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  1. Baron Von Appledorf

    Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Conrad who was sipping his drink quietly was watching the events unfold before his eyes in silence. He was unsure whether he should interfere In this taverns problems or not. But he would finally decide that his honor as a knight and a von Appledorf he must provide aid. So he finished his drink and stood up and said," It appears I have walked into something that may require a Von Appledorfs hand, may I ask how I may be off assistance "?
  2. Baron Von Appledorf

    Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    Conrad smiles at the woman and says to her," As long as you can pour a drink into a glass I am sure you are more than capable of serving me. Conrad would then take a seat on a nearby chair and would reach into his scabberd and pull out a steel sword with what appears to have a golden apple on its hilt and would begin to polish it with a rag he would pull out from under his armor.
  3. Baron Von Appledorf

    Tavern of Legend: Season 2

    The door to the tavern would suddenly slam open with a loud BANG! On the other side of the door would stand a tall knight in heavy steel armor which was emblazoned with a crest in the image of an apple. This knight was Conrad Von Appledorf, son of the Baron Ludwig Von Appledorf. Conrad removed he helmet to reveal a rugged face of about 24, it came with blonde hair that was cut short and a blonde mustache that appeared very well groomed and waxed upright at the tips . Upon seeing the inside of the tavern Conrad would let loose a boisterous laugh and say," now this is a tavern"!
  4. Baron Von Appledorf


    Greetings and salutations my name is Baron Von Appledorf. I consider myself a veteran forum rper and was looking for something new when I stumbled upon this here site.since this seems different than the blast couple forums I have been on, (Like how does character creation and things like that work) any assistance anyone can provide is appreciated. Thank you in advance. I look forward to participating.