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  1. Oh that specific story came from I, Robot. Near the end of the book I believe. My favorite from that book was the story about the robot created to read minds and from there learned how to lie.
  2. Unfortunately no I only read I, Robot and most of the Foundation series.
  3. I think Isaac Asimov wrote about something like this. Where the machines became so intricately connected to our lives they were able to push out detractors in such a subtle way no one could detect their involvement, thus becoming the ultimate cabal in running the human race without us even knowing about it because the only people allowed to thrive are the ones who love the machines.
  4. Yes it appears I didn't understand it very well. I guess maybe I just got a bit hyperbolic when it seemed like our foundation as a country was being undermined.
  5. If you go by direct democracy, then only the areas with the highest concentrations of people will get a say in the government. They'll decide all the important issues that effect everyone in the country, which will cause harm to those who live in more rural areas that are sparsely populated. New York, Chicago and Los Angeles are going to become their own little kingdoms in their states, forcing the rest of the area to follow the law as they see fit, with only their urban lifestyle to guide them in their decision making.
  6. Sir Marshall Gamesly from the Dogs of War will also be part of this going in on the Trueblade event. Grugga, chieftain of one of the largest Bugbear tribes in Misral will be attending the Wildblade event.
  7. That moment when you start thinking you might be about to witness the end of the U.S. https://www.usatoday.com/story/opinion/2019/05/23/killing-electoral-college-means-rural-americans-would-be-serfs-column/3770424002/ It astounds me how people want to literally remove the safeguard we have from the perils of a direct democracy.
  8. I think a good compromise would be a character having been in at least 60 posts worth of Canon content. It could be a bunch of C quests or a mixture of all levels, so long as it amounts to 60, then you can enter.
  9. Epithet: Moniker: Title: Visual Age: Birth Place: Race: Alignment: Gender: Class: physiology Hair: Eyes: Height: Weight: Voice: Build: Condition: clothing • skills • inventory •
  10. Epithet: Moniker: Title: Visual Age: Birth Place: Race: Alignment: Gender: Class: physiology Hair: Eyes: Height: Weight: Voice: Build: Condition: clothing • skills • inventory •
  11. Grubbistch

    Gao Huo

    Epithet: Moniker: Title: Visual Age: Birth Place: Race: Alignment: Gender: Class: physiology Hair: Eyes: Height: Weight: Voice: Build: Condition: clothing • skills • inventory •
  12. Epithet: Moniker: Title: Visual Age: Birth Place: Race: Alignment: Gender: Class: physiology Hair: Eyes: Height: Weight: Voice: Build: Condition: clothing • skills • inventory •
  13. "The tides, the trees, it was all me. You're welcome."
  14. I could certainly satisfy that need if you are looking to be conscripted into an army. Currently I am playing a medieval noble house in a place called Ursa Madeum if you wish to hang out in a tropical island chain full of various plots, schemes and other things of that nature.
  15. When one wishes to make a journey of self discovery and enlightenment, the common trend is to go somewhere secluded or out of the way. In doing so, it is believed that the journeyman is then able to listen to the spirit, thus gaining the insight into their true self and achieving what they wished to learn. Gao Hua went a different route for enlightenment. Gao Hua, a budding sorcerer fresh from the grips of academic life in Alethea, he seeks what many of the Consortium of Arcane Collectors want, knowledge. Naturally he thought of doing as many others had, poring over dusty old tomes in the libraries of Alethea, amassing knowledge and working towards a specialty in which to hone his magical practices in, but that didn't appeal to him. Gao is a social creature, as he would call himself, and so he instead decided to make a trip over to Mageside city in order to satisfy both his thirst for knowledge as well as allow him to interact with others firsthand. So it was that the yellow scaled Dragonborn made his way from the recovering city of Alethea and traveled via air ship all the way over to the bustling metropolis of Mageside City. It was a refreshing sight, he thought to himself, gazing upon the rising towers of such grandiose aesthetic that he was almost ran over by a passing spellcycle. After that he learned it might be best to admire the sights of this strange stone and glass domain in a nonstatic position. Taking a cursory glance around him, the traveler settled on a cafe that looked to host a good deal of high class patrons within itself. Entering inside he learned rather quickly, however, that he was not able to purchase much of anything in the store besides a complimentary glass of water. Thanking the staff for their service, Gao took a seat upon one of the chairs situated at an outside table, he placed the impressively large journal on the table, took out his quill and ink, and began recording some surface information he could glean by observation alone. Mageside City is a marvelous place. It is expensive, but the people are nice, and so far I have not been judged for my appearance or my mannerisms. During these recordings, Guo wondered at times how his beliefs might change as he spent more time here. Surely he would need a job, as his meager collection of coin would not be enough for an extended stay in a foreign city. He hoped the job he acquired would have something to do with his passion, but he knew that beggars could not be choosers.
