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  1. House Uldwar Rises

    No problem just wanted to get an understanding of what's going on.
  2. Olandra "The Ugly"

    NAME: Olandra "The Ugly" Aetherion IS A(N): Elf GENDER: Female AGE: 677 MARITAL STATUS: Single SEXUAL PREFERENCE: Straight HEIGET: 5'9 WEIGHT: 115 lbs ALIGNMENT: Neutral Evil STATUS: Alive EYES: White like the moon SKIN: Dark like the night HAIR: Long white hair that shines in the moonlight BODY: Athletic OUTFIT: Long dark blue coat, black shirt, pants and black leather gloves. Wears knee high leather boots as well. PERSONALITY: Sullen, distant, has difficulties forming a trusting relationship with others. ABILITIES: Skilled hand to hand combatant, expert swordsman, skilled in stealth and infiltration, skilled air elementalist PARAPHERNALIA: Elven longsword, three throwing knives, handheld journal and pen CURRENT THREAD(S): TBA BIOGRAPHY BACKSTORY: She was the firstborn daughter of Ulcilia Aetherion, now known as Gentle Breeze. Born at night during a new moon, she entered into this world with skin as black as night, much different to the golden skin of her mother. Because of this mutation, she spent decades shunned by her people, until one fateful day, when she was attacked by a fellow elf, who burned her face with a malicious spell. Fed up with the abuse, she exiled herself, and fled to the West. Ever since then she has been on her own, surviving and making a name for herself. THREAD 1: TBA THREAD 2: TBA PERSONALITY TRAITS: Olandra is an outcast who has a difficult time in forming meaningful connections with others. Because of her ostracizing experience as a child, she takes judgments against her appearance very seriously. When it comes to those who would underestimate her, she has a tendency to want to prove them wrong. REPUTATION: Many know Olandra as a cold woman, willing to slaughter everything in her path when she goes into a fury. They call her blademaster to her face, but the facial scarring has also earned her the nickname of "The Ugly". RELATIONSHIPS: If asked she will say she hates her family and never wishes to return to House Aetherion again. In her heart though, she still holds love for her people and for her mother most of all. Given the chance she would do anything to return to her place in the world, if only just to hug her one more time. SEXUALITY: Olandra considers herself heterosexual, though is still a virgin. POWERS AND ABILITIES OVERVIEW: Olandra is a master of close quarters combat, skilled with the blade and her fists, as she has had much time to practice. Along with this she has learned to harness a connection with the element of wind, able to further enhance her lethality through it. POWER/ABILITY 1: POWER/ABILITY 2: 1-2 paragraphs describing power/ability, with example post (link) PARAPHERNALIA ITEM 1: Elven longsword ITEM 2: Throwing Daggers APPEARANCE Decades of living on her own have hardened her into a true warrior, her heart as cold as the moon.
  3. House Uldwar Rises

    Everything okay @Cinder?
  4. What's the Sitch, Valucre?

    Disneyland ain't got nothing on this place.
  5. Set the Stage, the Performers are Almost Here

