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    Reclaiming What is Ours

    An interesting roleplay, I don't really have a character suited to diplomatic type missions but I will for sure being reading this thread. Just wanted to give you a shout out for some cool ideas that you put into roleplay.
  2. Your profile picture is pretty cool, I give it 👍

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    Black And Red (OOC)

    Ah, alright so more like a Suomi M31 with a stick mag. Just a wood stocked bottom feed SMG. Yeah, I should mention just cause I'm a gun nut psycho - the Kar98 fires a larger round then 30-06. Again, not trying to inject my 2 cents into your world, I just like to share my stupid hobby! The Kar98 fires 7.92mm AKA 8mm Mauser and the 30-06 is 7.62mm.
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    Black And Red (OOC)

    So a short Mauser action rifle in an inch caliber (Maybe an Argentine pattern 1891?) and basically a Hyde Model 33 in upscaled .30 Luger?
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    Intimidation Game (OOC)

    Hopefully everyone is enjoying themselves! I'm excited to see how this all plays out! I should also mention that last post was written on my phone, so forgive any....questionable grammar or wording. I'm awful at it at the best of times.
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    Intimidation Game [Norkotia]

    Hyeok allowed everyone to speak, listening with interest at each - even when the one known as 'Murray' attempted to take a handle on the crew himself; frankly it was a bold choice, considering Hyeok had gunned down the last person he didn't like without so much as a warning. The large woman and the vampire spoke quickly, both taking the job of assassin - a two man team was a perfect size, and they both were ones Hyeok had pegged as particularly capable. "Your both in for assassin, you two run your own show - decide amongst yourselves who goes for which target or if you work as a duo. I won't micromanage the teams, so once you leave this barn your in command of yourself." Hyeok stated, leaning back as the mage known as Dahlia argued for Hyeok's strategy - she was quick witted and Hyeok would be lying if he didn't say he was relieved when she offered to be apart of the recon team. "Dahlia, take Murray and scout the place out, I expect good things from both of you." Hyeok nodded to Dahlia and Murray in turn before he walked toward the one who had introduced himself as 'Cutter'. "Congratulations, you just got promoted to second in command 'Cutter'; your in direct command of our cloaked friend and the woman in armor. When the bullets start flying after first contact I want you three to separate from me and our old artillery piece here and go fucking wild. Kill anyone who looks aggressive, villager or otherwise; make a show of it yeah? Any employer blowback I'll handle." Hyeok pat 'Cutter' on the shoulder as he spoke - hoping to reassure the assassin that he knew what he was doing. "Me and the old mage are going to play fire support - if anyone, be it first contact or recon is in trouble reach out and will provide suppression." After letting the plan settle for a moment Hyeok distributed a Magitech ear pieces to each of the squad leaders - Dahlia, Cutter, Persphone and Gisela. "Magitech radios, in Norkotia probably a range of about 500 hundred feet - more then enough for what we are doing. Keep me informed of your movements at your leisure or don't; up to you." Hyeok finally ended his managing of the situation - and much to his surprise it had went better then he had planned. All that was left to do was hurry up and wait - Dahlia and Murray would gather the intel they need and either radio back or return in person and then the festivities would start in earnest. It was these tense moments before the big show that Hyeok always dreaded - the tingling pressure of the life or death struggle to come that burned his body up like a fever. It wasn't uncommon for the nerves to crush some soldiers before a big battle, but Hyeok had experienced it dozens of times before - he had some to expect and even relish this moment in its own way. A reminder that he had chosen a dangerous life full of adventure over the mundane life - and not for a moment had Hyeok regretted it, not now and not even when he was lying in an ditch forgotten and unwanted like every good mercenary.
  7. Seraphina Jeanne

    The Black Book (B|E Quest)