  16. Luis nodded, then tried to put more juice into his broom, wanting to go a little faster. As time went on, he began to get better at it, to the point he was actually starting to feel a little more comfortable. "Okay then, I think I'm getting the hang of this. It's not so bad. How high are we going to go?"
  17. So say a psionic character could be part of this saga then? I'm thinking of someone who focuses entirely on the magical side of psionics (as described in dungeons and dragons fourth edition) Or as a psionic warrior, similar to the ardent class found in the same edition of dungeons and dragons.
  18. Is it just swordsman that you're looking for or can we spice it up with something supernatural if we were to make a character?
  19. "Get your hands off me you-hnng!" Her threat was cut off as the lace of the corset was tightened, taking the breath out of her lungs. "I can't...breathe!" "Little breaths, milady, little breaths." One of the maids said, taking a comb to straighten the young woman's hair while the other tied off the constricting garment. So far they had stripped her of everything but her small clothes, placed her sword in a closet and had begun the process of grooming her. Every stroke of the comb felt like the servant was trying to rip the hair out of her scalp. "Gah you witch!" "We have to get the knots out, milady." "Oh these nails are terrible! So very dirty." The other said with a tsk, using various tools to clean and trim the cuticles while Mia grit her teeth. "Don't worry, dear, we'll have you looking presentable in no time." She didn't want to look presentable, she wanted to be out of here, to be back in her castle, where she could hide in her armor and not have to care what anyone thought of her. All these wretched women were doing was trying to turn her into some freak, and she knew the judgemental eyes of those around her would only get worse. "I want my sword." "You'll have it soon, you just have to be patient, milady." It was torture, and Mia wanted to cry her eyes out, but she stuck it out, if only for the promise of getting to hold Marrow once again. When they were finished, she began her descent, feeling more naked and vulnerable than ever. She was forced into a tight fitting dress of green with a corset that made her feel like she was going to lose consciousness if she didn't remember to breath. Her fingernails were cleaned, manicured and polished with a fine emerald paint, her eyebrows plucked, skin covered in a thin layer of makeup, her hair remade into a beautiful cascade with green ribbons tied into it. Everything about it felt wrong, and she wanted to tear it all off and just run, but she couldn't, and at least they let her have her sword again, which she now clutched tight against herself in fear of it being ripped away from her again.
  20. "We appreciate you allowing us to speak with you again." Cassandra said politely. "There is much that we wish to apologize for, what Oscar wishes to apologize for." He bristled at the thought of apologizing, but he did so anyway. "I spoke out of turn and allowed my anger to get the better of me. There is much that I have to atone for, but for the sake of a greater Ursa Madeum, we should try and put such things behind us." Gaining power required cooperation, and in this cooperation, he had to be civil. "We understand the importance of the Emperor and Empress. Everything they have done for us we are grateful for, and always will be, but we are worried about losing any bargaining rights we may yet still have." Cassandra was always the one who spoke with eloquence, able to convey ideas without appearing as if she were trying to muscle the other out. It was tactful, and Oscar was glad for it. "That is why we are visiting some of the other nobles so they can give us their support in an idea we have been developing." "It's a constitution, one that will allow for us to decide who we will stand with and support in any talks to have with the Emperor." Oscar explained further, until his wife interjected. "We want to elect a king or queen, one that will have all of our interests at heart. Yes, I know what you are thinking, but once you read it, I think you will find it to your liking, and if not, then you can make any suggestions you wish, and we can make ammendments. One of them explicitly bars my husband from the process itself, only to voice his opinion and who he supports." It was an important concession, one that they believed was a powerful motivator to gain the support of the other nobles. Oscar, stone faced, handed a copy of the constitution to Mylorian, silent as he read it. Whatever he decided, not only determined the future of their relationship, but likely the future of the islands themselves.
  21. "I will take two men with me to the meeting place. The rest of you stay here and guard the camp, make sure to pick up and run if you notice any significant forces coming, and we'll meet up in our rendezvous point." Oscar's plan was in motion, and it was time to reach the conclusion of it all. He knew after this it would become important to keep a low profile, to work in secret and fight where he absolutely had to. Life as a bandit was a hard one, but he was certain he could transform these highway men into a real fighting force. Those who joined Oscar would begin the trek to the secluded area where the ransom was to take place. Oscar felt no pity for the one they are about to betray, for they were the enemy, and in war, there was only one thing to do with an enemy. For all intents and purposes, they were at war, and this was a war he was determined to be victorious in.
  22. Luis joined Priscilla as they started to get the hang of the lesson. It was exciting, to get to fly, but he tried his best to keep his emotions in check. Too much excitement and the seal was going to drain him of his own magic. "All right, let's take this steady then, all right?" He said with a smile, taking a few breaths as he readied himself for what was surely going to be a wild ride.
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