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  1. Grubbistch

    Breaking News in Ursa Madeum!

    In a shocking turn of events, the story of Lady Merida’s once-secret, now-infamous kidnapping has concluded in a fashion guaranteed to surprise and disturb you. Just over seven days ago during the new holiday of Reverie, Lady Merida Spiderwalker was kidnapped by unknown parties while participating in the celebratory maze event being held by Emperor Titus. Plucked from the Emperor's very own estate! Evidence quickly began mounting which pointed to Luis Uldwar, third eldest son of Oscar Uldwar, Lord of Port Mars and fugitive, as the perpetrator of this crime most foul. Imperial investigations didn't begin until almost a full day after the kidnapping when the Wyrmalker Dali intelligence arm released a public statement to the effect of the Lady's kidnapping and considerable effort expended to find the culprits and secure her release. Top investigaters outside of Dali made little progress, unable to locate either the Lady or her kidnappers, until Lady Merida appeared back on the isles out of nowhere. She was found battered, malnourished and mutilated in a small town near the southern end of the Free Marches, led to the burg by two strangers identifying themselves as Pale Shade and Dark Shadow. These strangers, dressed in black and white cloaks and masks, were reported to have saved the noblewoman from two fisherman working under the orders of Luis Uldwar. Pressure was mounting on House Uldwar, an already poor sentiment plummeting further still when the accused young Lord was seen fleeing Port Mars with Fatesbane, a family heirloom handed down since the beginning of the House, in his possession. Godric Uldwar, the estranged son, returned after many months away, now married to Lady Evienne Goldcourt Dali, removing Lady Mia Uldwar from her seat of power and declaring all necessary actions would be taken to find his younger brother and turn him over to the authorities. Things couldn't possibly get any stranger than that, and yet they did when officials at House Dali, quiet during all this, released a sudden statement indicating they found the true villains. Previously thought dead by execution, the twins Ursula and Marcella Descartes, had resurfaced to put an end to a blood feud between their kin and its ancient enemy, House Uldwar, by implicating them in the kidnapping and torture of Merida Dali. The twins were apprehended on the Dali estate when they attempted to carry the guise as Merida's guardians, rather than her personal demons, but were quickly identified. Far from being a criminal, Luis Uldwar's voluntary testimony (according to Wyrmwalker reports) proved instrumental in confirming the identity of the twins, after which Wyrmwalker interrogation techniques succeeded in confirming the rest of the details. The twins not only confessed to the kidnapping and torture of Merida, but the murder of two local fisherman, conspiracy to outrage public decency and effect public mischief, and conspiracy to murder in the first, second, and third degrees. Medical examiner reports confirm the health of the twins during their continued detainment on Dali grounds, and vouchsafe for the humane conditions expected of any prisoner. With the real culprits caught and Merida's weeklong harrowing journey come to an end, Ursa Madeum can rest easy knowing that two more murders have been brought to justice. What House Dali will do to these prisoners has yet to be announced. Written by: Grubbistch Edited by: supernal
  2. Job hunting is still going rough. I had no idea how many people were hunting for the same bloody bank jobs I was. So that in itself is quite frustrating, I guess is the more polite term for it. 

  3. Grubbistch

    [Alethea] One Bad Day...

    "Not more tricks." She promised, pulling up her own shirt, revealing the leather bra beneath before tossing it aside with her belt. "All I want is you, so very much so." Lifting her partner up, she placed her onto the counter, spreading her legs before pushing back skirt and looking at her with hunger. "Does this seem like a trick?" (Time skip imminent)
  4. Grubbistch

