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  1. That sir sounds amazing. May I suggest perhaps a place called Alethea? It has a multitude of different races including humans like lizard looking dragonborn, bird people arrakoa, hyena people gnolls and so much more! This could be a great place for your character to arrive to, crash landing right in the middle of the city, causing quite the stir and experiencing all kinds of confusion as he lands in what seems like a world where humans and monsters are coexisting peacefully (to an extent) which could also give your antagonist a good place to take cover and track down your character, since it's very unlikely he would warrant any attention in a city full of nonhumans.
  2. Which is great for them as their long, sticky tongue is used for catching and eating insects.
  3. I've absolutely become obsessed with these adorable little things, it's just taken over my life right now.
  4. "Yes." Gao replied, scratching the bridge of his snout from the paper hitting his face. "I just came from Alethea. My name is Gao Hua, pleased to meet you." He extended his clawed hand, giving a toothy smile with his introduction. This was what he was hoping for with his visit to the city. "What's your name, if I may ask?" After the introductions were complete, he spoke of his business in the city. "I'm taking a small soujourn here in Mageside so I might learn more about magic and it's mysteries. Are you here on similar business as well?" The conversation seemed to be going well, he thought to himself, at least he hoped so. It was hard at times to gauge the reactions of non dragonborn facial features, but he was not discouraged from continuing. In such a large city, there were likely many other people willing to speak with him if he so wanted, which was a relief in a sense. "I noticed from your paper you might be visiting someone. Is this a friend of yours?" He waited a time, listening to her answer and nodding. "Interesting. Might I join you on this? My own situation in the city is tight, but I believe we can both benefit by working together on this problem. Surely she would not mind allowing both of us to use the Academic resources promised for the completion of this task, right?"
  5. Had she taken a sip out of her tea at that time, Mia would have surely spit it out in a display of sheer shock. How could she say such a thing? It wasn't just rude, it was downright inflammatory. What's worse was that she felt the second part of that question could actually be true. Her mother had all but abandoned them, taking their sister Erica with her on her mad quest to distance herself further and further from their family. "I...I wouldn't know what my father has done." She stammered, the corset making it difficult for her to breath. "He was very uhm...very loyal to his wife...he would never be unfaithful to her..." Would it really be so bad as to kill her? It wouldn't take much effort at all, she figured, she likely wouldn't even need to draw her sword. That weak, gossip monger neck could snap with just the slightest move, and then she wouldn't be able to tell anymore lies. While unable to take a deep breath, she did a silent count to ten, sipping her tea as she did so. "I hear there might be a cold front coming in soon. The islands may finally experience temperatures lower than sweltering." A weak, polite laugh, a desperate hope to keep the conversation away from her family.
  6. They took to flight, and suddenly it was like he found a new passion. Wind rushing through his hair, his adrenaline pumping as he followed the rest of the pack. "This is amazing!" He hollered, smiling through it all. He looked to Priscilla, waving to her as they both learned to fly.
  7. Sorry to hear that. What is the character? Maybe we can come up with something perhaps?
  8. Anyone ever seen a pangolin before? Beautiful creature, absolutely the cutest thing ever. I wish I could have one for myself they're just that adorable. 

  9. Battle was something he could handle, it anchored him, and no matter what was happening around him, it was the culture he was raised in that offered him the shield to his sanity. The pain ripped through him, and he responded in kind with his own attack, roaring with utter rage as his sword struck twice to attack the burning skeleton. During this time his wounds were already healing, the power of the wolf within keeping him in fighting shape so he could continue on with the fight.
  10. Oh that specific story came from I, Robot. Near the end of the book I believe. My favorite from that book was the story about the robot created to read minds and from there learned how to lie.
  11. Unfortunately no I only read I, Robot and most of the Foundation series.
  12. I think Isaac Asimov wrote about something like this. Where the machines became so intricately connected to our lives they were able to push out detractors in such a subtle way no one could detect their involvement, thus becoming the ultimate cabal in running the human race without us even knowing about it because the only people allowed to thrive are the ones who love the machines.
  13. Yes it appears I didn't understand it very well. I guess maybe I just got a bit hyperbolic when it seemed like our foundation as a country was being undermined.
  14. If you go by direct democracy, then only the areas with the highest concentrations of people will get a say in the government. They'll decide all the important issues that effect everyone in the country, which will cause harm to those who live in more rural areas that are sparsely populated. New York, Chicago and Los Angeles are going to become their own little kingdoms in their states, forcing the rest of the area to follow the law as they see fit, with only their urban lifestyle to guide them in their decision making.
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