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  1. A new chapter for Uldwar, one with recovery and all sorts of crazy stuff.
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    Time will tell

    It felt as if the end was already coming for him and his house. To separate would ensure their destruction, and to stay will also mean their eventual destruction. There was no way to fix the damage done by what his father and his sister did. Perhaps it would be best to move on, and let the world be a better place without the Uldwar family in it...
  3. Godric's gonna join Varda in her whole thing. I'll have it up today during my lunch break.
  4. After realizing they would find no shelter here, the faction soldiers cursed the family and went on their way, hoping to find a better place for their wounded. From then on the battle continued, until the sounds of fighting faded minutes later. The battle was over, but the aftermath... It was amazing how there weren't any bodies out on the streets. Whether it meant no one had died, or the different factions had taken their dead with them, no one could know for certain. The trolley was destroyed entirely, riddled with crossbow bolts in some places, melted in others and in small places you could see where a magical spell had entirely destroyed a section. Blood, feathers, scales and fur lay in all kinds of piles throughout the street. Patrols of Guardias, official policemen of the state, were trying to understand what had happened to cause such a violent outburst in the streets. Those they did talk to were clearly caught in the crossfire, sporting wounds of their own, but otherwise unwilling to talk. Going against any of the factions was usually a very bad idea. Two officers approached the store, wanting to speak with anyone that might have witnessed it. They wore golden armor and red cloth underneath. "Excuse me? We are hoping to try and understand what happened here? Did you see anything?"
  5. Two came towards Lancelot, one woman and one man, each very large, very deadly, but not insurmountable. For every challenge there was a solution, and in that solution, came victory. Without further delay, he imbued himself with the power that lay within him, activating the Emblem of Providence. Bestow upon me, Erudite Swiftness! Psychic energy swirled around his very body, granting him the speed he desired, and he was ready to make his first move against the two opponents. Running forward at even greater speeds than them, it would appear as if he were going to engage them head on. Truthfully though, that was the farthest thing from the truth. Just as the gap between them was closing at just ten feet, Lancelot made a shift and directed his blade upon the grass. With twice the speed of a normal man, Lancelot was able to circumvent the two, as well as begin to leave a train of fire where the Divinity Blade met with the grass. They could give chase, but that would require braving the fire he left in his wake. If they wanted to team up on him, then he would do everything he could to make it difficult for them. Sooner or later they will slip, and Lancelot will be there to make sure it is the last mistake they ever make.
  6. Every journey begins with a single step, every legend, a choice, and every warrior, a battle. On this day, my legend will become greater than before, and they will know the name of Lancelot. Standing upon the verdant ocean of the Infinite Meadows, the warrior stood poised, ready for battle. In this, he awaited his opponent, his mind a resting monument of control and temperance. To lose oneself to their baser emotions is to admit defeat before the clash had even begun. For Lancelot, losing was never an option, and so he stood, in full control of himself, awaiting the moment when his enemy arrived. In both hands he clutched the Divinity Blade, a soft hum emanating from the beam the hilt projected, bathing Lancelot in a soft, blue light. This will be his weapon that paves the way for his legend to unfold. Many warriors wielded magnificent weapons, and this was no different. As iconic as the cape which fluttered softly in the breeze, this sword will be his means of ending those who believe themselves to be the de facto greatest in all of Valucre. They will be here in just a moment. Soon, we will see who is the superior warrior, and who will lay upon the ground dead.
  7. Setting: Daytime, Land of Infinite Meadows Combatants: Lancelot, The Godslayer(@Infernal) and Nocturna (@The North Wind) A new challenger appears to join the fight! Lag-Nor enters the fray, played by @SteamWarden Rules: Ultimate Fighting Ruleset, as detailed by the user @amenities And so it begins...
  8. Everything she saw was bringing her closer to the edge of madness, her body shaking with intense trepidation at going further. Throughout all of this, however, she wasn't deterred in trying to extract what mysteries she could from this, her own curiosity keeping her grounded. "Whoever you are...even you have secrets..." It was a physical strain just to try and look at the tower, but look she did. "And I want them..." Animal hunger drove her forward, a hunger for knowledge, especially the kind that she wasn't allowed to know. All her life people have been taking from her, whether it's her own secrets, her dignity or her life itself. That was why she was so adamant in doing her own taking. The harder the voice tried to keep her away from the tower, the more she wanted to get there and plunder it of its secrets. "You can't stop me." She said, looking for some way to cross the water. There had to be a bridge or rocks, anything to get her to that tower. Wind whipped her hair, the sea sprayed her body, but onwards she went, determined to give this...this thing the middle finger.
