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  1. Ethan grabbed a sensor off the table and winked to both Dan and Leo before disappearing into the shadows and heading towards the mouth of the cave. As he slowly led the way through the caves trying his hardest not to lose Dan he contemplated what could be on the other side of the door. Once he reached the door and making sure there was no one around he slipped back into view and looked towards Dan. "Alright here is the door. You're up buddy boy!"
  2. Ethan got a little reckless on his way out of the cave and almost revealed himself to a group of cyclopes, just barely managing to sneak passed them with a quick spin to his left. As he exited the cave he saw the horde of monsters moving around hurriedly, as if they were preparing for something. He slowly made his way through careful not to garner any attention from any of the monsters. Once he reached the camp he revealed himself and popped into the tent. Pulling a cigarette out he lit it and started smoking it excitedly, "Boys. I've found a door. Well I should say that THEY found the door and I overheard their conversation so I went and found the door. I put a sensor in the room with the door so hopefully you can give us a clue as to what is on the other side before we go through." He talked so rapidly that the cigarette he lit had completely burned down before he got the chance to hit it at all. He lit another one. "Also in the conversation I overheard they mentioned informing Hyperion that they are getting close so we probably want to move soon! We can not let him get his hands on the seed." He smoked down the rest of his cigarette and snubbed it out on his boot. He pulled out his dagger and started flipping it catching the blade between his thumb and forefinger. "So whats the plan? Dan-o any ideas?"
  3. Ethan shook his head a bit and lit a cigarette. "I guess I could shadow travel deeper into the cave this time and just lay them around everywhere." He takes a long drag off of his cigarette before continuing. "How many more sensors do you have fire boy?" Ethan was having a bit of issue trying to think of anything else that might help them locate this Tellus Seed. He suddenly had an idea. "Leo if I can sneak you deep enough into the cave would that help you find it a bit easier? I've been working on a way of cloaking another person in shadows and keeping them from being noticed. I'm about 95% sure that it would work." He took a couple more drags from his cigarette before snuffing it out and tossing it into the woods. He walked up and grabbed another load of sensors. "You see if you can think of anything to help us out. I'm gonna go place some more sensors. I should be back within an hour or two." With that shadows swirled up around his feet and swallowed him. As he made his way back to the cave he thought about what would happen if Hyperion got his hands on a Tellus Seed. Completely distracted he almost ran straight into a cyclops but he managed to dodge to the left just in time. He kept to the shadows until he got to about where he was before. He started traveling down offshoots and placing sensors everywhere hoping that Pyro's monitor was lighting up like a christmas tree. He traveled further and further in. Eventually he started getting tired and it started getting harder and harder to keep in the shadows. He found an abandoned dead end and phased back into existance. As he sat there taking a break he kept his eyes and ears peeled for anything. After about 5 minutes of rest he heard the sound of several monsters talking as they were walking out towards the exit. "We are getting cloossssse. We have reached sssssome ssssort of door that we can't get through." Said one voice that obviously belonged to dracinae. Then a deeper more masculine voice responded. "We need to inform Hyperion that we are close. He'll want to know. Hopefully we can find it before the week is out. But who knows what challenges await us on the other side of that door." The voices slowly trailed off as they walked towards the entrance and Ethan's heart rate shot through the roof. They were getting close. He had to find this door and get information back to Joker and Pyro as soon as possible. With a renewed vigor he cloaked himself in shadows once more and started sprinting through the caves dropping a sensor every 30 feet or so. About 30 to 45 minutes later and many countless turns he found the door. He took a sensor and hid it behind a wooden pillar that was helping support the cave system. The door was very obviously a door but it showed no hints as to how to open it. There was a crack around the edge of the door but there was no handle or anything like that. He memorized everything about the door and the caverns and path that led to here. Checking to make sure that there was no one around he touched his comm device and whispered in to it. "Pyro....Joker....I'm on my way back. I have incredible news. See you soon." And with that he cloaked himself in shadow yet again and high tailed it towards the entrance and started making his way towards his friends and compatriots.
  4. Ethan's face instantly went from malicious grin to utter defeat in a mere moment. "OMG how could I forget?!?!" He pulled out his emergency flask and downed the entire thing. He let out a loud belch before lighting up a cigarette and hitting it non stop until it was out. "So what do we.....wait. A TELLUS SEED?!" Ethan's brain sluggish from the effects of the alcohol took a minute or two to piece everything together. "So Hyperion is looking for a Tellus Seed....you're powers came from a tellus seed.........WAIT! What if we got it first?! We could keep golden boy from getting any stronger and we ourselves could get much much stronger." With that he pulled his mask down and pulled out his stygian iron sword. "Looks like we've got quite the heist to pull off. You ready boys?"
