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  1. Grubbistch

    What is a Wizard without his Wand?

    As the feast began, Luis enjoyed the time spent with Priscilla, engaging her with conversation while they ate. Tonight was a special night for all of them, and Luis couldn't think of spending that time with anyone but his girlfriend. "I know meeting my father for the first time wasn't pleasant, but I'm pretty sure meeting my mother will be a lot better." For them to be closer as a couple, he wanted to make sure that she was close to his family as well. He wanted to make certain that she felt like she was part of his family, just as much as he wanted to feel like he was a part of hers. Unsurprisingly they were visited by the Lord and Lady Uldwar, who were both wearing their finest for the event. "My dear son, this is a tremendous day for you." Cassandra said, looking first to Luis and then to Priscilla. "Excuse my rudeness, I am Lady Cassandra Uldwar." She curtsied, then said. "It is wonderful to see you both having fun. Perhaps we can have dinner sometime at the keep?" "Maybe during the off days, once we get back from the South Seas." Luis said, eating a slice of ham as his mother tried to suppress a feeling of shock. "I'm sorry, where are you going to?" She asked somewhat incredulously, uncertain if she heard them correctly.
  2. Grubbistch

    The Black Anvil Hymn [ OOC ]

    I did it!
  3. Grubbistch

    The Black Anvil Hymn [ Hub ]

    Godric had to admit, his palms were getting sweaty, as was the rest of his body. "At least doctors would try to comfort you before they butchered you." Even with their abominable bedside manor, the form lord had to trust they wouldn't kill him. His mind stayed focused on seeing Ioreth again as a full man, able to stay with her and actually contribute to her business. Without this surgery, he might as well be an invalid, worthless and no better than garbage. "Look just...if I do end up uh...not making it. There's a letter in my room at the Crocksford Inn, written just for Ioreth. Please make sure she gets it, all right?"
  4. Would it be possible to create some kind of psionic virus that spreads out through the mental connection of the hiveminds and kill them or incapacitate them in some way?
  5. Grubbistch

    There's Oil in these Jungles!

    "We can't get caught up in a coup for this mission, it would be too much of a risk to our own forces." Lord Uldwar demanded possession of those oil fields, and it would surely be the gallows for him if the knight returned with such a report. There was always an alternative to these situations, he just had to figure out what it was and quickly. Suddenly, he realized just what he needed to do, but didn't like it in the slightest. "I think I know how we can make him chief, but it's going to be dangerous." Once again he approached the bugbear, who was sitting by the fire, licking his lips in anticipation of his succulent dinner. "Grugga" Sir Gerald called "We know how to make you chief without killing the other one." For a moment Grugga was dismissive of what the knight had to say, then he was confused by it, then he was angry that he had to talk to someone beneath him to get an answer. "How you do that?" Part of Gerald wanted to smug at the anger the bugbear was feeling, but he understood that mockery wasn't going to get him what he needed. "I am guessing your chief has a lot of trophies, right?" Nodding, Grugga tried to tell them.exactly how many, but didn't have enough fingers or toes, so he grunted and said. "Chief has many trophies, he kills lots of things, that what make him chief." "Is there anything your chief can't kill?" After a moment of thought, the bugbear answered with the one thing Sir Gerald knew was tough enough. "Chief no kill land shark. Land shark nearly kill chief, give him big scar on his belly. Grugga would have killed chief then, but chief hid in tent until he was better." "What if YOU were to kill a land shark, and bring it's skin back to your clan?" "Then I be chief, but land shark too strong. Much easier to kill chief." After a sigh of frustration, Sir Gerald continued. "That's why you will have help, with both myself and our field guide. Together, we can have a solid chance against it." Grugga thought for a moment, something he didn't like doing, and nodded. "Okay. We fight land shark. Try not to ruin shiny armor when land shark eat you, Grugga want." For a second Gerald thought the bugbear might laugh, taking the accusation as a joke. He was all too serious when he took a leg off one of the pigs and began eating it.
  6. Grubbistch

    Symposium Against Doom

    Shock was painted clear on the elf's face, his body nearly trembling at the thought of these hive minds obtaining the ability to match such powerful entities of nature. How would they possibly survive against such power? When the baton came to him, he said clearly. "Then we must do whatever we can to stop this menace in it's tracks, and I believe part of that is trying to bring the other sentient species into the fold of Terran society. We should form a task force with the purpose of reaching out to those that live in the wilderness and to bring them in to our civilization. With all these threats, there has never been a more dire need for us all to stand united to face these issues together." Once more he released the baton.
  7. Grubbistch

    The Black Anvil Hymn [ OOC ]

    Crap my bad. I'm on it.
  8. Grubbistch

    Big Pond, Little Fish.

