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  1. After setting down on the wet floor at the bottom of the pit, Molly was already confronted with a choice to make. Left, right or straight? This choice alone could mean the difference between life and death for them, and she was being asked for her input on the matter. After a quick look around to make sure there weren't any other entrances, Molly ventured her suggestion to the others. "I can try to summon a guide from the Spirit World to show us the right direction. Of course there's always a chance it doesn't do us any good..." This wasn't the time for her to doubt herself, she thought as she looked from one member to the next of their impromptu group. Her sisters told her to always trust in her instincts, and in this time it felt right to ask for help from the beyond. "It shouldn't take but a moment." Clutching at the totem hanging from her neck, she cleared her mind and made her request. "Spirits, hear my call! I ask that you guide us in our travels. Which path should we take?" There was silence, the wind blowing softly in the distance, and in front of her was the glowing form of a man, without any face, speaking to them in its otherworldly way. All paths are fraught with danger... Steel your heart, for you will need courage to survive... Beware, for the greatest threat is the one you do not see... It dissipated from existence, going back to its own world, leaving the Seeker embarrassed and confused. "Uhm...so I guess I vote left then..."
  2. I'll take 2 with my mad lad Just to really piss off the denizens inside.
  3. This looked to be a fine day for adventuring! With her sisters off on their own quests, Wendolyn felt it was necessary to do a little exploring herself. That's when she heard about the job blazing trails through unknown territory in Taen, perhaps one of the most mysterious places in Valucre entirely. It's for that reason she felt excited to be part of this expedition, heating her supplies along with her gear as she made her way through the settlement. Such a town was wonderful for adventurers, and she used its stores to fill her pack with everything she would need. Torches, graphite, rope, grappling hook, rations and healing potions, it was wonderful and it gave her a surge of confidence. "Wendolyn Rune Hammer reporting for duty! I hear there's a mighty strange mountain in need of exploring." She said with a warm, hearty smile. "It's always good to have a dwarf on hand for missions like these. At least that's what I like to think, anyway." She laughed, her spirit charged up and ready for action.
  4. "My apologies, I didn't see you there." Her voice was sad, yet polite and caring. With her face obscured by a thick black veil, one would not see those milky white eyes staring down at the young one. Dressed in black, Jennifer Mollins looked more like she was on her way to a funeral than searching for the reason as to why children were going missing. Little ones were a soft spot for Jennifer, having yearned for them all her life, but was robbed of the chance by the cruel hand of fate. "You must be new here, which makes the two of us. My name is Jennifer Mollins. May I have yours, little one?" It wasn't obvious, in a way, but one could certainly feel how something just wasn't right with the Shadow Witch. She had this air of comfort and nurturing, but it felt wrong, as if one only felt such things when thinking of a loved one who passed away very recently. Certainly Jennifer was no monster, but she knew her place was not amongst the living, which was she tried to limit her time with them as much as possible.
  5. Akako sent someone to look after him? What was the meaning of this? The feeling of shock had to pass quickly, as it wasn't good to show any sign of weakness around a predator like Derkolimin. "Ah, yes, it is good to see you, Ms. Rin. We would love to have you here with us at the meeting." "Looks like you've been making some mighty tall friends across the waters there, Mozcrag." Dwed teased, the red of his hair contrasting sharply with the dark blues of his suit, like a fiery ruby in an ocean. His rings consisted of silver bands with sapphires and lapis lazuli gems, bits of coral decorated the braids in his hair and beard, with a massive pearl complimenting the buckle of his belt. It was his way of showing off, making sure everyone knew he had the money to dress as extravagantly as he desired, and in any style he wished, with no one having the stones to jest at him for how silly he could get with it. After a short flight of stairs they arrived in a well lit room with an assortment of dwarves all chatting amicably amongst thrmselves. Men and women, all sporting fashionable beards and enjoying themselves at the long table catered with an assortment of Dwarven delicacies for the discerning pallet. Goat, beef, lamb, chicken and pork, with all sorts of vegetables, fruits, cheeses, breads and ale, keg upon keg of beautiful Dwarven ales, lagers and beers. "Hello there, good friends." Derkolimin insisted on introducing themselves in his usual boisterous manner, all smiles and mirth in front of his fellow merchants. Everyone turned, eyes on the trio, and Mozcrag could see just how things had turned uncomfortable for them. Politely they said their hellos, gathering at the table so they could be served their food. "Just put in your order and find a seat." The dwarf suggested to Rin. "We are in for a long negotiation." With a sigh he found his place at the end of the table, all those around him continuing on with their conversations, as if trying to ignore the blue dressed dwarf sitting at the opposite end, laughing and banging his fist upon the stone table, everyone far too tense to start the talks just yet without eating first.
