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  1. Event: Uprising Hurtling forward at frightening speed, the boulder crashed loudly several metres to Anna's left, immediately leaving a bloody patch on the ground where it had crushed a few men. In the wake of its impact, the boulder shattered, its pieces and fragments shooting outward, further injuring those who managed to survive the initial blast. There was little time to breathe however. The second treant was readily reaching back into the mountains, grasping another boulder with its large meaty hands. Meanwhile, the first treant, which had initially been incapacitated by Howard's first volley was beginning to rise again, upon immediately being pelted by another shower of explosives. The creature roared in agony as branches and wood began to fall from its body. But as the volley continued, it succumbed. With a loud roar, the treant crashed down onto the ground, leaving large fissures in its wake. Its body began to crumble away as the wood turned to ash, melting back into the dirt. A dim green glow in its chest flickered several times before snuffing out as the living monument turned into a lifeless husk. Behind it however, the third, fourth and fifth treants readily advanced to close the distance between themselves and the survivors of the town. There was no deliberating now. Anna would have to call a retreat or risk the annihilation of her entire population hidden away in the townhouse. Meanwhile, a large cavalry division was sent forward to meet Howard's advancing lines. Four hundred or so men, which was about two thirds of the force present, broke off from the main group and charged toward's the Howardian troops. Their movement was random and fluid, crossing over creases in the plains to evade the hailstorm of bullets. Each elven horsemen was equipped with a ranged weapon of sorts. Though many wielded longbows, there were a few who wielded gnarled oakwood staffs. If Kingly new them any better, he would fear them far more than the archers. @Jack Howard @PrettyCuteAnna Atlesian Migrants Admiration: 2 Respect: 2 Fear: 0 Happiness: 0 Genesari Natives Admiration: 2 Respect: 0 Fear: 5 Happiness: 0
  2. The title says it all! xD Recently, I've been super slow in terms of roleplay, and my babies are starting to overwhelm me. As such, I'm helping them to reach out to other Val members via the water cooler. Jack Howard, played by @Jack Howard is the Governor of New Acheron, a city in the rising Empire of Eternus which formed during the Reclamation event in Genesaris. Dude is also the Prime Minister. Currently quite new to Valucre, but already seizing positions of importance among his own people. Jack is looking for other territory holders in Genesaris to make allegiances, contacts, trading deals! So if you are in or from Genesaris and would like to make contact with the righteous boatman, than here is your opportunity to do so!
  3. "Aye!" Addison exclaimed gruffly in response, wiping a small smudge of soot off her cheek. Striding forward to meet the boy, she shot him a curious glance before looking back toward the harbor in the distance. "I've come to seek an audience from a boy," she indicated, stopping within speaking distance of the one who had greeted her. "I hear he lives here. Or at least he resides here as of the present moment. I hear he's been to places which men twice or thrice his age could never fathom venturing to. Do you know of a boy who goes by the name of 'Samael'?" @Csl
  4. "I was on the run from Harpher!" she exclaimed in shock. "I was in contact with Esstevan regarding how we were going to break you out. I was prepared to storm the city, but he convinced me otherwise. Khan Asparuh is a leader. Esstevan Montoya is a leader. I was a Knight, Hawk! I wasn't about to start another war right after I had just prevented one from occurring. What could I have done?" Her eyes flashed with tears as she balled up her fists by her sides. "I didn't need you because of your power of the marines. I needed you because you were my friend. You are my friend. And you're hurting me, Hawk. You make me sound like some heartless manipulative psychopath. As if the things I've done were all just calculated gambits?!" Placing her hand on the side of the table, she forcefully thrust it to the side, dragging it loudly against the concrete floor as she cleared the path between them. "Look me in the eyes, Hawk! And tell me that everything we've been through was orchestrated, that I did it for power! Are these the eyes of a psychopath?!" She wiped away her tears quickly and jabbed upward towards her eyes. "You must think this is all an act. What more do I have to do to convince you?! James' order has given us the steps we need to take to retrace the coordinates of the Universe which took Atlas. They are an intergalactic peacekeeping force, Hawk. I can barely comprehend the implications of this. If I haven't done enough, what more can I do?" She fell silent as the room rang with her voice. @Hawk
  5. "Please call me Addison," she grimaced uncomfortable. "Nacht is my husband's name, and while I do take pride in it, it carries a lot of connotational luggage which I'd rather be associated with him." She smiled amicably, giving the door a soft tap to push it back into place. "I hope I haven't come at a bad time. I mean to ask a few questions in regards to something I'm planning to organise in the near future. Ever since you met James, has he ever celebrated his birthday with anyone?" @Tenkai Matsumoto
  6. Addison grit her teeth as she braced herself for impact. Her feet began to pivot and her hips rotated along with her upper body to face her new opponent. Nothing would stop him from getting the first clean hit, and when it struck her, she nearly screamed in pain as electricity ran through her body. It took all of her willpower to prevent her muscles from tightening him. But coming into close range wouldn't offer the scientist any further defenses against her attacks either. Whilst Addison was armored as such, slightly more durable, the scientist was soft and vulnerable. Though initially unassuming, Addison's fist began to glow red hot as she delivered a tightly drawn right hook into the man's stomach, seeking to make use of her own clenched body state as a result of the electrocution to best deliver her attack. @Priestess
