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  1. Funn practically dove from the carriage as they arrived. She was already rambling endlessly about how good it was to be home, how excited she was to see father, how much stronger she was than Sunn... Her babbling had a tendency to go off on tangents. Sunn rose slowly and allowed a servant to help her down the two steps. She was not as physically strong as Funn, that was true, but she was no invalid either. She did, however, enjoy decorum. She thought that it simply looked proper for a lady to accept help from a servant, and she could accept that for what it was. Funn has no patience for anything that did not have practical utility. Sunn thanked the servant in her usual quiet voice, which rarely rose much above a whisper. She followed Funn into their father’s palace. Sunn breathed the fresh air and sighed. Her face showed almost no emotion at all, but on the inside, she felt relief and gladness. Their father hadn’t explained why they had been sent away to stay with their aunt, and Sunn hadn’t asked. She trusted him to do what was best for them. Funn had asked, but that was only because she harbored an impossible amount of curiosity. Either way, neither of them knew the details, and both of them were just excited to see father again. Funn came running back out and took Sunn’s hand. “Come on, slow-poke! Father must be SO ANXIOUS TO SEE US!” She tugged Sunn along and rarely took a breath between words. Sunn wore a simple thin gown, the color of the sun, with a few red ribbons flowing loose along the seams. Her hair, which currently glowed bright red, the only outward demonstration of her excitement, was flowing loose, and was pinned up in very specific ways to keep it off the floor, without hindering its free movement. Funn, as always, wore expensive but simple shirt and trousers. Her servants insisted on accenting her clothing to match her long blue hair, which she kept braided securely behind her head. Her hair was so bright that it was practically glowing. They swept through the palace. Funn tried to run, and Sunn tried to walk. Since Funn wouldn’t release her hand, they settled on something between a walk and a stumbling trot. They found their father, and Funn practically screamed as she rushed him. She threw herself into his arms and hugged him furiously. Sunn walked up to him and smiled a little. “Hello, father. It’s lovely to see you.” She said quietly. Her red hair became even brighter than it already was, but that was the only indication of her excitement.
  2. Helianthus watched, not bothering to hide her awe as the portal was opened in front of them. She swallowed hard, resisting a knot in her throat. She had not realized that Lothlorian would be staying behind, and she understood that she would probably never see him again. The sorrow of that thought threatened to paralyze her, so she put it aside. “Au revoir mon dieu doré” She whispered. Terianthus stood next to her. “I’m sorry, my love. I know how much he means to you. Take comfort that he is staying behind to give his people a chance. He’s proving to be worthy of your affection and admiration.” Helianthus knodded, and followed the caravan through the portal. Lothlorian was sacrificing himself for his people, and she would not let his sacrifice be in vain.
  3. I think the idea is that they can be killed with relatively low consequences, but how easily they’re killed should depend on how they are designed (strong, weak, smart, stupid...).
  4. Name: Nakita Stepenov Age: 101 Species: Dragon/human Class: Sorceress Appearance: Height- 5’11” Weight- 139 lbs Eye/hair color: Black/black History:
  5. Once, years ago, Anouk had fought a massive demonic dog called Unlife. That creature had snatched her up in jaws big enough to swallow someone twice her size, and shook her around like a rag doll. She had escaped with her life, but the memory of that moment had become the new standard for fear and panic. Anything short of being bit nearly in half by a powerful monster just didn’t seem so bad. The barbarian had the drop on her, but she felt no fear. Perhaps ten years ago, as a private, she might have been afraid. These days, she was calculating and experienced, and never doubted that the barbarian was as good as dead already. Oddly enough, he went limp and dropped to the ground before he even reached her. Behind him stood a tall, lean woman with a shaved head and a stern face. She pointed a blade at Anouk. Anouk still would not go so far as to say she was afraid, but she could see that the woman meant business. After the woman’s companion, a wolfhound, sniffed her and seemed to give its approval, the woman lowered the glaive. The barbarian had begun to stir and mumble. Anouk stood and slowly drew an arrow, being careful not to look aggressive. She notched the arrow, keeping the tip pointed at the ground. Without taking her eyes off of the woman, she pointed the arrow at the barbarian as he tried to get up and shot him in the head. He slumped back to the ground in a heap. “I’m First Lieutenant Anouk Enouk, of the Ignatz Urban Rangers. I was passing nearby, pursuing a thief, when I saw the fires. I came to investigate, and found these... men.” She spat the word “man” like it disgusted her to compare these barbarians to what she considered a worthy man. As far as she could tell, they were attacking a city with no defenses. There was no honor in that. Anouk hung her bow over her shoulder. “I’m just here to help.”
