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  1. Grubbistch

    General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    Oh wow, TM and Genesaris switched places
  2. Grubbistch

    First Steps to War [OOC]

    Told ya I had some tricks. Also yeah I am basically a prisoner so not much I can do except keep up the act.
  3. Grubbistch

    Extending a Hand

    One of the first things that Lady Cassandra noticed about the elf was how striking he looked even at what appeared to be his golden years. It was incredible just how long such a mysterious race of humanoids could live. Surely even the gray haired professor would be considered a child compared to these people. Somehow thinking of that made her feel a little insecure about her own mortality, though she couldn't exactly place why. "It is a pleasure to meet you." She said to Mr. Rhavon, introducing herself and her companion. "I am Lady Uldwar of Ursa Madeum, and this is Professor Uthor Kultir. I see you own a book store, that must be quite an interesting job I imagine." In her mind she made a note to make a visit to Ashville in order to see the store proper. Port Mars could use a more proper stock of reading material, plus it would be a good chance to acquire more books on the arcane for her son Luis and his wizard studies. Professor Uthor however was feeling a little bit on the sour side, being quite familiar with the dark elf and his business. He was more than aware that a certain prodigal son was under their employ, but knew that if his Lady should discover this knowledge, she would become distraught and distracted. "Perhaps my lady would like to go back to the carriage where it is more comfortable? I'm sure this won't take but a few minutes once the proprietor has returned to his station, you really don't need to tire yourself in these kinds of negotiations." Her eyes narrowed upon the old man, making him nearly cringe at intensity behind them. "Thank you for your concern, Professor, but I do believe I can handle this. My constitution is quite well, as you are likely already aware. If it bothers you so much though, perhaps you can rest in the carriage until I am finished? You are looking a bit haggard from all that reading you did." Something felt incredibly suspicious to her, and she had a feeling it had to do with the elf. Just what was it that he was trying to hide so much from her that he would dare speak out as such? If he had spoken to her husband that way he would have likely thrown him against a wall and put a dagger to his throat. Cassandra however believed in a more delicate touch. They continued walking through the mystical streets of the city, coming upon the immaculate building before them. Walking inside brought them to a new world she wasn't exactly familiar with, having been raised in castles and manors. Her anxiety was starting to grow as she worried about whether or not any of them would know how tight her family was on gold just by looking at her. Between an ambitious husband, a philanthropic daughter and a mountainous debt the coffers had been at their lowest levels yet. Even the jewels in her hair were an heirloom from her mother, which made an effective deterrent from anyone believing she was on the brink of becoming destitute. "Well then" she said as they entered the conference room "this is certainly an interesting little establishment. Hopefully we both get what we want when the owner shows up." She said to the elf in their presence, pushing down the nauseating fear she felt from this situation. Everything she did was for her family, to protect them and insure they have a prosperous future.
  4. Grubbistch

    General Chatter [18+] Violence always permitted!

    @AngryCacti Good fight. I had a lot of fun with it.
  5. Grubbistch

    Wisegem School of Magical Arts V2

    With the girl gone and Wisegem running off to comfort her, I looked to William and felt myself grow nervous. Social interaction wasn't a skill I possessed, nor did I find many chances to exercise said skill. In clearing my throat out of discomfort, I felt the embers die out as I tried to think of something to say. "Do you ever feel like learning all of this will make us happier?" It was a question I struggled with on multiple occasions, finding little solace in what answers I could come up with. I didn't feel very happy, mostly I just felt...tired. It was an exhausting thing, to be journeying through a land so broken and desolate, one would almost think it impossible to save. How many nights did I lay awake wondering when the monsters I hunted for so long would come and find me? Such fears played havoc on my mental stability, making me doubt myself and what I was meant to do. So many times I could have simply quit, fled to some distant civilization and hid away until the last of my days. Only my hatred for these wretched beasts who terrorized the countryside kept me going, and even now I wonder how much hate I can use to sustain me in the long term. Did William have a similar condition to his life that caused him such strife? No...no I can see it in his eyes, he is not nearly as haunted as I am with his decisions in life. He likely didn't feel as helpless, as scared, as utterly useless as I do at times, as I do right now. There was likely never a time when he cried himself to sleep at night, praying he would wake up the next morning alive, or constantly questioning his fate and pondering the possibility of ending one's own life to make the pain stop. "My apologies. I didn't mean to come off as so forward. It's just...it's just hard sometimes, to try and feel happy." Drawing my legs up to my chest, I tucked my chin behind my knees, sighing softly as I looked downwards at the ground. Life was neither fair nor just, just a series of painful events separated by restless sleep.
  6. Grubbistch

