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  1. Nodding, Luis was able to get himself together, using Priscillas help to conjure up some ice to soothe his welts. If his father ever knew, he would have Kalmulis head, or maybe she would just kill him for trying that. In this world, the mighty make the rules, at least that's what his father taught him. They exited the cloak together, finding Nietzche already making comprehensive notes, it's hand a flurry of motion as it seamlessly wrote, dipped in the inkwell and gave full attention to what was being said. As confusing as that was, Luis knew it was more important to get started as well, and so he took a deep breath, winced from the pain of sitting, and proceeded to take his own notes.
  2. He knew it was wrong to push her away, but he didn't know what else to do, honestly. It was hard to be so vulnerable, to even make sense of all this pain, but he didn't want to risk losing her, least of all to Addanon. Looking to Priscilla, he tried his best to apologize. "I'm sorry, I just..." He sniffed, the memory coming back to him in full force. "It j-just..." A hand was put on his shoulder, and Luis looked up to see Nietzche staring at him. "It's okay to cry, Luis. We won't judge you." Nietzche hugged him, wrapping his multicolored cloak around the boy as he cried, the sounds silenced by the magical nature of the cloth. He let it all out once again, his mind unloading all of the pain and torment he felt, all the while keeping his dignity through his strange new companion in the world. "I can let you in too, Priscilla...I can keep notes while you are helping him...he needs it..." Nietzche whispered.
  3. When the scouts returned, they came bearing news that Darius was not expecting. "Dog men? I did not know they were out here in the desert." Back at their homeland, they had many who wished them destroyed, one of them being the voracious dog men of the upper wastelands. They were merciless Raiders that attacked them night and day, harassing supply lines and devouring anyone they could get their paws on. To know they were here was grave news indeed. "They looked to be in a large encampment around an oasis. It almost looked like a town." "Impossible." Darius stated. "Dog men do not make homes, they only burn them. If they are in an encampment, it must be because they killed or ran out whoever was living there first." "But my king, it did not look as if-" "Enough! We need a more usable land to give our people a chance to make a home for themselves. Then we can focus on finding our home. Get our troops ready, we will March upon them at dawn."
  4. "I'm fine." He said, moving away from her touch, feeling too ashamed. "It barely even hurt." "It was like fire was being whipped at us." Nietzche explained. "But I think his pride was hurt more than anything." "Shut up, Nietzche." Luis warned. "It didn't hurt. You don't need to baby me."
  5. Luis was having a harder time with the punishment than Addanon. As the son of a noble, physical punishment wasn't allowed for him, and so it would be carried out upon his whipping boy. Now though, there was no whipping boy to take the hit for him. Slowly he did his best to get out of the office, tears running down his face as he tried to keep from sniffling too much. He tried not to cry, but after the third whack he was in full sobs, feeling so weak and embarrassed in front of the ones who would have definitely taken it better than he did. Looking to his seat, he couldn't even stomach the thought of lowering himself onto the ground, choosing instead to stand. "Whatever." Luis said, desperate to keep the break in his voice from being too obvious. "I'm going to class." Taking his pack and his things, he wiped off the last remaining tears, his face red with equal parts anger and embarrassment. Nietzche walked with him, trying to offer some means of support or help in regards to future times of when his anger might get in the way, but he didn't want to listen right now.
  6. "You and your big damn mouth." Luis sighed in defeat, knowing how busted he was, and how mad Priscilla was going to be at him. He gulped, looking at the implement of his dairy airs destruction. "I hate you so much." He said towards Addanon. Just then, standing beside Luis was Nietzche, his colorful rainbow cloak standing out like a sore thumb. "I told you they would find out..."
  7. When she was done with her tea, Luis kissed her cheek and told her to get some rest. Once she was out of earshot, he let his frown return, staring daggers at Addanon. "So you get mad at me and decide to take it out on Priscilla, huh?" The anger was burning at him pretty bad, and he wanted to spread around the pain. "So are you just naturally a coward or were you honestly so incompetent at magic that you put the jinx on the wrong bed? I'm just trying to understand how someone makes such a stupid mistake like you did, and all I can come up with is that you enjoy picking on Priscilla, or you're just a shoddy wizard who should stick with children's parties instead of being in an actual Academy with real students?" The heat was turning up in his psyche, and Nietzche was feeling it a lot more literally than than others might be. It's cloak was constantly catching on fire, and the heat was only getting more intense.