  6. Funn & Sunn Age: 4 (looks about 12 or 13) Both age at an advanced rate, which should slow significantly when they hit full maturity (about 8 years actual time) Sunn is two minutes older than Funn. Appearance: They both have long, thick, and luxurious flowing hair. Their faces and skin tones are so similar, that they’d be nearly impossible to tell apart, were it not for their hair and eye colors. Funn- Hair- Shades of blue (down to her buttocks) Eyes- Shades of blue Height- 5’ 4” Skin tone- Pale, milky Sunn- Hair- Shades of red (well past her feet) Eyes- Shades of red Height- 5’ 5” Skin tone- Pale, slightly ginger Notes on appearance- Funn and Sunn have the ability to change their hair and eye color based on their mood. While this happens subconsciously, they can control it if they concentrate. Funn’s hair is always some shade of blue, but this can range from so pale that it’s almost white, to so dark that it’s almost black. The same goes for Sunn, except hers is red. Parents- Mother: Anouk Enouk- First Lieutenant of Ignatz Urban Rangers Father: Desmond Melisende- Third Imperial Prince of the Kadian Empire Grandmother: Leoa Melisende Grandfather: Corvinus Melisende History- Funn and Sunn are technically only 4 years old, so they don’t have much history to speak of. They have the physical, mental, and emotional maturity of about 12 years. They were raised together, mainly by their father, Desmond. Their mother, Anouk, has always taken an active interest in them, but she was often called to faraway lands on military business. The girls enjoyed visits from her, and they were close, but their main affections were for their father. While they are very young, they each have extensive training and education already. Skills/abilities/powers- Funn: Showing an aptitude for combat, Funn is already an expert swordsman and hand-to-hand combatant. She also has taken archery lessons from her mother, and has shown a lot of promise. She has demonstrated nearly superhuman grace, agility, and strength. Funn is also capable of some very minor defensive magic. Typically this manifests as the ability to solidify a layer of water vapors around her into a sort of ice-armor. The armor isn’t unbreakable, but it adds a solid layer of protection for a short time (five minutes ((or two turns)) if it isn’t broken by force). The Struggler- Quote from the CS of her grandfather, Corvinus Melisende... Funn is very young, but has demonstrated clear signs that she has the Struggler gift, though it will take a lot of time to manifest. Sunn: Sunn, being more of an intellectual, has excelled in alchemy, chemistry, herbalism, pyromancy and arcane enchantments. She has clearly inherited at least some of her grandmother’s aptitude. Quote from the CS of her Grandmother, Leoa Melisende... Personalties: Funn: Funn is half-wild with energy and excitement. She tends to talk often, and not always for any good reason. While Funn is a proud braggart, and will often challenge others to physical bouts, she also tends to be the more compassionate and nurturing of the twins. Sunn: Sunn is quiet and stoic. She rarely demonstrates any emotion at all, and if she does, it tends to be in the form of affection for Funn, or their father. Sunn is typically contemplative, logical, cold, and decisive. On rare occasion, she can be provoked to an explosive temper. Should this happen, it’s best to clear the room and keep your head down until she’s calmed by Funn or Desmond (or Anouk if she’s around).
