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  1. ... Of Crossing Paths ...

    (No need to apologize) When she had left, Nat couldn't help but walk toward the door and lean out, watching her as she hurried off to what would undoubtedly be a lovely tea party. Yet he knew she was going to hate every moment of it, just as he would. He smiled lightly at this before turning to look at the cabin once more. He hummed an upbeat tune as he set to removing his sword belt and wrist guards. He laid them out on the humble bed and rolled his sleeves up. He pulled a leather throng that was wrapped around the sheath of his blade and used it to tie his hair back to keep it out of his face. Once all of that was taken care of, he checked through the cupboards until he found a small wash bucket and some cloth. His humming turned to whistling as he went outside and used the water pump that was alongside the house proper. Once he had water, he went back into the cabin and got to work. He scrubbed clean all the visible surfaces, swept the floor, wiped clean the windows, and remade the bed with a set of folded linens he had found. Finishing all of this, he took a peak at the sun's positioning and determined it had scarcely been an hour. No tea party only lasted an hour. He shrugged, then noticed the state in which the roof was in. Branches and pine needles were piled up, entwined with moss and dead leaves. If left for too long, it would lead to rotting the wood and shingles. Searching around, he found a ladder buried against the large house, beneath overgrowth that had been allowed to vine it's way up the side of the main house. It was beautiful, but also difficult to get the ladder out. Once it was free, though, he laughed and shook his head at the vines. "Hard won, well fought." He said, a term used from his youth. He bowed to the vines and carried the ladder back to the cabin once more. Setting it up against the roof was easy, but starting the work of clearing all the fallen debris was not. He didn't want to just leave a big mess piled up around the cabin either. Slowly, foot by foot, he made headway, working his way across the roof and tossing all the large pieces off behind the small structure. Some of it could be suitable firewood for this evening, he thought. Sweat beaded and rolled down the sides of his face. He paused a moment as he stood perched atop the roof. He wiped his forehead and gazed about. It was a beautiful place, this corner of the world. Still a little warmer than he was used to, but certainly beautiful. He could see it as being a place to call home, if he didn't get chased out soon by Karissa and her band of not-so-merry socialites. He supposed he'll just have to wait and see how things play out.
  2. OOC Quest of Babdol

    Fine with me.
  3. To be a wanderer meant to be in a place unexpected. How could anyone keep track of someone who didn't know where their own feet were leading them? Frayen smiled at the sun's warmth as it radiated down from on high. He had his eyes closed and arms stretched out, basking in it for a long moment. It was a peaceful morning. That is, until he heard the horn blasts. Four bursts. He peeked an eye open and peered toward the direction he thought it came from. What did four mean again? Form a phalanx? No... that wasn't it. Four more again sounded and Frayen was able to zero in on the direction. It was lateral to him along the mountainside, over near the main pass that brought many travelers to the temple. "It means something important." He mumbles to himself as he starts to walk in that direction. "I suppose I'll just have to find out. I should have paid more attention in training." He said rubbing his eyes, still feeling the weariness from a light nap clinging to his personage. He shook his head and picked up the pace, nimbly moving along a narrow goat trail that moved parallel across the mountain's edge. "One blast was... hmm, and two... yes. Three meant false alarm, pretty sure. Four... Four... Four... Oh shit." Frayen finally remembered. His pace faltered and he came to a halt. Did he really want to go running headlong into danger? You don't live a long life serving Gaia and spreading the word if you go and get yourself killed. He turned around. Then turned around again. He did this a few more times, pacing. "I... I can't do nothing." He finally decided, feet carrying him off toward the horn blasts once more. "If I die, so be it. Let me die doing something heroic, then." Drawing just one of his blades, so that he could keep a free hand for balance as he moved across the precarious cliff face and narrow trails, Frayen scampered up a large boulder and beheld below him a scene he hadn't expected. It was all laid out and clear what was about. Trolls en mass had gathered along the ridge above a caravan, hurling rocks and boulders down upon them light earthen death. The roar of their actions loud and boisterous. Between the echoing of rock crushing down on rock and wood and flesh, and the whooping and hollering of the beasts themselves, none thought to look upwards at their own flank. On the opposite side, sprinting across another trail, Frayen saw a few familiar forms. Others of the Perfected Mountaineers were skirmishing for vantage points. Using the side of his blade in the glare of the sunlight, he angled it to flash them a coded message. The response in return made him grin. They wanted to attack, so be it. Looking at their numbers, they wouldn't be able to turn the tides, but they could at least slow things down, give these trolls another target and thin the forces a little. They might die trying, but Frayen swore for each of them they'd take down at least two of these trolls.
  4. OOC: Feast or Famine

