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    Jinsoku Hayabusa vs ???

    Back. Instincts took the woman back to her training. Jin's attack was similar to a downward cleave from a greatsword or a warhammer, except with the magnitude amplified tenfold. But nonetheless, the concept was similar. Taking four steps back in a calculated dodge, she left enough distance such that if Jin decided to suddenly rotate his halberd in mid-air, the blade would narrowly miss her. With both of her hands still tightly gripping the handle of the rapier, she held it next to her right chest, the tip of the blade now angled at Jinsoku’s torso. Upon the last step, she dug her heels into the sand, springing back at Jinsoku the moment he buried his ax-head into the ground. She closed the distance rapidly, skirting around the right of Jin’s embedded weapon with a powerful kick to the soil with her left foot. She tilted her rapier slightly to the right to avoid collision with his polearm. Once in a direct line of contact was available, she quickly swerved the rapier back to the left, stepping into Jin’s personal circle. Strike. She would swing the weapon into his right neck, carving through his shoulder and torso, finally exiting his body from the left hip. @Twitterpated
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    Jinsoku Hayabusa vs ???

    The crowd's enthusiastic cheering dipped once again in anticipation. The second door opposite Jinsoku slid open, hitting the wall with a thump. A woman emerged from within. In contrast to Jinsoku, she was covered from shoulder to toe in chainmail, with a layer of cloth below it for insulation. Her chainmail tunic covered only her torso, back, and shoulders, ending around the waist and at the sleeves. Below the waist, she had a second piece of chainmail in the shape of a skirt that went down to her ankles. Covered sandals protected her soles from any sharp objects on the ground. On both her upper arms, she sported yet more tight rings of chainmail that seemed to be sewed into the cloth itself. They opened up loosely onto her forearms and met with a pair of metal gauntlets on her clenched fists. Around her waist, were scabbards for three blades. The first, a rapier, was attached to where her left hip bone was. A pair of daggers were the remaining two, each 30 centimeters in length, strapped to each of her thighs. Her blonde hair fell around her head like a curtain, cut short just above the shoulder. When her eyes fell upon Jinsoku, her expression was momentarily conflicted. Disbelief, admiration, and dread. All left as quickly as they had appeared. And then returned the apathetic face that a knight wore to battle. “I know you,” she stepped towards Jin, her voice hardly audible over the cheering, but loud enough for him to hear. “I’ve heard stories about you.” Standing at 5’8, she was slightly taller than Jin and wore much more clothing. But that did little to ease her wariness. She knew from the aforementioned stories that Jinsoku possessed superhuman strength and endurance. Furthermore, the open flaunting of his... man parts... was distracting to say in the very least. “Ladies and gentlemen,” the gamesmaster stretched out the words for dramatic effect, “Let the trial of combat, begin!” Drawing her 50-inch rapier with her right hand, she proceeded to slide her right foot about a shoulder-width behind her left. The weapon was then gripped with both hands and brought above her head, the needle point of the blade aimed straight at Jinsoku’s temple. @Twitterpated
  3. The endless expanse of pure blue sky was pierced by columns of smoke that rose from the middle of a dense woodland in the Wilds of Terrenus. These plumes of smoke came from Fort Redwood, a quiet little castle with a population of less than five hundred. The people here lived peacefully, tending to their crops and guarding their livestock. The people lived peacefully until the Garrison Commander accused the Marshall of murdering his daughter. Her body was found, stark naked, in the Marshall's house. Some speculated that he had raped her before killing her. Others insisted that the Marshall had been framed. But most peculiar was the Marshall's response to the whole situation. He could have debated his case in the court, but he didn't. He demanded a trial by combat. And so champions were chosen. The Marshall selected a woman from the Garrison Commander's personally trained bodyguards. He offered her a handsome payout if she were to win the battle and prove his innocence in the eyes of God. The Garrison Commander tried to find a champion from his own ranks as well, but he encountered a huge problem. None of his warriors wished to fight against their own comrades. For days he begged the most skilled warriors in the township to help him avenge his daughter. But as each day passed, it seemed less and less likely that he was going to get the justice that he wanted. It was like that until the morning of the battle. A lone man appeared before the gates of Fort Redwood, claiming to be a friend of the Garrison Commander. The gates swiftly opened to welcome the stranger into the city, before he was quickly ushered into the private residence of the Garrison Commander. Even before the battle began, almost the entire city had gathered around the central fighting pit to watch the match. The pit was twenty meters in diameter, with walls made from stone, five meters high. It was virtually impossible to scale; impossible to escape from. A panel of judges sat comfortably under a canopy in the spectators' stand. The Garrison Commander was seated to the left of them. The Marshall to the right. Both men stared at their palms with great intensity, as if reflecting on the entirety of their lives before it all changed forever. The crowd applauded as the gamemaster waddled into the pit from the combatant's entry door. He was a tubby man, cloaked in a priestly yellow garb. He raised his hands to signal for the crowd to quieten down before he gave his address. "Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to the trial of combat for Marshall Ken Easter!" The crowd clapped hysterically once again. He went on to explain the context of the battle as the two combatants prepared themselves from within the rooms. When he had finished his speech, he made his way back through the door, accidentally brushing his shoulder against the Garrison Commander's champion as he did. "You have quite the audience," he patted the man on the shoulder reassuringly. "Give them a good show." @Twitterpated
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    The Return of Zengi the Witch-King

