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  1. I have training next week and it's gonna be hard. I'll be back in like, 2-3 months? I hope I don't take too long though XD. Wish me luck!

    1. Trevor Wisegem

      Trevor Wisegem

      Good luck friend, I'll keep the topic with Trevor and Audrey warm while you're away! lol



      Awww good luck buddy!

  2. JackDoggo

    Extinguishing the Flames of Hate (OOC)

    I'm really sorry because I have to pull out. I have Army training next week and I bet it's gonna be really hard. And they might send me out the field after training so I wouldn't have time to do anything else. The rp was nice though I haven't done that much XD. I hope you guys have fun! And wish me luck!
  3. JackDoggo

    Under The Hot Desert Sun OOC

    Guys, I'm sorry but I have to pull out. I have Army Training next week and I am gonna be busy as hell. Right now, I'm preparing my stuff for it. The rp was going so well and it saddens me to pull out. I hope you guys have a fun time! XD
  4. JackDoggo

    Quest of Babdol

    Vince watched as the party moved about. They mounted their chosen horses and were set on a journey towards Babdol. Vince himself rode a mongolian horse with sleek, brown mane. He clumsily held the reins, showing his inexperience in handling horses. He sometimes steered away from the group while they moved on. But he always came back with a steadier grip over his mount's reins. "I'd never thought that riding a pony would be this hard." He spoke out to the group.
  5. JackDoggo

    Under The Hot Desert Sun OOC

    Very ferocious XD
  6. JackDoggo

    A New Friendship (Maybe even more...)

    Audrey stared at the scene with eyes wide open. Chunks of dirt and wooden splinters littered the crater. The smell of smoke rose from the burning barks of wood. Streaks and pools of blood painted the ground. It was chaos. And it was all caused by the man standing before her… Trevor Wisegem. Audrey looked at Trevor. His body, which used to be filled with blood and countless wounds, was now smooth and wound-free, as if nothing ever happened to him. “I-I…” she stuttered. Confusion and shock filled her thoughts at that moment. “I don’t understand… How are you even alive?!” She cried out. She quickly shut her mouth, shocked at her own outburst. She took a deep breath and apologized, “I’m sorry.” She held her arms and hugged herself. “I just didn’t know what to do…” She pointed at the pool of blood Trevor was standing on. “There was so much blood… I thought you were dying…” She massaged her temples, trying to dispel her own confusion. “But I’m glad that you're alive.” She smiled and grasped his hand. She introduced herself, “I’m Audrey. Audrey Sword."
  7. JackDoggo

    Extinguishing the Flames of Hate (OOC)

    Dont mind my reply XD. I was writing out an outline and I accidently touched the "Submit Reply" button 😄
  8. JackDoggo

    Extinguishing the Flames of Hate

    Upon hearing Illyana's approval of her plan, Audrey stood and began making the clone. She help up her hands and willed her energy to come forth. Her energy coursed through her veins and leaked out of her hands. It took the appearance of tiny, blue wisps of light. It curled, turned, and formed into an exact replica of Illyana. She willed the clone to take her Lady's place and mimic her behavior. She sat beside Illyana's side in one of the wagons and said, "I will be able to control the clone's actions from here, my Lady." She stayed by Illyana's side as the caravan travelled. She listened as Illyana talked with the caravan driver. Her eyes went wide when she heard about how a miracle worker healed a hole in his heart. She noticed how abruptly he uttered the name, Duran. She thought, "Duran? Durian?" Before her thoughts could go any deeper, a number refugees had already surrounded the caravan. She faced Illyana and said, "My lady, You can control the clone by using me. Tell me what it should do and it will follow your instructions.
  9. JackDoggo

    Under The Hot Desert Sun OOC

    @ODSTDRAGONYeah, Audrey doesn't know Ahab's name yet so I let her call you Kuya
  10. JackDoggo

