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    A "Tasty" Hello

    I would think he'd benefit more in a big city due to his pickpocketing prowess but a coastal city would work due to the busy workers not paying attention. Is there one in mind you had or should I go find one that seems fit?
  2. ButterBallBiscuits

    A "Tasty" Hello

    Uhhhhhhhh. I have no clue yet. I was thinking of a more otherworld roleplay only because of I don't know how he'll fit with other characters. Besides I might have to do small groups because I can only post at night for an hour or two. Schedule and everything. Any tips on how I would go about doing this? Should I start alternative or go right in to valucre? I know how to post a looking for thing but would it be easier to do alternative or jump in and learn about valucre?
  3. ButterBallBiscuits

    Xal Rheiner

    [BASICS] First name: Xal Surname: Rheiner Nicknames: Rhein Alignment: Neautral Race: Shadow Elf Marital Status: Single Gender: Male Age: 23 [PHYSICAL] Voice: Soft, very unnoticeable Eyes: Storm grey Complexion: Pale Height: 5'5 Weight: 123 lbs Build: Slender Hair: Shoulder length, dark grey, flows like smoke Tattoos/markings: A brand of thievery that resembles a knife [GEAR] He wears a blue long sleeve shirt with the sleeves going just past his elbows, black work pants, white work shoes. He wears a red handkerchief around his wrist. [WEAPONS] He keeps a small antique dagger in a sheath on his back. [STRENGTHS] Can pick almost any lock (mostly ones that are house locks i.e. windows, doors.) A very skilled pickpocket. [WEAKNESSES] Can't use magic in light. Doesn't do well in a rush. [SKILLS] Shadow Warp: Can warp from one shadow to another as long as it's in sight. Shadow Dance: Can manipulate shadows on the ground to fight for him. Umbral Trespass: Can go inside someone's shadow and hurt the person from inside the shadow as long as the shadow itself doesn't move much. Umbra Strike: Gathers shadows around his dagger and swipes at a foe deteriorating the target slowly, draining their stamina.
  4. ButterBallBiscuits

    A "Tasty" Hello

    I am the almighty Butter Ball Biscuit. I have come to conquer all the butter biscuits and make them into a ball. On a more serious side. Where does one start? I've roleplayed before but where would I go to create a character and then start as a mere plebian? As for the butter biscuits. They're mine. Can't have, don't ask.