    A post order sounds good to me.
  5. Feast or Famine

    Along the northern path that stretched out from the town square, Natheniel sat atop a black horse that trod along at a lazy pace. They were approaching the outskirts of the town he had been seeking. Hood back and mask pulled down, Nat took a bite out of a large green apple. It was juicy, with a twinge of sourness that was much to his liking. The apple had been a last minute purchase at the last town, and he was glad he thought to buy it. Such a thing was a treat and not a necessity, but if you didn't treat yourself from time to time then what was the point in living? The horse whinnied in complaint, rearing its head in repeat protest. It's large brown eye would peer back at Natheniel and the apple and suddenly he knew what he had to do. With a sigh, Nat dismounted by swinging his leg over and dropping to the unpaved road. His black leather boots were instantly swathed in dust. With a last look at the remains of his half eaten apple, Nat offers it to the horse. Horse lips greedily sucked it up and it looked rather happy. "Yeah. You should be pleased." Nat said as he shifted his gaze toward the town ahead of them. He could see people, though they weren't acting in any sort of way he might expect. Usually in a small town such as this people were busy getting their chores and businesses taken care of while the sun was out. It was warm, but not grueling hot. He wondered if perhaps they had some sort of daily routine of prayer gathering. No matter, he was here to investigate, and what they did with their spare time was their business. Leading the horse forward with a "Nic-nic," Nat walked the remainder of the way. "Come on sage." He crossed under an old gate, the wood framework looking to be in some dire need of repair. It held, but for how long? Moving further inward, Nat began to feel the hair on his neck stand upright. It was eerily silent. Yet still he pressed forward. The black horse had it's ears pulled back, and it hoofed the ground nervously when Nat brought them to a stop. "It's okay, girl." He whispered to the horse. "At least I hope so." He then added. He swiveled his head around and took in the sight. The townsfolk were lethargically just standing around. Natheniel frowned at this. Across the way he spotted another horse, tethered and looking just as out of place as he felt.
  6. OOC: Feast or Famine

    Here's Natheniel's profile :)
  7. Tavern of Legend Season 3

    With raised eyebrows, Nat could only watch in abject disbelief. Their party grew instantly, and by a degree he hadn't expected. He eyed the dragoness in particular, a glint of mirth in his eyes. "Welcome." He says, giving her a nod and a healthy respectable distance. It wasn't that he was scared. It was more that he just didn't want to die, and she seemed the sort that could make that happen. His hand absentmindedly came to rest on the hilt of his blade, a weapon that was crafted with fine attention to detail. Though all that mattered little if you didn't know how to use it. "So, where is it we're going?"
  8. ... Of Crossing Paths ...

    With a keen eye still peering about the provided lodging, Nat nodded as he spoke "I'd like that." It was an honest answer. He turned and brought his gaze upon her as she leaned against the wood frame of the door. He could see that she didn't want to go, and he didn't blame her. The social teas were never something he was fond of. He was just thankful that he was able to keep out of the limelight. No one really wanted to talk to a hired guard, no matter how prestigious. They were still just the 'help'. For her, he imagined, it was a whole different level of disdain. "I'll keep myself busy here. Looks like there is plenty to do." He says with a smirk, a finger gliding along the small table and picking up substantial dust. He wiped it away by rubbing his hands together. "Hopefully I can get things in order before your return... Just how long might that be?" He then inquires. Casually, he removes his cloak. Having first unclasping it and then swirling it around off and over his shoulder. He folds it in half and drapes it over the robe she had left on the chair. His armor and weapons glinted clean and well kept, looking as new as the day he got them. Though if he were to be honest, he didn't much care for fighting in this set. It was more of a ceremonial one, but it happened to be what he was wearing at the time he had to flee. @MJ2431 "
  9. A Symbol of Unity

    I think it makes sense that Frayen would be up in the mountainside near the caravan attack.
  10. Feast or Famine

    I'd love to jump in, if possible :)
  11. ... Of Crossing Paths ...