    I’ll be down to help if the post frequency is high enough. I’m able to commit to multiple posts a day up until the 17th October. Then, my posting rate will slow down dramatically. Regardless of whether you pick me or not, I’m pretty excited to see the end of this thread, and what threads branch from it 🙂
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    Can You Keep a Secret?

    She sits at the bar counter, dark spectacles casting thin shadows across her cheekbones. She's tall, with an air of authority. Her face is wrinkled from her many years of service to the people of Dawic. But today, something is off with the science teacher. She has not been to class for two days, today being the second. Rumors go around of the students rejoicing. Many of these students bear red marks on their wrists and knees. Perhaps their joy is justified. Two students entered the bar as Rev did. It is quite obvious that they are students of the science teacher, as their eyes go wide with dread when they see her sitting with her back facing them at the bar. Without a moment of hesitation, the students leave. The bartender knows the teacher. She goes up to her and asks, "Aren't you supposed to be teaching the kids?" The teacher merely shakes her head, smiling dryly without offering a single word. The bartender looks down to notice that placed before the science teacher, is a pocket watch. The science teacher stares at it with blazing intensity, prompting the bartender to leave her to her thoughts. There is also another peculiar object that rests on the bar table. A strange diamond shaped object wrapped in cloth. It is about the size of a shield; it could very well be one. But of all the uncertainties that lie in this bar, the one thing that is certain is that the science teacher is not what she seems to be.
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    Secret Thread

    This looks cool! Considering that I’m only just getting back into Valucre, I want in!
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    House of the Rising Sun

