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  1. Grubbistch

    There's Oil in these Jungles!

    Things were silent during their trek through the jungles, the sounds of various animals ringing out around them. With all the equipment needed to be transported with them, their speed wasn't as quick as Sir Gerald would have liked, but there was nothing to be done about it. Evert piece of machinery being pulled by the oxen was vital in the discovery and extraction of the oil hidden within the ground. It was his sworn duty to fulfill the mission given to him by his Lord, and that was a duty he would not even think of abandoning. The one thing that was truly difficult about the journey was the heat. His brow was always covered in a sheen of sweat, his hand constantly going to his canteen for a drink of water. What he wouldn't give for snow, for a breeze of air, for rain at the very least, anything to cool down this wretched heat. Even wearing plate armor was impossible, having to be replaced with light chainmail and leather. While it didn't provide as much protection, it breathed somewhat, and allowed him a fuller range of motion for traversing the difficult terrain ahead of them. You never knew when you might need to move quickly to get away from something nasty out there... His thoughts were interrupted by a mosquito biting into the back of his neck. A quick smack ended it's life quickly, with his eyes spotting a stream just beyond a group of trees. Thirst tugged at him, with his canteen needing a refill anyway. "We will stop there for a moment to water the animals and rest. Once everyone is ready we will continue on with the journey." Every moment spent was inviting more danger to their group, but it was a necessary stop. Riding too hard will exhaust the horses and the beasts, leaving them stranded until more beasts could come here to replace them. Dismounting from his steed, he lead the horse to the stream as the others were doing, making sure it received plenty of water and taking a drink as well. "Drink up. The map shows there won't be another stream until after we've found the first oil field. Don't drink too much, because we won't be going back until we're done with our mission." Looking over to the two survivalists, he tasked them with their first mission of the group. "We'll need game to feed the men tonight, we don't need much, a couple of boars should do. Be watchful of what may be out there, bugbears have been spotted deeper in the jungle, but I plan on making sure our group skirts past their main stomping grounds." Goblinoids were always a difficult bunch to deal with, but he was confident the duo could evade the brutes if they were clever enough for it. Taking a drink of his canteen, he went to check on the equipment to make sure they were in good condition.
  2. Grubbistch

    What is a Wizard without his Wand?

    Luis sighed as he took a break from his work, sitting down on the floor to examine what he had so far. They were strong, with a crotch joining them at the top. If everything goes well, it'll be able to hold the rest of the golem without toppling over. Looking over to what Priscilla was doing, he couldn't help but smile at her natural talent. "You really are pretty good at this, ya know?" Priscilla had a grasp on mana greater than that of the young lord, and was sure to upstage him in terms of craftsmanship. His best bet was to execute its design well enough to pass the exam. "It's almost like going against someone in a different league than me. Gaia knows I'll have a hard enough time not looking at you...and your golem, that is." Clearing his throat in a half hearted attempt at fighting back a blush, he wondered just how he was becoming so smitten with Priscilla. Was it her shyness that held promise of something incredible underneath? Was it her story which nearly broke the young lads heart in its sadness? Was it how comfortable he felt around her? Maybe it was that feeling he got when they touched, like electricity coursing through his veins and making his hair stand on end. It didn't matter what the reason might be, he had to keep focus, or else he was going to flunk out for certain. In an effort to change the subject, he tried talking about something else. "So...has your master taken you anywhere during your studies?"
  3. Grubbistch

    The concrete breaks [dali]

    Lord Mythal demanded explanations, reasons as to why they served under that madman for so long during his reign. As if there could be any other reason why someone worked for that monster besides under threat of death! "Listen here, Lord Mythal-" Before he could say something he might regret later, Cassandra spoke up and interjected before he could get another word in. "Damien was a monster who only understand violence. There wasn't a single soul who was safe from his wrath, not even our family." They had lost much during those dark times, uncles, siblings, even Oscar's father was not immune from his wretched wrath. Anyone who crossed him, anyone who even looked at that madman funny, were put to death in horrible and gruesome ways. His hands were drenched in the blood of the innocent, as were Oscar's. "Your anger is justified." Lady Uldwar said calmly. "You have every right to be angry at us." "At us?!" Oscar said suddenly, surprised at the position his wife was taking. "How are we to blame for their tragedies?" The very thought that he was to take the blame for things out of his control made his blood boil, his heart beating faster by the moment. "Wait, Oscar just stop!" She moved in front of him, right hand holding his left as it went for an empty space at his belt. Had they not agreed to leave their weapons at home, Lord Uldwar would have drawn his black sword, a gesture that would most certainly not have been appreciated in the company of a child. She prayed to Gaia Milo didn't see the movement, let alone understand what it meant had the family heirloom been in its rightful place. "We are not here to cast blame, only to take responsibility for what we were forced to do." "Everything I did was in defense of my family. I decided to not be selfish and stepped in line, I did my duty and I upheld my honor." Oscar spit, and Cassandra nearly wailed in despair as she thought of how inflammatory those statements were just now.
  4. Grubbistch

