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    Name: Figwidgett Type » Equine Temperament » Passive- Figwidgett are calm and peaceful. They never attack, and are mostly incapable of defending themselves, except by fleeing. Sapience » Constructed Size » Height » 2” Weight » 0.01 ounce Environment » Forests or prairies Location» Terrenus (very rare) Organization » Solitary Special Abilities » Psychic camouflage, flight (Figwidgett) Depending on the stage of its life-cycle, the Figwidgett’s appearance can vary greatly. At the earlier stage of its life, which under the right conditions can last its entire life, the Figwidgett has the appearance of a two inch tall fairy woman. To be clear, the Figwidgett is not humanoid in any regard, except appearance. While the Figwidgett usually appears to be wearing clothing, this is actually an illusion generated in the minds of humans and other humanoids. The Figwidgett takes on traits of the creature that sees it. If a fox is looking at it, the Figwidgett might have red fur, if an owl sees it, the Figwidgett might have big eyes and feathers... You get the idea. After a transformation, the Figwidgett grows and takes on a the more fitting appearance of a large horse. They may or may not retain their wings, but the transformed Figwidgett cannot fly either way. Usually a transformed Figwidgett, which is actually called a Widgett, has varying characteristics that look like metallic armor, but these are actually organic in nature. The Figwidgett is not useful in combat, and has no magic to speak of, other than its instinctive camouflage described in their appearance. They do make loyal and affectionate pets. Figwidgett: ////////////////////////////////////////// Name: Widgett Type: Equine Temperment: Neutral- As a Widgett, they are mostly tame and passive, but can and will defend themselves if threatened. Sapience » Constructed Size » Height » 8’ Weight » 2500 lbs Special Abilities » Organic armor- The armor worn by the Widgett is not actually metal or leather, as it appears, but organic tissue as hard as steel. It is actually part of the Widgetts body, and does not come off. The color and design of the armor varies and is distinct in every Widgett. High and long jump/glide- Though the Widgetts wings do not enable it to fly, it is able to use them to gain extra height or distance in a jump, as high as 20 feet, and as far as 50 feet. It can also glide safely down from great heights. Not all Widgetts have wings. The Widgett is a large and powerful mount. The organic “armor” makes them surprisingly tanky, and they can keep pace with a standard horse. If they have wings, they can be used for long jumps, and to glide safely from high places. Transformation is only possible if the Figwidgett is touched with the blood of a “living martyr”. The meaning behind that is unclear. Widgett:
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    New but not so new...

    Unfortunately, due to some personal RL issues, I’m going to have to disappear for a while. I hope it won’t be too long, but to be on the safe side, I’m going to say at least three weeks. Its personal, but not necessarily bad, so no worries. 👍 I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this might cause if I was already involved in your RP. Please believe that I don’t make a habit of taking off mid-RP, and it is necessary for now. Again, I’m really sorry for the suddenness of it. Please feel free to do whatever is necessary with my characters to avoid disrupting your RP, even if you have to kill them. Good luck, have fun, hope to be in touch real soon. 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
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    Come at me...

    For the sake of fairness, I deliberately chose a grounded ship, so there is land just beneath the ship. Idk her reach, but I didn’t want to deliberately give myself a big situational advantage.
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    Custom user title raffle 2

    I’m in. 👍
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    Fierach vs Radioactive

    Sollie had not expected him to actually move fast enough to catch her fist in mid punch. He knew what he was doing. The twisted arm hurt, but it was pretty minor pain for a seasoned warrior. Fortunately, he underestimated the agility and flexibility of the elves, not to mention the physical durability afforded to her by Solariamelosalia. Sollie performed two actions in unison, one physical and one magical. 1She twisted her entire body around in a flip, using the arm he held to hoist herself, and twist in the air, forcefully pulling her arm from his grasp. 2At the same time, she summoned forth the creeping and crawling creatures she had reached out to before the fight began. All manner of vermin such as rats, mice, roaches, and spiders crawled up from the dirt floor or ran in from the stands. With the vermin rushing in to surround James’ legs, and begin clawing and biting, 3she quickly spun and threw a practiced kick at his chest. If it landed, she hoped to knock him off balance and put him to the ground. 1Quickdraw defense: Ariel flip to pull arm free 2Prep[1] attack: Summoned vermin to attack and distract 3Quickdraw attack: Kick to chest
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    What do you hate to see in a post?

    While I can see the appeal of avoiding character sheets, since actual people can’t check a character sheet upon meeting someone, they do have some advantages. For instance, if you’re character, who had no character sheet, suddenly reveals that he is god in the flesh, and we are all just pawns in his cosmic game, my only possible response is “Okay. I guess that’s that.” Because how do I know if that was true or not before he said it? IRL a mechanic can’t suddenly reveal that he’s actually a brilliant mathematician, because he typically won’t have the education or expertise to back up the claim. In an RP, you can just say you have the expertise, and you suddenly have it, unless your character has a recorded past. Maybe no one here would do that, but plenty of people would. I don’t usually read any part of a CS except the physical description, but it’s good to have just in case it’s needed.
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    What do you hate to see in a post?

    Stealing from another RPer is something else I can’t stand. There are really obvious ways of doing this, like seeing that my character is a demon disguised as a human, then suddenly revealing that your character is also a demon disguised as a human, despite making no mention of this in a CS or any previous post... (That’s a general “you” directed at no one). There are also more subtle ways of doing this. I know I mentioned this in another post, but I once did an RP where my character was an outlaw seductress being tracked by a Sherriff(or bounty hunter, I forget) who was secretly in love with the seductress. They would meet, fight, play cat and mouse, and usually end up in bed. I described all of this, and the person I was RPing with went on to describe almost the exact same situation with her own characters, despite having character sheets that made no mention of any of this. It wasn’t overt, but I could clearly see that she was hijacking my character dynamic, even if no one else could. It completely turned me off to RPing with her, and I dropped out (which I don’t often do).
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    Come at me...

    I’ve done exactly that. If anyone wants to know who I am currently fighting, look at the first post.
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    Come at me...

    Good idea. 👍
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    Come at me...

    I believe @Deus Ex Aizen was next in line.
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    Come at me...

    I’m going to allow at least two of my current commitments to wrap up before I commit to anything else, but I’ll use your beta rules on the very next fight.
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    Come at me...

    You drive a hard bargain, but I accept. 👍
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    Flower Festival - Port Caelum [Interest Check]

    I love the gift for Helianthus. Great idea! 🖤
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    Come at me...

    @Praetorian Would you mind judging this one as well?
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    Fierach vs Radioactive

    Sollie ignored the man’s disapproving comment. She had fought plenty of battles with and without the benefit of Solariamelosalia’s blessing, and she had nothing to prove. She did, however, respond in kind when he disposed of his sword. Rather than tossing hers to the side, she replaced it in its sheath. 1Before they met in the middle of the ring, she quickly drew her bow and fired a trip-arrow about six feet behind James. She only fired one, and it would stay there and do nothing until she fired the second one. She replaced her bow on her back as they met in the middle of the arena. 2With her weighted gloves, she took up a fighting stance and immediately threw a jab at his throat. He was taller, had a longer reach, and probably more raw physical power, but few could match the agility and grace of a highly trained elf. If she connected, it would give her the chance to follow up with more devastating attacks. 1Prep[2] Trip-arrow strategically placed behind James. 2Quickdraw attack: Punch to the throat. 3Persistant Advantage: Sollie is blessed with double physical durability