    Raveena's poisonous tone stung like a dagger. Reyna hadn't meant to offend her. Nor had she expected to stoke the Empress' fury so easily. The way Reyna saw it, territories under any flag would have to be under strong leadership in order to proper. She would very well admit that Raveena was a capable governor and knew the way of things very well. To this day, she still admired her for the many qualities she had. But as a ruler, it was not Raveena's duty to personally see to the growth of a city. That duty was entrusted to the Duke and Duchess, even prior to their appointment. As a ruler, it was her duty to oversee the prosperity of the empire on a much larger scale. The little things should have been left to those who served her to straighten out. To Reyna, the lack of trust was disheartening. She appreciated the help that Raveena was giving, but she had always suspected that there was an ulterior motive behind it. The Empress didn't trust her. For whatever reason that was, she was at a loss as to how to regain that trust. When they had first met, Raveena was kind enough to wipe her records of being in a black operatives team so that she could return to living as a normal citizen. Now, the woman made her feel colder than her own frozen heart. All the while as mother and son stood next to one another, engaging in a lively discussion with one of the farmers. Reyna was hesitant to join them. She refused to speak up for fear of angering the Empress even more. Nor would she stay silent, for that would make her appear even more like what Raveena seemed to think she was: one of Grant's toys. While the pair were deep in conversation, Reyna remained outside of the room. Make no mistake, this was no act of cowardice. From outside, her magically enhanced eardrums allowed her to hear every word that was spoken inside. A little too much at that, as she overheard a man commenting on Raveena's incredible womanly figure. Finger resting on her chin, she feigned deep thought, staring meaningfully out into the courtyard. Solutions to problems and problems to solutions would be passed that day, between the Empress, her son the Duke, and the common people. Reyna didn't want to enter that room. Any attempts at proactivity would only result in her butting heads with her mother in law once again. For now, she allowed Raveena to have her way. Eventually, the Hyperion Queen would return to her duties as the ruler of the Empire. At the very most, she would leave one or two informants to keep a watchful eye over Reyna. But once the shadow of Raveena's power was drawn away, the Duchess of House Senaria had no qualms with the necessary action to consolidate her own political standing. @Deus Ex Aizen
  9. “Charlie!” Reyna exclaimed, shaking her head at the festering hunk of meat that was now lying with its back against the wall. She couldn’t tell if she was more disappointed by its failure to identify Grant as a friendly, or how easily it had been felled by her lover. “I’m so sorry,” she gave Grant a flustered look, quickly relieving his hands of the pair of massive butchered arms. “He usually isn’t this aggressive. It must’ve been the smell. You’re the first living person I’ve brought down here.” Careful not the drag the delicately knitted flesh limbs on the floor, she waddled over to the abomination (Charlie) and reattached its limbs with a sickening ‘pop’. Clapping her hands together, a stream of water began pouring out from an invisible tap in front of her, following her orientation as she turned. Turning back to face her lover, she came back up to him and took his hands with her own, bathing their palms in the soothing liquid. “Charlie was my first prototype when I first began attempting to create abominations,” she pointed to the creature, which was now absent-mindedly grinning at thin air. “They’re rather interesting creatures, don’t you think? If you could ignore the smell, they’re kind of cute with that smile of theirs. They look so happy all the time!” Grant might’ve taken the time to realize that he, Reyna and Charlie were inside some sort of enclosed landing room. If he turned to his right, he would see the only exit leading out into a bazaar of sorts. Less than half a dozen undead denizens went about their business there. @danzilla3
  10. “Yes, indeed it was,” Reyna rolled her eyes in exasperation. “This way.” Tugging on his hand softly, the pair slid through rows of tables, sofas, bedding, and all sorts of things. Eventually. They encountered a small stairway hidden inside a table. It was like one of those optical illusions where the stairway was impossibly deep, and there seemed to be nothing behind the table that could allow for such a space to manifest. Such was the magnificence of the Tower. “Come,” she beckoned to him as she took a step into the stairwell, her body melting into the darkness. They would walk up for several floors in pitch black. Reyna hoped that Grant didn’t have a fear of the dark. When they had finally arrived at their destination, Grant would find light suddenly returning to his eyes, his feet resting on the cold stone floor. The staircase that had taken him here was nowhere in sight. The smell might’ve hit him before he saw it coming, but as he came to terms with his surroundings, a hulking abomination charged towards him with a pair of bloodstained cleavers. “RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAWRRRR!!!” @danzilla3
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    House of the Rising Sun

    “With a population this small, it will take a great deal of time to start up anything large,” Reyna stroked her chin thoughtfully. “Tech hubs, research centres, ports, even factories require a greater deal of manpower than what is available. Coupled with the fact that the citizens may harbor… trust issues after a run in with a tyrant king, we may have issues getting them to cooperate.” Turning now to her lover, she wasted no time in getting down to planning, “We should try to keep tabs on the locations of each individual citizen at all times. It will be extremely manageable, given how small the population is. While we’re doing that, we should try to speak to as many as we can. It will do us well if we are able to earn their support.” Money, wealth, luxuries, the estate had plenty of that. What it lacked, however, was sufficient daily necessities to give out to the people if they were in specific need of something. Commonplace items that had very specific niches such as hoes and ram saddles, for example, would be hard to obtain this far away from Hyperion. Money was virtually useless in this stage of city building. What they needed was a trading line. “Mother…” she began, the words sounding awfully unnatural on Reyna’s tongue. She cringed, although knowing full well that the Empress might have seen her do so. “There is one thing that I might ask of you. It would be exceptionally helpful if open trading routes were established between merchant cities and what will soon be Port Thea. The people will need access to a wider variety of goods. Furthermore, we can use what funds we have here to purchase the necessary for our initial build up.” She allowed Raveena a thoughtful pause. “Essentially, I’m asking you to open Senaria’s borders to everyone.” @Deus Ex Aizen
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    Two if by Sea (Last Chance Raid)