    Fire and the Flood

    Entering into the main ballroom of the manor, the Uldwars looked upon the grandiose scene of joviality and had their share of mixed feelings. Oscar still felt nervous about the whole affair, Cassandra was marveling at the gracefulness of the dance, and Illyana was on the lookout for a potential suitor. "We should locate Lord Mythal immediately, get this over with." Oscar said, his lone eye searching for the elf. Cassandra however, had other ideas on how they should spend their time. "Are you sure you do not wish to dance first, my dear? It's been so long since we have done something like this, surely Lord Mythal won't abandon his party once he catches sight of us?" She looked at him with hopeful eyes, pleading for a chance to be intimate with the one she loves more than anything in the world. After everything they had been through, how could he possibly deny her such a simple request? "You're right." He admitted. "We have come to him, and he shall find us soon enough." It was difficult for him not to feel nervous about this, but he had been feeling a yearning overtake him in regards to his beloved wife. When it came to matters of the heart, he was glad that love still won out in the end. Taking her hands in his, they joined in the great throng of dancers, stepping in tune with the music as they shared this moment together. Being so close to her, their chests touching together, Oscar could not help but to feel the love he held for her blossom into a rich feeling of joy. Every step they took wove the tapestry of their relationship, their commitment to making each other happy and to never let the other go. In a way it made his sadness even worse to an extent, for he knew that with this love they held, it made their possible future that much more dire. It was his ambition that was going to cause Cassandra's demise, and still he continued onwards to his goal of being king. Would he not stop until all of his family is in the grave? Meanwhile Illyana stalked the ballroom in search of one who could be her potential mate. There was a wide variety of men in attendance, but she cared not for the depth of their purses or the strength of their sword arm. All that was important to her was what resided in their heart, what made them tick, and most importantly, what made them good. Her mission has been and always will be the betterment of the people of Ursa Madeum, even setting aside her own feelings to find the most suitable person. If she was going to accomplish her goals, she needed someone who could champion her mission alongside her, to raise up the banner of peace and to show the world that there is another option besides bloodshed. It was the least she could do, for the people who have suffered so much in the wake of such a terrible monarchy.
  5. Grubbistch


    You're back! I'm so happy!
  6. Grubbistch

    Describe your character in one sentence

    Feurerkönig Raging titan of fire and metal, with a penchant for wholesale slaughter.
  7. Grubbistch

    Night of Terror [Knoles]

    Hopelessness began to grip the Deep One's heart as she once more failed to successfully attack the monsters. Terror flowed through her, turning her legs to jelly, her breathing rapid and shallow. Her wounds still burned terribly, making her feel as if she was about to burst into flames. "I can't do this..." She whispered, feeling the shame of her cowardice washing over her like a new wave of rain. "I'm sorry...I'm so sorry..." All her belief in the cosmic horror of the universe meant nothing now, only survival. Somehow she had found the strength to get up, the look over to the forest, and then to begin running. Fear was a powerful motivator, able to give her the energy to keep going, and to never stop until she was out of that town full of monsters.
  8. Grubbistch

    [OOC] Night of Terror - Knoles

    Yes I will be working on that now.
  9. Grubbistch

    Die Hungrigen

    Name: Die Hungrigen General Height: 7 to 7.2 inches General Weight: 14 ounces Equipment: None Strengths: Lethal in large numbers, a thick carapace to resist damage and can fly up to the average speed of an insect. Weaknesses: Weak to the cold and in small numbers Life Span: Two years Origin: Borne from the dark reaches of the earth, in an unknown cave system in the Great North. Where can they be found?: Mostly in the ruins of Talix Engine where the Kriegschmeide is located. Other notes and abilities: Die Hungrigen are one of the only living creatures found in the area dominated by the Armies of Rage. They have a symbiotic relationship with the creations of the Kriegschmeide, cleaning the corpses of flesh so their skulls can be used for crafting more soldiers. While used to dead meat, they are more than willing to feast on living organisms.
  10. Grubbistch

    What is a Wizard without his Wand?