    There's Something Strange Going on in Andelusia

    All right folks here it is. Left it open ended for you guys to put in your own personal touch in regards to how you join in on this quest of ours. If you have any questions let me know and I'll be happy to answer them.
  5. ᏔᎻᎬᎡᎬ ͲᎻᎬᎡᎬ ᏆՏ ᎠᎬՏᏆᎡᎬ, ᎬᏙᏆᏞ ᏆՏ ᎪᏞᏔᎪᎽՏ ᎪᎡϴႮΝᎠ ͲᎻᎬ ᏟϴᎡΝᎬᎡ, ᎡᎬᎪᎠᎽ Ͳϴ ͲᏔᏆՏͲ ᏆͲ ᏆΝͲϴ ͲᎻᎬ ᏔϴᎡՏͲ ᏙᎬᎡՏᏆϴΝ ϴҒ ᏆͲՏᎬᏞҒ. Three days ago… AHHHHHHH!!! Guards rushed to the scene, breaking down the door, only to find they were too late. “What in the blazes happened here?” It was so terribly dark that they couldn't see who had made the noise at first, but as they brought their torches closer, they could see the true horror illuminated by the orange light. While the rest of the house was untouched, the bed sheets of the meager bed were thrown about wildly, and a chaotic mess laid about the bed proper, with pillows strewn about. From various angles one could see an arm or a leg sticking outwards from the tangled pile of fabric, but staring straight at them with lifeless eyes was the victim herself, frozen in a state of lethal fear. “How the hell does someone get scared to death?” Asked the guard, looking in shock at the terrifying Visage that seemed to follow him wherever he went, but surely couldn't. “Whatever did this, we have to try and figure it out before it hits again. Get the mortician, I’ll secure the area and flag down any other guards that pass by. Nobody needs to see this.” Grateful that he didn't have to stay with the body, the other guard left, making it only one living occupant currently inside the house. “Dying like that...I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.” Now… Even with the passage of time, there was not much progress to be made in cracking the case of Amelia Silverheart’s death. Word had begun to spread throughout the islands and beyond of this peculiar tale, a woman dying of fright in the middle of the night. Such a spectacle used to he reserved for the frightening tales told to children to keep them behaved, yet now it has become all too real in this the grand capital of Ursa Madeum. What is one to do but reach out for outside help in order to bring about a conclusion to this horrifying crime? Since the mortician had finished their work, the crime scene itself had already been cleaned up, with the body of the fair servant woman still held in custody until it was time to commit her to the earth. In that time, the job of discovering the truth was up to a man named Maximilian Bridgeport, a man who had just risen to the rank of investigator, and in that time was stuck with this impossible quest. After going through the evidence, what little of it they had, he had concluded it was more than just a mystery, it was an enigma wrapped up in a riddle and swallowed up by a damned quandary. Unless he figures out something soon then he'll lose this job as soon as he acquired it. Sitting at his desk, he wondered the best means of which to contact the necessary help to solve this crime. People needed incentive, which usually meant money, and that could mean quite a bit of nasty elements could show up to collect on it. Unfortunately he didn't have much choice, and so would simply roll the dice and hope for the best. On the bright side he could at least not have to keep worrying about it for a while, seeing as how it had become more and more difficult to sleep after witnessing such a gruesome death. Getting up to his typewriter, he began to write the missive that would be handed out and pinned to various community boards throughout the kingdom. It had to be concise, passionate and to the point, he figured. After several attempts, he finally found the right message to send. Removing the paper from the device he began to read it, smiling as he did so out of satisfaction. Ꭺ ᎷႮᎡᎠᎬᎡ ᎻᎪՏ ᏴᎬᎬΝ ᏟϴᎷᎷᏆͲͲᎬᎠ ᏆΝ ϴႮᎡ ᏟᏆͲᎽ ϴҒ ᎪΝᎠᎬᏞႮՏᏆᎪ. ͲᎻᎬ ᏟႮᏞᏢᎡᏆͲ ᎻᎪՏ ᏴᎡႮͲᎪᏞᏞᎽ ᎷႮᎡᎠᎬᎡᎬᎠ Ꭺ ᏟᏆͲᏆᏃᎬΝ, ᎪΝᎠ ᏔᎬ ᎡᎬϘႮᏆᎡᎬ ᎽϴႮᎡ ᎻᎬᏞᏢ Ͳϴ ᎪᏢᏢᎡᎬᎻᎬΝᎠ ͲᎻᎬᎷ ᏆΝ ͲᎻᎬ ΝᎪᎷᎬ ϴҒ ᎫႮՏͲᏆᏟᎬ. ᎪΝᎽ ᏆΝҒϴᎡᎷᎪͲᏆϴΝ ͲᎻᎪͲ ᏴᎡᏆΝᏀՏ ͲᎻᎬ ᏢᎬᎡᏢᎬͲᎡᎪͲϴᎡ Ͳϴ ᎫႮՏͲᏆᏟᎬ ᏔᏆᏞᏞ ᏴᎬ ᎡᎬᏔᎪᎡᎠᎬᎠ ᏔᏆͲᎻ ϴΝᎬ ᎻႮΝᎠᎡᎬᎠ ᏀϴᏞᎠ ᏟϴᏆΝՏ, Ͳϴ ᏴᎬ ᏢᎪᏆᎠ ᏆᎷᎷᎬᎠᏆᎪͲᎬᏞᎽ ႮᏢϴΝ ᏟϴᎷᏢᏞᎬͲᏆϴΝ. ᏢᏞᎬᎪՏᎬ ᏆΝϘႮᏆᎡᎬ ᏔᏆͲᎻ ᏆΝᏙᎬՏͲᏆᏀᎪͲϴᎡ ᎷᎪХᏆᎷᏆᏞᏆᎪΝ ᏴᎡᏆᎠᏀᎬᏢϴᎡͲ ᎪͲ ͲᎻᎬ ᏔᎬՏͲ ᎪΝᎠᎬᏞႮՏᏆᎪΝ ᏀႮᎪᎡᎠ ᏢϴՏͲ ҒϴᎡ ҒႮᎡͲᎻᎬᎡ ᎠᎬͲᎪᏆᏞՏ. ҒϴᎡ ͲᎻᎬ ՏᎪᏦᎬ ϴҒ ͲᎻᎬ ՏᎬᏟႮᎡᏆͲᎽ ϴҒ ϴႮᎡ ᏢᎬϴᏢᏞᎬ, ᏢᏞᎬᎪՏᎬ ᏟϴᎷᎬ ҒϴᎡͲᎻ ᎻᎪՏͲᎬ ᎪΝᎠ ᏀϴϴᎠ ᏞႮᏟᏦ Ͳϴ ᎽϴႮ ᎪᏞᏞ Nodding solemnly, Maximilian handed it in to his people, ordering the documents be placed all over the islands. Hopefully, they would find the help they needed to put this mystery to rest.
  6. Grubbistch