    Ochigo Legion of Doom Beach (Saving Private Ryan) Dredge Jinsoku ( @Twitterpated ) When the dust had settled from the explosion, Ochigo felt a strange burning sensation on the edges of his armor, as if he was some sort of barbequed sausage and someone had decided to badly overcook him. Not the best of analogies, but there were more important things on his mind at that point in time. Through the dust clouds, he made out more than a dozen figures making their way towards Jinsoku. One thing was for sure: if they weren’t coming from behind Ochigo, they weren’t friendlies. Already, the daemonslayer’s apprentice had called for backup. The death knight’s duty was done. Gauntleted fingers flexing, he took a step forward, leaning over his front leg as he slammed his palms together for real now. “THUNDER CLAP!!!” The blast knocked Jinsoku backward into two enforcers who had only just caught up to him. The dust from the cloud swiftly followed, proving to be an effective attack on their eyes. If or when they had finally recovered from their brief perils, they would find the death knight to be gone. Running across the beach parallel to the shoreline, Ochigo went where he was needed. Perhaps he would lead a push on another front, or maybe he would cause another diversion so that his men could slip by. But one thing he knew for sure was that it was all worth it. Because when he looked out into the sea briefly, he already saw three warships pulling away into the horizon. More would follow soon. [Exit]
  13. “Whoever you used to belong to, that was in the past,” she leaned in close to him, leaning her cheek on his shoulder, her lips brushing against his ear. In a voice colder than night, she whispered, “And if anyone from that past comes to take you back, they’ll have to go through me.” That in itself was a promise and a death sentence. Anyone expecting to snatch her lover from her arms could be assured a slow and agonizing death at her hands. Pulling away from her lover, she grabbed his hand and squeezed it tightly. “If you’re ready to go, then let’s not waste any time!” About half an hour later, they arrived at the base of the tower, arguably the tallest building in Blairville, stretching up to a hundred stories high. “This… Is what I’ve been meaning to show you,” she smiled, leading him by the elbow to the fence gate at the entrance. As she entered the door, a soldier stepped in front of her and Grant. “I’m sorry Sir, I need to see your Identification Card,” he said sternly. Without a moment’s hesitance, Reyna’s face melted right off the bone. “Is there something wrong, Henry?” her voice seemed to come from the very air around them, echoing off the 10 story high ceiling on the inside. The guard was immediately flustered, “Oh! Lady Frostbinder! I am so sorry, you two may proceed.” Nodding curtly, she led her lover into the foyer which was filled to the brim with random furniture items. When they had gotten a suitable distance away from the door, Reyna stopped him, her skin quickly reforming over her skull. As it did, Grant might’ve noticed a heightening in her jawline, as if she was attempting to grin with her skeletal features. When her lips curled back over rows of perfect shining teeth, there was a smug grin on her face. “This is the place where it all begins. This is where my dream can finally come true,” she paused, clasping his hands with her own, staring dreamily back into his eyes. “Of course… My other dream had already come true quite recently, but you already know that.” @danzilla3
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    Two if by Sea (Last Chance Raid)

    Ochigo Legion of Doom Beach (Saving Private Ryan) Dredge Jinsoku ( @Twitterpated ) “…” What?! Ochigo’s body tensed up as he felt an unwelcome force exert itself upon his body, halting his retreat prematurely. Writhing about from within his suit, he found that Jinsoku had somehow taken control of his armor, dragging it back within reach. Ochigo’s fists balled up. He tried to raise his arms into a defensive position, but he found them locked to his sides like a mummy. Struggling within the unorthodox grip that Jin held him in, he braced himself for the first blow. As the blade skidded across his armor, a blue energy rippled outward across where the blade had struck his body. He grit his teeth as he found the protection value of the enchantments suddenly surpassed. He tasted blood in his mouth. An even greater amount spurted out of the horizontal slits that were for his glowing white eyes, painting Jinsoku’s back with a thick crimson liquid. Blood had been drawn. But the death knight moved not from his spot. As the blade came around once more, he roared in defiance, corrupted green energy pouring out his eye sockets and flowing over his limbs. With the combined power of his own musculature and the death force, his body moved against the will of Jin’s electromagnetic manipulation. What Jin had now done was managed to pull a heavily armored being bathed in corrupted magic into close proximity with himself. What he had also done, was caused Ochigo to unintentionally absorb the entirety of the attack with his personal reserves, causing him to take little to no knockback from the blow, although it left him with injuries that would take more than a day’s rest to heal. Nonetheless, he was a fighter. He wouldn’t give up, even if things were starting to go awry. It was especially dangerous for Jinsoku to allow someone like Ochigo in such close proximity to himself. With corrupted energy pouring directly out from him and Jinsoku hindered by the weight of a two-handed weapon still in motion, the death knight clasped his hands around an imaginary sphere in the air. The corrupted energy that sloshed about in invisible puddles was suddenly drawn into his palms, forming a dark green sphere of negative energy. Thrusting his fists forward, he directed the death coil toward his opponent. Perhaps Jinsoku would have been able to escape the imminent burning sensation that would cause him to wish it had killed him, had he not brought his foe so close.