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  1. It may be too dangerous for Hildebrand once the violence breaks out between the Bugbears and the Norkotian oil drillers.
  2. Godric is going to outline the environmental issues going on with Misral, how a growing number of their sources of freshwater is being tainted with chemicals from the eruption and how all efforts to detoxify them have failed, along with a growing concern for the amount of plant life beginning to die at the base of the volcano, spreading outwards in all directions.
  3. Infernal

    Soon you'll see

    Life was a strange thing, one that Illyana had difficulty reconciling at times. Daily she prayed to Gaia for guidance, entrusting her with her problems, knowing that she had the power to make them right, even if she didn't know it yet. Even then, she felt scared about what was to happen, and hoped that today would not be a day of ill fortune. Illyana stood at one of the balconies, watching as her brother made his way to the table. She wanted to be there with him, to support him now as he went into a group of politicians, who were sure to prey on his insecurities and weaknesses to get what they wanted. If she were down there, she could protect them, but the rules were clear, and so she must stay up here in this place, watching helplessly. This was to be Godric's first real foray into the political stage, so it was bound to be a little unnerving for him. Looking over she noticed the Hildebrands, looking to them for only a moment before watching the talks once again. It was hard to look at anyone in the face, after the horrible events in Misral, it felt like they were a pariah all over again. Gaia knows how much more difficult it was going to make her mission in trying to help people when they couldn't even trust her. Mia of course was nowhere to be found. She was likely still recovering in the Free Marches, with Illyana unsure as to whether or not she had heard the news. Godric's first order as the new Patriarch was banishing Mia from the city, and making a decree that she be scourged and thrown back into the sea if found within its limits. The news made the older sister cry that night, but she could do nothing about it, as the people put forth all of their support to him and he was already proving more than competent as a leader in terms of the reconstruction efforts. Where was the black and white in this situation? What is she to think of all of this? "Gaia please help me..." She whispered.
  4. Infernal

