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  1. OOC Quest of Babdol

    I think you should, it's your turn anyway :D
  2. Beyond all Mortal Ken (Forgotten Woods)

    Vince jogged along the road, the ground crunching against his steps. He had a job from the old man and he would be damned if he didn't take it. The rewards was hefty, it was enough to give him a week's day of food and supplies. This thought quickened his jog to a sprint. And soon enough, he encountered a bizarre scene in the middle of the road. He gradually slowed down and stopped his movements, landing a feet away from the group. Standing there at the scene, was a huge, muscular man towering over three figures. Two of them looked like they were fairies. The taller one carried a long sword. Is she carrying a zweihander? And is that smaller fairy a pixie? Vince really didn't know much but their dust are worth a lot, rumors say. The other figure was stranger than any being he had seen. It was wrapped around a long, brown robe and it wore a wide-brimmed hat. Not sure of what to do, Vince walked towards the group. If they were in the middle of the road, they should be going to the woods, right? So he stopped aside the large, burly man and asked him, "You guys are heading to the woods, correct? Mind if I tag along?". He glanced at the other three figures, focusing his sight on the weird short figure with a hat. His eyebrows rose upon seeing the metalic, clockwork-like hand the being possessed. He stooped down the creature's level and met its gaze. "You intrigue me... I'm Vince, what's your name?".
  3. Beyond all Mortal Ken (Forgotten Woods)

    "Vince! I'm glad to see you in one piece! How was the job?" An old man greeted with a feeble smile. His face was weary from all those barkeeping tasks he did earlier. He finished wiping a table with his feeble hands and limped towards Vince, eager for some news. Vince, on the other hand, sat near the wooden bar table. "It was boring..." He leaned against the table and drummed his fingers. Earlier, he had to harvest hundreds of hide from different monsters and deliver them back to the bar. It took him the whole day to finish this job. It was easy, but it took way too long. He took of the sack of hide he brought and hid it behind the bar table. "Don't worry, I've got another job for ya. Something a little bit more... interesting." The old man cheesed, while checking the hide. "Pretty nice work you did in gettin' these skin." He tossed a few valuable coins at Vince's way. "What job?" Vince took the money and focused on the old man. He did labor work for the past few hours and he was glad to have another job that was "interesting". "I want you to look into something for me." The old man's gaze steeled. This was a job that he didn't give freely to any mercenary. "I saw cute gal earlier, walking towards the woods." He pointed at the direction of the forest. "She was wrapped with a blue cloak, you'll recognize her when you see her." He looked at Vince with his jaded eyes. "Find out what she's doing, will ya?" Vince brow visibly raised. "Why should I?" He stood and swaggered over the exit, jiggling the newly-earned coins in his pocket. "I'll give ya twice of what you just earned." The old man's mouth slipped into a friendly smile. He held up a bag of coins, shaking it to tease Vince. Vince walked outside and shouted, "Sure pops!". He had another job now. Another destination. He faced the direction the old man pointed at earlier and jogged towards it. Who was this mysterious, cloaked woman? What was she doing the woods? These were the questions he wanted to answer. And he will get all the answers, if he dare travel the Forgotten Woods.
  4. Quest of Babdol

    Vince looked at the carriage Carol was pointing at. "We could use that, right?". He read the note which the dead woman had given him. "But you don't know where Babdol is..." he trailed off and scratched his head. What should they do? Where is Babdol anyway? While Vince was thinking, he noticed an obsidian ring inserted in the dead woman's finger. He went up close and inspected the ring. "What's this ring for anyway?"
  5. OOC Quest of Babdol

    I'll do it.
  6. Quest of Babdol

    After being welcomed to the party, Vince took an empty seat and listened. After a few minutes of listening, He learned that this undead girl has a ring and she has to bring it back to somebody called "Coucy". She also remembered living in a place called "Babdol". Vince himself doesn't know where Babdol is so he asked, "You know where Babdol is, right?".
  7. OOC Quest of Babdol

    I'm not sure if my oc, Vince, is part of the quest. But I'll post in the thread anyway :D
  8. Vince

    -Basic Description- Name: Vince Coughlan Jr. Class: Mercenary Age: 29 Gender: Man -Personality- He is a tough dude with a soft, responsible side. He is sometimes unpredictable, aiming to follow his instincts instead of being rationale. He gets pissed whenever somebody talks smack him about his Jack O'Lantern helmet and his unusual umbrella fighting style. He respects people that can take care of themselves. He prefers all-out battles more than mind games. He is a generally nice guy, preferring to treat everyone he meets as a friend unless they prove to be enemies. -Abilities- Vince is exceptionally skilled with Umbrella-fu, a fighting style that is centered around dodging and countering your opponent's attacks using the umbrella's Crook Handle, its pointy Ferrule, and its Canopy. Through years of experience and practice in fighting, Vince has greatly improved his agility to its limits. This means that he could effortlessly go from one motion to another, doing gymnastic and athletic feats which could effectively dodge attacks. There are limitations though, the longer he stays in combat doing acrobatic feats, the more exhausted he becomes. -Tools- The Umbrella's crook handle is installed with a single-bullet gun system that can shoot a 20 GA. round at close range. Basically, it's a shotgun. It can be pumped and reloaded using the umbrella's shaft. -History- He was born and grew up in a broken family in a poor sector of a metropolis. He lived free of trouble until he was about 8 years old, but at that point things changed. He lost his father in a fight which got out of control and was forgotten by everybody. This forced him to survive in the streets, alone and depreciated. He went through tough experiences which ranged from fighting, stealing, mugging, kidnapping, and even killing. His father's death forced him to join a criminal syndicate in order to survive. Joining The Eternals Family was the best decision he made. His time in this family taught him values and abilities he thought he would never have. But sadly, all good things must come to an end. A rival gang, The Immortals, had gathered a union of families,and declared war against The Eternals. War waged on for 5 years. And when the dust settled, The Eternals emerged victorious. But it came with a cost. The Boss, the Underboss, the Captains, most of the Soldiers, and the Consigliere died. Leaving Vince and a few of his associates alone. The Eternals eventually withered away. Vince was alone again. This experience has turned him into the man he is today. He now works as a travelling help for hire. By doing so, he hopes to find safety and happiness and finally find pleasureful life he has never had.
  9. Hello!

    Thanks guys! I appreciate the warm welcome :D
  10. Tavern of Legend Season 3

    A sleek, Jack O'Lantern look-alike walked inside the tavern, entering it with a sigh. It was obvious from his movements that he was tired from the journey. He had traveled a dimly lit path that he found earlier and discovered a tavern. His first thoughts about the tavern was that of amazement. The tavern looked like a palace to him. Eager to rest, he sat on an empty stool in the middle of the area. He took off his Jack O'Lantern mask, revealing a black-haired, pale young man in his twenties. He examined the tavern's designs for a little while, admiring its simple but grand looks. While doing this, he overheard a bunch of people talking about quests. Interested, he walked towards them with the intent of introducing himself. He faced the rogue-like man which seemed to be their leader and held out his hand while saying, "Hey there, the name's Vince. You guys were about to go on a quest, weren't you? May I join the party?"
  11. Hello!

    Hey, my name's Jack and I'm new here. I've been lurking around valucre for a while now and I've just decided to join yesterday. I really liked Orisia's lore and I hope that I can roleplay there someday. Soo... That's pretty much it :D