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  1. More Important is the Journey

    Jack listened patiently as the others chatted. Ronin had diverted the subject away from himself by engaging Priscilla so Jack left the topic of his homeland well enough alone for the time being. When Michelee mentioned her ‘animal side,’ this got his interest. He looked at the girl with renewed intensity, following her with both owl and human eyes as she wandered away. An animal side, eh? His eyes drifted further afield, to the waiter carrying a plate towards their table. He sat up a little, hoping it was his, only now realising his hunger. Sure enough a plate of sausages and steaming vegetables was placed before him and he stabbed at them with gusto. Only them did he remember where he was. He looked about, at the other tables, to note how everyone was eating. To his annoyance he found most people were talking instead. With a sigh he sat himself upright and cut his sausages into small pieces before swallowing them. When in doubt, just eat slowly. That said even his owl was hungry. Without looking up he cut off a bit of sausage and raised it to his shoulder. The bird, at least, didn't need to worry about eating politely. *** The first few days were blessedly uneventful. Jack eventually found time to bathe and have his clothing laundered. He spent the next couple of days in attire good enough to fit in with the rest of the folk in first class - though they still looked at him funny, most likely due to the owl on his shoulder. They weren't all so bad though. He met a gentleman named Rubert who seemed very interested in his trade and even offered to employ him if once they arrived in Union City. Chatting with the rich folk had its advantages, it seemed. The next night at meal time he returned to the dining saloon and performed with his animals, making them sing or dance for the benefit of his audience. Children from second class (and perhaps a few from first, dressed down so as not to be noticed) lined the corridors outside and watched through the windows. By the end of each performance he collected enough money to feed himself and his travelling companions, and so did so, ensuring their meals were free whenever they dined. At the end of the third day, the first mate returned to ask him to perform in first class. With just the tiger, however. At first Jack was reluctant until he told him how much gold he'd be earning. The rest of the time he spent hovering around Priscilla, earning a wage he wasn't likely to be paid. Still, he had her to thank for this voyage, and it was much easier money than he would earn anywhere else. Suppose he had to be grateful. As he was readying for bed before the forth night, doing his ablutions before a mirror lit on either side by magical stones, when he felt the deck beneath him shudder. At first he thought nothing of it, but then the shuddering increased, and abruptly stopped, along with the low drone of the engines. He'd become so used to it it almost felt a piece of him was missing. Stepping outside he saw an airman walking briskly down the hall. "What's wrong?" he asked. "Oh, nothing sir. It's likely a small problem. We'll be underway in no time." He tried to leave, but Jack grabbed his arm. "Tell me. I'm a bodyguard for the lady in that room," he pointed to Priscilla's door. "Tell me so I can do my job properly." The airman looked about, then leaned in close. "It sounds like we've shed a propeller. The engines have likely been stopped for repairs." "How long for?" The airman shrugged. "Depends if the loose prop did any damage. An hour if not. Excuse me." The airman pushed past, and Jack frowned as he scampered down the hall. Other passengers were stirring too, he could see, poking their heads out of doorways. Jack walked to the balcony and looked down. It was a clear night above and below. White mountain tops gleamed in the light of a crescent moon. He directed his owl eyes skywards and observed the stars, realised they were being blown east. Quite quickly, too. Shouts rang out from astern, and he could see several airmen with lanterns on top and inside the starboard engine, though he couldn't make out words just yet. It looked like they were inspecting the damage. He walked back inside, grabbed his sword and stood outside Priscilla's door.
  2. More Important is the Journey OOC

    Yes we are. I'm suggesting we get this series of unfortunate events started:).
  3. More Important is the Journey OOC

    So guys. We appear to have stagnated. Anyone mind if I throw a spanner in the works and give our characters something to do?
  4. More Important is the Journey

