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  1. Cool background image. Where did you find it?

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    Custom user title raffle

    Congratz @carrionjackal
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    Well, hi. Again.

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    Tavern of Legend OOC - archived 2019-01-01

    AWESOME!!!!! Oh this is going to be fun
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    Tavern of Legend OOC - archived 2019-01-01

    Shoot, well alright then lol
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    Tavern of Legend Season 3

    Strycnine leaned against the left of the door frame, looking out across the bar at anyone that made eye contact and laughed. "I keep forgetting i only told two people so far and nether one was you or Ike. My name is Strycnine, yeah i know a little off putting do to the other thing name as such. Tho i can't say i have never used my name sake, strychnine is a very nice liquid if used correctly..." He was about to say more tell the small "Creature" appear on the bar. He used the description losing as he was still trying to figure out who he was or what he was there for. None the less He could tell the short gentleman had something for anyone willing to listen. "So what's the plan, we going or looking for something else to do? I'm ok with anything now that my blood is flowing and i have a side quest to do. Well i would not say raising the precious gift given to me by tine bródúil is a side quest but it is very important to me. Was kinda looking for someone to stick around with me for a bit and if the legends are true, i might have found a long term friend." *Thought something would kick off so we could talk more as we traveled, not trying to hold anyone up lol* @Masquerade @CosmoCat
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    A big welcome to Valucre's new members!

    This is awesome, so many new faces. Welcome one and all, hope you enjoy it here. If not, well just ask a question or reach out to someone. I've found this place to be very welcoming and awesome all around.
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    Tavern of Legend Season 3

    *My Bad everyone, Work has been hell but let the fun begin again....if i can still join* Strycnine turned to Silk and looked him in the eyes. "As much as that display makes me not want to go, I can't really sit back and watch Ike go on his own. Also it would be the perfect chance to see what kind of damage you and i can to together, you with that Special shadow things" He said in a whisper not wanting to talk to load about the darkness. "Plus this time i wont be left with only a knife. Might be able to do something more than jump out of the way." "Alright Ike, I have you back if you would allow it. So far we have seen some awe inspiring sights and i do not wish to miss out on another even tho it sounds like its going to be very dark." Strycnine then stood up, walked near the door and began doing a once over of his gear to insure all is at its best or close to it with his limited abilities. @Masquerade @CosmoCat @The Hummingbird
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    Custom user title raffle

    I have not really shown my clops yet but this sounds fun, Please Count me in
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    Tavern of Legend Season 3

    Strycnine returned to his seat with all his gear just as Ike mentioned another adventure causing him to look around before plopping back down. “ Who is looking for people this time? I don’t see anyone standing on the bar or holding some sort of sign…..Wait do you have something for us that we might be about to do? Well besides the basement, I’ve seen quite a few people go down there already and it never really ends. Pest problem with no true end in sight, well unless you get a magic user in here to put up some sort of anti-pest thing.” Strycnine then opened his backpack and looked through all he had, waiting to hear the reply if there was one as he made sure he had just enough to head out again if need be.
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    Greetings and Welcome, Friendly indeed but only if you ask nicely lol
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    Journey to the Realm of Valucre

    Greetings and Welcome!!!!
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    Tavern of Legend Season 3

    Walking in much slower than the other two and placing a bag half the amount as the other two. Strycnine cracked a small as the barkeep and Silk exchanged words. “Nice to see you too Frank, another long day?” Strycnine barely ever talked to the staff but over heard their names now and then as patrons ask for them to better request things. He sat on the other side of silk and glanced at Ike with a smile. “Having fun yet Sionnach? You know what, given all that’s happened. What can I call you two if not what I already have been if I may be so bold? I only ask in case we bump in to each other again or if we choice to keep this band of individuals going.” He said with a grin. Out of nowhere Strycnine twitched as a sudden flare of heat radiated from the egg “Well I guess I’m doing something right or Tine Bródúil had done something with that display at the Tree. Either way I’m just glad we accomplished what was asked of us, oh speaking of which” Strycnine launch out of his chair and headed to where he was sitting before a grabbed his things. Sitting in the corner he was at before leaving was a simple backpack, quiver of arrows, and a basic bow with a few symbols marked upon it. “Wow not a single thing missing, what luck…..wait yeah few coins up and vanished. Payment for leaving them alone I guess.” @CosmoCat@Masquerade
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    Tavern of Legend OOC - archived 2019-01-01

    That's an awesome idea, yay more character growth lol
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    Gone exploring! [Level 0 Quest] Complete

    Strycnine gazed upon the marks on Silks body, year of history were placed on him to show that life is not always easy or fair. He then locked eyes with the small bird and laughed a little. Still don't like me? Even tho I did not thing to you at all, hell I tried talking to you. Here, I'll tell you what." Strycnine unsheathed his dagger again and placed it on the ground in the view of everyone. "Smell or look at it, there is no blood upon this blade. I have not harmed a creature with this in months, I simply had it out in case a bigger meaner friend of yours showed up. Just as much as you were protecting what you felt you needed to, I too wanted to be unharmed. You are strong and I can see that, I just wanted to see how strong you were Tine Bródúil. We may never be friend but you have my respect." Strycnine then turned and walked towards a cluster of shifting blue crystals, thankfully the bags did most of the hard work and all he had to do is get crystals in the bag. Without trying to waste more time he begin to chip away at the cluster, throwing a few here and there in to the bag only to see some get thrown out again.