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  1. Addison was filled with glee upon hearing his response. Their delicate dance began to slow down as the world around them began to blur, perhaps from the side effects of being in a constant spinning motion. Grinning blissfully for the first time, she pried herself away from him gently, holding herself upright with her palms still fastened firmly on his hips and his arm gripping her tightly from behind. Gazing upward into his emerald green eyes, her own twinkled all too briefly. "Miss Ayora will be sufficient," she replied, taking a long final look at what she felt to be the most beautiful pair of eyes she had ever seen. "Although regrettable, I must leave the party now," she stated hesitantly. "I've done what I've come to accomplish. There are other matters which need my concern." She almost regretted having told him the truth, wanting to enjoy the moment just a little while more, but all good things had to come to an end, especially something as brazen as this. "Could you put me down, Lord Pendragon?" @Twitterpated
  2. Addison had to suppress her laughter. "Luca Valentine would propose breaking into a castle?" she mused to herself. "We must live in extraordinary times." Turning around, Addison pointed to a small street several hundred metres away. "That's where I took Anna the other day for lunch. Perhaps the common sights will give you what you're looking for." The Keep's food street was bustling with people. Families, workers, soldiers and children scurried around excitedly. "What are we trying to do?" Addison asked, looking at the various individuals frolicking about. "I'd propose a course of action, but I'n not the expert here." @Lucinda Valentine
  3. "Well. . ." Addison scanned the crowd before settling on a large purple crystal which a vendor was marketing to nearby street patrons. "What's that?" Addison took Anna's hand and dragged her over to the stall. "Hi, what is this?" The vendor looked up to her and chuckled, "Not from around here? This is what we call sugar rock. It's a treat for the kids." She pointed to several youngsters in the distance holding up what looked to be lollipops of sugar rock. "It sticks to itself really easily but melts in the mouth. Would you like to try some?" "Absolutely," Addison replied with a grin. "We'll have two please!" The stall owner swiftly began preparing their order. Seconds later, two sizable lollipop chunks were cut from the trunk of the rock. Thin wooden sticks were slid through the middle, and the two candied pieces were dropped into a pair of paper bags and given to Addison. "Thank you!" she exclaimed, sliding several silver coins over the counter and turning to leave. As they walked, she offered one of the paper bags to Anna. "Try it! Tell me how it tastes!" @PrettyCuteAnna
  4. Number of Posts: 32 Number of Posts below Word Minimum (80): 13 Number of Posts meeting Word Minimum (80): 19 Full Summary A sorcerer loses control of a powerful bat demon who he attempts to conjure, resulting in his death and the destruction of a bank. Addison, Lia and Cal step up to put a stop to the fiend before it causes significant damage to the city. The bat creature unleashes a sonic blast which drives Addison into the ground within her protective bubble. Cal recklessly charges the creature before revealing his true destructive potential by unleashing a powerful energy beam which burns through the creature's wing. Lia is forced to defend herself from the hurtling debris. Cal is incapacitated almost instantly from the exertion of his attack. Scrambling to save her friend, Lia telepathically pulls Cal out of range of the battle before engaging the creature with a flying rock. Addison follows up her attack by taking advantage of its confusing, sliding beneath it and slicing open its belly. The bat creature turns on Lia, unleashing another soundwave at her, which she avoids by crouching down behind a large layer of rock. Taking advantage of the creature's carelessness, Addison gets below it and slices open its chest with a flurry of blows, eventually exposing and severely mutilating its organs. AS the battle draws to a close, Cal rises to his feet and calls down a barrage of fireballs to utterly and completely annihilate the fallen demon bat. In the ensuing explosion, Addison and her armor are both scorched, though she shrugs it off largely due to her resistance to fire. As the last of the bat rots away, the Master Knight peels herself out of the ashes, gingerly making her way back to the tavern where she sips the last of her charred drink with her comrades. In the aftermath, a small reward was given to the creature's slayers for taking it down before it could cause significant damage. Minor Summary A caster has lost control of a demonic entity that it has attempted to summon. Addison, Lia and Cal work together to banish it back to the world from which it came. The aftermath leaves several buildings severely damaged. However, the creature has been vanquished before it could cause further damage and destruction. Opportunities (1) This is the second time a caster has tried to summon a demonic being from another plane, resulting is significant property damage, had it not been stopped in time. Investigate the reasons for this strange occurrence and put a stop to it. (Hint: Rumors of an international demonic cult brewing) Consequences (1) The creature has been put down before any further damage could be caused. (2) Small damage has been done to the surrounding buildings. They will need to be repaired. (3) + Wealth to the unnamed organisation based in Predator's Keep. (19 posts)
  5. The man's jesting wouldn't have been taken as kindly, were they under less extraordinary circumstances. "You're in an unnamed land that hosts refugees. My name is Addison." As Howard's words trickled down into the back of her ear, she assumed a straight posture, sliding her batons back into her belt. "If you've no intention to cause trouble, then we have no reason to incite any further hostility." She extended her hand in greeting, turning her head slightly to her side as a mouthful of breath seeped out from between the lips of her mask. "Let's not make this messy if it doesn't have to be, alright? But the fact of the matter is that you're trespassing on private land. How did you get here, and what is that?" She pointed discreetly to the portal behind the two men. As he stared at her, there was a certain familiarity to the way his eyes seemed to pierce right through. There was something about his posture, his gaze, his confidence. It seemed so familiar, yet so distant. "And who might you be, traveler?" @Fierach
  6. Large cables snaked along the ceiling of the small rented warehouse building. Four long metallic prongs rose upward in fixed locations, forming the corners of a square. A thin safety railing as well as a pane of thick glass protected a small room of researchers and their control panels from the outside environment. Seated on a chair, Addison had on her body, strapped multiple electrodes and nerve readers. She was covered from head to toe, with the highest concentration of wires and prongs around her brain. At other times, she might have doubted the safety of the procedure, but this was Predator’s Keep, a city of psions. These people had a greater understanding of the mind than anyone else in the world. Furthermore, they were Force Majeure researchers, lent by James to help her in her experiments. Perhaps he had intended for them to be put to more novel use in the areas of exploration and learning. But the time for fun and games was over. Innocent blood had been spilt, and duty fell upon her shoulders once again. “Are you ready, Lady Addison?” the head researcher brought a small remote control over to her and gestured to the various buttons. “This won’t hurt, but you’ll likely experience vivid memories while we are downloading and synthesizing the memory file. Are you sure about this?” Addison nodded anxiously, knowing that if she waited any longer, doubts would begin to cloud her mind. “Alright,” he replied. “Make yourself comfortable. I predict the download process to take at most three hours. If you ever need a break, just say so or start screaming or demonstrate your distress in one way or another. We won’t judge you, but we take potential mental trauma very seriously.” He looked to her for her response until she finally nodded. “Very well, then. Running warm up sequence.” The prongs on her head began to hum as a small electric current began to pass between the two prongs, a large electric surge going through the various sensors attached to her body. “Preparing to synthesize in thirty seconds,” he restated, looking to Addison once more for confirmation. She blinked once and nodded slightly. “Preparation to synthesize in twenty seconds.” Several levers were pulled as more power was supplied to the device. Four large memory cores were rolled into the room and plugged into the mainframe. “Preparation to synthesize in ten seconds.” The researcher gave her one final look, smiling reassuringly as the electric current began to increase significantly. “Commencing memory synthesis.” There was a crackle of electricity as Addison was sent hurtling into the depths of her mind, reliving her entire life in a blur of thoughts and emotions.
  7. Eventually, the small child's warm breathing alerted Addison to the fact that she was sound asleep. She smiled, whispering quietly to check for certain, "Lexa?" When and if no response came, she chuckled quietly, shelving the book and picking the girl up like an infant, balancing her carefully so as not to dislodge her tail from her arms. Then, she carried her out of the library, drawing several curious gazes. Eventually, the pair were back at the fountain where they had met. Addison laid the small fox girl's body out on a bench and rested her head against her own thigh. Letting out a quiet but pleasant sigh, she placed her hand on the girl's shoulder, quietly petting her to sleep. @Priestess
  8. The creature began to shrivel up, its body rapidly disintegrating as it struggled with what little life it had left. That was, until Cal silenced it once and for all with his barrage of fireballs, completely obliterating the creature. As his flames eventually burned out, Addison gingerly stood up from a crouching position, her skin and armored scorched from the flames. She strode forward mechanically, each step causing every muscle in her body to tense up in pain. She walked between her two companions, barely turning her head to regard the mad sorceror. "Thanks, Cal," she said blankly, limping back into the tavern to finish her drink.
  9. "Lord Asparuh, do you really intend to start a conflict with me at this precise instant?" Addison abruptly broke away from the standoff, retracting her dual spears as she hissed venomously at the Bulgarian 'god'. "Master Azelhart, kindly escort Lord Asparuh off the premises! He is proving to be a nuisance and a hazard," she announced loudly, returning her hands to her side as she opened up her posture slightly from the sudden change of their demeanor. But though her weapons were lowered, the same could hardly be said about the hundreds of armed marines with rifles aimed at the two men. The spiky haired one reeked of strength. She could see his bulging muscles below his clothes, ripe and vascular veins creeping across his arms. There was something unnerving about his sword. He was dangerous. But that sense of danger was nothing compared to the overwhelming wrongness which the other man radiated. It made no sense. Deep down, his existence and presence seemed to be paradoxical to everything that she had believed in, no doubt some sort of witchcraft or psionic augmentation. Even in the face of death, Addison stared back with wide, resolute eyes, yet this man made her sick in the stomach. She could feel a lump rising in her throat, one which she rapidly forced down. She began to grow nauseous, unsure entirely of why this was the case. Lost travelers? Bullshit. "I've heard that one before," she deadpanned. "And from where do you come from, 'traveler'?" @Fierach
  10. "The palace?" Addison's eyes lit up. "Why, sure! I don't think I've ever met the Queen myself, though I hear that she's been absent for unknown reasons." She stroked her chin thoughtfully, "Perhaps we could have a look at what the receptionists are wearing. Or maybe we could loiter around the outside of the castle, see who we come across!" She tapped her finger on the table with a wide smirk, "Hope you brought a pen and a sketchbook." The pair arrived shortly after upon the outer wall of the central barony. "This is as far as we can get," Addison frowned as she looked around them. "See anything that catches your eye?" @Lucinda Valentine
  11. "Sure," she replied, voluntarily picking up the basket and getting to her feet. "I know of a food street." The main central road which ran down the middle of the Keep was a bustling street of wares, schools, and psionic services. However, one particular street which branched off from the road led into a medium sized hawker alley filled with street vendors and small startup restaurants. "Look at this!" Addison exclaimed in surprise, leading Anna further down the street. "See anything that catches your mind? I hear the food here is meant to cater to the Psions that live here." She pointed to a breadmaker who was making use of several levitating pans to flip a sheet of dough. "That person is moving the pans with his mind. See the little pink halo around his head?" She pointed vaguely in the direction of what she was referring to. @PrettyCuteAnna
  12. Addison picked up a potato and rolled it towards Anna curiously. "I've done some light meal preparation before in Erenia, but it was never anything too sophisticated. After all, Kyoku was the one who devised my wedding dinner." She folded her arms and lifted up a map for the other woman to see. "This is the map of Predator's Keep. I was hoping that we would be able to explore the city a little more to see what else we've missed out. Where would you like to go first?" @PrettyCuteAnna
  13. The famed Cookie Goddess of Atlas had arrived upon new shores, ripe with taste buds and hearts to conquer. Addison sat opposite the woman, picking up a basket and placing it on the table. "I've seen what you can do with an oven. I saw these in the market just this morning. Thought I'd bring them to you to have a look." Removing the small layer of cloth which covered the goods, she gripped the basket by the handles and overturned it, causing several small rounded tubers to tumble out. "What do you think?" she rubbed her hands together excitedly. @PrettyCuteAnna
  14. The world of Valucre brought a renewed purpose to the Final Bastion. Its members, once dulled and hardened from the five years of peace which they had fought so hard to achieve seemed suddenly reinvigorated by the existence of the new world. Almost every member of the council had been engaged in some matter of a sort or the other, and once again, responsibility fell on the shoulders of Luca Valentine to seize the economic opportunities of this new world. "Where'd you like to go first, Luca?" Addison exclaimed, taking a long sip from her teacup as she gazed expectantly at the woman sitting at the opposite side of her tea table. She intended to take Luca on a tour through the city to show her the various buildings and sites of importance, and offer her a greater understanding of the people who lived in the city, as well as its long, complex history. Truly, this would prove to be an insightful cultural delve for both of them. OOC Note: Refer to this lore page to push the thread 🙂 @Lucinda Valentine
  15. I own 70% of the shares in this province. It will not do if it burns down! How can I help?
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