    Jack frowned at the exchange between the fae and the vampire, both talking about their age. It was odd for such young and beautiful-looking women to claim to be old enough to be his great grandmother. He couldn't work out if it was jealousy he felt, or some rebellion against the unnaturalness of it all. Still, it was hard to adjust his attitude and not look at them all like babies. "Not friends," he said to Ronin. Just then his mug of ale came, and he took a long draught. "I'm her employee." He pointed his little finger at Priscilla. "Much in the same way as you're protector of the captain. "So why the name Ronin? I thought that was what people of your trade called backstabbers or some such. Seems an odd thing for a loving mother to name you." He took another swig of ale.
  5. Travel to Union City

    They got moving shortly after, wheeling the wagons to the opposite side of the stream, loading as much as could be carried into saddle bags and abandoning the rest. Jon was happy, at least, that they followed his advice without argument. How did one argue with someone who refused to speak anyway? They walked or rode until the sun started rising, making slow but steady progress. This was a land of rolling hills and gurgling streams, crops of trees and farms dotted in the lands in between. The road was well used but poorly maintained. Taking the carts and carriages would have been an exercise in frustration. James scouted ahead with his owl eyes and watched their flanks with the bear - given how slow they were moving the massive waddling mound of blubber could actually keep up rather well. It also didn't mind taking shortcuts through the undergrowth or across fields of cattle or sheep. The tiger he kept close at hand, just in case. Occasionally Jon would pause to let the caravan catch up. It would encourage his employers for them to see him every now and then. Once again he noticed the tailor trudging dutifully along with the other monks, keeping to herself, wrapped up despite the pleasant temperature. James waited until she drew level with him then rode along beside her, between her and the monks. "You could go back, you know," he said quietly. "Far as I know you've provided offer of your services for safe travel. So far they've not required you've not provided any services and I wouldn't call this safe travel. Couldn't you find another group to go where you're going?"
  6. More Important is the Journey OOC

    Hey all. Let me know if you've wrapped up your conversations around the dinner table. I can interrupt us with a special event, a beginning of the end, if you will. A sign of trouble to come. Just want to give us something more to think about than the colour of each other's hair or eyes or what we're all ordering for dinner. But I'm happy to wait until everyone's ready.
  7. More Important is the Journey

    Jack followed them into the dining hall. He was still armoured and unwashed. The man at the door turned his nose up at him but didn't bar him entrance. He took a seat at the table that gave him the best look over the room, and happened to be next to the captain's bodyguard. "Nice dagger. Sharp," he said. "Any, uh, particular care I should give it?" He was getting distracted. Priscilla had scrubbed up nicely. She was actually quite pretty beneath all the grime she wore earlier. Both Michelee and their fairy friend were attractive too, in their own way, though there was something truly magnetic about the girl with red eyes. It took him a while to realise it, but it wasn't working through his human body. It was from the owl. There was a strong urge to hop over and start nibbling her hair. But he resisted, and resolved himself to enjoy it. "So. Vampire, eh?" he said to her, after ordering whatever would fill him and a large mug of ale. "I heard it sucks."
  8. More Important is the Journey OOC

    @Mag Does your vampire animal calming aura affect every animal nearby, or just whom you direct your attention to? Reason being is I imagined Jack's bird is on his shoulder. Given that they're telepathically linked, Jack should notice something if the owl is affected too.
  9. More Important is the Journey OOC

    Just went back and read a bit more, sorry. It really doesn't matter if we don't get to know each other very well in the air. All our PCs will survive the crash. We can get to know each other on the ground. There'll be a greater need for banding together then anyway. I think it's more likely to happen naturally. That said, if you would prefer to get to know each other well in the air I'm ok with that. But I think it might be better to get the story moving and get to know each other in our time of crisis, so to speak.
  10. More Important is the Journey OOC

