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  1. "Oh gods, even the children are power hungry dicks."
  2. I'm excited to see how the other houses will react and interact with House Uldwar once it begins to splinter into these separate factions.
  3. Hmmm I think Ataraxy is gonna have to defer on it since it's his board and all, but if I recall correctly reality manipulation is against the mild powers rules but it's such a minor means of doing it i really don't know.
  4. Sounds like how Orks work in Warhammer 40K
  5. Grubbistch

    The Reverie Ball (Open Hub)

    In the time he had opened his eyes, Luis could feel the nigh unbearable weight of his actions in his heart, the horror of what he had wrought right in front of him, yet no one else could see. Where others saw a gnarled and ugly oak, Luis saw the undeniable proof of his sins, the act of patricide as plain as the eye could see, with him as the culprit. As he was escorted by the Dali woman, his skin was white like paper, nearly cold from fright, his heart thundering in his ears while his mind raced with accusations. They're going to find out, he told himself as Vesper dressed his wound, deaf her words, deathly afraid to respond besides a simple nod of his head. He had to stay quiet, he had to, or else his guilt would betray him, and he would blurt out every detail of his terrible crime for all the world to hear. If he confessed, then they would surely lock him away, and he would be branded a monster for the rest of his days, shunned by everyone he loved. No...it was better to stay quiet, he thought sullenly, push it down, and never speak of it again. Before he can register the change in scenery, his sister speaks, causing him to flinch somewhat. "What?" He said, confusion painting his face. "I have to get back to Misral. I am sorry, Lady Evienne, but there's so much at stake here, I have to hurry." Looking to Luis, she could not help but see her scared little brother, forced into a position he didn't want, tasked with making decisions he couldn't handle. "There is a chance I can transform House Uldwar into something different, something good, and if that's possible, I need to take that chance. Besides, I already have adequate protection." From the shadows came the sound of clinking armor, and the hound shaped mask of a Dog of War came into view. "Do you require my aid, Priestess Illyana?" "No, Sir Redford, I am okay right now." Looking to Vesper, she frowned at the state of her brother, but was thankful she was there to help him. "Please make certain Luis is back with our mother, I'll make certain to have Hanna sent here when I arrive, and send word to House Mythal to send Mia as well. Farewell, I hope to return to you as Matriarch of my House, and a better future." She left, continuing towards the docks, leaving Luis speechless. "Wait but...I..." By all accounts, the position of leader should fall to him, but did he truly want it? The power is yours Luis...don't let anyone stand in your way... "I don't want to leave." Luis said carefully. "The maze...yes, I'm...I'm supposed to participate...people are expecting me there, I can't miss it..." Dazed, but certain, Luis went back to the party, heart filled with shame, eyes close to bursting with tears. With any luck, an accident will happen in the event, and end his miserable existence before the guilt ate him alive. Suffer... @KittyvonCupcake @vielle @LikelyMissFortune
  6. Grubbistch

    Weaver's Training Grounds: New Construction

    Bringing up his arms, he blocked the kick, gritting his teeth from the pain. Taking the hit however was important, as it allowed him to go straight for the inside of her guard. Though he wasn't as fast as Kalmuli, he hoped that the element of surprise would give him something. Pushing away her leg, he went forward, his fist heading straight for her face. Just as she told him before, he changed the position of his wrist to reduce the chance of it shattering. This was for the people he cared about, he said to himself, feeling the stress take it's toll on his body. He wasn't the most athletic by far, but he was damned if he wasn't going to push forward until he couldn't go on.
  7. I as well am planning some high stakes drama with the Uldwar children, which I believe will benefit greatly if one of them were to receive an Oathblade, but as the magical lady said before me, no pressure.
  8. Grubbistch

    Weaver's Training Grounds: New Construction

    He ducked, moving to the side opposite of where her leg went to hook. For his counter, he threw two jabs into her side, back stepping to stay out of reach. His lungs were already protesting from the strain, but he didn't let that keep him from staying mobile. Sweat was building up on his forehead, his eyes staying on his teacher.
  9. Grubbistch