  7. I appreciate everyone taking an interest. You’re all too kind. I’ve made my decision and I’m going with one of @Aleksei‘s OCs. Thanks again, you’re all darlings, but take your “longevity” elsewhere ?.
  8. Helianthus looked to the young elf, whose skin was even darker than her own. While even Lothlorian gave a respectful bow, this one made no attempt to hide her disdain for Helianthus. Henianthus bowed respectfully in return, but did not address the angry elf. She was older than the hills around them, and had more raw physical power than most. She felt no need or desire to defend her presence here. That being said, she hoped to win the elf over in time. However, if that were going to happen, it would be by doing exactly as she’d always done. She’d be herself, brutal savage that she was. Helianthus clicked her tongue in disapproval and sadness at the poor state of the golden god. She lifted a hand to his cheek. Her fingertips only grazed his skin, but she sensed deep sorrow in his heart. Terianthus did not only give her physical prowess, but a sort of sixth sense. With it, she could detect life anywhere near her, and get a better sense of the state of that life. In this case, she sensed that the life of Lothlorian would be cut woefully short. This was by no means a prophecy, just a gut-feeling. She’d been wrong before. Still, the thought saddened her greatly. “Je’i te pardonne...” She breathed deeply, and remembered to speak the common language. “If you ask my forgiveness, you have it. I only regret I was not with you... If I could have... perhaps I might have helped.” She said, a little pitifully. She was not a meek person, not by any standard, but she could not help standing in awe of Lothlorian, even now. “Anyway, I am here to help now.”
  9. Okay, lots of great offers on the table. Let me think it over.
  10. I know that Anouk would not prevent the father’s involvement, but neither would she demand it. She would let him decide his level of involvement on his own, and cooperate to the best of her ability. I (as in my actual self, not Anouk) would strongly prefer that the father is involved, but I also would not demand it.
  11. I’m giving @Pasion Pasiva a chance to submit her characters before I “give up the goods”, just FYI.
  12. Anouk was surprised to feel a little impressed by John’s scars. She’d always thought of her own scars as disfigurements to be embarrassed of, particularly the ones on her face. She wondered if warriors less seasoned than herself were as impressed by her scars as she was by John’s...? She listened intently as John spoke, and felt a sense of relief when he assured her that he had no intentions of stepping outside of his usual field. That was good. Not that she liked the idea of selling illegal booze, drugs, or sex, but they weren’t her jurisdiction, nor her problem. Petty crime was a job for city guards, not special forces like Urban Rangers. She could refocus her efforts on the real monsters. Anouk blushed a little when John winked, but she smiled and gave him a playful jab on the shoulder. “If you ever got that lucky, you’d insist on paying me afterwards.” She winked back. “Let’s get a drink, before you start getting ideas in your head.”
