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  1. (1) seems alright! (2) sure! I’ll make sure to bring in another ship for you to steal :3
  2. “Vertical,” she quipped, pushing herself upright as she offered a hand for the other woman to stand up. ”I see you’ve taken a liking to creature forms as opposed to filing cabinets.” Her eyes seemed to light up with delight in a way that few could ever incite. @Emm
  3. Rushing up to the bridge, Captain Rex drew her sabre in alarm as the crystalline husks began smashing themselves against the glass windows- or at least, what they thought to be glass windows. The crew of the bridge remained calm, barely flinching as armed custodes armed with firearms began to flood the room, establishing a parameter around the essential systems. Those that weren’t essential had their personnel withdrawn behind cover. A small escort formed around Captain Clavis, polearms are the ready and pointing outward, forming a deadly defense that could easily halt any reckless advance. Rex took point at the very front of it all, merely several meters behind the glass window as the creatures pounded and scratched against it. Her sabre pulsed menacingly with waves of energy as the whole room went silent, apart from the rapid trembling of tabletop objects as the creatures assailed the ship from all over. The reason the glass had held up so long was because it was not actually glass. Rather, the material was actually a layer of iron, arcane treated until its refractive index had been reduced to that of air, allowing it to function as a highly damage resistant window. But even the highly advanced technology which the OFM possessed would not hold up forever as visible cracks began to appear in the window. Nonetheless, it had bought them time. ”Masks on!” the Guardian Captain yelled as she placed a thin metallic cylinder between her lips. Moments later, a thin shimmering box of energy formed around her nose and mouth.
  4. Addison squealed in surprise as the weight bore down on her shoulder. Her eyes caught a brief flash of silver and navy blue, her ears a shrill cry that wasn’t her own. Instinctively, her arms shot upward, coiling her body in around the woman perched on her shoulder as they tumbled to the ground. They landed with a rather unceremonious “OOF”, but when their sides were against the tender embrace of the soft countryside grass, Addison unclamped her hands from around the other woman and rolled aside. ”Ow (?)” she grinned lopsidedly at the new arrival. @Emm
  5. Sounds like a plan to me!
  6. Standing firmly several yards out from the townstead, Addison towered over the ongoing defense works, watching Howard's men bring down rows of trees at a time. What he intended to do with them, she was not too sure of just yet. Next to her, was the flag which Howard had planted into the ground, declaring it proudly as "New Acheron", which was unlikely to be the case, though she did find his enthusiasm to be humorous and healthy for the morale of the troops. From where she stood, all whom approached the settlement by land would see her standing boldly in her armor, her legs apart and posture straight. A look of boldness and confidence was etched across her brow as her stern gaze ran along brimming meadows and shabby huts, over rows of supply carts and crates of bread and captured water, passing over men with hunched backs, busy distributing food or hacking away at the woodland. Before coming abruptly to a stop along a small ridge, a large cluster of wood had been gathered, more logs steadily streaming in as trained soldiers heaved and pushed with all their might, their foreheads dripping with sweat and the veins in their arms pulsing with the effort. Just beyond the hill, was the beach. The grounds of their battle. Addison stood and waited. If any man wished to offer their aid to her cause, they would come to her. As did lamps draw insects and fresh meat draw flies, the brave, opportunistic and desperate had a tendency to follow the confident and bold. (If your character is a mercenary taking up the offer, this is what they would see.)
  7. Yes! Thread occurs 2-3 months after A Master of Space and Self. Other than that, there's not really any other timeline specific factors.
  8. Hmm, he may definitely be able to find a spot to open his store in our settlement when we decide to settle down in Alterion :3 That is, if he provides adequate aid!
  9. Oooo I remember house Singlance :3 Have they gained any followers since we last rped? On that note, I would be glad to have you, sir! *fluffles Zashi*
  10. Looking for affordable mercenaries ;D The townstead of Marrow in Genesaris is being harassed by an unnamed tribe of pirates! The agriculturally successful townstead easily produces more than enough to feed themselves but struggles to get by due to the pirates’ considerable demands in weekly tribute. A foreign lady of dubious origin with an army hailing from a land that does not exist is calling upon brave men and women to help defend the helpless farmers from oppression! Rewards Monetary reward in melted Atlesian silver (raw silver). Political Favor from the up and coming self-proclaimed “Lady of Bastion City”. Do I have any volunteers? :3 Secondary Job Offer: Herbologist! We are looking for one character whom is well versed in herbalism to keep a record of local plant life and their properties. Rewards - Stable income and work - Funding for research - Political Favor Thread: Succinctly, this is meant to be a simple roleplay thread for roleplayers of any skill level to kick things off 🙂 You can use this as a means for your character to build contacts, demonstrate their expertise, or just make a quick killing. I expect for the tone to be fairly lighthearted, nothing too heavy or tragic. ;u; - Pheebz
  11. Eventually, it came to Addison’s attention that her secretary was absent. ”Gargh-“ she grunted in annoyance. She had sent the one man who knew anything about publicity off to do detective work. Unsurprisingly, the role of negotiator and recruiter now fell upon her. Resting a barrel of water against the wall of a building, she withdrew some paper from the carts and began scribbling furiously. When she was satisfied with the result, she approached one of Irryn’s escorts. “Bring this to the printing machine at the base. Tell Hawk to distribute the flyers as widely as possible. Then, ask him to come here with his forces.” She stared off into the ocean grimly. ”We’ll need every man we can get.”
  12. "Understood," she frowned. "Would you like to lead said investigations? I will have someone else work on the recruitment notice if you would like the work to be delegated as such. Kora and Luca are both very talented." She reached into her pocket, retrieving a small object and placing it into Azelhart's hand. Upon closer inspection, it was revealed to be a seal, engraved with the Master Knight's family name: あ世ら (Ayora). "Do as you see fit," she stated with a smile. "You've come a long way, Azelhart. The burden of our mission now falls upon your shoulders. Receive it with honor and bear it with strength." She pushed the seal into his palm gently before stepping away with a questioning glance if he had any further inquiries. @Xoco
  13. "There was," she stated grimly, pointing at a graveyard at the opposite end of the town. "The pirates were smart, snuffing out any and all things and people that could have stood for hope and incited rebellion." She pointed to what appeared to be the remains of a polished white building. "That was a church. Now it's rubble." @Xoco
  14. "A parade, you say?" she offered the man a thoughtful glance, before turning to look at Howard in the corner of her eye. "I think we both have a similar idea of how that's going to be done." "And no," she replied curtly. "You will be stretched thinly enough. You will not only have to write the recruitment notice, but you will also have to find ways to distribute it to the furthest corners of the world. This is our chance to establish contacts with this world's inhabitants and to let them see who we are, and what we're here to do." She extended her arm, setting it firmly on his shoulder reassuringly. "You, Douglas Azelhart, are the first man from our world which this one is going to meet. Your voice will resonate across plains to the ears of monarchs, terrorists, and politicians. Your voice here now will matter more than it ever will if it is spent doing anything else. I want you to perfect your recruitment notice, Azelhart. Perfection. Agreed?" @Xoco
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