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  1. @Pasion Pasiva @Malintzin Okay then we shall discuss the details of this thread. We'll have to make sure we tag each other so we don't get lost in the talk of the other folks.
  2. I'll think on some things and put some stuff up tomorrow.
  3. Jericho just outside the room, wanting Gabriela to take care of these fools herself, but ready to bust in and get spooky if he has to.
  4. Though dark and narrow, the passageway seemed large enough to accommodate them. Heavy footsteps thud against the broken mortar and glass, giving sound to the progress being made within the tunnel. It was only a matter of time before they arrived at the end of their path, revealing just exactly what was being hidden underneath the tons of fallen structures. "There, this must be the place where the sword resides." After turning through a corner, they found it, the remains of what looks to be a vault. Inscribed were multiple languages, all pulsing with magical power. At the center of the massive black container was a circular lock, one which looked to be in its active position. "There is nothing that will keep me away from my prize!"
  5. I love it. Mia will be a heavy user of this stuff. Do I have to do a thread where she establishes a connection to buying the stuff or can I just mention where she gets it?
  6. Light shined through the slit in his helmet, blinding Lancelot in a fashion that had him feeling a burst of anger going through his psyche. Such tricks were the works of cowards, especially in a clash which promised great glory for the victor. This was the moment to prove yourself as a warrior, not to stoop to such knavish levels. Lancelot intended to show this titanic cretin the true skill of a warrior. With this speed, I will blaze my legend across Valucre! The third and final Emblem had been brought down, bringing his Erudite Swiftness to greater levels, his body moving faster than ever, his mind perceiving the world around him in crystal clear definition. Retracting the length of the Divinity Blade while charging forth, Lancelot was ready for a mighty thrust into his opponent. When he came into striking range, Lancelot's mind could process various vectors of attack. The weapons the Goliath wielded were powerful, but if he got in close, they were next to useless. With one in each hand, he would have to drop one of them in order to fight back effectively, meaning all Lancelot had to do was get in his guard, and he could make a decisive attack in one of the weak points of his armor. All that was required now, was how to do it... If the Goliath attempted to swipe at him with both weapons, Lancelot made a jump for it, landing upon him and grabbing hold of the collar of his breastplate. In the same second it took to shorten the Divinity Blade, he began stabbing savagely into the space between helmet and breastplate. Should the giant warrior attempt a counter thrust, the same tactic was going to happen. If he went for an overhead slash, then a simple side step gave him the opportunity to go for the less armored groin of his opponent. Given the speed at which his mind was able to react, he felt prepared for anything, which meant the outcome was most certainly a bloody victory for him.
  7. Andromeda Sunchaser gives an exclusive look into the strange spending habits of the Black Queen. Is she using them for flowers, or something much more scandalous?
  8. We gotta replace all the plants we lost after the incident in the greenhouse xD
  9. Really? I remember taking Hist Sap in Elder Scrolls 4 and I felt my combat ability was pretty good in killing helpless villagers I hallucinated were goblins.
  10. Is there any way to combine the hallucinogens and the stimulants to allow for a trip and for some combat boosts?
  11. Very nice. My character Mia Uldwar is going to need some pretty soon.
  12. I wonder if anyone has made any magical drugs on here. Need to start looking.
  13. Milo just gonna be like "I want that castle" "But it's haunted." Milo:
  14. Thanks. Do you want the castle haunted or no?
  15. I'm gonna be doing a one shot thread where Godric attempts to poison his brothers and sisters as well as himself, in order to try and stop the curse of his family from continuing on to anymore generations. So whoever wants Port Mars it's yours.
  16. Already did it. And yeah it's not like I wouldn't want to do any kind of covert stuff, I just don't see myself having the capability or energy to come up with a scheme complicated enough to fool others. If I tried doing a cold war I'd fuck it up in the first thread and just ruin it for everyone.
  17. I'll just stick to adventuring and leave the politics to the professionals.
  18. Idk I don't have it in me to fight, even covertly. After trying to pull a fast one on kidnapping that Dali girl I learned there's no fooling them, so it would eventually go into all out war and I just don't have the energy to fight about it.
  19. Idk the strategy aspect of it was pretty fun when it was all about rebuilding the joint and like competing against the other Houses. Now that we're all part of the same government it feels really...tamed now I guess is the word. We no longer are fighting against each other cause the cost of going against the main government is way too high. So now it's more like just rebuilding stuff I guess and exploring the islands and other stuff I was planning on doing with Grugga at least.
  20. Is it too late to withdraw my declaration of independence and just be part of the new government?
  21. Crikey that does sound like a lot of effort for not a lot of gain.
  22. Okay so let's say a bunch of dwarves want to set up shop in Misral and become a vassal for House Uldwar, they would have to get approval from the republic Monarchy to do it?
  23. I feel like things might get kinda repetitive if all land expansions have to be done via asking permission in that sense. Plus what if the person playing the king or whatever isn't available for a while, so you're just stuck in a sort of limbo until they get back.
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