  7. Rather than appearing angry, Addison looked. . . Tired. "What do you want me to do, Hawk?" she sighed in exasperation. "Should I be diving head first into alternate realities of our world searching for what could be a needle in a five dimensional haystack? James has a point. Valucre got lucky with our reality. Valucre was lucky we were friendly. What if we find something we don't want to find? What if we doom this world and our world? We can't afford to be reckless, Hawk. But then again, what can I do to help? I don't understand any of this any more than you do." His accusation however, roused her to heightened levels of anguish. "I expected this view from Nate Luxbourg and the Promethians, but not from you, Hawk!" she exclaimed in shock. "You of all people, who cast me into a volcano when no one else would. You who ventured with me to Soloman's realm. You think I wanted Atlas to fall? You think this was all just some scheme to seize power?" Her eyes flashed with hurt and her chest rose and fell rapidly. "When we founded the Bastion together, we created it to offer new homes for the displaced Atlesians. That goal has never changed up to this day, and no one could have predicted the arrival of the Valucre portal that changed everything." Her breath wavered. She hesitated. She didn't have the heart to tell him. "My initiative against the Godslayers wasn't for no reason. . ." @Hawk
  8. Lieutenant Phil was a man. In fact, a very handsome man. In fact, he looked just like fucking Tfue. . . . Narratively speaking of course. Tfue is the world's biggest twitch streamer and does not exist on Valucre. That would be outrageous. Nonetheless, Lieutenant Phil who was a man proceeded to shake Tozwad's hand and pointed upward into the mountain. "The trek to the top takes approximately three hours. I don't suppose you could use any of your fancy tricks to bring the lot of us up with you? Houghton has been up there for three days now." @Tozwad @Hawk @Toast
  9. "Ghost ships, undead, survivors, and treasure!" Addison exclaimed, her eyes sparkling as she did a gestured with her hands. "I was hoping maybe we could find some cool things to bring home!" The small ferry navigated through the pieces of floating debris, keeping the lights dimmed out as they broke on through the fog. Upon docking at a small beach, Addison was the first off. She offered a hand to Kora as she helped the pair to descend from the ship. "Who know's what we'll find," she mused, all the while as the ominous atmosphere reflected the exact opposite of her positivity. Straight ahead, one could see a small flickering building in the distance. Somehow, there were lights. Albeit broken, but lights nonetheless. To their left, the coast continued on towards what appeared to be the wreckage of a seaside bazaar. To their right, the coast continued on towards what seemed to be the remains of a dockyard, with the remnants of broken ships floating around in the sea. "Where to?" @DaiPie @kriistiinii
  10. "No?" she replied in disbelief. "You've never been any of those things!" The vagueness of his statement didn't make it any easier for Addison to narrow down exactly what Hawk was angry about. "If this is about finding Esstevan, I'm doing everything I can, Hawk. But Esstevan isn't the only person in Atlas. He had millions of people, millions who survived who we can help. There are those who are maybe dead, and those who are definitely not dead. I'm doing my part to take care of his people just as much as you are. So please do share: what truth is it you want from me that I haven't already given?" @Hawk
  11. "Asher!" Addison exclaimed, realising immediately the danger that presented itself. She couldn't leave Asher. He would certainly perish. But nor could she try to cut him free. Then, she too would soon fall prey to the webbing. She could fight, but that would likely allow one or the other of the creature's to attack Asher while he was vulnerable. Her mind went through several options and possibilities before settling on the least dignified one. Moving in an instant, she reached down, grabbing hold of the webbing with her right hand. The web was sticky, and if she had sought to carry Asher, she too would risk being entangled. But because it was so sticky, it made it easy for her to maintain her grip. Turning away, she abruptly began to bolt towards the encampment, dragging Asher along the ground like a weighted wheel strung on a rope. "Sorry!" she exclaimed as they hurtled over small bumps in the ground formed from the roots of trees, causing him to crash through foliage and all manner of bumps and knocks. Then, to her absolute horror, Maelstrom declared that he would unleash an attack of mass devastation. "Hold that order!" she shrieked as loud as remotely possible. "Stop! Hold it!" @Praetorian @Maelstrom
  12. Event: Uprising "No, Marshal," he replied. "They are everyone, and nowhere." With that, the bullmen turned to leave, the throne of earth sinking back into the ground. Hawk was left with a map, some blessings, and the goodwill of some cow people. (Atlesian Migrant - Admiration +2, Respect +2, Fear +5, Happiness +2, Genesari Natives - Admiration +1, Respect +1, Fear +1, Happiness +3) Atlesian Migrants Admiration: 0+2 Respect: 3+2 Fear: 0+5 Happiness: 0+2 Genesari Natives Admiration: 1+1 Respect: 1+1 Fear: 3+1 Happiness: 0+3
  13. "I can hear you just fine," Addison retorted coolly as the ringing of the door in the doorframe accentuated the silence that followed his loud remark. "Do you wish for the rest of the building to hear you shouting?" Standing on the balls of her feet, she met the Marshal's furious gaze with great displeasure. "Have a seat," she instructed. @Hawk
  14. As the small ferry approached the Whispernight ravaged city of Testerossa, Addison ordered for the lights to be cut. "We're almost here," she indicated to the mother and son who were on board, as well as the crew of three Howardian Sailors tasked to operate their small ferry. In the distant fog, one could barely make out the few stumbling silhouettes of undead revenants moving along the coastline. Behind them, the wreckages of ships seemed to wail and groan, moving and drifting about on their own. "Hopefully we can find some treasure!" she exclaimed beneath her breath to Lance, before exchanging a glance with Kora. "I'm not going to let either of you get hurt. I promise." @kriistiinii @DaiPie
  15. Rather than inviting Hawk to sit, Addison rose from her chair to meet the man eye to eye, his anger met with her calm, reserved gaze. "Yes, Hawk?" she replied quizzically with lowered eyebrows. "There's no need to raise your voice." She tilted her head to the side empathetically. His anger had seemingly come from nowhere. This was most unexpected. @Hawk
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