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  1. Epithet: Strong of Will Moniker: Wendolyn Title: Rune-Hammer Visual Age: 22 Birth Place: Tazarek Race: Dwarf Alignment: Good Gender: Female Class: Rune Priest physiology Hair: Red Eyes: Blue-Green Height: 4'6 Weight: 180 lbs Voice: Thick Scottish accent Build: Muscular Condition: clothing • White cloth clothing skills • Rune crafting inventory • Chain mail armor, war hammer, steel shield
  2. Jericho had pulled himself off the ledge, looking about, he tried to find where Her Majesty went. This is madness, he thought to himself, trying to regain his bearings while there was a massive chasm in the middle of the room. Everything was breaking apart, and he needed to get things back in order. "You there." He said to the VCF agent in charge of the now botched operation. "I need your help. We have to get down there and make sure the Queen is all right."
  3. Active Quests A World Below: Molly goes on her first adventure in the strange underworld of Vanora. Failed Quests Completed Quests
  4. Inventory Wolf Totem- Carved in the shape of a wolf out of simple oak, this totem is the embodiment of Molly's connection with the spirit realm. Without it, she has no means of which to focus her control over the Spirit Realm. Magical War Axes- Two war axes, carved with magical symbols of the Spirit Realm. Whenever these are thrown, they will return back to her after the attack has connected.
  5. What it means to be a Shifter I don't know much about my kind. What I do know is that I am neither human, nor am I am werewolf, something...in between. It's a challenge, but I do my best to get by. Molly Wolfsoul is a Shifter, and thus shares aspects of both human and lycanthrope. Her attributes are as follows and are not subject for change unless extreme circumstances require it. Enhanced strength, greater than that of what humans are capable of. Enhanced speed, greater than that of what humans are capable of. Enhanced dexterity, greater than that of what humans are capable of. Healing ability, as stated within the rules of MP.
  6. The Forces of the Spirit World My connection to the spirit world started when I was just a child. Abandoned, and left to die in the wilds, they took me in, and made me who I am today. Because of them, I am alive, and for them, I hunt those that would corrupt them. Molly has a connection with forces within the spirit realm that are against the forces of places such as the Far Realm. These powers come not from herself, but from the power of the Spirit World itself. Her connection with them is embodied in a totem, one carved in the likeness of a wolf. Her abilities involve the following. Looking into the spirit realm to detect the presence of corruption. Calling upon the spirits to attack her enemies, generally in the form of a swarm of insects that bite and attack voraciously. To summon forth a guide to help her when she is in crisis, usually with something cryptic, but at the very least pointing her in the right direction. Infusing her with an unmatched ability to travel through the wilderness, as if nature itself speeds her along her way so she may get to her destination faster. These powers are not all that she is capable of, as she lives and grows, her connection will grow stronger as she continues to hunt the forces who would corrupt nature for its own desires.
  7. Epithet: Wild Moniker: Molly Title: Wolfsoul Visual Age: 20 Birth Place: Wilds of Terrenus Race: Shifter Alignment: Good Gender: Female Class: Seeker physiology Hair: Brown Eyes: Green Height: 6'2 Weight: 215 lbs Voice: Deep and gruff, with a natural growl to it Build: Athletic Condition: Toned clothing • Cotton cloth usually of deep greens skills • The Spirits of Nature inventory • Two tomahawks, leather armor, wooden totem kept around her neck
  8. Grubbistch

    [GS] Ynliss.

