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  1. The captain answered the door, grimacing when he noticed who it was. "Come in. I think we have a lot to talk about." Inside the room was a small table with four chairs at it. The captain of the ship, known as Olaf Griell, moved aside some maps and sat down at the table. After gesturing for Chinafel to sit across from him. "I need to know if that boy is safe. Yes, there are plenty of wizards out there likely more powerful than him, but I know of only one kind of wizard that turns a man to ash like that. The men are scared, and frankly, I am as well. Did you know that he could do something like that?"
  2. They were still traveling when Oscar awoke from his dreams, finding no success in trying to bring his flock together in the raging storm. While disappointing, he knew it such a thing required practice, and time was something that he had right now. Looking to the others, he asked about their progress while digging some dried beef from his pack. "We are making good progress, sir. Might just make it by nightfall." "Good." Oscar said. "Then we can focus on what we do from there. Have the men done their bleeding?" "Not yet, the men are still feeling somewhat hesitant to get started." "Then we should do so now, so they can see that it is safe to do so." After having his breakfast, he took turns with the other bandits, bleeding with them and showing them the power of the gift. It was a productive use of their time, one that Oscar used to think about his next moves. There was a chance they would have to continue moving, as to do otherwise might mean capture and subsequent exectution.
  3. Gerald kept silent as Mylorian spoke. Anger was something best left said without interruption. When at last he was finished, Gerald thought about what he had seen, and tried to fit the pieces together. "If I had to guess, it had to have been a merchant vessel of some kind. The ship looked empty, and from what I saw there weren't that many bodies in the water, ruling out a passenger ship. It may narrow the search if you check your records for any boats that were supposed to dock and haven't." With the waters as dangerous as they are now, it may not work as intended, but there was always a chance it would yield fruit. "We should inform the Karradeens of this as well. They will likely be tracking the movements of these pirates, and sharing details could help pinpoint the routes they take." As a warrior, his mind was always working to figure out the best means of defeating an opponent. "I will inform my Lord of this as well, he needs to know his daughter is safe." Mia began to move away, not wanting to hear anymore if what was going on. She already knew what would happen when her father heard of what was going on. He would warn Copperbeard, insert himself into the investigation, and use all the knowledge he gained to help the pirates evade capture. Then they would go on to kill more people, and the cycle would continue all over again. She could feel an anxiety attack coming on, the weight of this knowledge proving too much for her to handle. Darting down the hall, she didn't care if anyone heard her, all she wanted was to be away from this place, to be away from reality, to just find someplace the hide and forget the world.
  4. The ship arrived in Gold Harbor at midday, and Mia Uldwar stepped off with two footmen, who held a chest between them. She wore a simple ensemble of breeches, tunic, undershirt, belt, boots and gloves, with her Oathblade at her hip. With her hair tied up in a bun, one could easily mistake her for a boy instead of a woman. She was beautiful, in a sense, but she refused to try and be anything but what she believed to be a warrior. On her way through the streets, Mia ignored the looks of the people passing by. She knew they likely were confused by her looks and outfit, but she didn't pay them any mind, at least she tried not to. "Let's hurry, I don't want to keep her waiting." She said, her face becoming more and more frustrated as they traveled. Anger was always her blind spot, and she hoped beyond hope that she would be able to fix that with this plan. All her hopes at a successful political career was resting on Abigail Karradeens willingness to take her in. @Tyler
  5. At last they had reached their destination, and Dorian was eager to get this done with. It was important for everyone that this goes as planned. The Emperor and all the world must know that the various states of the Carmine Empire are united and able to band together. "Remember, no arguments, or there will be hell to pay for all of us." The human reminded the others. "I am ready." Selesia stated. "Let's do this." Brakka stated brashly. "Squelk loves this part! Hehehehehehehehe!" "I am most certainly willing to behave." Huang stated in a controlled manner. "Let's make quick." Squawk! "Much work awaits me in city." "May we all have peace in our hearts and balance in our minds." Morningside said nervously. Once more Zaross was quiet, feeling that words were not necessary in this moment. As a group they stepped forward, now standing at a respectable distance from the trio of royalty before them. "We of the city of