    Festival of Lights - The Festival Begins!

    Feurerkönig/Feurer Krieger really just enjoys a good fight
  7. Grubbistch

    Festival of Lights - The Festival Begins!

    Maybe both...
  8. Grubbistch

    Festival of Lights - The Festival Begins!

    Hmmm...Feurer Krieger may join in on this...or Feurerkönig should this one thread go right
  9. Grubbistch

    I am here to burn your world

    My discord is in my profile I believe
  10. You're a handsome fella

  11. Grubbistch

    I am here to burn your world

    I feel like we can all get what we want if we build up Mordor. Just...just think about it for a second. Some of us and go out, plunder, murder set fire to shit and just conquer stuff along the way. All the while there are those handling the administrative areas of it all, making sure everything runs smooth so that we can fend off anyone trying to conquer us, so we cab keep going out and conquering other people. One person doesn't have to invest all their time in both activities, we can organize into an actual group here and allow everyone to fill the role they want while having a kick ass wasteland of volcanic badassery to hang out and do our thing as an independent nation. Its the best of both worlds because we are the guys not just going left field with this shot, we have brought out a soccer ball and just scored a goal on the catcher.
  12. Grubbistch

    I am here to burn your world

    Hmmm, I think I can help shape Feurerkönig's ideals to better fit this narrative. I have been trying to figure out this sort of means of creating a Mordor type of area ya know? A place that functions, people can go to and do stuff in but is just generally really inhospitable to most folks and creatures. I don't really intend on Genociding the entire planet (I think they'll kick me off the site if I actually do that) it's just part of character motivation ya know?
  13. Grubbistch

    The Black Anvil Hymn [ Hub ]

    The options were being laid out before him, the risks presented brutally. How much did he want this? How badly did he want to resume adventuring, to continue finding books, to continue being able to be close to Ioreth. It was always the attention of a woman that promised to be the greatest prize in these situations. "Fine then. Whatever you have to do, I'll do it. I can rent out a room for a few days to wait for the surgeon. As long as I can go back to my job after this, it'll be worth it." By Gaia's grace he was sounding like a lunatic now. Everything in him told him to just give up, to go back home and to give up on these dreams, but that just couldn't happen. Godric refused to give up that easily, he refused to give into fate and become its puppet. He was a man, and a man didn't back down after a set back. Getting back up, he put the crutches underneath his armpits and offered a hand to Stellas to shake. "You'll have my deepest gratitude if you can pull it off, and I swear to spread the word to anyone else that wants a good weapon to come here, honest." Hell if it all worked out, he would kiss the bastard.
  14. Grubbistch

    I am here to burn your world

    Oh yeah I'm just trying to open up options to how we acquire the resources to build up all that stuff ya know?
  15. Grubbistch

    I am here to burn your world

    I know just what you mean and I think we can get our Lex Luthor. @Dolor Aeternum @FirePenguinDiscoPanda These guys are in deep with the Abbadon Triumvirate. If we ally with them to help us out with resources and other such stuff, that may just be the thing we need to push this to the next level of actually happening and not just a bunch of dudes messing around knocking stuff down for funsies