    In the great scheme of things, beings of power live and die just like we do. There is nothing in this world that is forever, for the chaos of creation is always at work, spawning forth that which replaces the previous generation. The storm was raging in the distance, and there seemed to be something, or someone, standing against it. Whoever or whatever it was, Lancelot felt concerned that his legend was going to be tampered with by its presence. That could not be allowed, so he resolved to join the battle before his glory could be stolen from him. In the depths of my soul, I obtain the power of Erudite Swiftness! Coursing with psychic energy, Lancelot's legs carried him forward at greater speeds, towards the fight that was about to begin. By the sheer amount of power being produced by the mad god, it was going to be a mighty battle indeed. "YOU DARE TO CHALLENGE ME?! YOU WILL DIE JUST LIKE THE REST OF THESE PATHETIC MORTALS WHO THOUGHT THEY COULD DEFEAT ME! RAAARRRGH!" The betrayal at the hands of the Kommandant hurt, so Ynliss sought to hurt all the ungrateful mortals who thought themselves greater than them. They were Gods, Gods! It was by their hands that they raised the people up into the greatness they so enjoyed, and now they wished to throw it back in our faces! He would show them, he would smash their pathetic cities, kill their worthless champions, and he intended on making the Kommandant pay, that she would suffer the worst of all of them, and they would see just how insignificant they all were in comparison to beings such as him. His words scorched like the sun, the sand storm around him churning with the same fury that had slain the elite warriors that now littered the area around him. Zodiac knights attempted to bring him down, but they could not fathom the amount of rage that was held inside of him. Now another stood in his way, and he was more than willing to share his rage with her as well. It didn't matter how mighty they felt, he was a GOD, and no one was going to stand in his way again. With one step towards her, the full power of the sun was unleashed, his rage laid bare for the world to see. The bodies around him burned, the metal armor melting into puddles, and the sand around him turned to glass, shattering around him from the very pressure of the air, now turning to ozone in a matter of moments. With swirling shards of razor sharp glass at his control, he advanced forward towards the woman, ready to tear her limb from limb.
  9. "There's not a trinket or an enchantment I can't get my hands on."
  10. "The shadows are my refuge, for I have long since been unworthy of being in the light."
  11. "The art of the Rune priest isn't just scribing words of power, it's working with the very foundations of creation itself."
  12. Weird the image said gargoyle when I found it on Google lol
  13. Nice. I'd be the evil version of supes.
  14. Later in the night... There was a sceatching, like claws against stone, and a metal cover into the sewers was moved from the inside. Ascending from the rank darkness were a troupe of rat men, with one goal in mind. Kill the boy who dared to speak out to the authorities. A group of over a dozen of them were sneaking about, climbing up buildings and advancing to their target. In a matter of moments, daggers were being drawn, and poison was being applied to the blades. Just one strike would be all it would require, to end the boys life.
  15. I introduce to you, my newborn daughter, Molly Elizabeth!
  16. "The spirits guide me, protect me, and for that, I am their vengeance."
  17. Grubbistch


    I shall keep an eye out on this, as Lancelot will likely be very interested in these events.
  18. "Then lets get on out there and find it." Godric said cheerfully, happy to get back on the horse of adventure and ride off into the unknown. "Our best bet is likely one of the more unscrupulous inns in town for information on where the artifact is. Then at least we might be able to get a better sense of where it could be specifically." It wasn't uncommon for shady deals to be talked about and performed within the hole in the wall places of the world. Most people aren't really there for the food and drink anyway, as opposed to the discretion taken towards what they might up doing in there.
  19. I'm really trying, I swear I'm trying. I bring up the thread, I look at the posts and when I go to type nothing comes. It's like I'm broken or something ?

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      Take a break, don't force it! Listen to music, read books, something might inspire you.

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      Infernal: Take a break G. We will ALL be around to help you if you need it!!!



  20. Writers block, so much writers block. Must...smash head...against wall!

  21. Today I accidentally created a rainbow colored character. I like it.
  22. "Well...Luis knows your pleasure spots...but you do not take advantage of his own..." "I have pleasure spots?" Luis asked, and before he knew it Nietzche was behind him, showing the various spots. "Hey what the-" "Here, here and here are where you can touch to make him feel good..." A hand went to his sternum, another to his thigh, and the first went on to the back of his knee. Luis nearly jumped out of his skin, feeling how nice it felt to be rubbed there, but the fact it was Nietzche made him feel strange. "Personal space, Nietzche!" After almost falling off the bed, he was standing and trying to gain his breath. "Could I try to switch places...so I know what it feels like...to be with you...?" "What? I...I really don't know how I feel about that." Looking to Priscilla, he was wondering about her position on this. "I mean, we barely even know each other, Nietzche, I don't think Priscilla would be comfortable being with you without knowing you first, right?" He wasn't proud of it, but he felt a twinge of jealousy rushing through him, and he had a feeling the third party in the group could feel it too. "Oh...right...I'm sorry..."
  23. "Yes..." Nietzche stated plainly. "It is an adjustment...there is much for me to understand and figure out...but it feels good to be accepted." "It still just feels weird knowing that the next time Priscilla and I are together you'll be...there." Luis said, feeling a little awkward knowing that he and his new guardian spirit shared their first time. "Do you even have any..." Nietzche wasn't certain, and so it opened its cloak, and upon the crotch seemed to be nothing but more of the strange multicolored fabric. "I have neither a penis or a vagina...I'm just...me..." "And that...is going to take some getting used to." Luis said, still feeling strange after getting flashed by the gender less thing.
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