    Leo was nervous, Gaia was he nervous. His first task as an adventurer weighed heavily on his mind as he strolled down the poorly lit streets of the Blairville slum - it reminded Leo in a way of Last Chance before it had become gentrified, an air of desperation making the people seem agitated and busy even when standing perfectly still. The steep decline however was quite different from what Leo was used too, and as the youth filtered through the crowd he found himself struggling not to bump into people if he tried to pick up the pace - his nerves probably didn't help. When Sera had thrown the job offer at him Leo was hesitant, sure his fight money was dwindling as his lost more and more but he wasn't sure he really had what it took to be an adventurer - even less the the kind that went hunting for magical books! Leo was a mundane, he had no meta human abilities or magical talents; what could he possibly offer to an adventuring party? In the end it didn't matter, Sera was right - she was always right, the money was simply too good to pass up. In fact it was three times what he made in a fight when he won, and Leo hadn't won in awhile. "This will let Sera live how she wants." Leo muttered to himself from beneath his hood as he stood at the entrance of the bizarre tavern nestled between two trees 'The Lithium Hour' it called itself - the bastard child of Weland design it wasn't the kind of place Leo liked to spend a lot of time in. It reminded him a bit of the places he made money fighting in on occasion, but perhaps a little too small and with a lot less angry gamblers. Leo approached the back stairs with a surprisingly confident gait for someone shaking hard enough to knock teeth out. He flashed the pass to the horned guard who stepped aside allowing him to enter, and all at once as Leo began to ascend the stairs it hit him. Just as it often did before a fight his nerves came crashing, causing him to grind his teeth hard and fight violent, visible tremors which Leo struggled to control - hugging himself and muttering a little chant too low to be audible. After a few minutes Leo realized the nerves were not going to end, so he simply ascended the stairs despite them. He turned into the room and shed his hood, looking at the woman settled deep into a surprisingly opulent if tacky sofa - Leo knew he was shaking, but he had given up on containing and so he bowed low. "Hello M-Miss, I am Leandro Petrus - I was hired for this job." His voice was surprisingly soft and though clearly nervous his tone was incredibly polite, a rarity for an adventurer - rarer still for a man sporting a swelled shut left eye and pugilists gloves. He did not take a seat after he spoke, however he did step away from the door way as to allow anyone else easy entrance. Leo was a fairly plain looking man in his early twenties, about five foot seven and one hundred fifty five pounds he was well defined not but heavily muscled. He wore a sleeveless black and white pullover sweatshirt with a Weland character printed onto the stomach, the name of his martial arts school. A set of modern pugilist gloves covered his fists and forearms, their leather construction hard and lightly padded, more to allow a fighter to punch at full force without risking breaking their hand or wrist then to protect any opponent. Unusually the gloves were linked by a strap to a rashguard worn under the sweatshirt, the strap supported the elbows - likely a brace for nursing an injury. The rashguard itself served to protect Leo to some extent, being mildly stab and slash resistant - a rare gift from Sera before his left Last Chance for the job. Frankly Leo looked woefully unprepared and unqualified, a journeyman prizefighter thrust into a line of work well out of his skill set but he was here, and he would do the job no matter the risk or how little he understood.
  8. Seraphina Jeanne

    Leo 'No Luck' Petrus

    [Friends & Enemies] [Seraphine Jeanne] - Once the love of Leo's life and his current burden, Sera is a capricious, damaged woman in her early twenties with a prominent facial scar from a horrendous sexual assault. A leech on Leo's life she takes advantage of his self loathing to exploit him for all he is worth, often flaunting her drug abuse and promiscuity to spite him for his foolish decision. In reality she hates herself and Leo for allowing her to take advantage of him so easily. Unable to cope with the reality of what happened to her or what she has become she drowns her self in hedonism and takes it out on Leo, often lashing out at him physically and mentally and finding no resistance, which only heightens her anger. The crushing weight of their past haunts Leo and Sera alike, their unspoken love left in limbo by the self hatred and growing resentment each feels for each other.
  9. Seraphina Jeanne

    Black Book OOC

    I'm going to be playing a down on his luck prizefighter named Leo, he needs the extra income!
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    Leo 'No Luck' Petrus