    No problem. Let me know when you come up with something and I'll throw you a link.
  9. Grubbistch

    Darkness and Havoc [Apocalyptic Event in Ceyana]

    No he got thrown by the blast. Dux Gravis offers his condolences
  10. Grubbistch

    [Event] Darkness and Havoc - Illyria Arrives

    It was in his sincerest belief, that explosions were the most dastardly of maneuvers when engaging one in combat. The trust between them was ultimately broken, and Sanguine could honestly say that he was dismayed by the devious attempt on his unnatural life. Caw! Caw! "While I abhor your choice of words, I must agree to their use." Dux Gravis could curse worse than sailors when he wished to, but that was not his immediate concern at the moment. Having been flung violently forward by the force of the sacrificial Annular, the twice dead vampire rose from the ground to regain his senses. Smoking holes dotted his cloak, showing where the pieces of molten flesh burned through fabric, but could not quite penetrate his armor. Bones were likely broken from the impact, but those were not going to impede his ability to do battle. All he needed was the will to do so, which he had in good quantity. "I do not seek your forgiveness." He said plainly. "Only your death." Caw! With that he dashed forward, sword at the ready as he engaged the deity of destruction and chaos. As before, his style was to fight in the shadows, to deny Havoc a clean shot at him, always moving to get away clean and to attempt another attack elsewhere. Unfortunately for the vampire warrior, he found his opponent possessed a greater level of skill than he, and every attack was met with a devastating counter. In this, he began to feel a sense of dread bubbling in the pit of his stomach, prophesying his downfall at the hands of this malicious entity. Caw! Caw! Caw! Even his dear friend Dux Gravis could not lift his spirits. The best advice given was not close enough to even land a blow Havoc, further compounding the hopelessness of the situation. Perhaps his true death was awaiting him here on this island after all...
  11. Grubbistch

    Heaven's Light

    To betray the trust of the woman who looked up to him nearly broke his heart, but Sir Gerald knew it to be the right thing to do. Change was a difficult process, one that will require a great deal of work, and many a night feeling the full weight of what one has done. In the end, he hoped beyond all hope that the end result will be worth the effort. For now though, he would keep his mind set on spending a good day with this woman. What could it be though that he could show her unique to his own experiences? "If you'd like I can still show you how to fish. Worse case scenario we spend a pleasant time on the water." The weather was already wonderful, and the waves were calm for the moment. To not fish at such a serene time would be the true travesty to befall them. Fortunately, Lady Marina was still willing to go with him and so they left the glen to venture forth towards the shore. After a small detour back to Gerald's abode (as his current inventory and attire did not support fishing very well) they arrived at the shore where a small boat awaited them. His clothes were simpler, with the jewelry and fanciful additions removed so they wouldn't be lost to the sea, leaving the elder knight looking more of a commoner than a warrior. Only by the musculature of his body and the stance he wore betrayed him as a man of military upbringing. "Here it is, our vessel for the day." Smiling, he relaxed himself as he helped Lady Marina onto the boat, then pushed off before entering himself. The boat was simple, with a cabin underneath and a sail bringing it to motion, the size itself able to seat five comfortably. "My father's ship was much smaller than this, but he could always get the most out of the ocean when he put his mind into it. I still remember the feel of a net in my hands, the rocking of the ocean and the salty wind on my face. Those were truly the days." Even after all this time, Sir Gerald had not lost a step in steering the craft where he wanted. The wind was good to them, and he was able to drift off for a moment in silent thought, looking at her when he didn't think she knew, cherishing the feeling of her hand on his. Marina was stealing his heart, he realized after a moment, and he didn't even mind it a little.
  12. Grubbistch

    Big Pond, Little Fish.

    I have an open thread you can join if you wish to adventure through old ruins in the middle of a jungle with a werewolf stalking about and other such pitfalls if you would like to join.
  13. Yeah I'm pretty sure my next stop is getting tortured/experimented on by a bunch of Gaian priests so I figured it was an acceptable trade.
  14. Aurelia Sunchaser may do her next piece on this summit. There's a high chance there's be a lot of truth embellishment and veiled accusations of the salacious sort.