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  1. If someone could grab some graphite for Molly I would super appreciate it. That chalk won't show up too well on paper lmao
  2. This was it, this was going to be her first adventure. Molly was equal parts giddy and nervous at the same time, trying to play it off as nothing so she didn't embarrass herself in front of the others. Everyone else looked like real adventurers, so she didn't want to seem like too much of a greenhorn. Fortunately she was taught a great deal of how to be an effective adventurer by her sisters. Looking over the supplies, Molly made sure to pack the rope and torches into her bag. After that she took enough rations for at least five days (you never knew with these things) a few sticks of chalk, some rolled up sheaves of paper, binoculars and three healing potions. "I think that's all I need, thank you." It was difficult to think of anything else, except. "Oh! A grappling hook, yes!" Taking the iron object she packed it quickly, then readied herself on one of the ropes that lead down into the darkness. "I'm ready now!"
  3. Having made it past the lines of the defenders, Isaiah was making his way past the various defenders, sneaking through the shadows without a sound. With tensions mounting, the soldiers weren't expecting him, and because of that, they were going to pay for it dearly. Turning down a nearby alley, the saboteur noticed that there were guards stationed at the entrance. From what he understood of the plans, there weren't any better ways inside, not if he didn't want to be noticed. Looking around, the vulk found a piece of glass, and after a few careful calculations, figured out the best place to throw it. The sound it made breaking against the street a few dozen yards away was just enough to grab their attention. "What was that?" "I don't know. Go check it out and I'll keep watch of the door." "I'm on it." One guard was gone now, at least for a moment. Isaiah had to get rid of the other one before his friend got back. Running at a mad dash, the lone man went at the guard, surprising him and tackling him to the ground before he had a chance to shoot. They wrestled, but Isaiah had far more experience in hand to hand combat, and had the other man in a headlock, squeezing the artery in his neck just right to make him pass out. Taking some rope, Isaiah bound the man, and drug him away so he could stash him behind some trash. Now it was time to slip in, and while the guards were busy trying to figure out what happened, Isaiah was already inside, sneaking his way to his objective, ready to plunge this town into darkness.
  4. Chaos had a way of putting one's plans off course in a way... Thunder cracked the sky, and a portal spewed forth what looked to be an endless amount of creatures upon the hot sands of the desert. Copious screams and chatter filled the air, confusion and bedlam in all corners, with answers on short supply. Among the possums, the hedgehogs, the pangolins and the armadillos, one stood to return civility back to the masses. "Order! There will be order!" Among the armadillos, Darius was King, and in that, he was King of all of the Jin Dynasty. After some commotion, it appeared the people were calming, allowing Darius to speak to them clearly. "My people, there has clearly been a mishap in our world, but hold fast and we will make our way to the nearest shelter we can find." "My King, where are we?" One of his advisers asked. "Surely we are somewhere else in the Lenay desert. We shall go west and look for our neighbors, the Munti, and seek their aid. It should not be a long journey for us." How little the young ruler knew, for they were nowhere near the Lenay desert, nor were they even still on their home planet...
  5. Grubbistch

    [GS] Ynliss.

    The presence of a fellow sun deity made itself known to Ynliss, further stoking the fire that burned within his heart. For that conniving wretch to invite other gods to this land, in an effort to usurp their rule, and then replace them?! His advance came on quickly, swinging the massive sword with thunderous fury. The weapon, like it's master, was an item of fire and strength. It emitted a great deal of heat, burning with the same desire to kill as the one who wielded it. Easily as wide as a man, and twice as heavy, Ynliss handled it as if it were made of paper. One misstep would be all it took to be slain by the mighty weapon. In battle we are tested. Strength, stamina and will are put on the line to determine who is greater. For the mighty, it is sport, for the weak, it is survival, for the righteous, it is justice. "The Shield of Heroes will protect me in my quest for glory!" A blazing figure of steel and power surged past Ynliss, striking his side with a weapon unseen. On the other side was Lancelot, his Divinity Blade humming with power, the Golden blood evaporating in a matter of seconds. The storm was useless against him, as the shards were obliterated by the force of his psychic shield, his body pulsing with unseen power. "Your reign is over, Ynliss. Resign yourself to the annals of history, or face destruction." Standing at the ready, the fight was now at hand, with two mighty champions against a god. Will they be victorious, or will they be destroyed as so many others have?
  6. The violence was quick, devastating and brutal beyond comprehension. Word spread quickly, and many were quick to place blame upon something, anything. Witness accounts pointed towards a werewolf, which was difficult to believe, as there was no werewolf in record with such strength. A decision was made, and an investigation was put underway to get to the bottom of the issue. What they found were clues that lead nowhere, and no solution to what was clearly a difficult problem. For now all they could do was bury the dead, and try to figure out what measures can be taken to make sure this never happens again. Both the Coalition and the Consortium are working together now in further gathering evidence as to the culprit of this massacre. When their projects were completed, they would be ready for the next time a werewolf came to cause trouble in Alethea.
  7. With every monster he killed within this wretched place, Feurerkonig felt his confidence return piece by piece. Truly he would find this trifling thing an easy target, and so he summoned forth the fire within himself and flooded the ceiling with burning red and orange. The howls and cries it made were incredibly satisfying, making the disappointment of the locked vault that much less hurtful. "The key must be here somewhere. We have to keep searching for it." A quiet fell over the steel clad warrior, one that left him feeling pensive. This sword was his destiny, his redemption, and his greatest glory. To be denied this was not an option, and he was determined to rip apart this city until he found.
