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  1. Jericho just outside the room, wanting Gabriela to take care of these fools herself, but ready to bust in and get spooky if he has to.
  2. Though dark and narrow, the passageway seemed large enough to accommodate them. Heavy footsteps thud against the broken mortar and glass, giving sound to the progress being made within the tunnel. It was only a matter of time before they arrived at the end of their path, revealing just exactly what was being hidden underneath the tons of fallen structures. "There, this must be the place where the sword resides." After turning through a corner, they found it, the remains of what looks to be a vault. Inscribed were multiple languages, all pulsing with magical power. At the center of the massive black container was a circular lock, one which looked to be in its active position. "There is nothing that will keep me away from my prize!"
  3. Light shined through the slit in his helmet, blinding Lancelot in a fashion that had him feeling a burst of anger going through his psyche. Such tricks were the works of cowards, especially in a clash which promised great glory for the victor. This was the moment to prove yourself as a warrior, not to stoop to such knavish levels. Lancelot intended to show this titanic cretin the true skill of a warrior. With this speed, I will blaze my legend across Valucre! The third and final Emblem had been brought down, bringing his Erudite Swiftness to greater levels, his body moving faster than ever, his mind perceiving the world around him in crystal clear definition. Retracting the length of the Divinity Blade while charging forth, Lancelot was ready for a mighty thrust into his opponent. When he came into striking range, Lancelot's mind could process various vectors of attack. The weapons the Goliath wielded were powerful, but if he got in close, they were next to useless. With one in each hand, he would have to drop one of them in order to fight back effectively, meaning all Lancelot had to do was get in his guard, and he could make a decisive attack in one of the weak points of his armor. All that was required now, was how to do it... If the Goliath attempted to swipe at him with both weapons, Lancelot made a jump for it, landing upon him and grabbing hold of the collar of his breastplate. In the same second it took to shorten the Divinity Blade, he began stabbing savagely into the space between helmet and breastplate. Should the giant warrior attempt a counter thrust, the same tactic was going to happen. If he went for an overhead slash, then a simple side step gave him the opportunity to go for the less armored groin of his opponent. Given the speed at which his mind was able to react, he felt prepared for anything, which meant the outcome was most certainly a bloody victory for him.
  4. Milo just gonna be like "I want that castle" "But it's haunted." Milo:
  5. Thanks. Do you want the castle haunted or no?
  6. I'm gonna be doing a one shot thread where Godric attempts to poison his brothers and sisters as well as himself, in order to try and stop the curse of his family from continuing on to anymore generations. So whoever wants Port Mars it's yours.
  7. Already did it. And yeah it's not like I wouldn't want to do any kind of covert stuff, I just don't see myself having the capability or energy to come up with a scheme complicated enough to fool others. If I tried doing a cold war I'd fuck it up in the first thread and just ruin it for everyone.
  8. I'll just stick to adventuring and leave the politics to the professionals.
  9. Idk I don't have it in me to fight, even covertly. After trying to pull a fast one on kidnapping that Dali girl I learned there's no fooling them, so it would eventually go into all out war and I just don't have the energy to fight about it.
  10. Idk the strategy aspect of it was pretty fun when it was all about rebuilding the joint and like competing against the other Houses. Now that we're all part of the same government it feels really...tamed now I guess is the word. We no longer are fighting against each other cause the cost of going against the main government is way too high. So now it's more like just rebuilding stuff I guess and exploring the islands and other stuff I was planning on doing with Grugga at least.
  11. Is it too late to withdraw my declaration of independence and just be part of the new government?
  12. Crikey that does sound like a lot of effort for not a lot of gain.
  13. Okay so let's say a bunch of dwarves want to set up shop in Misral and become a vassal for House Uldwar, they would have to get approval from the republic Monarchy to do it?
  14. I feel like things might get kinda repetitive if all land expansions have to be done via asking permission in that sense. Plus what if the person playing the king or whatever isn't available for a while, so you're just stuck in a sort of limbo until they get back.
  15. It is weird because as a "proper" government they can claim legally they hold the entire set of islands under their territory. Whether or not they can actually enforce that is the question, but the same can be said with the North as well. In order to keep us from breaking the islands again via war would be peaceful brokerages of land being bought. That way everyone wins.
  16. What if we purchased the land from the original government? That way it's more of a business transaction than a murky view of who has what authority.