  13. Helianthus had spent some time exploring the modern world. It was elves that interested her most, since her people were an ancient and extinct race of elfkind. They were extinct, except for her. She was older than most, though clearly not the oldest, and she showed no signs of ever dying from age. She could certainly die from injury, but her ghostly companion, Terianthus, bestowed unnatural physical strength and durability to her. She wasn’t likely to die anytime soon. The elves of this day were not entirely different than the ones she’d known before her self-inflicted banishment to the wild. She’d been away for several millennia, and the world had changed dramatically, but the elves had only become taller, paler, and more sensual than the ones she knew. They moved about with the grace of dancers. Helianthus found that watching them move about, even if they were just performing daily activities, was a treat to her senses. One elf, a deity in her mind, stood out above all the rest. Lothlorian, the golden figure that lit up her dreams and made her awake with a smile and tears in her eyes. She had met him upon her first visit to a city, during a lovely festival. She’d fallen instantly in love with him, perhaps not in a romantic way, but there was nothing she wouldn’t have done for him even then. They had spent only a little time together, and she’d watched him demonstrate magnificent power while fending off an assassination attempt. If she hadn’t already been prepared to bind herself to him, that sealed it for her. Her life was all his. “Mon’i ro d'or” She whispered to herself now, as she approached his lands. “Use the common language while we’re here, love. I know Lothlorian speaks your old tongue, but it’s unlikely that the rest of them are as old as he is.” Terianthus said, as he strolled behind her. He was visible only to her, and to Lothlorian. Actually, the illustrious demon-queen from the festival had been able to see him as well. “Yes, yes.” She said dismissively. Her accent was thick and foreign, oddly enough, no matter where she was. Few could claim that, she supposed. “I’ll try to remember. Or, perhaps I could teach my old language to some of them… Do you suppose they’d take an interest?” She asked. “I’m certain some will.” Terianthus answered thoughtfully. When the caravan came into view outside of House Aetherion’s estate, Helianthus recalled her purpose here. The summons she’d received was vague and had an ominous feel, but she understood that these elves were being driven from their home, and that she was here to help ensure their safe passage. Beyond that, the particulars of the situation were a mystery to her. She stopped for a moment on a hill and looked down, studying the hustling and bustling people around the caravan. If any had looked up at her, they would have seen a woman with bright feathers in her hair, dressed in leather that scarcely covered anything at all, shorter and more tan than the typical elf, and carrying a small javelin. She had an untamed, almost savage appearance. “Les gens dei mon’i ro d'or, vou bénisent.” “Common language, Love.” Terianthus reminded her. “Oh yes.” She smiled at him. “Bless the people of my golden king.” ((Keep in mind that this is not real French, it’s deliberately butchered, so google translate won’t tell much))
  14. Anouk was not at home in the woods. The city was her playground of choice. Were she in Ignatz right now, she’d take to the rooftops and rain death down on these men. They’d give chase, but find only frustration and more death as she moved over wall and window sill as easily as they moved on the ground. This, unfortunately, was not the city. Trees were fine for climbing, and she was even agile enough to make her way through the trees without having to touch the ground, but her progress was infuriatingly slow. First Lieutenant Anouk Enouk had spotted the fires from a mile or two away, and had immediately set out to investigate. She was only in this area in search of a petty thief that had stolen something a little too valuable for his own good. She had never been to Coth, and had no plans to visit the hilltop town, but she had to make sure that no one was in danger. As she drew near, she discovered a band of armed men, seasoned warriors in fact, laying siege to the little town. As far as Anouk knew, Coth had no army or heavy defenses of their own. She was bound by duty to help the townsfolk. She could not get a perfect count of the warriors, thanks to the trees and the undergrowth, but she estimated well over a dozen. That was too many for her to take on alone. Even from the trees, they’d eventually flush her out and kill her. She decided it would be best to make her way past them and into the town. Perhaps they had a few warriors of their own... Just then, she spotted two of them breaking away from the others. One was heavily armored with chain mail, and leather beneath. The other ware bits of leather here and there, but was closer to being fully naked than fully clothed. Anouk figured it couldn’t hurt to have two less to worry about. She carefully followed them from above, never making any more noise than a bird or squirrel might make. They started to draw away from her, but fortunately they stopped and began picking at something and eating it. Berries, perhaps. It didn’t matter. Anouk aimed at the almost-naked guy, and put an arrow in the back of his neck. She notched another arrow, but the armored man surprised her by whirling around and throwing a heavy axe right at her. She used her enchanted bracelet to dodge the attack, but she stepped too far out from the trunk and the branch snapped under her. Anouk was known for her uncanny agility, and her tendency to always land on her feet. By quickly snatching and releasing a few branches on the way down, she slowed her fall and landed with no more injuries than splinters in her palms. Unfortunately, the man was now barreling down on her. He was well over six feet tall, broad shouldered, screaming like a demon, and wielding a sword which certainly could have cut her in half...
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