    The afternoon sky above was pocketed by lazily moving white clouds which did nothing to cool the city of Casper. The warm summer making Natheniel wish he was wearing something thinner during their climb back up toward the residential district. He hadn't known where he was going to end up when he snuck aboard that ship. The pace she set didn't make it any easier, but he didn't complain. He simply endured it. When they arrived, his relief was overshadowed by a bit of awe as he marveled upon the house she had stopped in front of. Homes like this were unheard of where he was from. The aristocracy had all kept residence within the castle, and the commoners couldn't afford such grandeur. He appraised it, then Azayla, and noticed she wore a much more guarded expression on her face. That was to be expected. He was likely going to get a first hand look at the role she played. It was in that moment that he felt a pang of sorrow for her and her situation. "It's beautiful." He remarks. The description so quick to the tongue. It could hardly be described as anything but beautiful. As she led him back and around the house, he stepped light and quick to keep up. His eyes on the lookout for anyone who might catch them in the act. It felt a little bit like when he was young and used to sneak around in the middle of the night with his friends. He thought upon that memory fondly, but decided that his current companion was a visual upgrade. When they arrived at the stable, Nat couldn't help but grin at it. This looked to be a lot more to his comfort level. It needed some love and taking care of, but he could see to that. He approached the door and pulled it open. He put a hand to the frame and leaned inside, peering at what was within. It was modestly furnished, a bit dusty, but otherwise well kept. Turning back to face Aza he spoke. "This will do fine." He said with a nod and a smile. "You sure this'll be alright?" he asks, not wanting her to get into further trouble. @MJ2431
  12. Looking to fill a role

    Sounds cool :) @Sleeping Knight A good character sheet and background makes for good RP
  13. ... Of Crossing Paths ...

    Great. She saw. Nat waved the near-fall as if it were nothing to be at all concerned about. "I'm fine, thanks." He manages to say. "I'll keep up, lead the way." He says as he ushers toward her to continue on. He picks up the pace and manages to get into a stride alongside her. "Do you think my little cover up is going to become an issue?" He then asks her. "I could probably keep it up for a bit, but eventually..." He trailed off. He wasn't sure how far he could take it. He knew enough of the lingo and prominent names that he could throw out there, but at some point he's going to need actual goods. "... eventually they'll figure it out, but I could waylay it a week, perhaps?" And then what...? If... no when he is found out he could disappear again. Aza could save face, claiming to have fallen equally under the ruse as everyone else. He'd be alone again. He frowned at that thought, but what's done is done. This was her home, her place of belonging, despite the obvious protest within her soul. He would not be responsible for causing her trouble. @MJ2431
  14. ... Of Crossing Paths ...

    "That would be fantastic." Nat responds quickly, as if delaying an acceptance could give room to her changing her mind. He smiled openly toward her and relief was evident in his visage. "I mean... Yes, that would work just fine. I haven't acquired other lodging as of yet." He was starting to get a little annoyed with the way in which he was conducting himself. Why did he feel like a young boy around her... ... Oh! ... He missed a step, tripping over himself at a sudden realization. With a clenched jaw he allowed his hair to fall forward and pulled his hood up, least she discover the redness in his cheeks at his discovery. It had at last dawned on him. He liked her. Liked her liked her. His eyebrows furrowed and he shook his head in bewilderment. There's no way he could possibly pursue that path, is there? Him being who he was. Her being what he had discovered. He followed behind her, still somewhat flabbergasted by his own child-like emotions and thoughts. Was this what it was like? To feel reduced to thoughts of fantasy and as if all the bad and difficult things in the world just didn't really matter? The only thing that mattered was finding her favor. Nat scratched his forehead. That seemed frightening, because that gave away all his power to her. @MJ2431
  15. ... Of Crossing Paths ...

    Aza's words surprised Nat. Fate wasn't something he ever thought about. What was, was. But surely they had control of their own destiny? He only jokingly entertained the idea of fate. To Nat, it was more of a means to explain away pure coincidence. It was a romanticizing of the world. A crutch to lean on when comprehension was beyond grasp. And yet... What if I am supposed to be here? He glanced up at her, Aza, the one with which had consumed nearly his entire experience of Casper thus far. If that is true, is this really the end of their meeting? He didn't want that. Fate or not. He had to say something... but what? "Can I see you again?" He finally asked, making known the desire within himself. As if in response to his own request, he stood and quickly shifted his armor and clothing, getting himself sorted and presentable. He came to a realization that he was nervous, and a little desperate to not lose this new friend. He hoped that didn't all play across his face like a storybook. He wasn't used to having this lack of confidence. His mind started to play out scenarios. He'd have to find a tavern. He'd have to find work. He would have to seek out others, but would any of it compare to this? To her? She had set far too high a standard. @MJ2431