  17. The others were brought to the room, where Illyana waited, holding the letter in her hands, trying to discern who the author might be. She was more than certain this was who had taken Riha, and the priestess was determined to find him. "Thank you for responding to my plea for help. As you know, my friend, Riha Cathrage, was kidnapped sometime ago." She sighed, holding back the deep dismay she felt at her absence, praying dearly to Gaia that she was okay. "Currently my knights are trying to ascertain who had done this, as we have learned our own staff allowed the predator to enter into our midst. Punitive actions are already underway..." As if to punctuate this statement, a cry of pain shot through the halls of the castle, painting a gruesome picture of what was being doled out to those who had betrayed the noble house. Handing them the letter, she gave everyone a chance to look at it. "R.T. is the name of the person who wrote that, And I believe they has committed this crime. If you know who this might be, any information would be helpful, but ultimately, I will need your help in the pursuit as well. We can't risk wasting anymore time than we have to-" "My lady!" Interrupted one of the knights, Sir Redford, as he burst through the room. "One of the servants talked. He was paid off by the culprit, and he says the man left the castle with Lady Riha wrapped in a carpet, heading for the docks!" "Have the horses ready immediately, we will ride for the docks post haste, and hopefully catch them before they leave." Looking to the others while the knight left to make preparations, she motioned for them to follow her while walking to the courtyard. "We will speak with the dock master, and he will tell us who had come in under these initials, and where they are headed. I am sorry for not being able to be more formal, truly, but time is of the essence." Her heart thundered with fear, the hope inside of her clinging onto the possibility that Riha was still okay. If she wasn't, she simply didn't know what she would do.
  18. Setting: Daytime, Land of Infinite Meadows Combatants: Lancelot, The Godslayer(@Infernal) and Nocturna (@The North Wind) A new challenger appears to join the fight! Lag-Nor enters the fray, played by @SteamWarden Rules: Ultimate Fighting Ruleset, as detailed by the user @amenities And so it begins...
  19. Setting: Tazarek, mid afternoon, cloudy day. Objective: Establish trade within Tazarek to Port Caelum, allowing for an opportunity to advance diplomatic ties via trade. Difficulty level: C @Akako Akari And so the story begins... ...It was going to have to be me, Mozcrag thought to himself, stepping through the heavy gates of Tazarek to the interior of the city. Out of all the people in the court, the one with the best shot at making this deal happen was the dwarf, and it was a frustrating notion. He had hoped to get back here with more to his name than simply the chancellor, but he could not refuse when given the order. A deal with a country as prosperous and industrious as Tazarek would be a truly beneficial one to have in your corner. "Greetings, Mozcrag Blasthammer." The voice was one the dwarf knew, but had hoped would not be here at all, or at best just be dead. "Hello Derkolimin Dwed, it is good to see you." Speaking through the Dwarven tongue made it appear more formal, Mozcrag felt a boulder lodged in his stomach, just waiting to crush him. Dwed was one of the biggest and most influential business dwarves in the city, as well as its biggest crime lord. "Now I hear you're having a big meeting with some of my assosciates, but you didn't bother to invite me. That hurts, Mozcrag, right in my heart." He made am exaggerated expression of clutching at his chest, then laughing as he knew Mozcrag wasn't going for the joke. "So how about I give you a ride there in my personal carriage." "Th-thank you, Derkolimin, for the offer. It would be nice to make it there a little early." After getting clapped upon the back, he climbed in after Dwed into his carriage, and they proceeded to a large building in the First Level, where the meeting was to be held. Unfortunately for Mozcrag, things had shifted from a simple meeting, to something that could be the difference between life and death.