  9. Can I also make a tribe of surfing Bugbears for Vanora?
  10. Setting: Tazarek, mid afternoon, cloudy day. Objective: Establish trade within Tazarek to Port Caelum, allowing for an opportunity to advance diplomatic ties via trade. Difficulty level: C @Akako Akari And so the story begins... ...It was going to have to be me, Mozcrag thought to himself, stepping through the heavy gates of Tazarek to the interior of the city. Out of all the people in the court, the one with the best shot at making this deal happen was the dwarf, and it was a frustrating notion. He had hoped to get back here with more to his name than simply the chancellor, but he could not refuse when given the order. A deal with a country as prosperous and industrious as Tazarek would be a truly beneficial one to have in your corner. "Greetings, Mozcrag Blasthammer." The voice was one the dwarf knew, but had hoped would not be here at all, or at best just be dead. "Hello Derkolimin Dwed, it is good to see you." Speaking through the Dwarven tongue made it appear more formal, Mozcrag felt a boulder lodged in his stomach, just waiting to crush him. Dwed was one of the biggest and most influential business dwarves in the city, as well as its biggest crime lord. "Now I hear you're having a big meeting with some of my assosciates, but you didn't bother to invite me. That hurts, Mozcrag, right in my heart." He made am exaggerated expression of clutching at his chest, then laughing as he knew Mozcrag wasn't going for the joke. "So how about I give you a ride there in my personal carriage." "Th-thank you, Derkolimin, for the offer. It would be nice to make it there a little early." After getting clapped upon the back, he climbed in after Dwed into his carriage, and they proceeded to a large building in the First Level, where the meeting was to be held. Unfortunately for Mozcrag, things had shifted from a simple meeting, to something that could be the difference between life and death.
  11. "There are wild boars in Ursa Madeum, and then there are the Mok'Tar'Gak. Gaia help you if you meet one of those things on your own."
  12. Well Kholin because of their desire to remove them from power for the small crime of actually going out and doing stuff in the world, and Dali because they're apparently buddy buddy with the snooty tooty mcfruities. Also that reminds me I need to finalize Godric divorcing Evienne Goldcourt as well since that's not really going anywhere.
  13. Oh all right fine, I'll play ball. We'll elect the monarch, deal with the Oathblades then go out for ice cream or something. I'll just figure out some other way of being the shittiest person in the room.
  14. They pounced from the shadows. Several savage, mindless things that craved blood, and were looking to acquire it from them. Frustration and anger flooded his every being as yet another distraction was keeping him from his prize. "I grow tired of being interrupted by vampires!" With rage boiling he roared in anger, the fire within him burning bright. Roaring with fiery passion, the titanic tyrant sent forth a great wave of flames to consume the undead. Screeching voices filled the air, and two of the vampires were killed instantly, with the others still alive, if not scorched a great deal. While they writhed on the ground, Feurerkonig approached, an ax in each hand, ready to tear them limb from limb. "I am going to take great pleasure in hacking away each one of your limbs!"
  15. Alright then. I'm fine with that. It's very clear we are viewing this in different ways
  16. Of course I'm being antoganistic, you just agreed to a vague agreement proposed by Abigail of a compromise between the two. We haven't talked about what that means or anything, so if I can get the opportunity to lock you and Kholins votes out because you left so we can start making this thing the way that helps us more than you then yeah, I'm gonna do it. Why wouldn't I when we have this opportunity to make the rules up as we go and beat Dali at their own game?
  17. Hey man you left before we were officially done here. I just wanna make sure we're all on the same page of what we're allowed to do at the end of the thread. You can't just use OOC knowledge to do crazy stuff then back track when it doesn't go your way.
  18. Did Halisera give all of them authority to speak for her? I only remember Amplos having that privilege.
  19. Na I'd rather just stay in the room and see how we can stack the deck more towards the Monarchy now that the Republicans are gone.
  20. So all we're allowed to talk about after this is the Oathblades thing? We can't do anything else than that?
  21. Quite some talk from a guy who pulled the same move Oscar did back in the ANT treaty ?
  22. But seriously it seems that both Dali and Kholin sort of agree to go with the whole compromise deal? Seems like they'll be more of a hindrance to it actually working if they don't even recognize the authority of half the government we're trying to ratify here.
  23. Idk I guess they could be like the avengers for UM?
  24. Guys they left the room, let's set up the government now and vote them off the islands for good!
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