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  1. Sure and yeah I understand. I really wanted to try and get into it, but it just wasn't for me. Leaving that one village should have been enough for me, but I guess I just thought giving it another try would have been what allowed it to click for me.
  2. Trying to meditate was one of the hardest things he had ever done so far. Every time he tried to clear his mind, that voice was there, taunting him, making him think about last night, and even trying to goad him into doing it again. You could probably get away doing it in the forest. Bet it would feel nice to have her up against a tree, that lithe body of hers panting as you ravage her... It went on like that until he felt so frustrated he couldn't get it done. The very thought of trying to do a project on it felt like academic suicide. Looking to Priscilla, he could tell trying to hide it wouldn't be possible. "I feel like my brain is broken or something. It's like I can't concentrate to save my life." He told her quietly, hoping that no one else was around trying to listen in.
  3. "Yeah." He agreed, his face turning bright red at the thought of practicing more. Whenever he thought of performing the act of making love with Priscilla, his head started to swim, and it was difficult for him to think. Part of him didn't like that, but the other part of him wanted to keep doing it, even going so far as to suggest all manners of crude things to do before their next chance. "Let's just uh" He cleared his throat "try to focus on our work now, then later we'll uh...we'll plan for next time." They found their seats and waited for Kalmuli to return. You could do it later in the library, when everyone else is sleeping. No one thinks twice about students going off to study... Adjusting himself on his seat, trying to banish the thoughts from his mind, desperate to pay attention to the days lesson. Quickly he placed his bag on his lap, careful not to move too much.
  4. It was embarrassing to know that they were being so loud, and it hurt to know that she was in pain. He supposed being more careful next time was going to be a necessity, and yet he wasn't sure what to think about things. Leaving his room he rejoined Priscilla, thinking about what this meant for their relationship. What would happen now? Did that mean things were going to change now? How did this act affect the dynamics of their relationship? "Hey." He said with a smile, noticing Kalmuli coming out from the direction of their rooms. "So does that mean...?" In a way it felt nice for Kalmuli to know, and it was good that they weren't going to be punished. Still there were questions that needed answered, and he wasn't sure when a good time to talk about that would be. "I'm sorry that I hurt you, I tried my best to be gentle." He said, looking down at the floor.
  5. Hey guys, really sorry to spring this on ya. Is it okay if I drop out of this role play? It just hasn't been meshing with me and I don't wanna hold it back because im not as into it as everyone else.
  6. Things felt somewhat tense, but Luis was intent on playing it cool. He ate quickly, keeping his conversation to more or less one word answers. Once he was done, it was off to get dressed, and where he was likely to have to deal with Addanon. "There's nothing to talk about, Addanon, just keep it to yourself." Dressing in his robes, he got his supplies together in a satchel, shoving his wand in his belt and sighing as he saw him give that smirk. "Don't give me a reason to wipe that look off your face." His head was awash in different emotions. This was supposed to be one of the biggest affirmations of their love, and he was feeling so conflicted now. Maybe it was the environment, maybe it was the risk of getting caught, maybe it was a lot of things. All he knew was that he was feeling very strange about everything right now, and now wasn't the time to dawdle and think about it.
  7. In the moment that Kalmuli wasn't looking, Luis glared at him. Addanon could completely blow their cover and have Kalmuli questioning them about where they were last night. The sheer fact that Marianne was such a late sleeper was their only saving grace in not having to deal with the fallout of their encounter. If they ever got a chance to be with each other again, Luis was going to have to find a better place for them to be together, where roommates couldn't throw everything into a mess. "Sound great." Luis said. "Can't wait to get started." Looking to Priscilla, he smiled and wished her luck. Somehow he didn't feel as competitive towards her as yesterday. Maybe it was because they had shared a bed together for the first time, but he just couldn't bring himself to taunt her like he used to. "I bet you're gonna do great."
  8. "Very well, thanks for asking." Luis said in a collected manner. He sat next to her, looking towards the card game being played by the older students. It seemed interesting, but difficult to focus on because of the anxiety he felt about what they did last night. "So...what are doing for our lesson today?" Since there wasn't going to be an outside class, he wondered just what they were going to do to make up for it.
  9. "Mana fountains sound absolutely lovely!" Illyana said with a smile, laughing with her as they made their way to the docks. This was truly one of the best friendships she had, and she treasured it dearly with Riha. With everything they had gone through so far, she was ecstatic to see where it would lead to next. The boat ride itself wasn't bad, though the possibility of being attacked by pirates was always at the back of her mind. Fortunately there was no need to worry, as they were able to make it to their destination without being accosted. "This is going to be a big shock for your sister." Illyana said to Riha. "Are you sure that you're ready for this? I'll support you no matter what, but this is likely going to change both of your lives forever." Even with the fate of Misral hanging in the balance, she was still considerate of the feelings of her dear friend. Riha was someone she valued greatly, and so she didn't wish to push her into anything she was uncomfortable with.
  10. It was nerve wracking in a way, staying in the same room as Marianne, like being locked in a room with a sleeping viper. Every moment that passed he wondered if she would wake, then begin assaulting him with whatever venomous quips she could come up with. Finally it felt like enough time had passed and he exited the room, letting go of a breath he felt he had been holding in for hours. With that crisis averted, he made his way to the dining room to have breakfast with Priscilla. Hopefully things wouldn't be as bad as his mind was telling him they would be.
  11. It was a little while later that Luis awoke from his slumber, feeling rested and altogether blissful. Was this what it was like to be a man, he wondered to himself. Softly he stroked Priscilla's hair, feeling her heartbeat and listening to her breathing. After a moment however, he noticed the other body in the room, and in a grim realization knew that the news would spread like wildfire. Cursing inwardly, he had hoped to at least keep it a secret, but knew that simply wasn't going to be possible. "Uhm...Priscilla...I think it's time we woke up." He did his best to whisper, softly shaking her body so as to not awaken Marianne. At the very least they could try and find some place to hide out before the entire Academy started talking about them. What's worse, he thought to himself, was that it was eventually going to get back to his mother. That was not a conversation he wanted to think about.
  12. "Yeah, I'm ready..." He nodded, having removed his clothes as well, then putting on the strange rubber device. It felt weird, but he was determined to not let it ruin their night. "Let's...let's do this then." He embraced her, their lips joining as they spent the night together, his first time in being with the one he loved the most. There was no telling what would come in the future, but tonight, they had each other, and that was what was most important to him. It was a night he would always remember, no matter what.
  13. After carefully taking the package, he unwrapped the foil, his face turning into a deep red as he realized what she was saying and where she was pointing. "Okay...this can work then..." He gulped, realizing just how big this was going to be for the both of them. "So we're going to do this then. Okay then, let's do this then." He was scared, and knew Priscilla was scared as well, but he loved her dearly, and this is what you did when you loved someone, wasn't it? "I guess we should undress then...how do I um...how do I use this?"
  14. "Right...right..." There were consequences to every action, and he didn't want Priscilla to pay for him rushing into something. It was hard to stop, but for the sake of their relationship, he took a few deep breaths and thought about it. "We need protection." The very thought of asking Master Kalmuli had him embarrassed to his core. By absolutely no means was he going to try and see if she would help them do the deed. "Do you know of any kind of spell that could help? Or do you know if anyone has something we could borrow perhaps...?" It was feeling more awkward by the minute.
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