  20. It was a good day in Genesaris, which usually meant something bad was on the horizon. When it came to the city of Alethea, the danger was always closer than it seemed. In the days that follow this event, many would question how such mundane actions lead to such a spectacular conclusion, but in truth, the violence was always just one action away from exploding outwards. Hate had that effect on people, unfortunately... "Sorry, but if you can't pay the tax, you can't get on." The guard said, barring the minotaur from accessing the large vehicle being used as public transportation. He was a stern man, and wasn't about to allow free loaders onto the magitech vessel, especially a non human. "Please." She begged. "I have to get to my job quickly or else they'll fire me. My husband is injured and we have no other means of paying our rent." Dressed in the clothes of a laborer, she looked as if she made her living doing work in a factory. Hard work indeed to support a family in need. But the guard would not be swayed. "That's not my problem. Now either cough up the five hawks or you can start hoofing it." From the look in his eyes, the slur was not an accidental slip of the tongue. @Dmitry
  21. Am I a bad person because I do bad things, or am I just a person who does bad things? Information was a commodity only two people really understood the value of. Spies were one, and the other being gossip mongers like her. It was important to know the difference between what was gold and what was pyrite. Fortunes hung in the balance, lives were on the line, and Andromeda really enjoyed watching the people she attacked squirmed in embarrassment. Who were they to believe they were so superior to the rest of us? Ursa Madeum had given her so many delectable morsels to feast on, but she wanted something better, something far juicier, the kind of thing that made you hot under the collar, clutching your pearls and hoping beyond hope that tasty little dish was for you. What Andromeda wanted, what she needed, was to be satisfied, to be quench her thirst for knowledge, and to see those hoity toity types get what they deserve. That was her idea of a head board rocking night. And so she ended up here, in this classic metropolitan hotel, sitting in the bar, swirling a drink with her finger, playing the part of the nervous Nelly, waiting for her victim. It was a grand example of destiny, that she would find this man, so desperate to find someone to write out his memoirs, that he didn't look twice at the first person who answered him. Ms. Andromeda Sunchaser, an innocent little girl who is desperate to become a real author and would be so honored to record and share with the world in the form of a book. Men were just too easy. @Djinn&Juice
  22. "Gaia, bless my mother, my father, my brothers and sisters. Show them your love, and guide us towards your truth. As blessed today as we always will be, I end this prayer to you, Goddess." With her prayer finished, Illyana Uldwar proceeded to get dressed, readying herself for her newest trial in her path to helping the world become a better place. In her time as becoming a priestess of Gaia, she has helped so many in these islands. Working to ease the suffering of others has helped her immensely in her faith, showing her just what the love of Gaia could do. Now in the wake of such a terrible disaster, the love of the goddess is needed now more than ever. Her first order of business will be to connect with the local Bugbear tribes, and she was going to need help with it. Her knights were sent away, off on personal missions she had bequeathed unto them, for the sake of keeping Terrenus as a whole safe. Ever since she had that encounter with a cursed comb, she has desired the destruction of all such objects, lest they wreak more havoc upon the world. She prayed for their safety on a daily basis, and hoped they would return unharmed and successful. "Please allow Lady Cathrage entrance to my room when you see her, please." Illyana told the squire at her door. "Yes, milady, as you command." He was a nice man, though she did miss being with Sir Redford at times. Sometimes he offered her pieces of wisdom that she could learn to appreciate, especially when she was feeling frustrated. Starting with putting on her dress, she would hear the door open and so she addressed her visitor. "Hello Riha. I was hoping you might like to accompany me into the jungles to speak with the Bugbears, make sure everything is okay with them and see what they may need." @DarkHorse
  23. Much had changed since Feurerkönig had ventured into the land known as Terrenus. Battles had been fought, with many of them resulting in the defeat of the tyrannical lord of cinders. After finally being taken in by the Gaianists of the Terran Empire, Feurerkönig had suffered great indignities at the hands of the mortals. Days of torturous experiments followed, his enemies hell bent on discovering the secrets of his powers, and how to counter them effectively. By the time they were finished, Feurerkönig felt stripped of his pride, his dignity, his very essence of what it means to be a warrior. Such was the beginning of a low point in his life. The worst of it all was that they had released him, allowing him to live in this shame inflicted upon him. Satisfied they could defeat whatever attempt the fiery king could throw at them, they unceremoniously dumped him back into Genesaris. Never before had he felt so weak, so powerless, so much lesser than everything else. Now that he was back in his homeland, he felt so very...empty inside. It was a long trek back to the Kriegsschmeide, one that he felt a sense of defeat at every step. Even as his warriors greeted him, he didn't feel like the warlord that desired the destruction of this world. Though they did not possess the will to rebel against him, he could feel the loss of respect emanating from their spirits. Their fearless leader, reduced to a cowering mess. "Bring me new armor." He commanded, watching as his slaves went to work forging his new armor. The Gaianists stole so much from him, even his own metal shell to examine the War Metal. Great clouds of black smoke were streaming from the Kriegsschmeide, as if showing its dissatisfaction at its own champion. "To hell with you." He said, pulling himself to his throne, looking out at the charred landscape of his domain. A king without his crown, a warrior without his pride, a conqueror wallowing in defeat. It was pathetic, but it was all he had for the moment. In defeat he would lick his wounds, rethink his next move, and Marshall his forces for a new campaign, one that would allow him the power he needed to bring fury down upon his enemies. "Perhaps it is time to go hunting..."
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