  8. "Well that's a rather unpleasant thought." Luis said quietly, not wanting to have his rear end beaten raw. Giving Addanon a side glare before trying to comfort Priscilla. "Hey, you okay?" I knew you shouldn't have done it...and now look where we are... He was right, but Luis refused to see it that way. Addanon could have switched the jinx over to Luis' own bed, but instead chose to hurt Priscilla. A new fire was building in his spirit, one that wanted revenge against the one who hurt his love. Oh dear... He's done for. By the time this trip is done, I'll find a way to get him thrown out.
  9. Actually I made this character for her shortly before she was born ? She and the other three characters I've made for my kids go on adventures and overcome obstacles together as a makeshift family!
  10. Went great, though I wasn't allowed to get in there as they were doing general anesthesia. Still sucks, but at least I got my machine. Baby is fine, eight pounds, eleven ounces and 20 and a half inches.
  11. Luis arrived at the breakfast table and stopped, noticing how significantly taller Priscilla was, and how normal sized Addanon was. Shit, he thought to himself, figuring it must have been something his rival had done to get back at him. After sitting down he heard the comment about how it must have been him that did it. "No, I'd say it must have been you, Addanon. You've been after her all this time, and probably planned on consoling her while I was away at school. Yeah, sounds like you." Liar... After taking his bread, Luis tried to make a bite, but found his hand had moved it out of his way, leaving him with nothing but air in his mouth. That's not funny, Nietzche. Neither is Priscilla suffering because of your choices, Luis...
  12. The news was troubling, and it left Darius feeling dizzy, his life feeling upside down. "That...that cannot be possible. That portal..." "It is possible the portal was what brought us here." The advisor said, the possibility that they were so far from home bringing him discomfort as well. "But why didn't it bring all of us?" Darius asked, and to that no one could answer. "This is wrong, you must be mistaken! There are tens of thousands of our people that need me, they need my guidance." The truth was not something so easily accepted, especially by a king. "Go out again, and do not return until you have discovered one of our neighbors, or our enemies, or something!" Denying their king was out of the question, so the pangolins left in search of new evidence. The advisors were concerned, and intended on holding a meeting together about what to do. Until then they said nothing, and prayed the scouts would return with something to ease the mind of their ruler.
  13. Luis studied as well, though with less intensity as when he performed his demonstration. They continued that way until dinner, where they had a nice time talking and enjoying each other's company. All the while Nietzche was silent and Luis was excited to see his prank be sprung.
  14. "A little, but Master Kalmuli broke it up and I decided to take a walk to clear my head." Luis said with a smile. "In a way, it all feels silly to be fighting with him, right?" You have to tell her... No, and you won't either, or I'll ignore you for a week. The prospect of total silence didn't set well with Nietzche, so he retreated into Luis' subconscious, not wanting to be part of his schemes.
  15. "Sorry, Master Kalmuli." Luis said, glaring daggers at his elven rival. The arrogant bastard refused to recognise his talent, and it upset him enough to want to wipe that smirk off his face. We should not be angry, Luis...Anger is not a good thing to feel... All I want is for him to say that I am just as good a wizard as he is, Luis thought as the fire of anger began to subside within. Smiling, he got up and told Kalmuli he was going for a walk. Luis...don't do it... It'll be fine, he told Nietzche, making sure to wait for Priscilla to leave the area before proceeding to his and Adannons room. A quick jinx on the mattress, and he was back to the hallway, content as could be. They'll know it was you... Maybe, but at least then Addanon gets his comeuppance for being such a jerk. The next time someone slept in that bed, they were going to take up three sizes too tall.
  16. "I'll wait for you to come back." Luis said, smiling warmly as she left to put the lotus somewhere safe. Looking towards Addanon, he gave a mischievous wink. "I think I have the homework in the bag. What about you?"