    A smile, the curling of the lips to an upward position, a sign of revelry in their fascination of a superior culture. There would come a time when wars would not be fought with swords or arrows, but the sophistry of greater philosophy. Battled would not be won based on bloodshed and the strength of the sword arm, but by the beauty and elegance of the art of diplomacy. When that time finally came, Lothlorian was confident their people would rise to the top of the rabble in their rightful place. "Right this way" he said as he placed a golden hand gently upon the ornately carved oaken doors, the warm feeling of magic stirring inside the wood. No human could understand the complex enchantments placed upon the door, making it a solid fixture with no means of physically opening. All they would see was the glorious craftsmanship that created a picturesque landscape of a fantastical world beyond that of Valucre. Like the placid waters of a lake suddenly disturbed, ripples of rich golden energy emanated from the elven guide's hand, traveling all over the surface of the wooden art piece. It was then that the wood began to change into a liquid, and the door was now fully opened to the outside. With but a single step, Lothlorian was on the other side, his alien beauty now obscured by the gelatinous waters of the portal. Looking back, he smiled to them, and beckoned them forward with a motion of his hand. The Dream Lands of Aetherion were unlike anything they had ever known before in their own world, for these were the fleeting scenes of dreams that eluded one's memories and enticed the artistic mind of mortals. "Welcome, good people of House Kuei, to the Dream Lands. Very few humans are allowed into the inner sanctum of our people, but Gentle Breeze has deemed you worthy to see our most prized possession." His mother was an elf of unfathomable kindness, a kindness matched only by her beauty. Lothlorian was proud to be her son, for even as their family grew over the centuries, her love for her firstborn never faltered. It was for this reason that he would do anything for her, even give his own life if necessary. In the verdant wilds of the Dream Lands, the sweet smells of jasmine and myr were constant, but never overpowering. The energy of life was a vibrant, intoxicating presence in these tranquil spaces, where happiness and laughter ran rampant as the breeze. Much like the artwork they witnessed on the exterior, all that they saw appeared alien and unique, not truly part of the real world yet incredibly corporeal. Majestic trees of gold and silver shined playfully in a light that did not hurt ones eyes to look upon. Truly it appeared that nothing in this place wished harm towards them, for even the thorns of roses made from rubies would retract within themselves as someone's hand came close to them. "This is a place of peace and serenity" the elven prince explained, "we ask that you respect this place by leaving your weapons here, where they will be looked after by our attendants. It is by the tenets of our own religion that blood never be shed here, lest the terrible wrath of the sun, the moon and Valucre herself bring calamity upon us." Tenets, laws and decrees, all handed down from the divine lips of their deities, all so they may continue to live their idyllic lives. Golden elves in wispy robes of linen approached them, with gentle smiles and beautiful hair that seemed to shimmer like spun metal. Gently and non threateningly, they would take the weapons of those who would give them willingly, anyone who did not wish to give up their weapons, would be required to stay behind and be entertained personally by the attendants. When the disarming was complete, they would proceed through the Dream Lands until stopping at a massive table made of living wood. Etched upon this wood was the beautiful lettering of the elven language, the curving lines and docile structuring which told of wondrous stories for those who could read it. They sat on chairs of strong interwoven vines that seemed to stem from the table itself, their eating area designed to where no plates or bowls were needed, as the table had all they would require. More of the golden attendants came to direct the guests are where they would be seated, until at last Lothlorian sat at the right hand side of the largest and grandest of the chairs. "She will be here at any moment, my mother can sometimes get lost in the beauty of her own creations." At the sound of the wind rolling through the grass, the coming of the head of House Aetherion was announced, and through it, she had arrived, and with her came the essence of beauty itself. Standing just above six feet, she was a regal figure above the human standards of glory and majesty. Wearing brilliant threads of gold spun into a dress of other worldly elegance, it was a Celtic masterpiece that was only marred by the violet veils which obscured her face from sight. With grace equal to that of her namesake, she glided over to her seat from the west, a breathtaking apparition of something even greater, hidden in the cloth of her station. No human, no matter how high in status or of power, may look upon the face of the Chosen of the Gods, for it is their beauty that breaks the wills of lesser beings, a beauty as dangerous to look upon as the sun itself. As Gentle Breeze took her seat, her son leaned toward her, listening to the whispered words of their matriarch before relaying them back to their guests. Just as a human may never be allowed to gaze upon the beauty of the Chosen, so too must they never listen to the harmonic melodies of their voice. "My mother would like to thank you for your attendance here today. It is her solemn wish that we forge a friendship here today that will never be broken. To befriend house Aetherion is to invite a new age of prosperity upon your own people. For who better to befriend than an elf?" The attendants gave playful laughs to the jest, though one could not tell the expression upon the face of Gentle Breeze, given the layers of veiled cloth covering her face.
  6. Ask an admin?