    Now it's a Corpse Party (OOC)

    I'm cool with continuing it. I'll get started on the next post soon.
  7. Grubbistch

    Now it's a Corpse Party (OOC)

    Sorry about that. Kinda got away from me. If you want we can continue
  8. Grubbistch

    General chat thread

    Jokes on you it was a complete success. Now to go onwards to beautifying my posts from now on!
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    General chat thread

    ƭεรƭเɳɠ, ƭεรƭเɳɠ
  10. Grubbistch

    [Alethea] One Bad Day...

    When she grabbed onto her shirt, Olandra felt a fire begin to spark within her chest. Through her direction, the two went into said kitchen, where she could feel her vulnerability bare itself so openly and absolutely. She wanted to say she was sorry, but her pride refused it. Instead, she took the younger girl into her arms and dominated Esma's mouth with her own. It was a long embrace, sweetened by the passion shared between their lips, the smell of alcohol shared between them. Whether it was right or wrong didn't matter at that moment, all that did matter was the here and now, Olandra thought, undoing the clasp upon her belt with one hand.
  11. Grubbistch

    [Alethea] One Bad Day...

    As soon as the door opened, she had caught sight of the little gypsy girl as she came in for a drink. Olandra knew many places where she could drink without catching sight of Esma again, and yet she came here anyway, where she knew the teenager would eventually end up. Now she was at the bar, ordering a drink, sliding a coin towards the bar man- "Pretty girl like you shouldn't be buying her own drinks. Allow me." Her ears twitched at that, and part of her felt as if she were actually...angry. Why? There was no reason for her to feel angry that she had found some pathetic little man to be a companion for the night. Olandra thought for a moment though that the girl preferred well...girls, but it wasn't out of the ordinary for someone her age to not know what they wanted. Such thoughts made the elf wonder what she really wanted, though honestly she couldn't answer that honestly herself. She didn't realize how long she had been staring at them, until Esma turned her head in the elf's direction. Those eyes, so hollow and lifeless, they unnerved her deeply. Before she even knew it, she was walking over to them, grabbing the man's hand as it searched the inner regions of her thigh and twisted it painfully. "Get out." She commanded simply. "What the hell is wrong with you?!" He asked. "I don't like your face." Her own expression was enough to send the man running, with Olandra taking his seat. "Bar man, I want a room." "Uh...we don't have rooms, but uh...I got a kitchen that's empty right now." She threw him a satchel of coins, then looked to Esma, unsure of what she was even going to say, but the words came out regardless. "I want to take you in that kitchen, and make you writhe until sun up. Do you want it, or do I have to trick you this time, too?" Her face was flushed, heart beating out of control, all of the walls she had up to protect herself from these situations were crumbling in mere seconds. Whether it was genuine desire for her or some twisted sense of ownership over this lonely wanderer she had manipulated but saved twice so far, she didn't know, and she didn't care. Passion came in like an unstoppable force of nature, and for now had a tight grip on the reins of her actions.
  12. Grubbistch

    [Alethea] One Bad Day...

    There was no denying the truth in her words. She had used her in a terrible, wretched way that was beyond recuse. "There was no other choice. Blood Crow only goes after beautiful maidens, and you just happened to be the only one in the city not repulsed by me." Going over to the corpse, she removed an amulet that was hidden within his feathers around the neck. "Go on then and hate me, it's what I deserve. I won't deny what I did was ugly, but I am an ugly person, so it is only appropriate." Turning back to her, she took out a small pack and threw it to her. "Your clothes, plus your cut of the bounty. Forget about me, Esma, your life will be better that way." Blinking away her own tears, she began to walk back to the inn, wanting to rest and drink away her troubles.
  13. Grubbistch

    [Alethea] One Bad Day...

    The laughter, the crying, it was too much for her. She could not kill her like this, not when she was just...breaking down in front of her. Cursing in her native tongue, she put the dagger back in its sheath, getting up so that Esma could rise again. Olandra was many things, but she didn't feel she could cross this kind of line, to be that kind of killer. "You do not deserve death, not by my hand, at least."
  14. Grubbistch

    [Alethea] One Bad Day...

    "What was that?" She asked, hesitating for a moment as the foreign words tumbled out of her mouth. It was easy to kill those who angered her, there was never any confusion when two people were locked in utter rage. Once the dust had settled, it was even easier to let go, to move forward as the only living person in the exchange. Esma though...was crying, but why? "What did you say?"
  15. Grubbistch

    [Alethea] One Bad Day...

    Her smile soon turned to a hateful frown as she was sent back by the force of the punch. "Ungrateful little tramp!" She responded with a mean back hand to her face, bringing her to the ground. Pouncing on her, Olandra drew her dagger and put it to her throat. "I should have let that minotaur end your miserable little life!" Their faces were just inches apart, and she had half a mind to open up her throat like a pig. "Tell me why I shouldn't do it, tell me!"