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    Izabal's Waters

    Amber sat up and looked around her. People were laughing, and laughing hard, some slammed down mugs in anger for falling atop their poker game. One dwarf swore over and over as he picked up his fallen money that a couple of fairies had been snatching up "So-so-so sorry..." Amber said running from the building. Many people growled and soon turned back to their drinking and gambling. A street trader approached Kyrk's door with a jacket full of skulls potions and the occasional useless trinkets and knocked. He had resorted to walking up to people's doorsteps. "Please! Have a look at my wonderful assortment of items I am sure you can find use of, young traveler, only 2 bits a piece, an offer only for you!" The man snickered. "Of coarse....."
  2. lemonsharkie

    Izabal's Waters

    Shivering as the wind blew through the shattered windows the sky got darker by the second, Amber pulled her cloak over her and tightened the leather straps of her hood as tight as possible. "Why me of every other stupid maiden in this whole freezing cold wasteland of an island...." Amber said kicking the broken mace beside her, it clobbered onto the ground and rolled in a circular motion. The noise was loud and attracted attention of the rats near the wall which scurried about. many of them squeaked rapidly and ran about the floor. Amber stood up and looked in shock to realize that one of the mice had 5 heads, every head with a different expression. In shock, Amber stepped back, this time on a sword which seemed to levitate when she stepped off of it, it was now plain to see why no one ever bought and or entered this shack of an armory. The sword came flying at high speeds toward Amber causing her to knock backward into the weak wall behind her, a board broke and suddenly she was in the middle of the tavern across from the armory, thugs and weirdos of every variety stared her down Amber turned only to realize the sword was gone and she looked like a complete fool in front of every moron in the room.
  3. lemonsharkie

    Izabal's Waters

    Running through the streets avoiding any possible interaction was next to impossible, people were rushing about gathering their items from the tables and stands outside to keep them from being ruined by the rain, to most it would be frivolous to run around like a mad man during a drizzle, but there had not been a storm in Several months and for whatever reason they didn't seem to leave the island until the sunrise of the third day, no one was sure of why but everyone was convinced it had something to do with the queen's abuse of magic. Amber dodged a man trying to push his entire cart of fish through the crowd, every time a tuna would flop onto the street he would hold his knife high to the sky and yell at the first person behind him, despite the fact that they were not paying the least bit of attention. After getting to the other side of the street past the crowds things were not much better, but at least there was a small shelter, the old armory which had been abandoned for years, it was more of a joke than any other building in the whole square, what would a town even do with such a place, when there were no neighbors to have war with who would care to fight for such a small piece of land. Amber ran into the armory and sat by what looked like a broken mace and half a fire poker. "how on earth does one break one of these...." Amber said before throwing the broken fire poker out the shattered window that revealed the alley behind the square that many shops had nothing but crates in. It was a cold and drafty shelter, but when the lightning started at least it would better than sitting out on the street being stepped on.
  4. lemonsharkie

    Izabal's Waters

    The door slammed shut behind the girl as she walked from the workshop in which her father practiced at, though the art of shoe making seemed simple enough to understand her father was always so committed to making sure his particular craft was more complex than that of any other. The streets were once again bustling with life as the people scrambled for the port, many people liked the island in which they lived, but those who did not, found it necessary to make every citizens lives miserable with their constant huffing and tapping of feet. Amber felt as if the world seemed to be becoming darker and darker as the sea storm clouds rose to where the sun could no longer be seen, usually the wind was not as strong as was this morning. The signs of every shop in the town seemed to sway, litter in the streets and fallen leaves began to fly into the air. Amber pulled her long brown hair from her face as the wind blew directly at her. "Get inside!" One man yelled from the port docks as a small chiming bell began to ring, Turning around Amber beat on the door to be let inside but there was no answer, frustrated by the incompetent deafness and attention span of those around her she ran off in search of another shelter.
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