    Does defecating ones pants because of how scared they are fall under the PG-13 rating, so long as appropriate language is used?
  7. Taen HQ

    Darn, House Uldwar will be pretty under gunned then for a while. Maybe I can do some kind of quest where I find some secret stash of advanced weapons from during the time of the Tyrant King.
  8. Taen HQ

    @notmuch_23 Does the Mill Dot Lunaris offer any magitech weaponry for anyone outside of Taen?
  9. Where Light Loses Form (OOC)

    Sounds good. I am excited to see where this will lead.
  10. The Psionic Special (B|E Quest)

    Taking a deep breath, Godric would continue his way down the dank corridor of this strange and deserted tunnel. Expectations forced him to be brave, as he did not wish to be known as a coward in one of his first official missions in the Book Ends company. Part of him hated that he was forcing himself to be courageous for the sake of appearance, as it was a cold reminder of his childhood and the teachings hammered into him. If he was to be honest with himself, he was feeling scared, so utterly scared he was worried he wouldn't have the ability to move another step. Another deep breath, another attempt at casting out the demons which plagued his heart and mind. No amount of accolades or glorious tales were likely to get his father to see him for who he truly was, he learned that the day of his brother's funeral. It was a wretched day for them, and it was the first time Godric noticed a divide between his parents, who he always thought were a perfect example of a loving relationship. Afterwards his father stayed behind at the grave, stayed there for hours, just staring at that piece of rock while their mother tried to console them. Godric's father expected him to fill his brother's shoes as the golden child, but how does one fill the shoes of a dead man? Henry was a man that made things just look so easy, like life just came naturally to him. There was no one Henry couldn't talk to, no task that he couldn't figure out once he put his mind to it. Everyone loved him, and Godric wanted so badly to be him, that he would even hate himself for not being as talented as his elder brother. Whenever Godric was in trouble, or he was having difficulties with something, Henry would be there, never judging him, never complaining about it, just there to rescue him like a true knight. It was his death that started the downward spiral between Godric and his father, because he no longer had someone to watch out for him anymore. The world was a lot darker when he lost his brother, that much he knew for certain. A noise, the sound of a boot scraping against the floor, and Godric turned to try and hone in on it with his weapon. With his heart pumping, he waited to see if the source of the noise would reveal itself. Frustration was starting to set into him, and he lowered his crossbow to continue on his path through the tunnel. The sooner he got out of this place, the better in his opinion. ______________________________ After exploring the path that ran from the door he had chosen, Dan would be deposited into a large room with a mechanism keeping the advancing door locked. Try as he might, there would be no way of bypassing or forcing open the lock, leaving him forced to deal with the puzzle connected with it. To the right of the door was a scale, to the left a similar one, but set at a lower height than the other. Above the door looked to be a pictograph of a man placing his heart upon one of the scales. Beneath this picture was an inscription, faded but still legible, and it read. Weigh your heart against the truth, and you will advance. In testing the scales, Dan will find the lower scale is more sensitive than the other, who gave more resistance to his efforts at pushing downward at it. Looking back at the door he just came out of, there would be a noticeable collection of clay jars filled with sand at different levels. These jars ranged from one pound to ten pounds, yet only two were marked differently than the others. The lightest of the jars was marked with an embossed heart upon it, the heaviest one embossed with a tree, the symbol of Gaianaism. With all the information present, Dan would be left to solve this puzzle by himself. Godric was still lost in the maze of tunnels, and there was no telling when the wild magic would strike again. If he wished to continue further into solving this puzzle, he would have to act quickly.
  11. Powers and balance

    Yeah if they put the effort into it I could accept that a lot more than they just pulling it out of thin air. That at least tells me they have a plan for it and wanted to do something specific for it, hopefully not for derailing a thread but that's a different thing entirely.
  12. Powers and balance

