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  1. Well, being the genius that I am, it looks like I mistook Izral for the Terranus city if Ignaz when I read the original post. Seeing as there doesn't seem to be a convenient way for people to jump continents, It looks like I'll have to whip up a more setting appropriate character. I should have a quick profile up by tomorrow, if thats alright with you @Cinder
  2. I'll definitely make sure to do some homework then! And I can do science-fantasy noir, I'm pretty flexible.
  3. If you'd be willing to risk a rusty RPer who's just joined the site I'd like to join with Rotdierk.
  4. Rotdierk The Winged Dragoon "To say I was destined for greatness is an insult. My skill and ambition alone are the reasons for why I've become so great." High Flying, Independent Monster Hunter - Borne aloft on mechanical wings, Rotdierk has made a living hunting all manner of beasts and monsters that threaten the rural inhabitants of Terranus. Magitech Armaments - Resourceful and pragmatic, The Winged Dragoon brings all manner of equipment to bare when harrying his quarry. However, the two pieces of machinery he is never seen without are his personalized semi-automatic bolt-thrower, Rolling Thunder, and his signature magitech wing-pack. Technically Adept - Born in the magitechnological marvel city of Hell's Gate to a pair of wed airship mechanics, Rotdierk was raised with a strong understanding of magitech devices, including advanced maintenance protocols. A short, disastrous stint as an airship engineer's apprentice as well as years developing, modifying and maintaining his own magitech equipment have further honed his abilities. Magically Competent - Rotdierk attended the Gaian Academy as a way to supplement his technical background, and was somewhat successful. Though he had difficulty grasping most schools of magic he attempted, he excelled at the art of symbology and uses it liberally in his endeavors. Kind heart, Proud Soul - A genuinely good man and devoted Gaian through-and-through, Rotdierk sees his work as a duty to the people of Terranus and never requests any more compensation than he requires to live comfortably and maintain his devices. However, the seed of pride rests heavy in his chest; Those who see him as anything other than a hero to be praised or question his decisions, methods, skill, or intelligence are quickly met with all manner of stubborn protests. This has left Rotdierk with a poor relationship with authority, to put it mildly.
  5. Hello folks, Keen here. Been thinking of getting back into PBP RPing and this site seems like it fits my taste. Hope to see you all around.
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