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  1. It was a good day in Genesaris, which usually meant something bad was on the horizon. When it came to the city of Alethea, the danger was always closer than it seemed. In the days that follow this event, many would question how such mundane actions lead to such a spectacular conclusion, but in truth, the violence was always just one action away from exploding outwards. Hate had that effect on people, unfortunately... "Sorry, but if you can't pay the tax, you can't get on." The guard said, barring the minotaur from accessing the large vehicle being used as public transportation. He was a stern man, and wasn't about to allow free loaders onto the magitech vessel, especially a non human. "Please." She begged. "I have to get to my job quickly or else they'll fire me. My husband is injured and we have no other means of paying our rent." Dressed in the clothes of a laborer, she looked as if she made her living doing work in a factory. Hard work indeed to support a family in need. But the guard would not be swayed. "That's not my problem. Now either cough up the five hawks or you can start hoofing it." From the look in his eyes, the slur was not an accidental slip of the tongue. @Dmitry
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