    Weaver's Training Grounds: New Construction

    Luis had to stop himself from groaning at the prospect of having to do this fight physically. Yet again he was reminded that this school wasn't entirely focused on honing one's ability to perform magic, but to sharpen their bodies as well. Taking a deep breath, he put away his wand, then took up a boxing stance, one that the knights had shown him at his father's request. A man's strength comes from more than just his muscles, Luis. The words of the veteran warriors came easily to him as he approached Kalmuli, careful to try and not present any openings. Patience, perseverance, courage, just a few of the many things which make a man who he is. Even his father had words to give his son, in an effort to try and encourage him, or perhaps to help him understand what it really all meant. There are going to be people who want to kill you, my son. They'll stop at nothing to do it, and many times have come close to doing so to me as well. Do you know how I beat them at every turn son? I fought harder than them, with each encounter I put everything, absolutely everything, into staying alive, because I had to. You have people who need you to do the same, Luis, never forget that. So long as you fight with everything in your spirit, even with bones broken, blood in your lungs and arrows in your flesh, you'll be unstoppable. Find what you want to live for, and focus on that. Slowly he approached, with arms up, fists clenched, eyes focused on the elf. Responding to her taunts was an easy way of letting his guard down, so he focused on keeping his breathing steady and his feet solid. If he had to go through a hundred fist fights just to learn magic, then so be it. He thought about Priscilla, about his family, about Archmage Ingrid, everyone who believed in him, and wanted him to succeed. Those were the people who he kept in his mind, and those were the people who he fought for, even when victory was all but impossible.
  10. Grubbistch

    News from Ursa Madeum

    Humanitarian or traitor to the people? That has been the question ever since Illyana Uldwar has made a public statement regarding some people's notions about what to do about the pirate menace in Ursa Madeum. Illyana Uldwar is the eldest daughter of Oscar and Cassandra Uldwar, as well as a fervent believer in Gaianism. When asked about the aggressive stances some of the other nobles have on the pirates who roam these waters, she had this to say. "To openly attack those attempting to escape persecution and genocide, as has been the history of Pirate's Cove since the reign of King Damien, without due process or a chance to pay back their debt to society is not only a demonstrable insult to the supposed human rights afforded to all men and women from the A.N.T. treaty, but a dark sign that evil behavior that should have been left behind in the Dark Times of the past will be condoned by the central leadership so long as it is directed against those who do not agree with the political powers currently leading all Ursa Madeans today." Many have found her courageous in this statement, others holding a belief that she is a sympathizer for the maritime marauders. This comes after her growing popularity through the widespread efforts being made to give aide to those affected by Damien's rule. Instead of attacking those that live on the fringes of society, Illyana Uldwar believes they should be embraced with open arms and open hearts. "Those with no other options will resort to villainy in order to survive. We as a society are to blame for the perpetuation of a lifestyle that requires one to become a pirate in order to make a living. If we were to offer amnesty and forgiveness to them, I believe enough pirates would put down their swords and start a new life, one where they wouldn't have to put their lives on the line in order to feed their families." This idea of absolution has not been received well by most citizens. Many people have felt firsthand what it's like to be at the business end of a gangplank, and so have denounced the humanitarian's ideals as naive and foolish. For now we will simply wait and see which side Emperor Titus takes on this debate, and whether or not even pirates deserve a second chance at life.
  11. Sometimes I feel like an ornery old man, who doesn't like company and is always muttering something angry under his breath. 

    1. Die Shize

      Die Shize

      Sometimes I feel like we are like minded souls when I read a message like that and think back to all those times we clashed horns of malt beer beside a roaring fire and ate red meat right off the bone like in one of those Peter Jackson films.

    2. Grubbistch


      Aye, cut from the same cloth most likely. It's one of those things where being a cantankerous codger is more preferable than a social member of society. A warm fire especially sounds lovely. 

    3. Die Shize

      Die Shize

      Maybe that’s why we both love dwarves!

  12. Grubbistch

    Weaver's Training Grounds: New Construction

    It wasn't his ideal choice, but if that was how it was going to be, Luis would roll with it. He could feel everyone's eyes on him, judging him for who he was, or maybe that was just the paranoia of being singled out. "Let's do this." He said, taking out his wand and taking position across from Kalmuli. There was this buzzing in his head, as if someone were trying to speak to him, but he couldn't make out the words. His arm itched where the seal was, and he felt that he understood what the noise in the background must have been. It was the curse that was trying to speak to him, to instruct him on how to fight, or perhaps inform him of spells he could use. Whatever it might have been, he was glad he couldn't actually hear it. Taking a deep breath, he brought to mind all the offensive and defensive spells he knew, especially any counter spells that could come in handy. Abjuration magic was always something that interested him, and he hoped it would do well for him today. "Ready when you are." He announced, trying to block out the pain in his muscles.
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    General chat thread

    Got it from this guy at fiverr for 17 dollars total. Check out this great work I’ve got from #fiverr https://share.fiverr.com/yakybpxf144
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    General chat thread

    Feurerkönig finally has art!
  15. There'll be no more Chase the Sun articles.