  5. Ethan slipped into the shadows and traveled past all the monsters heading straight for the safe haven that was the scent blocked base camp. He stopped just outside the perimeter of the camp when he heard something strange. "The smell stops right here! I don't understand it." One cyclops said to another. "I know I'm getting it too. We should go head back to the boss to see what he wants us to do." With that, the two of them turned and walked directly into Ethan. With one swift motion, he conjured shadows to muffle the screams and simultaneously sliced one of the cyclopes heads clean off. He took his mask off, made his eyes go black and stared directly into the others eye. A twisted smile curled onto his face as the shadows slowly began to swallow the cyclops. It clawed at its throat trying to make any sort of sound, but alas, it was futile. The shadows consumed him and the cyclops was no more. Ethan wiped his sword on the pants of the corpse before picking him up and dragging him into the base camp. "Hey Pyro, we have an issue." He motions to the decapitated cyclops. "He and his buddy were standing right outside the camp. They said something about informing the boss and we can't have that!" He pulled out his cigarettes and lit one up before continuing. "My plan was to just kill him so I could still talk to him. Buuuuut. I got a little carried away." He took a long drag off his cigarette and blew out a smoke ring. "I'm going to need your help to reattach this bad boy so we can ask him some questions." He put his cigarette out and picked up the head. "So what do you think big fella?"
  6. Ethan didn't know what Leo's intentions were pulling out so much BDSM gear, but whatever they were Ethan was into it. Not that he would ever tell the other two his thoughts about it. Ethan grabbed a handful of the orbs and stuffed them into his pockets. "Alright that doesn't seem too bad. And don't worry I have a panic vial if I need it?" And with that he slipped the headset on and switched the mask to covering his face. He slipped into the shadows and slowly made his way towards the caves. As he approached the opening he started dropping one every 60 feet. Every now in then he would stay hidden in the shadows and reach out to Leo and Dan. "How are things looking gents? I'm about a third of the way out of sensors. I'm going to go deeper in to drop more where there may happen to be more important shit. I'll check back in shortly." With that he started navigating the caves further and further. Once he was about a mile in to the cave he started dropping more sensors every 60 feet again. As he got further in he started to see the walls were lined with uncut gemstones. He almost forgot what he was doing and started trying to pry them out of the cave walls almost getting him caught by a pair of cyclopes that were walking through. With that he dropped his last sensor and started traveling back out of the cave. Once out he found a nice quiet spot and reaches out to Leo. "Hey Pyro. You got a base camp set up yet? I'm done so how are things looking? What about you Joker?"
  7. It only took Ethan about a minute before he almost gagged at the smell that came over the ridge. It smelled like a mix of spoiled cabbage, burning hair, and Leo's athlete foot. At Dan's comment he looks out at the sea of monsters in front of them and almost passed out. A little light headed he turns to the other two. "Uhhhhh. What the hell are we supposed to do here? There's at least 500 monsters here. This is suicide. I mean I know we've taken on Titans but seriously boys?" He nervously pulled out his pack of cigarettes and shoves one into his mouth. With shaky hands it took him longer to light the cigarette than normal. Once lit he inhaled the entire thing in one breath. He dropped the butt at his feet and stamped it out. While exhaling he looked at Dan. "Well Dan-o. You better have one hell of a plan!"
  8. Ethan takes one last hit off his cigarette and then flicks it off the cliff. Leo was a trip. His brain always went a mile a minute. Ethan just chuckled silently and shook his head. After a moment Dan conjured up an outfit. Ethan looked it up and down before getting a devious grin on his face and exclaiming. "Its perfect Dan-o! I swear sometimes you know me better than myself." With that he started shedding his clothes right then and there. Once changed he put all of his old clothes in his bag and put the mask on the back of his head. "So where to now gents?"
  9. Ethan stopped walking for a second and pulled out a water bottle before drinking deeply. "Fine fine. What ideas do you have Dan-o?" He asked as he stuck out his tongue. "And Leo if you think my costume sucks why dont you help me whip something else up?" Ethan pulled out a cigarette and lit it lazily before taking a deep drag off it. "With my ability to appear and disappear through shadows maybe we go with something like 'The Wraith'?" He takes another long drag off the cigarette and blows smoke rings into the sky.
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