Alethea, honor the rulers of Port Caelum and have come to present gifts to show them the true unity of the Carmine Empire." Dorian spoke with passion, with authority and with certainty. He approached first, presenting her with a bundle of cloth. Gingerly he peeled away the layers, revealing to Akako the horn of a minotaur. "This belonged to Raz-Nagore, the tyrant who sought to destroy us all with his oppression. In gifting this to you, we of Alethea pledge to defend your liberty and your freedom, to the last breath." Morningside felt the sting of old wounds opening, her head cast downward in shame over the actions of the dictator. As Dorian walked back to the group, Morningside walked her way forward, holding a cylindrical item in her hands. "For you, Regent, a symbol of what we minotaurs believe in, and have held onto since our birth." Letting it unfurl, the item was what looked to be a meticulously painted maze of stunning blues and greens and reds, all painted on narrow wooden planks that join together almost seamlessly, showing the intricate design of the decorative piece. "The maze is a representation of the struggles of life and the trials we go through in navigating them. May this humble gift to you, crafted by my mother and myself for many nights, help you in your journey through your own maze." Next came Selesia, who presented the Regent with a piece of jewelry crafted with care and skill. "A fitting necklace for such a wonderful and strong ruler. It is made with pearls farmed in cruelty free facilities, with gold that was only mined in conflict free areas and done so in a responsible manner that didn't harm the environment. May your rule be filled with nothing but positive changes for the world we all share." After Selesia there was Brakka, who held in his hands a peculiar looking bottle. "It is a bottle of our finest spirits, brewed on a full moon, and infused with powerful magic straight from the High Mother herself, who made me promise on my life that I would not drink a single bit of it." He chuckled, and bowed to her before making his way back to the group. "My turn, my turn!" Squelk demanded, giggling with glee as he presented what looked to be a toy figure of a woman, but cobbled together out of pieces of refuse and junk. "Skaven present pretty lady for pretty lady, no no, small pretty lady for big pretty lady, yes yes yes." By far perhaps one of the stranger choices within the emissaries of Alethea. Blood Talon came after Squelk, who did not notice the spell Huang had uttered behind his back, making his gift disappear into thin air. "For you, Regent, I present..." His hands reached into the pockets in his robes, turning up nothing and frustrating the arrakoan. Squawk! "I present to you..." Looking back, his face betrayed a look of murder straight at the Dragonborn as he realized who the culprit was. "We of the Dreadfeathers give you our blessing and wishes you a prosperous reign..." Squawk! With a smirk upon his face, Huang was next, presenting to Akako a beautifully jeweled orb made of glass. "We have designed this device to record conversations, and with just a little magic, will follow you as it floats through the air. We of the Consortium hope that your past can be as clear as your future." Finally it was Zaross' turn, who did not mind being last, for it did not share the same mind for politics as the others do. An indifferent, tone less voice spoke through the Antec. "I have no gifts of material goods to give to you. All Zaross has is an offer to help your city. If I am allowed to plant a nest beneath your city, then I will be able to maintain your infrastructure at one tenth the cost, as all these beings require is the minimum amount of food and water. It is your choice, Regent Akako."
  6. Haven't had a chance yet to get the rest of it but essentially he is an aspiring sorcerer hoping to acquire as much knowledge as he can in order to move up his position within the Consortium faction of Alethea. https://www.valucre.com/topic/42413-gao-huo/
  7. A hard days trek stretched into the night, giving Oscar much to think on. He had so many questions to ask of this strange presence that seemed to permeate his very being. Right now he was going blind, stumbling about, making plans and just trying to survive. There were commands, but they were few and vague. Is this what it meant to follow a god? Illyana would know more, but he doubted she would choose to actually speak to him about it. In his dreams, he searched for others, the wind whipping around him while dust covered every inch of his vision. While his eyes were impaired, he trained his ears to detect the sound of another's voice. Eventually, he did find others, who were wandering, aimless and confused. "Hello?" "Who's out there?" "Edgar! Is that you?" When Oscar opened his mouth, he found it reverberated with such strength, even the harsh winds of the desolate landscapes around him. Hear me! You are lost no longer! Follow my voice and you will find freedom! There was a chatter among the others, it was hard to distinguish what they were saying exactly. From what he could tell, they weren't willing yet to follow him. Come to me, my flock, and you will find your destiny!
