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  1. Jared was just relaxing on his seat, watching the sky slowly turning into a soft orange color then maybe red. it was almost time to hide away from the moonlight. shutting the door to the front of the cabin after the two dogs, Nemo and Omle, entered inside humming quietly to himself. shutting the curtains making sure that they were closed where no light could peep inside. "good..." he muttered out before leaving going into his bedroom collapsing onto his bed and just passing the hell out. the two hellhounds just watched jumping on top of jared's body licking his head before falling asleep now.
  2. Backing up just a bit with a twisted smile planted on his face showing some of his teeth that some stains of red from biting his tongue repeatedly to make it bleed a lot. Going where his seat was at, watching Veronica just smashing the radio releasing a louder giggle from his mouth till he snapped once the nurses came inside. Then, the shadow monsters appeared causing the male to slowly get up and head to the corner of the wall seeing the needle before releasing a loud high pitched scream from his throat once those monsters slowly started walking to him closer and closer, making the male to scream even more barely allowing air to go into his lungs. Kicking, screaming, biting his tongue even more until he had nearly passed out from the lack of air. Eyes slightly open with blood slowly pouring out of his mouth, twitches with small kicks on the side. "monster..Monster..eat.." he mumbled out, he could feel them touching him causing the male to squirm in his straight jacket much more than ever, with some nurses walking over to him only be kicked by him and hearing his screams of terror letting loose at them.
  3. Walking over back to his home, entering the forest which was supposed to be closed off from any human staying silent. The walk was long but he got to a small cabin with loud barks coming from inside them out came hellhounds or what seems to be like that. One has a missing limb and the other may have a duller looking color both looking at Quin barking loudly before licking her little rat face. "Sit, sit!" Jared told them as they both did looking at him quietly as he whistled for them to get up and follow. Entering inside the house, grabbing out a small little tea saucer and put a big piece of bread on it then headed outside. Setting the saucer down. "Alright little fella, here some food." Setting Quin down before he left back into his cabin whistling up a tune to himself as the two hellhounds stared at her just for a moment then followed after Jared quickly.
  4. Jared just gave up a little while later, he always gave up on trying to find people. Slicking back his hair a bit, leaving the mall still slurping on his smoothie staring out in front of him moving aside from any passerby. Finishing up on his smoothie disposing it into the trash till he spotted a rat running runing in front of him and just out of instincts he grabbed the rat's tail quickly lifting it up near him. "Well... At least I got something for dinner." He joked around taking the rat over to him home quickly with a wide grin on his face.
  5. Watching her now leaving him alone in his seat drinking his smoothie silently looking down seeing the blood on his clothes before quickly getting out over to the men's bathroom which usually smelt horrible but he learn how to deal with it. Cleaning off the blood off from his face and trying his best with his shirts knowing it was going to take a while for him to clean it all off since it dried up quickly while he was running. It was a bit lighter but still the stain was visible so leaving outside wondering through the mall in hopes of finding that girl he wanted to talk to and maybe befriend her at one point if she was alright with it. Sighing, this was his luck. Exiting out of the mall, to start smoking needing it as he wasn't feeling the best right now. Lighting it up before taking a long drag of a cigar before pulling away and blowing some smoke out, relief. After a few minutes, he dropped it onto the ground and crushed it right underneath his boot before heading back into the mall searching for the girl once more.
  6. Following after the raven seeing it now landing and popped up a female. Holy shit, a shapeshifter? Walking right after her keeping his steps silently, while pulling up his hoodie to maybe cover up part of his identity but that's hard when you are literally someone that stands right about 6'04" and has the worst skills in hiding. Moving through the crowd with quiet apologizes seeing her entering Juicy Jamba, man how this place how the greatest smoothies, coconut smoothies were the best in his opinion. Walking inside, looking around before buying himself a drink with some biscuits on the side. Glancing over at the short girl before sitting down in front of her, "Hi." Jared softly greeted with a nervous smile on his lips. Hopefully she won't slap him like the last person that did that when he was simply trying to tell her that she dropped something on the ground and he wanted to return it back to her. "Your... a shapeshifter right?" Taking a sip of his coconut smoothie quietly, waiting for some kind of answer even if it may be something of him fucking off.
  7. Drip, drop. Drip drop. that was the sound, the pattern the poor little man was hearing right now. Drip, drop. Goes the blood streaming onto the ground and the sanity of the male. The male that was admission for an unknown reason, maybe something of insanity, the possibilities of seeing things that weren't even there in the first place was causing the male to go absolutely crazy right now. strapped down with a straight-jacket on, surrounded in a room with cushions to prevent him from running into it and snapping/cracking his neck. "The shadows... the shadows are speaking to me..." he whispered out softly under his breath, shaking violently in one lit corner of his room eyes rapidly moving around in the corners that had shadows letting out a mad laugh or crackle of fear wanting to get out of this room already, today was his lucky day. Two nurses and one doctor walked into the room. Wearing all white, with blue gloves and brought the scent of cleaning supplies with them. Walking towards the man in a slow cautious way before grabbing the back of the jacket bringing him up to his feet causing the man to jolt and flail around miserable letting out a cry of fear. "Mr. Marlin, please calm down or we may have to sedate you. Now you wouldn't like that would you?" Shaking his head no, that brought the monsters back that would eat him. He didn't want that. "Now why is there blood... are you biting your tongue again? Nurse, grab the mouth guard." Hearing the muffled sound of heels, then something being shoved into his mouth in a way where he can't take it out at all. Sitting down a wheelchair taken over to a new room, one with bright light looking around seeing a girl with long black hair letting out a muffled 'hi' to her wiggling his body in a form of waving his hand to her. lowering his head a bit at the idiots part. Watching a nurse coming near him taking out the mouth guard inspecting his mouth seeing he "was" biting his tongue again before leaving him alone with the girl. "name's marlin... how come you were in here?" marlin softly whispered out staring at her with wide eyes and a tilted head, leaning closer wanting an answer from her in about 5 seconds.
  8. Moving away quickly away from whoever he bumped into was named, M. Yep, M. Simply M, no one knew why but everyone just stuck with it even teachers. Jared rushed away quickly, with a nervous look on his face with a bleeding nose that wasn't stopping soon due to him not caring for it. Watching a raven flying off from the school building making him confused at first wondering why a raven in all places would be here but he gave no mind to it. Birds do whatever they want. Heading home off into the forest till he couldn't resist, going back and heading off wherever the the raven was going since it filled his interest right now where do birds really go, mainly where do ravens since they usually are in a conspiracy with this raven not being in one. Panting heavily while running the bleeding on his nose eventually stopped but leaving blood stains everywhere on his clothes, receiving stares from passerby that were concerned or disgusted by Jared.
  9. Jared is back at again with those white vans, looking at his desk silently writing down on the table of some old spell that he was learning. It was a rather exotic kind of spell with words that would be considered tongue twisters along with how you pronounce it was rather confusing too. Man this was some spell if it's that difficult to even say on word. Looking upwards from his desk of the pronunciation, god this wasn't going to be fun at all. Lying his down on his desk listening onto the lesson silently as ever till the bell has rang. Springing up to it before in haste he grabbed all of his things zipped it up into his bag and ran out. "SCHOOL IS OVER!!" He yelled out loudly with a wide grin on his face, running ( while he wasn't focusing at all . ) bumped into a boy, falling, and slamming his face hard onto the ground. Looking up nose now bleeding, "Sorry!" He quickly apologized to the male.
  10. Original profile was DemonicRatKing

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