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    Some shitty town in oklahoma
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    Well I had a different screen name, but it's being a dick, so I've got this one now.
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  1. I've never been your savior,I've never been your ghost,and as I'm pushing furtherI'm playing the silent host.
  2. Scoundrel

    Books on the mind

    Still reading Skin. It started out good, but it kinda reminds me of that one dean koontz book with the doctor that saved a mans life quickly and saved his own sons life, and his son ends up being this weird serial killer that thinks hes a demon.
  3. Scoundrel

    Books on the mind

    There is another list. I'm trying to find it. I had it on my tower, but it died.
  4. Scoundrel

    Books on the mind

  5. Scoundrel

    Books on the mind

    Look up the extra books that fit into the universe.
  6. Scoundrel

    Books on the mind

    Had to stay in Oregon, make a life here since i'm stuck. My wife started going to church, I do not believe in anything at all. But I go with her, because I like spending time with my wife. A dude at the church gave me a book, so I'm reading it. Its called Skin, not sure if I like it or not. On a side note, the powder mage trilogy is pretty good.
  7. Scoundrel

    Books on the mind

    Reading The Tole by Clive Barker. I'm also reading alot about beer, because I'm fixing to work at one of the breweries here in oregon.
  8. Scoundrel

    Books on the mind

    Gundam Thunderbolt. And the Powdermage Trilogy, since Long Nine Finger's book isn't out yet.
  9. Kick Adam for me if ya see him.

  10. I couldn't get into the wheel of time series. Infact the traitor's son cycle took a bit for me to like it. Might check out theft of swords tho. Powder Mage is pretty neat, the first book is very face paced.
  11. Not so much a joke, but my brother in law asked me to pop his back, I warned him it'd make his head hurt. I noticed that he'd place him head right in line to be smacked by my ceiling fan. Sooooo, after about the third time the blades smacked him in the face, he wanted me to put him down.
  12. Also tomb of Annihilation.
  13. The Traitor's son cycle and the powder mage trilogy. Both seem pretty good thus far.
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