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  1. "Can you feel it? Can you feel the pain and the suffering wrought upon the land?" Godric sighed, looking outwards through a window where the sprawling Port Mars was humming with life. They would survive, they would grow, and they would be fine without them. "Brother, I know it feels difficult, but we can still try to rebuild." Godric always felt that Illyana was too soft, and he realized it was this softness that was yet another product of the curse. There is nothing that we do that is not influenced by it, Godric thought, even if it is something as noble as being a priestess. Night had come upon their forlorn household, the moon shining brightly as they gathered together for their meal. Everyone was here, Cassandra, Illyana, Luis, Erica, little Eric, even Mia was allowed to return, a sign of peace and unity in the family. All except for their father Oscar, and their dead brother Henry, every Uldwar was now under one roof to enjoy the fire of the hearth and the nourishment of a simple meal. What they didn't know was that this was all according to Godric's plan to once and for all, save Ursa Madeum from their cursed bloodline. "Thank you all for coming here tonight." Godric said. "Let us all raise a toast, for the future of House Uldwar." They agreed, raised their glasses and drank deeply before going in to their food. Godric waited to drink from his cup, wanting to see and make certain it worked as intended. First his mother dropped, then came Erica. Luis attempted to use his magic, but found his throat closing up too quickly for such things, falling out of his seat before expiring on the floor in a heap. Eric passed on shortly afterwards, Mia attempted to call for help, but Godric had already sent everyone away for the night, to give them privacy. She died with a look of anger upon her face that Godric found true to who she was as a person. Angry and filled with rage. "Brother..." Illyana somehow clung on, perhaps a product of her faith. "Why...? "We should have died a long time ago, sweet sister. I'm simply letting nature take its course and removing us from existence. Just let go, Illyana, it'll be easier that way." He sighed and watched her breathe her last, falling upon the ground. "One last life..." Godric sighed, closed his eyes, and drank deeply of his cup. He died before he put the glass down, it shattered upon the stone floor, marking the end of the Uldwar line for good.
  2. I'm sorry, but I'm dropping out of this thread.
  3. Sorry, but I gotta drop out on this. I can't keep going with the thread.
  4. Slipping in through the entrance was the easy part, getting to the control center was what was going to kill him. "Who the hell are you?" "Sound the alarm!" Shit. With one throw he took out the soldier trying to get to the alarm button, the knife sticking out of his head as he lay still on the ground. His comrade had the sense to open fire before Isaiah had the chance to throw another knife, forcing him to dive into the hall on his right. There was a sharp pain in his side, and after putting his hand on it, he found blood. Running through the corridor he recalled the set of directions he memorized from the floor plans. The plan didn't quite go right however, as there seemed to be more soldiers than previously thought inside the structure. Did they realize how important this place was in the siege? That didn't matter, he fought his way through as best as he could, and took out a fair number of soldiers along the way. Finally he burst through a set of double doors, barring it with both swords and groaning as he got to the controls. His blood loss was becoming critical, and he needed to get this done, or else his death would be for nothing. He pulled a lever, flipped a switch, and released the failsafe meant to stop the plant from overloading. There was only one thing left to do. Bloody hands took out the explosive device, wired to explode by a detonator. He collapsed to the ground, just as the enemy was trying to force their way in. Shaking, with shallow breaths, he pulled out the detonator, fighting back the feeling of blacking out, he frowned. "Damn...this really wasn't how I wanted to spend my last moments...should have asked for my payment up front..." He chuckled, and just as the enemy had broken through the door, he triggered the detonator, and his mercenary career ended in a glorious blaze of fire and death.
  5. It's just some stuff going on, it's all good. Just not taking on anymore threads is all.
  6. Sorry, taking my hat out of this ring.
  7. The feathers were intercepted, torn to pieces by shards of pure darkness. Each shard circled the air, then returned to the one who gave them substance. "So, it is you who has been preying upon these children." Jennifer stepped out from the shadows, the veil still covering her face. "You who would abuse their desperation and their sorrow, to further your own gains." More of the shadows gathered around her, swirling in a vortex of magical power. "That is unforgivable." Chains burst forth from the vortex, stronger than steel, wrapping themselves around the arms, legs and wings of the angelic being, while the shards formed a ring around its neck, pointing downwards. "You will tell me how to get the others back, or die for your crimes."
  8. Lancelot after he takes over the tower
  9. Is there any way to watch it without getting an amazon prime account?
  10. Maybe you could just plop down a randomly generated town and have someone play the defense while you strike?
  11. Days go by, and the village grows in breadth as the people begin to make a home within this place. It was important to begin efforts of agriculture so as to feed the people. Possums set to work on the best possible course of action, and plots of land are mapped out by the Armadillos to further coordinate the efforts. Darius sits upon his new throne, having taken the largest of the buildings as his new home. Though not as grand as the palace he was used to back in their city, it would suffice for now. "We need to focus on efforts on finding our way back to our true home. Assemble the scouts and task them this mission." "My king...are you so sure that we are even on the same planet? The last time the scouts went searching..." The advisor went quiet after feeling the glare from their king. "Yes...yes your majesty. We will send the scouts out once again, as you command." They left in a hurry, feeling more concerned than ever about their ruler. Was this the start of something terrible?
  12. "Effective." Jericho stated plainly. "Now we go forward." Onward they went, into the unknown darkness that pervaded this place, with hungry vines all over. In this place, there was no light, only shadows and death. Jericho was accustomed to this, and felt no qualms about entering. How did this happen? This plant has grown so powerful already, it was a true worry that it would become out of control in no time at all. He had to do something about it, but first he had to find Gabriela and make sure she was safe. Once that was done, then he could deal with the vines. "Watch yourselves. These vines will not hesitate to take the unaware, and I have no patience to rescue you."
  13. "Do you see how I have given to the people, even in the midst of confusion and madness?" Darius was more than proud of this accomplishment, he felt as if he had avenged whole scores of generations who had been slaughtered by these barbarians. Many souls can rest now that these murderers have been put down for good. Already repairs were being made to the village, all traces of battle being swept away like it never happened. His advisors were certainly impressed, and were reconsidering their worries about him already. Perhaps it was simply the stress of things, and when he was in a better mood, they could speak again about their situation. Surely he cannot still believe they are on the same planet as before. "Are you set upon using the dog men as slaves, my king?" One of his advisors asked. "Of course." Darius stated. "They will be at the very bottom of the Caste. No one will be allowed to touch them, or else they must be purified." He nodded. "That will be our justice to them." "Very good my king." "The people will love you for this, my king." "Your name will go down in history as the greatest king of all!" "Yes, yes." Darius said, soaking up their praise. "I am indeed a great king for our people."
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