  8. @Jotnotes I see your cat boi and raise you one wolf gurl to tag along.
  9. Just don't forget there's also gonna be a fellow Godslayer who is gonna start coming after his fellow Godslayers to prove himself the greatest of the godslayers.
  10. After they were both out of the room, Luis felt it important to ask her a question. "So." He said, rubbing the back of his head with one hand while holding Priscillas hand with the other. "How do you feel about things between us now? We've gone pretty far in our relationship now and apparently we're a trip instead of a duo...does it scare you, at all?" Nietzche could feel the fear coursing through Luis as he spoke to their love. He had wondered this himself, and was curious to know her answer. There wasn't a guarantee she would feel great about it, but Nietzche also recognized the way the fear made Luis nervous nonetheless. Luis was afraid of love, because many of the people he loved were dead or gravely hurt. By opening himself up for a more serious love, he risked the chance of being hurt, and that was a big risk to take for him.
  11. How I feel trying to flesh out these character profiles
  12. I wanna start a little club for wholesome adventures, where people can get together IC and bond over some classic dungeon crawling that doesn't have to be all about non stop gore and everyone losing their minds.
  13. I'm liking this. Lots of stuff for wholesome adventures to partake in.
  14. Nice. I'm looking for prospective places to send in my new adventurers for some good wholesome fun.
  15. The Magic of the Shadow Witch My magic is part of a rich tradition, one that spans countless generations. In my current condition, I can at least safeguard the practice, and make certain others may learn it in the future. Jennifer utilizes an ancient form of magic known as Shadowmancy. It is highly specialized, taking the shadows themselves and turning them into a malleable substance which responds to her will power. This matter can be changed into three major states, just like water. Smoke: By taking the shadows and converting them into a gas, Jennifer creates a potent gaseous form that can be manipulated in multiple ways. It is poisonous to breathe and can be made corrosive if she so wishes. Oil: Taking the shadows and turning them into a liquid state, Jennifer creates a dangerous liquid which can cause terrible damage. It is slippery or adhesive by her will, and can be ignited and set on fire. Obsidian: Jennifer converts the shadows into a solid substance, which hold its own power apart from the others. This stone like material can be both incredibly durable or brittle by her command, and can explode with powerful force. Once her influence has been exerted upon shadow it cannot be dispelled by light. Only by severing her influence will it revert back to normal shadow. Jennifer cannot exert influence upon shadow in total darkness.
  16. That would be a fun thing for afterwards, where there are still a lot of religious extremist cells out in Reno determined to avenge their gods and try to make the Kommandant regret trying to remove the gods.
  17. "So...anymore things we should discuss as I get more and more embarrassed?" Luis asked, feeling just a little uncomfortable. His traditional conservative values were being torn down by the minute, and he was still reeling a little bit from getting touched by his alternate half. "I will take my leave then...if you ever wish to talk...just let me know...and I will do so..." With that, the Cloaked Figure was gone, and Luis felt he was back inside of him now, as weird as that sentence felt to him now. "Well then, that was certainly an interesting conversation." He sighed, rubbing his face for a moment. "We should probably get back so we can continue with our work."
  18. Epithet: Brash Moniker: Ember Title: Spellthief Visual Age: 25 Birth Place: Nehalen, Renovatio Race: Tiefling Alignment: Chaotic Good Gender: Female Class: Rogue physiology Hair: Black Eyes: Yellow Height: 5'5 Weight: 135 lbs Voice: Sultry when playful, soft and alto when serious Build: Athletic Condition: Fit clothing • Leather armor, green britches, brown shirt skills • Magical Mimicry  inventory • Two daggers, thieves tools
  19. Epithet: Reserved Moniker: Jennifer Mollins Title: Shadow Witch Visual Age: 25 Birth Place: Mageside City Race: Human (Lich) Alignment: Neutral Gender: Female Class: Wizard physiology Hair: Jet Black Eyes: Milky White Height: 5'9 Weight: 120 lbs Voice: Soft, but sorrowful Build: Lean and healthy, pale white in complexion Condition: Dead clothing • Dark silky clothing skills • Shadowmancy  inventory • Book of Shadows
  20. Current Quests Research the Valley of Elemental Stone: Wendolyn journeys into The mysterious land of Taen to learn more about an enigmatic valley. Failed Quests Completed Quests
  21. The Divine Art of Rune Crafting I honor Thundermar by using the very words he used to bring us into existence. These words, these runes, are the very building blocks of our existence. Wendolyn has devoted much of her life to the practice of crafting runes. Through this, she has gained the ability to use these runes to help her fellow comrades in arms in their adventures. The runes are as follows: Rune of Empowerment: Strengthens the durability and power of whatever she places it upon. Though it doesn't make it indestructible, it will be greatly enhanced. Rune of Elemental Power: When applied onto a weapon, it obtains the power of either Fire, Frost or Lightning. When applied upon a piece of armor or accessory, it obtains the ability to defend the wearer from either Fire, Frost or Lightning. Rune of Fortitude: Those who wield any item with this Rune will have increased physical Fortitude. Rune of Willpower: Those who wield any item with this Rune will have increased mental Willpower. Rune of Healing: Those who wield any item with this Rune will have a basic healing ability as per the limits of MP. These runes will only last for a short while, and after fading must be reapplied to the item in order to make certain the effect continues. During her travels and adventures Wendolyn will learn new Runes and increase her faith in her God to further empower her craft.
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