as Soulsearcher found her fortune. A silver chain, fast around her neck, drew ruby blood and pulled her upwards towards some manifest destiny, its true path and geometry incomprehensible to mortals. Despair. That was an older name of the cursed scarlet lance. Drawn towards the crystallization of Fate, it thrust from the shadows towards the chained bird, a red spiritual lancer warping into view as the spear suddenly came into range of Morgan's perilous compound. Tears fell from the phantom's cracked red orbs, as it aimed the unholy spear towards Shai's head.
  4. Shai fell through the world, her six-foot frame crumbling into a ball upon the mud, barely upright. She gasped feverishly and blinked into a different perspective, the fuzzy gleam of ether exposing the Whispernight's shadowy deception upon the material. She sought out the ghastly mist, and the damned met her gaze. The anguished faces of the dead bubbled throughout the palpable curse, and fragments of souls warped by malevolence, both thoughts and emotions, manifested themselves upon the ruins. Shai scanned the Lanternway once more, and for all the hubris in its architecture, Cowardice was the deadly sin that withered the City of Blades. The raven tasted the fear and utter failure of the fallen, and was suddenly overcome with reptilian hunger and spite. In a singular motion, Shai rose out of the abyss with a violent extension of her body and spirit into the heavens, her cloak stretched out into glassy, moth-like wings as she danced with violet cinders. She scoured the immediate surroundings, finding no stone unturned, and answered Morgan. "Malefic metastasis, Morgan. You pick two, and you'll certainly see it through! Malevolence manifest!" She admired the strange pink hue of the human, comparing it to the pet of her youth: a naked molerat. She watched the mud puppy play with his own toys, caught by fascination for the flower. What baleful bounty would bloom? Despair. A red line traced across the horizon, cursing the the bird and its plaything.
  5. The Whispernight had its own questions. The murk craved an answer. Shai simpered at Morgan's whining, "Who'd have thought that Morgan is missing moxie? There's abudance abound in this abattoir!" She clawed an eroding sconce in the cleansed aqueduct face, shrouding her talons in the pale mint of unstable um-glimmerdust. "Really, a rare reagent right here," Shai smiled as the embers were pulled around a singular point, forming a bite-sized bubble. Her bulging arm muscles flexed visibly under the skin-tight ceramic scales, preempting a violent flick, shooting the bubble just off Morgan's crown. Shai turned back and scanned the area above the aqueduct, plotting out the best path upwards. Shai traced the cracks in the marble with her finger, and suddenly froze, captured by a primal fear. Her rusty elfish ears quivered, wavering and anxious. "Need a hand?" The Lanternway itself solicited, the voice echoed throughout, with all as the audience.
  6. The white crow drove a splintering ash paddle into the dank earth, and stepped out of her canoe onto the tainted mire. The murk of Whispernight carried both the the miasma of death, but only whispers upon the ears. Shai addressed Morgan without turning, "The vermin vanished into the void, and now you don't have to worry about midges munching on your flawless facade, Morgan," and abandoned her wooden tool to drown with the mushrooms it had buried. Porcelain boots, with five articulated talons, sank into the mud and surfaced again pristine with each step towards the teeming overgrowth on the fallen aqueduct. Shai's glassy silken cloak still danced in this overbearing atmosphere. Her ashen hair was trussed into a tight bun, flowing out of the open nape of her avian helmet, and then she finally turned and smiled rancorously at Morgan, "Let's clean up this filth." The still-life of vines and lichen were suddenly enraptured with a ghastly violet inferno matching Shai's mad gaze. She licked her coffee lips at the gravedigger. But the mist was the one who bit.
  7. hi guys!! i'm a pastry chef that also loves to write to express my creativity!! nice to meet you guys!! cziri!!!!!!!!
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