    I'm happy with Discord. I just can't guarantee when I'll be on. I'm a dad, a husband and a casual teacher. If I get a shift or if the 2 year old needs attention then my plans for the day get postponed. But assuming I don't get work tomorrow I can probably be on discord for a chat about 1pm GMT+10 (eg. 1pm in Brisbane, Queensland, or 15 hours after (rounded to the nearest hour) I post this message). This assumes my daughter doesn't need me in that instant. I personally don't see the point of Discord though, as I'm happy to discuss anything here. That said it would be really cool to 'meet' you all voice to voice and get to know you a bit better. So whatever floats your boat:). I do have a plan for the pirates though. It involves personal vendettas and us trying to defend the crew. I can tell you more if you want. Otherwise I'll keep it a surprise. I can either post it here or tell you in discord. So let me know what you'd like to do:).
  11. More Important is the Journey OOC

    Any objections to a time skip? I'll skip ahead two days, putting us half way along our journey to Stormward.
  12. More Important is the Journey

    "That's enough, now. Hey, your parents are waiting. Anyone not not holding their parents hands in ten seconds will become Mr Stripes' dinner." That seemed to do the trick. Children rushed to their parents. The older children laughed, but moved away anyway. "Better. Now, say goodbye to Mr Stripes and Mr Stubbs, and say goodbye to Talon, too. I'm sure you'll see 'em tomorrow, but they need to go eat and rest like you do." "They can have my pie," Tyler said. "Unless you got a thousand of 'em you won't make a dent. Go on, lads. Say goodbye." They all said their goodbyes with curtsies or bows. Who said the poor had no manners? Though Jack was surprised to hear a clinking sound behind him. He'd put his helm down behind him and some children or parents were actually dropping coins into them. Later, when he retrieved his helm, he found it full of coppers mostly, but even a few silvers. A small fortune by the standard of these people. He tipped them into his coin sack, a little guilty for the amount of gold that already sat there. "Kids, eh?" He said to the fairy on his way out. He was hungry, but more urgent was the appetite of the bear and tiger. It was harder for them to resist instinct. He found a stairway down to the cargo hold but it was too narrow for Stubbs, who only just managed to haul his enormous paunch through the double doors of the dining saloon. There was a sailor there who directed him further aft, to a freight elevator. The hold was full of wooden crates and boxes, as well as the mooing of cows. At the furthest end he found his menagerie. Using Stripes to separate one from the rest, he led it by rope back towards the freight elevator, tied it to a nearby post, drew his new dagger and slit its neck. The cow gurgled, moaning in distress, and Jack placed his hand on its shoulder, hushing it. Even before the beast was dead Stripes has trotted up and was lapping up its blood like a kitten laps at milk. "If only the kids could see you both now, eh?" Jack said. Once the cow was finally still he placed its sword in its side and opened a small hole in the animal's flank, just below the ribs. Stripes and Stubbs could do the rest. He left his animals below and went back on deck. It was night time now. The moon bathed everything in silver and black, casting the ship's shadow on the clouds far below. Between them he could see the occasional snowy mountain peak, but oddly they weren't rolling backwards, but sideways. "Scuse me," he said to a passing crewman. "Are we flying straight?" The man shook his head. "Headwind's too strong. If we pointed straight at Stormhelm we'd end up somewhere nearer or Valjer Town." "Will we be delayed?" "Probably a day or two. Currently making about twenty knots in the right direction." Jack nodded, and the man wandered off. He looked further up the walkway and found Michelee and Yonx talking to another young lass. He walked past them with a nod - which he later realised Yonx wouldn't have seen, and peeked into the dining room. Ah, there she was. Priscilla was sitting at a table chatting to a well dressed man in a pony tail. Well, Jack was hear to guard her, so he resolved to wait outside where he could see her. Jack glanced over to Jonx and the healer. Michelee looked like she was in distress, though he couldn't put his finger on why. Leaving Talon on the railing to watch Priscilla, Jack wandered over. "What's wrong 'ere?"
  13. More Important is the Journey OOC

    I don't think anyone's left yet:). This RP tends to slow down on weekends. I guess that's when most people are busy.
  14. More Important is the Journey OOC

    We can time skip whenever you guys like, really. I've noticed we've slowed down a little so as soon as you guys are happy, we'll do so.
  15. More Important is the Journey OOC

    Yes, animals can survive:).