  8. "I come seeking enlightenment and understanding." Illyana explained. "There are many differing religions in Terrenus, and I wish to understand them if there is to be a dialogue between the different groups. It's my hope to bridge the gaps between Gaianism and the other religions. Hopefully we can all try to live in a greater sense of harmony with each other." Hope was what kept her going on this journey, to try and understand this world better, to try and mend the broken places of this world, where people hurt each other with the best, or the worst intentions at heart. In our ignorance, we allow hatred and evil to breed. As Illyana spoke, Sir Redford was keeping his awareness spread out. Military life had taught him to be careful, and fighting in Yh'mi only heightened those instincts through the roof. Already he could feel the shadows closing in on him, the fire, the heat, it put his senses on high alert, causing the wolf within to bristle. Wars he fought, blood he had spilled, in the name of kings and lords he fought, and that was enough to bury the screams of the dead. Something about the numbing darkness of Yh'mi, how it caused a leak in the soul, and even when you left it's foreboding soil, it never leaves it's mark on you. At the sound of the little girl, Sir Redford saw it all play out, in all its bloody glory. His sword would leave it's sheath, separating the small head from her delicate shoulders. Then he would murder the elf, the blade cutting through the sternum, straight into the heart. In Yh'mi, you had to make certain every blow was the fatal one. After that, he would let loose the wolf and stand back so as to allow it to feast upon their- "Of course not, it would be wonderful to have her along. Isn't that right, Sir Redford?" "Hmm? Yes, that should be fine." Thoughts of violence and anger flooded his mind from time to time. Many soldiers knew it as the Burden, the stress upon the mind one takes on from battling for so long. It wasn't just that though, Sir Redford knew, the sickness went much farther, and in much darker places than that. Yh'mi had infected him with its darkness, and he knew not how to shake it from his core.
  9. Groaning, Luis got himself out of bed, yawning as he dressed and splashed water on his face. Today was going to be a good day, he told himself. They met at the beach, with Luis feeling excited, chatting a little with Priscilla before they were called to attention. His mind was still stuck on the meeting with the imp, but at least now he was going to have some fun. He always wanted to know how to fly, and today it was finally going to happen.
  10. Chaos erupted all around them, with Luis fighting for his life from the pirates who sought his life. Whether they intended on kidnapping him or whatever was being transported in the hold of the ship, they were determined to obtain what they desired. If Luis wanted to make it to Last Chance alive, he would have to fight. "Yargh!" A pirate roared, charging at the young wizard with murder in his eyes and a cutlass in hand. "Flare!" A bolt of fire shot out of his wand, striking the marauder in the chest and setting him ablaze. For a moment it looked like he was stunned, until he shook off the hit and attempted to run him through with the weapon. "Damn it." He said just narrowly dodging. Quit playing around and use a real spell! The words came to him immediately, and before he knew it, a new spell was being cast. "Peribit!" When the magic struck, and Luis discovered the horror of using such dark magic. "By Gaia’s Grace..." His screams caught the attention of the others, at first it looked like he was choking, as his eyes bulged and he clawed at his throat. Then the gray patch began to spread from his throat, growing all over and crumbling away, revealing itself to be ash. All anyone could do was watch in horror as both enemy and comrade was transformed into a tortured visage before them. When finally the screaming stopped, he looked to be a statue, a statue of ash and cinder. One of the pirates took a step towards it, and before he could even get close, it collapsed, spilling ash everywhere, practically choking Luis with it, as if trying one last time to kill him. "I didn't, I didn't mean to do that I just..." "Retreat!" The pirates called, running for their lives or else risk dying as their compatriot did. As quickly as they came, the invaders fled, all because of the way Luis had dispatched one single pirate. It was you or him, Luis. You chose the right thing to do. Luis couldn't hear him, all he could do was tremble in shock, covered in a dead man's ashes, feeling like a monster.
  11. Their work was done, and it was time for them to move on to their next hideout. With the wagon still in their possession, the bandits were able to transport both their ill gotten gains as well as the carcass of the knight Hornsfield. Though the journey would be slow, they have much to slow down any potential pursuit, and soon, as time went on, a new place for them to call home. "So you tainted the rice with your blood?" Asked one of the bandits. "Don't say tainted." Oscar said gruffly. "I blessed it, with the Gift of enlightenment." What they were doing was showing them a different perspective, one they could come to understand as the correct one. "Yeah, yeah, it's a gift. A strange one, I suppose." Oscar didn't like the undertones of doubt in the man's voice, but figured it would be fine to let it go for now. In time, they would be swayed. They would understand the importance of conforming, and how it would benefit everyone. If they continued to to reject the doctrine, however, then Oscar knew what had to be done. In this flock, dissent could not be tolerated. "How long until we reach the hideout?" Oscar asked of one of the bandits. "Two days, I believe sir. We have to move fast to put distance behind us and them." He said, gesturing towards the village. "Yes, for now." Oscar said, leaning back against the wagon, letting the sun beat down on his face.
  12. Yeah the crypto market can seem a lot like a stock market. A lot of the vocabulary matches up with each other from what I've seen. I view it as a means of expanding my portfolio while also learning about it, like when I got the Acorns app so I could learn more about the stock market. Man its really incredible how these little phone apps are providing an in to these complex institutions.
  13. Well personally I think it's a fairly good idea. A decentralized currency that you can send anywhere in minutes sounds pretty great. My only thing is like how will these different currencies be legitimate? What is it giving them value?
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