  17. Returning to their normal green, Luis smiled before giving Priscilla a kiss on the cheek. "You'll get there, you may even do better than me. Besides" He yawned "that took a whole lot out of me, all things considered. It was a lot of fun to make." He smiled, enjoying the feeling of having accomplished such a spell. "Nietzche could probably help you out. It was his idea to make the lotus. I wanted to do a dragon, but he said that a lotus was a better gift." It was surreal in a way, to let this alternative entity take control. He was the passenger this time, and in a way it didn't feel so bad for him to be holding his girlfriends hand. They all belonged to each other, after all.
  18. "From destruction, comes creation." The fire flared for a moment, then in the next instant, they were extinguished, leaving only a single, glimmering object at the center. A single crystal lotus drifted down, as delicate as could be, and into Nietzche's outstretched hand. "For you, from us." He said softly, smiling at her.
  19. "Agreed." Luis said, using the tip of his wand to place small flames in the air. By using his magic, he kept them suspended, adding to them to create complex geometric design, his eyes taking on a rainbow color as Nietzche took his turn at the wheel. "Magic is an element many overlook because of its complexity. It is both natural and unnatural, simple and complicated, life saving and dangerous. What are we without magic, and what are we if we have too much?" Now that the dots were lined up, he used his wand to connect them, using lines of magical power to create a rhombus that suddenly turned three dimensional in the air. "Have you ever seen the duality of fire before?" With a whisper, he activated the spell he had been constructing, and watched as fire began to fill the area within the constructed zone. "It's going to be amazing." He whispered to her, taking hold of her hand as everyone watched the Magic unfold.
  20. "There are a multitude of buildings, my king, with many in various states of disrepair." The scouts were giving their report, claws crossed as they spoke to their ruler. "Some were too unstable for habitation, while others looked perfectly intact save for some weather damage." "Interesting." Darius noted, wondering if the more broken buildings were done so by some manner of conflict. "We have also discovered what looks to be storage sheds, which we managed to open with some effort. Inside we found stone tablets with strange writing on it we couldn't identify, as well as an impressive stock pile of food inside of it." Earlier they had unloaded the food, and much to their luck it was still very much edible, fresh even, for reasons they couldn't understand. With this, they could feed their people until they could figure out a better plan. "What of the area around this city? Have you determined where we are in the desert?" To this, his scouts were hesitant to answer. "What is wrong?" "My King...we believe we are no longer in the desert that we know. It is our theory that we are in fact...on a different world.:
  21. Can I let @Sanonymous go before I do since I'm waiting on him to respond to me?
  22. It was cool inside the building, with its massive stone walls and large openings. A breeze could be felt, and the people were happy for it, making Darius feel good about his choice of locations. With enough space to hold all of them, Darius wondered just who exactly lived in such a place. "Have we put together a scouting team to search these ruins?" Darius asked of his advisors. "Yes, my king. We have gathered together the swiftest pangolins with the sharpest eyes. They will discover the secrets of these ruins and where we are in the desert." "And what of our water situation?" "The magicians are working their magic, and have discovered their spells are working even greater than anticipated. We expect the people to be well watered in a matter of hours, with plenty to ration." Darius nodded at this, surprised at this newfound efficiency of his wizards, but figured it must be the will of the gods protecting them. "Send out the scouts immediately, and we will wait for them for a time. Now let us worry about the next issues, like a place for our people to rest their heads."
  23. Ten thousand souls trying to find a new home, and what they find, shakes them dearly. "There is nothing in the old stories about such a place." The advisors told Darius. "It looks so...strange here, in this place." "But why?" The king asked. "What lies within that makes it feel so...unnatural?" "We cannot worry about that now, My King." Another of his advisors stated. "The people grow thirsty, we need shelter so we can begin taking stock of supplies and get our bearings. If we do not stop now, I fear the worst for us all." What his fellow armadillo said was true. The beating of the suns (since when we're there two suns in the sky?) had made the heat almost unbearable for them. Try as they might, they could not withstand anymore of these temperatures, no matter how badly they wanted to get home. "Tell everyone to go into the largest of the buildings, then get the magicians working on drawing as much water as they can, while we form a scouting party to get the lay of the land." As always they obeyed, and Darius felt some sense of relief as the massive train of people started to move into the ruins of this strange city. Soon, very soon, he would begin a chain of events that could not be stopped, and would change everything.
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