    [General] [Name] - Leandro Petrus [Nicknames] - Leo, 'No Luck' [Age] - 22 [Race] - Human [Occupation] - Journeyman Prizefighter / Pugilist / Odd Job Adventurer [Hometown] - Last Chance, Terrenus, Valucre [Prizefighting Record] - 34 Wins - 30 Losses - 2 Draws/No Contests [Skills & Abilities] [Pugilism] - Leo has never been good at much, and fighting is no exception. He moves well, his punches, kicks and grapples all seem proficient but his timing and sense is just a bit off, this allows him to appear competitive against nearly any opponent garnering him the unfortunate nickname 'No Luck'. For in nearly every fight it looks like Leo could be on the verge of putting it all together, only to fail at the final hour - often catastrophically. This isn't to say Leo is a push over, or the kind of opponent an amateur could beat, as many a poor soul has found out, Leo might be a journeyman but a journeyman is more then enough to put most down. Stylistically Leo is a technical fighter, using more technique then athleticism; he prefers a swarming high pace style focused on mixing punches, kicks and grapples in close quarters. He is especially known for his creative, often shockingly dynamic grappling - often putting himself in danger to go after low percentage submissions of which he has landed a shocking number. This high pressure style makes him a handful even for the most decorated fighters, but most know to simply wait for 'No Luck' to make a mistake, for he always will. [Personal] [History] - Like most kids in Last Chance he spent more time making trouble then going to class. That was until one day he ran into Seraphina Jeanne - a lifelong martial artist Sera beat him and his friends senseless one night in an arcade when they had made a pass at her. Realizing just how weak and helpless he was Leo quickly enrolled in the school Sera's uncle taught, he became diligent and hardworking and many expected he would become a great prizefighter. The years passed and Leo and Sera grew closer with each one, their friendship blooming into love. One night after class the pair went on a date, a celebration for Leo's first amateur fight and victory. After the date the pair were heading home when a man approached them, demanding their money - Sera willingly handed it over, but Leo; unable or unwillingly to appear weak in front of the women he loved struck out at the man. The struggled escalated quickly and it seemed clear Leo was going to crush the would be thief with ease, until the deafening crack of a small caliber magitech pistol filled the night air - the shot was delibating, and within moments Leo was helpless on the ground. What had started as a simple robbery escalated too far worse and Leo watched helplessly as the love of his life was assaulted. She struggled with all her skill and was met with a ferocious beating, scaring her for life both physically and mentally. Unable to forgive himself Leo descended into self hatred, and Sera showed him no sympathy - she openly blamed Leo for what had become of her, and demanded he spend his life making it up to her; and Leo agreed. A toxic relationship began for the pair, with Leo paying for Sera's extravagant lifestyle and watching helplessly as she descended into her self hatred. Drugs, sex and violence filled Sera's life - and Leo paid for all of it, keep his mouth shut and his mind tormented. Unable to focus his training suffered, and with no other skills Leo turned to prizefighting to pay for Sera's life. Five years have passed since that moment, and still Leo and Sera's toxic relationship continues - increasingly at the cost of Leo's health. A middling record has meant that much of the money from prizefighting has begun to dwindle, leaving Leo with a simple solution - become an adventurer to supplement his income. [Likes] - Fighting, Martial Arts, Sleeping and Thrill Seeking. [Dislikes] - Himself, Seeing Sera, Sex and Mind Altering Substances. [Goals] - None, Leo believes it his punishment to fulfill Sera's desires. [Quirks] - Leo is very soft spoken and polite. He has an aversion to women, often tensing up if flirted with or touched.
  11. Seraphina Jeanne

    Intimidation Game (OOC)

    Not problem, I just add them to the end of posts in case they get missed in this thread. I'll do that from now on!
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    Intimidation Game [Norkotia]

    Hyeok nodded to the fixer as he made his exit before standing and joining the rest of the team more near the center of the room. The first to ask the elephant of a question in the room was the one Hyeok pegged as the least prepared for what was about to happen - a young female mage with a conscious and an air of nobility. At it's face her question seemed benign, after all it was only names? The reality of course of asking a team of potential scoundrels about to commit a series of crimes under Government sanction was quite different, most people in this profession preferred to not to be known - more so for those in the gray area of morality. "You all can call me Fox." Hyeok replied with a nod to the mage. It wasn't his name, but an appropriate call sign to call him by worked just as well - now came the next big hurdle for this group. A team needed a leader, and without doubt the fixer had pegged Hyeok as the most likely to take that role; Hyeok could see the thought process, he was experienced in wet work but Hyeok was lying if he said he didn't dread the idea of forcing these individuals to follow him. Leaders often got knives in the back, for those with free spirits poorly liked to be ordered around; but what choice did he have? Stepping out from the group Hyeok turned to face the assembled group of miscreants, murderers, psychos and adventurers. "I will be leading this team - those who want to run cowboy and do things solo." Hyeok pointed to the door. "The exit is there, after the town has killed you we will be able to judge their response and plan our own attack." The Welander spoke with a firm, trained cadence - leading wasn't his specialty, but it wasn't the first time he had done so and it likely wouldn't be the last. Hyeok allowed his gaze to meet each of the members, paying special mind to stop on Gisela, Dahlia and Persphone - these three would likely be pivotal to their success or failure and Hyeok wanted to be sure he could rely on them when the time came. "We have limited intel on the town, their positions, fortifications and numbers aren't intel our good employer could provide. That leaves the job to us - I need a volunteer to run the recon team, two or three people whose job is going to be enter the town ahead of us and gather intel. Numbers, locations, armament, general layout. Only fools rush in - and I have little desire to be a court jester." Hyeok allowed the request to float for a moment, but not long enough for anyone to actually volunteer - he wanted each job on the table before anyone decided. "After we get our intel we need a leader for our first contact team - an anvil our hammer can strike against. An important job, absorb early counter assault and of course intimidate the town into thinking twice about rallying out alongside side their sheriff to oppose us. I have little desire to eradicate an entire population, so whoever does this job needs to be willing to get their hands dirty. You'll have to be openly brutal enough to strike fear. This team should be large, consisting of whoever the recon team left over." Hyeok knew the importance of this task, but he also knew it required a certain personality to achieve - worse case scenario it was a job he would do himself. "Finally we need an assassination team - a team of two at most to take out the high values as they try to respond to the intimidation. Stealth is paramount to this task, because if the sheriff, the deputy or even the mayor are particularly charismatic they could rally the townsfolk against us. Better they die before they get the chance." Hyeok finally let the questions hang, waiting for those with guts enough to lead to step up and do so - it was a smart tactic, by forcing them to volunteer they felt as if they had made the choice to do what in the end was Hyeok's plan. He could have simply chosen, but by leaving some manner of free will involved he hoped it meant they didn't act on their own accord. It of course left tactical holes, someone unqualified could volunteer and lead the mission into jeopardy but in the end Hyeok fully expected that even the best laid plan was going to implode the moment the bullets started flying. Adventurers never stuck to the script. [OOC: I hope you all don't mind me taking the reigns!]
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    Black And Red (OOC)

