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  1. High Treason in Terrenus [Civil War]

    I'll wait for some others to post - as probably the only non-military character I'll just assume I'm a shadow hired contractor brought in to drive and pretend he saw and heard nothing.
  2. Poker Night at the Inventory (Interest Check)

    This looks like something Frank would probably like to be apart of. Probably not as a player, he doesn't have the kind of cash to high roll - but a spectator! On a side note, if anyone needs a driver to and from the event, Frank is for hire!
  3. High Treason in Terrenus [Civil War]

    Kind of an odd jump in, but if you think your team of hitters is going to need to get somewhere fast - I think Frank might be up to the task. If not I'll still keep my eyes on the thread; looks like it is gonna be interesting!
  4. 'Handsome' Franklin Breedan [WIP]

    [The Car] [Model] - Sword Industries 'Alfa'; a classic small sedan the SI Alfa was marketed towards those who lived in harsher climates - its four wheel drive system its primary selling point for its efficiency through snow in comparison to its contemparies. A commercial flop the 'Alfa' was underpowered, over sprung and generally poorly received. Shortly afters its release most Magitech vehicles began switching to direct drive, using the technology to produce electrical current to simplistic electric motors. This is one of the last Magitech Internal Combustion vehicles ever produced by Sword Industries. [Drive Layout] - Front Engine, Four Wheel Drive; the Alfa's primary selling point the system consists of a viscous coupling unit, central epicyclic differential and torsen differential in the rear, the power driven to the rear axle is continuously variable from 0 to 100% depending on road conditions. Torque is distributed between axles depending on the speed, turning radius, engine rpms, throttle position and road conditions. [Engine Type] - The Sword Industries A164 is an inline layout, six cylinder belt-driven dual-overhead camshaft aluminum block Magitech direct mana injection engine developed for use in mid-size sport sedans by Sword Industries. Available in a number of cars and various layouts the A164 is perhaps most famous for its use in racing, being one of the best production engines ever to compete. The A164 was standard equipment on the Alfa, outfitted in the base model 'GE' trim it lacked the enchantments and mana forced induction of some of its higher power brethren. Clocked at 227 bhp and 220 ft lbs of torque this high compression, natural mana induction engine is no slouch. [Engine Specifications & Modifications] - [Type] - 3.0L A-164-GE [Horsepower & Torque] - 227 bhp & 220 ft lbs of torque [Modifications] - Stock Engine [Potential Upgrades] - Twin scroll ceramic turbo mana induction from the A-164-GTE. After market crankshaft, pistons. Bore and stroke for displacement increase. After market individual throttle bodies. Many more. [Suspension] - [WIP]
  5. 'Handsome' Franklin Breedan [WIP]

    "You hired me to drive, so get in and shut up." [Basics] [Name] - Franklin Breedan [Alias] - 'Handsome' Frankie, Driver [Age] - 25 [Race] - Human [Height] - 5'10" [Weight] - 175lbs [Hair Color] - Light Brown / Dirty Blonde [Eye Color] - Gray [Build] - Athletic, broad shouldered. [Alignment[ - Chaotic Neutral [Occupation] - Delivery Driver / Getaway Driver [Mental] [Personality] - Franklin is quiet, calm and organized - he has a deep confidence in himself which seems to manifest itself in a fearless nature. [Hopes] - None, Franklin lacks ambition and seems to mostly be in life for the thrill. [Fears] - Being locked in a cage for the rest of his life, unable to feel the thrill of pushing his car to its limits. [Attire] [Polarized Sunglasses] - Frankie is rarely seen without his polarized sunglasses on - a simple, timeless style these black framed glasses have a 'polarized lens' which protects against sun glare while being equally as effective against oncoming traffic at night. Furthermore the lens are ballistic rated, providing eye protection from shrapnel and the like. [Watch] - A highly accurate, classical styled watch with a automotive styling. Bought more for its accuracy then its style Frankie uses it to time himself during deliveries, or set a deadline for his clients to get back to the car. It is worn on Frankie's left wrist at pretty much all times. [Weland Souvenir Jacket] - A vintage black and red Weland 'souvenir' jacket these style of jackets were quite common twenty years ago in Weland, sold in every tourist trap and often depicting some 'Weland' trope like samurai or oni. This particular jacket shows a horse mounted Samurai charging with a spear, cherry blossoms raining down the back and left sleeve. The right sleeve has a pair of spears down the arm and the front has a skull with crossed spears. These jackets have long since fell out of favor as a tourist item and most that are around are vintage, this one being no different. Unique to this jacket is a custom lining of stab resistant fiber layered alongside a fire retardant - a getaway driver never knows if he might get betrayed, or worse still; crash and burn. Frankie is oddly protective of the jacket, seeming personally attached to it. [Red Leather Driving Gloves] - Red leather driving gloves with a gold pattern sown into the back of the hand. Frankie tends to keep them tucked into his back pocket when not driving, though if he thinks something is about to turn violent it isn't uncommon to see him sliding the red gloves on. [Black Motorcycle Jeans] - A set of fire retardant, stab resistant and armored motorcycle jeans. Designed to allow a rider to fall and slide tens of feet without shredding these jeans are designed to look mostly causal while providing protection. The knee and hips have flexible 'impact' armor designed to absorb shock from abrupt falls and the lining is thick enough to resist stabs and tears - much like the lining in Frankie's jacket it is a deterrent against betrayal and a fail safe against the unthinkable of a crash. [Red Casual Driving Shoes] - Flat bottomed, slip resistant flexible walled driving shoes designed to allow easy heel toe action while being competent enough as a shoe to be walked around in off the car. Due to their design they are fairly weak running shoes but they are generally supportive enough to allow it. These shoes are the same red as Frankie's gloves, but are otherwise unremarkable.
  6. Shut up and get in!

    What's up scumbags? Names James, and I'm your resident getaway driver. I'm 27, I'm from Florida and I'm a lifelong gear head and roleplayer; I ordinarily don't roleplay in a fantasy setting but I'm lookin forward to stepping out of my comfort zone a bit! My experience is primarily as a part of small group roleplay, a sort of D&D type setting without the dice rolling or rules. This will be my first persistent world type roleplay!