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  1. Tavern of Legend Season 3

    Bella knew that the time has come. She was getting weaker from being away from her home for so long. Now, it's time to return. As she considered leaving, she looked at the mysterious map that brought her here and wondered if she can ever return. She followed a random location on the map and ended here. After going back, she might not be able to find the tavern of legend again. She went around saying goodbye and thanking everyone in the tavern, in case she doesn't come back here. She is finally leaving the tavern, the place of her first adventure, of her first friends, of her first battle. It will be a long journey home. After studying the map for a short while, she think she found the location of her home, or is it? The map was worn out and the location labels in the map had faded away. She just hoped she won't get lost. She decided she'll wait till night to start the journey. --------------------------------------------------- With the map in her hands, Bella spread her wings and took off, heading home. In the darkness of night, her dark hair and dress seems to camouflage perfectly with the sky.
  2. Two Realms As One

    I think I'll join. Sorry but have a few more questions. I'm a bit confused about the lore. Is there several portals leading to the same fae realm or does this lead to a completely different place to the fairy kingdom that can be accessed through the portal in moonwoods? And how do we role play in that IC post? Is there a posting order? Thanks.
  3. Two Realms As One

    Apologies for the questions. 1.It's still open, which means I can join right? 2.If I understand the story correctly, it is about bringing parts of the Wyrm and the Weaver ( sorry but are those primordial forces or something? ) into the Fae realm to stabilize the leakage of the wyld. Is this correct? 3. We are talking about the moonwoods right? I can connect it to my character's story as a return from the adventure back into the moonwoods. Maybe I'll pass by the group and join as they go into the portal or something. Character story in short: A lonely fairy went off from moonwoods on an adventure (and ended up at the tavern) If I join, this would be my first time role playing outside of the Tavern of Legend. Both excited and nervous at the same time Can I join? Looking forward to it :)
  4. Tavern of Legend OOC

    @Mr. Who Sorry but can we assume your character already got the help about the gold coins? I don't know how to continue sorry. (Also finally knew how to tag someone)
  5. Tavern of Legend Season 3

    Bella was going around asking for help for the man when suddenly she heard the door swing open, loudly, as if pushed by a huge amount of force. She turned and saw a massive creature making her way into the tavern and towards the bar. She knew that the Dragoness wasn't an enemy, for the others in the tavern would've reacted aready. Still, she had some fear as she recalled the attack of the Dragonkin Cultist's army. Thankfully, her dragon claw necklace was hidden in her dress. She managed a smile and tried to overcome her fear.
  6. Tavern of Legend Season 3

    The fairy bowed back. "I'm Belladonna, but you can call me Bella", she said. "I came here from a forest far away for an adventure". She smiled, glad to have another friend. "Now as for the help..." She looked around the tavern. "....I'll be back in a sec" she continued, going towards the other people in the tavern and asking for their help.
  7. Tavern of Legend Season 3

    As Bella flew down from the rafter, the man realized that the creature was larger than he initially thought, only slightly smaller than the average human. She landed near the man, close enough for a conversation but far enough to avoid accidental contact. The last thing she want is to accidentally harm someone with her poison. After hearing the man's request, a worried look appeared on her face, for she did not have any gold on her either. "I'm afraid I can't help" she replied. "I don't have any gold either, although I can go and ask the others for help".
  8. Tavern of Legend Season 3

    Bella had found her new favourite spot in the tavern. The fairy perched atop a rafter, quietly, lost in her thought. Despite the welcoming and interesting atmosphere compared to her isolated tree back in the woods, she knew she can't stay here forever. Being so far away from her energy source, she will slowly become weaker, so one day it will be time to leave the tavern and return home. But not soon. Not until she had fullfilled her journey. She wondered if she can find some other interesting adventures after she got back home. After all, she never went anywhere far from her tree before her journey to the tavern. "Good Evening!" a man's voice called out from below, jolting her back to reality.
  9. Tavern of Legend Season 3

    Bella stayed in the least crowded area of the tavern as usual, watching the others. Her leg, bandaged up, seems to be healing nicely. The exhausted look on her face was gone after taking some rest. Her wings fluttered idly. She both felt proud and fear about the battle. It could've gone way worse for her. Now that there are no dangers present, the survivors of the last battle showed off their trophies obtained from the defeated enemies; scales, teeth and claws. Her hand instinctively touched her new necklace, made from small vines tied together. On the front of the necklace was a claw from the defeated dragon-Kin. Another person had handed it to her after the battle. She wasn't exactly sure why she turned it into a necklace. Maybe in the future it could remind her of this battle, of the cooperation involved to achieve victory, in protecting this place, the place where she met her first friends.
  10. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    " Thank you" Bella whispered in a quiet voice as Carol and the man tended to her wound. She panicked a bit as they touched her. She warned them, worried, to watch out for the poison. Whatever powder Carol had put on her wound, it made her feel better. She started to relax and slept right there on the floor.
  11. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Bella returned to the tavern from the previous battle. She looked extremely tired. Her leg had a cut from where the Dragonkin's spear hit her. Poisonous ooze continued to flow from the wound, although it had started to close. Her usually pale skin was even paler. She collapsed to the tavern floor out of exhaustion and took some rest.
  12. Tavern of Legend Event 3: The Dragon Cultist

    Bella was still shaken up about the last fight. She wasn't hurt, but came close to it. She had never done something so brave and risky before. Just then, she saw an injured dragonkin charging towards her. The other dragonkins seems to have been defeated, this one the only one left. She scattered poisonous particles at it just as it took off to the air, aiming for her, its spear raised. She took off and dodged out of the way, but not before the opponent's spear scratched against her left leg. Poisonous liquid oozed from her wound. It wasn't a big wound, thankfully, but she winced at the pain, losing her balance. The dragonkin advanced. Just as it was about to strike, it made a gasping sound and fell to the ground, finally succumbing to her poison. The last dragonkin went down.
  13. Tavern of Legend Event 3: The Dragon Cultist

    Bella rushed out to find the ongoing battle. She haven't been to the tavern very long, but felt a sense of bonding with everyone there, even if she didn't know them. She looked at her injured and dead allies around her and felt anger. The first battle in her life is about to begin..... She flew into the air, towards the nearest enemy, a Savak. She called to the forces of nature to help her. She dodged her foe's Glaive swing, and scattered poison onto it. Part of the powder was absorbed by the Savak's armor and skin, but it shrieked as toxic penetrated it's skin into its body. The Savak, enraged, charged towards her, it's Glaive drawing a deadly arc in the air. She was exhausted but knew she can't stop now. She flew out of the way just in time as the Glaive passed through where she were just a second before. She noticed her opponent getting weaker, however, she realized that her power alone was not enough. The poison did some damage, but was no match for the opponent. She, extremely tired, flew towards her allies, calling for help.
  14. Hello

  15. Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Bella bowed and introduced herself. "I'm Bella, a fairy from a far away forest coming here for an adventure." A smile appeared on her face, something that didn't happen for quite some time. She was happy to finally meet someone who doesn't seem afraid of her poison. Still, she feared about contact, so she kept a bit of distance.