    Under The Hot Desert Sun

    Audrey raised her eyebrows, a bit suprised at the sudden question. She combed through Philip's fur which provoked a satisfied meow from the black cat. She looked at the man and smiled. "Well... I feel calm because..." she paused and deeply exhaled. "I kind of trust all of you already, " she said. Her blue eyes turned to Khepri, then to Scarlett. "You guys have treated me-" She pointed at herself and said, "A complete stranger..." She looked down at both Philip and the cup of water she received. She mumbled, "With kindness..." The slow crackling of the campfire caught her attention, diverting her gaze from the ground. "How could I not feel relaxed?" She played with the empty cup in her hands, tossing and turning it on the stone ground. Her warm eyes turned and met the man's gaze. "How about you, Kuya?" she asked, "Why do you want to help Miss Khepri?" (Kuya = Older Brother :D)
  11. JackDoggo

    A New Friendship (Maybe even more...)

    Audrey gasped, "He's alive!" She sat beside the injured man and sheathed her sword. Numerous cuts and wounds covered the young man's body. A never-ending stream of blood flowed from the openings, making a pool of blood form around the man. His blood-smeared clothes were torn to various pieces of rags. She imagined what kind of torture the young man had to go through to get him in his current bloody state. After assessing the man's status, her mind sped through various thoughts. "He's bleeding too much! I can't stop it! He's dying!" Her mind reasoned that he cannot be saved anymore. Her eyes welled up and her tears flowed freely down her cheeks. "B-but..." she stuttered. "I have to try!" She tore up her sleeves and used it to apply pressure on the man's chest, where most of the blood flowed from. She knew she was only delaying the inevitable but this was the only thing she can do.
  12. JackDoggo

    Extinguishing the Flames of Hate

    Audrey frowned as the Caravan Master left the group. She held Lady Uldwar's safety as her top priority and it seemed like the disgruntled man valued her safety too. She sat inside the wagon and propped her chin against her knees. Her eyes closed and her absolute focus went to finding a way to efficiently protect her client. She held the position for a few minutes, deeply lost in her own world. A stray thought passed through her mind and she immediately held on to it. The tiny idea soon bloomed into a simple, but effective plan. Her blue eyes opened and scanned for Lady Uldwar. Upon finding their target outside the wagon, Audrey jumped out of the wagon and jogged towards the Lady. She respectfully bowed and smiled, hoping that Lady Uldwar would make use of her plan. "Lady Uldwar, I have an idea which might improve your safety." She held up her hand and conjured a tiny, realistic copy of Lady Uldwar. "I can make an illusion of you..." she paused and searched for a better word to explain her simple idea. "An illusionary decoy... Something that can take the attacks for you..." She looked back at the wagon and frowned at Anouk's wounded head. "Something that couldn't be hurt..." She dispelled the copy, its body bursting in to blue dust which gradually turned to nothing. "I want to use a decoy so it could take risks on your behalf" She explained. "I hope that you consider this, Lady Uldwar."
  13. JackDoggo

    Extinguishing the Flames of Hate (OOC)

    Some military-related stuff came up lately IRL so I haven't been able to check up on Valucre. I'll whip up a quick reply in a jiffy. Sorry for taking too long
  14. JackDoggo

    OOC Quest of Babdol

    Yeah, I hope it continues.
  15. JackDoggo

    A New Friendship (Maybe even more...)

    "Oof.." Audrey said as the shockwave knocked her on the ground. She scratched her dizzy head and studied the crater. "Wh-what was that..." She stuttered. She stood up and brushed off the dirt and dust from her clothes. "M-Maybe it's just a tiny comet?" She tilted her head and crossed her arms. She straightened herself and unsheathed her enchanted sabre. She pointed the sword towards the crater and glared. "I have to be careful. This one might be a meteor-like monster. Do they even exist?" She asked herself as she shuffled her way towards the crater. Her senses screamed at her, "Go back! Run away! It's Dangerous!" Her body shivered and her mouth curled into a frown. She clicked her tongue and bit her lip, trying to bite back the fear. "I have to investigate. It is my duty as a sword sister after all," She said and focused on the crater. She prepared herself for action and shouted, "Who goes there!?"