    With his notes ready Luis decided to give it a try himself, wanting first to construct the earthen base before moving on to the other parts of the Golem. Earth was by far the easiest element for him on this exam, but he was biting off a lot for what he wanted to do. Keeping the base stable was going to be a challenge, let alone legs with the strength to move and keep balance. With his wand at the ready, he began with his first spell. "Sulta Grodala!" Large piles of earth began to levitate from one of the urns. Traveling to the spot he desired, two piles began to form, creating the feet of the Golem. It was slow, at first, with his impatience causing him to make the legs asymmetrical, impossible to actually support the rest of the construct. Cursing under his breath, he went to check his notes again, wanting to make sure he was getting it right. Just as he thought, he rushed the process and got it wrong. Frustration was setting in, and so he took a few deep breaths to steady himself before making another attempt. Priscilla seemed like her spell casting improved when she exerted her emotions over her work, but he just couldn't take that risk. Every slip up meant the seal on his mana got weaker and weaker. "Sulta Grodala!" Flicking his wrist he started over, constructing the Golem from the top up. He was going to pass this exam, and he was going to do it without losing control.
  11. Grubbistch

    [A.N.T] Main Thread 1: The Arrivals

    After a few minutes Lady Uldwar returned to her husband, kissing him on the cheek and thanking him for waiting so patiently. "Without you I would be lost in such places, my darling." He said, smiling at her as they started walking back into the crowds, her arm looped around his elbow as they stayed at each other's side. Oscar could not help but notice how well his wife hid the evidence that she had been crying in the bathroom. Her cheeks were clean, her eyes looked well, and even her nose looked dry. Either she was very talented at making it look like she hadn't been crying, or she simply wasn't saddened in the first place. He rejected the possibility of the latter notion, knowing his wife too well too well to believe such a thing. Cassandra felt deeply about those that she lost during the reign of the Tyrant King, she would never disrespect their memory by using them to justify fake sorrow. "Oscar, do you see that man in the armor?" Lady Uldwar said, gently directing his one eye to the elder in plate mail. Sure enough it was him, the warrior priest known as Chastity. His exploits reached far and wide throughout Terrenus, even to a country put into a vice like grip like Ursa Madeum. Lord Uldwar had always seen the man as one of his personal heroes, and so he chose to approach and converse with him a while. "Hail, sir knight. Are things truly as dire in Yh'mi as I have heard about?" They were both familiar with the situation, keeping close tabs since the fall of Damien. Should the defenses fall in Inn'sth, Ursa Madeum was likely to experience the brunt of what was to come pouring out of there. All the political scheming in the world didn't matter when the monsters came knocking on your door. Such was the reason why they kept such a close eye on their neighbors to the north. @jaistlyn
  12. Grubbistch

    Named spells for Terrenus ft. you

    Oh no this is a ritual to create the humanoid constructs (the cloaked figures) who have these capabilities. If you want we can cut it down to a simple spell and say it requires a vial of mercury (I believe that's the element associated with memory, either that or Ginseng) as the material that's consumed during the spell casting.
  13. Grubbistch

    Named spells for Terrenus ft. you

    I shall choose perfect 24 hour fidelity and the cost is that the Cloaked Figures are reluctant to share the information because answering questions to them is a personal intrusion into their comfort zone. They are fine with trading information though, with the information being traded of equal or greater worth than the information they have, though they are willing to let you know how valuable the information is.
  14. Grubbistch

    Two If By Sea (Last Chance Raid OOC)

    Oh no Feurerkönig is still full evil, his relationship with Whispernight is more of vengeance/requiring the materials they yield to function. I would definitely be open to setting a trap of some kind for Jin, try to attack him and use him as a message for James or the Order or something.
  15. Grubbistch

    [OOC] Night of Terror - Knoles

    Riley is going to be fleeing the battle going south.