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  1. @Die Shize The repositioning that Matthew had intended did not exactly go as planned. For some god damn reason, the Kaori and her associate simply refused to get close to one another, which would prove to be a problem. Perhaps the simplest solution to the problem would be to force one into the other. As Dan engaged the swordswoman in combat, Matthew clasped his palms together, muttering an incantation under his breath, words that he did not understand, but somehow knew. Another fantastic feature of the tournament that he simply loved. Balls of light energy would pool in both of his hands, glowing brilliantly for effect. If Kaori wouldn't join her partner voluntarily, he'd just have to push her back. [Prep: Plasma Shot] [Haste x16]
  2. Regardless, skip me if its really my turn >_> Anyone who wants to can take their turn now. Otherwise, I'd suggest that @Jotnotes sends us off on our quest ^
  3. Wait- Why are we waiting on me? The second last post on the thread was mine >_>
  4. Holy shit, I didn't know it was my turn, so sorry >.< I'll work on something asap
  5. No... Because if we're inside Valucre, it essentially means that it IS an independent world, and that we only do so much to shape its story. Meaning every time we set a time skip in our writing, lots of shit goes on that nobody is aware of. And with those that helped to shape the world now a part of the world, the fourth wall exists, but its existence will no longer be relevent because the very people that shaped Valucre are now a part of it. Essentially, we shouldn't try to break the fourth wall all too much, because that's just very very lame and instantly plot-killing.
  6. It was interesting, how quickly Blackwater had led the empress away from her, not even a minute after they had set foot on Renovatian soil. Hera knew not what to think of it. Perhaps Grant was just eager to get to the party. Or maybe it was just- No, it wasn't her place to question the actions of her colleagues who had helped with the building of Hyperion. Although it was a thought that remained in the back of her mind, festering like an untreated sore. Grant Blackwater was a good man. She told herself that. She was in good company. No longer, however, as her train of thoughts was interrupted by several buckets of chalk being dumped upon her body. Her audio sensors detected the laughter of several children who ran past her before the sound suddenly cut out. The chalk had gotten into her audio receivers. Her reflector shields were down so as not to harm people who came into contact with her, but that also meant that the chalk managed to seep into the gaps of her body. For a moment, all her systems were in full flush mode, trying to discharge the sandy material from her insides. She shook her head, able to manually dust off enough chalk, only to see Grant and Raveena vanishing into the throngs of people that wandered endlessly in the streets. Pursuit was pointless, not while she was literally trying to spill out her insides and put them back in after. She made a mental note to design all her future bodies with anti-particle deflectors. Doing her best not to draw attention to herself, the android's humanoid arms split down the middle and slid outwards to reveal a repulsor blaster. Deadly, but had useful utility purposes in situations like this. With a short re-configuration of her coding, she made it such that the blasters would now seek out whatever remaining chalk that was stuck in her system (which was a pretty damn lot), and expel it outwards through the blasters. She fired. It took mere seconds for her visual to clear, and she was greeted by the sight of colorful confetti-like particles spewing from her fists. Whilst in autopilot mode, her body had been sensible enough to point the blasters downwards at the ground, so as not to doom someone else to the inconvenience that she had just endured. Her dress was coated with a layer of wild, random color, that she dusted off rather unsympathetically. It was a good thing that the dress hadn't absorbed any of the chalk. Returning her arms to their original humanoid form, she entered the crowd, making her way to the giant dome-shaped castle that housed the lady, Primera. For it was she that Hera had come to speak to, to expand her influence in this world that she was not meant to exist in. Perhaps the Empress and the knight would meet her there later on.