    I was just trying to think up how to properly write that out without looking like a kid trying to cheat at playing pretend with his friends lol Conjuring stuff is definitely another thing that comes to mind when I think of unbalanced powers. Some kind of equivalent exchange is reasonable when making something like a weapon or some kind of creature to defend you, but just instant casting some behemoth without paying anything is just crazy.
  13. House Estella-Negra

    Designation: Noble House Name: Estella-Negra Etymology: Before the time of the coming of Gabriela DuGrace, a peasant man named Jericho was working on his farm when one fateful event befell him. In broad daylight, a beam of black light enshrouded him, filling his mind with dark, eldritch knowledge. It was from this that Jericho's life was transformed, now gifted with extensive knowledge of how to use La'Ruta, and a wealth of grim prophecies that turned his hair stark white. With this knowledge, he advanced himself to the point of establishing his own noble house, taking the name Estella-Negra in remembrance of the mysterious occurrence that transformed him. When he died, he left behind all his prophecies, a cornucopia of difficult to understand information that only reveals his true purpose as the prophecy comes true. Moniker: The Pale People of Orisia Heraldry: A black star with a golden skull inside of it in a white field. Hierarchy: House Estella-Negra is a classical patriarchy, where the acting Lord holds power over all decisions in the family and organization. Founder: Jericho Estella-Negra Current Leader: Esteban Estella-Negra Members: Selena Estella-Negra, wife of Esteban Estella-Negra Samuel Estella-Negra, last surviving child of Esteban and Selena Estella-Negra General: House Estella-Negra is a loyalist faction dedicated to the service of the royal DuGrace family. They have made their fortunes in the trade of importing and exporting, making sure the flow of goods runs smoothly in Orisia. Ships regularly leave the port in Izabal, where the majority of their business is conducted. A secondary business that is run by House Estella-Negra is an active trade in the raising of living tributes and actively collects blood to be sold as well to passing vampires and vampyres. By using the passed down knowledge of Jericho Estella-Negra, they are able to not only preserve the blood for extended periods of time, but are also able to spice it with various herbs, making it more appealing to their clients. Such practices have landed them much favor among the other vampire families on the island, though it has also caused some deal of ire from the human factions as well. This is where they earn their nicknames as the Pale Ones, as their consistent donations leave their skin pale and near sickly. Another of their darker practices is the using of La'Ruta to revive the fallen bodies of their fallen members to continue their service. When revived the fallen members are known as siervo por siempre. These bodies no longer have a soul inhabiting them, but retain enough of their minds to perform simple tasks like cleaning, cooking, farming or guarding. The skin becomes deathly white, the blood turns black, their veins visible through the skin as it turns black, their eyes turning all black as well. Unable to feel pain or other emotions, they make perfect workers for their masters as the magic removes their ability to resist any orders given to them by a member of House Estella-Negra. It is advised never to feed off of a siervo por siempre as their blood has become toxic from the transformation. When a member of House Estella-Negra dies, they are interred in the crypt below their ancestral home. This crypt serves as a place where either the skulls of the deceased are kept or their ashes if the skull is too damaged for safe keeping. Location: They have major holdings in the city of Izabal, including a secluded manor some miles away in the countryside. Affiliations: — Allies: DuGrace family — Enemies: — Neutral Parties: Establishment: Casa De La Condenados: A gothic manor built upon the bones of their ancestors, Casa De La Condenados is a somber place where House Estella-Negra resides. Four stories high, this massive home was once a place of splendor and joy, but in recent years it has fallen into a state of disrepair and disillusionment. Agenda: Our Duty is Eternal. House Estella-Negra is dedicated to the advancement of the Orisian people and for the continued reign of House DuGrace. Secretly they also work diligently in fulfilling the prophecies of their founder, Jericho Estella-Negra. These prophecies are dark, difficult to understand and has been known to reveal unfortunate tidings for the family. The final and most unsettling of his prophecies is the secret that will be revealed once the last of the Estella-Negra has died and has been buried within the crypt. Operations: — Ongoing: — Completed: — Abandoned: Historical: Background: Recent Events: