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  1. Here lies a fallen chad. . but not a forsaken one 👊😔 Hope you come back soon, we'll be waiting.

  2. "It should be," Addison frowned. "But it isn't. And whether it should or shouldn't be isn't for us to say, Hawk. For all you know, they could already be dead. Then its no lives at stake, an an entire world's at risk. James is the defender of this world, not ours." Balling up her fist tightly, she clasped her gauntlet upward in an assertion of resolve. "But we fight for our own. When are we heading to the stronghold to check it out?" @Hawk
  3. “Given the nature of what you had suggested, I don’t think I was blunt at all,” she replied firmly, crossing her arms in front of her chest. “You’ve implied that James somehow has an obligation to help us when he really doesn’t. Everything he’s done has been out of charity, and it’s not clever to press a man who has no reason to help for more.” She shook her head firmly, getting out of the chair. “James isn’t the same man I knew when I last saw him. He’s different, and I suppose I’m different as well. Now, are we just going to stand around arguing about this all day or are we going to find the lost survivors if there are any? Did you manage to find something belonging to Esstevan? A sock? A diary? James said that the stronger the personal connection was, the better it would serve its purpose.” @Hawk
  4. "I'm an aspiring adventurer," she proclaimed, wiping specks of soot off of her face as she broke into a cheerful grin. "I want to be his friend. I think there's a lot I can learn from him and a lot that I can show him too!" She gestured to a small woven bag strapped around her hips; the humble rugsack of a thrifty traveler. "I've spent most of my life exploring the world and I have a great deal of stories to tell. Do you live here?" She looked onward into the beautiful rolling hills of grass. "Perhaps we could exchange stories. I'd love to be a little less ignorant of this land's history when I finally meet Samael." @Csl
  5. The sudden surge of electricity behind her prompted Addison to whirl around to identify the body shape and threat level of whatever had materialized behind her. Her battle instinct roared within her mind as sharp fangs descended upon the skin of her neck, and within a split second, her left fist was poised up in defense, prepared to bear the brunt of whatever's jaws descending over her gauntlet. With a sharp screech, she bent down with her right leg straightened out toward the side, sliding sharply against the ground to maintain balance as her right fist darted outward to seize whatever was in front of her by the neck. @Priestess
  6. "I've already spoken to Selene," she replied quickly. "And I haven't seen Jin ever since the battle against Taurus. It appears he's gotten. . . Missing." Her voice grew quiet. She felt genuine worry for his well-being after crippling injury which had been inflicted on him during the fight. Perhaps this was normal in the Order, but from where she was from, when a key member of group went AWOL, it was a matter of great personal concern to all. "Anyway. . . Selene has never once celebrated James' birthday with him. The reason I've come to you is to check if he might have celebrated it in his younger days as arguably, you have known James the longest. However, it is apparent that no one knows when is birthday is. I suppose he decided to keep it a secret." She understood his rationale if this was so. Reminders of the past had certainly been a struggle ever since she had lost him. Nothing tainted the sweetness of childhood than the sharp sting of abrupt loss. It was better not to think of it at all. The secret likely died the same day she had, or perhaps a few weeks, months or years later. But it was evident through the many she had questioned (and hoped that they would keep her questions to themselves) that the date of his birth was a forgotten memory, known only to himself. At least, until she resurfaced from an alternate plane of reality. "Well. . . That secret is a secret no longer. You are correct, I do know when his birthday is, and with the recent calm between the storms, I can't think of a better opportunity to make up for all the birthdays he has missed. The date is exactly two weeks from now, and unless something crops up, we should be able to bake him a nice cake and sing him some songs over dinner. I haven't seen him smile for ten years, Tenkai. What do you say? Do you think it'll work?" @Tenkai Matsumoto
  7. She gestured pointedly toward the chair. "Are you ready to sit down now?" She shrank backward into her seat, looking on ahead with concern. "I know Esstevan means a lot to you, Hawk, but I can't help you if I don't know what you need." She scratched the back of her head. "You've been a continent away for months now and quite frankly, I've been tied up in the joy and pride of seeing our people flourish. Our people, Hawk. You and Houghton are the last of Esstevan's core confidants, and Houghton is Viendrien! These are your people too, and they need you just as much as they have ever. So, perhaps you could help me help you. What do you need for your experiments to reverse engineer the portal?" @Hawk
  8. Tarry. The arrival of the trio was a welcome and dreaded sight. Amid companions, apathy favored her much more fondly. If the three had developed bonds with one another, it would take a whole new level of scheming and close observation to acquire what she needed. That and the fact that all three looked like seasoned warriors. It would be foolish to assume that any of them would fall easily to her charms. In fact, putting off on using them would likely spare her a far worse fate should they discover her underhand strategies. As they approached, the succubus looked on coolly, offering each man a curt nod in greeting. "More lambs to the slaughter," she remarked ambiguously. "I wish you all well before any of this begins in proper." . . . Upon receiving the supplies, the woman held the lantern upside down and dangled it over her head. Her eyes were transfixed on it like a cat toying with yarn. She observed it from various angles with indiscernible emotion before retreating it back into the firm grip of her left hand. The flare was promptly tucked between her body and the purple fabric strap which tightened her dress up against her waist. Upon being handed the food and water, the woman spent several seconds deliberating. Her biological composition was different such that it did not rely on traditional means of sustenance for energy. She had no use for any of the items provided, but then again her companions likely would. Picking up a small leather satchel, she took the sufficient amount for a single individual's rations, not any more so as not to weigh herself down, and then again she questioned the generosity of their employer to have provided it if she had asked. Relegated to the role of pack mule. The succubus took it in her stride. Her affinity with violence was why she had been hired, as was her existing corruption far more difficult to further corrupt with otherworldly influences. When the time came for blood to be shed, she would prove her worth. But until then, all her companions would see was an expression befitting that of a tired old woman over that of someone as young as she appeared to be. Although time had barely taken its toll on her body, all who lived grew wary and impatient or apathetic.
  9. I thought of compiling some tips with regards to writing better in-character dialogue. Have your characters ever delivered stunning oratory that even surprised yourself? Is your over the table small talk elegant and unique? How do you do it? ;o;
  10. Wisdom from the great Pear. Wise words for any new, aspiring roleplayer:


  11. The succubus's arrival was announced with the sharp crack of a tail against the dry, sandy ground. The woman in purple looked like she was dressed more appropriately for a ball than a battle, but that was the nature of the adaptations she had undergone to thrive. She skipped through the ranks of soldiers like a child navigating through a playground, eventually coming unto the grounds to which the group had gathered. Her gaze fell upon both of the men there. The first was old. Too old. Wrinkly, lacked firmness. The second looked promising. Muscular, and sharp facial features. But lacking the eccentric energies for an exciting challenge. She wanted something more. "Good evening my dears," she announced her presence with a curt greeting, stepping out from behind the cover of some tents. A pair of thin antlers protruded from her forehead, but that was about all the evidence they would find of her demonic origin. At least, until her arrowheaded tail revealed itself from beneath the folds of her skirt. Her presence was likely to be questioned, whether or not they knew of her true nature. Fundamentally, she needed no such armaments as the rest did to fare well in battle, similar to most spellcasters who opted for light dressing, or the odd undead creature with terrifying rates of regeneration. Truthfully, she encompassed all of these aspects in her repertoire of stratagems. As for why she truly was here, what good was a world to provoke lust in if all the lustful men were killed off by other-worldly creatures? By all means, she was corrupted and born of sin, but the forces of Yh'mi bore marks of corruption that were so repulsively foreign that the worldly body of Valucre seemed to demand that its inhabitants, regardless of alignment, band together to fend off the unwanted presence. Yes, that was why she was here. Perhaps if she was lucky, she'd finally make enough of a name for herself to seek an audience with the irresistible Roen the Devil.
  12. "I'm not quite sure I've seen a trick like that before!" the Master Knight responded, dusting the filthy and debris off her body as she reached out gently, brushing some of the rubble out from between Lexa's ears. The top of her fist steamed, smoke exuding rapidly as it began to cool. "Shame, I had a plan to finish him, but I suppose we could learn more if he leads us somewhere useful." Reaching out to take Lexa's hand, she smiled rather grimly as they approached their new unclear circumstances unhesitatingly. @Priestess
  13. Hyouku turned and saw Addison, not Phoebe. (Narrative eyeroll ;-;) Turning to see Asher free from his bonds, the Master Knight barked at him, her skin blackened and sizzling and her hair seemingly exuded large amounts of steam from the water which was trapped in it. "On your feet!" she barked through crisped lips, her armor the only thing which had seemed visibly unscathed. She was the Dragonslayer. She was designed to survive. Addison hadn't noticed the floating sword which not carried the remainder of Maelstrom's essence. All she could smell was the burnt remains of the arachnids around her which hadn't been so resistant to fire, as well as the few hardened shells of the brave knights who had remained behind to defend. Somehow, the loss of the men on her watch seemed hardly to register. She wasn't ready to accept that this many had perished on such a seemingly simple reconnaissance mission. "Form up and hold back the enemy!" her voice came bellowing over the clashes of steel as she began to steadily direct a retreat to the centre of the camp. This wouldn't be a final stand. It wouldn't even be a difficult stand. This many had died for nothing. "Group up in the encampment! Stay together!"
  14. Event: Uprising As the treants crashed forcefully into the city of the Turbines, people spilled out like ants and bolted for the beaches where they would be safe. Upon realising that their forces had breached the city, the remaining elven units charged forward to join the foray, bows drawn and weapons prepared to strike down any unfortunate stragglers. The treants stormed into the city, suffering severe damage from Howard's cannons as they charged head on. But as their bark began to split, something miraculous began to happen. Beneath the treants, small pockets of priests began to chant as glowing green energy began to seep out of the ground, flowing directly into the bodies of the treants. At once, their battered flesh began to heal as they continued to lumber through the city, their bark hardening into a thick layer of wooden armor. As Howard's forces retreated on the shoreline, the elven cavalry stopped a hundred metres from their enemies, their weapons drawn just out of range of assault. As their horses were swiftly felled, the commanding officer ordered a retreat into cover behind a low ridge. For Kingly, he was now faced with another far more pressing problem. As the civilians and soldiers fled the city of the Turbines, he was now faced with a wave of his own people charging towards his ships. Gangways hadn't been dropped, unless they intended to dock the ships in the harbor. Neither had lifeboats been deployed. Nonetheless, the panic of the civilians would end up being their collective demise as several men burst into the water, frantically swimming towards the hull of the battleship without considering the potential danger they put themselves in. @Jack Howard @PrettyCuteAnna Atlesian Migrants Admiration: 2 Respect: 2 Fear: 0 Happiness: 0 Genesari Natives Admiration: 2 Respect: 0 Fear: 5 Happiness: 0
  15. Event: Uprising Hurtling forward at frightening speed, the boulder crashed loudly several metres to Anna's left, immediately leaving a bloody patch on the ground where it had crushed a few men. In the wake of its impact, the boulder shattered, its pieces and fragments shooting outward, further injuring those who managed to survive the initial blast. There was little time to breathe however. The second treant was readily reaching back into the mountains, grasping another boulder with its large meaty hands. Meanwhile, the first treant, which had initially been incapacitated by Howard's first volley was beginning to rise again, upon immediately being pelted by another shower of explosives. The creature roared in agony as branches and wood began to fall from its body. But as the volley continued, it succumbed. With a loud roar, the treant crashed down onto the ground, leaving large fissures in its wake. Its body began to crumble away as the wood turned to ash, melting back into the dirt. A dim green glow in its chest flickered several times before snuffing out as the living monument turned into a lifeless husk. Behind it however, the third, fourth and fifth treants readily advanced to close the distance between themselves and the survivors of the town. There was no deliberating now. Anna would have to call a retreat or risk the annihilation of her entire population hidden away in the townhouse. Meanwhile, a large cavalry division was sent forward to meet Howard's advancing lines. Four hundred or so men, which was about two thirds of the force present, broke off from the main group and charged toward's the Howardian troops. Their movement was random and fluid, crossing over creases in the plains to evade the hailstorm of bullets. Each elven horsemen was equipped with a ranged weapon of sorts. Though many wielded longbows, there were a few who wielded gnarled oakwood staffs. If Kingly new them any better, he would fear them far more than the archers. @Jack Howard @PrettyCuteAnna Atlesian Migrants Admiration: 2 Respect: 2 Fear: 0 Happiness: 0 Genesari Natives Admiration: 2 Respect: 0 Fear: 5 Happiness: 0
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