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  1. ok I talked and we can start one of the whispernight quests! @Masquerade @Strycnine
  2. hm..we technically didn't start it yet but I'm still gonna go talk with them to see
  3. uh wondering is it too late from me, @Masquerade and @Strycnine to go on hummingbird's quest? and if its not, where do we go?
  4. Ike was so happy that he was almost beaming despise the fact that they were headed to what seemed to be death, but nothing was going to change his mind. He watched Strycnine gather his stuff then turned to Silk, jumping up and down "Come on! Come with us! It's going to be so cool you're gonna be like oOoOooOO with the shadow thingies and.." he pointed at Strycnine "...you are gonna be like pew pew with those arrows and...and.." his nonsense knows no bound as he basically clung to Silk and with puppy eyes, that nobody could see behind the mask, and a pouty lip he begged "Pleaaaaase!"
  5. Ike was pretty dumbfounded at what just happened in front of him, the exchange between the two left him speechless for maybe the second time in his life and as he watched the stranger go out the door he turned to Silk "Why do you have to be so mean all the time? The poor guy looked like he really needed help." All the horrors that Silk described earlier fell flat on his ears, maybe it was his naivety or he just couldn't comprehend the danger yet he still felt that the air was filled with dread. The dim shine of the crystal caught his eyes and he picked it up, looking at it from all sides and to him it just looked like a pretty stone rather than one way ticket to death, or maybe worse. He didn't know what this feeling is but something tugged at his heart, maybe sense of duty or stupid bravery, he was starting to feel a little bit annoyed that he could never tell his own feelings. Taking one more look towards the closed door like he expected the stranger to come back and tell them that was a joke, but even he knew that wasn't going to happen. Closing his fist with the crystal in it and turned to Silk "Well..." he took a pause "I'm going! Whether you want to come or not...it's your choice." He tried to sound chipper but it came out forced. @Masquerade
  6. Ike turned around to look at the disheveled man that was shouting about adventures and the likes and the smile became even bigger on his face. He turned back to Silk ( @Masquerade) that was sleeping and shook him "Hey! hey! Wake up, this sounds like your kind of thing, murder and all that." After that he turned to @Strycnine as well "let's check this out!" and then he hopped off this chair before any of them could say anything and bounced towards the table where the guy was sitting with a somber look on his face. With an excited wave of his hand Ike plopped himself down on another chair at the table "Hi, hey how are you, name's Ike yadda yadda....So I hear you need people for adventures, huh?" @The Hummingbird
  7. hey, so um did smth happen with the last board leader in the ToL? the bartender i mean
  8. Ike finally perked up and looked at the old bartender with a big smile "There was this girl.." he turned looked around in the tavern but couldn't seem to find Wren so he turned his attention back on Frank "...well she's not here now but we were sent to such a beautiful place with islands floating in the sky with floating water and there were sky fish and sky frogs and sky birds....wait...anyway and there was this huge Tree with a bunch of fruits and the crystals were around it and.." Ike went blabbing on for a full minute before taking a deep breath since he's too dumb to talk and breath at the same time and finished with "So what was that about adventures?"
  9. As soon as they came back in the Tavern, Ike dashed for the toilets because the last thing he needed was to be thrown out for throwing up on the floor, warping made him so nauseous. He came back about 10 minutes later or so still a bit dazed and slowly pushed the bag of crystal to the bartender who gave him his rewards, including a bag to keep the fruits in, which he needed and was mentally making a tally on what crap he should buy with the newly acquired money, the things human made were so interesting and fun to him, especially bells 'But I already have like 30 of them back home.....' his thoughts trailed off as he noticed Silk was talking with the old bartender. He plopped in the chair next to him and laid his head on the counter "Already getting in trouble? What a naughty boy you are." he said with a meek laugh and a slurred voice, he wasn't that nauseous but dramatics were his forte.
  10. After seeing Silk's scar covered chest Ike was still thinking how fascinating humans are, being able to withstand so many wounds and still walk around like nothing happened, 'Well ok if they lost their legs they can't really walk again, maybe like....jump around? No that's not good either, maybe-", the only fascinating thing about Ike is how little sense his train of thoughts made. He shook his head and snapped out of it. Hopping back up on his feet he approached Silk and waved at the little bird perched on his shoulder "Oh, aren't you the cutest!", he said with a giggle and went to pick up his bag and pelt, he will need something to put these fruits in later, maybe buy a new bag with the money he got, but anyway, Ike grabbed the warp crystal that was left and looked up at them. "Alright, both of you come here, we gotta puff outta here." As soon as they did so Ike broke the crystal and as they were enveloped in the bright light he just remembered oh how much he hates warping.
  11. Ike came back carrying the bag full of crystals in one hand and the pelt with a few fruits in the other hand just in time to see Theo vanish in the bright light and the defeated bird sitting on the ground and pouted towards the other two "You guys are so mean, it looks so pitiful." He put the baggage on the ground and approached it carefully not to startle it, the bird seemed fine aside from looking tired. He sighed and approached the lake Silk was floating in, kneeling down at the edge of the water "You alright there buddy? We should be going back and....well...you have to deal with the huge crystal that you unearthed." Ike let out a snort "And I'm not helping you."
  12. Ike was sitting in the shadow of the crystal where he hid, watching everything unfold and scoffing "Silk is so mean, it's just a baby! Sure it's a giant, flaming baby but a baby nonetheless!" He slowly got up and tip toed his way to the Tree of Life going behind it, almost out of sight of everyone else 'Maybe the little guy is just hungry.' Ike thought to himself and turned back in his normal form in the same flashing light as before. He took the fur pelt off his shoulders and started looking around for freshly fallen fruit, putting them in the makeshift bag that he made, occasionally throwing in another crystal in the kit bag. If the fruits won't come in handy at least he can eat them himself, it was a win win for everyone...as well as an excuse to get ahead of everyone else in crystal gathering.
  13. Ike backed away a few steps as he was almost right underneath it then picked Fey from his shoulder and put his bag down "Yea well I'm going to leave this to the others, I'm not much of a fighter...Hold on." A bright red-ish light surrounded him as the fox pelt on his shoulder suddenly enveloped his whole body and the figure of his body became smaller and smaller, the light dissipated as soon as it came and in his place stood a little red fox with fur almost as bright as the bird's fire, the only difference from a normal fox is that the tip of his tail trailed on and faded away almost like it was made of fog and the mask was still present on his face, now molded after the form of how snout. He grabbed the crystal bag in his mouth and looked at Fey, words still came out even if his mouth didn't move "Hop on!". As soon as she did so he scurried away behind one of the big crystals.
  14. Ike was laughing so hard at Silk's predicament "He tries to be tough but he's a funny guy." He was enjoying every moment of this, it was a really nice day outside anyway. He was jumping around, picking small crystals and throwing them in the bag no matter what color, since the bag rejected the ones with the wrong color anyway and only the right ones were left behind it was more or less a sorting system, but of course Ike didn't think of that he was just too lazy to bother picking the right colors and couldn't really tell them apart anyway since foxes are colorblind. After picking as many tiny ones as he could he started chiseling some medium ones, he was surprised how brittle these are and how easy they break off, 'What are these for anyway?' he thought to himself, not that he cared all that much but curiosity was his biggest flaw. Suddenly something hits him right smack in the head "Ow! What the-" he looked down on the ground and realized an apple hit him in the head, he picked it from the ground and looked up at the branches and just noticed how many types of fruit there are. He looked around for the pixie "Hey Fey, think you can knock down any of those? They look really good....and the lady didn't say anything about not eating fruits right?" he said with a shrug.
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