    I too was too scared to go first. Look forward to writing with you all!
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    Black And Red [Norkotia]

    Hyeok entered the assembly hall a bit late, his face covered by Genesarian Velhatien Desert head garb and his green fatigues and typical plate carrier covered in the dust that made up the harsh climate of Norkotia. It had been a short trip after the intimidation of a local town, but on foot it took a bit longer then Hyeok had anticipated. Nodding to the woman known as 'Persephone' as he entered Hyeok took a position to the left of the table housing the map - it seemed he had arrived just in time to hear the briefing from the fixer who had been his employer twice in a row. It was hard wet work, a refinery assault and capture or elimination of a high value - it was heavily fortified, with a rotary petrogel gun at a key infiltration location and patrolling guards at key blind spots. Whoever was Mr. Weing's head of security had some chops, it didn't appear to be amateurs work. The idea of assaulting such a force with a small, disorganized team brought a pleasurable chill to Hyeok, causing his head to tilt slightly as he suppressed his growing excitement. Without ceremony Hyeok began his preparations - strapped tight to his chest by a single point sling was an antique looking shotgun, Hyeok turned it over and began to load petrogel shells from pouches on his plate carrier into the tube magazine. The audible 'click' of each shell filled the mostly quiet room but as soon as it began it was over, and once more Hyeok allowed the weapon to hang tight to his chest by it's sling. Next came the antique pistol strapped into a thigh holster on his right leg, a stripper clip fed antique Hyeok had taken a true liking to the weapon, and imagined he would probably carry it even when he left the magic dampening lands of Norkotia. Grabbing a small lever at the back of the pistol Hyeok opened the action, checking the 10 round capacity internal magazine - satisfied it was loaded he returned it to it's holster. "I'll need a bolt action, optical scope if possible variable between 2 and 8 power, otherwise fixed at 6 power. Caliber needs to be larger then 6.5mm, preference to 8mm or above." Hyeok said, his thick Welander accent doing it's best to sound commanding. He scanned the map as he spoke, eying potential over watch positions. He pointed to a slightly raised location about three hundred yards North of the rotary gun. "I think our best bet is to attack where they expect us not to. I'll provide fire support as we assault the rotary gun, I'll kill anyone who mans it as the rest of the team approaches it. Once we secure it I'll discard the rifle and join the assault team. This location is likely to have the lowest concentration of guards due to it's weapon emplacement, furthermore it's located in a perfect spot to assault and extract while taking minimal contact - which is why it has a heavy weapon emplacement for defense. Objections?" Hyeok asked, scanning the room with his narrow fox like gaze and waiting for anyone to oppose, he fully expected there would be at least one objection - he simply hoped the team saw the value in the position the rotary gun occupied. Assaulting a refinery with a small, disorganized team against trained, prepared and organized adversaries meant taking every advantage one could - and getting the quickest route to the high value. Hyeok had learned from the last mission, the best way to herd cats was to establish ones self as a leader early. Now it just came down to whether the fickle beast that was an adventurer accepted the mercenary as their tactical leader.
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    Need a Job? Like Books?

    I'll take part - I've got a character in mind I think would suit it quite well.