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  1. Pacterrah: A World Reclaimed

    Kayde looks at the man and shakes his hand firmly yet concisely. "And I am Kayderyn Ventrella. I'm just a wandering adventurer trying to help out where I can." He retracts his perfectly manicured hand and slings his one leg over the arm of the chair and kicks back onto two legs. He pulls out his dagger and starts tossing it in the air. "So about this demon. What is he and what sort of plans do you have?"
  2. Modern Demigods in the Apocalypse

    if everyone is still interested in this roleplay please post a short bio and visual description of your character. either that or message me directly
  3. Pacterrah: A World Reclaimed

    Kayde looks around as he was walking. The building seemed to be more of a headquarters than he'd seen in a while. As Andiris motions for him to go in to the room with the big table he takes off his pack and carries it at his side. He walks up to the table pulls a chair our and sits his bag down, he also pulls the bo staff off his back and leans it against the same chair. Sitting down at the table he looks around expectantly. "Well I'm Kayde." He says unceremoniously. "I hear we're trying to get rid of a demon? I hope to be able to help in this endeavor." He stretches his wings and brushes the hair out of his face before leaning back in his chair taking a very relaxed posture.
  4. Pacterrah: A World Reclaimed

    He was used to the looks and stares. He had been looked at like this for as long as he could reasonably remember. Without feeling uncomfortable at all he stretches his wings and flicks his tail before following the woman inside.
  5. Pacterrah: A World Reclaimed

    He was used to the looks and stares. He knew he isn't exactly normal. As he walked past one particularly jumpy woman he flexed his wings and flicked his tail towards her then started laughing quietly as he continued walking. After approaching the fortress like building and the Lady walking away he stands there and pulls out his paper and quill and starts drawing again.
  6. Modern Demigods in the Apocalypse

    No character sheet necessary. I would though like a short bio and a visual description of your character. I'll post mine shortly.
  7. Our story begins thousands of years ago. With none other than a group of warriors, vagabonds, poets, healers, and many more. A group most people would refer too as...the gods. Yes those gods. You know who I mean. Zeus. Poseidon. Ares. Those gods. They acted like petulant children and it messed with our world. Messed it up so badly that apocalypse has come and they don't know how to fix it. How do I know all this you ask? Because my dad....is a god. Not just any god. My dad is Apollo. He basically drives the sun. Technically he pulls it with his horses and his chariot but it's essentially the same thing. Anyways I'm getting off topic. Pretty much what happened is all the gods slept around and played with our world as if it's a toy. Eventually they ended up at war. The battle lines were drawn and battles raged until eventually some gods died. It majorly messed up our world. Now is the time for a new group of heroes to fight through the wasteland and make the world better than it was in the past. This rp is going to be based in a post apocalyptic setting based around greek mythology. Geological setting will be northeast USA. The gods that have died are Hera, Thanatos, Hades, Demeter, and Artemis. You may choose to play as human, demigod, satyr, or dryad. Looking for a group of 4-6 (including myself) for this rp.
  8. Pacterrah: A World Reclaimed

    He stands when instructed and stretches, glad to have the formalities out of the way. "Good to hear I don't need to be stifled by pomp and circumstance." He stretches his wings and flicks his spiked tail about feeling much more relaxed than a moment prior. At hearing that there is now someone else to meet he nods expectantly. "See my greatest qualities huh?" He chuckles a bit. "I haven't had anyone say there is anything great about me in many many moons." As the woman turned away he watched her walk for a moment. She really did remind him of his mother. He said a small prayer to whichever gods were listening that he would someday be able to just talk with her again. Not that it had really worked out well for him the last time. He followed closely behind her as she walked. He thought about all the things he'd done in his years. Maybe just maybe, if we could defeat this demon, he'd be able to defeat Urgurrath. As he thinks about Urgurrath his hand drifts idly to the staff across his back, he doesn't draw it just touching it calms him, something about the enchanted wood also soothed his thoughts.
  9. Pacterrah: A World Reclaimed

    As the horses and men around him stopped he swooped up as high as possible into the air. When he reached the apex he folded in his wings and did a series of flips and spins before landing lightly on his feet. He brushed the hair out of his face and flattened his vest. It was then he noticed the dark elf woman. Dressed simply yet elegantly she was reminiscent of his mother. "My name is Kayderyn Ventrella, a humble travel and warrior wanting to do his part for the world in which he currently resides." He says simply. He eyes her and steps up in front of her and kneels. "I pledge to do what I can to help." He says with his head bowed. "All of my talents are at your disposal. Together we will take down this demon and restore our world to its former glory."
  10. Pacterrah: A World Reclaimed

    After riding for such a long time he started to get sore. He slowly and carefully pulls his cloak off and puts it into his pack, stands up on the back of the horse and leaps into the air. As he reaches the apex of his jump he unfurls his large emerald wings and starts flying along side his new companion. "Irlarke," He says a little abruptly, "How much farther?" He spins a bit in mid air while talking, lazily making loops almost absentmindedly. He wondered what he had gotten himself into. Perhaps this would be interesting after all. Perhaps for once he would actually find something worth believing in.
  11. Pacterrah: A World Reclaimed

    He looks up at the man in front of him. "Kayderyn...but my friends call me Kayde." He says all while continuing to draw on the pad in his hands without looking. "And what's your name?"
  12. Pacterrah: A World Reclaimed

    With a smirk the half elf man climbs up onto the horse. "Well...let's get going...no point hanging around here." He says once he's comfortable on the back of the horse. Once they start moving he pulls out a pad of paper and a quill and starts drawing something keeping himself balanded with his legs.
  13. Pacterrah: A World Reclaimed

    Slowly and quietly a half elven man steps forward from the crowd. "Anything is better than this." The black cloak he wears obscuring most of his features. He walks up to the one shouting and kneels. "My services are yours." He stands back up and scans the rest of the crowd for anyone that'll meet his eye. The emerald eyes flash in the light. He pulls back his hood to reveal a head of shoulder length purple hair accented with the same emerald color dyed tips. He brushes a lock of hair out of his face with a well manicured hand before meeting eyes with the one seemingly in charge. "Well? Where are we off to? What's the plan?" He pulls a flask off his hip and takes a long drink from it before placing it back and looking back to the loud man.