    Time will tell

    Love once swept me off my feet at the sight of you, Ioreth, if only it allowed me the ability to stand back up from the fall... -Godric Uldwar The wheels were turning, propelled by constant pushing from an elderly man, by far the oldest looking member of the group, and yet in years he could have been the youngest. Godric Uldwar was a different man from the days of careless adventure and wanderlust. Now he was bitter, crippled by age and feeling a sense of anger for the world around him. Had he not been deceived by a wretched serving woman, he would still have his youthful body, he would still have a chance at courting his beloved, but alas, things had changed. "It is a pleasure to see you all, Ladies Singlance, Hildebrand and of course, Duchess Karradeen. Hopefully this will be a productive and civilized discussion between us all." At times he still didn't recognize that voice, the voice of a man past sixty years at best, but it was his all right. "If someone could be so kind as to move this chair." Godric asked as he approached the table. "I shan't be needing it, as you can tell." It was possible for him to use his prosthetic arm to move the chair himself, but the rapid aging had made the use of it difficult, and it always tired him greatly whenever he performed extraneous activity. To think, that moving a simple bloody chair could exhausting the once robust and fit adventurer, it was downright madness. It didn't matter, he thought to himself, the woman who did this to him was dead, and while he struggled in his relationship with Evienne Goldcourt, he at least had someone to be with. Sometimes that's all you really needed to be happy, and yet, he just couldn't be without that rebellious elf he used to work with, in what feels like a lifetime ago.
  5. He hugged her back, agreeing in her determination that some studying would do him well, and sighed to himself a little. When the lightning hit, he felt a little scared as well, but perhaps not as much as Kalmuli did. "Woah, I'm glad we're inside now." Getting up from his spot, he located the book directory in the library, then set about figuring out which of the books he would need for the project. It was going to be something ambitious, and he hoped it would serve well in honoring the memory of the fire elemental. The world was going to change for Luis, that much he knew, and he wasn't sure what was going to happen next. At the very least, he took comfort knowing he would always have the simple joys of knowledge and academics to keep him grounded.
  6. Studying the map, Marik nodded and thought to himself for a moment. A pyromancer would be a good addition, but finding every piece of him wasn't going to be easy. "All right then, I'll get you this corpse." With shovel in hand, he headed for the door. "Might take me a few days, but I'll make sure to get it done."
  7. It was a good day in Genesaris, which usually meant something bad was on the horizon. When it came to the city of Alethea, the danger was always closer than it seemed. In the days that follow this event, many would question how such mundane actions lead to such a spectacular conclusion, but in truth, the violence was always just one action away from exploding outwards. Hate had that effect on people, unfortunately... "Sorry, but if you can't pay the tax, you can't get on." The guard said, barring the minotaur from accessing the large vehicle being used as public transportation. He was a stern man, and wasn't about to allow free loaders onto the magitech vessel, especially a non human. "Please." She begged. "I have to get to my job quickly or else they'll fire me. My husband is injured and we have no other means of paying our rent." Dressed in the clothes of a laborer, she looked as if she made her living doing work in a factory. Hard work indeed to support a family in need. But the guard would not be swayed. "That's not my problem. Now either cough up the five hawks or you can start hoofing it." From the look in his eyes, the slur was not an accidental slip of the tongue. @Dmitry
  8. The news was shocking to say the least. So much damage, and all because of his sister? What was going to happen to them now? What would become of Port Mars, of Misral? "Th-thank you, Master Kalmuli. I can definitely try to put together something. Wow it's just...it's so hard to believe I guess but...I guess I really shouldn't be surprised. My family seems destined to do harm onto the world, I just hope to try and reverse some of that damage, then."
  9. "Oh uhm, we'll Mia has always wanted to please our father. She regularly stayed by his side and I think she wanted to be a soldier just like Henry. I don't think father approved, but I do remember her sneaking out at times to practice her swordsman ship with Sir Gerald." Thinking a little more, he brought up how the Hierarchy worked in House Uldwar. "Well he was considered the protector and leader of the city. Everybody answered to him besides other Lord's, and the only person above him would be the Emperor." He nodded, confirming the information in his mind. "Yeah, definitely the Imperial family. Is there anything else you want to know, master?"
  10. He followed her, unsure of what was going on, but he didn't feel worried about it too much. When it was just them he started out. "So what did you want to know about Port Mars?"
  11. He was a lot smarter than she thought, and beneath all of that was a morose she could recognize from a mile away. It was a complicated thing, to navigate the twists and turns of a man's ego, but things got easier the more you learned. Marigold's was difficult to discern, but she had a few ideas on how to crack him. "Maybe Falsehood was looking for what we all are, someone to listen to them when they speak." She sighed, taking her time to speak, wanting to make it seem more like she was trying to work up the courage than trying to con him. "I suppose I can't blame you for maybe not trusting me. The world can be a strange place at times, and many times not for the better. Uhm...maybe there's something we can do to share some trust in each other, it's just...a little difficult for me." Clearing her throat again, she continued. "To share part of my life is a little personal for me, but you are also being very personal with your own story, so I should reciprocate and yet...let's just do this. I'm going to tell you three things, two of which are lies and one is the truth. If you ask me which, I won't tell you, so you'll have to just take all three at their value and decide for yourself." "I grew up in the slums of Hell's Gate as a beggar. No home, no money, spit on and pitied by everyone. They called me Muck because I was always caked in dirt. Who would ever want to wash a dirty little elf anyway? The only way I could escape poverty was by selling parts of myself until I had enough gold to move away from that place. Hair, teeth, even my own womb I sacrificed, just to try and get a better life out of that wretched place. My first bath was the greatest feeling I've ever had in my life. Once I started making money in my job, I regained my hair and teeth, but there is no buying back a uterus, not at the prices they go for these days." "I grew up in Casper different from everyone, not just because I was an elf, but because I was born a man, but knew in my heart I was actually a woman. Some people knew, especially in the elven community within Casper. They rejected me, called me Muck, because those who felt such things were lower than the dirt itself. Things finally escalated to the point where I was beaten to an inch of my life by two elves, elves I thought I could trust with my secret. After that I moved far away to Ignatz, found an alchemist willing to make the potion that would change me, and here I am today. Unfortunately the process didn't make me as much of a woman as I wanted, as I cannot bear children like others can. Guess the potion wasn't as good as I thought it was." "I grew up in Blairville, where I made my money as a cleaning servant to the wealthy. One man, a lecherous bastard, took a liking to me, and forced himself upon me in the garden. It had just stopped raining an hour before, so we were both covered in mud, which was apparently a good look for me, as the noble man called me his "Little Muck Elf". After that I ran away, all the way over to Last Chance, where many apothecaries could be found that had potions capable of removing the swell from your belly. I made it there, I took the potion, and discovered one of its side effects was eating out my womb entirely, making me barren. A high price to pay to try and erase that kind of trauma." "Those are my stories. Believe them if you want, but I think that should tell you how skilled I am at writing, and how dedicated I am at doing this right." It was hard, relaying the story of her life in such a compartmentalized fashion, but it was necessary for her job. A lie was so much easier to swallow when it had some truth in it. "Now then, let's start at the very beginning, shall we?"
  12. "That was amazing!" Luis said, the rush of flying through the air still pulsing through his veins. Looking to Priscilla, he smiled at her and promised. "We are definitely doing that again back at the Academy." His smile faded when he saw Kalmuli, a look of perplexion fixed upon his face. "Master Kalmuli? Is something the matter?"
  13. "Marik Bayne's the name, and grave robbing is the game. There isn't a body in the ground that I can't swipe, be it troll, vampire or giant. So long as you keep paying me, I'll keep the cadavers flowing." Short, sweet and to the point was what helped these types feel comfortable around you, and then they won't feel the need to dispose of you. "You can either point me in the direction of the bodies you want or I can go out and get them myself. A steady supply means I can't guarantee many supernatural bodies that way. With a little mutual trust we can be a very profitable arrangement for the both of us." Now was the moment where he would wait and see what happened. The lich could either agree to his terms or end him there on the spot. Either choice was possible, but he was almost certain things would go his way. One doesn't survive long in this business without a bit of luck and intuition to guide them through some tough situations.
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