  6. Luis made certain to make some notes when observing the other classmates, and found that Nietzche was also making insightful comments towards their performances. "See how he moves his arms in a discernible pattern? That is important for proper spell casting." He decided to focus on fire for his meditations, as he felt the greatest connection with it, and so he knew it would be his best tool. Homework felt like a blessing, as he wanted to throw his mind into something to get himself to stop worrying about what was going on at home. "Can't wait to get into all this work. Elemental Theory has always been one of my favorite subjects, next to Abjuration and History."
  7. "Well then, here we go." It was going to be a tricky situation, but they were going to get through it together. Marching forward, the two women made their way to the keep, where the local guards seemed a little confused. "We are here to speak with Lady Odelia. My name is Illyana Uldwar, and this." She said, looking to Riha and smiling. "This is Lady Riha Cathrage." In all her life, she had never seen such confusion between soldiers as she had before on this day. They simply weren't sure what to do, and in her heart, she hoped that meant they weren't going to be in hot water. "I am sure if you brought us to her, we could clear up the confusion." For a moment, she thought it might actually work. "As if we would just bring you two to Lady Odelia without asking some questions. We need proof of your identities, or else you will not be allowed inside the keep." Oh well, there went the hopes for a simple entrance. Fishing out her signet ring and papers from her pack, she was certain they would allow them inside. Unfortunately... "How do we know this isn't some plot by your father to replace her with this one? For all we know she could be one of those changelings who can change their forms." "What?!" Illyana exclaimed. "That's insane!" "Don't you talk back to us, Uldwar! I think a night in the dungeons will cool your heads."
  8. Hey what investment plan do you use in Acorns?

  9. I think it could definitely be a great way of putting in the death of Mograg as well. Essentially it could work like in an initial gathering of the faction leaders the Humans begin lobbing accusations and things start to get heated, and are only cooled down because Mograg is there. Then the Shadow Regent decides it's time for the old bull to go, and so after he's taken out, that's when the powder keg really goes off as the last voice of reason is gone from Alethea, and Groxnar is convinced it was one of the humans of the Coalition that did it.
  10. What if we do something where the Coalitions artifact, the Mantle of Humanity, is stolen, and that causes them to just lose their heads and start making accusations and threats?
  11. A head count of their people revealed at least ten thousand, roughly. It was disturbing, as that was barely a tenth of what comprised their home city. Without Darius there to lead them, he feared the worst. "I have never been so close to the common folk before." Darius observed, walking along the warm sands with his retinue of advisors. "Yes, my king, but you must not get too close to them. We do not have the necessary materials for a cleansing ritual." His advisors were correct, and Darius made certain to take a step or two away from a family of possums making their way through the crowd. It was unfortunate, how the circumstances of birth restricted even the highest among us. "Let us move on then, before we are overtaken by the suns rays."
  12. I'm curious as to whether or not I want one of my characters to attempt to take over the place, and whether or not it would do a whole lot of good since it wouldn't change a lot about Temple City I don't think besides a transition towards a more conservative kind of Gaianism.
  13. A deep blush covered his face as she played with the spot on his body. Her words were so beautiful, they captivated him in a way he didn't think possible. They were talking about things that were strange and frightening to the young lad, but he didn't want to run away. Instead, he leaned in and kissed her, deeply and passionately. "You mean everything and more to me, Priscilla. I hope you'll always remember that."
  14. So we don't wait for Wade to post then?
  15. Current Quests Completed Quests Failed Quests
  16. Magical Mimicry, the Tricksters Arcana What's so hard about magic? I see it, I do it, I make off with the loot. Simple as that, until it's something I'm not familiar with. Then things tend to get a little...messy. Ember has developed a unique magical discipline that allows her to mimic any magic she sees being performed in her line of sight. This is a difficult technique, and has its pros and cons when applied. For an example: Ember is battling a wizard, who casts the spell fire ball in front of her. After dodging the spell, Ember is now able to cast fire ball as well, albeit a weaker version of the spell itself, but a fire ball nonetheless. Through this, Ember can use her opponents magic against them, granting her an advantage in battle. Unfortunately Ember is not able to mimic every kind of magic out there. Scientific and other non magical abilities can't be copied, and so are immune from her abilities.
  17. Current Quests Completed Quests Failed Quests
  18. Anatomy of a Lich I am a lich, which is a polite way of saying an undead of a different class. My life, my essence, my very soul is tied to my phylactery. If it is ever destroyed, I will die, forever. Now where did I put it? As a lich, Jennifer possesses an item known as a phylactery. This item is very important to her, and so she protects it at all costs. Her phylactery in this instance is a golden locket, inside containing a picture of her as a child, and another of herself, Ember Spellthief, Molly Wolfsoul and Wendolyn Rune Hammer, posed in a warm, familiar way to commemorate their sisterhood. When Jennifer's physical body is destroyed, her soul retreats back to the phylactery, where it takes at least a week for her body to regenerate. This removes all negative effects applied to her, unless bound to her soul. Destroying the phylactery is no easy task. To do so requires an item of significant magical power or powerful magic in itself. Once destroyed, Jennifer's body turns to ash and she is lost to the spirit world for good.
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