  7. Well, there has to be a reason as to why we’ve all been sucked into Valucre in the first place. I think a viable reason is that someone found a way to break the fourth wall, and now we need to find that very individual, and use whatever he’s created to send us back to our world through it. It would make sense, a character who knew that he was a character on a Roleplay website, who wanted to find a way to our universe to conquer all ^
  8. @Pseudonym A shriek of pain turned almost every other head in the tavern as one careless officer got a little too overconfident with one of the patrons. Following that, there was the sudden tingling of mana in the air, a silent humming sound that every magic-user would understand; and fear. Following the eyes of the two officers who had attempted to put her down, Becky cast her first glance upon Layelia. Aside from the two officers who turned their weapons on her, a few others also began to close in. At the very least, this was the perfect distraction. "Hey, asshole! Catch!" she yelled at the soldier who had made the idiotic mistake of turning his back to her for a mere millisecond. With a loud sizzling sound, the snake on her right arm rose out of her skin, coiling itself around her arm quickly before launching itself towards the officers in front of her. The snake passed through the pair of officers, vaporizing their bodies as they were sucked into its ethereal form. As the snake did its thing, she dove quickly behind a table that had been turned on its side, flattening her body completely as several bullets passed over her head. She feigned having been shot, keeping absolutely silent as three officers began to close in. As one of them peered over the table, she shot upwards, kicking him in the jaw with a sharp strike from her heel. The man recoiled, allowing Becky to grab his weapon. The energy sword blazed to life, sputtering dangerously unstable sparks as it hummed. Ducking under the arm of the first swipe that went over her head, she sliced through the torso of one of the officers, cleaving him cleanly in two. The man began to convulse as he died from blood loss. The second officer hesitated to attack her, choosing a slow retreat instead. This only led to his demise as well as Becky thrust the sword through his stomach, twisting it around. Blood and digestive fluid spewed from the wound. Although moments later, the unstable properties of the sword made themselves shown. The blade exploded, throwing her back against the counter. It was a small explosion, she being the only one that was touched. Such a blow would definitely have alerted the authorities of her presence. She needed a way out. Turning to the magic girl who had the balls to fight back against the corrupted cops, she would observe to see how Layelia and Fraenir dealt with the five more officers that closed in on them, including the blonde woman who captained the operation.
  9. I physically am unable to push the plot forward that much because of how minor a character Crow is in this plot. Go ahead @Grim Wolf
  10. Name: Cristiano Ronaldo Age: 32 Ability: Insane Football Skills Rank: Brand New Title: Otherworlder In all seriousness, here's me : Alex Winter Don't be disappointed by the lack of Face Reveal. You'll be way more disappointed when you actually do get to see it >.< I'm in @Ataraxy , let's bring it on!
  11. Aves

    Alex Winters

    I've always liked a little mischief... Try your tongue at this: "The Teeth of the Thief". - Aves Basics Name: Alex Winters Sobriquet: Aves Age: 17 Alignment: Lawful Neutral Gender: Male Race: Human Relationships Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual Relationship Status: Dating Known Family Immy | Girlfriend | Alive (Seperated) Appearance Height: 176cm Weight: 50kg Hair: Dark Eyes: Black Equipment Meta-Fountain Pen Allows Alex to shape the stories of his characters, but to only a small extent, limited to the movement of objects or a certain gut feeling in the back of their heads. Abilities ??? ???????
  12. Do you want to exit yourself from it? Or shall we write you out? Any special requests on the way it is done? Nonetheless, it would be preferable if you did a single post stating that Solomon bailed out due to personal reasons :) @danzilla3
  13. An interesting suggestion. Taking down a vampire queen was far from Lordran's initial objective. Hera believed that he merely intended to take on a few hit and run operations on small pockets of vampires to dwindle the population in the city. This plan was... Far more ambitious. And without the aid of the unholy paladin, the odds of success were now even worse. But she liked those odds; high-risk contracts would tend to pay better. And she reckoned that the Manta would be able to store a pretty large number of those enchanted swords, which she could sell back in Terrenus, where gunpowder weapons were ineffective. "As long as I get my fair share of pay from this, I'm in." Within moments, they were on their way towards a large building that was significantly taller than the others, with Magnolia leading from the front. Wreckages of once mighty buildings and structures lined the deserted path. These wreckages caved in perfectly to form the ideal canopy for a vampire's dwelling. It was within these wreckages that Hera's motion sensors detected alarmingly high amounts of movement, massive bodies of mass moving about quickly. "Sergeant, I think we're being watched. Take a quick glance inside the wreckages." Almost immediately as the words had left her lips, a single vampire leaped out of the wreckage that they had just been passing and lunged towards the android. Hera's palm immediately jerked upwards to meet it as it sprawled itself outwards onto her. A single blade slid out of her palm, gleaming menacingly at the fiend. The metallic plates in her legs slid together, with stabilizers sinking into the ground to grant her support. The vampire thus found itself impaled upon her vakar palm-blade, life vanishing from its ghoulish face within seconds. She cast the limp body aside, her blood smeared vakar blade sliding back into her palm. "We should hurry. There's more of them. This one was just reckless." She took a moment to survey the surroundings. The entrance to the building was merely 150 feet away. The problem was that it was blocked off by what appeared to be a passcode locked-door. "Do we make a run for it? I don't know how many there are crawling below the canopy, neither do I know how many we can take down before they overwhelm us."
  14. I apologise if I gave anyone the false hope that I would definitely be joining in. There’s really not much reason else for me wanting to pull out, except for the fact that I probably will not enjoy this roleplay. Theme just isn’t suitable for me, and it wouldn’t help anyone if I was sticking out half-assed posts for the sake of posting. I hope you guys find someone to fill the spots of the missing players >.<
  15. I believe that it is currently @danzilla3‘s turn to post :)
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